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Couple: Emily & Kevin
Proposal Date: 08/21/2011
Proposal Location: Dagaz Acres - Rising Sun,
IN, United States
Wedding Date: 07/07/2012
Wedding Location: Jasper,
IN, United States
Our Proposal Story: Zipline!
Kevin told me he had a surprise for my birthday, which was 2 weeks prior. I didn't know what Kevin had planned for me, but I knew we were going to Rising Sun, IN. This is a very small town in Southeast not a whole lot to do there, or so I thought. When we arrived at Dagaz Acres, I realized Kevin was taking me on a ZIPLINE!! This is something that neither of us have done before. We were really excited for this awesome opportunity. We were having so much fun racing down all of the duel ziplines. After we crossed the Burma Bridge, the ziplines became single lines. Kevin was "chosen" first to go down this line, which landed on a 30 foot platform, and then I followed. The second line was connected to another canopy platform, then the last one went to the ground. Kevin zipped to the second canopy and began preparing while I was being hooked up to the line. I could not see Kevin once he was at the second platform. Once I was hooked up, I jumped and was zipping towards Kevin. The line turned me backwards so I had no idea what was about to happen when I landed on the canopy platform 30 feet in the air. At the last second, I got myself turned around to land and saw Kevin on one knee. I immediately covered my mouth with both hands, completely shocked by what was happening. Kevin then said, "Emily, thank you for going on this adventure with me today. Will you go on an adventure with me for the rest of our lives?" Still shocked, I said, "Are you serious?!" With Kevin saying "Yes, I'm serious", I said "YES!" With both of us caught up in the moment, the staff member said to Kevin, "Dude, you can kiss her!" We shared a kissed and then slid down the last zipline. Once on the ground, Kevin put the beautiful ring on my finger. (We were wearing gloves, so that's why he didn't put it on immediately.) The ring is GORGEOUS!!!!!
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