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Couple: Kristina & Joshua
Proposal Date: 10/02/2009
Proposal Location: Houston,
TX, United States
Wedding Date: 10/10/2010
Wedding Location: Grand Cayman Islands,
Cayman Islands
Our Proposal Story: Best Proposal EVER
Josh sent a letter to my work with a long stem rose.The letter mentioned taking the next step, and told me to leave work immediately, don’t ask questions or try to call him, and go to the destination listed in the smaller enclosed sealed envelope.The first destination was “The place we first met” (the Marquis, a bar) and Josh thoughtfully put the address, because I don’t know how to get around without my GPS.I went to the Marquis, and the manager handed me a letter with a long stem rose.The letter spoke about spending our life together, and to “Go to that place where Josh spent the night on our 2nd date”.About that, Josh had unpaid speeding tickets, and about .5 mile down the road, a cop stopped us and arrested him! So, Josh spent the 2nd date in jail.Hence, he sent me to the jail.When I arrived, I told the policeman,“ I think my boyfriend left a letter and a rose here for me.” The officer said, “Are you trying to turn yourself in?” I said, “Oh my gosh no! I think I’m in the wrong place” Then he asked to see my driver’s license.He looked, said that he might have something for me, and pulled out a rose and a letter.FEWF! The next letter talked about how great it was building our family.The destination envelope said “Go to the place where we added our first family member”.This was CAPS, where we got our first dog, Leroy.When I arrived, I found the next letter and rose.This letter said how exciting it was to buy a home.The destination was “Where we made our house a home.” So I drove to opposite side of town again, and found another letter and rose on the front porch.The letter said the 5 roses represented the 5 years we have spent together.Josh had already packed everything that I needed.The next place said to go envelope had to theHotel Icon. When I arrived, the front desk said I’m in room 1212.I noticed there was no 12th floor, and its because it was the penthouse.The room was covered with rosepetals, and champagne was in every room.I was told to meet in the lobby by 7:15 for the next destination. At 7:15 I was taken to the Aquarium.I went upstairs, saw Josh, and ran to him.He sat me down and started talking fast about how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.He paused and said “Look at that shark in the aquarium.” I said “What?” I looked to the aquarium, and there was a scuba diver in the aquarium with a sign that said, “Kristina”, and then Josh took my hand.I kept looking at the scuba guy, and then he flipped the sign to say “Will you marry me?” I looked back to Josh and he was on one knee holding my hand and said, “Kristina, will you marry me?” I grabbed the box that the ring was in, and didn’t even look at it, and said YES!
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