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Couple: maegen & Michael
Proposal Date: 01/14/2011
Proposal Location: Houston,
TX, United States
Wedding Date:
Wedding Location:
TX, United States
Our Proposal Story: His Birthday
It was his birthday and we had both taken off work to go to Galveston for the day. He called me when he was ready for me to pick him up to make the hour drive out there. When I walked into his apartment he had 100 tea light candles lit, a pathway of rose petals outlined in Hershey Kisses. There were Hershey kisses in the shape of hearts on tables around the room as well as spelling out I Love You on one. He was all dressed up and walked over to me to lead me into the room because I had stopped just inside the door in awe. He got down on one knee and proposed. It was everything I could have asked for and I was completely surprised that he would have used his birthday to propose.
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