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I cannot find a satisfactory loose pink diamond from Blue Nile. This is not a postable item.
My gift receipient was estactic with the gift and that was enough for her.

Great working with Blue Nile customer service to find a diamond that was available and able to make it to my house in time for a gift. Thanks so much
Anonymous – January 2015

She said "yes"....
This ring exceeded my expectations! Absolutely gorgeous!!! The purchase process was above and beyond any I've ever experienced. Picking out a diamond with every one of you diamond experts was an absolute pleasure; they were knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and never in a hurry to get off the phone. I would never have made a purchase this large on line if I hadn't heard so many rave reviews from others, and now I know they were absolutely right and I would re om end you guys to anyone!

This bracelet is magnificent -- high quality diamonds of exceptional color set in a premium grade platinum setting. The price was very fair vs. local jewelers in my area, although none had a 10 caret tennis bracelet in stock when I went to price compare and no local jeweler carried the diamond quality I was seeking in such a bracelet which made price comparison understandably difficult. Bottomline: I trust Blue Nile and know, first-hand, with other former Blue Nile diamond purchases that local jewelers cannot beat Blue Nile prices because jewelers have confided that to me on previous occasions when I wanted to buy from my local jewelers instead. I firmly believe Blue Nile prices can't be beat, and they stand behind their diamond gradings -- honest and ethical. I have not been "burned", and I fully expect to make future purchases through Blue Nile even though I could easily go into NYC's diamond district instead.
Denise, Holmdel NJ – March 2014

Just what he was looking for!
He wanted a ring that isn't not too flashy but somewhat unique. He also wanted it to be a strong metal that didn't easily scratch and wasn't too expensive. I was worried that the ring might look inexpensive, but I was wrong. We both love this ring and it fit all his requirements. We also bought my engagement ring on Blue Nile and both rings and the service both times were fantastic! Also you get a 10% discount on wedding bands if you purchased the engagement ring through Blue Nile.
Lee, FARMVILLE VA – March 2014

It had been 38 years since I got my original half-carat emerald cut engagement ring so when we decided to replace it with a new ring with a larger emerald cut diamond, I needed some brushing up on my diamond knowledge. The education section of the Blue Nile site told me everything I needed to know, and I went to the Build Your Own Ring section and started the fun process of picking the diamond with the characteristics most important to me. I chose the Tapered Cathedral setting in platinum and the Signature Ideal cut in order to get the most sparkle from the diamond, yet I was still absolutely astounded at how FABULOUS this diamond was when I first laid eyes on it! As my husband put it, on a scale of 1-10 this stone is a 15! I've never seen an emerald cut diamond this gorgeous. I'm totally thrilled with the ring, the price, and the entire purchase experience.
Sue, Irmo SC – March 2014

She can't stop taking pictures of the ring!
Like anyone else making a very large purchase on the internet without seeing the product in person, I was a little nervous. I received great word of mouth about Blue Nile from several friends and also my brother who also purchased his engagement ring on the site. After MUCH discussion and sharing of pictures from my fiancee I was able to finally narrow down that this one was her favorite. The ring is amazing. My fiancee loves it and literally sends me several pictures a day of it on her hand... highly recommend.
Anonymous – February 2014

So much better then the mall...
the most beautiful jewelry to date that i was ever able to buy. am so impressed with the quality that i will continue to buy exclusively from Blue Nile! thank you so much!
Anonymous – February 2014

Blue nile marriage
I went to different stores and tried on similar ones, but the quality wasnt good enough, So I decided to order this one. It came on the mail super fast and it is spectacular! it shines amazingly, and the quality is exceptional, matching my engagement ring from same company! I already got my fiance s ring also here, we are a proud blue nile marriage ;)
Anonymous – February 2014

She loved this ring!
This cut is beautiful. It catches the eye from quite the distance. You can see the precision and the quality in the details of the diamond. I did not really have any reservations buying the ring with this diamond due to Blue Nile's reputation and now I know why they have the reputation they do. My fiance's ring the source of envy for many girls.
Anonymous – February 2014

Build your own is way to go
Go for it...you will love them. Research and build your own pair, a little time spent educating yourself on diamonds and finding the perfect pair will allow you to get a higher color and cut grade for less than the ready to buy sets.
Anonymous – February 2014

So happy
The stones are the perfect size and are brighter than my sister's (blue box brand) eternity band that cost $15,000. Goes great with my custom engagement ring.
Anonymous – January 2014

The new, *far* better, "Fancy Blue Box" jewelry store
I am not a jewelry expert, so I won't speak to the piece itself. However, the process and overall product are **spectacular**. From the shopping, to the processing, to the communication, to the shipping, to the packaging, to the presentation / storage case(s), and the piece itself (to my untrained eye): I simply couldn't be happier.I simultaneously bought something of a similar price from a Famous High-End Jewelry Store You Probably Idolize (as I have for years) and, by comparison, the whole transaction, including the piece, was *so* poor. I'm done with them -- there's a new Fancy Blue Box in this household!
Anonymous – January 2014

Very Pleased Detailed Consumer
My first time purchasing fine jewelry over the internet and I couldn't have been happier. I called several times with inquiries about BN, their shipping and return policy, how they get the diamonds and the different manufacturers they use. The reps were very helpful, pleasant and patient. It was a great purchase experience at a great price for a great product. Hopefully there are no more purchase of fine jewelry in the near future (!) but when there is, I am coming back to BN.
David, HOUSTON TX – December 2013

Blue Nile was very professional, prompt, courteous. They helped make this Christmas one of the most special ever. I was nervous about buying expensive jewelry sight unseen but not any more. Undoubtedly, I will shop at Blue Nile again.
Michael, Wasilla AK – December 2013

Mom's best birthday ever
I became very leery and weary with the diamond ratings and the large variation of cost. When I tried to move up a grade or two in clarity locally the cost skyrocketed so much that I simply couldn't ignore the prices at Blue Nile. I also used the Holloway Cut Adviser to assist me in narrowing my list of selections from the Blue Nile search engine. I immediately had my purchase inspected and the GIA reports verified. I was relieved the gemologist reported that I paid a fair price extremely close to wholesale, and the appraised value was more than that since appraisals are based on full retail. My gemologist and one of my local retailers did tell me that Blue Nile does have a good reputation selling to the specs in their industry. It was probably over kill, but my Mom had the birthday of her lifetime. I think I got what I paid for, and the ordering, shipping, and support all went exactly as advertised by Blue Nile.
Anonymous – December 2013

Like a kid in a candy store.
Blue Nile makes shopping for diamonds extremely easy and the results of your choices won't disappoint.
Frederick, Clifton Park NY – December 2013

This company is the only store I could find, physical or digital, with good jewelry at any kind of reasonable price. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous – December 2013

Didn't like the pendant necklace.
Necklace is very thin it wasn't worth the original price or the sale price! I will be returning for a refund.
Tonga, Blue Island IL – December 2013

She loves her pendant!
My wife was extremely happy with her anniversary gift. I had bought my engagement ring with blue Nile and well as our wedding bands. Blue Nile delivered excellent quality products in both occasions. So who else to go for a quality anniversary gift? That's right I trusted blue Nile again and I'm very pleased with my purchase.
Jan, Cheraw SC – November 2013

Absolutely gorgeous SPARKLER!
I didn't want a solitaire; just an eternity band, for my engagement ring. This is PERFECT! Can't stop looking at it even a month later; it sparkles & twinkles like CRAZY even in flourescent office lighting at work. It's super comfy & just right. I'm 6' tall and thought I might need a larger-carat version to look right on my frame, so I tried those versions on, but this actually looks much better than those. My fingers, while not "pudgy," still lie close together, so anything too bulky (the larger-carat versions) look strange & as though they don't fit right. This is absolutely perfect, beautifully feminine & lovely. Did I mention that it SPARKLES LIKE CRAZY! ;) I priced this same ring at jewelry stores, and Blue Nile's is approx. _40%_ less than theirs! Not only that, being a size 8, the jewelry store would have to special order it, and it would have taken 6-8 weeks to arrive. Blue Nile had it in stock, and I received it the next day. Talk about the easiest decision ever.
Anonymous – November 2013

She says the ring is perfect!
When the ring showed up, it definitely lived up to if not surpassed my expectations for what I had created online. I was very wary or ordering an engagement ring online, but the experience was a great one. My Fiancee absolutely loved the ring! Having the Blue Nile Phone App for her to play with when we were just "talking" about rings, helped me get her the perfect ring, while at the same time still being able to surprise her.
PETER, GLENS FALLS NY – October 2013

she cant stop looking at the ring
Ok, this was the first time buying anything from blue nile and it was the best expeirence i have every had, i spent months going from jewelry store to store trying to get what i wanted and none of them could help me they always tried to sell me something else thinking i would settle, so i stumble across blue nile online and startlooking and like what i see then started looking at reviews online and was happy with what i read, then i had some questions so i called up on a sunday night and a real person actually answered that was impressive. Found the stone i wanted for a price that couldnt be beat then found the ring and the ladie confirmed everything in my order then gave me the arrival date. When it came i was so impressed and happy with everything that came with it . I will be coming back to buy more for my fiance and myself and have already passed on the bluenile name
Michael, ARLINGTON TX – September 2013

"My wife is very pleased"', nice job Blue Nile!
My wife was pleased with this gift and Blue Nile has been consistent with all aspects of providing high quality jewelry, for this reason, Blue Nile will be my first choice for every jewelry purchase for my wonderful wife.

