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Couple: Don & Stephanie
Proposal Date: 01/08/2011
Proposal Location: Inner-Space Caverns,
TX, United States
Wedding Date: 09/02/2011
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: From Absolute Darkness to... Sparkles!
Stephanie and I have a rare, once-in-a-lifetime connection that was love at first sight. The first night, she knew she was going to marry me, and I her. We discussed getting married, and she already knew I had picked up the ring (I am terrible at keeping secrets!). But I told her that it had to be a perfect proposal, because this would be the last one I gave and she recieved.

We went down to the Hill Country of Texas for a weekend getaway, and our first stop was Inner-Space Caverns. I very carefully pulled the shiny wooden box out of it's Blue Nile box, and put it in my pocket. I had to be very careful about positioning myself so she wouldn't bump up against me and feel the box... She may have known I had the ring but she couldn't know I was about to give it to her!!!

So we took the tour through cave, and after we reached the back / bottom of the cave, it started to get really humid and stuffy... Steph kept telling me I should take my jacket off, but I kept it on, claiming I was fine... the truth was I needed to keep the ring and the box in my pocket for easy access, as I didn't know when the perfect time would present itself!

Finally, the tour guide took us to a room called "Lake of the Moon", and demonstrated to us what complete pitch blackness was. Now was my moment, so as Steph pulled me close for a "kiss in the dark", I quickly kissed her and pulled away slightly, so I could get down on one knee, holding her hand, with my other hand fumbling to grab the ring. The tour guide turned the lights back on, and there I was, ring in hand, and asked Steph to do me the incredible honor of being my wife. And of course, she said yes! The ring was absolutely perfect and she loves it! The beginning of our happily ever after :-)

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