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How To Prepare For The Holidays Now
1200x627_0002_20458_52745_43047_48289_48290_43046_hero_a_102215_wintersocWe know it’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is just around the corner. There’s much to look forward to: spending time with family, endless holiday parties, spontaneous snowball fights, and best of all, gift-giving (and receiving). With all that shopping headed your way, it’s never too early to start prepping for the season. Here are some of our favorite ways to get holiday-ready without the headache, so all you have to think about is making the most of your moments.
Love in the Moment: The Couples
couples Like all of us, each of the couples in our Love in the Moment video has a unique story to tell. We touched on them briefly in the longer version, but felt strongly that their stories deserved a fuller exploration. These shorter videos are what transpired. We’ll release a new one every week, so check back often.
Blue Nile Couple: Kaitlin and Daniel
Kayla Nicole Photography A romantic proposal in the Blue Ridge Mountains led to a beachside engagement session.
Translating Jewelry Speak – Part Two
BLOG_276_1200x627_33202_56934_HERO_A_070716_SOCFor some people jewelry lingo can prove almost as challenging as deciphering the 4Cs. Those in the know tend to throw around words such as “bezel” or “halo” with the assumption that everyone inherently knows what those terms mean. We know that’s not the case, so we’re here to clear a few things up.
Elie and Sam: Happy Webroom Customers
Photo by Ben Lewis See how shopping at our Webroom in Westchester, New York went for newly engaged couple, Elie and Sam.
10 Tips for a Successful Proposal
blog-277_more_proposal_tips It’s official: you’ve decided to pop the question. This is a big step! Your mind might be racing with questions and your heart racing with anticipation and while there’s no doubt you’ll be nervous up until she says, “yes,” consider these tips—they may help you focus and calmly plan this momentous occasion.
Go Your Own Way: Nontraditional Engagement Rings
BLOG_58598_58618_58619_58620_58621_HERO_A_071416When it comes to finding the perfect ring there is no right or wrong answer; it’s about choosing a piece that reflects your unique style.
A Guy’s Guide to Pinterest: How to Find What Ring She Really Wants
BLOG_GuideToPinterest There’s no doubt that an engagement ring is a big purchase. It may be the most expensive piece of jewelry you buy and that she owns. And while you can do your research of getting the best quality diamond for your money, it may be harder to know the style of ring she’s always dreamed about.
Translating Jewelry Speak – Part One
BLOG-265_Translating_JewerlyWhenever you spend a lot of time in a particular industry, the lingo becomes second nature and it’s easy to forget that not everyone speaks that same language. The jewelry business is no different. Those in the know tend to throw around terms such as “stud,” or “pavé,” with the assumption that everyone knows what those terms mean. That’s not always the case, so we’re here to help clear up a few things.
Fancy Shape Diamond Studs: A New Twist on a Modern Classic
BLOG_Diamond_StudsDiamond studs are a go-to accessory and an essential item to a well-appointed jewelry box. They’re a versatile and purely elegant choice, akin to the little black dress, equally appropriate worn day or night at the office or a fancy evening out.
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