I Love My New Ring
I was so please when my ring arrived I cannot express how beautiful it is. The quality was exceptional. I was a little scared when I first placed my order that the ring I had designed wouldn't look anything like I had pictured in my head but to my surprise it was even more beautiful then the images I was think off. Before I actually hit the place order button I showed my husband the picture he said "It won't be that nice" but upon delivery he is raving about Blue Nile to all our friends. We couldn't have been more happy. I LOVE BLUE NILE. Again, thank you for providing such an exceptional piece of jewelry.
LISA, FRANKLIN VT – August 2013

Defiantly purchase here.
There would be no way to by this quality diamond at a store. This ring more than met our expectations. Customer service, delivery and value are all amazing. Defiantly purchase here.
Anonymous – August 2013

Great experience and great result!
The selection process was professional and enjoyable. There was absolutely no "up-selling". As a matter of fact, the salesperson told me my original selection would be beautiful but I could get a less expensive diamond which would be indistinguishable to the naked eye. I purchased the diamond and setting thinking I was definitely going to send it back since my wife would probably have her own criteria (she's very selective). I was wrong. She loved it! I would definitely recommend Blue Nile!
Anonymous – July 2013

plan to return these
it was much lighter than I expected: sounded very "tinny" when clinking against the other bangle
Anonymous – July 2013

She never takes these earrings off
I have to be honest, I was paranoid of ordering diamonds online. I bought my wife's wedding ring at a really nice custom jeweler in Houston and thought that was the only way to go to make sure you got something good. After I researched all the specs I wanted and placed my order on Blue Nile, I had some anxiety. Never ordering diamonds on the internet, I was worried that they would be low quality, not what I ordered, or whatever terrible thing I could think up. When they were delivered, I opened them up and was amazed! The earrings I got were more beautiful than anything I saw at the store (as suggested by the specifications I selected!) and the diamonds were cut perfectly. Blue Nile is definitely the way to go for diamonds. You get exactly what you want at a fraction of the cost. If I had bought my wife's wedding ring here, I would have saved at least a thousand dollars. Highly recommend!
Eli, Tomball TX – June 2013

Best Husband ever replaced lost engagment ring.
Last October, I lost my original engagement ring at a parade while photographing our daughter. I was completely devastated. Since my husband is a returning college student as well as full-time employee, we expected to wait another 3 years (graduation time) before buying a new one. To my surprise, two weeks ago, he said "Let's go ahead and get your new ring". He told me he had been researching Blue Nile so we immediately went to the computer and designed a ring. It arrived within the same week! It's absolutely beautiful and very special because it looks identical to my original ring. While nothing can truly replace it, this certainly does a fabulous job and warms my heart. Thank you for making exceptional jewelry available to everyone. I love my husband and my new ring!!
David, South Point OH – June 2013

For our 20th anniversary, my husband allowed me to pick a new ring. The Monique Lhullier Vintage Hexagon with a 1.28 carat diamond is what I chose. It has exceeded my wildest expectations by far!! In person, it is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I am ecstatically happy with my selection. Thank you, Blue Nile!! Great value for the money. And I enjoyed the hunt for the perfect diamond--I knew when I found "the one."
Terri, Midland MI – June 2013

Non-helpful description
Posting chain weights is less helpful to non-professional consumers than a width measurement would be, as I have seen on other online sellers. I needed a heavier chain than the one I purchased, but could not determine that from the weight mentioned.
Anonymous – June 2013

She feels special
Funny story. Got for my wife for 15th wedding anniversary. She really loved them until she found out how much they were - then was concerned that I spent too much (even though it was a good price comparatively). She was conflicted as a result. I convinced her last night that she was worth it - and she hasn't taken them off since she opened the box. She just sent me a text wondering how "sparkly rocks could make a woman feel so special". This is exactly the reaction I was hoping for.
Mark, Sherwood OR – June 2013

My fiance "loves" the ring.
Blue Nile's web site made the selection process very easy. Blue Niles's on-line process gave me the ability to change settings and diamonds configurations as many times as I wanted without any pressure in the privacy of my home. Blue Nile's Customer Service (BNCS) is phenomenal. Every time I called with questions, BNCS provided "world class service" and reassured me from the "setting" to "diamond" selection to the final "delivery". I opted to have the ring shipped directly to the nearest FedEx facility at the suggestion of BNCS; due to my absent of not receiving the ring at my residence on the scheduled delivery date. My fiance is very very pleased with the setting and the diamond's quality. My fiance's family, friends and co-workers are also very impressed with the selection and quality of the setting/diamond. The ring is more beautiful in-person than the on-line photo.
Anonymous – June 2013

Best place to buy jewelry bar none
Best of the best as far as engagement rings go. I shopped around and Blue Nile's prices were better than anywhere else for the size I wanted and the quality is MILES above everyone else for your money. I thought the ring I ordered would be nice, but it blew my expectations out of the water
Christopher, Conway AR – May 2013

First, I must say I usually would not buy diamonds by mail. I jumped in andgot both feet wet!! When I opened the blue box, I couldn't speak. Thesparkle and clearity was amazing. I could not believe what I was seeing, Ilove, love them. Would not think of even sending these little gems back. Iam so happy with my buy it will not be my last. It also must be said thatBlue Nile gives you so much information about diamonds and gems thatyou feel alittle more confident to make a wise choice. Thank you Blue Nilefor my little blue box!!!

Unique design, one you will not find anywhere else.
This band is very unique, I looked at many brick and mortar jewelers and was unable to find one I thought she would like. I came to the Blue Nile website just to explore and use the educational information. I ended up building a ring and I couldn't get it out of my head, so I bought it, and she loves it!
Brandon, CLARIDGE PA – May 2013

Best wedding band out there !
This a great wedding band with amazing quality and price !Very shiny, comfortable and overall an exceptional piece !The product was shipped overnight and I received it in 1.5 days !Tiffany & WHO ?!?!:)
Francisco, Monterrey San Pedro Garza Garcia – May 2013

The Signature Engagement Ring bar none!!!
My fiance loves it!!! I proposed to her on our vacation in Bali, Indonesia and she was blown away! The ring was better than I expected, as my choices were .90 ct, Ideal Cut, E color, and VVS2. She receives daily compliments and can't stop smiling. She's looking forward to the matching wedding band next year in Ethiopia! I believe there's a correlation with this company and the river in Ethiopia...AMAZING!!! I would like to extend my gratitude to Diane who was more than helpful with the selection process. I wanted to make sure my fiance would be happy with the selection. To say I caught my fiance by surprise is an understatement. Blue Nile is the recommended choice and I look forward to future purchases!!! Blue Nile sealed our vacation/engagement from the Middle East to Bali and back!!!
Anonymous – May 2013

This ring is spectuclar!
I purchased this ring and matching band with a 1.26 carat center stone and it is Spectular! The ring and diamond compliment each other perfectly and provide a very classy combination! The quality of the ring is exceptional, and so much better than any of the rings we looked at in local jewelry stores. The diamond selection at Blue Nile is second to none, and the customer service is amazing! This ring is gorgeous, and my fiance absolutely loves it...we get compliments on the ring and diamond everywhere we go. Use the Blue Nile diamond education, and you won't be disappointed!
Chad, PETALUMA CA – April 2013

Great Experiance
First off, I must say that Blue Nile has AMAZING customer service. I am extremely happy with the purchase and cannot wait to propose to my Girlfriend. The ring looks fantastic. I will continue shopping on Blue Nile as well as suggesting it to my friends.

