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Couple: Daniel & Bailey
Proposal Date: 11/08/2012
Proposal Location: Her Parents Backyard,
United States
Wedding Date: 07/26/2014
Wedding Location: Elk River, MN,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Backyard Dream
While my fiance was out shopping with her mother, I spent a few hours decorating her parents backyard with over 1,000 ft of rope lights! I also had her cousin (an up and coming photographer) to photograph the proposal! Upon returning home, she was welcomed with a lighted walkway to a setting out of a dream. The backyard was decorated with lights and a table with a bottle of champagne, along with me waiting to ask a life changing question! I was a little worried she would pass out because she was completely unaware that I had been planning this ever since I ordered the ring! As she walked into the backyard she realized what was about to happen and started to tear up! When she approached me I said a few words and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me!! SHE SAID YES!! Her parents and sister, and my parents were all there as well to witness the best day of both of our lives till now! It was a BACKYARD DREAM for both of us!
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