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Blue Nile Signature Collection
Below are comments submitted by customers who purchased a Blue Nile Signature Collection diamond.

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  She was excited.
Quality is important. Quality was provided.
John, Hanover Township PA  – 2014-08-11

Beautiful piece, exceptional radiant look even for a smaller diamond.
Jose A, SOUTHBRIDGE MA  – 2014-08-07

It is beautiful.
Anonymous  – 2014-08-03

  Best buying experience I've had
The diamond was exactly what I ordered but I was still amazed when I actually saw it. All of our friends and family have been very impressed and keep asking where I got it. I tell everyone I know about Blue Nile.
James T, HUBBARDSTON MA  – 2014-08-01

  I loved my 10 year Anniversary diamond
It was more beautiful in oerson then on line. It so shiney and the sparkles are amazing.
Jacqueline R, Calgary AB  – 2014-07-30

  I loved it but I'm a First time buyer
I'm a First time buyer, I learned what needed to know with the help of Blue Nile. I was impressed with the diamonds sparkle and clarity. My fiance loved the ring and happily shows it's brilliance to everyone.
Diego A, PHOENIX AZ  – 2014-07-29

  Beautiful Ring
I received excellent customer care from Blue Nile. My beautiful ring came quick and it was perfect!! The ring sparkles amazingly. I will definitely be ordering our wedding rings from here. I highly recommend it to all!
VALERIA M., REGO PARK NY  – 2014-07-29

  Love the Diamond!
The diamond is exceptional. I had it placed into a ring purchased locally, and they even said that there was no way they could beat the price. They admitted that I got a fabulous deal and that the diamond is excellent quality.
Jacqueline, Park City IL  – 2014-07-27

  custom engagement ring
Diamond is beautiful, we both love it!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-24

  It's a Y-E-S!!! :) she loved the ring!
The signature round diamond on a Petite Engagement setting exceeded my expectations. The actual ring looks way better than it did on the website's photos. And yes, i mean YES, thats what I got and she loved how classic and elegant it looks. 2 words - Mission Accomplished! :) Thanks Blue Nile, will definitely come back for future diamond purchases!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-23

  Beautiful sparkling engagement ring
I bought a an ideal cut princess diamond and the sparkle and size far exceeded my expectations. The ring was beautful and my fiance loved it!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-21

  Great engagement ring
I was very happy with the entire experience!! My lady's face light up when she saw the brilliant looking diamond!
FRED, OVERLAND PARK KS  – 2014-07-18

  Engagement ring is perfect.
Diamond we even better than expected. Absolutely stunning. Delivery was a day and follow through from Blue Nile was exceptional. Will definitely be purchasing from here again.
Michael C, Dubuque IA  – 2014-07-16

My wife loves it. Perfect!
Anonymous  – 2014-07-09

I'm glad I went with the Signature cut. I get tons of compliments. One thing is though is that the stone doesn't seem like it's set correctly in the ring. it might be slanted slighted. hardly noticeably but I considered sending it back for adjustment.
Anonymous  – 2014-07-07

  Excellent buy!
I was a bit nervous buying a Diamond Engagement Ring online, however Blue Nile's quality, coupled with their excellent educational readings helped make the purchase one I did not regret. The diamond looked great, and because of the educational readings from Blue Nile, I even decided to go with a smaller carat size, but a better cut! =))
Vito, Brooklyn NY  – 2014-07-07

  Happy endings and new beginnings
I know little about diamonds. I informed myself about them online and on the blue Nile website. Based on customer satisfaction and price I made an easy decision, and best of all she loved it and better still, she said YES! !
Simon, MONTREAL QC  – 2014-06-30

Very easy to use, great selection, easy to compare options and see what the end product will look like.
Anonymous  – 2014-06-29

  she loves me, and she really likes the ring.
Gorgeous ring, prompt delivery, easy to use site.
Anonymous  – 2014-06-28

  She LOVES it - "So Beautiful"
James, Lake Orion MI  – 2014-06-26

  Stunning product that sparkles on all occasions
I chose quality over quantity, and our signature diamond sparkles on all occasions, and easily outshines others when compared. It's colourless grading (IF / E)also seems to give it an edge over others we have looked at, but I am equally sure you could go to a V VS2 / I and not see the difference if you wanted a bit more rock for your budget. The sales person was extreamly helpful, and understanding when it came to dealing with a lack of information due to us men trying to surprise our loved ones. I had the ring delivered to my work address as Blue Nile is sympathetic to the surprise aspect required on these occasions, and delivery was exactly when specified, with email updates and easy tracking. While I was a bit worried about buying unseen, if you choose higher clarity and cut, other peoples ideas of "eye clean" compared to yours are not an issue.I have had an excellent experience with Blue Nile and happily recommend them to others.
Roger, Farnborough Hampshire  – 2014-06-24

  Perfect brilliance and she can't stop staring
The cut brings out brilliance to a T.
STEPHEN, HOUSTON TX  – 2014-06-23

She Loved It!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-20

I love it
Anonymous  – 2014-06-19

Best price
Anonymous  – 2014-06-17

  Perfect Upgrade
This was bought as an upgrade for my wife's engagement ring, we married young and had little money, this was the perfect upgrade!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-16

  Grab your sunglasses its shiny!
Brightest and most brilliant diamond I have seen in an engagement ring. Very Impressive!
Michael, AURORA IL  – 2014-06-16

  Signature Ideal diamond exceeded expectations
My fiancee was interested and hinted at a certain other brand name diamond advertised for its fire and brilliance. Having dealt with Blue Nile, and been very pleased, I selected a Signature Ideal cut diamond which was about one quarter carat larger, one color grade higher, and one clarity grade higher than the comparable brand name diamond, at roughly 20% less in price. Blue Nile consultant Melissa spent time discussing my desire to have a diamond with suitable fire and brilliance, and confirmed that the setting I chose would work well, and assured me that if did not meet expectations it could be returned within the allowed period. When I presented the ring to my fiancee, she was delighted, loved it, and needless to say, has no intention of returning it. The reports which accompanied the diamond were very thorough and comprehensive.
Anonymous  – 2014-06-14

  Exceptional Diamond and Service!
I did my research and shopped at a number of jewelry locations, but nothing could compare to the awesome deal i got through Blue Nile. I was able to design my own 1ct. princess cut diamond engagement ring [Signature cut, I color, IF Clarity] in a cathedral pave platinum setting. I just received it yesterday and it was gorgeous. Simply because the IF clarity and Signature cut to me made all the difference in the sparkle and character behind this ring. The customer service agents at blue nile were fantastic, they answered the many questions I had, called my back with answers when they were uncertain and helped my through this nerve wrecking process. Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-14

  Beautiful and a Bargain
Beautiful ring. My fiance loves it. It was fantastic value for money compared to high street jewellers. Quick delivery and came with all relevant documents.
Adam, Pontefract West Yorkshire  – 2014-06-11

  My fiance loves her ring!
The ring I ordered blew my mind. It is beautiful, within my budget, and exceeded any expectations I had.

  Pictures don't do it justice
Can't beat the price, shopped similar diamonds at brick and morter stores and they were all consistently thousands more for similar quality diamonds. The diamond itself exceeded my expectations!
Anonymous  – 2014-06-02

  More than pleased
I haven't popped the big ? yet, however the ring is more than I expected!!! She is going to love it! I am very very happy that i found this store, and shipping was fast (APO).
Anonymous  – 2014-06-01

  She loves the round diamond!!
I purchased the diamond from because one of the local jewelry store said that bluenile can charge less because their diamonds were the ones that other diamond experts passed on so they don't sparkle or look as good as theirs. I decided that I wanted to see for myself and since bluenile had a 30 day return policy I had nothing to lose. The moment it arrived and I laid eyes on it I was blown away. The diamond was perfect and definitely exceeded my expectations. I definitely got a better quality diamond for thousands of dollars less than what I would have at the jewelry store that told me bluenile diamonds were bad quality. I am very happy and the fiance is very happy with the diamond I have picked for her. Everyone that has seen it has been blown away by the beauty. Thanks again bluenile.
Anonymous  – 2014-05-31

  Signature is the way!
It looks amazing! When put next to another diamond the signature rind blows all others away!
Anonymous  – 2014-05-29

Anonymous  – 2014-05-21

  What a beautiful diamond!
Very bright diamond! I doubted when people recommend me Blue Nile to buy a diamond at first place. After I received the ring, I was so pleased and surprised how beautiful it is! I will definitely come back again!
Anonymous  – 2014-05-20

  She said YES!
While I was hesitant to purchase a ring sight unseen, the results have exceeded my expectations.
Anonymous  – 2014-05-20

I chose the Signature ideal diamond because of the Blue Nile certificate that comes with it in addition to the GIA certificate. Having the two certificates ensured I was getting a top quality diamond that could also be verified for authenticity easier.
Anonymous  – 2014-05-15

An absolutely stunning diamond. Emerald cuts don't sparkle like a round cut, but they have incredable fire. My ring is everything I thought it was going to be and more!

It was exactly what I expected.
ROBERT J., LUTZ FL  – 2014-05-07

  My Mom loves the ring very much!
I would like to take a moment to share my exceptional experience with blue nile. I purchased a 0.74 carat E VVS1 ring. When my Mom got the ring, we are all extremely satisified with the quality of the diamond. The shipping is very fast. We ordered on 4/26 and got the ring on 4/28. It is a wonderful mother's day gift. My Mom and I share cherrish it forever! She love the ring. The signature ideal cut diamond is so shiny!
Anonymous  – 2014-05-06

Fast shipping time. Excellent quality for lower cost.
Anonymous  – 2014-04-28

  Wonderful engagement ring
I purchased this ring as her engagement ring. The ring is absolutely beautiful and the shipping is very fast. The ring box also looks pretty nice. We love it!
Yi, Bellevue WA  – 2014-04-28

  My fiancee was mesmerized by her signature diamond engagement ring with pink sapphires.
The Signature Diamonds from Blue Nile are absolutely stunning! My fiancee's ring has a sparkle and fire that far surpasses those we found at several high-end jewelry stores. If you are somewhat wary of buying online you needn't worry. Blue Nile's highly trained consultants will provide expert assistance and advice every step of the way. My fiancee said her ring was more beautiful than she ever could have imagined. Thank you, Blue Nile!
Anonymous  – 2014-04-28

This is a custom made men's ring w/diamond. It's absolutely gorgeous/perfect!I really/sincerely appreciate Gina B's help with this order which was not the norm for Blue Nile!Tony
Anthony, Raleigh NC  – 2014-04-26

  Blown away
The diamond was more beautiful than I could have imagined. It came with all the certifications and paperwork I needed to feel comfortable and protect our investment. It really helped me make a huge decision even easier. She is blown away by the ring and can't get over how brilliant it sparkles. I would recommend everyone get their ring from Blue Nile. It helps you avoid cookie cutter jewelry stores and you get exactly what you intend. I even received my ring in one business day. That helps when you are trying to keep your proposal a surprise. Amazing!
Daniel, Canton OH  – 2014-04-23

My fiance was absolutely floored when she saw the ring, the outstanding quality shows in the brilliance even in low light.
Chad, Odenton MD  – 2014-04-21

  The perfect diamond.
It was truly beautiful and loved by my girlfriend. The diamond looked amazing and was just as described on the site. When it a roved in the mail I could not have been happier.
Michael, West Sacramento CA  – 2014-04-20

  She loves the engagement ring
I was apprehensive about online purchase since this is a high value item. I looked at this quality of diamonds in local jewelers and it turns out to be almost double of what Blue Nile offers. Since Blue Nile was recommended by a friend, I went ahead and made the purchase and it turns out to be the right choice. Both my wife nad I are very happy about the purchase.
Silas, Anchorage AK  – 2014-04-18

  Love it beyond words!
I was very skeptical about byuing a hight quality diamond online including the 4 c's but was beyond satisfied when I recieved my diamond!
Anonymous  – 2014-04-15

The diamond is stunning as advertised.
Anonymous  – 2014-04-14

  She was blown away!
Exactly what I was looking for! She couldn't be happier!
William J, ROMEOVILLE IL  – 2014-04-08

  My fiance loved her engagement ring, as did her friends and coworkers.
My overall experience with Blue Nile was exceptional. Customer service was great, as they held my ring several times as there were delays with sending the payment electronically. The diamond looked great and the overall ring looks perfect on my fiance's finger.
Timothy, CHICAGO IL  – 2014-04-08

  She LOVES it!!!
Don't worry about spending the extra money on an internally flawless diamond. I bought a F color Signature round diamond with a SI1 clarity and it's absolutely beautiful.
Jason M., WASHOE VALLEY NV  – 2014-04-07

  She loved the diamond!
Absolutely loved the diamond and would buy another signature diamond from blue nile. My girl friend absolutely loved it.
Anonymous  – 2014-04-07

  Spectacular Ring
The diamond is spectacular and has a wonderful brilliance. My fiance loves the diamond and the elegance of the tapered cathedral setting.
Anonymous  – 2014-04-07

  She said yes!!!
She loved it! The sparkle was blinding at times, most excellent.
Anonymous  – 2014-04-07

Robert, SUN CITY WEST AZ  – 2014-04-05

  She can't stop staring at it!
This diamond is absolute gorgeous and sparkles like crazy in every setting. You will be hard to miss it. I am more than impressed with the signature diamond and recommend it highly.
Anonymous  – 2014-04-05

Got the Engagement ring on time! Gorgeous Diamond + Exceptional Service = FIVE STARS!!!
Harvey, Stockton CA  – 2014-04-04

I am very satisfied with the diamond, price quality, and service. I will probably exchange the setting/ring, because the "petite" setting/ring is much smaller than I thought. I was told the process to exchange will be simple.
James B, ANAHEIM CA  – 2014-04-02

  Stunning ring purchased well below appraisal value.
1.02 carat/F/VVS1/Signature Ideal cut. Excellent customer service throughout entire process. Fast shipping. Meets all expectations. A beautiful ring for a beautiful girl.
Anonymous  – 2014-03-31

  She was very happy!
Arrived fast and ring is beautiful!
Marvin, Sacramento CA  – 2014-03-24

very shinny
Jing, JiangSu China  – 2014-03-23

  Beautiful rin!
Most beautiful diamond ever - has made me forget about my previous ring, which was stolen.
James, TACOMA WA  – 2014-03-21

  She was so surprised and beyond happy!!!
It's perfect In every way!
Anonymous  – 2014-03-21

  When I opened it, I was freaking out myself as I haven't even given it to my girlfriend yet!
I am so happy I went for the highest characteristics possible at the price I wanted; so worth it! The .40ct Princess, D color, Internally Flawless, Signature Ideal Cut, made me speechless. I have waited many years to find "The One", the girl and the diamond!
Ryan, PHOENIX AZ  – 2014-03-11

  Absolutely Gorgeous
I was a little nervous ordering online not being able to see it in person but when I opened the box I knew it was the one. She absolutely loved the ring and gets compliments wherever she goes. Everything turned out wonderfully!
ROBERT, BROOKLYN NY  – 2014-03-10

I was very impressed, as soon as I opened the box I knew I made the right decision.
Anonymous  – 2014-03-10

  Highly recommended. She loves her engagement ring
At first I was skeptical about buying a diamond site unseen and especially from a website I knew nothing about. I did research on the site and looked up the BBB. Outstanding reviews all around, so I took the chance. I must say I am so please with the quality and presentation for the engagement ring I bought. This site is legit and outstanding.
Anonymous  – 2014-03-09

  It's all about the sparkle
The signature ideal cut turned out to be an excellent choice. One I will not regret. As one representative described, you can notice the cut of a diamond from twenty feet away. It is extremely sparkly and shines in all types of light and gives off great fire.
Anonymous  – 2014-03-07

  Amazing everything, couldn't be happier
The ring is absolutely beautiful and better than any diamond that I have laid my own eyes on in any brick and mortar store. My fiancee was blown away by it as well. And the best part about it all was that we got this ring for considerably less than what we were seeing comparable items for any where else. So best looking, lowest price with amazing customer service. Who can ask for anything more than that?
STEPHEN, BROOKLYN NY  – 2014-03-05

  Beautifully Fiery
Absolutely brilliant! The diamond glitters and shines under any light. My fiancee loves it, and I love how it looks on her.
Tristan, Gainesville FL  – 2014-02-27

Can't Recomend Blue Nile highly enough
Anonymous  – 2014-02-26

Stunningly beautiful sparkler & delicate setting make the perfect pair! A dream come true!
PATRICIA, IRWIN PA  – 2014-02-18

Wife love the ring just need resizing other than that perfect
Terry, Everett WA  – 2014-02-16

  She loved the ring! Unbelievable brilliance.
My fiancee and I shopped a bit in shopping mall stores before I finally made the choice to buy an engagement ring on Bluenile due to the significant price advantage for similar stones (at least 15-20% cheaper) and standardization of stone quality metrics (the 4 Cs). Shopping mall stores mostly had I2 stones of poor color which I was not interested in. And they were not cheap! I finally picked a .75 VVS2, Signature Cut, and E color round diamond on Blue Nile and would definitely shop again here as the service was fast (received the ring the second day) and the stone is incredibly brilliant, even in a low light setting. She immediately felt it was a high quality stone when I surprised her with my proposal!
Anonymous  – 2014-02-16

The diamond is beautiful, but the ring does not exactly match the picture.
Hank, Petaluma CA  – 2014-02-14

The whole team was incredibly responsive and helpful. I created a difficult situation because I returned my ring, only to reorder it so I could get affiliate points. I had to do this in a two week time frame which made me nervous. I was frantically calling and emailing for several days straight. I didn't always have the same person responding to me, but each new person understood how to pick up on the thread of emails and did so quickly. Thanks guys, Andrew
Anonymous  – 2014-02-13

  Came out even better than i expected.
I was concerned that my .5 carrot would be too small for my setting but it wasn't. I can't wait until i pay this one off and can upgrade to a larger size diamond.
Gabriel, KING CITY CA  – 2014-02-11

  The diamond works!
Oh the stone looks really nice and white! Also the reports are more than enough to make the description clear! She loves the stone and the setting, I love the whole package comes with the stone. Highly recommend it! And if you have trouble, just give them a call, the customer service people are really friendly and helpful!
Chi, NEW YORK NY  – 2014-02-10

The center stone itself is excellent. However, it appears that the channel set diamonds in the band are not perfectly set, or have shifted. They are uneven on the side of the band.
Anonymous  – 2014-02-10

  Princess Diamond Ring
My fiancee loved her engagement ring. The diamond ring looked a lot better than I imagined. It came the next day early in the morning as advertised! Customer service was also very friendly. I would recommend anyone to buy their rings here.
Dencil M, Bronx NY  – 2014-02-10

  Beautiful diamonds, but need more info
I chose a diamond from the Signature collection since it had the fastest processing time and it gave me a higher degree of confidence that the cut of the stone would provide better performance in terms of sparkle and fire. The diamond arrived quickly and was very nice. My girlfriend loved it! However, I wish that Blue Nile provided some additional information for their Signature collection of diamonds beyond the GCAL certification. It would be helpful to include images for ASET, ideal scope, and hearts and arrows. These tools provide more information on how the diamond will reflect light and how it's symmetry is affected and would have been great to help differentiate between the other diamonds.

Very beautiful diamond. Expeditive shipping.
Anonymous  – 2014-02-04

  She said yes.
I chose to invest in diamond cut and color over size. The diamond was beautiful and my girlfriend loves it.
Jason, Middle Village NY  – 2014-02-03

  love my diamond
I was debating between the signature ideal cut and a very good cut. I am pleased I chose the signature ideal cut because the sparkle of this diamond is perfect. The diamond is also clear and appears larger than its actual carat weight. I feel the signature ideal cut is most definitely worth the small extra price.
Anonymous  – 2014-01-19

My fianc loved her ring. It was absolutely beautiful.
Anonymous  – 2014-01-18

A beautiful platinum ring with a princess-cut diamond for an amazing price - she loves it, so I love it! Will definitely return to Blue Nile for future jewelry needs.
Anonymous  – 2014-01-16

  Remarkable Brilliance!
The diamond's brilliance is unbelievably stunning! My fiance (girlfriend at the time) was speechless when I proposed, and now that we're engaged she still marvels at the diamond.
Anonymous  – 2014-01-15

Very pleased at the appearance, quality and feel
Anonymous  – 2014-01-13

Absolutely Beautiful ! :-)

The ring is absolutely stunning!
Ronald, Hammond IN  – 2014-01-10

The diamond is beautiful! And
Jun, Woodstock MD  – 2014-01-10

  She is very pleased.
It was everything I expected and more.
Henry, Wellington FL  – 2014-01-07

  she loved diamonds
good value
Anonymous  – 2014-01-06

  My wife was blown away by the sparkle of her ring
Very happy with my purchase.My wife was blown away by the sparkle of her diamond ring.Thanks so much.
karl, warner robins GA  – 2014-01-02

  Sparkles!!! Can't focus with all the sparkles!!
Went with the best possible cut and color, the diamond has so much sparkle, she never stopped talking about how sparkly it was. Worked great on the sapphire and diamond micropave ring.
Ryan, North Charleston SC  – 2014-01-01

  She loved the ring
The diamond was brilliant!

  He's so logical.
Absolutely gorgeous! My fiance actually picked it out for me. He did all of the research but he wanted to make sure that I knew and approved of what he was getting me.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-30

  Amazing Diamond!
Absolutely beautiful, I could not be happier with the selection and this amazing diamond!
Chad R., HARRISBURG PA  – 2013-12-26

  She might love the diamond more
The quality and sparkle of the diamond is absolutely stunning. I purchased this diamond to be set in the classic floating diamond setting as an upgrade for my wife. She was so surprised and instantly fell in love with her new diamond ring. She along with others constantly comment on the beauty and sparkle of her ring. Her ring catches the eye of others from across a room.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-26

  Good but did not completely meet expectations
Very good cut. Did not get the shine expected from an excellently rated brilliance. But all-in-all, you'll get a better quality diamond for a much better price.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-25

  Ring too small
The ring is a little small and we will need a new one a little bigger
Kenneth N., BROOKLYN NY  – 2013-12-24

  Diamonds and sapphires tend to take one's breath away...
A perfect signature cut with a tad bit of warm color is a stone which throws colored fire everywhere. When she moves her hand around, there are flashes of fire which immediately attract the eye, regardless of the situation or ambient lighting. This stone has "pop" which always leads to a "wow" factor!
Daniel F, ROCHESTER NY  – 2013-12-24

  She loves it
Anonymous  – 2013-12-20

She loves the Asscher Diamond. That it is a little different from a round or princess cut makes it special to her. The diamond itself is really beautiful and the setting really complements the diamond as opposed to overwhelming it!
Anonymous  – 2013-12-20

excellent choice and service . .
Kevin, Carterville IL  – 2013-12-18

  She was completely swept off her feet! Thank you Blue Nile!
Very pleased with "fire" of diamond and documentation. First class!
Thomas, Minot ND  – 2013-12-18

  I love it!
I love it! Can't wait to suprise my girlfriend!
Anonymous  – 2013-12-17

  Exceeded our Expectations
My wife and I couldn't be happier with the ring we purchased. Blue Nile was recommended to us by a friend and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about buying a diamond online at first because there is so much variation in diamonds of the same cut, color, and clarity. However, the GCAL certification Blue Nile provides on Signature Ideal Round diamonds allowed us to see the true quality of the diamonds and alleviated our concerns. Again, we couldn't be happier. Thank you!
Ryan, Galena OH  – 2013-12-12

  My fiance loves her diamond engagement ring.
The diamond is perfect and the setting is beautiful.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-12

  Amazing service
I was very happy with the princess cut diamond in a platinum channel-setting.
Anonymous  – 2013-12-04

  She loves her princess cut diamond and Cathedral pave band setting !
The ring fit perfect ! The diamond and band setting were gorgeous together ! My Gf now my soon to wife , loved it !
Brad, Lusby MD  – 2013-12-03

  She loves the ring as much as she loves me
The signature cut diamond is beautiful and shines in any light, beautiful diamond and setting combination.
Michael, Fort Worth TX  – 2013-11-29

The diamond is beautiful it looks amazing.
Anonymous  – 2013-11-28

Its a diferent Diamond, depend of what you like. Sometimes you have to buy something exceptional.
Anonymous  – 2013-11-27

Brilliant shine! Exceptional quality and delivery of the ring seemed faster than ordering pizza
Anonymous  – 2013-11-27

  Blown away by the diamond's Brilliance and Fire
An extremely beautiful diamond. A top quality diamond with amazing brilliance and fire. My fiance was completely mesmerized by the beauty of this ring. I highly recommend the Blue Nile Signature Princess Cut Diamond, you won't be disappointed.
Matthew, Stoneham MA  – 2013-11-26

  She better say yes...
My woman wanted something simple. I wanted the diamond to be the star in the ring. It truly is.

  She loves the ring
Great service and great turn around time! She absolutely loves the ring!
Anonymous  – 2013-11-20

Exactly what I expected. I ordered a ring for over 10k and had it sent to a hotel I was staying at in California. I then discovered that Blue Nile does not ship to hotels for security reasons, but they were extremely quick about finding an alternative, and I ended up picking up the ring nearby at a Federal Express Pick Up Service. I had the ring within less than 2 days as promised.
Susan, Gainesville FL  – 2013-11-18

My bother loved the ring. And I'm sure his future wife it's going to love it too.
Laura, WYCKOFF NJ  – 2013-11-14

  Proposal Coming 11/23
I am delighted with the support I received from the two women I spoke with to get the ring ordered. And the ring is gorgeous. It is sitting secure at home waiting to go on a cruise and then to be given to its final recipient on 11/23. So don't know what her reaction will be, but I'm certainly hoping she'll be thrilled and impressed with the quality of the ring.
Anonymous  – 2013-11-13

  Price vs Grade
Diamonds have professionals assigning quality. Just go with quality & costs. Blue Nile has good prices for the quality you are buying.
Micah, SAN DIEGO CA  – 2013-11-09

  Love it
My ring is everything I wished for. I originally got a different ring and exchanged it in. The exchange process was simple. I love the ring and the diamond is amazing.
EMILY, CORDOVA TN  – 2013-11-08

  Exceptional, delighted
Brilliant, Perfect cut and looks great, quality as promised
Anonymous  – 2013-11-06

  My wife loves the ring!
Very simple and informative website. Learning about, selecting and choosing the diamond for the design your own ring was excellent. It was actually fun to look at the available diamonds and pick the one we wanted.
Derek, Dover NJ  – 2013-11-04

  It is beautiful.
The diamond is stunning! Everyone comments on how clear and sparkly it is!
LAURA, HENDERSON NV  – 2013-10-21

  She can't stop smiling at her ring!
I definitely recommend the signature ideal for the princess cut diamonds they shine in all types of lighting and commands attention.
Anonymous  – 2013-10-21

  Exceptional beauty, quality, and service!
The Signature Round Diamond engagement ring I purchased from Blue Nile is truly exceptional. The sparkle of the diamond is absolutely incredible! I sacrificed a bit of size for superior color, cut, and clarity; after I saw the ring in person, I had zero regrets about my decision. The ring sends "fire" in every direction. I was also more than satisfied with the platinum setting and the craftsmanship involved during the creation of my girlfriend's custom ring. As you probably know by now, Blue Nile's website is exceptional and so is the quality and service you will receive. Don't be worried about ordering online from Blue Nile - your expectations will likely be exceeded. I was also amazed at the speed of the overnight shipping. Blue Nile delivered the ring across country in less than 24 hours!
Anonymous  – 2013-10-18

  Bright and beautiful princess cut!
I was looking for round diamonds in an engagement ring, but I learned that my girlfriend likes the princess cut, so I found the most symmetrical half carat Signature Princess diamond. I was worried that it wouldn't shine or disperse as well as an ideal cut round, but it looks awesome. She loves it and is constantly playing with her ring and talking about it, and so is everyone else. She says sometimes it's almost too sparkly! My fiancee loves it, and I love her, so I'm happy.The price is better than anywhere, and you can buy a signature diamond sight unseen with confidence that it will look wonderful! However, the GCAL reports have pictures, which make the decision even easier.
MICHAEL, COLUMBUS OH  – 2013-10-18

  The best out there!
The diamond was awesome! I took the ring to an appraiser when I got it. They were very impressed and said that it was everything the cert said it was. They said that if they appraised it, they would of classified it as an H (vs. the I). They ask what I paid for it, and were surprised when I told them. They did a search for a similar diamond on the wholesale listing site and showed me the deal I got (huge savings). All in all, excellent item for the money and customer service was great. This is the first review I ever written review for anything, and I did it because Im extremely impressed with Blue Nile. As for Signature Diamond, its worth the extra money, every penny!
Anonymous  – 2013-10-15

  Perfect Jewel / Fast and Great Service.
I was looking for a Engagement Ring. I looked all over the internet, since I am in Kuwait. I found Blue Nile had the best reviews, so I gave them a Shot. The delivery of the item I bought was fast. I think I ordered it on Monday and sent it to my Mother's address, she received it on Wednesday. The item also appraised for 900 dollars more than I paid. I give them 5 stars across the board. I will buy from Blue Nile again. Great!
Garrette, Denham Springs LA  – 2013-10-14

  Perfect ring
Beautiful shimmering stone
NIGEL, LONG BEACH CA  – 2013-10-08

just like expected
Anonymous  – 2013-10-07

This diamond is simply flawless to the naked eye and due to its characteristics, is extremely difficult to photograph properly. The price was also key: I got a larger diamond with higher quality for less money than a friend of mine did who had purchased a ring through a local store. Of course, I also have the conflict-free guarantee from Blue Nile. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
Anonymous  – 2013-10-02

  Blue Nile is a good choice
It's beautiful and she loves it
Martin, Williston Park NY  – 2013-10-02

  Absolutely beautiful engagement ring
I shopped around first at 'your friend in the diamond business' but decided to go with Blue Nile. Due to an online ordering error, the diamond I had originally selected was unavailable after payment had been sent. Customer service contacted me ASAP and offered me a comparable 'signature' series diamond in its place for no additional cost! It's truly stunning. Amazing diamond at an unbeatable price.
matt, parker CO  – 2013-09-28

  Haven't gotten the ring, had to send it back because of poor soldering of the setting, setting was also not pleasing to me for the diamond, now I have to wait 3 1/2 weeks, before I get the ring.
Received the ring and the first thing I notice was the unpolished places were the soldering area was done on the ring . I also didn't realize the setting on how it was, so I had to get a different one. With sending it back to have it repaired or fixed, it's going to take 3 1/2 weeks to get the setting that was suggested to my liking. Diamond was beautiful.
Anonymous  – 2013-09-26

I purchased a round signature ideal and it looks amazing and shines brilliantly.
Anonymous  – 2013-09-23

Ring looked great, but I think the item could have been more polished prior to shipping.
Anonymous  – 2013-09-19

  Very happy camper.
I got a great diamond ring at a great price. Saved lots of money buying from Blue Nile. I was really happy with the purchase and my fiance loved it! A local jeweler even confirmed that we had indeed purchased a very nice diamond.
Rolando, Floral Park NY  – 2013-09-18

  Surprised Future Mrs.
This diamond is absolutely stunning. I received it next day, you really can't beat the price for the quality of the stone.
Anonymous  – 2013-09-18

  BEST loose diamonds on the market!
Phenomenal diamonds, can't say enough about them! If your on the fence about purchasing, don't be... go ahead and buy them.
Anonymous  – 2013-09-17

I placed a custom order for this ring in yellow gold and the sales associates were very friendly and provided outstanding customer service. I never felt pressured to buy anything. She loves the ring!
James L, ROCKFORD IL  – 2013-09-14

  Beautiful engagement ring!
I love the ring, it sparkles in the sun and is just a great looking ring.
Jeff, Whitby ON  – 2013-09-13

  Awesome purchase!!!
I am glad I found blue nile. I am very very happy with my purchase. It's as beautiful as shown in the picture. Thanks blue Nile!!!! :-)
Anonymous  – 2013-09-12

  Simply Amazing!!!
By far the most amazing diamond I've ever seen in person! The fire, brilliance, clarity, and quality are unbelievable! My fiance absolutely loves it and still can't believe it's real! Thank you Blue Nile!!

