4.6 (5)
Unmatched in brilliance, this eternity diamond bracelet has forty-five round diamonds set in enduring platinum, a stunning accent to any ensemble.
4.5 (46)
Groups of four petite beads and bars are linked to create this finely detailed platinum bracelet.
3.6 (9)
Simply elegant, rolo chain platinum bracelet that details alternating rings to create a delicate and beautiful piece, a beautiful gift for any occasion.
4.3 (6)
Three platinum bead chains are entwined together to make this beautiful braided bracelet.
Singular in brilliance, this diamond bracelet showcases sixty-nine emerald-cut diamonds that are expertly matched and intricately set in platinum.
Sixty-nine expertly matched radiant cut diamonds encircle the wrist in enduring platinum in this spectacular one-of-a-kind bracelet.
This extraordinary, one-of-a-kind bracelet features forty-two Blue Nile Signature Ideal Cut diamonds, each hand-set in durable four-prong platinum settings. The bracelet is accompanied by a GCAL Blue Nile Signature Certificate of Authenticity.
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4.5 (51)
Polished, faceted beads are interspersed with clusters of small polished beads to create a playful design.
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4.5 (4)
A story of pure elegance, this eternity diamond bracelet showcases forty-two diamonds that are set in an enduring platinum, a truly stunning gift.
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