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Couple: Angie & Garrett
Proposal Date: 03/20/2012
Proposal Location:
CA, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Swept Away At Seascape
We had planned a few days at our favorite vacation place in Aptos CA. I had been bugging Garrett for a while about being ready to take the next step in our relationship. I actually thought we were going to look at rings during our stay, since I truely thought he had no idea what I liked. The first night we talked a lot about things like wedding songs we liked & who we would have in our wedding party. I thought this was such a big step! The following day I was ready to go ring shopping, but Garrett really wanted to just lay on the beach all day and enjoy the beautiful weather. I was a little bummed but he promised we would go the next day. We packad a lunch and some wine and had the perfect day! Garrett insisted on staying out to watch the sunset, even as I was complaining I was getting so cold. (I truely had no idea what was coming). He had called me over to a big log near by where he found a good seat to watch the sunset. I kept trying to leave, so he eventually pointed out a bottle half buried in the sand. I picked up the bottle and saw there was a message inside. I was so excited! I was thinking what a good story to tell everyone when we get home! I pulled the message out and read it "Bebe, Will you Marry Me? (Bebe, his nick name for me) " I burst into tears before I even saw the beautiful cushioned cut diamond ring from Blue Nile that he was holding. "Does that mean Yes?", he said. "Yes! Yes! Of course!", I said......Forever.
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