  I'm going to get some good loving when I come home from Afghanistan.
Classic look. And the wife loved the solitaire with the white gold.
Christopher, Clarksville TN  – 2013-09-10

Perfect diamonds! So brilliant and sparkly!
Anonymous  – 2013-09-09

  she likes it!!
nice rings! she likes it!!
Jin, Urbana IL  – 2013-09-09

  Scintillating Solitaire in Elegant Setting!
The beauty of this diamond is breathtaking!! The ring looks exactly as shown on the website. The staff at Blue Nile are unbelievably helpful, providing pressure-free advice.The ring, ensconced in a beautiful burgundy wooden box, arrived promptly. I love the website and staff of Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2013-09-04

  Exceptional Engagement Surprise
Excellent diamond at a reasonable price with a great platinum setting. It really surprised my fiancee.
David, BROOKLYN NY  – 2013-09-04

Very Nice. Better than Hearts on Fire
Anonymous  – 2013-09-02

Diamond appears perfect, customer service was excellent, delivery faultless. I was very impressed with BN and learned a lot from there website before choosing my diamond.
Andrew, Newcastle upon Tyne null  – 2013-09-02

  She said yes!
Brilliant!!! She was very happy with the rock and setting. BN made the whole experience very easy and pain-free. Would reco to other for sure.
Michael, London --- Not applicable ---  – 2013-08-30

  Highly recommended!!
Fine quality diamond at a fair price. Great customer service and shipping. Very happy!
Anonymous  – 2013-08-29

  Best ring ever!
My fiance can't stop saying that it's the most beautiful ring she's ever seen in her entire life and she and I constantly get compliments on it.
MICHAEL, ONTARIO CA  – 2013-08-27

  Diamond so brilliant, she couldn't say no :)
I can't say I'm an expert in diamond, but Blue Nile staff help explain it to me in a way I understood. Aka getting the most value thAt was within my budget and also with what I wanted in a diamond (size and brilliance). When the diamond engagement ring arrived it def met and exceeded my expectations. My fiance, her friends, and family loved the ring.
Jose, AVON CT  – 2013-08-27

fantastic diamond at a fraction of what a 'normal' store would charge
Anonymous  – 2013-08-26

beautiful stone and setting, very helpful service reps, came as ordered on on time (actually early as my setting was supposed to be backordered 2 weeks and only actually took a week)
Jordan, BEDFORD OH  – 2013-08-26

  She loved the engagement ring
the shopping experience with phone support was helpful and diamond was delivered on time
Anonymous  – 2013-08-26

  She told me I couldn't have done better.
The diamond was incredible looking. It sparkled even in a dimly lit room. Spending the extra money on the cut and clarity was well worth it.
Anonymous  – 2013-08-22

  Gorgeous! Love it, out of my expectation.
Very sparkling, especially under sunshine.
Anonymous  – 2013-08-20

Amazing quality on the diamond she loved it! I did some research before hand finding out what she liked and what's the best things to look for when buying a diamond ring - and she said she couldn't have picked out a better ring herself. She's absolutely in love with the ring and is gonna have a hard time getting it sent back for a couple weeks to get it resized. The diamond looks even bigger and clearer when you actually receive it too. It took 5 weeks to come in (4 was expected) due to it being a special order, but well worth the wait. Nice work Blue Nile - and Laurie who helped me with all my questions and my order!
Anonymous  – 2013-08-19

  Absolutely stunning diamond!
This is the second diamond I have purchased online, but the first from Blue Nile. The one from the other company was nice, but was not quite as nice as I had been led to believe. However, the Signature Ideal diamond from Blue Nile blew me away. It is stunning! I'm sure the other diamonds on Blue Nile are also great looking, but for me knowing that the diamond would be perfect in every way was the reassurance I needed to purchase such an expensive object online. In the end, my fiancee got better diamond and I saved money compared to what the local jewelery store wanted to sell us. I am very please with Blue Nile and will definitely be doing business with them in the future.
Anonymous  – 2013-08-14

  Amazing Experience!
Absolutely gorgeous. Will never hesitate to buy from Blue Nile again in the future
James S., DES MOINES IA  – 2013-08-13

  Quality over Quantity!
I bought this ring for my fiance just about a year ago and she loves it! She is a girl of quality and not quantity. Months before getting engaged we obviously went window shopping for rings and I was more into getting her a big and flashy ring, she was more of a simple and elegant look. Well, she found Blue Nile (which I had never heard of before) and sent me an email hinting at the ring she wanted. She knew what I could afford and stated she wanted a "small but sparkly diamond" and not a "big and dull diamond". A year later and the ring grabs everyone's attention because of how it sparkles and because of her not so common was just what she was looking for and she loves it! We are planning to take advantage of Blue Nile's choice to upgrade in the near future for one of our wedding anniversarys.
Anonymous  – 2013-08-09

  She Loves Her Engagement Ring
I did a lot of research before I decided on a diamond. I was very impressed with Blue Nile's signature ideal diamonds. Also the online chat was very helpful. I used it a lot to ask questions. They made buying a diamond easier.
Jacob, COLUMBUS GA  – 2013-08-09

  Went from completely clueless to perfect engagement ring
It's such an amazing diamond! The selection was excellent and allowed me to find exactly the right thing. I actually had the decision narrowed down to two stones and was torn over which would be better, but called and talked to a very helpful sales rep who guided me towards the right decision. Thank you!

very pretty and unique cut
Anonymous  – 2013-08-06

Service and quality was exceptional!
Anonymous  – 2013-07-31

  She is thrilled with my selection
Able to search thru stones at my leisure. This is my third purchase from Blue Nile. Overnight delivery is a plus. Extremely happy with diamond quality. My jeweler said," Wow, beautiful stone !!."
Raymond, Rolling Prairie IN  – 2013-07-29

  loves dimond
Looks great, value higher then price paid and fiance loves it.
DAVID, DANBURY CT  – 2013-07-25

I didn't have a picture, however, the customer support team did an outstanding job of helping me choose this diamond. I was a little skeptical until I received it. Fast delivery, great service and BEAUTIFUL diamond! I am extremely satisfied with our purchase.
Anonymous  – 2013-07-22

  Can't wait to give her this ring!
The quality of the diamond is amazing. It looks great in the petite solitaire setting. I couldn't find a diamond locally of the same color, clarity, cut quality. The price was also very reasonable.

  She loved it!
Outstanding! The diamond was absolutely brilliant and stunning. Amazing quality. The ring and setting was great too. She loved it. No regrets whatsoever. Very satisfied and strongly recommend Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2013-07-16

Was impressed by the quality of diamond, at least as seen with naked eye. I have not ventured into checking it with a loupe.
Sandeep, Newcastle Upon Tyne Tyne and Wear  – 2013-07-15

  "She loves how much it sparkles"
The diamond had as much sparkle and clarity as any diamond I've seen, and is exactly what my (now) fiance wanted. I've shopped diamonds with the same color/cut/clarity from mall stores and others and nobody has near the value and didn't have multiple certificates that Blue Nile provides. I would highly recommend purchasing from here and have no reservations or doubts at all about my purchase, especially after I received the ring
DANIEL, AKRON OH  – 2013-07-15

The diamond and setting are absolutely beautiful. The quality of the diamond is superb. I didn't realize how much sparkle a diamond could put out. My fiancee loved the ring!
Anonymous  – 2013-07-12

  She loves it! so shiny!
my signature princess cut was amazing, my advice is look at the GCAL images... it will help you find the diamonds with the most brilliance. I'm extremely happy with my purchases
Wai, alhambra CA  – 2013-07-11

  She hasn't seen the finished product yet, but when she does I'm sure she'll love it!
Customer Service was exceptional. The whole process and education surrounding diamon comparisons and loose stone purchase was hassle free.
Anonymous  – 2013-07-11

  Great job!
Beautiful, cut makes the diamond look larger.
RANDAL, HIGHLAND CA  – 2013-07-10

  She loves the diamond
I was worried about buying online... but after getting my order super fast, and then taking it locally to compare to other diamonds in person it became clear blue nile was the best choice! The local and chain jewelers just couldn't find anything that looked better even when they showed diamonds that were significantly more expensive. thank you blue nile - she loves it
James, Carmel IN  – 2013-07-08

  Perfect engagement ring
Your staff was so helpful while I researched an purchased this ring. They answered all my questions and were exceptional in their customer service throughout the whole process. Thank you.
Anonymous  – 2013-07-03

  The ring was perfect!
The ring was beautiful and the diamond was perfect!!! The setting I picked out complimented it very well. I really enjoyed the shopping experience, which allowed me to research and look at a number of different options before choosing the perfect combination! The staff was also very helpful and able to answer any questions I had. She loves her ring, and I catch her staring at it all the time! We couldn't be happier!!
Adam, Vineland NJ  – 2013-07-03

  She LOVES it.
Absolutely stunning diamond. She loved it, but so does anyone who lays eyes on it. Bought a smaller karat than I was planning on, but went with the Signature Diamond -- great choice. Looks much bigger than it actually is.
Anonymous  – 2013-07-02

It's a great looking diamond and it was a very easy purchase process!
Anonymous  – 2013-06-27

  My wife simply loved them
Excellent quality diamond with the quality reflected in the fire
Anonymous  – 2013-06-26

  She loves the ring
Beautiful stone came as described and promptly.
Anonymous  – 2013-06-25

  I love the ring!
Perfect diamond!
Anonymous  – 2013-06-19

From the people working there to the products/prices they have it is top notch. I couldn't have asked for anything more.
Anonymous  – 2013-06-18

  Amazing diamond and setting!
I was amazed as soon as I opened the package from Blue Nile. The diamond seemed to jump out of the box as it was so brilliant. I originally wanted an engagement ring from Tiffany's, but through Blue Nile, I was able to find a better diamond for less money; two color grades better, one clarity grade better, and a much bigger diamond. I can't wait to pop the question!
Michael A, NEWPORT BEACH CA  – 2013-06-18

  Diamond nice, very disappointed in bands.
Disappointed in the size of the band, very small and thinner than I perceived in the pictures online. Diamond is nice Nd everything arrived very fast.
Anonymous  – 2013-06-17

Excellent diamond, service, and value.
Anonymous  – 2013-06-16

  Loves her new wedding set.
I was a bit worried about placing an online order for this diamond but I really like it. It was worth the wait.
Anonymous  – 2013-06-11

  She adores her ring
One often hears that the cut of a diamond is the most important C. I don't think that I'd argue with that after seeing the Signature Ideal diamond that I got.

  Engagement ring bliss!
She absolutely adores her Signature Princess Diamond! The diamond sparkles very nicely! Great value and really, the diamond exceeded my expectations. Great customer support as well!
John, Waxhaw NC  – 2013-06-04

  The search is over!!
We had been searching for the perfect diamond for over a year. The diamond was better than represented, and our expert phone consultant was extremely knowledgeable and was the deciding factor for us. We could not be more pleased with our choice and Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2013-06-04

I could not be happier with my ring. The Signature cut is absolutely beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a diamond with more sparkle!

Clean, clear, crisp. It radiates light with purity and brilliance.
Anonymous  – 2013-05-30

  She's in love with it!
Unbelievably Gorgeous! Beautiful, Amazing. No words can describe it. The brilliance, the sparkle and symmetry. The Signature round is like a mirror, returning every light it captures to your eyes. She couldn't stop looking at it. I couldn't stop looking at it. I'm so happy and proud of my purchase.
Dennis A., Surrey BC  – 2013-05-29

  Loves the ring!
The shopping experience was wonderful. Blue Nile does a great job giving plenty of info on "the four c's" (something I knew nothing about). The diamond is beautiful, seems to reflect light everywhere! We were out under a full moon in the middle of the night and still captivated by it. In case I haven't captured it, my fiance loves the ring and her whole family complimented me on a great job!
Anonymous  – 2013-05-28

  She was extatic
the transaction met all the expectation on both ends, Quality and Service.I would definitely purchase jewelery from Blue Nile.
Elie, Canoga Park CA  – 2013-05-27

  Amazingly beautiful diamond!
We were very pleased with the service we received right from the ordering, to being able to track the entire shipping, to the amazingly beautiful diamond that arrived at our door only days after placing the order. It was in beautiful packaging in a tension clasp so we were able to get the best possible look at it, all while being completely safe and secure. All documents were sent with it, as well as the GIA report. The price was so reasonable compared to prices we were getting for much less of a diamond than what we received here as well. The diamond itself is so much more than we expected, so crisp, clear and sparkles like you wouldn't believe! We would definitely recommend anyone looking for a diamond to look here! We will be ordering again!
Olivia, Hantsport NS  – 2013-05-24

  Loves it... If she had only said, "Yes".
I spent a lot of time looking at the information provided on the Blue Nile website so I was sure to know what I was doing when purchasing the right diamond and ring for this ocassion. The diamond and the ring both were even more beautiful than I expected! I got the Princess cut for my Princess and she absolutely loves the ring and the diamond.

The ring is shiny and beautiful.
Kristen, Waltham MA  – 2013-05-20

  Nearly blinding in bright sun.
Put some serious effort into studying the 4 C's and other educational material Blue Nile makes available, Plus go study what GIA and GCAL offer. From that set your own priorities for what you want your diamond to be and get to work studying the certificates. I must have studied 100 Signiture Ideal stones to find mine and it was worth every minute. Now I have to find a ring that is good enough for the stone!
Harold, New Cumberland PA  – 2013-05-19

I haven't really done a lot of shopping for diamonds around my area but at the price which I paid caused me to psychologically feel and think that my purchase was absolutely exceptional in beauty and in my opinion, perfection. (also as per the certificate i received, it's perfection). I'll be honest, i bought the ring and hid it right away in the bank vault. I looked at it twice and i think she'll love it. Thank you Blue Nile
Joseph, Markham ON  – 2013-05-08

  My wife loved the ring
There are no words to describe the beauty of the ring
Richard, Marcy NY  – 2013-05-08

  She loves the engagement ring.
Beautiful ring, fantastic customer service and great value. Didn't give a 5-star rating because the sizing was slightly off (confirmed by a brick and mortar jeweler).
Anonymous  – 2013-05-08

Beautiful ring!
Anonymous  – 2013-05-07

The diamond is stunningly beautiful.
Anonymous  – 2013-05-06

Loved it. also loved that it was delivered next day. Unfortunately she said no :(
Manuel, San Francisco CA  – 2013-05-06

The diamond is amazing and I think it will easily convince her to say yes! The platinum setting is beautiful, and heavy I might add, but looks different than the pictures online. It could be a lighting difference but just be aware of that when selecting it. It's truly a beautiful setting but not exactly as pictured.
Daniel, Phoenix AZ  – 2013-05-03

My fiance is very happy with the ring. She loves how much it sparkles, and that I picked every characteristic of the diamond myself. Also, I received excellent customer service.
Thomas, Carbondale IL  – 2013-04-29

  Exceeded my expectations!!!
This diamond is absolutely stunning! My girlfriend almost fainted when I put it on her finger. The quality comes with a price... but the price is absolutely warranted. I am very skeptical about buying things online since I am not there to physically observe it before paying. But I took a chance with this and I do not regret it what-so-ever! It will sparkle in any setting. However, when you look at it on a sunny day where light is hitting every angle of it, it will almost blind you. Gorgeous diamond!! I recommend this for anyone who is a fan of princess-cut.
NOEL, MABLETON GA  – 2013-04-29

  She has not seen her 16th Year Anniversary Ring yet:)
.75 Round Signature Ideal Cut, Color D, VVS1 $7300.00 Triple Excellent on the other 3 catagories... Flourencence (None) I got it appraised with the Neil Lane $1700.00 band (bought from Kays). Certified Gemologist appraised both for $13,851.00 or $4851.00 more then I actually paid for the ring. Now for my personal observation, I think the table is too small 55%, it has sparkle and fire but not as much as I would have hope for being it was 7300.00 But then again, all diamonds look the same to me.....Both the Jewerly store and appraiser kind of chuckled at my observation as they basically said I was crazy. I priced the same cut, clarity, carat, and color with 6 stores. 4 of the store could not even get that high of quality diamond and the other 2 priced just the diamond @ 10,500.00 I also looked all over the internet to see what the competitors were selling them for and I found 2 other sources that was approx 500.00 cheaper. Blue Nile Customer service.....Fantastic!!!!
Anonymous  – 2013-04-29

  great ring great price
Anonymous  – 2013-04-28

  She absolutely loved it
Excellent quality. Beautiful ring. Exceeded my expectations, was afraid it wouldn't look as nice as in the Internet. Pure diamond and fine quality metal.
Anonymous  – 2013-04-25

  Loves the ring, but........
Experience and ring were great. My now girlfriend loved the engagement ring, but was concerned about the tiny diamonds around the base of the ring, so we send it back and ordered another. My only complaint with Blue Nile was the $150 shipping charge I incurred. An engagement ring is a "guess" and most men aren't good at this. I spend $12,000 and it seems silly that I am being charged a large amount to ship it back. Thx. TS
Anthony, San Pedro CA  – 2013-04-25

  ' She loves the diamond '
The diamond was everything I hoped for. The ideal Signature is amazing
Ben, London Greater London  – 2013-04-22

  Timeless, yet unique style
Blue Nile turned what seemed like a difficult process, into an accessible and easy one. The whole retail process was starting to discourage me, and a friend suggested Blue Nile based on expectations of a cruelty free diamond. My lady has particular styles and tastes, and Blue Nile made it so I didn't have to sacrifice any of that on a budget. The ring swept her off her feet. The clarity and depth of the Asscher cut really shines with the baroque ornamentation of the setting. The cut is different enough, but timeless beyond our expectations.
Anonymous  – 2013-04-22

  Beautiful diamond!
Well done! It definitely has the sparkle I was looking for, better than helzberg masterpiece diamonds! It was a .537 G VVS1 trip 0 AGS ideal round!
Nathan, Midlothian TX  – 2013-04-22

  Learn the 4 C's from your jeweler, then buy from Blue get a much higher quality stone for less money!!!
I absolutely LOVE my Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond!!! It has so much sparkle and brilliance! Our jeweler even kept commenting on what a beautiful stone it was (and we had been to their store to look at loose stones earlier in the week)!!! :) I love having the Serial Number engraved on the makes identifying our stone easy!!! It looks beautiful in it's new custom setting!!! :)
Ann, Las Vegas NV  – 2013-04-21

  Beautiful Diamond
Beautiful Diamond. After a lot of research I felt confident buying from Blue Nile. I took the stone into a local store to ensure it was the proper one and asked out of curiosity what an equivalent diamond through them would cost. I saved nearly $2,400 but still got an exceptionally beautiful diamond!
Kevin, Knoxville TN  – 2013-04-18

Better than I could imagine
Anonymous  – 2013-04-18

  She said yes to the ring pop, but jumped up and down for the engagement ring.
The diamond looks amazing. I could not not afford this size, cut, clarity, color if I had gone to a retailer. The GIA grading report and brilliance report definitely helped.
Shane S., KANSAS CITY MO  – 2013-04-11

  She Loves It!
Diamond was absolutely amazing! The signature cut was definitely worth it, she LOVES the diamond and ring! I was told numerous times about how good my taste in diamonds is from her friends and relatives that have seen the ring, but I couldn't have done it without Blue Nile. I'll definitely shop here again.
Wade, NORFOLK VA  – 2013-04-10

  My wife love this ring
The diamond is very sparkling
Anonymous  – 2013-04-09

  Perfect Engagment Ring for Fiance.
The diamond is even more perfect than I could have imagined. I spent a few months researching and viewing diamonds. Blue Nile quality is excellent and the band is just as gorgeous. My fiance loves it and it has the brightest sparkle when any light hits it.
Carlton, Margate FL  – 2013-04-05

  She said yes !
Great customer service beautiful diamond beyond my expectation. between blue nile and the other diamond retailers such as diamond shops at the mall or big names blue nile is by far in better customer service and not getting ripped off.
JOSE, EDINBURG TX  – 2013-04-04

Looks beautiful! I am happy that I chose to go with Bluenile.
Timothy, Kirkland WA  – 2013-04-03

  Perfect ring
The ring was perfect. My fiance loved it. It was definitely worth every penny for the signature cut.
Jacob, Bowling Green KY  – 2013-04-02

Beautiful in every wa, does not seem to stop sparkling, and she is so very happy with it and all the compliments that go with it.
Warren, Toney AL  – 2013-04-01

I love everything about my ring and the experience of buying it!
Sharon, Manitou Beach MI  – 2013-03-31

  Looks beautiful on her finger. She loves it.
Couldn't be more pleased with the purchase experience or the product. I knew next to nothing about diamonds when I began the process a couple of months ago, but thanks to your very informative website and articles, was able to purchase an absolutely beautiful ring for a reasonable price. The Signature Round is surely the most lively cut you produce, as it really radiates fire and brilliance. Gorgeous. My wife is thrilled, and we both admire it frequently.
Michael, Newnan GA  – 2013-03-29

  A pharaoh experience
The most important factor for me was the quality of the diamond. Blue Nile was only jeweler that was able to provide me with a museum quality diamond ring. The price was extremely fair, and getting me a custom 6.75 size ring was no problem, no extra charge.
Jeff, SANTA MONICA CA  – 2013-03-26

  She loved everything about this ring
I knew that i wanted quality over quantity. I was not dissappointed by this ring. My fiancee loved it. Steve really helped me because he got me the ring in less than 24hrs. Seeing how i am in austin and my girlfriend was in chicago, this helped out alot.
Juan, CEDAR PARK TX  – 2013-03-26

  a diamond is forever...
Perfect beautiful diamond that she cant stop staring at. Great buy.
Nicholas, Morristown TX  – 2013-03-26

  Amazing ring
The diamond is awesome! Me and my girlfriend are going to Washington DC at National Cherry Blossom Festival this Saturday where I'm going to propose to her! I couldn't buy anything better!

  She loved the ring. Easy as that.
Blue Nile's Signature Round selection was excellent! After picking out the first batch that I was interested in, all I had to do was match it to my budget and select the one with the table, depth and angles I was looking for. Fantastic service too! Quick and hassle free advice, and reliable. The ring we received was exactly as how it was described on the website.
STEPHEN, RESTON VA  – 2013-03-23

She loved it! Ring, center stone - exactly what she wanted.
Van, Chandler AZ  – 2013-03-20

  Shines Bright, Sparkle is so beautiful
WOW. I am truely amazed at the quality of diamonds that Blue Nile provides. I've been looking at many diamonds/rings for several months already and Blue Nile, hands down, is the best. The Signature Round Diamond is so beautiful and "blings" so much that people that we meet stop to adore the ring that she is wearing. Whats matters the most is what my new fiance thinks. "SHE LOVES THE RING"...Blue Nile signature diamonds are very exceptional and I have/will continue to refer this company to all my friends and family for future considerations. Thank you Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2013-03-19

  She (and her friends) totally loved the ring!
As a man, you get the most of your money, as a woman she will get the best diamond she ever could.
Raul M., Apodaca Nuevo Leon  – 2013-03-19

  Her family and friends are a bit jealous!
The Signature Round Cut diamond was an excellent choice and well worth the extra money. I would recommend this cut to anyone looking for a classic, simple ring.
Colin, AIEA HI  – 2013-03-15

The thought of selecting the right diamond initially was overwhelming, but after visiting the Blue Nile website, I realized it didn't have to be difficult at all. The customer service is exceptional, if/when it is needed, to help make the final decision easier. The Signature cut diamonds are simply amazing and was exactly what I was looking for and more. Together with the setting, it made the perfect engagement ring that she loves.
Anonymous  – 2013-03-14

  She Said Yes!!!
The web hardly did justice to this ring...she totally loves it! I shopped around before finally deciding on Blue Nile and I believe that I got real value for the money. The purchase and credit application process also made the whole transaction a pleasure!
Anonymous  – 2013-03-14

  First Class Customer Service
Excellent service. The ring came the very next day with an appraisal included (which was very helpful for insurance purposes). I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the customer service is First Class.
NGOC, CYPRESS TX  – 2013-03-14

  Loose Diamond
Great diamond for a great price! Looked amazing without a setting, awesome presentation!
Anonymous  – 2013-03-13

  The ring was perfect!
She really loves this cut.
Darrel, Culver City CA  – 2013-03-08

  Even better in the setting
After searching through Blue Nile's extensive collection, I was able to decide on one. When I received it the next day, I could not have imagined how perfect it looks in the setting. Customer service was good and answered questions well.
Kevin, Toronto ON  – 2013-03-06

  this ring blew her away
This is a beautiful diamond it is the finest quality for what I played.
RUBEN, IVANHOE CA  – 2013-03-05

  Her and everyone who sees it is in AWE
Choosing one with good proportions, and good yet reasonable specs may give you a slightly smaller diamond, but the sparkle and eye catching qualities more than make up for any diminished size.The one I purchased throws rainbow sparkles even at dusk.I only proposed a week ago and my fiance' has already been complimented by complete strangers. (on the elevator, in a restaurant, wherever.) And isn't that the whole purpose anyway??

  My wife hasn't been this happy in years!
The diamond ring is beautiful and I was able to design it and get a very good idea about it talking with an agent and seeing it online.

  Loves it :)
She said it looked better in person than on the website
Jonathan, St Leonard QC  – 2013-03-03

  She said Yes!
I am very pleased with this Diamond, I'm glad I went with the Signature Cut. I had spent a few months researching diamonds, and Blue Nile offered great information. I was able to get the diamond and the ring for less than a lose diamond of lesser quality from my local jewelers.
Anonymous  – 2013-03-01

  She say yes!!!
Beautiful stone
HUNGANH, HUMBLE TX  – 2013-02-26

The customer service assisting me in picking out the right diamond was awesome. I was extremely satisfied with everything associated with the purchase (education, selection, and speed of delivery). I received my purchase in less than 24 hours!!!!
David, DAYTON OH  – 2013-02-26

  She loved her engagement ring.
The diamond was perfect. Great color and cut. The ring was beautiful and shipping was extremely fast. Loved the ring box. Was very pleased with my purchase.
Allen, Richmond VA  – 2013-02-26

My fiance LOVES her engagement ring and she has already received many compliments from complete strangers on it. She also loved that I spent the time to pick out the right diamond and setting. I've become a bit of a diamond "expert" during the process of buying an engagement ring and I knew nothing about diamonds prior. By shopping at Blue Nile, I was able to get a bigger and better quality diamond for the same price I was going to spend at one of the chain stores. I was also very pleased with the 1-2 day turnaround time on the ring from the time it was built from the diamond I selected until it was in my hands. One of the chain stores I visited said 6-8 weeks just to have it sized! Thank you Blue Nile for a great purchasing experience and for a happy fiance, I'll be coming back for anniversary gifts!
Anonymous  – 2013-02-23

  Love blue nile
It can be a daunting task to select a diamond, and I was worried about purchasing online. The two people I spoke with at blue nile were very helpful, patient, and knowledgable. I was impressed with the customer service... and I love my diamond.
Anonymous  – 2013-02-22

  She said yes.... enough said
This was a great purchase. You just can not beat blue nile prices and selection.
Gregory, Columbia MD  – 2013-02-20

  We love the engagement ring!
Beautiful ring. The diamond is gorgeous and looks much bigger than it is. Elegant setting. Great price, much lower than from a jewelry store. Excellent customer service and it was delivered the next day with no problems. We will definitely recommend Blue Nile to friends and family and buy from them again! Lynda and Troy
Anonymous  – 2013-02-12

I was a little nervous about buying my fiance's loose diamond on Blue Nile without being able to see it first. The diamond met if not exceeded my expectations and I would shop here again anytime.
Bryce, Salt Lake City UT  – 2013-02-11

  Excellent ring.
Diamond came as expected. Nothing less than what is stated. Bought from Canada; the ring size chart turned out to be inaccurate and had to re-size -- we spent money on that and did not bother with shipping it back to BN.
Shih-Han Hans, Burnaby BC  – 2013-02-04

Anonymous  – 2013-02-02

  brilliant! Everyone comments on it
The diamond was delivered quickly and was beyond expectations

  She was amazed
The selection and purchase experience exceeded my expectations. The ring and setting are exquisit. She was amazed!!! the diamond and setting was more beautiful then anticipated. Sparkles like crazy. The packaging, documents and all paperwork were 100% professional. Thank you Blue Nile, we have already recomended you to our friends and family.
Gary, Newburgh NY  – 2013-01-29

  She is giddy over her ring!
The brilliance of the Signature Round diamond that I purchased is astounding! My fiance and I couldn't be happier with the ring.
ERIC, CLOVIS CA  – 2013-01-28

  Ofcourse I love it!
This gorgeous ring is a gift from my husband and it is absolutely beautiful! The diamond is bigger than I thought it would be.The hand engraving on the band makes it so unique.
Sunaina, KATY TX  – 2013-01-27

  She couldn't be happier except for having to deal with people complaining about being "blinded".
Knowing what I was looking for Blue Nile not only met but definitely exceeded expectations, Wasting my time with pushy jewelry stores is officially over.
Nicholas, Yuma AZ  – 2013-01-26

Simply exceptional. Absolutely love how it worked with the setting. Very easy to see the quality of the diamond, even for an untrained eye.
Beartiz, Irvine CA  – 2013-01-26

  She loves her engagement ring!
The ring was more beautiful than either of us imagined it could be. The quality of the diamond is superb. She couldn't be happier.
Anonymous  – 2013-01-23

excellent diamond selection and customer service...
Anonymous  – 2013-01-23

The brilliance of the Signature Ideal cut is simply unmatched. I searched for and looked at many stones before purchasing. Nothing I have seen comes close. The way this cut reflects light is amazing.
Anonymous  – 2013-01-22

  My fiancee was in awe by this ring!
The signature ideal princess cut diamond I got from Blue Nile is amazing! My fiancee was stunned by its sparkle and brilliance and can't stop looking at it. All of her friends and family are amazed by the quality! Fantastic! It makes other rings look very dull next to it.Customer service was exceptional. My initial diamond order showed up to setting with a flaw/chip in it. They would not send me a flawed product, so they immediately contacted me with similar diamonds reserved and took me step by step in choosing a quality replacement that I approved of. They even allowed me to change the band last minute. This was all done 3 days before my original delivery date and it was still on time. Extremely helpful and patient.
CHAD, NORMAL IL  – 2013-01-17

The ring was better than expected and my expectations were pretty high! My suggestions to other engagement ring buyers, shop your local high-end retailers, pick out the ring she would like then compare prices through Blue Nile. Even with the retailers' discount, you won't find a better deal on similar/near comparable engagement rings.
Ray, Edina MN  – 2013-01-14

  Love my diamond ring!
I love my ring... The quality of the diamonds are better than anything else I looked at when trying to pick out a ring. Fabulous!!!
RAELYNN, KIHEI HI  – 2013-01-13

  of course " Yes "
it is perfect
Tin Moe, Bethesda MD  – 2013-01-11

  My fiance loves it!
The engagement ring I purchased from Blue Nile far exceeded my expectations. The diamond and the ring in general are beautiful. My fiance didn't want a big rock (she's not a ring wearer). So I got the best cut and best color and one of the highest clarities possible. I paid half of what they wanted in the local jewelry stores for, in my opinion, a much better ring. The thing sparkles beyond belief and the platinum setting is just gorgeous. My fiance loves it, and I love that she loves it. I'll be a Blue Nile customer for any jewelry purchases in the future. Can't go wrong.
TYLER, MEADVILLE PA  – 2013-01-10

  She says that the diamond is "SO BRIGHT"
The diamond itself far surpassed my expectations. I had no idea I could afford a diamond of this quality until I visited this website. I visited so many jewelers using the pricing from blue nile as a bargaining chip and none of them could come close to the price this website was offering. One of the jewelers flat out told me to go with the stone from Blue Nile because it was such a phenomenal stone and I wouldn't find that deal anywhere else. Also, my fiancee loves yellow gold and she loves the color and classiness of the simple 18k yellow gold ring I have the stone set in.
KENNETH, BOSTON MA  – 2013-01-09

  beautiful simple ring
Diamond has excellent sparkle and is better quality than found at the mall jewelry stores
Daniel, Port Matilda PA  – 2013-01-09

  perfect center stone
very very nice stone just wish i had you make the setting it turned out ok because your stone grabs all the attition
Brad, Oregon City OR  – 2013-01-08

  Outstanding product and value.
Words and pictures simply cannot convey the beauty of this diamond. The fire and brilliance are both exceptional. I shopped diamonds for just over 10 months and was hard pressed to find anywhere that had a diamond of this quality, let alone the price. Thank you Blue Nile!
David, APO AE  – 2013-01-08

  Extremely sparkly stone!
You should pick right stones, best cut, good clarity and good color, and your ring will be amazing!Bad - Fedex was stupid, never ever tried to deliver package.
Alexander, Medford MA  – 2013-01-07

