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Proposal in Paris

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A Puzzle with a Hidden Message in a Shadow
The Background Info: First, you need to know that I love to build things like models, furniture,...
Couple: Aaron and Rachel
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   4.8 (88 votes)
From a Mountain Top
Victor and I had planned a hiking trip with a couple of friends where we lived in Fort Huachuca...
Couple: rose and Victor
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   4.8 (1685 votes)
A Night at the Museum
My girlfriend, Joan, of two and a half years would often reminisce about her trips to the...
Couple: David and Joan
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   4.7 (167 votes)
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Engagement Ring
Her Ring
My painting to you... :
Chris and Crystal
For some time my g/f and I had been talking about painting a silhouette mural on her wall in her bedroom, since her and I are both artists. Finally we went to the store and bought some paint and brushes so when the time came, we were ready. Well, a week or two later, with much planning, I proposed to Crystal... on her wall.

Crystal was a waitress at a nice restaurant where she would work in the evenings. So on August 10th, that Friday night, when she was off waitressing, I got to work. To make a long story short, I painted a silhouette of a guy on one knee proposing to a girl. I...
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