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Couple: Robert & Esmeralda
Proposal Date: 11/24/2012
Proposal Location: The Grove Los Angeles,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Gringo Proposing to a Mexican Chica! Romantic proposal & Video
Wedding Proposal Video we created: vB7E Thanks to The Grove Concierge for making it such a magical day for the two of us! I had the chance to fly in early to meet with her father, I am still learning Spanish so I had a friend translate what I wanted to say. We walked Esmi into the Apple Store and her brother and I stated we will be right back, I was dressed in only jeans & t-shirt...I went to change into a Suit and her brother into a Penguin Costume as she LOVES Penguins! She started watching the video on a iMac inside the Apple Store, after is was completed her brother walked her over to the bridge over the water, the Concierge had it all blocked off just for us. I said the words I needed to say but with forgetting so much of it.....she said YES, then the band played music behind us....then Snow Fall all around. Afterwards we had the chance to ride on top of the trolley that takes you all around, it was reserved just for the family. Wedding proposal went very smooth for all of us, very thankful to everyone who supported in this wedding proposal engagement and dinner.
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