Quality products. Exceptional services!
khajornsak, Los Angeles CA  – 2013-01-06

  My diamon received high praise from other jewelers.
I bought the wedding band at Tipperary at Tara in Brunswick, NY and ordered my Blue Nile diamond after I moved to Massachusetts. The jeweler at local jewelry chain mounted the diamond for me and was complimenting me on the beauty of the diamond. When I brought the ring back to New York to have the band re-sized, the jeweler and a jewelery maker for Tipperary at Tara was in town from New York City, and both of them were in awe of the diamond. That is three professional and competitor jewelers who raved about the beauty of the diamond. I know that I got the best diamond I could find at Blue Nile, and I was able get a great deal on it.
Paul, Northampton MA  – 2013-01-05

  She said that she will wear it forever !
This diamond is beautiful, sparkles with fire. Absolutely stunning
John, Tupelo MS  – 2013-01-05

  She loves the diamond!
Beautiful diamond. Just like the certificate said.
Anonymous  – 2013-01-03

Exceptional quality and beauty at a great price!
John Marc, DANVILLE CA  – 2013-01-03

  She loves her ring!
I have two girls, she has a boy and a girl. I have a small electrical contracting business. So there is not much time for shopping around. I learned and found everything at Blue Nile that I needed. I purchased the best diamond that I could. To me it is all about the diamond, too much else takes away from it. She loves it. She is the best and I wanted to give her the best and have a ring that would be timeless. I think I did. Now we have even more to do, ha. But we have our eye on the prize, here we go.
James, Brandon MS  – 2013-01-02

  Perfect choice
Excellent customer service. Super fast shipping. Rings are very very beautiful. Everything is perfect except my only minor complaint is the ring boxes could be better.
Jian, Halifax NS  – 2013-01-02

Exactly what i expected. Next day delivery exceeded expectations.
Anonymous  – 2013-01-02

Mesmerizing!!!! the cut and clarity are brilliant....diamond is worth every penny spent on it...almost impossible to get such a diamond in retail markets at this price....
RANJITH KUMAR, amarillo TX  – 2013-01-02

  She loves it!
Spent a long time deciding which stone I wanted for my girlfriend (now fiancée). Eventually I found suggestions that the cut was more important than the carat weight, and I'm very happy I went with that advice. This stone has a brilliant sparkle and I would definitely recommend it!
Ari, Moss Beach CA  – 2013-01-02

  A perfect start...
I cannot fault the customer service, Loretta took the time and patience to help me find the perfect ring, emails confirmed everything and I had the ring within 3 working days. I was worried about buying online but I can assure anyone the service is exceptional and the deal is far better than any high street shop. I popped the question last night after being told about every design she wanted that wasn't like this one and it turns out that my choice is far better. Never seen someone smile so much, thank you Blue Nile for the perfect start.
Shawn, Poole Dorset  – 2013-01-01

  You will never go wrong with the ideal signature cut
I have been in search of the perfect diamond for a while now and when I saw the diamond I created on Blue Nile it was perfect. The customer service was the best I've ever received and they were more than flexible considering my crazy situation. Blue Nile helped make my proposal extremely memorable. The diamond was better and beautiful than expected. The ideal signature cut left her speechless. Thank you very much.
Rene, FPO AP  – 2012-12-31

  Loves the engagement ring!
Found many more diamonds on this site than on any other. And I searched for a while. The delivery was exceptionally fast although I had to get it resized and it takes a lot longer. Seems strange to get it here in 1 day but to resize it takes 2 weeks. But overall I was extremely pleased with my Blue Nile experience.
Joshua, Washington IL  – 2012-12-31

  Excellent Diamond!
I bought this for my wife, for her Birthday... She loves it... This is probably the best diamond that we have ever purchased. The Blue Nile Diamond experts helped me a lot in deciding the best diamond that meets my requirements. Given a chance, I would prefer to purchase diamonds from Blue Nile than from anyone else
Anonymous  – 2012-12-28

Your customer service is just the best. It was a joy to have a conversation with someone in this hemisphere (in our time zone, no less). Your reps were nice, knew the product, gave advice on diamonds, and told me how the process would work, all without any obvious reading from a script.
Anonymous  – 2012-12-27

  Couldn't be more happy
She absolutely loves the diamond and is constantly receiving complements about it. Great price for great value
Anonymous  – 2012-12-27

  Beautiful sparkle!
She said "yes"!! The diamond I went with was suggested by the friendly customer service rep, and does it sparkle!The delivery was quick and quality of product and service second to none! Thanks, Blue Nile!!
Anonymous  – 2012-12-27

  The ring is perfect!
The ring is beautiful! It sparkles more than we could have imagined. Simple and painless ordering process and the ring arrived on time!
Anonymous  – 2012-12-26

  She knows diamonds and loved this one
After searching my brick and mortar stores and other websites we chose Blue Nile and couldn't be happier. We were able to get a better diamond for thousands less than we found at another store. shipping was fast and service excellent.
Anonymous  – 2012-12-25

The diamomd surpassed my expectations but most importantly my girl friend was speechless with the quality of the diamond and said yes to my proposal.
MIKE, LEBANON OH  – 2012-12-25

  Made Her Melt
Due to an unforseen circumstance, I had only 5 days to find an engagement ring. I went to every jewelry store in town but never found "the one." I had heard good things about Blue Nile from a friend so I went poking around the site and created "the one" myself! I was still wary of buying a ring online without seeing it first but it certainly paid off. The whole thing is exceptional. The diamond and band are exactly as described, and the amount of documentation you receive with the ring is astounding. There's even a laminated booklet with close-up diagrams of your actual diamond, allowing you to see the intracies yourself. The only flaw I could find in the whole process is that the optional engraving on the inside of the band is surprisingly small and difficult to read. So much so that you may have trouble seeing what it says unless you know beforehand. That is a very small criticism however, compared to the sheer magnificence of everything else. I'll recommend it to anyone.
Michael, Waco TX  – 2012-12-25

  The diamond is brilliant....literally.
i was a little worried about buying a ring without seeing it, but after doing a little homework, the diamond i ended up buying exceeded my expectations.
Robert, Mount Pleasant SC  – 2012-12-21

  I love this ring!
My ring is beautiful, exceptional.
Anonymous  – 2012-12-20

  Loving the new diamond
This diamond is truly exceptional. The brilliancy in this diamond is unbelievable and thanks to my wonderful husband I will enjoy wearing this ring for the rest of my life. Top notch service given from Blue Nile.
Gisele, Chatham ON  – 2012-12-19

  "Absolutely perfect"
This Diamond is absolutely beautiful! Had lots of questions so called....incredible help...felt I made the right decision with the knowledge Blue Nile experts have. The BEST experience I've ever had jewelry shopping. Thank you!

  Beautiful ring - Exception quality
Loved it. Excellent value for the quality.
Ashish, Bayonne NJ  – 2012-12-10

  It amazed everyone at how brilliant it looked.
Everything was perfect, from the service to the special help i got that allowed me to receive the ring only 1 week later and I am all the way in Beirut. The stone was beautiful, the setting as well, and the engraving was so fine. Thank you Blue Nile for a perfect proposal ring.
Marwa, PITTSBURGH PA  – 2012-12-10

  Rank the 4 "C"s
Decide which of the 4 "C"s are most important. For us caret ranked last, so I maximized cut then color and clarity to stay within the budget. The result was a really beautiful hunk of carbon (she teaches chemistry ;-) ) that she loves!
Dale, Palmer Lake CO  – 2012-12-06

  The perfect ring
I am very happy with Blue nile and the engagement ring I purchased. The website made selecting the "right" ring a breeze. The delivery arrived when expected and helped make all my plans fall into place. I was reffered by a friend and would suggest this site to anyone who asked.Thanks a lot Blue nile. She loved the ring and the date is set!
Anonymous  – 2012-12-05

The diamond is perfect. I like it so much.
Yun, Chandler AZ  – 2012-12-05

  She was blown away!
Upon receiving the package and a brief inspection of the ring, I was quite surprised how much better it looked and sparkled in person than how it looks on the website. My fiancee absolutely loves the ring and it sparkles and shines easily from across the room. One thing i did notice that the pave diamonds are only about .40 tcw when the site shows it as .50 twc. It does say that the minimum tcw would be at least .40 but i think the .50 twc is a marketing ploy. Regardless of the pave diamonds the ring and diamond is lovely and I'm a very satisfied shopper. Also got it for alot less than i would have in a brick and mortar store.
John, Calgary AB  – 2012-12-04

  I love my ring!
My Signature Round Diamond ring is absolutely gorgeous. I have the infinity band and my ring sparkles and glows:) I just love it!
Anonymous  – 2012-12-04

  beautiful simple engagement ring
the diamond i selected was of the best highest clarity, signature cut. the price was the lowest i have seen locally for the carat size as well. i did not hesitate to purchase from blue nile. from purchasing to recieving the ring was approx 2 business days.
Anonymous  – 2012-12-03

  It filled her eyes with tears.
To answer your question about the quality and beauty of the diamond I bought from Blue Nile is simple. The answer lay in the tear filled eyes of my new fiancee as I knelt on the floor in front of her having just given her her round diamond, platinum ring. It looked stunning. Your advice on how to choose the diamond was excellent and allowed me to spend my money in the most effective way. Thanks for that. The service and delivery was impeccable at every stage and I can not fault a single part of the entire experience. I will be buying matching wedding rings from Blue Nile and will not fail to recommend them to anyone that asks.
Peter, Glenrothes Fife  – 2012-11-29

The diamond looks amazing. It's an eye-catcher
Matthew, Belleville NJ  – 2012-11-28

RYAN, BRISTOL CT  – 2012-11-27

  Sparkling diamond with complementary setting
The diamond is beautiful and as described. The education section of the website was key to my online purchase. It helped me really understand the diamond and setting without seeing them in person. I would recommend purchasing diamond rings from Bluenile. However I am disappointed in the wooden box as it is offset when open. The box quality should be improved as it visually distracts from the amazing diamond and ring.
Anonymous  – 2012-11-26

Great selection, website, and prices.
Anonymous  – 2012-11-26

  Reliable company, good customer service
Very impressed with huge selection of diamonds available at Blue Nile. I rarely post feedback and review purchases on websites but I'd recommend this vendor, even though I had the initial fear of paying 2,600 dollars for 3 diamonds which would be flown across the Atlantic from Seattle to London from a company I'd never heard of!I don't know whether this is the best place to purchase jewelry from but it is certainly an excellent place to purchase diamonds for the unitiated. Without knowing someone in the diamond business with a large supply of diamonds who was willing to either sell you tax-free diamonds or who was willing to cut their profit margin substantially I couldn't see a way of getting them cheaper when I compared the competition.I was recommended by an experienced jeweller to purchase my diamonds from Blue Nile and thankfully (!) I haven't regretted it.
Dominic, Chesham null  – 2012-11-22

  I love this Diamond
This products is nice , very good, and your services is well
NGOC HOA, louisville KY  – 2012-11-19

Better than expected. Couldn't be more pleased. The ring is stunning, very happy I chose the signature cut diamond!
Anonymous  – 2012-11-16

  A stunning ring
This ring is stunning- the band really makes a beautiful diamond even more so. Initially we had the classic tiffany style setting which is classic and beautiful but this setting is exceptional. There's bigger diamonds and more expensive rings but I can't imagine a more gorgeous and classy engagement ring- she loves it!
Anonymous  – 2012-11-14

  Amazing Diamond and Even More Amazing Price...
The Diamone far exceeded my expectations. After researching diamonds and shopping at local retailers such as Mayors, Tiffany's, and Cartier I realized that there was no reason to spend so much more money for a far lesser quality of a diamond just for the name.
Michael, Fort Lauderdale FL  – 2012-11-13

The sparkle is very impressive
Anonymous  – 2012-11-12

Surpassed all my expectations - I'm yet to give it to my partner but I knew as soon as I saw it that she will love it.
William, Glasgow null  – 2012-11-09

Very impressed with the diamond, the ring, and the setting. Excellent accompanying documentation :)
Scott, New York NY  – 2012-11-08

  She loves her engagement ring!
I shopped around for an engagement ring where I live but wasn't satisfied with the price of selection, then a friend recommended Blue Nile. They had just what I was looking for, within my budget. I couldn't be happier and my future wife loves her new engagement ring!
Anonymous  – 2012-11-08

  Stunning diamond
Truly incredible quality. My fiance and I were both thrilled.
Jeremy, SEATTLE WA  – 2012-11-07

  My Fiancee recommended Blue Nile and I'm glad she did!
Very surprised. Met, nay exceeded my expectations. From my initial call to the receipt and her acceptance, it was "flawless." Thanks Blue Nile. I've already recommended you to two other friends.
JOHN, SANTA CRUZ CA  – 2012-11-07

Was slightly sceptical about ordering I'll admit. But absolutely no complaints. Delivery was within 24hrs! Diamond well packaged with all relavent documentation. It's beautiful and sparkles just like I had hoped. Wouldn't hesitate in ordering again in the future.
Anonymous  – 2012-11-01

  I never take it of.
I thought that the diamond was really sparkled when the light was on it, and when I went to a jewellers re another matter,they commented on how full of fire my ring was . I am very pleased with it, and plan in the future to get another ring with the same quality stone as it is lovely.
Ms. Cheryl, Higham Ferrers Northamptonshire  – 2012-11-01

  Fiancee loves the ring!
Ring looks amazing! My fiancee loves the ring and so does everyone else that's seen it.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-29

  She loves it, lots of complimentary comments.
Beautiful, fiery and brilliant diamond, perfect size as well. Very happy with the purchase. Looks tremendous on her hand.
Andrew L, Durham NC  – 2012-10-25

  What do I need to do to get her to stop running in to the walls while she stares at her ring
From my Bride to be: I couldnt be more pleased with my engagement ring. In fact, I cant stop staring at my sparkling new diamond! Blue Nile really does have quality engagement rings for great prices. I especially love the option to engrave the band this makes it even more personal and special. Thank you for a beautiful ring that will surely last a lifetime!
BRANDON, BIG LAKE MN  – 2012-10-25

  Well impressed
Upon opening the box my first reaction was "wow" I specifically chose this site due to the excellent feedback that was given , so naturally I am delighted to share my own satisfaction of a first class diamond.Would not hesitate to buy again
Frank, West Midlands null  – 2012-10-24

Great loose stones, nice boxes too.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-22

  "It's so sparkly, I love it"
My now fiance can not stop looking at the ring. It was great value and beautiful. Highly recommended.
George, Wrightsville Beach NC  – 2012-10-21

Very nice Diamond ring!!!!
Anonymous  – 2012-10-19

  A girls best friend
I love my new diamond and I am so happy to have chosen the signature cut. I would like to add that the diamond came to my home within 2 days. I am very pleased with the quality, beauty and value Blue Nile has offered and will definitely use them again for future jewelry purchases.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-18

  she loves the ring.
The diamond look beautiful with the big help from the design department. They explained to me very clearly and help me understand the four "C", very knowledgable & very helpful. They really care about the customer needs. With their help, I am able to receive my ring on time for the party. I am very happy with their service.
Yvonne, OLD BETHPAGE NY  – 2012-10-17

I purchased an engagement ring and wedding band a few weeks ago. The ring was better than expected. Just to be sure everything was legit, I took it to a local jewelry store to get it appraised. They told me that it Blue Nile has an outstanding reputation, and that there was no need to pay for an additional appraisal. They agreed with the Blue Nile appraisal. I gave here the ring this last weekend and she loved it. I couldn't be happier with the service.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-15

  Made a compromise on diamond color it worked out.
The diamond was extremely nice, but when I viewed it in my work light (fluorescent), choosing the I color diamond to save on cost made me worry a little bit but I had some other eyes look at it in different lighting (sun light, incandescent, led, energy saver bulb) my fears were put to rest. Viewed at work because I was planning a surprise proposal. She said yes and absolutely loves the ring.
James, Waukee IA  – 2012-10-15

  Good size for my fingers.
The best size for me. However, I can hardly tell a diamond's four C levels.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-14

  It was a pleasure doing business!
I spent months researching & found the best overall "deal" was by far making my purchase at Blue Nile. The service I received was prompt & professional & my diamond is Top Notch!
daymon, dearborn MI  – 2012-10-09

  Because of Blue Nile, I RULE!!!!!
Read the information. Think about what is important to you. Choose accordingly.I set a budget in my mind and picked the combination of diamond and setting that was best.I was a bit hesitant about purchasing the set without seeing them, but one day later I received the most incredible delivery. I specifically chose a simple, traditional setting so that I could get the best diamond I could afford. the Blue Nile process of letting me set the characteristics I wanted, worked out perfect. The stone I got is perfect. Precisely what I wanted.She was blown away. She got all teary eyed. She keeps stopping and looking at it. It catches my eye.I wanted a quality diamond, and Blue Nile delivered! Everybody has their preferences and their own price limit. At Blue Nile you will have to think. You may have to set your own priorities. But if you can handle that, you will be amazed.Thanks Blue Nile. I love my girl and now she knows it!

What an incredible diamond! She loved it and so did everybody else. No one had seen such a remarkable diamond that shined so bright. It catches the eye of everyone.
Gregory, Saugus MA  – 2012-10-03

  Simply the best...
An amazing diamond that exceeded my expectations, I wanted to pop the question as soon as I saw the ring. I couldn't stop taking it out and looking at it. Quality was never in doubt with Blue Nile, and there customer service is impeccable. I want to thank Cory and her amazing co-workers for making me feel like I was buying a million dollar ring. 10.0 across the board.
Benjamin, Spring Valley CA  – 2012-10-01

All aspects of the purchase were fulfilled.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-01

  Beautiful diamond
I have already received compliments on my ring, and people have specifically commented that it must be a very good cut. I am very happy with my purchase, the sparkle is amazing.
Anonymous  – 2012-10-01

  she said yes!
Signature cut was worth every penny
brice, knoxville TN  – 2012-10-01

  She was ecstatic to say the least...
It was absolutely beautiful, this ring made some of the rings i looked at with the teal box look bad.
Joseph D., O FALLON MO  – 2012-09-25

  Very happy with the ring. Appraised at double what I paid for it!
Excellent selection and the price is WAY cheaper than retail stores. The only issue is that it is hard to tell brilliance, fire, and sintillation from cut information and there are no photos of the diamons like on James Allen. Blue Nile would significantly benefit from following suit.
Quentin, Coquitlam BC  – 2012-09-24

Beautiful but arrived the day after it was scheduled to arrive - not a big deal but a little annoying.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-24

  She LOVES her engagement ring!
I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone shopping for an engagement ring or other jewelery.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-24

  Met my expectations
It is beautiful and it met all of my expectations. All my friends who have seen the ring have commented on how beautiful it is.

The ring was everything I was hoping for. She loves it! It sparkles so much it's like glitter.
Doug, Midland GA  – 2012-09-21

  Engagement ring
Very fast and prompt service, no pressure whatsoever. Got the diamond appraised locally and turned out to be exactly what we paid for.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-19

My wife's birthday is in September. Knowing her preference for elegant simplicity made it frustrating for me trying to find her a diamond ring, with her birthstone, in a style to suit her taste.

I visited many local jewelery stores and even more online jewelers, finding only diamond rings that were far to gaudy.

Then I looked at the selections from Blue Nile and found their half-carat Classic Pear Shaped Sapphire Engagement Ring in silver gold.

We've been married for 22 years, but when I gave her this birthday present the joy on her face was that of the girl that I asked to marry me 22 years ago. Thank you Blue Nile for the perfect diamond ring for my wife.

Douglas O. Hillsboro, OR
Douglas, Hillsboro OR  – 2012-09-19

  The perfect engagement ring!
Just what I was looking for and what my fiance wanted. My fiance has an active, outdoors job and personality-wise is not one for extravagance . This ring fits perfectly with its simple, yet beautiful design. There have been many comments from family and friends about the amazing sparkle the diamond has, and I have to agree!
Anonymous  – 2012-09-18

  Was not sure what to expect...
Hi, After a steep learning curve I felt I had purchased a fairly nice gem. However I was curious to see if our local jewelers agreed. They both spent a long time looking at the stone. One proposed to me (in front of my wife), the other insured it at over 4X the purchase price. Neither had ever seen a diamond of this quality. My happy wife and I thank you!
Robert, Sherwood Park AB  – 2012-09-16

A brilliant nearly flawless diamond that has had people saying "WOW"
Paul K, SOUTHAMPTON NY  – 2012-09-13

She loved it and I know that I wasn't going to find a similar diamond for the same price. I really tried to find a similar or better diamond at every place I could think of and I couldn't.
Jeremiah, Houston TX  – 2012-09-13

  She said YES and won't take it off!!!
I am soooo glad I saved the money and purchased from Blue Nile. My girlfriend at the time (no fiance, thanks BN) said yes with no hesitation!!! I was a half size off on her finger and the only issue is she doesn't want to take it off to get it sized correctly because she loves it so much!! I couldn't be happier with the cost, customer service, and quality of the ring. Thank you Blue Nile!!!
Matthew, North Tonawanda NY  – 2012-09-13

  She's loves it!
Respectfully, I got what I paid for.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-12

  She absolutely loved it and thinks I spent a fortune :)
Nile Signature Diamond are outstanding value for money.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-12

  Beautiful Diamond
A beautiful diamond, as advertised.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-12

  Beautiful Engagement Ring
Ring is absolutely beautiful! Ring appraised at much more than I paid at Blue Nile. I would highly recommend. Don't let the brick and mortar stores fool you, compare the 4 C's!
Nathan, Eagleville PA  – 2012-09-11

  She loves this ring!
The diamond along with the platinum petite pate engagement ring that I purchased from Blue Nile is absolutely stunning! The entire process, from speaking to a representative, to choosing the ring, to shipping was flawless. She absolutely loves the ring and continues to get comments about how much it sparkles. I was a little wary at first over the width of the petite ring, but it is perfect (and makes the diamond look bigger). I would definitely recommend purchasing a ring off blue nile. Not only is the experience exceptional, but the value is second to none.
Kennon A., LITTLE ROCK AR  – 2012-09-11

  Stone was better than expected.
Blue Nile Service, purchasing experience, and product exceeded our expectation. Fantastic company and the best pricing around. We are totally satisfied. Thanks and Great Job Blue Nile.
Robert, AUSTIN TX  – 2012-09-10

  loves the diamond, but not the setting
extremely satisfied with the brightness and fire of the diamond. Looks big, though only 0.34ct.

but the pendant setting is dark compared with my other 18k white gold and the classic solitaire setting is not stylish and delicate as my other solitaire settings.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-10

The diamond was better than I had imagined. Definitely worth it!
Anonymous  – 2012-09-06

Incredibly high qualify diamond.
Salvatore, Clinton Twp MI  – 2012-09-06

The stone was fantastic. Amazing clarity, and an astounding price compared to local stores.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-05

Where else can you buy a Ideal cut E/IF round brilliant diamond with a grading certificate and the GIA.The grading certificate seals the deal, the optical symmetry analysis on these quality signature ideal diamonds, lets you know you got what you paid for. eliminating buyers remorse. thank you blue nile.
Anonymous  – 2012-09-02

  She loves her ring.
The diamond we selected was beautiful and exceeded our expectations by far.
nelson, mississauga ON  – 2012-08-31

  She loved it
Just what I thought it would be perfect
michael, winchester VA  – 2012-08-30

Diamond looks very nice
Igor, Calgary AB  – 2012-08-29

Looks fantastic and everyone is impressed! A local jeweler even apprasied it at a higher grade than it actually is.
Anonymous  – 2012-08-28

  I love this set!
My signature cut solitaire diamond is gorgeous with the white gold band. The stone sparkles so brightly, enhanced by the delicate .38 eternity ring in platinum.
Nancey, Gassville AR  – 2012-08-27

  We both love the ring - never thought I would love a ring
The right cut really makes all the difference. Go for quality not size, and don't compromise on the cut. The signature cut makes the .75 carat look really big. The sparkles and light reflections are incredible. Thank you for amazing customer service - Lesley in Dublin was really helpful, insightful and friendly.
Anonymous  – 2012-08-27

I am very pleased with my Blue Nile diamond and I had it put in a setting from a local jewelry store.It turned out beautifully. All who have seen it agree that it is exquisite!

Thank you!
Anonymous  – 2012-08-24

As expected.
Anonymous  – 2012-08-22

  Great diamond, just she felt it was a bit pricy for the size.
Beautiful diamond. Looked lovely and had great performance. Sadly returned it due to a) I picked wrong priority of clarity over size. b) Premium $s for signature diamonds may or may not be as important to others. Overall, still a very good diamond. Did however wish could be sent pictures of diamonds before purchase. Return policy however is excellant!
Anonymous  – 2012-08-16

It is good and meet my expectation
Anonymous  – 2012-08-15

  She wanted it so much!
Very nice peace, thank for such Amazing service!
Anonymous  – 2012-08-14

  She loved the ring, a lot :)
Signature cut diamonds are not cheap, but a comparable one (i.e. similar GIA report) costs 50% more in stores like Tiffany and Cartier. At the end of the day, and thanks to universally accepted measurement/quality parameters and recognized labs like GIA and AGS, a diamond is a commodity. So why pay Cartier $18K for a 1 carat diamond with the same color, clarity and cut sold by Blue Nile for $11K?

Anonymous  – 2012-08-13

  Still going to wait a while to ask her :)
Just as the two jewelry experts from Blue Nile who saw the ring I was interested in said when they were helping with the overall design.. I can sum the ring up in just 4 words.. Very Unique and Stunning! The overnight shipping from Fed Ex took a couple days longer, however because of the weekend. It was supposed to come Friday some time, but came the following Monday Afternoon.. This was a mistake on the part of the Fed Ex delivery service.
Michael, WHITE PINE MI  – 2012-08-11

  she loved the ring!
Blue Nile's prices are very competitive - even compared to people I know in the industry. More importantly 1) the service is excellent; staff is knowledgeable on phone and chat and 2) speedy service; next day delivery on a custom ring - cant beat that. 3) Very informative web site - i knew nothing about diamonds before starting my research and now i def. know basics.
Bill G., WHIPPANY NJ  – 2012-08-07

This diamond is beautiful stunning to look at and amazing value for money.
Anonymous  – 2012-08-06

  we loves the diamond.
cheap but high quality.
Hailong, Brookfield IL  – 2012-08-06

  Great customer service and great company to deal with
I can't say enough about how great my experience was. It could have been a disaster. The first ring I was sent was stolen. When it arrived, there was no ring in the box. The box had been tampered with and the ring removed. I immediately called customer service. Within 3 days I had a ring to replace the one that was stolen. This is a fantastic group of people, and I would definitely buy from them again.
John, FRISCO TX  – 2012-07-26

  Brilliant and beautiful
It's brilliance and beauty was astounding. I saw pictures of the diamond ring but was more impressed when I received it in person. It was also a huge hit with my fiance who could not take her eyes off of it.
Anonymous  – 2012-07-25

I am satisfied with Blue Nile product and customer service.
Anonymous  – 2012-07-25

  Took her breath away...
I elected to go with an E color flawless diamond. The ring and stone looked spectacular when I viewed them online and it took her breath away when I presented it to her. The sparkle from the diamond is only exceeded by her smile!!! We will be ordering the matching wedding band in a few months.
Kevin, Kirkland WA  – 2012-07-23

  Got her my engagement ring diamond
Gorgeous stone, for a remarkable price. It was a great buy. I will definitely buy from Blue Nile again.
Maxim, Montreal QC  – 2012-07-18

The diamond was very good. However, when I first got it, I thought it was an SI2 clarity grade and was shocked at the inclusions. Then took it to a jeweler and they said it was just dirt. It would be great if Blue Nile cleaned the diamond prior to shipment as I would have returned a perfectly fine diamond due to perceived inclusions.
Anonymous  – 2012-07-17

The ring I purchased was everything the website promised. I am extremely pleased with the quality and service provided by blue Nile.
Ronald, Baltimore MD  – 2012-07-16

  Loose diamond
I wasn't sure what to expect ordering a loose diamond. I thought it would come in a little ziploc baggie. Much to my surprise, it came in a "metal" ring setting in a beautiful wooden box! The diamond has lots of sparkle and looks beautiful in my grandmother's ring!
Kristine, Dell Rapids SD  – 2012-07-14

  Stunning brilliance
The diamond was better than I expected, the packaging, the box, the setting, the documentation, where all very well put together and made any lingering doubts about buying a diamond online disappear! She was blown away and over a week later I still catch her looking at it and smiling! The stone is so brilliant and shines and sparkles like nothing we saw in the stores. The Signature Cut makes this diamond look bigger than it actually is, she said it's a "across the room diamond", I think that means she likes it!

Beautiful ring, the princess diamond is amazing, the diamonds in the petite cathedral pave setting are smaller than what they look in the pictures.
Anonymous  – 2012-07-13

excellent, I would definitely buy the product of BN again! My fiancee likes it very much!
Haodong, Philadelphia PA  – 2012-07-11

  Love my new ring!
I am really pleased with my princess cut ring and also the wedding ring purchased with it!
Anonymous  – 2012-07-10

I wanted to get a very special engagement ring, and this one sparkles beautifully in every lighting scenario.
Mark, Austin TX  – 2012-07-10

My fiance loved it. It was the perfect diamond in terms of cut and color
Helen, ELK GROVE CA  – 2012-07-09

Very bright and sparkly.The diamond looks like a little piece of sun!
Anonymous  – 2012-07-04

The quality of the diamonds are second to none. I chose Blue Nile as the place to purchase the engagement ring for my now fiance based on a recommendation from a close friend. I was skeptical at first but I sincerely trusted his word and the reputation that Blue Nile has. She was beyond thrilled with the ring. The ring even received some heavy praise from a family friend who happens to be an executive with Tiffany's. His exact words were, "I know quality when I see it, and that is a great diamond." I could not have been more pleased with my experience.
BRYAN, SUCCASUNNA NJ  – 2012-07-02

  Can not stop staring at the ring
Loved the selection, process and the result. Amazing ring that you can not find anywhere.
Matthew E, Ambler PA  – 2012-06-28

Michael, Canadensis PA  – 2012-06-26

  She can' take her eyes off it!
My experience with Blue Nile was great. I used the build your own option and had the prefect ring assembled in no time. The Signature Asscher Diamond and setting blew her mind with their beaming brilliance. My fiance can't take her eyes off it. My only regret is not getting her exact size before hand because now she will have to part with it for a week to have it re-sized. I'll will definitely be using Blue Nile for future jewelry purchases thanks to their fair prices and quality.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-26

Jonathan, CAMP PENDLETON CA  – 2012-06-25

  She thinks it is wonderful, and feels like a princess
Absolutely fantastic and beautiful! Could not have found something exactly like it in a traditional jewelry store, as they often have very little variety to offer at any given time.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-24

  She loves the ring!
The ring is exceptionally sparkly due to the signature cut. I would have selected a higher grade color and clarity, but was in a hurry due to the timeline I was on to propose. She didn't want me to return it for a higher quality diamond so I suppose that it's good enough!
Joaquin, MERCER ISLAND WA  – 2012-06-22

  Unique Ring for My Unique Girlfr....FIANCE!
My fiance, and most women out there love things that sparkle. This diamond, and the setting, did not disappoint. I was very cautious and took my time in deciding on a stone but am extremely pleased with the results. The stone and setting appraised at a higher than paid value. Do your research, narrow down your searches, and then call customer service if you have questions, they're great! Oh! Did I mention the sparkle?
Anonymous  – 2012-06-21

Beautiful diamond! She said yes, and loves it!

