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August 10, 2016

Nearly 30 pairs of hands will touch a Blue Nile engagement ring before it ships to make sure every ring meets our high quality standards, every time.

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What Women Want: Straight from the Source
wots_screencapture_blogHow do you know when she really likes something you’ve given her? By identifying the face she makes when she really doesn’t like something you’ve given her.
6 Wedding Traditions and Their Origins
53060_43048_hero_a_042016_soc-blogFrom the proposal to the big day, the origins of our modern day engagement and wedding can all be traced back to various cultural and religious traditions. While they have evolved and adapted over the centuries, the symbolism behind these romantic gestures remains timeless.
Our 10 Most Popular Jewelry Gifts
1200x627_59537_59538_hero_a_09211_alt16Blue Nile has a classic style. We focus on essentials for every jewelry box, done exquisitely well. A gift from Blue Nile is that it will never go out of style—it will keep looking great for years to come.
4 Tips For Picking the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring
2_58236_56001_21487__58217_hero_a_030716_blogOnce you’ve landed on the style of engagement ring you’re interested in purchasing, the next decision you’ll make is what metal is right for said ring. Some people make that choice based on the color of the metal and some base it on the qualities of the metal itself.
December Birthstone: Blue Topaz
December Birthstone Blue TopazTopaz comes in an exceptional variety of colors, from translucent to dark red, but it’s the icy blue variety that is the birthstone for December—perfect for the month’s wintery chill.
5 Tips to Get Holiday Shopping Done Right (And Early)
1200x627_6925_53238_hero_a_09211_alt16With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, the holiday shopping season is fully underway. While many of you will undoubtedly wait until the last minute to pick up gifts for your loved ones, why not buck tradition this year and do it early, and perhaps more leisurely?
Spotlight On: Cyber Monday Specials
60241_60206_60205_60204_60064_hero_a_091316_blogThis year’s Cyber Monday sale is filled with glittering diamond halo pendants and earrings, colorful gemstone pieces, and eternity and anniversary rings in a range of sizes and prices you’re not likely to see again until next year.
Editor’s Picks: Black Friday Deals
black_friday_blogEach year in anticipation of the traditional early holiday sales, namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our diamond and fine jewelry teams work diligently to secure the best deals possible for our customers.
A 3-Step Engagement Ring Buying Checklist
1200x627_42414_9918_48506_hero_102816_socUnderstanding diamond basics, such as the 4Cs, is a given. But then what? Here’s primer on the first steps to take on your engagement ring buying journey.
How to Pick an Engagement Ring for Her
bn_engage_50_blogWith the multitude of engagement ring styles out there, a little guidance goes a long way to keep your shopping experience frustration-free. That’s exactly why education is one of the cornerstones of our business. In addition to understanding the basics of diamond buying, the other key question you should ask yourself is: Who’s your girl?
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