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Couple: Benjamin & Jessica
Proposal Date: 08/15/2010
Proposal Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs,
CO, United States
Wedding Date: 02/26/2011
Wedding Location: Woodland Park,
CO, United States
Our Proposal Story: Ambulance Wedding Proposal
I proposed to my wife in a unique way. We both work for an ambulance company in Colorado Springs. I pulled some strings and convinced our boss along with dispatch to send Jessica to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort on a phony call, where I would be waiting with the ring.

It is far too long to explain here so just check out my video on YouTube!

Here is the link: m/watch?v=JNm2G_gkupg <- p> What you see in the video is Medic 63 (her ambulance) get called out to the resort. She works 24 hour shifts and this was in her final hour at 7:20am and just before our vacation that we had been planning for months. Needless to say, she wasnt thrilled because this meant getting off work late.Especially when dispatched coded it out as a twenty something year old male patient with a splinter. She texted me letting me know how upset she was with dispatch for this. Her mood changed when she opened up the door to find her "patient" on one knee with a ring. She was completely surprised. Everything worked out flawlessly. It absolutely perfect! We even made our flight and had a terrific vacation celebrating our new engagement.

We were married on 2/26/2011 and had the most beautiful perfect wedding.

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