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Couple: David & Sarah
Proposal Date: 09/04/2010
Proposal Location: Sky Valley,
GA, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Geode!
David and I arrived at the cabin in Sky Valley, GA on Friday night. My dad's side of the family was convening there for the long weekend in a cabin in the mountains of northern Georgia. There were plans the next morning to hike up a mountain on top of which you can see mountains all around. Since David and I had been apart for a while, he asked if I wanted to go up a little earlier than everyone else so we could have some time to ourselves. So around 8:00 am, we started up the mountain.

During the uphill hike, I was the first to bring up the subject of rocks. Somehow this led to the topic of geodes. I asked him how geodes form and where you find them, to which he respond "oh, anywhere." I, being gullible, believed him even though I was a bit surprised. He also told me they tend to be round because they are formed from bubbles of gas in hardening lava. We continued our hike until we finally reached the top. I can't imagine how he must have felt, being nervous and excited for the entirety of the hike. We finally reached the summit, where there is a platform with a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains. I wanted to go ahead and climb to the top, but David suggested we rest at the bottom for a few minutes. As we were walking around, he picked up a rock about an inch and a half in diameter and said "huh, look at this rock, it's so round," to which I responded "I wonder if there is anything inside." So we got a bigger rock and smashed it open. Sure enough, it was full of little crystals. Surprised (or at least I was), we looked around for more. We found three more small geodes. While we were looking, David and I were on opposite sides of the tower and when I came back around, he was crouched near the bushes with a large round rock in his hand (a little bigger than a baseball). We carried the rocks up to the top of the tower and broke open the remaining small geodes. David said something about getting a bit of rock dust in his eye and suggested I sit on the bench while he broke open the large rock. He got it out of his backpack (he had put it in there to "keep it from rolling off") and "noticed" that it was already cracked. He kneeled down in front of me, held up the rock, and said "Sarah, why don't you take off the top half." I was confused because even though I'd seen the crack, I didn't realize it was completely broken in half. But I did what he said and removed the top half. I immediately noticed there was something red inside the rock, and was momentarily confused as to why there was a broken-in-half, baseball sized geode with something inside just chilling on top of a mountain. Just at the moment David started to talk I noticed that sitting in the middle of the red was a diamond ring. David quoted Proverbs 31:10, An excellent wife, who can find? She is far more precious than jewels." After a few more things he asked, "Sarah, will you marry me?"

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