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Couple: Colleen & Rheo
Proposal Date: 08/07/2010
Proposal Location: Boston, MA,
United States
Wedding Date: 09/17/2011
Wedding Location: Sterling, MA,
United States
Our Proposal Story: A proposal at sea
Rheo's proposal to Colleen happened one warm summer night in August of 2010. The night began with Colleen and Rheo checking in at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Rheo hadn't told Colleen any of his plans for the evening, only that he was taking her out in the city for her birthday.

After getting dressed up Rheo took Colleen down to the lobby and pretended that they had a long walk to get to their destination. Only a block away Rheo stopped in front of the Spirit of Boston and surprised Colleen with a night on a dinner and dancing boat in Boston harbor.

When they arrived on the boat, Colleen was surprised to learn Rheo had arrange for them a private table and the VIP package. This allowed them free drinks and great appetizers! They enjoyed the drinks and dinner and just before sunset, Rheo commented that it would be nice to finish up and sneak out onto the top deck to get some pictures before the sun went down. They visited a few of the outside decks and took photos and Rheo kept looking for a private area. They finally found a deck at the front of the boat that only had a couple other people on it. Rheo dropped down onto one knee and ask Colleen to marry him. SHE SAID YES! Then proceeded to freak out. Rheo loved every second.

After the shock, they went back inside to celebrate. The waiter brought Colleen flowers and Rheo arrange for their song "Marry Me" by Train to be played. The DJ made an announcement and they went up to dance. Everyone cleared the dance floor and the entire boat watched on "ooing" and "awing" as Rheo and Colleen danced to their song in each others arms.

After the boat docked, they went back to the romantic hotel lounge and enjoyed each others company with more drinks to celebrate!

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