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Couple: mallory & Adam
Proposal Date: 04/19/2010
Proposal Location: Boston,
MA, United States
Wedding Date: 06/18/2011
Wedding Location: Hilton Head Island,
SC, United States
Our Proposal Story: The Boston Marathon!
Adam is very dedicated to his "hobby" of running marathons and completing triathlons, which has made traveling a large part of our relationship. During the summer we are always going to another triathlon hot spot for another race. In October of 2009, Adam qualified for the Boston Marathon by finishing the Chicago Marathon in 3 hours and 9 minutes, one minute less than he needed to qualify!...

Which leads us to April 2010. My family and Adam's family traveled to Boston for the marathon weekend and all the events that go along... including the Red Sox game and The Cheers Bar!! On Monday, April 19 (Patriot Day) Adam ran the race... We were all waiting at Mile 17 to hopefully get a glimpse of him running by. Little did I know, a plan was in place. Adam somehow, now I know it was all planned, spotted us standing on the curb waiting for him to go by... his pace started slowing down drastically... I yelled "KEEP RUNNING" but he kept slowing while holding his side in what looked like pain. He fell to the ground while most of us thought he was truly hurt, then out of no where... popped up on one knee and ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM! I'm not sure if I ever really said yes, but everyone knew :) Then Adam ran off and finished his 1st Boston Marathon!!

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