  Good experience, lovely ring.
I bought the ring as a gift for myself. The consultants I spoke with were very helpful and advised getting the Signature cut. I think it was the right choice for me.
Patricia L, Redding CA  – 2012-06-20

When it arrived and I opened the box it just sparkled. So many times today girls chose the really large diamonds and although some are beautiful I was so appreciative of your representative who guided us to a smaller diamond of better quality. I am so happy with the ring and everyone who has seen it has commented on the beauty of the ring. Keep in mind this ring is for my daughter and I was helping my future son in law pick the ring.
Ronald Z, San Jose CA  – 2012-06-19

  More bigger than image
The service is great, good package,easy access to customer representative.the size is not proper, then they give me resize free although I need to pay one-way shipping.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-19

I was not dissapointed with the Signature diamond I bought. It was exceptional. There was lots of useful documentation and information provided with it and the assistance provided to me during the purchases was top class.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-19

  I know she will love it!
Took the ring to multiple jewelers in the Bay Area and they really praised the cut of the diamond. I was confused between Round and Princess shapes, but I figured Princess Signature Ideal Cut from Blue Nile was really exclusive. Although the sparkle from the top is relatively less compared to an equivalent Round Signature Ideal Cut, exclusivity factor of Princess Signature Ideal won the deal in my case!
Anonymous  – 2012-06-14

Ring looks absolutely stunning
Andrew, Boston MA  – 2012-06-11

  BEAUTIFUL ring and great team of people
Ill admit that I was skeptical at first about buying an engagement ring online, but I honestly couldn't be any happier! The whole process has been amazing, next day shipping, they put "compliance office" on the package so the now Fiance wouldn't be suspicious and I also had to get it resized, which was also such an easy process. The setting and diamond are beautiful. I was not able to find a setting that was simple, yet elegant, and the petit trellis was perfect. She was shocked and can't stop staring... Very happy and luck man
Josh, Norwalk CT  – 2012-06-08

  She loved the ring more than I thought she would. Perfect pictures online, even flawless in person.
This diamond is far better than I thought. You would think that any diamond would do but whenever my bride-to-be compares her handpicked diamond to her friends', some much larger in size, the size is where the comparisons ended. Unless they were colorless with a signature cut, the brightness of light and the continuous bling coming from this ring always out shined the others and the colorlessness of it made the other rings yellow instead of clear. This ring is perfect.
Marcus, Centerville GA  – 2012-06-07

  She hasn't received it yet.
I was very impressed with the sparkling of the diamond. I had not appreciated that there could be such variety.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-07

  She loves it!
By far some of the best service I have received! Thank you for being such a great place to come to for important decisions.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-05

  Blue Nile customer for life!
The signature diamond from Blue Nile was the right decision. The quality and price far surpassed anything I could find in a retail store. I highly recommend doing your research like I did then I think you'll come to the same conclusion I did. Blue Nile is the only way to go. PS. She said yes!
Samuel, Kent WA  – 2012-06-05

  She loved it!
The diamond is beautiful! It also comes with all the proper paperwork, and is priced very competitively! It worked out very well with the setting I chose and the fact that it arrived the next day was perfect!
Yuriy, Needham MA  – 2012-06-04

As a medical student, I was on a very tight budget. So I did my research and found out what made a diamond great. I spent a few days looking in stores here and there, finally I looked online and came across Blue Nile. Not only did I get a better diamond according to the 4-C's but I got it for about $800 less then the one I had picked out in a local store. She absolutely loved the diamond, and with the next day shipping and 30 day return policy, you can't go wrong with Blue Nile
Christopher, Omaha NE  – 2012-06-04

  She loves her e-ring!
It arrived quickly. She is very excited and happy with it. she says its perfect!
Anonymous  – 2012-06-03

Wife loves diamond ring. Purchase was easy, resize easy and prompt. Excellent service. Totally satisfied - thank you.
JAMES, Peace Dale RI  – 2012-06-03

  Perfect fit
The diamond exceeded all expectations.
Anonymous  – 2012-06-01

  Met all my expectations
My girlfriend, now fiance provided me a list of 10 rings to choose from. I said that if I'm going to expect a high quality of a ring, I would like her to chose "the one" that she liked most. After we received it, it was nothing short of amazing.
Paul, Hattiesburg MS  – 2012-06-01

  She LOVES the ring!
The diamond was beautiful. It's exactly what I was looking for. Everyone comments on how much it sparkles, which of course she loves!
Anonymous  – 2012-05-30

  The ring is perfect
The diamond is great looking, the signiture cut grade takes all of the guess work out of selecting a stone, especially because it is online.
Anonymous  – 2012-05-27

  Amazing, beautiful diamond!
I previously bought a diamond ring with out regard to the cut. I thought it was fine until I saw this one. Simply amazing.
Marshall M. Birkey, Oak Park IL  – 2012-05-25

  Couldn't have been better.
Perfect selection. Perfect service. Perfect delivery. Perfect ring!
Peter, Anchorage AK  – 2012-05-22

  She loves her ring and keeps looking down at how it sparkles.
Absolutely beautiful. The photos and reports were accurate. The process was easy and the price was outstanding. She loves her ring and keeps looking down at how it sparkles.
Anonymous  – 2012-05-22

  Signature Diamond Met All Expectations
Beautiful diamond! Couldn't be more thrilled. Customer service was fantastic and the return policy gave us peace of mind.
Anonymous  – 2012-05-21

  Far Beyond Expectations
Absolutely beautiful ring -- diamond and setting both sparkled to a degree I didn't think was possible. With the GIA certification, I knew what I was buying was the same quality as in a retail location, but at (quite literally) a fraction of the cost. Highly recommend Blue Nile.
Christopher, New York NY  – 2012-05-15

  Amazing ring and amazing service
Gorgeous princess cut and setting. Looks better in person than in the picture if you can believe it. My fiance loves the ring and hates taking it off.
Anonymous  – 2012-05-15

  She was like WOW!!!!!
The diamond was amazing and the price extremely reasonable. I did some research at other jewelry dealers for a price comparison and they wanted at least double Blue Nile's price. Definitely plan on buying again from here.
Anonymous  – 2012-05-09

  The ring was gorgeous!
The diamond is gorgeous. It was exactly as selected. BN sent not only the original GIA grading paperwork, but ultimately an appraisal of the ring as well.

I was impressed at the speed and quality of the purchase.
Anonymous  – 2012-05-09

The signature cut diamond is absolutely gorgeous. She loves the ring and says that she is not willing to trade off the fabulous cut with more karat. Also, the customer service is responsive. I will definitely come back next time.
Zicheng, Storrs CT  – 2012-05-08

We got exactly what we were looking for. Thank you Blue Nile!
Meha K, SUGAR LAND TX  – 2012-05-08

  Beautiful ring, faultless service
Due to a large IT disruption at the courier level, the ring could not fly from Dublin in time. Brenda and Tia decided to fly over themselves with the ring to deliver it in hands. Impressed. Not to mention the ring which looks much better than on the website pictures (I highly recommend the setting). As you guessed, she is extremely pleased!
Thomas, London UK  – 2012-05-07

  Exceptional diamond
The ring is beautiful and the diamond was independently appraised for much more than we paid for it- even the jeweler said it was an exceptional diamond!
Sean, Ft. McMurray AB  – 2012-05-01

  Gorgeous and Remarkable Diamond
Beautiful, a remarkable diamond that looks so much better in person then it does through the internet. My new fiancee loved the ring.
Della J, Little River SC  – 2012-04-30

  She fell in love with the ring.
Buying the engagement ring from Blue Nile was an entirely pleasant experience. The selection was fantastic, the company communicated clearly, and the service was unparalleled. I would recommend this avenue for purchasing engagement rings to anyone.
David, Phoenix AZ  – 2012-04-30

  Amazing Diamond!
My signature diamond from Blue Nile exceeded all of my expectations! It is simply amazing!
Alexander, Midlothian VA  – 2012-04-30

  She Loves It!
The diamond was as expected. Great brilliance, color, clarity & quality. She loves it, and was impressed!
Anonymous  – 2012-04-29

  Beautiful Diamond!
The ring is absolutely beautiful! I was very hesitant about ordering a diamond online but I'm so glad I did. It far exceeds my expectations.
Pamela L, Miramar FL  – 2012-04-26

  She loved the ring
She was surprised and loved the ring. We are planning on purchasing our wedding rings through Blue Nile.
Jared, Chandler AZ  – 2012-04-20

  Duh, she said yes!
I couldn't stop looking at the ring after I received it. Truly magnificent!
Chris, SILVER SPRING MD  – 2012-04-19

  My wife can't stop showing off her new ring!
This was my first Signature diamond purchase and my wife and I can not be happier. I specifily choose this diamond because it had all the characteristics I was looking for and my wife loved the brilliantance. We will do business again soon!
Maria O, ALEXANDRIA VA  – 2012-04-19

Really beautiful and sparkly diamond
Yeang (Allan), London United Kingdom  – 2012-04-18

  Simply stunning !
Stunning ring and diamond, my (now) fiancee was breatlhess. Customer service was top notch too, we had the ring resized in a week!(living in Canada)
Sylvain, Quebec City QC  – 2012-04-17

  Great quality and price
The quality and price are unmatched. Very happy with the diamond and ring.
William M., MINNEAPOLIS MN  – 2012-04-16

  Ring is perfect
The ring was just what i was expecting it arrived on time And customer service was very helpfully. The ring is much more beautiful that anticipated.
Anonymous  – 2012-04-15

  Very happy with this purchase!
We are very happy with the appearance of this stone. Blue Nile provided excellent service. We are completely satisfied and would go with Blue Nile again. For the same money, we would have ended up with a lower quality stone from the jewelry stores at the mall.
Anonymous  – 2012-04-13

Item is as described. Prompt and reliable service.
Anonymous  – 2012-04-12

  Setting was beautiful, diamond was a bit underwhelming
Setting was beautiful, diamond was a bit underwhelming. She loved it though and said yes, so I can't really complain!
Xeth, Scottsdale AZ  – 2012-04-12

  She was truly shocked, in a pleasant way.
Excellent cut with all the sparkle I had expected. Brilliant.
Anonymous  – 2012-04-11

  I love the engagement ring!!!
Love it! The signature ideal princess cut is flawless! Absolutely a right choice of blue niel diamond.
Yolanda, Moscow ID  – 2012-04-10

  She loved the ring.
Beautiful ring. most importantly, she loved it.
Anonymous  – 2012-04-09

  High Quality at a Great Price
The signature diamond is the way to go at blue nile. The cut really does make the diamond and the signature stone that I chose (F,VS1) shows absolutely beautifully. I got engaged last night and my fiancee cannot stop looking into the ring.

The inclusion was exactly where the reports said it was, and is only visible under magnification at the right angle. Nearly flawless stone that could be a VVS1 through other vendors
Philip, Cambridge MA  – 2012-04-05

  Great all around experience: she loved it!
Amazing ring: very happy with the result. Blue Nile was fast, EXTREMELY customer responsive. I am very happy with Blue Nile
Anonymous  – 2012-04-02

  she loved her ring
Exceptional professional service and selection I couldn't believe how easy the operator made it to make a purchase and answer my questions and how professional everyone was I would highly recommend all my friends and family to shop Blue Nile first thank you for making our special day unforgettable. JC
Jason, EUGENE OR  – 2012-03-31

She absolutely loved the diamond! You really get what you pay for...we can't find a type of lighting that it -doesn't- sparkle in!
Derrick, Salem OR  – 2012-03-30

  couldn't ask for more
I was worried having not seen it in person until it was delivered but the diamond and ring were perfect, much better quality than anything I'd seen in stores.
Sean, Marco Island FL  – 2012-03-30

  She is going to love this ring!
I really enjoyed the brightness of this diamond. Such a great price!! I was so pleased!
Shaun, Aylett VA  – 2012-03-30

  Oh yeah!
The education Blue Nile provided helped me select a high quality stone to purchase, ensuring a definite "yes" when I ask her to marry me.
Anonymous  – 2012-03-29

  She said Yes
Great Ring. Arrived the next day after I ordered. Great customer service. Exceptional Service altogether.
Anonymous  – 2012-03-27

diamond was loose in the setting.
RONALD, SAN DIEGO CA  – 2012-03-26

  The Ring was beautiful!
She said yes...that's what matters most. However everyone that has seen the ring thinks its beautiful and my bride to be loved it!
Naitik, Tinley Park IL  – 2012-03-22

  She loved the ring! She said she stared at it most of the day.
The diamond was exactly what blue Nile said it was, simply priceless and at an incredible price. I could not have made a better choice then buying from blue Nile.
Trevor, Rochester MN  – 2012-03-21

  Beautiful diamond at an incredible value!
You don't need to worry about buying online... My signature cut round diamond was BEAUTIFUL and my now-fiance absolutely adores it! You won't believe how much it sparkles in the sunlight... And at a fraction of what you would pay at a retail jeweler shop!
Ryan, Loma Linda CA  – 2012-03-21

  She said yes!
The diamond is exceptional, the ring is exceptional - it exceeded my very high expectations!
Anonymous  – 2012-03-16

Anonymous  – 2012-03-15

Perfect diamond just what I wanted Bueatiful !!
Oleg, DELTA JUNCTION AK  – 2012-03-15

The ring was perfect in every way
Anonymous  – 2012-03-15

This is the first time I have ever purchased something this expensive online. I could not have been more pleased with the diamond ring but even more than that the service I received. Blue Nile is second to none. All they cared about was for me to be happy and they truly did that. It was a tremendous value and I WILL do business with them again.
Don, OKLAHOMA CITY OK  – 2012-03-15

Diamond is exceptional. Setting is ok, when you look the ring itself under a 20x hand lens there are obvious flaws.
Anonymous  – 2012-03-14

  She loves her diamond ring
As I had never purchased diamond jewellery I found the buying guide on the web-site extremely useful. This helped me to buy a ring which when it arrived exceeded my expectations.
Anonymous  – 2012-03-14

  She likes her ring
The diamond looks fantastic but the band is so small you can't even see the engraving that I paid for .
Thomas F., LITTLETON MA  – 2012-03-13

Beautiful. It sparkles like crazy. I maximized Cut, Sym, Polish and (minimized) fluorescence and then shot in the middle with the rest. It worked out well. I spent over my budget. 1.3 is pretty big but not much different (+2mm in diameter?) than 1.1. Also, where do I upgrade to? It looks like a ringpop at >=1.6. She is so happy and as silly as it sounds, her friends are excited and approved (its important).
Anonymous  – 2012-03-13

  She loved the ring
This diamond is so much more extrordaniry than anything I have seen at the stores. I cannot even find a VS range diamond in the store and when I asked about the cut, lab report, etc they did not have the answers. You can trust a GIA diamond and you can trust a signature ideal diamond especially for maximum brilliance and fire. For your information, the cut is the most important of the four C's no matter what the sales people tell you. For this reason, a signature ideal is the only way to go. Thank you Blue Nile for a great experience. The people on the phone are truly experts.
Richard, St. Johns NF  – 2012-03-12

the stone and the selected setting were an amazing match!
Anonymous  – 2012-03-12

  She loves and treasures her ring!
She says her ring is "absolutely perfect"! The staff on the hotline were extremely patient and helptful in assiting me with this purchase. Thanks!
Dimitri, SAN MARCOS TX  – 2012-03-12

  She couldn't stop looking at it.
The diamond was very sparkly, it took the light well, and she couldn't take her eyes off of it.
Dan, Camden DE  – 2012-03-09

Love the ring!!
Anonymous  – 2012-03-08

It looks amazing!!!!
Anonymous  – 2012-03-08

  Best diamond that I could find!
I bought from blue nile because I could not find this quality of diamond at my local stores. Even the others' "ideal cut" was not as good. This rock sparkles nomatter what - even in the dark it catches my eye as it sparkles from glimpse of light.
Hendrik, MINNEAPOLIS MN  – 2012-03-07

  Exceptional service from Blue Nile
The entire experience, from designing the ring to seeing it in person, was great. Changes I made post-order were made with excellent customer service and shipping was fast. The ring is beautiful and the diamond is exactly as it is documented, absolutely stunning. My soon to be wife is ecstatic!
Anonymous  – 2012-03-05

  She love the ring!
great 4 C
Anonymous  – 2012-03-05

Ring came on time and wowed her! Everyone has commented on her ring, and how amazing it is.
Ronald L., HAMPTON VA  – 2012-03-02

  By far...the best!
I have been shopping for an engagement ring for several months. Generally, all the stores were in the same ball park to price and quality. I found the website by accident really, just doing research. What I found was refreshing and enlightening. A better quality at a much better price with a better guarantee. It has been a month and we're still looking at it like kids in a candy store. I have yet to find the rings equal. Thank you!
Jess, Virginia Beach VA  – 2012-03-02

Simply perfect.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-28

  She loves the diamond...
Slightly expensive.
Kent, Chicago IL  – 2012-02-27

  I love my new ring
It is just awesome
Marian, Cody WY  – 2012-02-27

  Little gem!
Beautiful princess cut diamond and excellent service! Delivery came as expected and I saved A 100's in comparison to High Street prices
Vishal, Essex null  – 2012-02-27

I thought the diamond was absolutely beautiful and the customer service knowledgeable and curtious.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-27

I was skeptical at first about purchasing a diamond online without getting a look at it in person. But after visiting the local shops in my town.. and comparing the pricing information with the specifications of the diamonds... I couldn't make myself pay the same amount of money for an inferior diamond at the local shops. I1/I2 SI1/SI2 was basically the main options I found locally.

For the same price I got a signature round diamond F color VVS1 diamond from here. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! SO BRILLIANT! Truly amazing. My wife loved it and said YES :) !

I recommend you go with a signature cut and decrease the size of the carat... cut is definitely worth it!

Overnight delivery was also a plus!

Joao Paulo, Bradenton FL  – 2012-02-26

The diamond was even more beautiful than any I had seen in jewelry stores within our price range.
Nicole B, Bohemia NY  – 2012-02-24

Beautiful ring. Thanks
Anonymous  – 2012-02-24

Anonymous  – 2012-02-24

I had a few diamonds to choose from.When I received the diamond, I was thrilled. The stone was unique, especially since it was an ideal cut. This is my first stone for my wife in 10 years and the overall experience with blue nile was exceptional
Unnikrishna B., FLUSHING NY  – 2012-02-23

  The shine catches the eye!
The stone looked amazing on her delicate fingers and she absolutely loved it!
ASM, Toronto ON  – 2012-02-23

  Well worth all the planning and research!
I must have looked at diamonds everyday for two years before I finally made a purchase. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and I definitely found it. This diamond is the perfect blend of quality and price, and I couldn't have been happier at my fiance's reaction. She receives compliments daily, and I catch her staring at it even months after proposing. It's true about the cut being the most important aspect of the diamond, as this having a Signature Ideal cut makes it appear larger than it is due to the sparkle.
Andrew M, EVANS GA  – 2012-02-23

Stunning diamond! Much nicer than i expected! She loved it. :)
Anonymous  – 2012-02-22

  big purchase but worth it completely
the diamond was just as advertised and was awesome. She loves it and everyone keeps commenting on the fire on it.
Edward, OTTAWA ON  – 2012-02-20

  She said
While I wanted to buy at Tiffany's, my research indicated that while it'd be a nice ring, the cost would be higher b/c of the name brand. So as I'm a fan of the net, I did a good amount of research online at BlueNile, which allowed me to compare prices and all. The reason I went the net route is that having visited local jewelry stores with my mom, not a single diamond jumped out, saying buy me. So while I know choosing a diamond is important, and that it should totally be in sync with you, since I was finding deals on the net, the feeling of the one in terms of a diamond didn't hit me. Anyhow, after a good amount of research, I was pleasantly surprised by the deal on BlueNile. After finding a few, my mom told me to really get a flaw free diamond, and I was super lucky to find a IF-clarity ring, and I jumped on it. I received it a day after placing the order, and we just got it looked at a local jewelry store. They said it's absolutely perfect, and that I did a really good job!
Shankar, BETHESDA MD  – 2012-02-19

  Perfect diamond!
Got the signature cut, D color, Internally flawless diamond.She absolutely loved it! Sparkle wherever she went.
Cary, Arlington VA  – 2012-02-19

The diamond I received was exactly what I wanted and nothing short of perfect!
John, Hampton VA  – 2012-02-18

Very pleased with the prices and quick turnaround!
Anonymous  – 2012-02-18

  she was amazed at the quality
The ring is stunning. She was very impressed, enough to say yes
Anonymous  – 2012-02-17

  She loves the ring!!!
Exceptional brilliance ---could see the sparkle from across the room. Repeat Blue Nile family purchasers, and will continue to be!!
Carol, Beacon Falls CT  – 2012-02-17

  Unmatched quality for the price.
I was able to get a beautiful diamond for a great price and not have to compromise on the setting or sidestones. Very satisfied with my purchase.
Scott, Richmond VA  – 2012-02-16

The Signature Princess Diamond had a great sparkle to them. It shows off amazingly in the light, and my fiancee was extremely excited about the quality of the ring.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-16

  Simply beautiful!
The ring is great! Just as I wanted it - simply beautiful!
?????????, ????? null  – 2012-02-16

  She loves the engagement ring
This engagement ring was esquisite. She absolutely loves it.
Nicholas, Niles OH  – 2012-02-15

  Good diamond, but didn't make the cut
we compared a diamond with this signature cut and found that the diamond that Blue Nile was offering wasn't cut as fine as you would have expected. the other thing that we noticed was that the diamond was not as clear as the one we compared it to even though is was rated to be higher (VS1 vs VS2). Also, it would be nice to have actual pictures of the diamonds online to view the diamonds before purchasing them.
James, Lacey WA  – 2012-02-13

The signature ideal is perfect choice
Anonymous  – 2012-02-13

  Sparkles in the dark
Nothing but compliments on the ring and diamond - everyone is amazed at how it sparkles, even in low lighting. People with serious taste and style love it.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-11

The diamond was beautiful and everything Blue Nile said it would be. I highly recommend Blue Nile for your diamond purchase. The consultants were accomodating and knowledgeable.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-09

  Beautiful ring, great buying experience
The ring is beautiful and Blue Nile provided a great buying experience. I ended up going with one of the Signature Ideal Cut diamonds and I have no regrets. The stone is absolutely stunning. She also gets a lot of complements on the setting. According to her friends I have "great taste." Which I think just means I spent too much...
Troy, NEWPORT BEACH CA  – 2012-02-09

It looks great and was much cheaper than similar diamonds I saw elsewhere.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-09

  She was overcome with tears!
A most beautiful stone! I am very pleased with the diamond and the platinum ring setting. Using the sophisticated Blue Nile "Build Your Own Diamond" application, selecting a diamond with the precise parameters I desired was very easy.
George Matthew, Little Rock AR  – 2012-02-08

  It was exactly what she wanted!!
Great service, good value and amazing service. It was exactly what I envisioned and she loved IT!
Michael, Toronto ON  – 2012-02-06

  She can't quit saying,
The diamond was every thing, & more than, they said it was....absolutely beautiful!
stan, tucson AZ  – 2012-02-06

  She said it was perfect!
The diamond was beautiful! FiancAc absolutely loved it and has received many comments on how much it sparkles. Very pleased with my purchase. Shipped fast and looked like the photos.
Eric, Martinsville IL  – 2012-02-06

  BN Signature Round Diamonds are Sparkly & Addictive!
THANK YOU! Staff: amazing, especially Ed T., a BN supervisor. My husband had me select the diamond. Jim Kramer/ CNBC, gave BN a thumbs up, & positive reviews gave me security to order from BN.

I chose a simple setting, Signature GIA Cert. Round/ E Color, wanting max.sparkle. The stone: beyond gorgeous! Delivery: on time. The sparkle:addicting! I decided to add 2 side diamonds in the Sig. Round Cut, selecting 2~ D Color sidestones .40 each. I asked Ed T.'s advice on D & E color side by side. He assured me I wouldn't see color difference & about the measurements matching. My phone kept dropping the call. Ed T. extremely impressed me, he kept calling me back to answer my questions & about my return to achieve a 3 stone look. The exchange: perfect. Other great staff: Lindsay, Elizabeth, Claire, Brandon & Mike.

I love this beautiful ring & constantly receive compliments on it. I will buy from Blue Nile again! My gratitude to Ed T., for outstanding customer service!
William, GILBERT AZ  – 2012-02-05

My diamond is amazing! Your selection of diamonds is outstanding, and your prices extremely competitive.
Anonymous  – 2012-02-03

She loves the ring
Srinivasa, East Windsor NJ  – 2012-02-01

  She said she could not have done better herself thanks Blue Nile
Based on the research I was able to do on the Blue Nile website I had certain expectations of what the ring was going to look like, but when I received the ring and opened it up my expectations were greatly exceeded. Hands down the best customer service I have ever had.
Jonathan R., FOLSOM CA  – 2012-02-01

Great experience and exceptional service! Thank You!
Anonymous  – 2012-02-01

  Fantastic Diamond and Setting
Diamond and setting both exceeded expectations! Fantastic customer service and extremely fast!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-31

  Amazing engagement ring!
My Asscher cut diamond and platinum engagement ring is outstanding. This is more diamond than I would have been able to get (both in quality and size) from any local jeweler. To add to that, the ring is flawless, all of the shaping, polishing, and the setting of the diamond into the head are top notch. I have examined this ring in detail and I simply cannot find a single flaw or area of complaint, it is exactly what I was looking for. I would easily have had to pay $500 more for the same caliber ring from any local jeweler.

You have made the online engagement ring shopping experience excellent, and I will surely be returning for future jewelry purchases.
Anonymous  – 2012-01-30

I helped my friend buy an encourage ring. She loves it very much!!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-30

Beautiful stone and setting. Customer service is outstanding. Highly recommended. I will be back.
joe, frankfort NY  – 2012-01-26

  she can't stop smiling
i love it. she loves it. shines like a star in the sky. My fiancAce also loves the comfort fit band and how it shines.
Keoni, kapaa HI  – 2012-01-21

  She still cant take her eyes off of the ring!
This site was very highly recommended to me by a lot of people. From the moment i looked at the rings here compared to the stores, i knew i was in good hands. The ring itself was even better than it looked on the website. Every single one of her friends have not stopped raving about it. Very pleasant experience, and more importantly..she loves it!
Adam, Feasterville PA  – 2012-01-21

  Wonderful diamond, reasonable price
I purchased the signature diamond from Blue Nile and it arrived the next day -- very fast shipping. It was well packed in a big Fedex box (well, it's kind of waste). And the diamond is exceptionally beautiful. It is only 0.3 carat but looks bigger. The color is stunning. My mom likes her bday gift so much. Thanks, Blue Nile! I will definitely come back again. Hope you will have more selections of diamond and cheaper shipping/handling cost.
Mi, Kitchener ON  – 2012-01-19

  "Christmas ring surprise"
a very beautiful diamond, crystal clear and reflects light very nicely. I wanted it to be a surprise for her which could be kind of risky but I knew she didn't want a round diamond so I chose this cut, she absolutely loves this very nice diamond.
Ryan, PUYALLUP WA  – 2012-01-17

  She seems to love the ring and it's helped her very much with the hard times she is facing.
Loved the ring! It doesn't look like everyone else's and your selection was so good it wasn't to hard to find a ring that fit my wife. Thanks!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-17

  Gf will absolutely love it!!
My gf will love it!! Has lots and lots of fire to it!!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-13

  Blue Nile Astonished Us!!
My fiancee and I had been using your website to gain education for choosing a diamond, which was extremely valuable. I was a bit nervous to purchase such a high dollar item online, without actually seeing it. However, the return policy and past purchases, gave me comfort. The help we received from Amber was priceless, she went over and above to ensure us that the ring would be here on time. When I saw the ring, my jaw dropped, it was bigger than I had expected and the sparkle is amazing. It actually sparkles in the dark! I am so glad we went with the Signature cut. My fiancee gets compliments all of the time, most importantly, she said "Yes!!" Thanks Blue Nile - you are the best!!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-13

  Proposal a success.
Diamond and setting were perfect. My then girlfriend (now fiance) loves it. I very was pleased with the wider setting. Shipped in good time. Side note- my credit card delayed shipment seeking authorization for the large purchase. Blue Nile ranks high in my book.
Robert, langhorne PA  – 2012-01-13

  Loved it with doubts
My wife loved it. I have bought couple of Diamonds from Bluenile. I was surprised when I saw the two certificates GIA and GCAL showed different dimensions. I never expected that. I am yet to compare it with a Very Good Cut Diamond so cant say if its value for money. As far as my wife is concerned she was really happy but as a buyer I have doubts.
ATUL, Lawrenceville NJ  – 2012-01-13

It is excellent more than I expected, actually at first I had my doubts about buying the engagement ring online but I think I made the right choice my fianceAc is super happy, she loves it, Ill definitely recommend Blue Nile...
Angel Gustavo, Tijuana AK  – 2012-01-12

  Perfect ring and SUPERIOR customer service
Wow! Beautiful ring--we both love it. AND it seems to look better and better the longer she wears it!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-12

  The ring is perfect for what we were looking for
The center stone is great fit with the is set lower than most, which is what we wanted. The site allowed me to choose that best stone possible based on various characteristics, so even though it is set low, it can be clearly seen from across the room - she loves it!
Benjamin, Richmond VA  – 2012-01-12

  "best diamond i have seen"
I went to many shops around bristol and was not impressed by their choice of diamond clarity or prices. For the same money, I managed to get my partner a grade d (top) colour diamond with signature perfect cut and vs2 clarity....this would have cost me A 1000 more in a high street retailer. the ring came very quickly as promised and has no colour and is the best sparkle i have ever seen! and my girlfriend said yes! (probably because she didn't want to give the ring back)
richard, bristol null  – 2012-01-11

  It was worth the money.
She loves the ring. The diamond sparkles. I am glad I went with the signature cut. It was worth the money.
Craig, Wildwood Crest PA  – 2012-01-10

  So bright I can't look at it in direct sunlight!
This isn't the first time I've bought a diamond but it certainly was the most pleasant. Was I nervous about buying a diamond sight unseen, sure, but Blue Nile's free shipping both ways made the decision easy. I chose a signature cut diamond and was blown away at the brilliance of the stone. I took the diamond to a local jeweler who was trying to earn my business and we looked at the Blue Nile diamond and their diamond, the value for money was no comparison. The Blue Nile signature cut VS1 diamond D color was so much nicer than the competition it wasn't fair. The competitor wanted nearly double what Blue Nile was asking for the same diamond. Although I do feel for the local jeweler in that he can't compete with the low overhead of Blue Nile, I still think that he was just overpriced. I am a consumer and I genuinely appreciate a good value.

