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Couple: Jon & Danielle
Proposal Date: 12/04/2009
Proposal Location: NYC,
United States
Wedding Date: 12/03/2010
Wedding Location: Long Island, NY,
United States
Our Proposal Story: "On Top of the World"
On one of our first dates, Danielle and I went to NYC and ended up on top of the Empire State Building. While up there, we decided to make our mark (everyone does it!) on the Empire State Building by writing our names and date on the stone wall surrounding the observation deck. As the years passed us by and our love grew for each other, and it really did, Danielle or I would comment here or there about how nice it would be to go and see if our names were still there. With busy schedules and hectic lives, it seemed that we would never get back to the Empire State Building. Well, we did. Danielle loves the city in the winter (especially Christmas time) and I promised to take her there this past December to see the tree and have dinner. Thats it! However, upon getting off the train, I told her that we had to stop somewhere first before making our way to the tree. That stop was the Empire State Building. We were going to see if our names (after 6 years) were still up there. Regrettably, I knew that they were not. But what I also knew and what Danielle did not know was that the night before I had come into the city and written on a spot on the stone wall of the observation deck the words Will you marry me?” inside a heart with both of our names surrounding it. When we got to the observation deck, I was playing it off real good (we were both looking for the names!) until I pulled her over to the spot where the question was ready and waiting, written on the wall, and showed her what I had found. Then, once she was thoroughly confused and bewildered, I proceeded to take the ring off my neck, while getting down on one knee, and asked her the words that every girl waits her entire life to hear. Of course, she said yes and I could not help but feel that for the first time in my life, I felt like her and I were “on top of the world.â€- 7;

(Side note: When we came down from the Empire State Building, I had a white stretch limousine waiting for us to take us to the tree, dinner and anywhere else Danielle wanted to go. I also finally succumbed to ice skating in Rockefeller Center under the tree. It was a great night!)

I love you Danielle!

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