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Couple: Jason & Amanda
Proposal Date: 02/29/2012
Proposal Location: Mazatlan,
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: All-Inclusive Beach Proposal
Amanda and I booked a vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico just a few days before we left. I had already purchased the Engagement Ring from Blue Nile and we both had the vacation time booked but no plans for a destination. It wasn't very easy to keep the ring hidden, with challenges at the airport check-in and security in Mexico, but we finally arrived at the resort, where I was able to lock the ring in the safe. The next day we spent on the beach, relaxing on vacation. I found a few opportunities to get away from Amanda while she was laying in the sun and scheduled a beach-side massage for later that afternoon and a Romantic Beach Dinner for Two that night. The resort staff was helpful but it took a little bit of encouragement to make it happen last minute. It was February 29th and this day doesn't come around very often, neither does a girl like Amanda. Amanda had her surprise massage on the Beach while I went for a walk and worked on getting up the nerve to propose that night. We had only been together about 10 mlonths, but I was sure I would get the answer I wanted that night. After the massage she wanted to got to the gyrm...despite my Beach-dinner plans in a couple hours. As far as she was concerned there was nothing planned for dinner but I told her to be ready at 6:30pm in your best dressed. Everything was on time until I fell in the shower and smashed my elbow on the tub...thinking it was broken it wasn`t going to slow me down. A few band-aids, some tylenol and no chance of going to a hospital in Mexico we were on our way to the Buffet (best dressed to a resort buffet!). When we entered the buffet I spoke quickly with the Maitre d` who sent out to the other end of the resort where we were seated at the beach. I worried my surprised was foiled, but still she didn`t know what was coming next. The Beach-massage and now a private dinner on the beach whether an engagement crossed her mind or not she seemed pretty happy just to be there, The next few minutes were uncomfortable for me, sitting at a table on the beach not sure how I was going to propose, and no idea what I was supposed to say next. I asked Amanda if she wanted to go for a little walk after the waiter took our order for dinner. We walked down the beach and back, and now I just had to get it over with. I`m sure what I said on the walk wasn`t very coherent, so I got down on one knee and asked Amanda to marry me! The rest of the week was fantastic. We returned home and she has been telling everyone ever since. I on the other hand went for some x-rays the day after we got back!
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