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Proposal with the Dolphins
It was early October of 2007 when I had mentioned to Amanda that we would be going to Las Vegas for a few days insinuating a proposal would happen. However, there would be no proposal in Vegas. A couple weeks after I planted the idea of a...
Couple: Kurtis and Amanda |Date Submitted: 11/11/2007
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   4.0 (286 votes)
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Awestruck in Yosemite NP
My boyfriend & I travelled from Sydney, Australia to the USA for a holiday in May 2011. Our trip began with a road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco via Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite NP. When we left Mammoth Lakes, we discovered the Eastern entrance (highway 120) to...
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Couple: Sarah and Brad
Date Submitted: 10/10/2011
Proposal Date: 05/14/2011
Location: Yosemite NP, CA, United States
  3.2 (6 votes)
Blue Nile Ring over the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia
My boyfriend Richard and I are foreign service officers, I am stationed in Kampala, Uganda and he is in Sanaa, Yemen. We hadn't seen each other since June, so we met up during Columbus day weekend in Ethiopia.

I arrived to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Thursday morning at 6:30...
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Couple: Chelsea and Richard
Date Submitted: 10/09/2011
Proposal Date: 10/08/2011
Location: Blue Nile Gorge, Ethiopia
  4.7 (38 votes)
Dreams do come true...
My boyfriend and I recently took a vacation to Estes Park, Colorado. One evening, we wanted to take a short hike before dinner. We decided to do a hike around Lily Lake. After hiking straight up the ridge for a while, we found a bench, and decided to sit down, catch our...
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Couple: Samantha and Clint
Date Submitted: 09/13/2011
Proposal Date: 09/09/2011
Location: Lily Lake, Colorado, United States
  2.8 (8 votes)
Kevin told me he had a surprise for my birthday, which was 2 weeks prior. I didn't know what Kevin had planned for me, but I knew we were going to Rising Sun, IN. This is a very small town in Southeast not a whole lot to do there, or so I thought. When we...
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Couple: Emily and Kevin
Date Submitted: 09/11/2011
Proposal Date: 08/21/2011
Location: Dagaz Acres - Rising Sun, IN, United States
  4.1 (18 votes)
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
I had the idea to try and incorporate my proposal with an artist we both loved. We had previously purchased six of her pieces over Easter in South Dakota. I contacted the artist and she was excited about the idea. We talked and she came up with a theme which was similar to...
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Couple: Brian and Erin
Date Submitted: 09/03/2011
Proposal Date: 08/31/2011
Location: Our House, MO, United States
  4.7 (49 votes)
Tuscan Proposal
We had just left Pisa on our way to San Gimignano, where we planned to spend one night. Taking back roads through Tuscany, we stopped frequently due to the abundance of stunning photo opportunities. Unbeknownst to me, my future, utterly perfect ring was tucked safely in...
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Couple: Alisa and Eric
Date Submitted: 08/31/2011
Proposal Date: 07/01/2011
Location: San Gimignano, Italy
  4.6 (16 votes)
Waterfall Engagement in Argentina
My fiancee (we've known each other since kindergarten, went to K-8th grade together + high-school prom and college together) was recently selected for a new "work-abroad" program at her job in market research. Her office has many international offices throughout the...
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Couple: Benjamin and Sara
Date Submitted: 08/18/2011
Proposal Date: 08/12/2011
Location: Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  4.4 (5 votes)
She screamed through the headphones...then said 'yes'
I'd been planning to propose to my girlfriend for the past few months and were piecing together the ideas I'd thought of. Working with the incredible Ms. Beth at, I had a beautiful ring built as I finalized my proposal plans. The day began like many other...
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Couple: J and M
Date Submitted: 07/31/2011
Proposal Date: 06/25/2011
Location: Over Manhattan Beach, CA, CA, United States
  4.3 (42 votes)
Ambulance Wedding Proposal
I proposed to my wife in a unique way. We both work for an ambulance company in Colorado Springs. I pulled some strings and convinced our boss along with dispatch to send Jessica to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort on a phony call, where I would be waiting with the ring.

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Couple: Benjamin and Jessica
Date Submitted: 07/29/2011
Proposal Date: 08/15/2010
Location: Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Colorado Springs, CO, United States
  4.4 (32 votes)
My Fair Lady!
While standing on the outstretched limb of a Jetty, between Silver Sands & Walnut Beach, I surprised Steph with a Crayon ring. She seemed perplexed. I reached into my other pocket and presented this box and said "here are all the other colors". Standing close,...
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Couple: Tim and Stephanie
Date Submitted: 05/23/2011
Proposal Date: 05/20/2011
Location: Milford, CT, United States
  3.5 (8 votes)
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