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Couple: Benjamin & Sara
Proposal Date: 08/12/2011
Proposal Location: Iguazu Falls,
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Waterfall Engagement in Argentina
My fiancee (we've known each other since kindergarten, went to K-8th grade together + high-school prom and college together) was recently selected for a new "work-abroad" program at her job in market research. Her office has many international offices throughout the world and she was chosen to spend 5 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our departure date (originally March 1) kept getting delayed (work visa, etc) and we finally arrived in Argentina on June 1st. (Yes I had to hold onto the ring for about 7-8 months!!!) I "smuggled" the ring into the country by hiding it under a false bottom book. After seeing pictures of the beautiful country, I decided that I would propose to her at the famous Iguazu Waterfalls in the north of Argentina. Our first major long weekend arrived and we took an 18 hr over-night bus trip from Buenos Aires to the city where the falls were. The national park, where the falls are located, is absolutely beautiful and after trekking through the South American jungle we arrived at the perfect panorama of waterfalls and rainbows and this was the setting for our engagement. I asked a lady to take our picture in front of the waterfalls/rainbow and quickly told her in Spanish that I had an engagement ring. She took our photo and kept taking them while I proposed. One of the most beautiful spots on Earth. She was completely surprised and said Yes! Here is the youtube link of our pictures.Might have to copy/paste.There is a formatting error but if you go on and add "/watch?v=Js3TSChC- Oj4" to the end of Then delete the dash " -" mark in between CO and close the gap (Lots of work I know!) you can watch the video....
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