The ring is beautiful and my fiance loves it!!! Choosing Blue Nile was the best decision ever. Thank you so much!
Joseph, Hopewell Junction NY – April 2013

Fantastic Company Beautiful Ring
Blue Nile worked out great for me. I didnt have many options to shop local due to the lack of stores. This worked out great, very professional, very availiable to discuss the ring. This was a big deal for me and it went great!
Anonymous – April 2013

Forget Jered, this quality and price was found at Bluenile.com!
My fiance told me about the kind of ring she wanted a couple years ago, so the set up of the blue Nile website was really easy for me to pick the perfect ring for her. The customer service representatives were very knowledgable and patient. The experience of making the purchase was simple and quick.
Brandon, Union City CA – April 2013

My fiance LOVES this ring, it's the perfect fit and extremely comfortable! Plus, it looks amazing on him. We actually originally wanted the tungsten carbide ring, but it was too heavy and thick for our taste so we went with this one and we are in love with it. We dealt with the customer service a lot to figure out which ring would be perfect and they recommended this one for us. The customer service department was WONDERFUL! They were always so cheerful and sweet and always happy to help us figure out what we needed. LOVE LOVE LOVE BLUE NILE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for such an awesome shopping experience!
Ellen Grace E., Grand Rapids MI – April 2013

It is perfect thank you very much
Well all can say is she loved it. I was nervous at first making a purchase of this amount over the phone by card, but you guys were very professional and no problems. We have been telling everyone where i got the ring and it has definitely had super positive feed back. Thank you so much for helping us with this special event. I will be a repeat customer in the near future.
travis, garnett KS – March 2013

she loves the ring!!!
Like many Blue Nile customers, I was relunctant at first to purchase an engagement ring on the internet....but Blue Nile's world class service , professional staff and product selection convinced me that this was the right thing to do. This was one of my best customer experience ever....and she said yes :)stefan from canada
Stefan, Toronto ON – March 2013

Great website!
This website is great! It was extremely simple to pick out a great diamond in my price range. If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have been able to buy my fiances engagement ring. Every where I went I found rings that were significantly smaller while being significantly more expensive. Because of te great prices and selections I was able to get an affordable and beautiful ring that my fiance loves. This was the easiest and best experience I had while searching for our engagement ring.
John, Paramus NJ – March 2013

Great education, great customer service
This was my first diamond purchase, so needed a lot of education. I read up on everything on the site, then contacted a jeweler in the family and she confirmed what I had learned was spot on. I was familiar with Bluenile (good reputation) so was comfortable buying from them online (and frankly, find many brick-and-morter jewelry stores like used car lots - kind of feel like I'm being hustled for a commission). The ring we got was a bit too large, and looks like it's going to be a breeze to return and get the correct size. Lastly, the design was exactly what I was looking for (3 diamond, white metal, something like a trellis design - many of the 3 stone rings I saw on many sites look too "industrial" rather than elegant). And the quality and appearance of the diamonds is excellent (I put my money into cut and color rather than carat - the sparkle of the stones is amazing). But most importantly, I have a very, very happy fiancee. Success all around!!
Anonymous – March 2013

Every kiss doesn't begin with kay
Stay out of the overpriced jewelry stores. Same quality, if not better than a stick and morter jewelry store at a fraction of the price. Bought the engagement ring here, and now my wedding band
Anonymous – March 2013

she loves her ring.
It took me as while to choose and create my ring since their selection is pretty big. Since I'm on a budget, I was surprised when I saw the ring and at asking price. After literally hours of going through the huge stock of rings and diamonds, I finally decide on which two to buy.I believe that what I paid for the ring and diamond was a truly great bargain! If I would've gone to other places, I would've paid alot more. it took me a while to find what I wanted and am extremely happy.I forgot to mention that blue nile has many educational tools and tips. They break it down to the simplest way of explaining the engagement deal. Honestly I'm very happy with my purchase and do r is my fiance.
Anonymous – March 2013

Excellent product(s)!
4th or 5th purchase from Blue Nile..there just is NO BETTER PLACE to find the highest quality of diamonds anywhere...love the lightening speed shipping and quality guarantee. Thanks, Blue Nile!
Shelley, Phoenix AZ – February 2013

Wife LOVES the earrings
I did a lot of research to buy diamond earrings for my wife and you cannot go wrong with the quality of Bluenile. Other websites may be slightly cheaper but you cannot be sure on the quality ...check the reviews for yourself.
Tim, Phoenix AZ – February 2013

I have purchased several items of high value from Blue Nile over the years, Satisfied completely every single time. Whenever I need to make a large jewelry purchase I will go directly to Blue Nile and no place else, the selection, ease of website use and quality are exactly as advertised.
Anonymous – February 2013

Exceeds Expectations!
The comment that I thought was great was from her friend..."If I rolled all of the diamonds I've been given in my life, it wouldn't match the clarity and the quality of your solitaire!". I think that's a bit of a positive don't you think?
Gaylen, South San Francisco CA – February 2013

Best decision ever on diamond purchase!
Great timeless ring, very classy and elegant. Great match for a great diamond. By the way the diamond (purchased also at bluenile) was a great rock, she loves it and still goes "WOW" every time she sees it. Customer service is the best when you are unsure on your purchase, never pressure and always there to help so you get the deal you want, when you want. They don't just want your money, and if you are not happy, they will take it back no problem. VERY RECOMMENDABLE!
Luiz, MCALLEN TX – February 2013

1st time customer to Lifetime customer!
Vday gift-Absolutely stunning. Nice size for everyday wear-dressing down or dressing up. Radiant sparkle and shine! Quality every step of the way from ease of online shopping, value of purchase, swift delivery, and professional packaging.
Gary, Cordova TN – February 2013

Amazing service
I had the pleasure of working with Claire Cooper,She was extremely helpful as I was only able to shop for my engagement ring in the middle of the night after work. She was very enthusiastic and patient with me, while being very knowledgable and reassuring. She had amazing followup and made sure everything went smoothly. I am very pleased with the experience I had with blue nile.Her amazing service was one of the large factors in me purchasing my 38k ring. She is truly a exceptional person.
GEORGE, HONOLULU HI – February 2013

I love this ring!
I was nervous about ordering a ring online without actually being able to see it in person but I love it!! I went with a 1 carat round brillian stone and it's more beautiful than it looked in pictures. I just keep staring at it. I've also gotten many compliments on it already and I've only had it for a week. I lost my original engagement ring and it took me 4 months to figure out what I wanted to do for a replacement. I coudln't find anything in jewelry stores that I liked as much that was close to affordable. The appraisal that came with my ring was $4000 more than what I paid! I was so excited to see that! I love this ring!
Anonymous – February 2013

Great, easy choice. Competitors just can't beat the price with the same specs. Blue Nile has become my only jewelry destination for the lady in my life!
Cole, Bentonville AR – February 2013

Great experience
Do your homework before buying. There are plenty of online diamond dealers, but Blue Nile carries ONLY the higher grades of diamonds. Blue Niles "lowest" quality diamonds are still far superior to many online and retail dealers. I know that this sounds like an ad for Blue Nile, but I believe they are THE BEST place to buy a diamond from!! I could not be happier with my purchase.
Peter J., BARRE VT – February 2013

Truly spectacular!!
I have never purchased diamonds online before and I must say that I am beyond amazed!! I chose the diamonds I bought and they are spectacular!!! I compared the diamonds to earrings I purchased at a pretty reputable jewelry store and the Blue Nile Diamonds were by far superior! Truly satisfied with the purchase and whenever I need diamond jewelry Blue Nile is where I will be spending my money!! I am now a repeat customer for sure!!!
Anonymous – February 2013

Dazzling even by moonlight...
She absolutely loved her new engagement ring from Blue Nile, describing it as truly unique. The proposal occurred at night on a beach, and even by only moonlight, this ring sparkled as if it were in daylight. The 1 carat round stone's cut makes for a dazzling display, and the duet setting in platinum makes the whole ring bright and radiant like no other ring that we have seen before. She is now the envy of all her firiends. Thanks Blue Nile!
KEVIN, TAMPA FL – February 2013

She loves the ring. It looks great. Additionally, had it appraised by independent jeweler and was well above cost and very close to Blue Nile's included report. Very impressed.
Anonymous – February 2013

Could not have asked for a more perfect setting
I searched all over Arkansas for the perfect ring, even some very high-end jewelry stores. I also spent a great deal of time on the Blue Nile website and talking with Blue Nile "Diamond Experts" on the phone. I knew what she wanted and I was not going to settle. The ring I picked out was absolutely perfect! I could not have asked for a more perfect setting to go with the diamond I purchased from Blue Nile. The customer service was great and the value was exception. I will absolutely be a repeat customer.
Jimmy B, HOT SPRINGS AR – January 2013

100% satisfied
I was a bit reticent to purchase diamonds online site unseen. But after comparing prices to local reputable jewelers and even to mall jewelers, then reading a lot of Blue Nile feedback, it became a rather easy decision. And the end result is fantastic. The 5 ideal cut stone ring is blinding and gorgeous and my wife was thrilled. Now it gets comments everywhere she goes and even by an ex-NFL player who was wearing his Super Bowl ring! Blue Nile delivered on time and with superb quality. I spoke with a customer service agent on the phone once to confirm shipping, and she was pleasant and helpful. All in all a perfect transaction, and I'll be a repeat customer.... Actually I already am after purchasing a silver child's locket for my daughter.
Brian, San Jose CA – January 2013

She loves her bracelet and necklace.
I received my bracelet in the mail and was so surprised with the quality of it that I went right on line and ordered a necklace to match. I am quite surprised in the quality of the product for the price that I paid. I can't wait to shop at Blue Nile for my Christmas Gifts for 2013. I have been traveling to NYC to get my Jewelry for years and now I have what I want online with out ever having to pay for gas, tolls and parking to get into the City. Thank You Blue Nile for the quality products that you sell.
Kenneth W, Bayonne NJ – January 2013

These earrings "ROCK"....
I am very proud of my Concave Hoop Earrings from Blue Nile....withing 15 minutes submitting my online order....I received an email that my order was confirmed then received another email that my order was being shipped....I could not believe the efficiency of Blue Nile.....in a couple of days, I received my earrings...they were in a velvet drawstring bag and then in a gift box...packed securely in packaging.....I have never had any company show such exceptional customer service....I will definitely order from Blue Nile again.....
Anonymous – January 2013

A ring of this quality would have cost twice as much shopping locally. I am very impressed with Blue Nile. I'm not a jewelry person, so this impressing me is really saying something.

