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Couple: Wendy & John
Proposal Date: 04/14/2013
Proposal Location: Montego Bay,
Wedding Date: 04/13/2014
Wedding Location: St Lucia,
Saint Lucia
Our Proposal Story: Most sensational surprise!
John and I have been together for six years, Summer of 2011, John told me to go online and design my dream ring. I have explained that I don't need an engagement ring, its the marriage to him I wanted.. but he insisted. April came, we packed our bags, confirmed our flights & off we went. We stayed at the Sandals Royal Caribbean in Jamaica. From the minute we set foot on resort, we felt completely head over heels in love, with each other, the island, life. After dinner we always took a walk on the beach in the moonlight.Sunday came, we got very dressed up. We both looked so sensational he suggested we take some pics. We proceeded to go to the French restaurant where we reserved a table. We ate under vines of real flowers. A photographer offered to take professional pics, John jumped at the moment. I assumed it was because we were looking mighty fine :). After dinner, he asked if I was too tired to talk a walk (it was 9pm lol) I said no, so we walked. We stopped at each pier that sat out over the ocean & gazed at the stars. Finally we were on the last one..with no one around. It was the longest pier, an all white gazebo with built in benches around the edges & columns & a wrot-iron design roof so we could gaze at the stars & ocean all at the same time. People started coming around & I could feel his breathing intensify. They went away but then he started bouncing his leg & got really quiet. I asked if he was okay & he said he was, he just wanted to be alone. He asked me about the shooting stars the night before and what I wished on them (I saw three and I wished the same things). I told him he already knew what I wished for. He said he wanted to hear it. I said "Fine, I wished that you would decide to marry me someday, Why?" He said "Because of this" & he dropped down to one knee, opened the box and said "Wendy, will you marry me" I was so stunned. I felt like I was staring at him for 10 seconds (he said it was only 2) and I yelled "Yeah!!!" (not yes, still kicking myself for it) and I jumped on him. I literally sat on his bent knee hugging him, so excited and stunned by what happened. He picked me up after a minute & sat me on the bench. He asked if I actually wanted to see the ring.. haha I had forgotten. It was the ring that I designed almost two years before, he had saved it, remembered it and bought it.. but much better. .50ct near flawless single solitaire diamond with a platinum cathedral setting.. Classy, and beautiful.. perfect. He told me later on that he had bought it & had it delivered to his work. He then hid it in his dress shoes during the flight, & he hid the box in his socks during dinner so I couldn't see it in his pocket..We now have before, during, & after pictures of that night. He completely overwhelmed & surprised me, we are now looking into buying bands for our wedding in St. Lucia next spring! Best day of my life!
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