Blue Nile Glossary
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  Polish describes how smoothly the facets of a diamond have been polished, whether any marks are visible from the polishing wheel, and how defined the edges of each facet are. Since Blue Nile defines cut grade based on the depth and table percentages, a diamond can have an ideal cut, despite the polish grade. Polish marks are almost always invisible to the unaided eye, but they have a slight effect on the overall brilliance. For the highest grade of polish, look for an ideal (ID), excellent (EX), or very good (VG) AGSL graded diamond, and an excellent (EX) or very good (VG) GIA graded diamond. Avoid diamonds with polish grades of fair (F) or poor (P), as the quality of their polish may affect the brilliance of the diamond.

For more information, read our education on Polish.

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