The Blue Nile Designer Collective is a showcase of emerging talent and established designers. This exclusive assortment of fine jewelry embodies their unique vision and craftsmanship. Every piece is meticulously curated and shaped by the untethered imagination of each designer. Experience this exceptional collection, only at Blue Nile.
The Blue Nile Collective is an exclusive collection of expertly designed and crafted jewelry by established and emerging talents. Experience this exceptional collection, only at Blue Nile

Blue Nile Studio

Created by industry-leading designers, Blue Nile Studio is a curated collection of classics that define exceptional craftsmanship.

Frances Gadbois

A mother-daughter collaboration, the Frances Gadbois collection features luxurious materials, classic design and unique detailing.

Monica Rich Kosann

A storyteller at heart, Monica Rich Kosann’s collection of heirloom quality jewelry celebrates personal memories and moments.

Angela George

With a refined aesthetic, Angela George fine jewelry plays with proportion, shape, and finish for wearable pieces that will become instant favorites.

Robert Leser

Renowned for his bold style, Robert Leser uses a canvas of colorful gemstones and diamonds to craft each design.