Exceptional. She burst into tears. Simply stunning diamond
I shopped around (in-person) and looked at a number of diamond pendants in the same price range. I had never bought jewelry online before, but I can confidently say that Ill never bother with retail again. The diamond from Blue Nile was simply stunning by comparison. In the stores, I quickly noticed how the shape and cut of similar diamonds (caret) affected how large it appeared in the setting. BNs interface, as well as its gigantic inventory, let me find the perfect stone at a reasonable price. The end result was a diamond with superior color, clarity, and cut that sparkled with a brilliance unlike anything in stores for the same price. Her exact words as she burst into tears: "Oh my God, no one has ever given me anything so beautiful. As she admired it in the mirror she joked "I hope you realize if you ever put a ring on my finger you're gonna have a heck of a lot to live up to now." If I do, I'll absolutely be buying it here. Well done Blue Nile. I'm a customer for life.
Michael, Arlington VA – January 2013

It's too good to be true...But it is!
Long story short, I wanted to surprise my wife Stacey for our 5th anniversary in late December. Darren from Blue Nile was incredibly patient, wise, and sincere in what he was recommending to me. There is no substitute for this level of customer service, and I thanked him repeatedly for the experience. The diamonds were perfectly matched, and they sparkle so much they literally turn heads, which is really cool. If you're looking for service, experience, and diamond knowledge, give Darren a call (866-441-5383 ext. 5108). I guess I'll be calling them back soon, since Stacey's birthday is in April...
James V., FAIRFAX VA – January 2013

Love it!
I love this ring! Everyone thinks that it's a certain expensive designer ring until I start raving about Blue Nile and what great value and customer service they offer. Don't stop your amazing business model Blue Nile!! My boyfriend and I love you!
Devon, Katy TX – January 2013

She said Yes!!!
I researched rings for quite some time at both local jewelers and online. Blue Nile had a great selection of loose diamonds and settings to make a perfect ring. The pictures online do not compare to the actual look in real life. The ring fits perfect on my finance's hand and she has received many complements. It sparkles brilliantly and was appraised at almost 2x the actual cost. Thank You Blue Nile!!!
Michael, Melbourne FL – January 2013

She can't stop looking at her ring!
Engagements can be stressfull. Your staff was friendly and very well informed which helped calm my nerves. I purchased a high quality diamond at a fraction of the cost I was able to find locally. The diamond was set perfectly and the ring appraised for $10,000 more than I paid. My fiance' can't stop looking at her sparkling ring! Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous – January 2013

Unmatched quality experience!!!!!!
The entire experience was incredible! I loved that I was able to choose the exact diamonds that I wanted, and have them mounted in exquisite fashion. The timing on shipping was impressive and timely! I will definitely be back for future purchases
Scott, Rathdrum ID – January 2013

Buy from Blue Nile
I went to several jewelers to see what their prices were. I showed them the ring I found here on BN. They offered to make it for me. They then proceeded to show me several diamonds I could get that would fit into my budget. Not only were most not certified, the certified ones were WAY overpriced in comparison to what BN offered. I humored all of them and went along by selecting the best certified diamond they had in my budget. They averaged $400 more than what BN was asking for. Jeweler vs Blue Nile for about the same price for a diamonds1/s2 - j-h color, good cut, .74 ct good sym/polvsvs2, j color, very good cut, .74 ct excellent sym/pol
Anonymous – January 2013

Easy, Simple, and Save Money
This is the best deal by far. Went looking at Kays, Jared, Rogers and Hollands and many more. Was easy to find exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted it and was at to customize the 4 Cs to get what my fiancee wanted. Strongly suggest using Blue Nile with for any engagement ring.
Michael, Berwyn IL – January 2013

She won't take it off!
This bracelet is everything the photos show and more. It is an exceptional value and will convince everyone that you spent much more (even her). I used to reserve my Blue Nile purchases for special occasions, but then realized that buying from Blue Nile makes every occasion special.
Richard, Hamilton NJ – January 2013

The perfect ring
This was by far the most expensive purchase I have ever made online, but I had ordered a number of things previously from Blue Nile, so had a sense that the quality was going to be good. Wow - this ring didn't just meet expectations, it blew them away! I had shopped in local jewelry stores to get a sense for the general style I wanted, but BN had more selection and I was able to dial in the diamond to meet very specific criteria, maximizing the size-to-quality ratio (in my opinion). Amazing, and she loved it.
Peter, OVERLAND PARK KS – January 2013

Excellent service. Great diamonds. Best price on the market.
Mobile forms need a little work, but all-in-all, you cannot find a better way to buy a ring. Great quality, best price and excellent service.I tried going the route of a so-called "wholesaler" and learned a first-hand the adage "no such thing as a free lunch." Diamonds are a commodity, and no one is dealing in that commodity at a better price and with more reliability than Blue Nile.
Anonymous – January 2013

She loves the engagement ring.
The whole experience was exceptionally good. Blue Nile's website is very user friendly, and I had no problems selecting the diamond or the setting. Blue Nile advised when the order was shipped and tracking it was easy and the shipment arrived within the estimated time. The ring is even more beautiful than I expected and my fiance is very pleased.
Martin, Okotoks AB – December 2012

Made my job easy!!!
Both the setting and the stone were exceptional. The ring arrived on time, and well packaged to protect it from shipping damage. If you're worried about buying such an important item online, don't. Blue Nile made it painless for me. I'm a very satisfied customer.
Anonymous – December 2012

The classic pear shaped diamond engagement ring is just mesmerizing. Tiffany's has a similar setting but costs 2x more. I got a .81 carat vs2 F color diamond and it looked perfect with the setting. As soon as I opened the box the ring the brilliance was blinding. I proposed and she accepted. Of course the ring is only a symbol of your love to one another but I chose this ring because I wanted our symbol to be something we can both share and be proud of. We couldnt help to stop showing it off because it was so sparkly. I want to personally thank all BN staff as they were all courteous and helpful. Especially Kim who is one of the best reps I've ever had the pleasure to talk to. She was very enthusiastic, honest and knowledgable. Thank you blue nile ill be sure to recommend BN and come back for the band.

She said yes!
I was apprehensive at first because, after looking at many rings in stores, I was not impressed by the cuts, clarity, or colors that I saw, and I was going to rely on buying a ring online?!IT WAS WORTH IT. The ring came, was unbelievably beautiful, and my fiance can't stop looking at it and exclaiming how much she loves it.Awesome ring. Awesome service. Best quality and price on the market.
Anonymous – December 2012

Engagement Done Right
I was honestly a little wary of ordering an engagement ring online, especially in the amount of money I eventually spent. Spent a lot of time trying different combinations. The website was excellent in that if you had very little knowledge about buying rings, then their online education center was very helpful. Also, the ability to build a ring and to see what the final product would look like was extremely helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of purchasing my first, only and last engagement ring. My fiance absolutely loves her ring and has fast become the envy of other ladies in her office. Thank you Blue Nile for making my first experience shopping for an engagement ring so pleasant. Not only would I shop here again, but I would definitely recommend Blue Nile to others who want a quality product without breaking the bank.
Encarnacio, APO AE – December 2012

She loves her ring.
I am very happy with the ring and so is my new fiance. The diamond is exactly the quality they said it would be. The setting is beautiful and I am confident with the quality of work. The website makes it easy to find a ring exactly in the budget. The selection is incredible. I would highly recommend buying from Blue Nile over local dealers.
Brian, CAPE CORAL FL – December 2012

Blew my expectations out of the park - first jewelry purchase in 40 years that I didn't feel taken advantage of
This is an exceptional ring, so much more beautiful in person than the picture can convey. I did a tremendous amount of research across many sites and local jewelry stores. This is the first time in 40 years that I really feel like I was not taken advantage of. Blue Nile's service was incredible during every step of the process. The end product far exceeded my expectations. They have my business for life.
Craig, San Marcos CA – November 2012

Made just for her
She loves it!!! I must admit buying something of this value online was a little scary but your website is very helpful for those of us who have very little experience with diamonds and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of this ring and finding a heart shaped diamond locally of this quality was next to impossible and the setting is just as high of quality as the diamond. So many have complimented my fiance on the uniqueness and beauty of this ring. Thank you I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to find the perfect ring for that special someone. I knew I had made the right decision when she said it was made just for her
Henry, East Peoria IL – November 2012

Phenomenal Ring
The ring was perfect. Diamond was well set and the quality was phenomenal. Could not have asked for more. Additionally, the customer service was surprisingly exceptional. I called with a question that the rep I spoke with couldn't answer. She referred it to another wing, and they actually did follow up with a call that answered the question. Oh, and my now fiancee loved the ring. Can't recommend this ring -- and this company -- enough.
Anonymous – October 2012