I will definitely buy my next diamond through Blue Nile.
Maribel, gilbert AZ  – 2012-01-10

  It's worth it.
I spent a lot of time researching diamonds before my purchase, and I felt as though the Blue Nile Signature series was the best to ensure quality without seeing the diamond. I appreciated the GCAL optical brilliance analysis as it allowed me to select a diamond with an amazing amount of light return. It turned out to be a great decision, as the diamond was brilliant and dazzling in a wide variety of lighting situations. Many people -- including a waitress one night -- have commented on its beauty. Have confidence that the diamond you purchase will not only meet your expectations, it will exceed them.
Mitchell, Bracebridge ON  – 2012-01-10

  Worth it.
Making an expensive purchase, without ever seeing the diamond or the ring in person, is tough to justify at first glance. However, the process was very easy and secure, and I was impressed with the purchase. I would definitely recommend Blue Nile, and am pleased with the the diamond and rings that I bought.
Anonymous  – 2012-01-08

  She love it! Thanks Blue nile!
I went with the Emerald cut!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-07

You get a an extremely high quality diamond for a cost that is unmatched. Compared to mediocre quality diamonds at best from any retail jewelery store which on average charges the same or if not more than Blue Nile .
Wade, Edmonton AB  – 2012-01-07

  She is going be very surprised this year.
It was easy to use the website and purchase process. I was very pleased with the diamond I bought. I plan on using Blue Nile again to purchase jewelry.
David, Lincoln NE  – 2012-01-07

  Bautiful and sparkly
It's a beautiful ring. We went shopping in various stores before deciding to go to Blue Nile. Everyone tells you about the four C's but our experience was that in one store they focused on color and clarity, another focused on cut...carat always being the consumers choice, but Blue Nile was the only place we found that you could get what you wanted in cut, color and clarity. We both love the's beautiful and sparkly. The only drawback we found was the setting selection for the Princess cut diamonds all have cross bars, would have preferred another choice.
Roy, PEMBROKE GA  – 2012-01-07

  Simply beautiful.
The signature round diamond meets our expectation. The cut is brilliant. And I love the fact that blue nile post the delivery date for each individual diamond.
TinTin, Canton MI  – 2012-01-06

  Fantastic ring, fantastic diamond
Selecting the diamond and setting couldn't have been easier. There was an issue with the diamond I chose and Blue Nile went above and beyond to get me a replacement that exceeded my expectations. Fantastic.
Cody, Lafayette CO  – 2012-01-06

She loves the way it shines and hates when she has to take it off!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-05

  The diamond is blinding!
I simply cannot believe how much this diamond sparkles. Even in low light, its brilliance is great lighting, it's hard to look directly at it! Get the Signature Ideal cut, it matters far more than carat size, color, or clarity! The 0.58 ct Signature Ideal cut, F color, SI1 clarity diamond I purchased has been mistaken for 1 carat (appears much larger due to the perfect cut) and has much better brilliance than a $7000 1-ct diamond in a jewelry store I visited. And by the way, yes she said yes!!! :)
Christopher, Woonsocket RI  – 2012-01-05

  Brilliant Diamond
The diamond was stunning...from the second I opened the box to each time I glance at it on her is truly brilliant!!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-04

  Our Signature Round Diamond Engagement Ring is Exquisite
We shopped at various jewlers and also looked at James Allen based on some online reviews. We found that Blue Nile offered the largest selection of diamonds, the most information on their inventory, and great information on how to select a diamond. Their customer service representatives were also extremely helpful. My wife loved the engagement ring and the diamond and we felt we got great value for our money. The ring came in a beautiful lacquered wood box enclosed in a lovely gift box. I was dubious about purchasing a diamond ring on line but now I am a beleiver.
Sidney M, SAMMAMISH WA  – 2012-01-04

  Beautiful ring!
She said she wanted something sparkly, and it fits the bill!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-03

  The ring is beautiful!
At first I thought the diamond and setting were too small. However, when my fiance' put it on it was perfect. The diamond itself is beautiful and she's gotten many unsolicited compliments on the ring.
James, Cedar Grove NJ  – 2012-01-03

  Ring and Diamond greatly exceeded expectations
The diamond and ring were absolutely perfect. The cut was exactly what I was looking for and exceeded all of my expectations.
David, Santa Monica CA  – 2012-01-03

Absolutely stunning, I couldn't have asked for better.
Neil, Glasgow null  – 2012-01-03

The ring was very nice and she loved it, but I'm not very happy with the return process to get it resized. I understand certain steps need to be taken to ship an expensive item, but the return process borders on the absurd. One would think that sending it back in its original packaging would make sense, but apparently common sense flew out the window. Instead I had to go down to a FedEx location and get special packaging to ship it back in. Very disappointing in that regard, but everything else was great.
Anonymous  – 2012-01-03

  She said yes
The diamond was exceptional and exceeded expectations.
Anonymous  – 2012-01-03

  she kept staring at the ring for days...
I was very nervous... not sure if she would like it but she loved it. it's a classic ring, no stones on the side, clean look. at first i wasnt sure, but after i proposed there was a moment while she was getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror (she was wearing her ring of course) that i noticed how much it shined. Right there i knew i got it right after spending so much time thinking about it... it felt great!
Anonymous  – 2012-01-02

  It shines perfectly!
You shouldn't have any doubts about the importance to choose a signature diamond. Its perfect cut will make the diamond shines like no other.
Anonymous  – 2012-01-02

  An improvement she loves!
I was looking for an exceptional diamond to replace her small original engagement solitaire. I was not disappointed. It is spectacular!
Leonard, Buffalo Grove IL  – 2012-01-02

  "It's so sparkly!"
After proposing at a ski resort she said yes! The ring was exactly what she wanted and she couldn't stop staring at it all weekend. The phrase consistently heard over the course of the trip was "it's just so sparkly!" I'm attributing that to the diamond. I was very pleased with my purchase and she absolutely loves it.
Chadd, Bloomington IN  – 2012-01-02

  My wife loves her anniversary gift.
The cut on this diamond is superior, and the sparkle and fire is just amazing. It appears larger than a one carat, and my wife just loves her anniversary gift.
Charles M., NASHVILLE TN  – 2011-12-30

She can't stop looking at her ring and she absolutely loves the way the diamond sparkles in the light.
Benjamin, Shell Beach CA  – 2011-12-29

  The diamond is brilliant!
This diamond is beautiful. She couldn't keep her eyes off of it. The "ideal" cut is highly recommended.
Curtis, Austin TX  – 2011-12-29

Absolutely stunning.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-29

Really an amazing ring! I catch her looking at it all the time. As great as the ring is, the service I received was even better. Thanks Rachel!
Anonymous  – 2011-12-28

  Very Simple
Very impressed with diamond pricing and delivery options.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-27

  really great
all experience was great and bluenile very helpfull
Anonymous  – 2011-12-27

Amazing diamond. The proportions are perfectly square to the eye, wonderful polishing job so the eye sees right past the face and into the diamond. Everything about the diamond is exactly as specified.
Ross, Hewitt TX  – 2011-12-27

  she love it very much, thank you
BO, Gainesville FL  – 2011-12-27


The only way to characterize the diamond, the setting and your customer service. Thank you!
Steven, Longwood FL  – 2011-12-27

  Loves it !!
It was a leap of faith on my part spending a large amount on a diamond ring over the internet, but the ring speaks for itself.
Murray, Kelowna BC  – 2011-12-26

Always a pleasure to shop with u guys
Anonymous  – 2011-12-26

  Very pleased with stunning BN Signature Cut diamond
I was curious about BN's Signature Cut. I ordered a .65, I, VS 2 round and am extremely pleased with it. It's a stunning diamond with beautiful sparkle.

Anonymous  – 2011-12-26

The signature round diamond was spectacular. It exceeded all of my expectations and she was thrilled.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-23

  We're Very Happy With Our Purchase, and How We Were Treated by Your Company!
we got a great price for a beautiful diamond and setting: we would've had to have paid a lot more for the same high quality if we had purchased this at a local jewelery store -- and I have never been in any that any that had as many diamonds and settings to choose from as BlueNile has -- and it was shipped (free) to us via FedEx next day!
Anonymous  – 2011-12-21

  Amazing Quality
Absolutely stunning ring. Everyone I've showed loves it. The sparkle will take your breath away.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-21

  She loves her ring.
She loves her ring.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-21

  She loves the engagement ring and the inscription inside :)
I called the customer service at a very late hour and I was able to speak with a person quickly. I had many questions to ask and I received satisfactory answers. The agent was very cordial and knowledgeable and he also recommended the diamond I eventually bought
Anonymous  – 2011-12-17

  Can't wait to put this rock on her finger.
Absolutely gorgeous. When they say signature ideal, it translates very well to beauty and perfection.
John, Bourbonnais IL  – 2011-12-15

  A Beautiful Ring for my Beuatiful Lady!
I was a little concerned having never ordered any expensive jewerly over the internet. I had an idea of what my girl friend wanted in the cut of the diamond and ring setting before going to blue nile. The ring was custom cut and took over 3 weeks to arrive but it was worth the wait. Needless to say my girlfriend now Fiancee was very impressed and of course her co workers were impressed as well. In all a good experience,ring delivered when promised and everything went well from the start to the end of the order.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-14

  Stunning Diamonds
Quality of signature diamond exceeded expectations!!!
James, CHINO HILLS CA  – 2011-12-13

  She LOVES the diamond ring. It is almost blinding!
We were able to purchase a larger, better quality diamond with a better cut much cheaper than lesser quality diamonds in local stores (Vancouver). Blue Nile made a very large diamond affordable. Everyone is shocked at the size and sparkle in the diamond we purchased. We are extremely happy.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-13

  Can't wait to show her this :)
Beautiful stone, went over the top and I'm going to be very happy seeing it on her finger.
Geoffrey, Henderson NV  – 2011-12-13

  Exceeded every expectation.
Everything about buying from Blue Nile exceeded my expectations. The website is very well done, every question I had was answered somewhere, and when ultimately dealing with a sales associate the service was top-notch. I compared with a local jeweller before deciding to shop here and I (and my fiancAc) are glad I did. I highly recommend Blue Nile.
Ashley, San Roque Cadiz  – 2011-12-13

  She likes the Ring
I am amazed. The customer service is excellent. The quality of the product is superior. Delivery is on time. Everything is meeting my expectation.
Chandrasekaran, Pinellas Park FL  – 2011-12-13

  She Loves her engagement ring.
The diamond looked better in person then it did online. My finance loved it and was in awe from how beautiful it was. The signature cut also makes it look much bigger .
Robson, Randolph MA  – 2011-12-12

The fire and brilliance is amazing! I have never seen a diamond sparkle this much - and in even the lowest light. Debated about spending the extra money but I know now it was the right decision. I have never been happier with a purchase.
Tristin, FORT MILL SC  – 2011-12-11

  My wife was almost speechless
All of the stones were of very high quality, but the Signature Emerald was everything I hoped it would be.
Gary, Lewisville TX  – 2011-12-09

  I love it!
It's better than I expected! Love it so much!
Lisa, Jersey City NJ  – 2011-12-08

Very happy!
Anonymous  – 2011-12-07

the diamond is beautiful!
Michael, el Dorado Hills CA  – 2011-12-07

  Great ring, great selection and service, great price.
The ring is spectacular, she loves it and has received many admiring comments. We went with the Signature Ideal Cut with a platinum setting and the sparkle of the diamond was brilliant. And the price was far and away the best I found. Overall, we are very happy with Blue Nile, the quality of the diamond, service, and price all were outstanding.
Kurt R, TURLOCK CA  – 2011-12-05

  Excellent quality
This diamond exceeded my expectations. The quality was easily noticeable.
Anonymous  – 2011-12-05

  She said Yes!
I was hesitant to buy an engagement ring over the internet just because you can't see what your getting before you buy, however after reading multiple reviews and other information and comparing the prices to my local jeweler I thought I would give it a try. The diamond was beautiful and the ring was perfect for my fiance. She loves it. I missed the size by 1/2 but customer service was great to help with this. Only problem is my fiance doesn't want to be without it. Thanks Blue Nile.
John, Mexico MO  – 2011-12-03

We were extremely impressed with this ring! My girlfriend (now fiance!) found the ring elegant, classy, and perfect for her petite size. The diamond is truly magnificent! It is lustrous, brilliant and sparkles wonderfully. I wish I knew about Blue Nile before I made previous jewelry purchases!

Joshua, Astoria NY  – 2011-12-01

I think that the overall service of Blue Nile was great. The diamond was easy to select, and there were lots of options. I am pleased with the overall product.
Anonymous  – 2011-11-30

  I think she will love this ring!
I think she will love this ring!
Ryan, HONOLULU HI  – 2011-11-30

Just love it. It looks amazing under any light :) I know my girlfriend will be amazed by it.
Alberto J, Beaverton OR  – 2011-11-29

  Definitely go for the Signature Diamond!
This diamond is so exceptional, everyone comments on how beautiful it sparkles. Even the independent appraiser I took it to was impressed.
Bienvenido, Bronx NY  – 2011-11-28

  Looks great on her
Excellent service and extremely fast delivery. fedex made a delivery attempt at 10am the next day.

My only complaint would be that its hard to judge what the ring is going to look like from the pictures on the site. The stock setting photo's are nice but dont have a realistic look to them. The photo's of recently purchased help, but only show one angle.

Was still very happy with the ring. I was just nervous until I got it because i wasn't sure what it would look like.

She likes it though, and now that I see her wear it, it looks amazing, and that's what counts.
William, Winnipeg MB  – 2011-11-24

  She liked the ring
It is a nice enough stone.
Michael, Seattle WA  – 2011-11-23

  Her smile matches the sparkle
Ring accepted, we have compared to previous potential purchases and are highly delighted with the sparkle for size ratio. It outshines larger carat sizes that were considered at a lower cost. Very happy Blue Nile was able to help.
Simon, LUTON null  – 2011-11-22

  Great Diamond at a Great Price!
I was a little skeptical about ordering a diamond online without seeing the actual product first but I ended up being pleasantly suprised when I received it! Would definitely recommend Blue Nile to family and friends. Oh yeah, and she said says... and I caught it all on video at
Ryan, Calgary AB  – 2011-11-21

An outstanding, beautiful diamond, priced significantly lower than similar quality stones available only at higher-end stores. p.s. She loves it
Anonymous  – 2011-11-19

Absolutley the best decision I ever made. The diamond is better than described.
Anonymous  – 2011-11-18

  My wife loves the ring.
Great quality and definitely great price. My wife loves the ring.
Vaibhav, Bartlesville OK  – 2011-11-17

  she loves the bling!
Exceptional quality and brilliance. My fiancee describes it as "mesmerizing"
Lee, MONTEREY PARK CA  – 2011-11-16

The Diamond was beautiful and my fiance loved it.
Jeff, San Diego CA  – 2011-11-15

Beautiful, amazing, wonderful ... she said yes!!
Anonymous  – 2011-11-14

  Second to none quality and brilliance!!
An absolute stunning diamond! Highly recommend the round cut!
Scot, SACRAMENTO CA  – 2011-11-14

  She loves it, and so does everyone else that she shows it to.
I am so happy that I decided to go with the signature ideal cut, it was well worth it. It reflects light beautifully, and will sparkle even in dimly lit places. Well worth the money! The two pear shaped diamonds on the ring frame the center diamond perfectly. It is simply a gorgeous ring.
Anonymous  – 2011-11-10

The ring is beautiful.
Songchuan, PLANO TX  – 2011-11-10

  It's a beautiful ring.
Great service and communication with customer service rep. Lori over the course of the purchase. The diamond itself is one most beautiful diamonds that certainly beats out anything you will see at People's, Mapins or Spence. Signature Round IS the cut to go with.

I did not do the bank wire transfer discount as banks charge anywhere from $20 - $40 for this service. So, it may make more sense to use a rewards/rebate credit card.

I hope she likes it and will accept...
Eric, Scarborough ON  – 2011-11-10

  Amazing quality for the price, too bad resizing is so expensive
Amazing service and amazing quality for the price you pay! After going to Peoples and other jewelery stores you'd pay at least double for the same quality of diamond. Only downsize is having to pay so much to ship it back to get it re-sized. Make sure you get the right ring size before buying!
David R, Calgary AB  – 2011-11-10

  She loved it.
I wanted a ring that would impress her. This did it. It's beautiful.
Albert, Port St. Lucie FL  – 2011-11-09

  Ring even better than photo. Service even better than promised
The ring is beautiful - actually looks even better than the photos!. The service was spot on. It arrived exactly as promised. I was initially a little worried about such such an expensive purchase online but I really cannot fault the experience. (I don't usually fill in feedback forms - but have made an exception as the service and product was so good) Just hope my Girlfriend likes it!
Roy, London null  – 2011-11-09

Great diamond. Great customer service.
ankur, atlanta GA  – 2011-11-09

  She loves the fire in the diamond.
Blue Nile has impressed me with the excellent customer service.

Thank you!
Anonymous  – 2011-11-06

  An excellent purchase!
The diamond met and exceeded our expectations. She is very happy and the diamond's excellent quality is reflected by its beauty and sparkle.
Douglas, Knoxville TN  – 2011-11-06

  very happy
we are very happy with our selections
paul, woodside CA  – 2011-11-04

The ring is great, but only a week later i got an email for 10% of. Damn!! I should've waited a week. Great ring though.
Eric, Atlanta GA  – 2011-11-03

It was a little touch and go when the first diamond was found to have a defect, and the communication wasn't the best, but in the end we love the ring, and have had many compliments on it. Website is awesome, and overall we were extremely happy with the experience. Just remember, it is better to pass on news of a setback first instead of a customer calling to check status and find the setback! Already recommended you guys to a co-worker who is ready to buy something.
Anonymous  – 2011-11-01

Beautiful diamond.She loves it.
Adir, LAS VEGAS NV  – 2011-11-01

  Signature Cut worth it
I'd definitely recommend spending a little more for the Signature Cut. The diamond sparkles like it's on fire when light hits it from any angle. It is well worth it seeing her eyes light up every time she looks at it :)
Eric, Decatur IL  – 2011-11-01

  Exceptional Diamonds, Service, and Prices
After I purchased a loose diamond from Blue Nile I took it into a store locally to have a diamondtologist look at it and he said, "You definitely did not get a bad deal, especially for the price,"
Robert, Winter Springs FL  – 2011-10-31

  Signature Ideal is the best
Cut is the absolute most important factor when picking a diamond and signature ideal cut exemplifies this. I was skeptical about spending the extra for this cut but when I got it and opened the box I was taken aback. No matter what angle I held the diamond at all I could see was it glimmering in the light.
Anonymous  – 2011-10-31

I ordered one ring, and it really wasn't what I wanted once it arrived. I sent it back, no hassles, and the new ring was delivered about a week later and it's EXACTLY RIGHT!
Donna Lisa, MAMMOTH LAKES CA  – 2011-10-30

Go for SI1 or 2 clarity, but for the Blue Nile signature cut. I was blown away. Exceptionally happy with my purchase. Called customer service, and a very helpful lady answered on the second ring. Will definitely buy from Blue Nile again.
Francisco Agustin, San Diego CA  – 2011-10-28

  She loved it!!
The ring was beautiful! She absoulutely loved it!
Christopher M, YOUNGSTOWN NY  – 2011-10-26

  She was thrilled to see the diamond ring
The diamond was as expected
Anonymous  – 2011-10-26

  she loved it
look great and price was amazing
Benjamin, Aguacalientes Mexico WA  – 2011-10-26

It was great!
Anonymous  – 2011-10-24

  My Mom will take the stone
The diamond is beautiful. When I showed the ring to my mother for her approval she stated that the rind "fired" at all angles and if my hopefully soon to be bride didnt want the stone - she did.
William E, ANDOVER MA  – 2011-10-20

  Amazing Stone
The diamond is gorgeous. Far exceeded my expectations.
Anonymous  – 2011-10-19

  Expectations exceeded
Munib L., Perth Westen Australia  – 2011-10-16

  Diamond amazing....return sizing service disappointing
I researched a number of diamonds and found the website very informative. The people I spoke with on the phone were very helpful. The entire purchase was amazing until we needed to return the diamond for resizing..........we had to pay for the shipping to return the ring back to us - the dollar cost was not the issue however it leaves a very poor taste to spend $17500 on a ring and then be asked for $40 to ship it my mind it should be viewed as a cost of doing business at the blue nile end - disappointing end to the purchase
KEN, Regina SK  – 2011-10-12

  Small but brilliant.
Small but brilliant.
Anonymous  – 2011-10-03

  She loves the engagement ring!
All Good!! E-Commerce Win
Anonymous  – 2011-09-30

Exquisite diamond.
Christine, Pittsburgh PA  – 2011-09-27

Its really hard to go to a local store and find the selection Blue Nile has on their web site. I selected the diamond I can afford discreetly without the car salesmen kind of attitude from the sales lady a local jewlry store. The ring was exactly as described and incerdibly beautiful. My fiance loves the ring and I can see it shining on her finger looking out the second storey window when she is out on the drive way!!
Mathew, Calgary AB  – 2011-09-27

The ring was everything I was looking for and she was blown away.
Joshua, Cleveland OH  – 2011-09-27

The diamond itself is amazing. I've never seen such clarity. It sparkles in even the dimmest lighting conditions - we were walking the dogs at night, and it was catching the light from inside the neighbor's houses. Everyone who has seen it is amazed at the quality.
Perry M., ELKRIDGE MD  – 2011-09-26

  She is speechless about her engagement ring.
I wanted to get my fiance a ring that had so much bling that the person on the next State could see it. Instead, Blue Nile supplied her with a rock that even sparkles in the dark! Praise Jesus. I am greatly appreciative of Blue Nile's competitive prices and especially their superb customer service.
Anonymous  – 2011-09-24

  Gorgeous!! So sparkly!
The Blue Nile Signature cut diamond is DEFINITELY worth every penny. If you are hard-pressed to decide, choose the highest cut first.
James E., SPOKANE WA  – 2011-09-23

  Great decision choosing Blue Nile.
The diamond and ring setting were both amazing. My fiancee loves the ring and says it's gorgeous and exactly what she wanted. She loves that I "designed" it myself and that it's so unique to us. The customer service of Blue Nile and quick delivery were wonderful. I had always planned on buying from a traditional jewelry store, but I was able to get a larger and higher quality diamond from Blue Nile at a lower price. All in all, I made the perfect choice going with Blue Nile.
Jon, Washington DC  – 2011-09-23

  She can't stop looking at the sparkling ring!
The diamond and setting were beautiful! It shines in every direction! Your website was very helpful in picking out the appropriate diamond and setting. Thanks for your policy on the safe origins of the actual diamond. And a big thank you to the helpdesk woman who was very professional in helping me arrange the shipment to a FedEx office. Thanks Blue Nile!
Michael M., ARLINGTON VA  – 2011-09-19

  She love the engagement ring.
It was a great ring and she sits and looks at it and shows all her friends. It was delivered quickly and the quality was better than the local stores and the price less.
Edgar, ALTAVISTA VA  – 2011-09-16

She loved the ring
Anonymous  – 2011-09-14

  I did not give her yet
very nice and beautiful, my first diamond, hope my girlfriend gonna like it...:)
Nicolae, Cobham null  – 2011-09-13

  A truly different cut that will gain you credit from the chick's friends.
Definitely worth going for cut-quality over size. When the light hits, especially daylight, the dancing fire in the diamond is truly stunning and will make your girl's finger the subject of envy from other women nearby.
Helen, Cambridge null  – 2011-09-13

  She loved the ring.
Received item promptly and it was just as beautiful as described. She loved it, especially the engraving.
Anonymous  – 2011-09-12

Very sparkly. Conflict free.
Jeffrey, Baltic CT  – 2011-09-05

  She adores the stone I bought!
My signature diamond looked like EXACTLY the image I had in my head of what a diamond should look like. I would have not used Blue Nile, had you not had a 30 day return policy, but as soon as I saw that diamond, I wasn't going to let it go! My fiancee loved her stone and her ring as well. Thank you Blue Nile for your quality and great customer service.
Kingley, San Jose CA  – 2011-09-05

  She was blown away by the ring!
The diamond was absolutely beautiful. Diamonds I had seen before were no comparison. Worth every penny. Signature Ideal is definitely the way to go.
Anonymous  – 2011-09-01

  Don't blow my cover!!!
Buying process was informative, since I didn't know ANYTHING about diamonds before I started shopping. Shipping was not only timely, but discreet, but PLEASE stop emailing me every 2 days for feedback... you will blow my cover!!!
Anonymous  – 2011-08-30

She loved the diamond!!! Shippment was very fast and setting was beautiful!
Skyler, Calgary AB  – 2011-08-29

This is a beauty at a very reasonable price. Your jeweler cannot beat it!
Anonymous  – 2011-08-26

  She loves it. The "signature cut" holds up to its reputation.
Customer reps. guide you well without "rushing". They understand the importance of a large value transaction. Follow up is excellent.
Amer G, McLean VA  – 2011-08-24

  She can't stop looking at how much it sparkles!
I knew that purchasing the perfect diamond for my fiance would be a challenging task and having to do it online made me think it would be harder. Blue nile made the process so easy with allowing me to search the exact criteria and cost that I want. The customer service was exceptional, which made the process and security of doing business with them even more comfortable. In the end, my fiance lovesssss the diamond and can't stop looking at how much it sparkles! I would recommend getting the signature cut to anyone wanting a similar response.
John, Waterford ON  – 2011-08-24

We got a little frustrated driving around looking for that perfect diamond. I found Blue Nile had the best selection available... and the search tools made it easy to compare the diamonds. I picked up one of the signature diamonds and it was worth every penny.
Victor R., MOORPARK CA  – 2011-08-24

  Price; Choice; Style: Perfect
I checked a lot of stores and websites and bluenile were the best for price, choice and style.initially I used the website for it's educational part on diamonds which formed a large part of my decision making. I found the ring design feature strangely addictive, comparing until I found the perfect stone. My new fiancA Ace is delighted with her ring.
Robert, Glasgow null  – 2011-08-23

  She loves the ring!
Great selection, great value, great customer service! My fiance and I could not be happier with the her Signature Asscher and Petite Trellis.
Anonymous  – 2011-08-22

An extremely satisfactory diamond in terms of the 4C's, at an affordable price. Highly recommended for the cool-headed diamond shopper.
Anonymous  – 2011-08-19

  Great cut leads to brilliance
She absolutely loves the ring. It isn't huge in size, but makes up for it with how much light it reflects. She gets compliments everywhere we go.
Anonymous  – 2011-08-19

  Take it from a real guy, Blu Nile is Legit.
I was hesitant to make such a large purchase from an online site, but I am extremely happy that I took the chance and did. I wanted an awesome diamond at an awesome price and thats exactly what I got. My princess, ideal cut, F color, vs2 is simply beautiful and it sparkles more than any of the diamonds I compared it to on the girls rings I work with. I verified the gia cert number on an external gia cert check site, which added confidence in my purchase. If you can afford a G color, si1 or better, you wont be dissapointed.
phillip, san luis obispo CA  – 2011-08-18

  She loves the ring.
Cut is the absolute most important of the 4C's and the Signature Round Diamond's are comparable to the very best cut diamonds from any other retailer. This diamond sparkles brilliantly in any light and appears much larger than it really is due to the cut.
Michael, DENVER CO  – 2011-08-16

Looks great, cut, color, make this stone look a lot bigger than it it really is.
Anonymous  – 2011-08-15

  She said 'YES!!'
Very very beautiful Diamond and Ring with amazing quality and detail. Worth every penny!
Russell, Nottingham null  – 2011-08-07

  It's so sparkly!
The diamond was beautiful. For something of similar size and quality from a local jeweler I would have had to pay more than twice as much. I was extremely happy with this diamond and so is she! The assistance over the phone is second to none. It takes moments to talk to a real person and the directories are kept to an absolute minimum on the phone. They are great people.
Joshua Daniel, Rapid City SD  – 2011-08-04

  Destined to be a family heirloom.
I was told buying a diamond on-line was like buying a house without a realtor -- so wrong! The selection is without comparison and the final choice stunning!!!
Stephen, CAPE NEDDICK ME  – 2011-08-01

  Amazing quality, amazing price.
Took my breath away when I opened the box. The diamond was set in a tension clasp allowing me to get a perfect view of it without worrying about dropping it and whatnot. The quality is amazing and the price was one step beyond that! I can't say that I've ever been more satisfied with an online purchase.
Daniel, Leesburg VA  – 2011-08-01

  Absolutely Perfect, it sparkles from quite a distance.
I researched and shopped online and at several local stores and Blue Nile by far has them all beat in quality, customer service and pricing. You get what you pay for.
John, Shreveport LA  – 2011-07-27

  Wonderful Engagement Ring
My friends had told me very good things about Blue Nile and they were right! My fiancee loves the ring I bought for her and often tells me how "sparkly" it is. Not only is the quality of the diamond exceptional, but they ship it fast and safe. I would highly recommend Blue Nile!
Anonymous  – 2011-07-25

Diamond has a great sparkle to it and the additional certificate was nice to get.
Anonymous  – 2011-07-22

  Fiance and I are very happy and excited!
Excellent stone and even better value. Very satisfied with the quality and appearance.
Anonymous  – 2011-07-22

  shines as it should
The diamond shines even more than I had imagined, and my fiancee loves it.
Anonymous  – 2011-07-21

  Beautiful diamond
The princess cut signature diamonds are exceptional,very bright and full of sparkle,my jeweler was amazed at the quality. I will definitly be shopping with blue nile again!
barbara, wyoming MI  – 2011-07-21

Fantastic selection. Fantastic service.
Matthew P., ATLANTA GA  – 2011-07-21

  Love it!!
Beautiful ring, can't take my eyes off it. Many compliments from families and friends. Custumer services are excellent.
Anonymous  – 2011-07-19

  Both of us loved the RING
I must say I did a lot of research on Diamonds. The 4 C's And I looked on all kinds of websites. And for a great cut and color and size a Blue Nile Diamond is such a great deal. When I opened the box it took my breath away. It was so beautiful.
RONNIE, Glen Burnie MD  – 2011-07-19

  good service
Very nice ring and diamond. Very happy with customer service. Was concerned when I saw some of the reviews but they were extremely helpful.
Gregory, Phoenix AZ  – 2011-07-14

  Stunning Diamond
This is his fiance here. We love the diamond. It is exceptionally clear and has that "fire" everyone speaks of. It is just stunning. I may even venture to say he loves it more than I do, if that is possible. I often find him staring at the ring lovingly and am tempted to say "Hey! up here!" Thanks Blue Nile!
William K., Medford MA  – 2011-07-13

  Exceptional value, she loves the sparkles!
After extensive shopping and comparisons between jewelers, Bluenile has the best pricing of all. The Princess cut that I purchased sparkles brilliantly and she just loves it!
Anonymous  – 2011-07-13

  She loves the diamond ring.
The website is well designed. There are so many choices when we were looking at the diamond, and it is easy to find the right one. The diamond looks great. It is very bright. She loves it.
Anonymous  – 2011-07-12

  Engagement Ring
For princess diamonds, you have to get the highest quality cut. Even though there is no GIA cert for Ideal cuts for Princess diamonds Blue Nile still manages to find the best cuts that exceed the "excellent" GIA cert.
Jason, La Puente CA  – 2011-07-12

  She loved the diamond.
I was very impressed at how quickly the ring arrived. I ordered my signature cut diamond on a Friday morning and received it at work before lunch on Monday.

The diamond lived up to all my expectations.
Tristan, Torronto ON  – 2011-07-08

I shopped around... A LOT... and could not have been happier with my purchase. Blue Nile offers incredible value and have been a pleasure to deal with.
Bryce G, Ottowa ON  – 2011-07-07

  She can't stop looking at the fire and sparkle!
I was really pleased with the ring when it arrived, it exceeded my expectations and she absolutely loved it when I proposed. She can't stop looking at it to check the fire and sparkle of the diamond under different lights. Simply stunning! Glad I went for the ideal Signature Cut and appreciated the advice on the size, it fits perfectly! Thank you!
Anonymous  – 2011-07-04

  Amazing value and customer service.
I will highly recommend Blue Nile to family and friends. The diamond I purchased was significantly better quality than I would have gotten for the same price in most stores. The customer service and next day delivery was amazing. Also, the 30 day return policy was necessary for my piece of mind, however there is no doubt that we're keeping the diamond after getting it appraised.
Michael, FPO AE  – 2011-06-30

  My now fiancee adroes this ring. She can't stop looking at it!!
Was beyond expectations. Beautiful sparkle to this diamond. Delivered well on time. Glad I made this purchase
Mr. R. J., North Shailds Tyna & Waar  – 2011-06-28

The signature round diamond is the brightest most beatiful diamond I have ever seen. Set in the ring it just makes the whole ring eye catching. This diamond ring is a surprise for my wifes 40th wedding anniversary, and I am sure she will love it! Thank you so much Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2011-06-27

  More beautiful than I imagined.
We discussed getting a 25th Anniversary Ring for my bride. I gave it to her last night. Her quote "It is so brilliant - more beautiful than I ever imagined". I agree.
Richard, Saskatoon SK  – 2011-06-26

I was skeptical about buying jewelry online, but I was able to find exactly what I wanted using Blue Nile's website. The Asscher cut is absolutely stunning. It shines and sparkles so much that my fiance constantly finds herself staring at it. Thank you!!!
Matthew W., Tomball TX  – 2011-06-17

WOW so glad I went with Blue Nile the signature cut was worth every penny we always catch people just staring at the ring everywhere we go makes me smile knowing my girl has the best thanks for helping me make her dreams come tru
Brendon, Calgary AB  – 2011-06-14

The quality of the ring is beyond what I expected. There are cheaper diamonds that might have been as good, but I liked the option to upgrade and the look is amazing!
Anonymous  – 2011-06-12

  She loved it, absolutly perfect
Ring was perfect. All documentation and certificates were provided. Diamond is stunning.
gareth, Prescot Merseyside  – 2011-06-06

  Her Fairy Tale came true!
I took the suggestion from friends who have shopped at Blue Nile in the past and bought an engagement ring for my girlfriend. Needless to say it was an exceptional ring and I was really impressed with the service I received. As for my girlfriend, she loved the ring and shows it off every where we go, and you wouldn't beleive the compiments she receives on the ring on a dailly basis.
James R., AUGUSTA GA  – 2011-05-24

The quality and craftsmanship are extreme. I am surprised at how clear the diamond is and the detail of the setting. Highly recommend.
Anonymous  – 2011-05-22

  Great ring, great buying experience
beautiful diamond, love the setting very easy company to deal with, great phone support if you need it More info on each diamond than anywhere else and best prices.
Anonymous  – 2011-05-22

  She can't stop staring at it.
We picked out the ring together, and it's as beautiful as we had hoped it would be. The center emerald-cut diamond is stunning and so sparkly. When we walk down the street she doesn't like me to hold her left hand because she doesn't want me to cover up the ring!

