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5 Ways to Pick the Right Ring For You
Create_Your_Own_Side_by_Side_01_700x327 In the spirit of education we put together an easy-to-decipher breakdown of all the engagement ring shopping options you have here at Blue Nile. From setting styles to diamond shapes, Build Your Own Rings® to preset, this is the starting point of one of the biggest, most impactful shopping journeys of your life.
What’s Your Wedding Jewelry Style?
1200x627_53060_5284_HERO_A_042016_SOCThe popularity of certain engagement and wedding ring styles may change with the decade or era, but classic designs transcend the whims of time. Whether you’re a minimalist or a romantic, we’ve got a selection of rings and other jewelry to suit your individual tastes.
Love in the Moment
SamJonathan_1200x650Love is exhilarating. It’s also messy and confusing. You can’t control it or tame it; all you can do is strap in, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride.
Real Wedding: Keely and Brian
Isbell_Real_Wedding_Main_img A sweet South Carolina wedding complete with beautiful grounds, gorgeous flowers, and rustic touches of iron and wood made for the “best day ever.”
Road Trip! A Short Guide to State Gems, Minerals, and Metals
colored_diamonds The United States is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including many gems, minerals, and metals.
Rhodium: It’s Got You Covered
Rhodium_The_Real_DealWhile the majority of the world’s rhodium production is used mainly for catalytic converters, its mighty durability makes it a fantastic plating aid that helps fine metals achieve a white and highly reflective finish.
A Little Lesson: The Difference Between Anniversary and Eternity Rings
1200x627_4959_43664_17387_15464_HERO_A_052016_SOCIt an important occasion and you’d like to give your lady a gift—a new ring to add to her wedding jewelry, perhaps? The difference between an anniversary and eternity ring is a small, but important thing to understand when deciding which piece to purchase.
That Time Colin Cowie Came For a Visit and Charmed Us All
1200x650_0001_ColinCowie_001Colin was in Seattle recently to chat about next season’s jewelry designs and we followed him as he toured our manufacturing facility, where all the magic happens. He was duly impressed.
Set the Mood with the Perfect Wedding Playlist
Photos by Van Wyhe Photography Providing your own wedding music is an appropriate option if you want to bypass a live band or a DJ (to avoid one too many rounds of the electric slide or funky chicken). To help, we set off on a mission to bring you a few mood-based playlists. Think of them as your starter pack to getting just the right wedding vibe. Mix, match, and explore to your heart’s content.
Talking Tantalum: New Men’s Bands
1200x627_58006_58007_58005_58001_5800_HERO_A_070716_SOCcTantalum, atomic number 73, is the most recent contemporary metal addition to our collection of men’s bands. Its name derives from a king in Greek mythology, whose fate was to gaze at a puddle under a fruit tree for eternity, always coveting the tempting fruit and quenching water, but never enjoying them. His name, Tantalus, gave rise to the word, “tantalizing.”
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