Akoya Cultured Pearl & Diamond Earrings & Pendant

If you're looking for the classic set of pearls, look to Akoya cultured pearls. The Akoya is the most popular pearl, commonly seen in pearl strands and in earrings.

At Blue Nile we offer two collections of Akoya cultured pearls, Premier and Classic. In addition, we also offer Golden Akoya cultured pearls.

While industry wide there is no standardized grading for Akoya pearls, Blue Nile ensures that each pearl meets our high quality standards.

Akoya pearls are the specialty of Japanese pearl farms. The first pearls to be cultured early in the 1920s, their white colour and rosé overtone complement a fair complexion. Because Akoya pearls are a high-quality pearl, you'll find them set with gold posts and clasps, and you'll find they are well matched for size, shape, and colour. You'll also find few blemishes and a deep, beautiful lustre.

You may notice that the Akoya looks very similar to the Freshwater pearl. When compared side-by-side, the difference is clear. Akoya pearls are on average larger, smoother, rounder, and more lustrous than Freshwater pearls. If you're looking for a remarkable gift, choose a gift of Akoya cultured pearl jewellery.

Blue Nile Classic Akoya Cultured Pearls

The Blue Nile Classic pearl collection is in the top 5% of pearls. At Blue Nile we ensure that each pearl meets our high quality standards.

Blue Nile Classic Akoya Cultured Pearls

Blue Nile Classic Golden Cultured Pearls

Our golden pearls share the same qualities of our Classic collection with the exception of colour. These beautiful pearls have a light gold colour with silver overtones.