Absolute beauty! My fiancee just can't keep her eyes off the glittering diamond. Constant compliments from her surroundings. I am speechless. Thank you Blue Nile!
Huy, edmonton AB  – 2011-05-17

  This will become the best engagement ring ever!
The day that I got my diamond in the mail I took it for an independent assessment low and behold I got exactly what I wanted and payed for. I was very happy with the fast shipping, the ease of the website, and most importantly the overall quality and perfection of the diamond.
Daniel, Edmonton AB  – 2011-05-13

A skeptic at first buying a diamond online, but after the experience I had at Blue Nile, I won't go anywhere else. Firstly, they have many more diamonds to choose from than any brick and mortar would have in their store, and the greater selection let me be more picky. Secondly, the customer service was far above my expectations. Mike was the perfect person to help me select an Asscher of my liking. He gave me insights about what to look for in Asschers that I didn't find anywhere else. And he was right, clarity is extremely important with these unique diamonds. For me, establishing a relationship like that is of utmost importance when making a large purchase. Lastly, my nerves were put to bed very soon after my purchase as the diamond showed up the next day free of charge! Unbelievable quality, amazing customer service. That's how I'd define my Blue Nile experience.
Andrew, MISSION KS  – 2011-05-11

It sparkles in the dark. I can find nothing wrong with it, and as a self- proclaimed perfectionist, that's huge for me. I am in love with my ring and more in love with my fiance for giving it to me.
Kathryn Ann, JACKSONVILLE FL  – 2011-05-10

  She adores her wedding ring
I was very impressed with the Signature Cut Princess Daimond. The cut clearly makes a difference in the "sparkle" of the daimond. I was equally impressed with the delivery to Hawaii; order by 4 pm and get next day delivery. Everything went as planned and my wife just adores the ring; both with the center daimond and the setting. It was well worth the purchase price. I'm glad I took the time to visit your website. I am a very satisfied customer.
Darren, HILO HI  – 2011-05-04

The ring was beautiful and she loved it. The quality seems to be better than shopping at a retail store with better overall value. The process of selecting is made very easy and there is plenty of information on the website to help with decision making.
Chris, Toronto ON  – 2011-05-02

  She was speechless, and she is never speechless...
My fiancee loved it; she said it was the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen.

  She is amazed how beautiful the ring is!
Wow, I could not believe my order came the next day. And the ring and diamond were perfect. So easy using Blue Nile then dealing with Jewlers.
Anonymous  – 2011-04-28

The diamond sparkles in even the dullest of light and shines with rainbows in pure daylight. She loves it more than me, I'm afraid.
Sean M, CINCINNATI OH  – 2011-04-27

  Cant Stop Bragging about me!
The Diamond and ring turned out beautiful, there was no hassle in getting it. Ordered it late monday evening, came in early wednesday morning. Highly recommend, excellent value. She really really likes it, and cant stop telling people how pleased she is with it, or that I picked it out myself
James, Champaign IL  – 2011-04-26

  She was moved!
I am not an expert on diamonds, but after getting accustommed to looking at a few jewelry stores and different specifications, I was truly impressed as soon as I opened the Blue NIle box and see the contrast to some of the one's I've seen at the store. It was a 'Wow' experience. Bottom line, my fiance was moved and truly loved it, and mission was accomplished, as her feelings was the ultimate measure.
Anonymous  – 2011-04-24

  She loves her engagement ring!
The Signature Round diamond shines brilliantly. Many have commented that the ring sparkles more than any other they have seen. I'm very happy with my decision to go with the Signature Round and my fiancee loves both the diamond and the Nouveau diamond setting.
Barry, New York NY  – 2011-04-22

Selection was awesome. The diamond is amazing. The ring is gorgeous. Even the box it came in was beautiful. This was my first time making a jewelery purchase on-line, and Blue Nile made it a great one. I will definitely be back.
Anonymous  – 2011-04-21

  stunning dimond!
I love my beautiful signature diamond!! I cant believe how lovely it is. It exceeded all my expectations. It is totally worth getting the signature cut! Also, it arrived super fast!
Benjamin, Savannah GA  – 2011-04-18

  She loves the engagment ring
Not knowing that my girlfriend loved Asscher cut diamonds, she was very surprised and pleased since we never discussed it. It made for a very nice evening when I placed the ring on her finger.
Mark, WATERFORD WI  – 2011-04-18

The design of the web site and the informational pop-ups made it a very interesting and educational experience buying an engagement ring. My fiance really loved it and had a group of women trying it on in her office. Shipping and customer service were both quick and first rate.
Roy, Bellevue WA  – 2011-04-13

Gorgeous cut, signature cut is the way to go. Setting is fantastic. It's "sparkling presence" is undeniable.
Anonymous  – 2011-04-12

I am very happy with the buying experience. Zero sales pressure and so convenient. I used the build your ring feature and tweaked my choice over several days before finally deciding. The ring and diamond are absolutely beautiful, more so than I even expected! I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Nile.
Jesse, West Linn OR  – 2011-04-11

  You won't be disappointed
Wow! Just wow! This diamond is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to buy her a diamond that's simply nicer than all the others out there, go with a signature ideal diamond from Blue Nile. It's simply the most beautiful diamond I've ever seen.
Tyler S, KELLER TX  – 2011-04-10

  Amazing ring, amazing price.
"Signature cut" exactly what the title says, this diamond was the most beautful I have seen and I can Not wait till I can give it to the love of my life.
Alex, Kodiak AK  – 2011-04-07

  Couldn't have been better!
This diamond was brilliant. Signature Ideal Cut is the way to go. This diamond light hits the diamond at every angle. Platinum four prong setting is simple, but dfinitely makes the stone look even larger.
Anonymous  – 2011-04-06

  A ring to cherish for life
The diamond sparkles like crazy! My fiance and I really like the extra certificate where you can see the sparkle pattern -- this is very helpful in the choice of the diamond that went into my engagement ring. Very please with the value, the service and the selection of settings -- this is no small accomplishment by Blue Nile since we work less than 10 blocks away from the famous NY diamond district!
Anonymous  – 2011-03-31

  Made my FiancAce shed tears of happiness
I was very pleased with the reaction from my other half when she saw the ring. The diamond sparkled and suited the setting beautifully. Throughout, I have had brilliant service and will definitely recommend and use Blue Nile again.
Akhlak, Bow London  – 2011-03-31

  Better than she imagined
I had shown her a couple of options and this is the one she picked out. When I proposed and put the ring on her finger, she couldn't stop looking at it and has stated multiple times how the diamond and setting are much more beautiful than she ever imagined.
Paul, MONROE WA  – 2011-03-30

  She absolutely loves her ring . . .
Although reluctant at first to make such a high value and important purchase online sight unseen, I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the diamond and the ring. The process to select both the stone and the setting is simple and intuituitive and allowed me to find the perfect ring. Once I received the ring, I was amazed with the brilliance and quality of the stone and ring. The best endorsement of my choice to buy from Blue Nile has been the reaction of my Fiancee and everyone else who has seen the beautiful ring . . .
Douglas, Euless TX  – 2011-03-29

  Her eyes shined almost as bright as the diamond when she saw it
The quality of the stone and ring are outstanding. The sparkle in the diamond is so bright and it appears to be flawless. I checked numerous retail jewelry stores prior to making my purchase and none of their stones can compare, nor their prices. Blue Nile provides excellent quality for an affordable price.
Scott, Orlando FL  – 2011-03-28

  she loved the ring!!
This was an excellent choice. Really dances in the light. If you have the budget go with the signature ideal you won't regret it.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-24

  Stunning ring!
My ring is absolutely stunning. I find myself looking at it a number of times a day.
Lynn, Kalispell MT  – 2011-03-23

The Blue Nile Signature Cut is the only way to go. Her eyes sparkle just as much as the diamond when she sees it!
Matthew, Aurora IL  – 2011-03-22

  She loves the ring!
It is a very beautiful stone. She has yet to remove it from her finger. She absolutely loves it. Everyone that I showed it to said I made a very good choice with this ring!
Ron, Toronto ON  – 2011-03-18

Blue Nile was highly recommended by my peers who have more knowledge in jewelry purchase. I found the LIVE CHAT customer service to be extremely helpful and allowed me to narrow down my choices more easily. Customer service did not try to up-sell and provided great recommendations that met my budget.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-16

Absolutely stunning diamond! None of the jewelers in the area could come close to the quality, or price, Blue Nile offered.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-15

  Beautiful and great price! Service was superb!
Beautiful! She loved and I'm happy I got a great deal on it after having checked the competition! Great and fast service/delivery!
Levi, AMES IA  – 2011-03-15

  Fiancee Stares at this Ring Constantly.
The Signature Ideal Cut really makes a difference. I have never seen a diamond sparkle so brightly.
David, Cary NC  – 2011-03-14

  I love my ring !!!
We got married in 2008. At the time, I was unable to have the ring I wanted. A couple of months ago, my husband said now was the right time. I eagerly began my search on bluenile. I had initally chosen the nouveau 6 prong setting as I wanted a classic tiffany style ring. However, as this was unavailable for the size of diamond I had selected, I decided to go with the nouveau 4 prong with a half band of diamonds. When I received the ring my heart was pounding. I can't remember the last time I had been so nervous. When I saw the almost 1.80 carat signature diamond ring I had been planning for months, I fell in love with it immediately. I already had a tiffany shared setting eternity wedding band. The two compliment each other perfectly and the signature diamond is just as sparkly if not more. The only thing I would comment on is that the pictures do not really do the ring justice. We were very happy with customer service and will definitely buy from blue nile in the future.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-14

  Surpassed my expectations and hers.
I could not believe the stone when i first saw it. It was clearer and sparkled more than any stone i had looked at in a jewellery store. Service was great and can't beat the price..
Eric, Calgary AB  – 2011-03-14

I told her we had 30 days to return it and get something else, she is the one wearing it - she said no chance, it was beautiful
Anonymous  – 2011-03-14

  She Said Yes!
The pictures on the website are great, but they fail to compare to the sparkle of this diamond! I will be shopping with Blue Nile again.
Anthony, Odenton MD  – 2011-03-14

  A ring to behold.
My diamond decision came after much research and "shopping around." In the end, I wanted to be sure that the ring I received was of the value I was paying for. I went with Blue Nile and was not let down. This ring shines and the value and service were unbeatable. A++
Ralph, New York NY  – 2011-03-13

  Perfect size and brightness
The diamond was very bright and better than expected. I was worried 0.35 carat would be too small but it was just perfect size for the setting.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-11

  Gorgeous bright shiny diamonds!
Very high quality beautiful diamonds. I received warm expert support re my questions re cut, color, etc. Payment and receipt service is exceptionally easy and fast. I needed overnight delivery and got it! How very nice too for free delivery!! Important too were certified and very descriptive details per diamond for insurance. Thank you very much. I will be back.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-11

  It was her dream diamond realized.
It was an incredibly beautiful diamond and sparkled more than I could have imagined. It was worth the price and i received excellent customer service. I highly recommend princess cut diamonds since they are very beautiful.
joshimar, honolulu HI  – 2011-03-10

Gorgeous! The Signature Cut makes all the difference. The information provided online is exceptional. Online and phone support could not be better.
Cari, Batavia IL  – 2011-03-10

  She loves the ring!
Looks amazing. It sparkles! She loves it. Customer helpline was very helpful in making decision. Blue Nile's diamond education proved true- I followed its guidelines and am very happy!
Anonymous  – 2011-03-08

  Can't wait to propose with the diamond!!
I did the blue nile signature cut because it has the inscribed numbers on the girdle and it makes me confident that it is mine(will be my girl's soon). as soon as I opened up the box.. 'WOW'!!! the cut is unreal, very beautifully sparkles. Even my local jeweler says it's exceptional. yes, the package arrived on time, actually very early in the morning.
chang, palisades park NJ  – 2011-03-04

The diamond I received from Blue Nile was exceptional. My Fiance loves it so much. I have never seen a diamond to match its fire and brilliance. They do very nice work at Blue Nile.
Matthew, Greensboro NC  – 2011-03-04

  Excellent. My search ended here.
Can't wait to give this to my fiancee-to-be. 'Vintage' is just her thing, and this ring is everything vintage, timeless, classic, effeminate, delicate, and beautiful. Just like her.
Anonymous  – 2011-03-03

  everyone at her work place adores her ring!!!
she loves it very much!!! everyone at her work place adores her ring!
Anonymous  – 2011-03-02

  Shines even in dark rooms
Definitely the best cut diamond I've ever seen personally. It has the incredible ability to sparkle and shine even in dark rooms. It does have some internal inclusions that I can see with the naked eye, but the value was incredible and she loves it. Very satisfied with the signature ideal cut.
Michael, San Francisco CA  – 2011-03-01

  very happy with purchase
I loved the Diamond when it arrived. I matched the ring to the ladies rings at our work and they all loved how it sparkled with fire outshining their bigger more expensive rings. I didn't have a lot of money so I went with a smaller diamond that was of better quality. My girl loved the ring and that is all that mattered to me.
roger, healdsburg CA  – 2011-03-01

  The Sparkle is amazing
The sparkle of the diamond is by far the best I have seen in my search for the perfect ring.
Michael, Saint Paul MN  – 2011-02-28

  Did the trick!
Everyone who sees the ring thinks I'm a jewelry expert. She has received multiple comments on how beautiful it is and how great it looks.
Roth, Milton VT  – 2011-02-28

  I LOVE my diamond ring!
My signature princess diamond is perfect. I never thought I could find a diamond like this online, but Blue Nile exceeded my expectations. We took the ring to be appraised and everything matches the certificate! The diamond sparkles a lot and it has no scratches. I am very pleased I could get a diamond like that I without having to stretch my budget. I already have the perfect ring, now I am just waiting for the proposal!
Tatiana, Arlington VA  – 2011-02-25

  My fiancee's Blue Nile Signature Ideal is simply the most brilliant diamond we've ever seen!!
The diamond is absolutely gorgeous and Blue Nile's customer service is second-to-none. All of my inquires were met with prompt (usually within 12-hours, never more than 24) and helpful advice. This combined with extremely competitive pricing and included overnight shipping made my engagement diamond shopping experience very pleasurable. My single concern was not being able to physically view the diamond before purchasing; upon seeing the diamond in person I was astounded to find that it was more brilliant than every diamond I had viewed in retail stores (some of which even had high color/clarity ratings). I have recommended Blue Nile to all my friends who are in the position to purchase a diamond soon and will absolutely do business with them in the future!
Erik P, CHICAGO IL  – 2011-02-22

  Love the ring!
My fiance and I picked this ring out together and could NOT be happier! Love it! It is so shiny and eye-catching! The band was a little smaller than I expected, but it just makes the ring look more dainty! Customer service was fantastic as well, each time we called, the phone was picked up on the first ring! We will be coming back for the wedding band as well!
Anonymous  – 2011-02-22

  She can't stop looking at her ring!
Both my wife and I were extremely happy with the quality of the stone we choose. It definately exceeded our expectations. Compared to local jewelry stores, the quality and the value for the cost is unmatched. Additionally, we were very happy with the customer service. After doing some comparison shopping at local retailers we were pleased with the professionalism, attitude and exceptional helpfulness we experienced when working with blue nile personnel. We will definately continue to buy from blue nile and recommend their services to our friends
William, Evans Mills NY  – 2011-02-21

  Blue Nile Signature Ideal is the way to go.
We have been looking for a 2 carat princess cut stone with ideal proportions for some time now. Our research was done at various retail stores but we found the perfect signature ideal stone at the perfect price on Blue Nile. The quality of stones we viewed at other places just does not compare and those stones that did retailed for approx 30-40% more.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-19

  Love my sparkly
The Signature Round Diamond engagement ring my fiancee purchased for me was amazing. It sparkles soo much. I can't stop looking at it. lol. He got me a .70 H color VS2. The cut makes the diamond look bigger almost looks like a 1 carat. I thought the .70 would look small but it is a very good size.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-17

  The perfect engagement ring.
The diamond is beautiful, it sparkles and shines even with only a hint of light hitting it. My girlfriend, now fiancee, loves it.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-16

  The first cut is the most important
The cut of the diamond is highly important and had the biggest impact of how the ring looked to the naked eye, meaning you could save money on clarity. The signature diamond is exceptionally sparkly and excellent all round.
Mahboob, Darlington Durham  – 2011-02-16

  Loves ring,said yes!
She loved the ring! Shines more than a friend's diamond :) Seemed like a good price when comparing to stores in mall. Came with paperwork and feel comfortable with value.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-16

  Unbelievable Beauty
There's no picture that even comes close to how beautiful this diamond is when you see it in person. I couldn't believe how much it sparkled. When you look at it, it sparkles so much it's hard to tell what shape it is. She was stunned when she saw it!!! And also said yes:)
John C, BEVERLY MA  – 2011-02-15

It is awesome, the cut is exceptional, the sparkle the diamond exhibits is like fire. Very beautiful diamond. The craftsmanship is exceptional. The quality of service from Blue Nile is unmatched.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-15

  Awesome diamond ring! She couldn't be happier!
It is a beautiful diamond! I took it to a jewler before I gave it too her and he said he couldn't sell me a diamond of such high quality for that low of a price. She loves it and her friends do too!
Mark, Brandon FL  – 2011-02-13

  I love my unique asscher stone and what a amazing sparkles......
Can't believe how beautiful this diamond actually sparkles and has such a unique look to it. BN you guys are amazing and I have learned so much from your customer service team about diamonds.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-11

  She loved the engagement ring
The diamond looked even better than I expected and once I received it and showed it around it received many compliments.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-09

  She was so thrilled with the brilliance of the diamond!
Beautiful diamond! Excellent customer service! I will purchase from Blue Nile again!
Brian, Dallas TX  – 2011-02-07

My fiancAc and I could not be happier with the level of service that we have received. The ring itself is beautiful. I was able to get exactly what I wanted while staying within my budget. Retail locations were unable to match the customization capabilities provided by Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2011-02-02

  Incredible experience!
My girlfriend was speechless when she saw the diamond. It was amazing. Delivery was quick and efficient, and the ease of using the online site was outstanding. I am very pleased, and wholeheartedly recommend!!!
Daniel, Chicago IL  – 2011-01-25

  She couldn't be happier
I bought a Signature Ideal diamond from Blue Nile and the little lady cannot stop looking at it as it shines in the light.
Anonymous  – 2011-01-24

  She said, "YES!" I am the luckiest man in the world!!!
The diamond is incredibly brilliant and spectacular, as I expected! Most importantly, Blue Nile (BN) was far less expensive than the same diamond at other retail and even online stores. I am exceptionally pleased with the highest-quality standards of BN.
Dennis, Oak Park IL  – 2011-01-18

  She loves her engagement ring.
The diamond was better than represented in photos. The diamond came with a laminated documents with details and zoomed in picture of the diamond, as well as two appraiser's documents for insurance purposes. The packaging was also very nice, and the box suitable for engagement presentation. (No gaudy store names, etc.)
Jesse, University MS  – 2011-01-18

  Cut a Different Way!
Beautiful cut...and since it's rather unique, quite the conversation piece. Very happy with the purchase (and so is she)!
Brian, Walnut Creek CA  – 2011-01-15

  Everyone who sees them compliments my wife on her new diamond earrings. My wife loves them!!!
Diamond earrings absolutely sparkle.Product arrived 2 days after order, FANTASTIC.
Michael, Cochrane AB  – 2011-01-14

  The Perfect Setting
The petite trellis solitare setting was the perfect choice for my wife's anniversary gift. I bought her a near flawless, near 1 carat Accher cut diamond ring. This setting was ideal because it was neither too austere, nor too ostentatious. The gentle slopes of the setting cradle the diamond beautifully! Thank you, Blue Nile, for all the brownie points I won on my 20th wedding anniversary ;)
Anonymous  – 2011-01-14

  She (and others) can't stop looking at it!
The Signature Round Diamond I purchased from Blue Nile is absolutely astonishing. My girlfriend can't stop looking at it as it "sparkles" like nothing I've ever seen. The cut is simply superb. She has already gotten dozens of compliments just in the first week of how amazing and "sparkly" it looks. I will definitely purchase from Blue Nile again, and highly recommend them without reservation.
Anonymous  – 2011-01-13

A totally fuss-free and calming experience. Blue nile not only provided a variety of choices in an easy-to-use format, but also exceptional customer service when needed. Brillant!
Timothy, Singapore Singapore  – 2011-01-12

  The perfect ring
I had no idea about diamonds and rings. It was the first time I ever bought some kind of jewelry. Blue Nile's site educated me and helped me choose the perfect ring for my fiancee. Very good prices for quality products with excellent service. In very limited time I received the ring, send it back for resizing and got it in my hands in time for the proposal.
Anonymous  – 2011-01-12

  She said yes!
Perfect! Probably a third of the price than I would've paid at a major jewlery dealer. Amazing quality and brilliance. No regrets about going with Blue Nile. I've already told all my friends planning to be engaged that Blue Nile is the way to go. After she said yes, I think I was looking at the diamond more than her. Thanks Blue Nile!
Jaime, Harlingen TX  – 2011-01-12

  Amazing sparkle, Diamond draws much attention wherever we go....
The diamond is a show stopper. Since deciding to buy a ring, I have been constantly looking at people's diamond rings as well as looking at various rings in diamond stores etc. There are one or two stores that I found that offer comparable diamonds, but the prices were 1.5 to 2x as high. I know (because I have been told) that this ring is causing a lot of ring envy! Mission accomplished.
Anonymous  – 2011-01-12

  She really loved the earings!
Was my first try of Blue Nile, really impressed with the courteous and incredibly fast service. Will definately come back for our 30th anniversary next summer. Thanks for the great service!
Jean, Sept-Iles QC  – 2011-01-12

  She cried when she saw it!
Customer service was very good (and patient) explaining features of different diamond and the transaction process. I received the diamond in a timely manner before Christmas. Everything was exactly how the website described it (though it was way more beautiful in person). The price for the diamond was more reasonable than all other local jewelers I went to in San Diego & Brea, California (the additional 1.5% bank wire discount was a pleasant surprise). I had it set at a local jeweler so I could customize it. My grandmother cried on Christmas day when she opened the box. She can't stop showing it off to everyone. Best feeling in the world. Best investment I have ever made.
Katherine, San Diego CA  – 2011-01-12

  Escellent cut and shine
The diamond is gorgeous with an exceptional shine to it. My fiancee loved it. I was considering buying ideal cut but then decided to pay the premium for blue nile's guarantee on the signature cut. I am very happy with my purchase.
Vijayendra, Irving TX  – 2011-01-12

  Blown away by its beauty
It's absolutely flawless and looks much better than diamonds I saw in brick-and-mortar shops.
Anonymous  – 2011-01-12

  Signature diamond shines like the sun
1ct Princess cut, Color F, Clarity VS1, Signature Ideal Cut:

The diamond looks absolutely amazing! My fiance loves it and can't stop looking at it, and she gets comments from everyone who sees it. Maximum fire and brilliance and it even sparkles in dark lighting conditions. Just a sliver of light is enough to make the diamond shine like a star. During the day when the sun hits the diamond it sparkles like nothing I've ever seen. It's truly stunning! I highly recommend Blue Nile's Signature Ideal Cut diamonds if you're looking for the best diamond money can buy.
Ronald, Pacifica CA  – 2011-01-12

  Better the second time around
Despite being married for 33 years I bought my wife an engagement ring. The original was pretty small and plane. The Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond is both larger and much prettier. Everyone, including my wife, is impressed.
Bruce, Tecumseh MI  – 2011-01-12

  Sparkles with the best of them!
The initial rush of being engaged and receiving such a meaningful symbol of our love has worn off, but she still can't stop staring at it... and talking about it. and her friends keep talking about it. That's what Signature cut gets you.
Andrew D., GLENDALE AZ  – 2011-01-12

  The only way I would buy a diamond!
First time I had bought a diamond ring, and the first time I had ordered something like it online. Hesitant at first which is normal. However, after speaking with the friendly staff and seeing my purchase I was thrilled, and so was she! Great diamond ring, great price, great quality, great service and delivery! Very Impressed and would recommend to all.

P.S., Cambridge Cambridge Shire  – 2011-01-12

  The sparkle did the job
The signature cut looks beautiful. It catches the light and sparkles constantly. Highly recommend the solitaire setting to show off the brilliance of the diamond. Very happy with blue nile and my purchase.
David, HOUSTON TX  – 2011-01-12

  So Beautiful
Blue Niles Signature Round Diamond is so beautiful. It sparkles better than any others I have seen. Amazing quality especially for the price.
Josh, Toledo OH  – 2011-01-12

  The ring is perfect.
The diamond exceeded my expectations in every way, it is an excellent example of the quality that I have come to associate with my Blue Nile experiences. Thank you Blue Nile, she's going to love it!
Anonymous  – 2011-01-07

  The diamond was beautiful!
The diamond was so clear and it sparkled more than anyone I have ever seen.
James, Rome GA  – 2010-12-23

  I was thrilled when I first opened the Blue Nile presentation box and saw my diamond ring purchase
This is the first time I have purchased a diamond ring from Blue Nile. I admit I was wary choosing a diamond and setting sight unseen and trusting that I would be satisfied. The Blue Nile signature round E colour, IF clarity diamond I received thrilled me. The brilliance and true lack of yellow tones makes this the best quality diamond I own. The setting is simple yet elegant and enhances the diamond magnificently. I experience great joy every time I wear the ring and it will be treasured and passed down to a family member. In the future, I will consider Blue Nile a "go to" for quality diamonds and settings.
Anonymous  – 2010-12-23

The princess cut diamond had a brilliant shine. I chose classic solitaire setting and the ring perfectly complemented the diamond. I had to call customer services since the ring size I ordered was not readily available. Excellent customer service over the phone.
Anonymous  – 2010-12-19

  The diamond refuses to stop sparkling!
I feel I got a great value for our diamond engagement ring. My fiance Loves it. Very beautiful cut and quality diamond just as promised/rated on the Bluenile website. Shipping was overnight which doesn't get any better. The wooden box for the engagement ring is worlds better than your typical ring box. We just love the ring and how it refuses to stop sparkling!! Also, I had to call customer service twice during the ordering process and it is simply amazing in this day and age to call a big business and get a live person to answer the phone that can answer your questions right then and there, no automated touch tone games and no "please hold while we transfer your call." Awesome customer service!
Erik, Woodridge IL  – 2010-12-18

My chick is pretty chatty... it's part of her charm. When she turned around and the sparkle caught her eye she was completely left without words. Believe me, that's something.
Michael, Sallisaw OK  – 2010-12-15

  Why buy anywhere else?
Blue Nile is amazing. High quality, superb customer service, great educational aspects. I would not buy jewelry anywhere else (I've purchased a tahitian pearl and diamond engagement ring). When it comes to engagement rings, the only issue you'll have is that you'll want to see and look at actual diamonds before buying. You can learn a lot by online research, but until you actually see a diamond will the 4 C's make sense. I used jewelry stores for aspect of my research, but always intended to buy from Blue Nile (unfortunately for the brick and mortar stores...sorry). She is thrilled, I'm thrilled (particularly on the cost savings) and this company couldn't have offered a better product and service.
Jeff, Richmond VA  – 2010-12-15

  Excellent Diamond
Very beautiful diamond was nervous about cut but surpassed my expectations
Ben, Pensacola FL  – 2010-12-15

  She cried
The diamond is beautiful. I bought a 30x jeweler's loupe to verify the GIA # inscribed on the girdle and it was, of course, the diamond I ordered. I saved at least $400 over a local jeweler who was offering a MUCH lower-quality diamond. The web interface is great and the diamond was shipped overnight. No problems!
William, Bloomington IN  – 2010-12-15

  Amazing ring delivered in 5 days - she is so shocked by it's beauty she can't stop staring at it
The ability to easily choose rare diamonds of exceptional cut, color and clarity has made it easy to build a ring with a sparkle that is unmatched by most of the diamonds being sold in regular jewlery stores.
David, Edmonton AB  – 2010-12-15

  Our perfect ring
It looks great in picture, and it looks as good in the box when I open, but it looks so perfect when I put it onto my fiancee's finger. Then she looks like an angel to me. I made the right choice with
Zhang, Shangcheng Hang Zhou Zhejiang Province  – 2010-12-11

She woke me up the other night to let me know the engagement ring is perfect. Will be doing business w/ Blue Nile again.
Juan, WAYNE PA  – 2010-12-09

  Top quality and exceptional value
I am extremely happy with the diamond that I purchased from Blue Nile. The diamond is simply exceptional. The cut and colour truly lived up to the standards that I anticipated. I have had two different appraisers comment that its one of the best diamonds they have ever seen. The quality and value is truly outstanding.
Stephen, Saskatoon SK  – 2010-12-06

  Rave reviews all around
Not ever having purchased a diamond ring before and only barely shopping in person (and not really being excited over what I saw) I did alot of research and purchased an engagement ring here. The prices were very competitive with the dealers downtown who deal only in cash only I didn't need to fear for my life by walking around with all that money in my pocket! Everyone who sees it swears I bought one of those expensive name brand diamonds! It is simply amazing. I have never seen anything like it. I am not sure what else to say. The customer service is great, the shipping was immediate, and even the box it came in was beautiful and will make a nice keepsake. I am really picky about things and looked for flaws so I could return it before I gave it to her but the ring was just perfect.
Micah, Long Beach CA  – 2010-12-05

  Nervous Engagement Ring Guy
This feedback is intended for anyone questioning the quality of a Blue Nile product or service. I assure you I am a real guy who was as nervous as one can be searching all of Southern California for the perfect engagement ring. A friend recommended Blue Nile to me and at first I was extremely nervous. I work hard for my money and I don?t regularly make purchases this large so I must have called the Blue Nile customer service line at least a half a dozen times inquiring about everything from ring weight to comparing how a G color diamond sparkle compares to an I colored diamond. Not once did I feel pressured to buy or get off the phone without the answers I was searching for. With all of that said I would be lying if I said that I still wasn?t nervous. The ultimate decision was made for me when I realized after visiting several brick and mortar retail stores how much more value I could receive by buying a Blue Nile ring. I estimate that I saved myself well over $1,500 and received a much higher quality custom product. At the end of the day she said yes (woo hoo!) and I really feel proud that I took the time to know what I was getting. I found posts like this really helpful when I was struggling with my decision so I hope this helps someone out there too :-)
Anonymous  – 2010-12-02

Wow wow wow! I chose my diamond studs (a Christmas present from my hubby!) myself and actually had fun doing it! It's like you can literally hand-pick every one of the four c's to find your perfect pair. They are GORGEOUS sparkly, so pretty! Customer service was exceptional - fast shipping and EACH diamond came with two great certificate packages. I'd definitely buy here again and recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for diamond jewelry... have already promised to help my brother pick his engagement ring for his fiance from here next year!
Anonymous  – 2010-12-01

  Much better than expected!
My (now) fiancee loved the Signature diamond, saying it's PERFECT and what she always wanted! She can't stop looking at it and showing it off to her friends and co-workers. Blue Nile's service was excellent, and surpassed all my expectations.
Michael, Orleans ON  – 2010-12-01

  Beautiful engagement ring
This was the most beautiful ring that we have found and she was very happy with it.
Richard, Tualatin OR  – 2010-11-29

  Very nice Diamond
I purchased a Blue Nile signature Asscher diamond. I was very satisfied with the Diamond and how fast it was shipped out. Will definitely purchase more jewelry from Blue Nile in the future.
Landon, Phoenix AZ  – 2010-11-29

  the diamond was spectacular
the diamond looked amazing with just the naked eye as it should. I couldn't wait to propose to my Girlfriend and share it with her.
Anonymous  – 2010-11-24

  Truly exceptional ring
This is a truly exceptional stone. Its perfect dimensions really sets it apart and makes it sparkle like it has fireworks in it. My fiancAc cannot stop staring at it. We are extremely happy with it and this stone will remain this stone will remain exceptional for generations to come. In all senses of the word, its perfect.
Hendrik, London null  – 2010-11-22

  A sparkle and fire like no other!
The ring and diamond exceeded my expectations. The fire and sparkle that this diamond gives is simply brilliant. I spent a lot of time and looked into all methods, other online stores, retail stores and having a custom made ring through a jeweller. All were double the price and had half the quality and shine of the Blue Nile signature cut diamond that I purchased. I know her eyes will light up when she sees this ring and the breathtaking diamond that sits within. You have a customer for life.
Daniel, Mt Hope ON  – 2010-11-19

  "Wow! I'm so amazed!"
This diamond and ring is the most beautiful purchase I have ever made. I cried from happiness when I opened the package. I'm very pleased with the product, customer service, value and the knowledge that I bought the very best ring that my money could buy."
Anonymous  – 2010-11-18

Wow, the diamond is miles better than anything I could get in store. E colour, IF, 42 points AND signature ideal cut. It's stunning! Just hope it's a yes to boot now....
Adam, Newbury null  – 2010-11-16

  Exceptional Quality
Like all guys out there I was hesitant to buy a diamond ring online, but glad I did. I have been to a lot of retailers(after I educated myself) And the markup on lower quality diamonds is huge. I'm not rich, and had a budget that I had to stay in, so if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, this is a great way to buy a diamond that would cost thousands more at a retail store. The big push at the local jewelry store was"we will replace the diamond if anything happens, that's something you cant get online" So I got my own insurance for $39 a year, and have peace of mind. The ring arrived the day after I ordered it, and was more impressive in person than the pics online, and of course I immediately brought it to a diamond store to have it evaluated and appraised. The ring was everything Blue Nile said it was, and gorgeous. My Fiancee absolutely loves it!!!
Anonymous  – 2010-11-12

