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Couple: Paul & Christina
Proposal Date: 07/06/2009
Proposal Location: Wellfleet, MA,
United States
Wedding Date: 10/02/2010
Wedding Location: Kennebunkport, ME,
United States
Our Proposal Story: Proposal from the Plane with the help of 70+ Friends on the beach
Every year my friends and I rent houses down in Wellfleet for the week of the 4th. I knew that I wanted to pop the question and thought this would be a perfect opportunity with Wellfleet and friends.

Christina and I never brought up marriage much. I just wanted to surprise her. I thought about how to have my friends involved, but not have it too stuffy. So, I finally thought of popping the question from up above with all the friends below.

After a few months of searching for a perfect plane, I found one at at Cape Cod Airport. I set it up and told the pilot what I wanted to do and everything was all set. Now how to get the friends involved (hmmm). A sign! After securing the plane, I bought 75+ feet worth of cloth. I bought a few rollers and some red paint. With 3 days of painting, 3 letters at a time, at work during lunch and afterwards, it was finally done.

There were quite a few friends heading down so I spoke with a few and would not release the details until the night before. We went down on the 4th of July. I gave the sign to another friend as to not have Christina inadvertently 'find' the sign. On the 5th of July I spoke to a person in each of the houses that were staying down there to make sure they were on the beach at 1PM on July 6th (It was a Monday).

I told Christina that we were doing something different that day, something to break away from the norm. The only clue I gave her was that we needed goggles (Red Barron ones which I had previously purchased). We drove down to Cape Cod airport in Marston Mills. I was obviously a little nervous on the way down, but she still did not have a clue.

We pull in to the airfield and said "Surprise!". She was excited but still didn't know what the future had in store. After the pilot strategically places her on the left side of the plane. We take off and what a ride it was.

With binoculars, a walkie talkie (hidden), camera and the ring cramping my backside in the seat, we flew 20 minutes north over the cape, Christina still unsure where we were flying to, we get over Marconi beach area (just south of Cahoon Hallow). All of the friends were at Cahoon Hallow beach at the bottom of the dunes from the Beach Comber. We bank to go north and I secretively start hitting buttons on the walkie talkie. I finally feel it vibrate and I know; 'its on!'. We fly over Cahoon Hallow beach (which seemed to take forever) and I start pointing to Christina saying "Whats that..? There's something down there." With Christina squinting, I give her the binoculars and shes staring off into space. Finally I take the binoculars form her and tell her "Look at the beach". At that moment, the plane makes a hard bank left to circle around and there it was the sign in plane site! 70+ friends holding it on the beach. Her goggles filled up with tears of joy. It took her a minute to realize it was for her... but when she did, I knew I nailed it! Spectacular day!

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