Absolutely PERFECT!
Wedding ring shopping proved to be a stressful situation for us. We couldn't find exactly what we liked and then when we did the prices in the retail world were out of this world for platinum. I started to shop online and compare prices. I compared some of the most reputable online companies and Blue Nile came out the winner. I bought the 6mm for my Fiance and the 3mm for myself. I saved over $1500 by buying here vs Retail and I saved $500 vs the "WF" online company. The rings arrived and they are super nice and better then I imagined. They have a nice weight to them and feel so rich. I love the way they feel so smooth on the finger. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The engraving is a little small but it is just for us, and we know what it says. The Blue Nile guarantee eased our minds about spending so much money online and their Customer Service is fantastic. I am looking forward to being able to wear my ring everyday!!
Barbara M, JOPPA MD – October 2012

Princess cut for my Princess...she loved it
I initially shopped at a few local jewelers and few national chains. When I got on the phone with Steve at Blue Nile, it was clear to me that I would be doing business with Blue Nile. Steve was extremely knowledgeable and did everything in his power to get me what I needed on a very tight time schedule. I would honestly have to say doing business with Blue Nile was one of the most pleasant sales/service interactions I have ever had. I highly recommend them Blue Nile to anyone who needs professional assistance buying a diamond.
Arnold L, CHARLESTON WV – September 2012

amazing experience
Pictures do not do this ring justice. Blue Nile saved me after making a terrible decision to buy her engagement ring at the mall. She couldn't be happier now, I'll be a customer for life. Price out a VS diamond at the mall, I dare you...
Dave, Mississagua ON – August 2012

Excellent price, product, quality and SERVICE. THESE GUYS GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO ACCOMODATE. I actually spoke to HUMANS....every time I called. I even received a call back from Blue Nile checking to be sure I was completely satisfied. A+++++ Personal and Professinal... I will be using them again!!!
John, TROY IL – August 2012

Blue Nile is a great company, everything was done smoothly, the ring arrived precisely on time, and the wooden box which it came in is exquisite. As for the ring itself, it was even better then I had imagined. The craftsmanship is of the highest quality and absolutely beautiful.
Michael, Cranston RI – August 2012

After all my learning and research, I was drawn to Blue Nile.
As a consumer who strives to get the most "bang for my buck" I was drawn to purchasing online. Before making a purchase of this magnitude I strongly suggest that you learn and research as much as you possibly can about diamonds and retailers. At the end of all my learning and research; I was drawn to Blue Nile.

As for the ring/stone that I purchased, I couldn't be happier. At my price point, I was able to get a FAR superior stone (and setting) than at any brick & mortar store. The stone was set exactly as I had hoped (hiding the only VS inclusion under the claw). The ring arrived quickly & in great packaging. I really appreciated the attached appraisal, GIA report and other paperwork included.

Tip: What I found very helpful was the "previous purchases" picture gallery so I could see firsthand what stones of various shapes/sizes looked like in that setting.

I will be proposing to my wonderful girlfriend in the coming weeks. I know she'll love this ring as much as I do!
Kyle, Sherwood Park AB – July 2012

Could not be happier with the ring and the whole buying process!
I can't tell you how happy we are with the ring. He proposed two months ago which allowed me to pick own my own ring. Blue Nile helped us every step of the way. Ordering online was easy, we picked out the exact stones that we wanted (jewelry store said they could order the exact same diamonds if we had the GIA # - so it was all legit). Free shipping, and we exactly when it would be here and it was insured and the is a 30 day money back guarantee sold us. Jewelry store said they couldn't even beat the price, even though it appraised for 1.5x what I paid PLUS Blue Nile gave us a credit card with 12 months no interest! Ring is gorgeous, everyone comments on how sparkly it is. It looks EXACTLY like the photos, we were 100% satisfied and confident with buying online. Highly recommended. I've already recommended Blue Nile to others. We will buy our wedding bands and also my bridesmaids' jewelry here! Thank you!
ANYA E, LAS VEGAS NV – July 2012

WOW .. that was amazing customer service
This ring is execellent and she absolutely loves it. I was a bit nervous ordering a 2 carat ring over the internet along with being in Canada and dealing with customs was also a concern. The customer service was fantastic, they expedited my shipment and I received the ring on Tuesday when I had purchased it the prior Friday. They took care of any customs and HST processing. Thank you for the great experience. I will definitely be buying from Blue Nile in the future.
Gregory W., Mississauga ON – July 2012

Well I bought the pendent for a birthday gift for my soon to be wife for her birthday. I am working in Iraq and when it came I opened the box and it is beautiful. I take my hat off to Bluenile for the great products they have to offer. I have bought my engagement ring and ear rings as well. I'm a customer for life with Bluenile.
Robert, GILBERT AZ – June 2012

Blue Nile is fantastic
Had to send back the darker version of this ring (my mistake), but I am nothing but pleased with the ring. I am taking the time to complete this survey since I remain completely impressed with Blue Nile and the level of consistent customer service. I hope that the employees that have helped myself and my fiancee get to read these surveys, because they deserve to know how much it matters to a paying customer to encounter intelligent, knowledgeable, confident and courteous representatives. Keep up the great work and you will continue to expand your database or repeat customers!
Kevin, Austin TX – June 2012

Best Online Experience Ever
Amazing shopping experience.Ring and stones look fabulous. Tried two more sites but did not feel comfortable with the process. Blue nile is the only one that made it look like we are buying a Diamond and not a book.
Anonymous – May 2012

When I opened the box the sparkle from our new dimond lit up the sky and she said YES!
The classic pear shaped diamond engagement ring in platinum for larger diamonds is one of the best looking settings I've seen and I shopped around for nearly five months. Living in NY there is many diamond dealers available but Blue Nile and their staff was by far the most honest and knowledgeable. They have an exceptional inventory with an outstanding website..... you can't help but find the perfect stone for your needs. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you BLUE NILE!
Roger, GLEN COVE NY – May 2012

Great experience - Fantastic ring
The ring was very beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for. I have never purchased a diamond and was very leery. My fried recommended Blue Nile and on that recommendation I went forward. The selection process was great with the sliding scales and when I narrowed it down to a few I called the customer reps and they guided me in the rest of the way. Shopping in general is not something I generally enjoy, but this experience was notable. I will definitely shop here again.
James, Phillips Ranch CA – May 2012

Perfect Engagment Ring!
Ordering from Blue Nile is made for guys. It could not be easier and more straightforward. As for the ring itself, it exceeded my expectations (and hers) and she literally cannot stop staring at it. The only thing that could have beaten the ring itself is if I gave it to her along with a puppy.
Kevin, Arlington VA – May 2012

Blue Nile Service is Amazing
My wife absolutely loves her wedding band. It was slightly large so we used a local jeweler to re-size it smaller, bad move. The jeweler apparently loosened a diamond mount in the process, causing the ring to loose a diamond. Additionally, the ring showed misalignment marks where the re-size was reattached. We returned the ring to Blue Nile for repairs, hoping they could fix the damage. Blue Nile stepped up in an unbelievable way. Not only did they repair the ring, but they did so at no charge. Amazing. Blue Nile not only sells quality merchandise, they offer customer service beyond compare. In this day that is priceless. Thank you Blue Nile, you have a customer for life.
Michael, Port Neches TX – April 2012

She is still looking at her hand two weeks later!
I called the 1-800 number several times before I made my final selection. Everyone knew their business and I experienced no pressure. Highly recommend them. Avoid the chain stores at all cost!
Foster, MARCELLUS NY – April 2012

Great Experience.
Ring was great!!!! the box and presentation was done really well. Blue nile had hundreds of diamonds available in my price range which allowed me to pick one I was happy with. Once I decided on the stone and ring the process was smooth and quick. I will recommend Blue nile to my friends, totally beats the traditional way (in my mind).
Vladislav, Jersey City NJ – April 2012

My fiance LOVES this ring!
I was very sceptical about buying an enagement ring online at first. I am so glad that I did!! The customer service was outstanding and I could call for questions and not have to worry about feeling pressured or have someone try to sell me more. The ring was more beautiful than what you seen on the screen! Amazing ring! Amazing price! I highly recomend Blue Nile to anyone!
Anonymous – April 2012

Great Value
I did a lot of retail shopping before purchasing from Blue Nile. No other retailer even came close for value. I was nervous about buying online, but the earrings far exceeded my expectations. The best part was being able to shop at my own pace and not to have to deal with pushy retail staff.
Mary, Sterling CT – April 2012

Fantastic price! The ring arrived w/ an appraisal more than $1500 over what I paid! I had a hard time finding a stone as nice as this at any local jewelers, of which I personally know 2. They were not too excited when they heard I got the ring from Blue Nile, but when they heard the price I got they realized they just couldn't compete. Thank you for being a part of the start of our lives together!
Ryan, Dubuque IA – April 2012

Very satisfied
I was a little hesitant about buying a diamond & ring sight unseen, but the diamond grade was so much higher at Blue Nile than what I'd get with a brick-and-mortar retailer for the same cost that I figured it had to be better. Not only is the diamond much, much better than anything I had looked at in person, this ring is even nicer than I expected. It has a lot of sparkle and is simple and elegant without being boring. I have a very happy fiancee and this ring is a fantastic value for the cost.
Anonymous – April 2012

BOTH of us were wow'd!!
Having purchased some items from blue nile I was confident that buying an engagement ring would be simple. IT WAS! I knew I'd be happy with the ring that I designed, and I AM! But I was not too sure if she'd be happy with it- SHE IS! Bluenile.com is THE way to go for me. I am beyond happy, not only with the ring and the experience of buying it, but also seeing the smile that I fell in love with when she talks about her ring. Thanks Blue Nile.
Robert, Philadelphia PA – April 2012

Perfect Ring for the Perfect Girl!
She has been THRILLED with the ring she I proposed. The shipping was easy, the ring was exactly as I expected it to be. I placed my order over the phone and the agent was able to answer all of my questions. I had a lot of hesitation before purchasing this engagement ring online, but I could not have asked for a better result. Recommend Blue Nile to anyone that wants to save money and headaches on their engagement ring. Will most likely buy our wedding bands from Blue Nile as well.
Jason, Burlington ON – March 2012

Took He By Surprise
I had a wonderful experience with Blue Nile, both with creating an engagement ring for my (now) fiancAc, and with later having it resized. The diamond I selected had the perfect sparkle and the setting was elegant, yet simple. Their customer service was very friendly and I was able to order my ring and have it in time to completely take my fiancAc by surprise with my proposal. Thank you very much.
Christopher, Normal IL – March 2012

She is reluctent to take it off for bed!
My fiance can't stop staring at her ring. She is in love with it and people keep commenting on how sparkly it is. I think the diamond choice really made a difference. I went with quality over size. A .86 cushion cut and it looks wonderful.

