Blue Nile Signature Emerald-Cut Diamonds

The Traditional Emerald-Cut Taken to an Ideal Standard

Signature Emerald-Cut Standards

EX to VG
EX to VG

Each Blue Nile Signature emerald-cut diamond starts with hand selected diamond rough. Master diamond cutters cut the rough with exacting proportions to get a length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.40, considered perfect for achieving the classic emerald-cut look.

The First Ideal Emerald-Cut Diamond

The First Ideal Emerald-Cut Diamond

Blue Nile was the first to apply ideal standards of brilliance to the emerald cut diamond. A culet and higher crown – as well as exceptional proportions, symmetry, and polish – maximise brilliance and stop light from escaping. This brilliance is achieved by larger crown facets which capture more light, while the distribution of pavilion facets reflects more light. In addition, all Blue Nile Signature emerald-cut diamonds have a guaranteed clarity of VS2 or better, so you can be confident yours will be eye-clean.

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