Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance from Jewelers Mutual

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Jewelry insurance is worth more than you know. Make sure your new purchase is protected today!

Blue Nile has partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, provider of Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance, to educate you about the benefits of insuring your new jewelry. We believe you deserve a professional, informative jewelry insurance experience as satisfying as the excitement you felt when making your new jewelry purchase from Blue Nile. Protect your purchase today with the only insurer in the U.S. and Canada* specializing exclusively in jewelry insurance.
As a Blue Nile jewelry customer, you have the unique opportunity to insure your jewelry on the spot! Get a firm quote and purchase insurance coverage as part of your shopping experience. It's the quickest, most convenient way to protect your new investment before you even put it on.

Why Jewelers Mutual?

Jewelers Mutual is the nation's leading jewelry insurance specialists and has been exclusively insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses for 100 years. Jewelers Mutual's Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance coverage protects more than 290,000 individuals' personal jewelry items and covers types of losses where other carriers can fall short. You're in good company.

Advantages of Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance

  • Worldwide, comprehensive coverage that extends beyond ordinary homeowners insurance.
  • Protection against theft, damage, accidental loss, and mysterious disappearance.
  • Flexibility to choose your own jeweler (while others may make you work within their network).
  • Repair or replacement for your lost or damaged jewelry with the same kind and quality as the original – especially when you own a specific brand of jewelry.
  • Certified (GIA) gemologists on staff whose passion and specialty is jewelry.
Have questions about jewelry insurance? Email Jewelers Mutual at or call 888.884.2424.

* Coverage not available in Quebec.

Coverage is subject to the provisions, limitations, exclusions and endorsements in the policy and the level of coverage you select.

Must be at least 18 years of age to apply for insurance. Jewelers Mutual has provided this content. Jewelers Mutual is an alternative to other insurance companies you may be considering. Blue Nile is not a licensed agent of Jewelers Mutual and may not sell or recommend insurance.

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