She finds the ring comfortable. She is happy with the choice of gold over platinum because she thinks it looks better (lucky me). I agree with her. It's seems more alive.

I don't have much to say. She said "yes" the ring is so beautiful. I'm happier then i could imagine. Life is good.

Feel comfortable getting the ring and with Blue Nile.

PS the box the ring comes in is really nice.
Christopher, New York NY – March 2012

best purchace i have ever made. i will be spending more money with them.this company has the nicest people easy to deal with very helpful, friendly, exceptional rating is an understatement
Joel, TRENTON FL – February 2012

It's perfect
Love the ring - but the customer service would bring me back in a heartbeat!
kelli, long beach CA – February 2012

She loved it!!!!!!!!!!
After months of research trying to find the perfect engagement ring, I was referred to blue Nile by a friend. I am so happy I found this place. I saved 4 thousand dollars and the ring is beautiful. Not to mention the best customer service you could ask for. Trust me, use Blue Nile!!!
Daniel T., SHERMAN OAKS CA – February 2012

Unbelievable value and exceptional service! This ring is even more amazing than it looks online. It arrived on time, with GIA certification documents and other information that is far beyond what you would get from an in-store retailer. Even having the ring re-sized only took a few days and was completely free of charge. As someone who was initially skeptical of ordering a very expensive ring from an online source - I HIGHLY recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for a hassle-free and valuable experience.
John, Richmond VA – February 2012

Best customer service I have ever experienced
I thought the ring looked better in person. I thought it was really nice. My experience with Blue Nile was the best customer service I ever experienced. Not only were they helpful from the beginning when I was just shopping, but also to the end after my purchase. It's just hard to get that kind of service these days. I would recommend to anyone.
Anonymous – February 2012

Great products and Service.
This was a gift to my wife for Valentine's Day. The pearl diamond earrings are beautiful. I apparently misinterpreted the hint I received. I found out she wanted the black diamond earrings offered by Blue Nile. Johnny at Customer Service was great and we worked out the exchange with very little effort required on my part. Blue Nile is a reputable company with fantastic products and service, priced fairly. I highly recommend!
Steven, Sacramento CA – February 2012

Twinkle it does. simply the best.
I love this ring! Almost hated to give it away! My fiance said that even though she had tears in her eyes all she could see were the diamonds gleaming. The diamond pave twist style setting is quite simply gorgeous and sure to twinkle at any angle and with the slightest movement. (I swear at one time I saw a periwinkle blue sparkle at one point in time!) Great job Blue Nile! Thanks for making my moment priceless.
Jabari, Greensboro NC – February 2012

Excellent business model and service!
For all those still skeptical of buying online, stop. This was one of the best experiences I've had with customer service. Period. They are responsive and friendly, and the selection variety lets you pick what you want, no clones!
Anonymous – February 2012

I'm a repeat buyer and will continue
As always, Blue Nile delivers wonderful products at fantastic prices. Fast delivery and truly exceptional customer service
David, Farmington MN – February 2012

I love my gorgeous diamond ring!
If you are doing research on where to buy your diamond, you have found the best place right here!!! My fiance and I did a lot of research and no place compared to the exceptional ring that we order from blue nile. Even though you don't actually get to talk to someone face to face, the customer services didn't waste any time making sure we felt good about the purchase. There was times that we called at 12 at night asking about unrelated question ( just trying to learn more about Diamonds) and they were always happy and helpful! I will definitely be shopping here again!
Mickyiela, Melbourne FL – February 2012

Great, as usual.
Hello. Just thought I would drop a line to say that as usual, Blue Nile has done a great job all around. Great products at significantly lower prices. The least expensive, comparable ring we found at traditional retailers was twice the price! Furthermore, the customer service we routinely receive from Blue Nile is beyond compare! we love purchasing our jewellery from Blue Nile!
Eva, Waterloo ON – February 2012

Absolutely perfect!
I am extremely pleased with the engagement ring I ordered, the reaction of my fiance (and her friends & family!), and the customer service provided by Blue Nile. This is a great company, and they are providing beautiful products at very fair prices and backing them up with outstanding service! The engagement ring shopping experience can be a bit "trying" at times but Blue Nile's customization features helped compare diamonds and settings and made it easy to peruse without being pressured by a salesman. Their customer service representatives were knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. A few weeks after the proposal, my fiance and I thought that we should have the ring resized. I was worried that this might be a hassle. It was not. The ring was back on her finger within a week! On top of that, we had just moved and had accidentally provided a slightly off address. Blue Nile handled the matter promptly with FedEx and it was redirected while en route! Could. Not. Be. Happier.
Anonymous – January 2012

She said YES
My experience with Blue Nile was amazing. Everything was delivered on time and with exceptional quality that I expected. Customer service was great and was available immediately. This put my nerves to ease with the upcoming proposal stressing me out enough. I have recommended this service to all of my friends.
ryan, brattleboro VT – January 2012

You rock Blue Nile
The craftsmanship and attention to detail was phenomenal. As soon as my fiancAc saw the ring she cried and was speechless. She said she had never seen a ring sparkle and have so much brilliance in her life.
Steve C, BRONX NY – January 2012

Was Blown away by the Beauty...
I started looking around town, I then went on-line but was very skeptical about purchasing something I could not hold, see, and believe in the clarity of what I was to really get from an online dealer. All I can say is WOW, this was an easy transaction. The hardest part was me picking what I wanted. Blue Nile produced one of the clearest, shiniest and exactly what I bought online. Blue Nile has the greatest returns department, they stand behind the saying resize for free, we have sent it back to be resized this was done quickly. I loved the emails, tracking and knowing where it was at all times. All I can say is go-out and see what everyone else has to offer then come back run through all their education, each different diamond settings and you will know that you have found a reputable dealer that stands behind their product and quality.
Scott, Aiken SC – January 2012

My wife has always been very pleased with the products I have purchased at Blue Nile, from her engagement ring, to diamond studs, to the recent bracelet I bought her for Christmas. She has come to know that the signature Blue Nile box means something special for her! Additionally, the customer service is second to none, and I have always been very pleased by your company. To anyone hesitating regarding a purchase from Blue Nile, don't....they do a fantastic job and you will be well pleased.
Scott, Hebron MD – January 2012

Surpassing Expectations
Consistently exceptional quality. Every purchase I have made from Blue Nile exceeds my expectations. I am constantly blown away at just how beautiful every single piece of jewelry I have purchased has looked, including the incredible packaging!
Jeff, Longmont CO – January 2012

Great engagement ring made to your spec
The ring is excellent - it is priced well and is affordable to most people choosing an engagement ring that will last a lifetime. My fiance was more than happy with this and the diamond that I selected (IF, colourless, Ex, Ex). The information available is great in making a decision on what diamond etc you are after. I like the option to upgrade a diamond as well. Saved a lot of money by not using a high st brand and getting superior quality as well. You would be a fool not to use this exceptional service. Will be purchasing the wedding bands from here as well when a date is set. Recommended to others.
Shane, Wrexham null – December 2011

She is more then Happy with the engagement ring!!!
The site is informative to any male who has not a clue about jewerly in general. It made it so easy to pick what I was looking for whithout the pushyness of a salesperson. When I knew the shape of the diamond(marQ. cut), and I could get it more of a round shape so it would not snag or get caught on anything. I was happy!!!! I have already suggested the site to over 30 friends and family!!! I wish more things in life are this easy and informative. Thank You , Dan Reymer
dan, northampton PA – December 2011

These diamonds beat my Tiffany diamond
This ring shocked me when I opened the box! It's cut and quality made the diamonds appear bigger than what I had ordered online. I was scared that Blue Nile had sent me a better and more expensive ring than I had actually ordered. It was unbelievable! The diamonds are so brilliant and fiery that I can't wear my Tiffany engagement ring with it anymore. Each of these diamonds are about 0.2 ct but it appears larger than my 0.4 Tiffany diamond. Your customer service was incredible and I love your website! Every online retailer should provide the same shopping experience! Thank you for demonstrating such excellence!
Anonymous – December 2011

