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Couple: Heather & Stephen
Proposal Date: 11/11/2012
Proposal Location: White Rock Lake Dock,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location: Dallas,
United States
Our Proposal Story: The Perfect Surprise
Just an ordinary Wednesday evening, after a casual dinner of chicken tortilla-less soup that I cooked, we went to the dock at White Rock lake where we've spent many nights talking. I suggested earlier in the day that we take a walk to the lake. Little did I know I was in cooperation with his little plan. We discussed Christmas traditions and laughed with the fisherman at the end of the dock who, frustrated with his tiny catch, called it a night. We moved to the end of the dock sitting to face one another, he rolled over onto one knee and reached in his pocket, "I was going to propose on Saturday night, but found out there was going to be a huge concert by the dock and I didn't really want to do it in front of a thousand I decided to do it tonight. My hesitation is that you told your family I was going to call but you haven't given me their numbers yet. " I replied in a panicky tone, shaking my head, "Its okay...I talked to them earlier today about it and they said its okay. We can call them again after it's official!"

With a giant smile, he proceeded, Since we first met, you seemed like the perfect girl for me, but I didn't want to believe it because it just seemed too good to be true...then one day I realized I was in love with you. My mom even said, Don't take this the wrong way, but Stephen, you aren't like other guys. You're a little different, but she is perfect for you. Then he said, Shes right. Your are perfect for me. I love you and I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?

My reaction was priceless: In complete shock, I was not expecting a proposal for another week or two at least. I sat staring with a "perma-grin" as he anxiously awaited my reply. Finally I declared, YES!!! I WILL marry you!! He put the ring on my finger and embraced me before I fell backward into the water. Id say He did a good job surprising me!

After we got our wits about us, we called my family (mom, grandmother and brother) to share the exciting news and he officially asked permission to marry me. Gotta love the chronology! We marked the spot where we got engaged then went back to the place we spent hours talking on our first date and shared a fried peach pie a la mode to celebrate.

The timing of this news was an incredible blessing on a typically hard day for my family, esp my grandmother. November 7th is my grandfathers birthday. Losing him last Christmas was really tough because we were really close and he always dreamed of walking me down the isle to give me away. No less special, my brother will stand in his stead and Ill always remember the day I got engaged was on his first birthday in heaven!

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