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Couple: Jennifer & Jeff
Proposal Date: 01/01/2013
Proposal Location: 50 feet underwater,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location: Beach,
United States
Our Proposal Story: "A whole new world" Proposal
My fiance is the most inspirational man I know. Despite the fact that he was born with Cerebral Palsy the word, "impossible" is not in his vocabulary. When Jeff and I met we instantly became best friends. Upon getting to know each other, Jeff discovered that my favorite movie was Aladdin. Throughout the year that we dated, Jeff and I learned to scuba dive. When it was time to propose Jeff came up with an elaborate idea. On January 1, 2013 Jeff had planned a scuba diving trip that would take us down 50 feet to a sunken ship. When I got down to the ship I was handed a golden lamp which resembled the one in the movie, Aladdin. I saw Jeff holding a sign that read, "Make a wish!" I was indicated to rub the lamp. After, Jeff held up another sign that read, "Will you marry me?" Jeff pulled on a string that was connected to his gear and out came the ring! I couldn't believe that my wish came true! Our proposal was featured on the news and you can see it here. e4Yw

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