Tears From a New Mommy!
Blue Nile absolutely never lets me down. The quality, appearance and sparkle of the jewelry offered puts chain jewelry "stores" to shame. This bracelet was no exception. I purchased it as a "push present" for my Wife, who just gave birth to our first child "Autumn" on 12-8-11. Her birthstone is Blue Topaz, and this was the perfect piece to celebrate her arrival while thanking my wife for her incredible sacrifice during the pregnancy and labor. As always with Blue Nile, the actual product has five times the luster and brilliance as the online photos. I found a quiet moment in the recovery room to present this to my Wife, and she cried. And cried. And cried. My only wish is that the bracelet was offered in a white gold metal rather than silver, but that is nit-picking. This bracelet is incredible. Thanks again, Blue Nile! You are making me one POPULAR Husband and (new) Daddy!
Robert, Damascus MD – December 2011

Best Value, Highest Satisfaction
Exactly what she wanted!!! Beautiful diamond in the perfect setting! I'm in the Army in California and only went to a few local jewelers. Since my time, and the jewelers' selections were limited, I found BlueNile. Leery about buying such an investment online, I researched and at the end of the process BlueNile came out on top. The diamond is almost clear (e color), Internally Flawless, and the Petite Cathedral setting allows light in from all sides. Everyone she shows is astounded by the diamonds brilliance!!! BlueNile's customer service is on-point, and the perfect engagement ring arrived 3 business days after I ordered it. Lastly... The price... BlueNile beat the local dealers with a better price on a better diamond. Amazing... The entire process. She's thrilled. I'm proud. Could you ASK for a better result?


CPL Micah Jones US Army
Micah, WESLEY CHAPEL FL – December 2011

Awesome service!
The service offered by Blue Nile is brilliant! The fact I was able to search for my diamond without the pressure of a sales person breathing down my neck was perfect and enabled me to get the best diamond I could for the money available to me. There are a number of settings to choose from which allowed me to select the perfect ring for my fiancAc! Delivery was slick and well packaged. Needless to say, my now fiancAc is absolutely thrilled with her new ring! I will definately be back!
Tristan A., Bedford null – December 2011

JAW dropping beautiful ring!!! Love it!
My husband of 4 years recently surprised me with a ring of my choice. :) We were skeptical about ordering a diamond over the internet. We did our research & felt that Blue Niles prices are the best. Plus we were able to save a little money by using Blue Niles wire transfer program. All I can say is WOW!!! We purchased a round 1.08 carat center diamond (Ideal-cut, F-color, VVS2-clarity) with the Petite Pav Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum (1/4 ct. tw.) Worth every penny!!! When we received the ring in the mail. It came in a plain box but the packaging for the ring was very nice! The ring is so JAW dropping beautiful!!!! It sparkles from every angle. I get a lot of compliments on how beautiful my ring is. I love the setting of the ring because the band is thin. So even though it has side diamonds, the center diamond really stands out. I will always recommend Blue Nile to my family and friends. Thanks Blue Nile.
Jennifer, Norwalk CA – November 2011

Just the ring she wanted
I'm not sure there is any better testimonial I could offer. True, I cheated a little by getting her to choose the setting herself. But that didn't seem to diminish her excitement when I gave her the ring. She lit up as soon as she saw it, and has been beaming ever since. And to be fair it really is very, very beautiful. Considering that the process was completely straightforward, the result absolutely perfect and the value indisputable, I can't see buying an engagement ring any other way.
Anonymous – November 2011

Simply Perfect....
This was the first time that i considered purchasing jewelry on-line. I have never heard of Blue Nile prior to my purchase, but so happy that i discovered the site. What an amazing company. First of all the earrings were delivered in perfect condition, and per the exact specs as described. It was a gift for my wife's birthday, and she LOVES them! Customer service was amazing, and accessible 24 hours. We will definately purchase here again.
Anonymous – November 2011

"Excellent Service, Even Better Diamond"
I decided to go with Bluenile after I heard many great things from a few of my friends who had used Bluenile for their engagement rings. I was not disappointed in the slightest. The whole experience, from the moment I first logged onto the the site to the day I received the ring, was absolutely exceptional. The customer service was and is astounding. I used the live chat several times while deciding on which diamond to purchase. They answered all my questions and really helped my make a great decision. Bluenile was also able to customise the setting free of charge. The diamond is of superb quality, and looks absolutely stunning, my fiancAc couldn't be happier. Thank You Bluenile for this amazing experience!
Dr. John P., ottawa ON – October 2011

Exactly what she had hoped for!
Great advice on phone about specific diamonds and what would look best for my needs. Also appreciated that having an unlimited budget was not an expectation. I found the entire buying experience quite empowering which was very different from the retail jewellery store experience.
Scott, Courtice ON – October 2011

The diamond engagement ring took her breath away. r breath
The information on the web page is very informative and easy to navigate. Delivery and information on delivery was excellent and when our rings arrived the packaging was very good and the quality superb. This is my second purchase with Blue Nile and on both occasions every thing has met my expectations. the quality of the diamond and the setting on the engagement ring was outstanding as were the quality and finish of our wedding rings. I will certainly revisit when I have another requirement.
Mr. Michael B, Inverness Scotland – October 2011

Helpful and trustworthy
I enjoyed shopping at Blue Nile much more than other non-online stores. Blue Nile lists their product details and options very clearly, and have competitive prices. If you want to do a lot of homework before you buy, and want an online store that you can trust, Blue Nile is the place!
Greg D, HOUSTON TX – October 2011

She loves the engagement ring!
I was initially nervous about ordering an engagement ring online. Although, after reading Blue Niles good reviews, seeing good ratings by BBB etc., and speaking with several staff members my worries began to fade. After much research and shopping around I felt that Blue Nile had the best price and selection. But just as important to me, I was really comforted by the professionalism of the staff. I spoke with several of the staff and all of them were extremely polite and helpful. And not once did I feel like I was being pressured or being fed any bogus lines. I cant say the same for the competitor retail locations that I visited. So I made the purchase with Blue Nile and received the ring shortly there after. The ring surpassed my expectations and I was extremely happy with the purchase. And most importantly my fiancee loves it! She reminds me of that fact regularly! :) Keep up the good work. Thanks!
Chris, LEESBURG VA – October 2011

Incredible Service.
I had the ring in my hand within 24 hours of ordering. No waiting on hold or pain-in-the-rear phone menus to navigate. I'm hooked on Blue Nile.
Glenn, Pittsburgh PA – October 2011

Blue Nile has the best sales people I have ever dealt with - they were knowledgeable on every single question I asked, they were polite and they seemed to genuinely care that I was getting exactly what I wanted. Their website is the best, their return policy is the best, they're rated the highest by every single 3rd party review I read....I would not even consider buying jewelry from anywhere else.
Michael, Saskatoon SK – October 2011

So easy, even this fool could do it!
The only thing I knew about diamonds before making my pruchase was that women loved them and it was easy to get ripped off on them. I did some research on the net and after weeks of looking around online I stumbled across this site. I had some trouble with the order because I am in Iraq and my bank did not want to cooperate. Well Blue Nile was amazing with my frequent calls and having to cancel and reorder. They even helped me through the process both times I had to retry the order. The hardest part of the entire process was waiting for the ring to get to the APO in Iraq. Once it arrived it was well worth the wait. The ring is AMAZING! I showed it off to several coworkers and all of them absolutely loved it. A couple of them even came back several times to get another look at it. When she saw the ring she was speechless. This thing even sparkles at night. Thanks Blue Nile, I could not have done it without you!
Joseph, League City TX – October 2011

Blue Nile is the example others should follow.
Better than the pictures, everything was exactly as it said it would be. Blue Nile worked with me night and day to make sure I would get the right ring, and it would be here in time for the big question. I can not give Blue Nile staff high enough praise, they went out of their way constantly to help me. They should be proud of themselves and other organizations should look to them as an example of how to do business!!! Will be using Blue Nile again!!!
Austin, APO AP – September 2011

Thanks so much Blue Nile!!
I dont have enough positive things to say about blue nile and the quality of diamonds they sell. I bought a loose stone and had it mounted in a family setting and when I brought it in to the jeweler to have it set he kept telling me how the stone was one of the best he had ever seen. The fact that he kept telling me over and over again really made me happy with my purhcase. I have recommended Blue Nile to all of my friends and all of the friends that have gotten engaged since I did have purchased their rings from Blue Nile and have had similar experiences.
Anonymous – September 2011

I was thrilled after opening the blue box
When I received my Bezel-Set Solitaire Pendant Setting in Platinum- it was just what I had hoped for. Blue Nile's website is the most user friendly, intuitive and informative site I have ever come across for e-shopping, specially for diamonds. It was time and money well spent and I got what I wanted!
Sukanya, Dublin CA – September 2011

Exceptional Customer Service. Great Experience.
Great Experience -- truly the best customer service I have received (perhaps, ever). Very knowledgeable and courteous representatives (I spoke with Johny, Leong, Susan, Rachael -- all were terrific).

