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Couple: Jen & Jeff
Proposal Date: 09/10/2010
Proposal Location: Chicago,
IL, United States
Wedding Date: 09/22/2011
Wedding Location: Chicago,
IL, United States
Our Proposal Story: Happily ever after!
We had friends coming into town and had "dinner plans" for 6pm that evening - I work in the suburbs and left work at 4:00 thinking that it would give me plenty of time to get home and arrive at dinner just in time! But that night, traffic was particularly terrible, I couldn't understand why he was so rattled, I kept thinking that its just traffic! Our friends would understand if we're a little bit late...right? By the time I got home, he had moved his car so I could just pull into his spot and off we went! At first when we were walking I suggested we get a cab since we were running so late, but he said that our friends were also stuck in traffic, and since it was such a beautiful night, let's walk...made sense to me! We walked to our favorite spot in the city, right on the lake front with the most incredible view, got down on one knee and proposed with the most gorgeous ring! Of course I said yes! I was still so excited that I didn't even realize that my surprises had just started! As we started walking back I realized that we didn't have dinner plans with our friends that night and instead was a horse and carriage complete with roses and chocolates! We called our friends and family and took it all in as we rode thru the city! It was perfect! But he still topped that, while we were out on our walk he had a florist come in and put AMAZING flowers all over our condo, they were everywhere, and I mean everywhere! There was also another surprise....he made a tank top that read, "The Future Mrs. ****"! We decided not to go out to a fancy dinner that night, instead we drank champagne, ate Jimmy Johns and literally danced around together for hours before we invited our friends to celebrate with us! Just when I thought things couldn't be any better, he had one last engagement weekend surprise - he arranged for a table for us at my favorite breakfast place in the city (they don't accept reservations and there's always an hour wait). I can honestly say that I never felt more special than I did that day, and I am lucky to have the perfect man to make my dreams come true, and live Happily Ever After!
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