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Couple: Shane & Lisa
Proposal Date: 04/01/2013
Proposal Location: Ambergris Caye Island,
Wedding Date: 12/28/2013
Wedding Location: Dominican Republic?,
Dominican Republic
Engagement Ring
Her Ring
Our Proposal Story: April Fool's Day Proposal
The setting is Ambergris Caye, Belize, a beautiful Caribbean island with sandy white beaches. My girlfriend (Lisa) and I are with her best friend and husband, and are celebrating our five year anniversary in just a few days. I know she's hoping I propose in this serene setting on our anniversary date; so, I need to catch her off guard. I also want it to be memorable. What better way than proposing on April 1st with a ring pop!?

I hand off the two ring boxes (one containing the beautiful princess cut diamond ring and the other the ring pop) to her best friend before we all head off to walk the beach. I say the code word of "milky way" and that signals our friends to lead us ahead to the pier. They also both put on the ring pops I've given them, providing Lisa with a hint. She seems them as we near the end of the pier and gets confused. Once at the end of the pier, I receive the ring pop box hand-off. I get down on one knee and propose, all while her best friend is recording.

She says yes and gives me an enveloping hug, all of which catches me off guard. She just said yes to a ring pop? Does she even see it or did my words blur all senses? Does she think I didn't have time to buy a ring? Since this was unplanned for, I quickly trade the "fake" ring box for the real one, all while still being squeezed in excitement. I release myself from her loving grip and get back down on one knee and propose, ensuring I gave her the fairy tale proposal she may have dreamt of her whole life.

She is ecstatic. No tears coming out of this girl. Rather, she enthusiastically says "Yaaayyy" about 10 times. This continues for the rest of the trip!

Unexpected, memorable, romantic and all caught on camera!

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