  Great choice
A friend recommended Blue Nile to me and I was not disappointed. The ring is almost as lovely as the finger that it sits on... and that is saying something.
Anonymous  – 2010-11-11

  Perfect Engagement Ring
Couldn't be happier with it. I was a little nervous not being able to see the ring before I bought it. It was amazing though. I knew she'd love it as soon as I first saw it, and she did.
Christopher, San Diego CA  – 2010-11-11

  The ring made her cry...
I catch her playing with her ring to make it sparkle different colors and project light off it. The ring is perfect. Thanks for your help, Blue Nile.
joshua, jacksonville FL  – 2010-11-09

  The engagement ring was just as she had dreamed.
Great educational website. Online process flawless. Customer service representatives helpful, informative, polite and professional. Product was just as described. It is not often that I spend $8,000+ online, but as my relationship with Blue Nile grew over the last several months, and after some online investigation on Blue Nile by me, I proceeded with the purchase. I couldn't be happier and have told everyone I know about my experience.
Marcus, Lahaina HI  – 2010-11-02

  The way to buy diamonds
I purchased a signature series diamond from blue nile, and i was hesitant to pay so much for a diamond over the internet. But you can pay about $75 dollars to have the diamond independently appraised, so i made the purchase and saved about 15K versus retail. Definitely the way to go if you do your homework and don't need any hand holding during the selection process.
Anonymous  – 2010-11-02

  Blue Nile gets an A+
I was a little nervous buying a high end item on the internet. But I think Blue Nile is safer than your local jewerly store or downtown diamond district. 100% professional and I recommend the website.
Anonymous  – 2010-11-01

  Extremely fantastic value
The ring was beautiful, and MUCH nicer than what was offered in jewellery stores for same price. My fiance absolutely loved the ring and cannot stop staring at it! I would definitely recommend Blue Nile to anyone, the pictures do not do the ring justice as it it looks far better in person.
Chris, Edmonton AB  – 2010-11-01

  What a gorgeous ring.
She absolutely loved the ring, as well as everyone who has seen it.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-30

  "I love my ring"
Buying a diamond can be both confusing and stressful, but Sacha was nothing less than amazing in guiding me through my purchase. Every day my wife looks down at her hand and says to me, "I love my ring". I highly recommend Blue Nile and especially Sacha.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-29

  Perfect ring
Has so much more sparkle than I ever imagined, well worth going for the best cut you can, as recommended in the education section.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-29

  Engaged and she loves the ring
I was very happy with my purchase. The ring is even more beautiful then it looked on the site. She loves it and keeps praising me about it. The quality for the price is great and I am very satisifed with the selection and purchase.
Allen, Modesto CA  – 2010-10-28

  Great Rock, Presentation, Shipping-time, Price!
Cant recommend this service more. Great stuff all around, and quick! Went with my own setting, but the rock still comes in a box with a throw-away tension setting. awesome.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-27

  The best diamond I have ever seen
I'd planned the diamond, the ring and the proposal for over 4 months to make it the most special moment for my fiancee. The diamond came exactly on time and I actually had to look at the ring several times before I could believe how nice it was! She certainly liked it she hasn't stopped showing it off since!
Sam, Enfield Middlesex  – 2010-10-23

  Her rings sparkles more than any of her friends!
I spent a lot of time researching what and where to buy. I went to the mall and I went online. I visted everywhere from budget stores to high end jewellers and Bluenile always offered the best quality and the best price. I made the right decision buying from Bluenile, exceptional product and excellent service!
Derrick C, Wolfville NS  – 2010-10-21

A beautiful ring delivered in exceptional time! A lovely suprise and someone special is very very happy! I am certianly recommending you to others.
nicholas, Houston TX  – 2010-10-20

  She loved it
Just absolutely gorgeous. It's a perfect diamond ring.
Booho, Springfield VA  – 2010-10-20

  She was crazy about it
After getting over the initial shock, she absolutely adored the ring; she couldn't stop looking at it.. I was uncertain about getting a Signature Ideal stone, but it was worth the difference...
Anonymous  – 2010-10-20

My proposal was several weeks ago, and I still catch her gazing at the ring. Beautiful.
Charlie, Verona PA  – 2010-10-20

  Perfect Ring!
I decided on this ring after lots of looking in local stores and different websites, in the end Blue Nile had the best price and best customer service. The diamond looks great, and so far has beaten several other diamonds in her office comparisons!
Kenneth, Blacksburg VA  – 2010-10-14

  Asscher Engagement Ring
The whole process of ordering and picking out a diamond was so easy on the site. The ring arrived when it said it would and the quality is outstanding. Your pick of quality is obviously up to you but the Asscher cut diamond that I picked is just above and beyond anything that I could find in any of our local stores. I found many larger and cheaper but no where near the quality. This is a purchase to stay with the wearer forever and larger and cheaper is not better. Only quality is better and I am glad that I bought with Blue Nile. The diamond sparkles even in the dark
Brian, Martinsburg WV  – 2010-10-13

  Outstanding selection and great price
The diamond was absolutely gorgeous, and as described (verified by an independent appraiser). I would highly recommend Blue Nile due to the available selection, guaranteed quality, and reasonable price.
Joseph, Rochester MN  – 2010-10-13

  Stunning engagement ring = a ''YES'' !
Excellent web site with loads of useful info helped me pick the right diamond. Service was swift and the ring beautiful. Would recommend Blue Nile to anyone!
Stuart, Hartletool Cleveland  – 2010-10-13

  I just had to make her mine and wanted to present a beautiful ring!
I am so pleased to have payed more for a Signature cut diamond. It is brilliant and beautiful in artificial and natural light. My now fiance is delighted with it and often tells me how is draws her attention because of its brilliance. The ring/mount looks to be of good quality and it was so wonderful that it fitted her perfectly (based on my best guess) allowing her to wear it immediately.
Jason, Maidenhead Berkshire  – 2010-10-08

  Absolutely in love with my ring (and fiance)
When I saw it, I cried. I couldn't help myself. Its shine was so bright, the shape exactly what I wanted. My signature round diamond ring in its vintage setting is absolute perfection. You can see the quality and workmanship at first glance. Although the ring has a slim band, its presence is undeniable. Its sparkle never fails to catch the attention of others and it sits effortlessly on my finger. Not to mention the exquisite packaging- my ring sat in a beautiful lacquered wooden box and came with a plush fabric pouch. If you want to know what a gooooorgeous ring looks like here are the details: Brilliance & Symmetry- Excellent, Color-H, Clarity-VS2. This is a five star review for my ring and for Blue Nile; their customer service and expertise is outstanding.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-06

  Very good quality and great price
My husband bought me this diamond ring for our 10th wedding anniversary. The Blue Nile Signature Ideal Cut diamond is SO beautiful and brilliant. We couldn't be able to find this high quality diamond ring in any of our local jeweler stores with this good price. We will shop at Blue Nile again.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-06

Great selection and pricing. Ring came the next day.Most importantly she loves the ring and thinks it has the most sparkle of any diamond she has seen.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-06

The diamond I bought is amazing. It was better than I expected. The signature cut actually makes it look bigger than it actually is.
Zach, San Antonio TX  – 2010-10-06

  I've never seen light dance like that!
I wanted to get a ring that would be noticed from across the room, so I bought a BN Signature Round Diamond for the my fiance's engagement ring. I was not disappointed! This diamond has incredible fire, and everyone who has seen it has been very complimentary.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-06

  She loved the ring
When I proposed she could not believe how beautiful the ring was. The diamond is so clean and shines in the light. All of her friends commented on how beautiful the ring.
Anonymous  – 2010-10-04

  Exellent Diamond, Excellent Customer Support
The diamond is mind-blowing! I have never seen a diamond that sparkled like the one I got at Blue Nile! My new fiance's initial reaction was "Oh MY GOSH!!" and then speechless. Everyone she has shown it too wants one. Blue Nile educated me thoroughly in diamond science. The customer support is great. The price was unbeatable and I did research it thoroughly. I went to a dozen stores in my city and no one could come close to beating the price. Blue Nile Signature Ideal is the way to go!
Anonymous  – 2010-10-04

  Love this ring
Very pleased with my order, the ring is so beautiful, exactly what I want. I chose Petite Cathedral Pave Diamond setting at beginning, but a little bit small to me, changed to Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring, its right one to me, not small, not big, two side baguette and center stone comes so beautiful. The exchange process went smoothly, very satisfied with custom service, they are very patient and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Thanks.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-30

  She Absolutely Loved It
I ordered the Signature cut Princess Diamond from Blue Nile and she loved it. It really shines and looks beautiful in any light. The icing in the cake is the certifications, really professional detailed descriptions of the diamond you purchased which in turn gives you peace of mind that you bought from a serious company that deliver what they promised. Five Stars!
Anonymous  – 2010-09-30

We love the 0.8 ct Blue Nile Signature Round Brilliant Diamond I purchased. It is an exceptional quality diamond. The value (and low price) from Blue Nile greatly exceeded that of very similar diamonds from other retailers. The Blue Nile website is an excellent place to educate yourself about diamond quality whether you intend to shop online or not.
Brian, Pittsburgh PA  – 2010-09-29

  A perfect gift!
It turned out to be a perfect first anniversary gift! My wife loved it! Blue Nile did a great job all through the buying process - their website providing a great buying experience and education, their customer service being courteous and comforting on purchase and return inquiries. I loved the ease with which I could buy a substantially priced item from my couch and an unbeatable price too!
Srivathsan, Mercer Island WA  – 2010-09-23

  she loved it.
I couldnt be more happy with the service and the quality of the ring I received from blue nile.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-17

  Beautiful Engagement Ring
I spent a few months doing research by visiting jewelery stores, talking to friends, and surfing the web. It was an easy choice to go with Blue Nile based on positive reviews from friends, high quality, and price. I found exactly what I was looking for. My fiance loves the ring! Everyone else that saw it thinks it's amazing as well. The customer service was fantastic too.
Gregory, Miami FL  – 2010-09-15

  very happy with purchase
great value for money. fantastic web site. helpful phone staff.
Dominic, Cambridge MA  – 2010-09-15

  Just as promised
Everything went well and was just as promised. The item was shipped when promised. I called several times during the process and the staff were very helpful. There were some complications with my debit card during the transaction but they worked with me to get the ring ordered in time and shipped in time. The ring was accompanied by certificates and specifications showing its tests for quality. Great documentation.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-15

  She can't get over the sparkle
Stellar in every way. She couldn't have been more thrilled with the cut, clarity, and quality.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-15

  Wonderful experience all around
Bought diamond to go with an engagement ring we had picked out locally. The local dealer let us look at the diamond under magnification. Looked just like the pictures in the Signature materials that came with it. Very happy overall.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-10

  Excellent Quality at a wholesale price
I visited mall stores and found them extremely expensive for what you got. I visited a diamond wholesaler and found you could pay much less but getting the 4c's you wanted was very difficult. Blue nile was a great combination of a great price and an excellent selection. Oh and you have it in your hands within 24 hrs. A very good experience.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-09

  She loved the Diamond
I gifted this beautiful 0.42 carat princess cut diamond from Blue NIle to my wife on her birthday. When I prensented it she just fell in love with it, has not stopped talking about it to everyone. The diamond came in secure box and is brilliant.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-09

  It is eye popping!
I couldn't be more pleased. It is simply beautiful. My only hick-up, was that I was promised my delivery by 10:30 am. It didn't actually arrive untio 3pm. I did get nervious with the delay, but it was worth it in the long run.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-08

  Exceeded expectations
First of all it arrived very quickly -- we purchased just before 6 pm and it was delivered the next morning. When opening the box, we were not sure what to expect, this being the first time we had purchased jewelry online and having picking it out based only on its ratings. But the signature diamond we had purchased turned out to be stunning. It is more brilliant than any of the comparably-rated stones we looked at locally and at a much lower price. If we purchase again, we will definitely check out Blue Nile.
Brian, Rogers MN  – 2010-09-08

  Go with the Signature Ideal Cut!
The diamond was as advertised and the signature ideal cut is definitely worth the additional cost. The Diamond is cut superbly and sparkles even under low light conditions. It is even more eye-catching in broad daylight. The side diamonds on the petite cathedral are very small, but still very sparkly. The thin band makes the fingers look longer and also makes the center diamond appear larger. Thanks Blue Nile!
Rui, Lombard IL  – 2010-09-08

  Another winner from Blue Nile
With the help of a very knowledgeable customer service/ sales assistant from Blue Nile I purchased a special 50th birthday ring for my wife. The ring was a three diamond configuration in a platinum setting that turned out to be stunning. Blue Nile's service and value are outstanding and the quality makes me look like an expert in choosing jewelry. My wife was thrilled !!
Richard A, The Woodlands TX  – 2010-09-08

  the picture didn't do justice
This stone was the centerpiece of her wedding set. She saw the setting online and even a picture of the rings. But when the box was opened and I put the engagement ring on her finger, she was truly astounded. Honestly, I had a similar reaction. This gem truly shines and is the most beautiful diamond I've seen. I'm glad I put a little more emphasis on cut, clarity, then color, over carat weight, because the result is a stunning diamond which catches eyes instantly!
Timothy, Pleasant Hill CA  – 2010-09-08

I must admit that although Blue Nile was recommended to me by several people, I was a bit skeptical about making such a major purchase through the internet. But I have to say that all of my concerns went away instantaniously when I opend the box, and saw her engagement ring. The ring was stunning, Blue Nile's customer service was outstanding, and my fiance is pleased beyond expression. Thanks Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-08

  sparkles like fireworks
the moment I opened the box with this diamond it looked like the fourth of july! incredible sparkle, color, quality.... 25% cheaper than comparable diamonds and much better than ones I looked at with similar cuts, color, and clarity... thanks Blue Nile!
Anonymous  – 2010-09-08

I looked far and wide for the perfectly cut round diamond that would light up her face. The search ended here with a Signature stone and she's been smiling since!
Anonymous  – 2010-09-08

  Exceptional service and value
Based on Blue Nile's outstanding reputation, I bought an engagement ring on line, sight unseen, from their site. I (and my wife) could not be more delighted with the ring itself and the customer service that attended the purchase. The agent, withough prompting, pointed me to less expensive rings than my original selection, and was extraordinarily helpful in discussing value and cost for the alternatives. Staff is polite, knowledgeable and generous with time. 5 star review
Michael, CAMBRIDGE MA  – 2010-09-08

  I love my new diamond ring!!
This is the second purchase from Blue Nile and I am extremely satisfied! We purchased a Signature Ideal cut Emerald set in platinum for our 20th wedding anniversary. We had purchased a band 2 years ago for our 18th; now I have the complete set. I am so pleased with our purchase; the diamond and setting looked even more brilliant in person!!!
Donna, Yorktown VA  – 2010-09-03

  the ring is brilliant
My fiancee was absolutely taken by the ring, im very happy with the value and quality, nothing local compares in my price range, thanks blue nile for helping me forefill our dreams !
Tony, Saskatoon SK  – 2010-09-03

Very easy ordering process. Great packaging and presentation. All the certificates were very professionally laminated which actually surprised me. The value compared to retail shops is amazing. The ring style is remarkable and the diamond cut is amazing. If you know what your looking for this is the place to shop. Highly recommend!
Anonymous  – 2010-09-02

  Most sparkling diamond i ve ever seen
Although a bit more expensive, it s really beautiful. It sparkles more than any diamond i ve ever seen, and extra certificate justifies the extra price. Great customer service, since they have these Signature diamonds in stock, they could hold it for some days, and shipping went flawless. Love it, recommend it
magne christoffer, Hamar null  – 2010-09-01

The stone is absolutely perfect and the setting really spotlights the sparkle of the stone.
Anonymous  – 2010-09-01

  One Word: Stunning
The ring is absolutely gorgeous. When the light hits the diamond it just glitters and sparkles intensely. It has an infinite quality to the depth of stone. We are very happy with the quality of the product and customer service. We even had to get the ring resized, but everything went smoothly. Very, very happy!
Anonymous  – 2010-08-31

  She loved the five diamond anniversary ring
Went with the signature cut diamonds and the five stones do sparkle alot. Wife loves it.
Tenison, Markham ON  – 2010-08-30

  Unimaginable reaction
Beautiful, stunning, illuminating. The smile on her face, upon delivery, would have brigthened the dullest day. Thank you for creating such joy..
Anonymous  – 2010-08-29

  Great value
Blue nile is the real deal. I got the diamond appraised by two different appraisers trained by GIA and both agreed the diamond was well worth the price I had paid for it.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-26

  This ring puts all her friends engagement rings to shame!
The signature cut diamond really is brilliant and sparkly. 1/2 carat is just the right size too with the thin 2mm ring. Not too big and not too small.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-26

  My Fiance Loved Her Engagement Ring
Blue Nile exceeded my expectations in every respect. I could not be more happy. My fiance was thrilled with her ring.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-24

  Great diamond!
The princess cut diamond I purchased was absolutely beautiful. I actually had a diamond on hold at an in town jewelry store until i received this one. When I received this one in the mail (the next day like they say) I took it to the store and told them I wanted this one placed in the setting I chose. The employees at the jewelry store were amazed at the clarity and fire of the diamond. So much so that they didnt even try to convince me to buy their diamond, which was 40% more expensive. Ever since I gave the ring to my fiance she has been stunned by the diamonds beauty and so has everyone that has looked at it. Thanks a lot.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-24

My 5 stone diamond was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I have received so many compliments.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-24

  Exceptional Diamond!
I presented this ring to my girlfriend this weekend and she melted at the amazing quality of this diamond. The stunning sparkle lit up the room and was the envy of all the other women! Thank you Blue Nile for this signature diamond!
Steven, Germantown MD  – 2010-08-23

  Diamond as Advertised
Excellent quality diamond and setting. Customer service was great, and the package information on the diamond was informative.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-20

Purchased the Sig Ideal princess cut. The stone was beautiful. The cut and brilliance was better than almost all of the other stones I looked at. My overall experience with Blue Nile was very positive.
Gene, Westport CT  – 2010-08-19

  Best that money can buy !!!
Worth it next time I buy I would definetly choose a signature ideal cut ! They are just plain beautifull!
Anonymous  – 2010-08-19

  Better than anticipated
I bought a high quality loose diamond for my girl, but I haven't had it mounted yet. It was packaged beautifully and when I took it out of the box it looked awfully good. In order to get a better idea of how it would look in natural light, I stepped outside and held the stone (in it's temporary setting) in the sun so that there was actual light on it. I turned it several ways and nearly blinded myself. WOW! I have never seen a better "sparkler" before and I know diamonds. Thank you, Blue Nile, for carrying quality gems.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-18

  Couldn't be happier!
Like most others I was a bit nervous making such an important purchase online. The sales staff was helpful when I called and the ring showed up on time as promised. The brilliance of the diamond is amazing and it looks far more expensive than it was. I began hearing the term "ring envy".
Anonymous  – 2010-08-18

  Outrageously dazzling!
The signature round diamonds from Blue Nile are truly exceptional. I choose one with excellent parameters according to the holloway cut advisor and found a truly dazzling diamond. Only the signature series offers diamonds that are cut so well that they score very good and above on this scale and you can definitely see the difference.
Timothy, Calgary AB  – 2010-08-18

  The most sparking diamond I have ever seen...
The signature round diamond I received was so far beyond my expectations in terms of what I was hoping for. To say that the diamond has fire is a huge understatement. Indoors this diamond soarkles like no other but in direct sunlight it is almost too much to look at. Blindingly beautiful. The price was incredible and far below what competitors could offer. I would 100% recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for something perfect.
Neal, Toronto ON  – 2010-08-18

  Stunning signature diamond
We were so pleased with the diamond. I bough this to propose to my Girlfriend and had it set in a ring and it could not be more perfect. The quality of it far surpassed most high street jewellers, i can't believe how much it sparkles, all the time! I would definately recommend anybody to purchase a diamond through blue nile.
Wayne, York North Yorkshire  – 2010-08-13

  Simply stunning stone
The stone itself is simply beautiful. Purchasing something like this across the internet was nerve-racking, but very,very worthwhile.
Robert, Belfast null  – 2010-08-09

  The ring was perfect
I was extremely satisfied with the ring and she just loved it! It was a platinum setting with 6 prongs, I initially wanted the one with 4, but after reading that the one with 6 is more secure, I chose that one. The diamond was a Signature Blue Nile and excellent symmetry/polish.
Love, Incline Village NV  – 2010-08-04

  mr e r
she loved the ring and continues to glow every time she gazes at her ring finger.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-04

  Brightest stone in my box.
If I could capture my stone's twinkle, I'd swear it came form Venus. It's very difficult to buy jewelry. Not being a professional, I really appreciated Blue Nile's instructional pages. The information added so much to my experience. Thank you.
Anonymous  – 2010-08-04

  Absolutely amazing diamond ring!!!
The overall experience with Blue Nile was amazing! They went the extra mile to deliver the ring on a very short notice without any problems! My fiancee was astonished by the quality of the ring and she really loves it! I have to say that the 4C guidelines helped me to understand about what really matters when buying a diamond and therefore made an excellent choice of a certified diamond!!

I would definitely recommend Blue Nile to anyone.
Dr. Constantinos, Great Barr Birmingham  – 2010-08-04

  She loved it
Bluenile has excellent service and excellent product :)
Valeed, Springfield VA  – 2010-08-01

  Danced like nothing I have seen before!
The Diamond was absolutely gorgeous when it arrived. I am GIA certified and can spot quality as described, and this diamond definetly fit every bill of the description as well as the both pieces of certification that accompanied it. Very pleased!
Anonymous  – 2010-07-29

  She loved it
The diamond reflects light in all directions and the quality of the cut is marvellous. She said YES...
Boriflav, Sofia null  – 2010-07-28

this was exactly what i was looking for. after getting the ring i was amazed at how much it sparkled. she loved it!
Matthew, INDIANAPOLIS IN  – 2010-07-27

This was a replacement for my wedding ring that I lost 3 years ago. The diamond is absolutely exquisite. I loved the ease of ordering online and the huge selection available. I would definitely encourage others to purchase a diamond this way.
Jennifer, WATSEKA IL  – 2010-07-27

  Beautiful Engagement ring
I was so pleased with the engagement ring I purchased in late June. My fiance was thrilled with how beautiful the ring is and the diamonds are exquisite. I'm very pleased that I purchased Signature Ideal stones.
Gary, Happy Valley OR  – 2010-07-21

The diamond and setting were both perfect and she loved it. I was kind of worried since I was selecting a smaller carat size compared to most, but the other features and the signature cut make the sparkle and shine outweigh the carat size. It was also nice not having to worry about the pressure of a jewelry store. Customer service is excellent.
Anonymous  – 2010-07-14

  Absolutely Stunning
I looked at many diamonds in person before purchasing online. Upon opening the box, I can safely say that it is the most stunningly beautiful diamond I have ever seen. The signature ideal cut makes all of the difference, the diamond absolutely explodes with light. Truly amazing.
Anonymous  – 2010-07-14

  Perfect again
The ring was exquisite-- beautifully and flawlessly rendered by Blue Nile. My fiance loved it, which means I am more than satisfied with Blue Nile. I am a repeat customer who will continue to repeat.
Anonymous  – 2010-07-14

  Couldn't Be Happier with Blue Nile
The level of product detail available on the website is incredible. I was able to get some feedback and recommendations for Blue Nile staff using the LIVE CHAT function which turned out to be invaluable. I will highly recommended Blue Nile to everyone going forward. P.S. My fiance absolutely loves her engagement ring!
Anonymous  – 2010-07-14

  She said "Yes yes!!"
The Signature Princess-Cut Diamond was spectacular! The fire and brilliance the diamond showed was exactly what I expected. EXTREMELY GOOD QUALITY AND VALUE Blue Nile!
Aaron, Toronto ON  – 2010-07-11

  Took her breath away....
After shopping around brick and mortar stores trying to see the difference between the different grades of diamonds I decided to take a chance and purchase a high end stone I found on Blue Nile. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. As I opened the box I saw why the diamond was twice as expensive as the ones in the store. The Signature cut stones from Blue Nile are in a class of their own and you won't find comparable stones in stores. Simply amazing and well worth the money. Also their customer service group makes spending a small fortune less painful! I would recommend them to everyone!
Anonymous  – 2010-07-07

  Best Value
I trusted the website in believing the cut is the most important aspect of the I went for the "signature cut". Diamond is more beautiful than any description. My girlfriend loves it. It reflects so much light & sparkles very brightly. The size is perfect as well. large enough with the quality to look like a beautiful ring suitable for everyday use, but not to gaudy or flashy. I think my fiancee stares at her diamond more than me now...mission accomplished!
Anonymous  – 2010-07-07

An absolutely stunning diamond. Bigger and more sparkly than expected. She was not disappointed in any way! And wow does it attract attention from people. Most common response? "That's the biggest rock i've ever seen!" We're very proud.
Alexis, London null  – 2010-07-06

  She said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful ring!!!
I ordered a 0.74 signature princess cut diamond on tapered cathedrale white-gold setting. The diamond and setting are both beautiful and complimentary. Simple but elegant. The shipping was unbelievably quick. The customer service rep I spoke to was pleasant and helped me out. My new fiancee LOVED the ring! Highly recommended!
David, Montreal QC  – 2010-07-05

  We superis to received our round diamond!
Our round diamond only 1.31 carats, but when we received it seems to be bigger than it's size, and the G colour is okay, it so beautiful, we love it so much. We appreiate your works.
Anonymous  – 2010-07-04

  Great experience!
The customer service team was great in communicating to me throughout the ordering process, from helping pick out the perect diamond and setting to keeping me informed of shipping. My fiance absolutely loved the engagement ring and after a few weeks of wearing it she still smiles and shows it off to people who have seen it several times! 5 stars is not a high enough rating in my opinion, and I will definitely refer family and friends here to make purchases as well! GREAT JOB!!!!
rascalking, Riverview FL  – 2010-06-30

  Simple and Elegant
I have been searching for a simple, everyday, elegant diamond necklace and finally took the plunge. This necklace is perfect. Diamond is of very good quality and it is exactly what I was hoping it would be. Building my own necklace allowed me to get exactly what I wanted without paying a fortune.
Anonymous  – 2010-06-30

  Cut over Caret - Take a better cut over a higher caret... she will thank you for it!
Put it this way; the signature cuts made all the difference. Other women comment my fiance's ring, saying "how white it is" and how much it shines/blings! I have learnt a valuable lesson in regards to diamonds - Caret weight isn't everything, the cut/colour does make a difference. If in doubt, I believe you are better off going for a better cut of diamond e.g. Blue Nile's signature cut, over a larger caret. A diamond should sparkle, not just look big!
Ben, London Kent  – 2010-06-30

  It took her breath away!
My fiance was delighted with her .81, F-Colour, VS2, Signature diamond. The diamond was beautifully set off with the white gold band and the setting enhanced the beauty and sparkle of the diamond. The Signature cut is far above the quality we had seen in any of the numerous retail stores (even the high end ones) we visited before we discovered Blue Nile. She has had numerous compliments from family, friends and co-workers and even some strangers who noticed the brilliance of her ring and wanted to know which "store" it had come from. Personally, i was delighted with the quality of the service your staff provided both in terms of advice in the selection process and in the speed and accuracy with which they filled the order. Thank you for making our engagement such a special occasion!
David, Halifax NS  – 2010-06-30

  I've bought an engagement ring.
I've bought a signature cut diamond ring. When I tried place an order, I wasn't sure if I liked it because it was difficut to tell its quality and authenticity from the picture. However, the skepticism was vanished immediately after I received the ring via Overnight Priority mail. It was a pure beauty. I am a man and a soldier. I don't really get sentimental over a little piece of jewelry, but it was differernt. It was a breath-taking. When I proposed to my girl with this diamond ring, she absolutely loved it and couldn't take her eyes off from it for a while. I did not regret single penny I have spent on this ring.
Suhan, Burke VA  – 2010-06-27

  diamond shipped to Europe
My girlfriend and now fiancee was delighted!! I ordered a signature round diamond to be shipped to Switzerland. It arrived within the same week, and I was very happy how easy payment and customs procedure was (paid VAT by credit card over the phone). I would not have been able to find this type of quality diamond in the jewelry stores and especially not at this price. The diamond retailers in Switzerland are roughly 30-40% more expensive. I am very happy with my first Blue Nile shopping experience!
Felix, Zurich Switzerland  – 2010-06-25

  She loves the ring!
I designed my fiancee's engagement ring from the ground up - metal, setting, and each individual stone. The whole experience was informative, straightforward, and effortless. She is over the moon about it - we couldn't be happier. I can't say enough to praise the experience with Blue Nile.
Patrick, Aspen CO  – 2010-06-23

  Absolutely Stunning... Gorgeous Ring for My Darlin
My now fiancee ABSOLUTELY LOVED this ring. She has had it for a few weeks now and gets comments on it everywhere she goes. The Emerald and its perfect cut make it SPARKLE beautifully. I could understand how some may be skeptical by placing an order online with BlueNile, but their customization engine and detailed information won't steer you in the wrong direction.
JOHN, ALEXANDRIA LA  – 2010-06-20

  It was brilliant
I woudl reccommend to anyone to go with the Signature Cut Diamond as the first selection criteria. Then you can decide on the size colour, clarity and other factors after.
Stephen, Whitehorse YT  – 2010-06-15

  she said yes
I wanted a diamond that sparkled and this one sparkles more than I thought possible. You'll be amazed.
John, Minneapolis MN  – 2010-06-09

  Wow look at that!
Don't believe your local dealer... "you should never buy a diamond online"... Glad i DIDN'T take their advice. The dimond was stunning!! The setting was breath taking. Blue nile doesn't deal in junk do yourself a favor and consider them for your engagement ring. glad i did.
Anonymous  – 2010-06-09

  A lovely gift
Stone is simply perfect. Sparkling and yet very discrete. Exactly what I wanted.
Anonymous  – 2010-06-09

  "It's Perfect" Her words...
The ring is more beautiful than she expected! The best part is that all her friends are amazed as well!
Jeffrey, San Diego CA  – 2010-06-09

  Perfectly formed & perfectly brilliant
The brilliance & sparkle of this small diamond is simply amazing. We were looking for a very exact size of stone & easily found it at Blue Nile. The value for money is simply outstanding.
David, Stockton-on-Tees Cleveland  – 2010-06-09

The greatest thing about my Signature Princess-Cut Diamond was not that the ring arrived on time and met my every expectation, but was her smile when I put the sparkling ring on her finger.
Phil W, Windsor ON  – 2010-06-08

  My wife loved the ring, service was great
I wanted to purchase my wife a new anniversary ring, she was wearing a 20 year old three stone ring so I went with the five stone from Blue Nile. I knew nothing about diamonds I bothered the Blue Nile folks on three occasions, they were patient provided great guidance and made me feel very comfortable. I purchased the ring, my wife was so thrilled, her friends continue to compliment her. Never have I felt this good after making this type of purchase. The ring is perfect, Thanks
David, Alexandria VA  – 2010-06-07

  Simply Beautiful
So pleased with the Asscher cut! I wanted a classic and but unique ring. The Asscher cut diamond really fits the bill, combining the look of a princess with the cut of an emerald. It's subtle and sophisticated. The comfort fit band I swapped for the knife-edge is *so* much better, too. Weightier and much more comfortable!!!
Anonymous  – 2010-06-03

  An Internet Skeptic who was Pleasantly Surprised
I was so skeptical of ordering diamonds via the internet on Blue Nile but their custom service was exceptional and everything turned out great! The diamond was perfect, the craftsmanship of the setting, and I got two independent appraisals who were both very impressed with its overall brilliance and quality. I will be a repeat customer.
Omar, Oakland CA  – 2010-06-01

  Catches your eye from accross the room
Absolulely fabulous! This diamond sparkles. Its brillant. The Mrs gets compliments all the time!
Stephen, Columbia MD  – 2010-05-31

The stone and setting were both fantastic. The diamond shines brilliantly. The setting (Petite Trellis) is simple yet elegant. Top shelf quality at a very reasonable price when compared to other sites and jewelry shops. I would highly recommend this diamond. Your girl will love it.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-30

This is a fantastic ring and completely exceeded my expectations. My fiancee was so excited and impressed by the beauty and sparkle of the diamond.
Jeffery, toronto ON  – 2010-05-29

