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Couple: Rafa & Tita
Proposal Date: 04/14/2013
Proposal Location: Niagara Falls,
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Surprise Engagement at Niagara Falls
All went according to last-minute plan. The day after we arrived at Niagara Falls, Canada we decided to take a stroll early in the morning. When we got to Horseshoe Falls, I realized she had her gloves on and I implied it wasn't cold enough to really need gloves; she took them off. I thanked/prayed to God and asked for continual guidance for the upcoming years. Then as she looked at the falls, I fumbled for the ring before she could turn back around. I finally had it in my hand when she looked and asked if she'd be interested in trading the promise ring for the new ring. She was stunned. She said yes, but she still wants to keep the other ring. I said, "Ok, but you do know what your getting into if you take this new one, riiiiggghht? I'm asking to marry you." She laughed with tears in her eyes and said yes. She couldn't believe I had this planned for this trip.
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