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Need to Know: The Hardness of Fine Metal
2_58236_56001_21487_HERO_A_030716There are certain tidbits of advice dispensed by our Diamond and Jewelry Consultants that we consider essential to save you future jewelry heartache. You’ve spent a lot of money on your diamond engagement or wedding ring and we consider it our duty to educate you on how to maintain it properly for a lifetime of wear.
Top 10 Designer Diamond Engagement Rings
35408_HERO_0215_ML We work with three talented and well-known designers whose names evoke style, sophistication, and glamour. See the top 10 engagement rings from Monique Lhuillier, Colin Cowie, and Zac Posen.
Love in the Moment: The Couples
couples Like all of us, each of the couples in our Love in the Moment video has a unique story to tell. We touched on them briefly in the longer version, but felt strongly that their stories deserved a fuller exploration. These shorter videos are what transpired. We’ll release a new one every other week, so check back often.
Band Matcher: Curved Wedding Rings
WeddingRingsNot too long ago we released a new tool on the site that helps you match your engagement ring to a wedding ring. You tell us what style your engagement ring is and we give wedding ring options that are either a perfect or complementary match.
5 Ways to Pick the Right Ring For You
Create_Your_Own_Side_by_Side_01_700x327 In the spirit of education we put together an easy-to-decipher breakdown of all the engagement ring shopping options you have here at Blue Nile. From setting styles to diamond shapes, Build Your Own Rings® to preset, this is the starting point of one of the biggest, most impactful shopping journeys of your life.
What’s Your Wedding Jewelry Style?
1200x627_53060_5284_HERO_A_042016_SOCThe popularity of certain engagement and wedding ring styles may change with the decade or era, but classic designs transcend the whims of time. Whether you’re a minimalist or a romantic, we’ve got a selection of rings and other jewelry to suit your individual tastes.
Love in the Moment
SamJonathan_1200x650Love is exhilarating. It’s also messy and confusing. You can’t control it or tame it; all you can do is strap in, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride.
Real Wedding: Keely and Brian
Isbell_Real_Wedding_Main_img A sweet South Carolina wedding complete with beautiful grounds, gorgeous flowers, and rustic touches of iron and wood made for the “best day ever.”
Road Trip! A Short Guide to State Gems, Minerals, and Metals
colored_diamonds The United States is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including many gems, minerals, and metals.
Rhodium: It’s Got You Covered
Rhodium_The_Real_DealWhile the majority of the world’s rhodium production is used mainly for catalytic converters, its mighty durability makes it a fantastic plating aid that helps fine metals achieve a white and highly reflective finish.
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