  Perfect stone for a perfect ring!
Picking out the exact right stone out of a vast database of diamonds Blue Nile had on stock in order to create a ring that is exactly what I was after was fantastic!! The Signature Diamond is astonishingly beautiful and its proud new owner is currently extremely happy to have it on her ring finger! Thank you!
Anonymous  – 2010-05-28

  She felt married
Even before we exchange our vows she already feels married after receiving the setting. She was simply blown away
Faithman, Lorton VA  – 2010-05-27

So glad i went for the Signature range -the diamond sparkles so bright and totally eye clean with great ice white colour.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-27

  I totally loved the ring, so did she
Blueline provided a great service, when I had issues. I called them and they helped me with everything. As for the ring, it exceeded all my expectations. I really didn't realize it would be this beautiful. I loved it and even though my fiance is not really obsessed with jewelry, she loves it. She loves looking at it, because it does look beautiful, and most importantly carries that speciall moment, when she said "YES" to the begining of our life together.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-26

  More beautiful than I thought it would be
My signature emerald diamond was more than I expected it to be. The cut and clarity were unbelievable. I had visited to jewelry stores and did not see the quality that Blue Nile offers. I must admit that I was very nervous about buying such a large purchase on-line and sight unseen......but no longer. I will make future purchases based on Blue Nile's quality and service.
Desiree T, Manassas VA  – 2010-05-26

  The tears were a flowing!
The diamond is beautiful. Shines like you wouldn't believe.
Greg, Richmond Hill ON  – 2010-05-23

  The best ring I could have bought
Blue Nile not only made the process easy, I ended up buying a beautiful ring that my fiance Tammy can't stop admiring and looking at. I think from a value perspective, it was the best choice anyone can make.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-22

I did a lot of research before selecting my engagement ring. I knew that Blue Nile had the best value, but was shocked at how sparkly my ring was!! Wow! I'm so glad we went with the signature cut, it def sparkles more than most rings I see. Stunning.
Hayley, DAYTON OH  – 2010-05-21

  Beyond Dazzling!
This diamond was not huge, coming in at just under .6 carats, but I have never seen a diamond sparkle in the sunlight like this does. It is a perfect diamond for this particular gift.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-21

  25th Anniversary Diamond Ring
My wife & I are very conservative. In these economic times we look for Value & Quality. She was overwhelmed by the Beauty of the Diamond ring. I spent $14K and would have spent at least $18K - $20K elsewhere. No local jeweler could even match my purchase. Met all expectations & delivered next day to your front door. Awesome !!
Stephen, Merritt Island FL  – 2010-05-21

Purchased a 1.74, F color, VS1 diamond. Better than I even imagined it would look - stunning! Have received many compliments.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-21

  Absolutely Dazzling
I couldn't be happier with the ring. It exceeded all my expectations and my girlfriend, now fiance, absolutely loves it. She gets numerous comments from people about how "sparkly" it is. Thank you!
Bradley, Calgary AB  – 2010-05-20

  My diamond is exceptional - thank you!
I bought a .43ct D Colour Signature Round Diamond - it is absolutely beautiful. I have honestly never before seen a diamond that is as white & the cut quality generates incredible sparkle! The site enabled me to learn enough about diamonds to make an informed choice & to buy exactly what I wanted without feeling pressured. I feel I got an exceptional diamond for an exceptional price & will be recommending Blue Nile without reservation. I also got great support from Blue Nile staff with a purchase query & again when querying delivery - unfortunately the volcanic ash cloud slowed things by a couple of days!
Rebecca, Cluain Ard Cobh  – 2010-05-14

  She loved her ring
This was a great idea, a great deal, and I got a great ring for her. She cried a lot, and emails for the past week with pictures of it sparking in different lights. Thanks blue nile!
Anonymous  – 2010-05-13

  What a sparkly diamond!
I am so pleased with my necklace, however, it took me 2 expensive returns to finally get what I wanted. Kind of hard to shop and compare on-line, but Jamie at customer service helped me pick out the most perfect sized stone for my solitaire necklace. I'll be back! Thanks again Jamie!!
Anonymous  – 2010-05-12

  she just stares at it and smiles all day
it was a difficult decision to but a ring online, but the ring is incredible, and i cannot argue the great value for money.
timothy, copenhagen null  – 2010-05-12

  She loved the engagement ring!
I purchased a 1.25 ct princess cut diamond set on a 4 prong classic platinum. The simplicity of the setting really enhances the beauty of the diamond. She loved it and said "YES!"
Anonymous  – 2010-05-08

  She loved her birthday present
You could see the quality of the dimond pendant as soon as you opened the box.
Peter, Melbourne Australia  – 2010-05-06

  Thank you so much!
She absolutely loves the ring! I got the size wrong and had to send it back in. I put the ring in the mail. on a Monday and got it back on Friday. Resizing was free. I will be buying our wedding bands from Blue Nile as well.
Anonymous  – 2010-05-05

  Great Ring!!
She absolutely love the ring! She said yes once she calmed down. It sparkles, gorgeous setting, great timeframe, I would definately recommend the signature cut! Absolutely gorgeous!
James, Bloomsburg PA  – 2010-05-02

  Absolutely breathtaking diamond
My husband and I were shopping for a replacement diamond for my engagement ring that was stolen. After a lot of shopping locally and searching on the Internet, I discovered Blue Nile. I loved the fact that all the information and GIA certification was at my fingertips to study. I selected a loose round signature cut diamond. When I opened the box, it took my breath away. It is stunning! I was afraid I might be disappointed since I had such high expectations. But it was even more beautiful than I had hoped for. I anxiously am awaiting having it set. But, in the meantime, I'll keep looking at it daily to admire its beauty. I'll be back for doubt in my mind.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-28

  She said "Yes"!
The ring was absolutely stunning! It was delivered, on time and as promised. The online education was spot-on and Blue Nile has gained a loyal client! Thank you for making this special moment unforgettable!!
Raoul, Laveen AZ  – 2010-04-28

  Great experience!
Love the way the website is set up. I found exactly what I wanted. My stone arrived the next day, complete with certifications and a nifty box. From what I can tell the prices are very competitive. I'm extremely satisfied!
Jeffrey, Houston TX  – 2010-04-21

The diamond and setting are both beautiful. It was a total surprise to my fiancee. I gave it to her on April 1st so she initially thought it a April's fool joke. Once the reality set it that it was no joke she was estatic. It's nice to have a reputable source that I totally trust to provide what is advertised. This is not my 1st blue Nile purchase as I also bought some earrings a few years ago and I suspect it won't be my last. Hopefully this is the last engagement ring however.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-21

  Incredibly happy with the ring!
We're thrilled with our purchase. Out of curiosity we took it to an independent appraiser and he commented we'd chosen an incredible stone.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-21

  She loved the ring!
The diamond and ring setting was just perfect! The only issue was that the sizing seemed a bit larger then her other rings as I purchased a 5.5 (considering her other rings are that size), but we needed to send it back to be re-sized to 5.25.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-20

  What a beautiful ring.
The ring was more impressive in person than the pictures showed. My fiance and I am extremely pleased with the ring. I can't stop looking at it. I chose a bigger diamond than the picture showed and it came with added supports that were not shown in the picture. The setting was not exactly how the picture showed but the added supports give me added piece of mind that the diamond won't fall out.
William, Bentonville AR  – 2010-04-14

  My dream woman now has a dream ring to match....
This is a perfect way to buy a very special diamond ring for a beautiful woman, and she will cherish the ring as much as you will always love and adore her... The experience starts when she first opens the box sees her ring, when she kisses you and hold you close right after, and continues with all of the compliments she will get. So many diamonds look dull and lifeless, Know I know why, Blue Nile educated me. The ring we bought is so amazingly brilliant, so perfectly cut and in such an amazing setting...the sparkle can't be described in words. Its as different and amazing as the wonderful I proposed to (and she said yes!) She just smiles and glows every time she looks at! Thank you!
Anonymous  – 2010-04-14

  Exactly what she wanted!
I am EXTREMELY pleased with the service Blue Nile provided and the quality and value of the diamond engagement ring I purchased. It arrived on time and looks GREAT! It is exactly what my fiancee wanted and I am VERY grateful for that! Thank you!
Anonymous  – 2010-04-14

  classic styling was liked by all
Beautiful stone and loved the simple solitare setting for my engagement ring. Having the ability to select everything about the ring made it fit my fiancee's style very well. Thanks so much!
Richard, Pensacola FL  – 2010-04-14

  # Diamond Engagement Ring
My experience with Blue Nile has been excellent and the results were even better, she absolutely loved the ring.
Wayne, CORONADO CA  – 2010-04-12

  Her face was priceless the diamond was brilliant
In making such an important decision, I felt I had soooo many questions I didn't have the answers to. The staff at Blue Nile not only helped me educate myself on choosing a diamond, but even put aside my choices until I felt confident in my decision on which one my fiance would love. The pictures online do not do the diamond justice. The quality and brilliance is amazing. You can actually see the "arrows" with the naked eye. Without question, the only way to go is with the Blue Nile Signature Diamond. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone! Thanks!
Joshua, NORTH KINGSTOWN RI  – 2010-04-10

Perfect! Absolutely gorgeous PC ideal cut diamond! Shipping was prompt and efficient. Customer service was excellent. Highly recommend Blue Nile.
Mark, Saint Charles MO  – 2010-04-08

  She loved it.
It was by far the best value for the price. It was much easier to find quality grade stones. Very large selection.
Leland, Mayville MI  – 2010-04-08

  She loved her ring
I thought it was a little small but she loved it. It looks great on her hand. She has a small hand and it makes the diamond look just right.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-07

  Diamond Ring with 2 Blue Saphires on the sides.
The ring was delivered as promised on time. The Diamond was exactly as promised. The Blue Saphires on the side seemed somewhat smaller than the picture but were very nice and made the diamond POP. My wife was very happy with everything! Which is all that counts in these matters!
Anonymous  – 2010-04-07

  Exceptional Overall
The ring arrived exactly as depicted and described on the website. This was my biggest concern about making such a significant purchase without actually seeing the ring in advance, but Blue Nile exonerated themselves admirably with the accuracy of their online representation. The education section was an absolute lifesaver, the order process was easy, and the shipping was discrete ... the whole process was more painless than I could have imagined.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-07

  She loved the ring
My girlfriend was ecstatic with her new engagement ring. It was just what she wanted. The brilliance of the cut, clarity and color are magnificent. We are both very happy with her new ring. Thank you!
brian, orangevale CA  – 2010-04-07

  Wonder Experience
We had looked at several different diamonds and I learned what she didn't want. I went on your web-site and read how to pick the perfect diamond and I picked what I wanted,then I called and spoke with a sales lady and she suggest a different one for less money and better qualities. I looked at it and agreed with her I then placed the order on Saturday and the ring arrived by noon on Tuesday and I gave the ring to her that evening. She was very pleased. Thank You so much for making it so easy and fun.
GARY L, RICHMOND VA  – 2010-04-07

  She loves it
The ring is beautiful. I went with a Signature Ideal cut and it was well worth it. Fantastic value, much better than anything I found at jewelry stores.
David, Morristown TN  – 2010-04-07

  Will not buy my jewelry from any other place!
The customer service at Blue Nile is second to none. They are extremely helpful and absolutely amazing. They helped to make sure this special moment happened when I needed it to.
Anonymous  – 2010-04-07

Very nice, sparkling diamond, delivered on time, as advertised in great packaging. My wife is happy, hence, I am happy. Will shop here again.
Mattison, Santa Ana CA  – 2010-03-25

  She loved the Signature Diamond Ring
I was a little skeptical on purchasing an engagement ring online. I have to say I am very impressed with how fast and professional Blue Nile was when I had questions. I was amazed on how beautiful the Blue Nile signature diamond turned out. It just sparkles like crazy and my fiance loves it!
Anonymous  – 2010-03-25

  She loves it!
Amazing cut, sparkles like it's on fire. My financee loves it :)
Anonymous  – 2010-03-25

  She absolutely loves her ring
The Signature Round Diamond is absolutely stunning - it is bright and brilliant and stands out. It looks clean and reflects light in a very visually satisfying way - I am very pleased with the way the diamond appears to the naked eye - it looks flawless.
Anonymous  – 2010-03-24

  Perfection! She said Yes!!!
I have heard from so many that said that quality is more important than size, and I must say I agree. The fire and brilliance of this diamond is unmatched unless i were to spend 40% more at a local jewelry store if not more. I and my now Fiance couldn't be any happier with this ring.
Seth, Lees Summit MO  – 2010-03-24

  She Loves The Ring!
My fiance absolutely loved the ring. I was quite surprised by how much it sparkles. The documentation that accompanied the ring is superb. Thank you.
Steven, Silver Spring MD  – 2010-03-24

  Better than I could imagine.
The diamond is exceptional. My fiance loves it. I couldn't ask for better service.
Anonymous  – 2010-03-18

  Put on your shades!
Spkarkle and scintillation or the signature diamond is amazing. She loved it! The excellent cut made the 1.2 carat diamond look bigger than it was. Price was MUCH lower than a comparible diamond at a B&M store. Thanks!!
Anonymous  – 2010-03-11

  She loved the ring!
Shipping was fast and the service was excellent. The ring looked even better than what I imagined. She absolutely loves it and won't take it off. Thank you for the excellent product!
David, Virginia Beach VA  – 2010-03-10

  Beautiful Diamond
The Signautre diamond is amazing. Sparkles brilliantly. Needless to say, she loved it. (Also doesn't hurt that it appraised for 55% over its cost!)
Matthew, BRISTOW VA  – 2010-03-10

  The brilliance is unmatched!
More fire and brilliance than Tiffany diamonds I looked at. Actually, some of the Signature Ideal diamonds are of higher grade than the lowest grade diamonds Tiffany accepts, so you can easily outsparkle a Tiffany diamond!
Deane, Carrollton TX  – 2010-03-10

  Princess Cut Engagement ring
The diamond is very sparkly and fits about what I expected. The ring and diamond looked a little thicker/bigger on the website but is still of nice quality and value for the money.
Anonymous  – 2010-03-10

  Very beautiful diamond.
It is a very clear beautiful diamond. I am very happy with the daimond!
Anonymous  – 2010-03-08

  Clearly, she said "yes"
The diamond was absolutely beautiful. People have repeatedly commented that the engagement ring was not only the perfect size, but just a really gorgeous stone and a great cut. The descriptions on the website of the stone were fantastic, as was the included gem report
Anonymous  – 2010-03-03

My fiancee loved the ring, it was the most sparkly thing she had ever seen.
Anton, Stockholm null  – 2010-03-03

  Exceptional quality and value!
The Blue Nile DIamond that i purchased far exceeded the quality of diamonds that I had shopped for. I was able to purchase a vastly superior diamond and still stay within my budget. Anyone that sees her diamond and compares it to their own of equal weight, ALWAYS sees the difference in quality.
Scott, Philadelphia MS  – 2010-03-03

  Can't keep her eyes off!
This Diamond was absolutely gorgeous my fiance loves it! She can't stop staring at it, exactly what I wanted. Thank you Blue Nile!
Smarck, Brooklyn NY  – 2010-03-03

  If you want something different.
I had the ring for a week before I proposed. I couldn't stop looking at it. It definitely exceeded my expectations. My fiancee and all of her friends and family love it.
Anthony, BLOOMINGTON IL  – 2010-03-03

  How I picked out 'the sparkler', which of course she adores
Buying a diamond is not as natural a thing to do for me as is buying a car or perhaps an HD TV. I needed a lot of selection, and I wanted to control the pace of the sale so I could do my research. The internet and especially Blue Nile exactly fit the bill.

Going with the website's advice worked very well putting 'cut' as the primary 'C'. I followed that with size, and then ensured that the other C's did not detract. It worked out great.

My fiance works in the bridal area of a dept store. The ring gets plenty of looks every day from the real experts... other women. It is a real showstopper. Her colleagues call it, 'the sparkler'.

Blue Nile's approach to this market and their service is right on the money for what I needed!
Paul, moneta VA  – 2010-03-02

  She fell in love with the ring!
Being an untrained eye, I am able to look at the diamond and tell that the diamond is of the utmost quality. So will everyone you show! The diamond is dazzling!
Mitodru Neel, Thornhill ON  – 2010-03-01

  She loved the ring.
My fiance loves her ring, especially the diamond. She always talks about the sparkle and how it is more than what she wanted.
Charles, QUANTICO VA  – 2010-02-26

  Took my Breath away!
Exceptional quality diamond! The sparkle just blew me away. Blue Nile has made me a repeat customer again and again. With a Blue Nile certified diamond you know what you are getting will be a high quality diamond and a fair price. Internet shopping made easy and the service is superior!
Tara, Mishicot WI  – 2010-02-25

  She was overwhelmed with the beauty of the diamond and setting.
1.25 Carot in platinum setting/signature cut/colorless/VS1...absolutely beautiful. Got this replacement diamond ring for our 17 year anniversary. Wife was more than pleased...she was stunned. A great value for a high quality diamond. LOTS of bling.
Gerald, Severn MD  – 2010-02-25

  As close to perfect as you can get.
My fiancee and I picked out and built the ring together. We had originally checked into diamond engagement rings together at a well known retailer in NYC. They had rings that we were interested in, we priced them and said ok, we will come back when we can afford it. Then my fiancee told me about Blue Nile. I was highly skeptical, buying a diamond ring online. Boy was I wrong. The ring is just as beautiful as anything we saw at Tiffany's. The best thing though is that we got a ring with a bigger diamond than in the rings we saw for at least $1000 less than at Tiffany's. More diamond for less, without sacrificing quality was a huge selling point for me. Then the ring came, and it was then that I knew that I would make all future jewelry purchases from Blue Nile. The cherry on top was when I saw how much my ring was appraised for and how much more it was than what I paid for it. This is the best place to buy jewelry. Thanks.

P.S. my fiancee is still staring at her ring.
Matthew, Johnstown NY  – 2010-02-25

  Can't stop looking at this diamond
My signature diamond is .40 E VVS2 and it FAR outshines many of my friends' diamonds, all of which are larger than mine! I love my diamond and am very pleased and impressed. I am also very pleased with my 2mm platnium four prong setting.
Anonymous  – 2010-02-25

  Blue Nile is the best!
My fiance and I are on a tight budget, and I suggested we buy the ring from Blue Nile. He was very unsure about buying something so expensive online, so we looked at the mall. After seeing what jewelry stores had to offer, I again suggested Blue Nile, and he relented. We were able to select a much nicer diamond and setting for much less than the rings at the mall, and found the customer service to be exceptional. When the ring arrived, he was shocked at how much nicer the ring was than the ones we saw at stores. I was frighted that having a smaller budget, we would not be treated as "special customers," but I found this completely untrue. When I called, the representative was friendly and very helpful. He even stayed past closing time to assist me. The hardest thing about the process was waiting until my boyfriend returned home to open the box.
Dawn, Lakeland FL  – 2010-02-25

  exceeded our expectations
I have to admit that I was hesitant about buying a diamond on-line but Blue Nile exceeded all of my expectations. The stone is so sparkly and clear. When I took it to our jewelers to ask for a separate appraisal they said it was not necessary as Blue Nile diamonds are as good as they claim.
Caitlin, Kirkland WA  – 2010-02-25

  She absolutley loved the rings
After 27 years of marriage my wife unfortunately lost her engagement, wedding and anniversary rings. In an extensive search to try and find a set that would be as special as the original rings, I looked in all the local jewelry stores and could not find anything that was suitable. After finding Blue Nile on line I realized that no one could come close to matching the quality for the price of the Blue Nile Diamond rings. I was even able to get the exact same grade of diamond as the original rings, making them very special. Thank you Blue Nile, my wife is absolutely delighted with her new rings.
Thomas, Hammonds Plains NS  – 2010-02-24

  Big Time Bling for a lot less Ching
Wonderful, it sparkles to no end. Highly recommend the Signature Ideal collection - takes all guesswork out of the equation. Can't believe how much fire and brilliance the stone has - much more than anything I was shown by my local jewelers. As an added bonus, I probably saved about $5,500 by purchasing from the nice folks at Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2010-02-18

  Insist on Signature Ideal Cut!
I could have bought a bigger diamond with the same money but it wouldn't have sparkled nearly as much. In my opinion it is worth insisting on a Signature Ideal Cut even if it means buying a smaller diamond. The Diamond Search engine on the website enabled me to do that and this is what sold me on Blue Nile.
Tito, Mississauga ON  – 2010-02-17

  She can't stop staring at her ring
She loved the ring. The sparkle of the diamond is visible in almost any light. She gets complemented on it everywhere we go.
Anonymous  – 2010-02-16

High quality diamond at a great price. Somebody is always available to take your call and answer any questions you have.
Justin K, CENTEREACH NY  – 2010-02-13

  Beautiful diamond for a beautiful woman
The signature round diamonds from Blue Nile are the best value I could find for my money. Jewelry stores could not give me the same quality for the same price. The signature round diamond sparkles even in the dark. My fiance loves her ring! Thank you Blue Nile!
Christopher, Arlington VA  – 2010-02-12

  Love it.
Great cut. Excellent visual performance. Money well spent.
Anonymous  – 2010-02-11

  She loves her ring!!
I ordered a 3 stone ring from Blue Nile a few weeks ago. After extensive research on the website, I went with a blue nile signature cut round stone, .86 carats in the middle and .31 on each side. When the ring arrived the next day, on time and with no problems, I was shocked at how much bigger it looked. The shine was absolutely amazing and the blue nie signature cut truly does make a big difference. I had no problems with ordering it and I even used the jewlers mutual insurance they recommend. I would buy from blue nile again and would recommend them to any of my friends as well.
John, West Harrison NY  – 2010-02-11

  Beautiful Diamond!
This diamond exceeded my expectations! It is hard to purchase a diamond over the internet without seeing it first, but this diamond was just exceptional. The service and amazingly fast shipping were the icing on the cake. Love the unique kite setting. I didn't care for the chain that came with the pendant though. I thought a box chain looked better so I am just wearing a chain from another pendant I had. I love Blue Nile's quality diamonds and service. The prices are very comparable with my local jeweler. Unlike my local jeweler, Blue Nile had many more diamonds to choose from and I could be as picky as I wanted. If you are particular about diamond quality go with a signature Blue Nile diamond and you won't be disappointed!
Tara L., Mishicot WI  – 2010-02-11

  Seriously Satisfied Shopper
I purchased a Blue Nile Signature Diamond and had it set into a platinum pendant setting and it is absolutely amazing. Mt girlfriend is still speechless about the beauty of the pendant. She thinks that I spent a fortune on it because of the brilliance, sparkle and fire. Even when the lighting in the room is not the greatest, the pendant still sparkles like crazy.
Anonymous  – 2010-02-06

  She was thrilled...
The signature diamond with side stones caught her off-guard and she was thrilled. Actually she screamed, jumped up and down then said Yes. We went to a jeweler to shop for my band and they looked at it and said it was a great choice.
Anonymous  – 2010-02-04

I was very pleased with Blue Nile. The diamond is gorgeous, and my fiance LOVES it!
Anonymous  – 2010-02-04

  "Best Birthday Ever"
Both of my sons got their wives engagement rings from you and I was not disappointed. Your associate, Laurie, was very helpful and made me very comfortable with my choice. You helped make my wife's 60th birthday very special.
Chuck, COGAN STATION PA  – 2010-02-04

  She loved the ring!
She loved the ring! The sparkle of the diamond is breath taking!
Jose, YONKERS NY  – 2010-01-31

  My wife loves her engagement ring
The Signature Princess-Cut Diamond was beautiful. I could not have gotten a better ring for the price I paid. I researched similar diamonds at big chain jewelry stores and the same size diamond of lesser quality was over $2,000 more.
James, RALEIGH NC  – 2010-01-29

  Well worth it.
My partner was thrilled to receive this ring and it exceeded our expectations. Purchased an E color/signature ideal cut, and it clearly showed its quality.
Anonymous  – 2010-01-29

  I love it so so much
I really enjoy shopping here and it's my first here. The customer service is absolutely helpful and fast. Meanwhile, I love the engagement so so much. It's so shining and flawless. There is no doubt that I choose the right place to buy my gorgeous ring for my life. I cant helping looking at it all the time. haha By the way, I received it only in 3 days from the USA. Really surprised me.
Yang, Montreal QC  – 2010-01-27

  Gorgeous Ring
This ring looks truly gorgeous in real life. My fiancee absolutely loves it, and she gets compliments on the ring all the time. The customer service at Blue Nile was great too. I must have called at least a half dozen times to ask different questions. Each of the sales reps I spoke with was helpful and happy to answer any questions I had. I will be purchasing my wedding bands from here as well. Thanks, Blue Nile, for making this whole process as easy and convenient as possible!
Steven, CLEVELAND OH  – 2010-01-27

  Exceptionally beautiful diamond!
Exceptionally beautiful stone and setting. My fiancee couldn't be happier. I looked at at least a dozen local jewelers and several internet sources before selecting Blue Nile and am glad I did. I especially appreciated the detailed diamond information (cut and scope details, GIA certificate scans, etc.) and your customer service was excellent.
Aaron, Sandy UT  – 2010-01-27

  Was so beautiful, she was speechless!
Excellant in every way!
Walter, Pleasanton CA  – 2010-01-27

  I love Blue Nile Signature Asscher-Cut Diamond.
My fiance' ordered the Signature Asscher-Cut Diamond for my Tacori engagement ring.The diamond looks so sparkling and gorgeous. I can't take my eyes of my ring.
Anonymous  – 2010-01-25

The ring we purchased from Blue Nile is better than anything we'd seen in other jewelry stores. It sparkles like she always hoped her engagement ring would!

From the moment we decided to buy the Signature diamond, we were confident that it was the right call. And it was.
Joseph, OMAHA NE  – 2010-01-24

The diamond was wonderful! It sparkles and shines beautifully under all lighting conditions. The color is completely colorless. Up against my F color diamond, the difference is so easy to see (it really is colorless, whereas the F is not). The few flaws in the diamond are all so tiny and on the bottom, so that they are not noticeable.
yu rong, cambridge MA  – 2010-01-24

  She loved and adored her new engagement ring....
I was very impressed with the quality of the ring. My g/f loved it and its color was much more than i expected!!!!!
Raymond, Peoria AZ  – 2010-01-23

  She loved the anniversary ring!
She loved the anniversary ring! I did the build your own 3-stone ring. Platinum setting, round cut diamonds, a center Blue Nile Signature, and a total 1 ct. weight. Blue Nile did great! It was eye popping and the wife loves it!
LARRY, AUSTIN TX  – 2010-01-23

  Engagement ring is gorgeous!
The Blue Nile Signature Ideal Cut Diamond is amazing. The excecptional cut reflects the light amazingly and the diamond is so clear. The website made it so easy to limit down the options to exactly the diamond I was looking for.
Kirk, Laramie WY  – 2010-01-22

  All I can say is perfect
I got the petite pave setting with a Blue Nile signature diamond and was shocked at how amazing the diamond looked. I had shopped around and similar rings cost nearly twice as much. I highly recommend Blue Nile and their great customer service. My now fiance is in love with the ring and is envied by all in her office. I will definitely purchase again!
Aaron, CRYSTAL RIVER FL  – 2010-01-21

These are the most beautiful diamonds. They sparkle in the dark!
Todd, Sharon MA  – 2010-01-20

  Most beautiful ring ever
At long last I presented the engagement ring to my girlfriend and she said she had never seen a more beautiful ring. I haven't either. We appreciate its beauty more each day! The whole thing has been a fantastic experience -- thank you so much.
Daniel, Ft Lauderdale FL  – 2010-01-19

She absolutely loved her signature cut diamond engagment ring. She said it was perfect and can't believe how much it sparkles. p.s she said yes Thank you Blue Nile
Anonymous  – 2010-01-19

  She Loves her ring.
Exceptional quality, tremendous customer service, delivery date as stated. The sparkle of the diamond and setting exceeded my expetations. This diamond was replacing one my wife had for 40 years that was was lost. Her first words after the tears was it is perfect and look how it sparkles...
Roger, Campbellsville KY  – 2010-01-17

  Beautiful diamond ring; she loves it!
My girlfriend [fiance now :) ] absolutely loves the ring. She keeps on staring at it and telling me how much she loves it. I am VERY satisfied with the signature cut of the diamond. It will sparkle even in the darkest of lights. Overall a great experience with Blue Nile.
Anonymous  – 2010-01-17

I bought a signature emarald-cut diamond engagement ring and I was extremely satisfied with its quality and value. My fiance loved the ring and she was really impressed with its beauty and brilliance. The custumer service was outstanding and I highly recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring or any other jewelry.
Anonymous  – 2010-01-16

  The perfect engagement ring...her dream finally came true.
Upon receiving the ring, I was amazed at the beauty of the diamond; mesmerized by the quality and workmanship of the total ring itself. Having my own 10X power loupe the ring and diamond was flawless. Under correct viewing light, the diamond is exactly as stated on the GIA report and certificate. On the night of the unscheduled proposal, my special girl was so overjoyed by its beauty and elegance she excused her to the restroom... to see the sparkle of the diamond in the bright lights I figured out. This was the perfect carat size for her hand and the platinum double prong trellis I believed, provided the optimum protection and security of the diamond. Thank you Blue Nile for a beautiful ring and another beautiful moment to a new chapter of our lives. *Great customer service as well.
Noel, APO AE  – 2010-01-16

  She loved designing her own ring.
Let your prospective fiance design her own ring. My fiance spent hours on it. I bought a ring from Costco, loved the diamonds, but didn't like the setting. I returned the Costco ring and bought the ring that my fiance designed on Blue Nile. When it came in, we knew it was the right ring. three jewelry stores, two engagement ring stores and Costco, and nothing came close to the final result, and only Costco came close to the price.
Carl, San Diego CA  – 2010-01-14

She absolutely loved this ring. Its modern design and classy look was subtle enough for everyday use and had just enough bling to grab attention.
Dylan, Richmond VA  – 2010-01-14

  She doesn't stop looking at it
I heard from my friend who bought his enagagement ring through Blue Nile. I was a little apprehensive about buying an engagement ring over the internet, but I was very impressed on how simple and fast the ste made selecting the perfect ring. I made sure to read the diamond education page, and I think that I learned more at Blue Nile than i would have going o a local jewellry store. I received my ring the next day as promised and I was amazed how beautiful it was. My fiancee was completely surprised and can't stop looking at it. Thank you Blue Nile, you made my engagement the perfect evening.
Andrew, Mississauga ON  – 2010-01-13

  Worth the wait even after 27 years!
When I asked my wife to marry me 27 years ago I was to poor to afford even the most modest of engagement rings. Fortunatly for me our love was enough to see us through. This Christmas in the presence of our two grown daughters I had the pleasure of asking her to marry me again. This time With a dazzling 1.5 carat Blue Nile engagement ring. Lucky me, she said yes, not a dry eye in the house..... Thanks Blue Nile
Frank, collegeville PA  – 2010-01-13

  She Loved her ring!!!
Exceptional Quality in ring and Diamond! She loved the Princess-Cut Diamond and she has received lots of compliments.
Nicholas, Miami FL  – 2010-01-13

  Super bright
This diamond greatly exceeded my expectations. Although not the biggest diamond, it more than makes up for it in brilliance. It catches light very well in all situations, even on cloudy days. And for those with smaller hands, it doesn't actually look that small. I'm happy that I chose a higher quality diamond over a bigger diamond, and my fiancee was as well.
Anonymous  – 2010-01-13


The piece has an amazing sparkle that you can actually see from across the room. My wife is so happy and proud to wear it.
Gregory, Novato CA  – 2010-01-13

  Beautiful 5 Stone Anniversary Band
I was so thrilled when I opened the box and saw my ring glistening at me. My husband let me choose my diamonds and purchase my ring so that I chose exactly what I wanted. Then he gave it to me for Christmas - what a gift!! I will continue to buy from Blue Nile without a doubt.
Anonymous  – 2010-01-13

  Absolutely mind-blowing!
It was the most beautiful diamond i have seen!! It sparkles non-stop! Worth the extra $$ for the Signature. The other diamonds in the setting are very sparkly and beautiful as well. My "NOW" fiancee couldn't stop looking at her ring! ofcourse, she said YES! Blue Niles Rocks Rock!!
Nikhil, BROOKLYN NY  – 2010-01-13

  Best jewelry shopping experience ever.
It's even better than the picture, my fiancee can't stop looking at it. Also, the customer service team was very prompt and helpful. The email I sent was answered by the same person who picked up the phone when I call