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Couple: Robert & Raven
Proposal Date: 05/06/2010
Proposal Location: Over Hollywood,
United States
Wedding Date: 06/01/2011
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: Get in the choppa!
I did what I do, folks. I had everything planned perfectly -- to celebrate Raven's birthday I booked a murder mystery show at Hollywood during the day, and also had a helicopter ride secretly booked at the Van Nuys airport in the evening. Raven had no idea about the helicopter ride, she thought we were only going to the show then dinner. Women love surprises -- write that down. Anyway, the murder mystery show, called Accomplice, is an interactive scavenger hunt that has you sleuthing for clues around the streets of Hollywood. A couple of good things about the show is they feed you, serve you beer, and you can't tell who the actors are unless you ask people questions. Normally the show takes 2.5 hours, but being neophytes we took 3.5 hours to finish the darn thing.

The helicopter ride was booked for 730p, so I was sweating bullets because we finished the show around 7 in the pm. And since the show concluded at Boardners and my car was parked at the Kodak Theatre (at least 5 blocks away), I calmly told Raven that we needed to sprint (!) back to the car so we could make our dinner appointment.

Her: Umm, why do we need to sprint back to the car? It's just dinner, right? Me: (Giving the patented Robert wave off) Oh, yeah yeah yeah. It's just dinner, but I wanna make sure I feed you honey. Don't worry about it.

So after finding the car, paying for parking, getting out of the lot, getting out of Hollywood traffic and onto the 101-north, it was about 715p. 15 mins to get to the airport. Frack shiet mutha fracker. Not to worry though, I drove like a maniac and got there in 20 mins. Not bad I must say. I do need to add that Raven was asking lots of questions trying to guess where we were going, which is a bit distracting when you're driving like a mad man through LA traffic, so I took a page from The Art of War and gave her a piece of paper and distracted her with a bunch of questions while i drove to the airport. You gotta take what the defense gives you.

The helicopter ride was dope. 30 minutes into our trip I did the dang thang and nervously popped the question... (In a high pitched voice) "Uh, Raven, I lub eww...olive juice...island view...blabbityblahblah- ....uh...will you marry me?"

After she said, "yes!" and after arriving back at the airport, I surprised her again by decorating one of the hangers with lights and Sinatra playing in the background. There was also a gazebo with couches, a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries, some roses and a bottle of bubbly. I'm so blessed to be marrying my best friend =).

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