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Couple: Tim & Courtney
Proposal Date: 12/06/2009
Proposal Location: Local Park,
TX, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
Our Proposal Story: One Year of Memories
To celebrate one year of dating, Courtney and I revisited a lot of memories from this past year. I picked up Courtney from campus and took her to church like any other Sunday. Courtney said she wanted to do pasta for lunch (instead of going back to the Chinese restaurant where we first went out). I surprised her by making pasta at a family's house where we have shared lunch on Sunday afternoons throughout this past semester. The table was set rather fancy. It was the first time I had used my tablecloth which I bought in Greece three years ago. It has olives and olive branches on it. After a great lunch, I had Courtney pick one of my coat pockets for our next event of the day. So next we went to the parking lot at church and made a pomander ball. It’s a potpourri kind of thing: you stick whole cloves into an orange until it’s covered. We made three last year during the holidays, one of which was on our first date, and one which we made at the coffeehouse at our church. My next pocket had tickets in it and 3D glasses so from there we slipped over to the theatre to watch A Christmas Carol in 3D. On our first date we watched Bolt in 3D at that same theatre. We’ve also watched Monsters vs Aliens and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs at that theatre in 3D. Our next destination was a local park where several times we used to go for the afternoon to talk, blow bubbles, and share a drink from the Sonic across the street. The park is one of those castle style parks. Unknown to Courtney, two of her friends went to the park before us. They hung paper snowflakes all around one of the little towers and set up a little table and bean bag. On the table were three candles, two things of bubbles, and a thermos of hot chocolate. I picked the candles out when Courtney and I were looking for candles for my sister for Christmas. After blowing bubbles and drinking the hot chocolate, I said to Courtney, “I love you with all me heart, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” The suspense built as I reached into another coat pocket and pulled out a beautiful little wood box. As I opened it, I asked, “Will you marry me?” Courtney was completely ready and answered “Yes!” right away. After calling close family and friends, we went to Fancy Dessert Night at church where it was announced in front of about 100 people that we had just gotten engaged. I made Kolackys for our dessert, and one of the young married couples from our life group brought a cake that said “Congratulations, Tim and Courtney!” since they already knew it was going to happen that afternoon. After that I dropped her off to an elated crowd of girls at her dorm and drove back to my little apartment, counting down the hours until I would see her again on Friday.
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