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Couple: David & Alison
Proposal Date: 10/17/2010
Proposal Location: Boston,
MA, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: An Aquarium Proposal
David's parents live in Santa Fe, and are here in Boston occasionally for business. David's father, is an overseer at the New England Aquarium. The ruse to get me there was that his father was in town for just a couple of days and wanted to take us to dinner, but had a meeting at the Aquarium first, so he asked David and I to meet him there afterward go for dinner. He also offered to arrange a behind the scenes tour for us while we were waiting for his meeting to finish. When we arrived they told us the tour guide would meet us at a particular window at the large ocean tank. As we were waiting we watched the divers feeding the fish right in front of our window. Unbeknownst to me David had arranged for them to dive down to the window where they were standing, and pulled out a sign from the feeding bag that said "Alison, you are the only fish in the sea for me", which then flipped over to read "Will you marry me?" Then he got down on one knee with the ring, gave his speech - and my first reaction was "Are you serious?" (since it was a little surreal) followed by a resounding "Yes!" then spontaneous cheers and clapping from the huge crowd standing around us. In the meantime, our neighbor was in disguise standing right behind us videotaping the whole thing, and my parents and brother, along with David's parents and brothers hung out in the background to watch from a distance, then joined us at the tank. What a surprise!!! We then went to a room that had been reserved for us where we had champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries and swapped all the background stories that led up to the event. Apparently this was in the works for almost 2 months and everyone involved managed to keep it a secret!

When our time was over there, David had arranged for a limo to take us home where i was told i had an hour to pack an overnight bag and to change into nice clothes, but wasn't allowed to know any more details. We ended up at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Back Bay where David had got us a room for the evening and arranged a very special dinner at their restaurant, Asana. We had been there a year before and had the best steaks either of us have ever eaten, and a very memorable meal overall.

So several weeks ago, David called the restaurant and ordered us the same main course: Wagyu steaks (Kobe beef) with chanterelle mushrooms and grilled ramps, only to discover that it was a special and they didn't carry that type of steak anymore! After some of David's classic charm, he convinced them to special order the steaks for us and also to prepare them exactly the same way we had them last time. The meal was beautiful and also included more champagne, red wine, leek and potato soup, freshly made Caesar salad, and then for dessert a coffee souffle and a CHEESE platter!

After dinner we made our way to the room where the staff had covered the bed in rose petals and delivered another bottle of champagne

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