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Couple: Sue & Kevin
Proposal Date: 05/14/2011
Proposal Location: Washington Park, Portland, OR,
United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Blindsided
I knew from very early on, probably too early on, that Kevin was the one for me. He was everything I had ever wanted but most importantly was my best friend.

After deciding to relocate to Portland, OR we had already talked about the possibility of getting engaged and even gone so far as to look at rings. I had a feeling the proposal could be coming soon, and figured I would be able to sniff out clues for the impending proposal with NO trouble.

I like to think it became Kevin's goal in life to throw me off the scent and totally and utterly surprise me.

During a weekend trip to Portland, where we had just chosen a townhouse to live in, we were sharing beers at our new local pub. I starting dropping not so subtle hints that now that a place was picked out to live in, he shoudl probably stop dilly dallying and pop the question. He very calmly explained that he needed a little more time to save money for a ring, That there was no rush. That I needed to be patient and let him do this on his own time.

After lunch Kevin suddenly claimed he had to meet work people for a few minutes to go over some things for the new position he'd be starting in a couple weeks. After dropping me off in beautiful Washington Park with the dog for a walk, he took off for "work."

As I walked around the park that afternoon I was sublimely happy thinking about what the future was holding for me and how lucky I was to have found such an amazing partner and best friend. Until it started to rain, and his estimated 30 minute work trip was turning in to over an hour.

By the time Kevin got back to the park, I was sitting in the rain with the wet dog, pouting, cold, and ready to PLEASE get back to the warmth of the hotel.

As soon as I saw the car pull up, I hightailed it to the passenger door to get in, but he had already gotten out and locked the door.

"Let's just go walk over here for a second." he said. FINE. I sighed heavily and followed him over to a field with a big, beautiful tree. Not until he started saying the best words I have ever heard in my life and falling to one knee did I realize what was happening.

So right there, in that rainy field, in our new home of Portland, Oregon with our dog that we both love to pieces, I was made the happiest woman in the entire world and now knew I would be luck y enough to be with my very best friend forever.

Like so many other proposal stories I had heard, I didn't even say yes right away, but screamed, cried, hugged him, hugged the dog, and over and over, kept asking if this was really happening!

The best part was, he had actually managed to surprise me, and the "work" thing was actuall picking up my beautiful, PERFECT, new Blue Nile ring from a friends house where he had it shipped the week prior to fool me :)

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