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Couple: Mike & Marin
Proposal Date: 03/16/2012
Proposal Location: Manchester Boston Regional Airport,
NH, United States
Wedding Date: 06/01/2013
Wedding Location: Portland,
ME, United States
Our Proposal Story: The Mainer and the Midwesterner
I had planned to propose to Marin as soon as I picked her up at the airport. I just didn't know exactly how I would do it. Do I stay traditional and get down on one knee outside the car or do I do something unique and fun that she will surely never forget and her friends will be jealous of? At the last minute while I was waiting in the cell phone lot I looked over at the glove compartment door: bingo! The plan was hatched. Marin called to let me know she was waiting outside the baggage claim area so I put the car in drive and left the Cell phone lot. We put her luggage in the trunk and got in the car. I had been fighting the sniffles the past couple of days and asked her to grab me a tissue out of the glove compartment (there were no tissues in there). She was looking around for tissues and it took a few seconds for her to notice the engagement ring staring back at her. She was shocked and surprised and said YES!!!!!
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