The ring I chose is very beautiful. Check out the setting (17879).
Anonymous – September 2011

Exceptional Diamond, Excellent Price, Unbeatable Customer Service
I live in NYC. I have searched the Diamond District, and the internet for a ring with cut and measurements. And Blue Nile's price beats them all. But the most unforgettable experience was that we found a better diamond on Blue Nile after receiving the ring. Send it back for an exchange, and latter send it back again or for a size change. And finally changed the shipping address due to a last minute change of plans. At every turn, Blue Niles' customer service took care of us with the upmost patience, and professionalism. I was very very uncomfortable spending over 10K on the internet. But I have to applaud the Blue Nile for making this purchase the most delightful experience ever. I would highly recommend Blue Niles, for the excellent selection of diamonds, great pricing, and "AWSOME" customer service.

Thanks again.
Billy, FOREST HILLS NY – September 2011

Excellent alternative to local jewelry stores
The selection was excellent, the ring was beautiful (my fiance loves it!), it arrived on time as described, the customer service was very good (I called to ask about my order, and the women - an American! - was timely and efficient in answering my questions, and she was very courteous and helpful). Excellent alternative to overpriced jewelry stores.
Stephen, Leesville SC – September 2011

Excellent Quality and Service
This was my first Blue Nile purchase, and I am happy with both the earrings and the service. Blue Nile's representatives helped me make good decisions about diamond quality and the setting--and they didn't automatically push more expensive options. The earrings arrived on time and as described, complete with the GIA certificates. Most importantly, my wife loves them. I am happy to recommend Blue Nile to others.
Anonymous – September 2011

Blue Nile has exceptional beauty and quality! We recommend to everyone we know! Choosing Blue Nile means being able to choose the jewelry you really want instead of having to pick something under glass at your nearest jeweler that many other people already have. It's unique to you! Love it, Love it, Love it!
Anonymous – September 2011

She was speechless. Shines like a lighthouse.
10th Anniversary gift for my wife. Agonized over which ring to pick - this was the one. Gave to her on our anniv trip. She was *speechless*. No less than 2 seconds and she was snapping pictures and posting to Facebook. Ring is beautiful and really, really sparkles. This ring shines like a lighthouse. She has a cathedral style engagement ring and this fits well with the engagement ring. I chose the gift option and the box arrived very discreet. I had purchased the engagement ring from Blue Nile and boy they went through the hoops to get it to me. At the time - we were vacationing on a remote island and it took some doing - but Blue Nile absolutely came through. When looking for exceptionally nice jewelry - it's Blue Nile that I turn to. It would be very tough to beat the quality and service. Thank you for a very wonderful gift.
Timothy, Kalamazoo MI – August 2011

Blue Nile is an Amazing Service
I cannot compliment Blue Nile enough. From the delight of the engagement ring I received and its outstanding standard to the amazing customer services provided to me. I always had the pleasure in dealing with extremely helpful people. Blue Nile is an amazing service.
Anonymous – August 2011

Could not have asked for more from the Blue Nile Team
The ring was perfect in every way and my fiance absolutely loved it. I found Blue Nile's customer service to be second-to-none and they consistently went above and beyond to get the ring delivered early. I would not hesitate in recommending Blue Nile to anyone who is looking to purchase a high quality ring from a very credible and proessional body.
Gary, Preston null – August 2011

The earrings very nice. I gota thanks for Joshua & Amanda. I gave the wrong address with my order, i email to customer service, both of them take care my case, they called Fedx fixed the address for me. I got the earrings right on time. Thanks! This is my 2nd time bought diamonds with bluenile. I got my engagedring here. The certified diamond ring i bought it was so beautiful, and shining^_^
Anonymous – August 2011

She said YES!!! She loves how it sparkles and blinds her. She can't stop staring at her ring. =)
The Blue Nile Signature Princess Diamond I purchased was way better than what I expected it to be. It has fire, brilliance, cut, clarity, and color that exceeds what I've seen from local jewelry stores, including their version of a signature diamond. I had my reservations about making a big purchase unseen, but their fast, free shipping, talking to a friend who has purchased from them before, and the testimonials from other people who have posted on here changed that. Don't hesitate in giving Blue Nile a try. You will get an exceptional diamond at an exceptional price.
Norman, Foster City CA – August 2011

The perfect engagement ring!
I was admittedly very reluctant to buy a diamond sight unseen. In the month or so leading up to my purchase I researched several online sellers. After not finding anything that really caught my eye, I took the gamble with Blue Nile. I emailed a rep to inquire about a specific stone listed. She was very open and friendly, and claimed she spoke to someone where the stone was being stored, who testified to it's quality. Upon reading this, and verifying the 30-day return policy, I took the plunge and hoped for the best... Well, the setting and the stone were both gorgeous!!! You can be fluent in the 4 C's, ratios, fluorescence, etc., but none of those specs will truly define a diamonds sparkle. This stone had good specs, but the sparkle, fire, etc. were INCREDIBLE. I was absolutely blown away by this diamond, as was my then girlfriend/now fiancA A A Ac! I can't thank Blue Nile enough and would recommend anyone to them! Eric
Eric, CARBONDALE PA – August 2011

The ring is GORGEOUS.
My fiance proposed to me on May 14, 2011. The ring is GORGEOUS. Its a princess cut diamond in a floating diamond band setting. Everyone says they have never seen such sparkle. We also purchased the matching floating diamond wedding band. There is more sparkle than anyone could ever want.
Anonymous, null Anonymous – August 2011

Let me tell you...the experience shopping at Blue Nile was fantastic. The site is great, the customer service reps were knowledgeable and helpful and the ring was everything I hoped for.
Adam, Washington DC – August 2011

Perfect engagement ring
Beautiful ring, great price, wonderful customer service. I will never again buy jewelry from any place other then Blue Nile.
Anonymous – August 2011

Thank you blue nile with helping me learn and create the perfect engagement ring
I recently purchased a ring through blue nile and was amazed by the high quality products at an affordable price. I originally asked for a size 7 but later learned I really needed a six. The online customer representative was very helpful and was able to make the change even though I sent the order a few days ago. The ring itself is absoutly stunning and I cannot imagine getting a better deal anywhere else. My (now) fiancee loves it and says it is the perfect ring for her. Thank you blue nile with helping me learn and create the perfect engagement ring for my fiancee. We will be back for our wedding bands when the time comes. Thanks again for your awesome support throughout the entire process.
Chris, null CA – August 2011

Wow! All I can say is, I'm stunned and she exclaimed
The engagement ring I bought is amazing and was received with a "YES! I will marry you!"

I have shopped for diamonds before in Antwerp and in Hatton Gardens in London. But buying a diamond from a jeweller usually becomes a emotional decision. When you select something they often say, in an hour your ring is ready. But will you be getting exactly the diamond you selected from the tray? May be not - let me tell you - a good jeweller knows how to take your money.

On Bluenile you purchase exactly what you select on their website. You look at the depth, symentry and visit the pavilion, etc. Lastly you examine the GIA certificate.

After careful selection, the ring arrived... WOW! The fire and sparkle was better than I had ever seen in a diamond - of course I had set the dials on the advanced options to return me the diamonds with above average grade.

Thank you Bluenile - you deserve every credit and I look forward in doing business with you in the future.

Emilio, Salt Lake City UT – August 2011

Sparkly Fire in a Petite Perfect Ring
This ring is perfect. It is a perfect petite ring for my fiance's perfect petite finger. The white gold was the perfect choice. The diamond was also very beautiful. I shopped around. I even purchased and returned a ring to Jared Jeweler before purchasing the Blue Nile ring. Jared just couldn't get the setting right and the diamond was sub-par compared to Blue Nile. My fiance gets compliments on the brilliant sparkle of her ring all the time and when I say sparkle I mean it lights up a room... even the side stones. The customer service was also amazing from start to finish. I can't say enough about Blue Nile. I would tell anyone that is looking for the perfect engagement ring but might be skeptical about purchasing online, to use Blue Nile. She loves the ring, I love her, and we both love Blue Nile. Thanks!
Larry, WEST PALM BEACH FL – July 2011

I could not have been more satisfied.
I could not have been more satisfied, and she was extremely happy too. The diamond was everything it was advertised to be, and the diamond buying guide was extremely helpful. I could have paid way more, and gotten much less.
Gregory, Fortuna CA – July 2011

NOT the lazy man's way!!
Absolutely beautiful stone, setting and ring!!! I could NOT have been happier with the process. At first, I felt "lazy" shopping for an engagement ring online. But both the experience, and the results removed that feeling quite quickly. Thank you.
Jason, Wayne NJ – July 2011

Thank you for making my wedding anniversary special
I am the very lucky recipient of the Blue Nile Signature 5-stone (2 carats) diamond ring in platinum. I am very picky about my jewelry and in particular the cut of my diamonds. I own beautiful pieces from Hearts on Fire and some from the online jeweler Whiteflash that contain their A Cut Above stones. I have been wanting a 5-stone band for my right hand and when my husband gave me the okay for our anniversary this year I began the search for the perfect ring. I found exactly what I was looking for at Blue Nile. The cost was far less and the quality far superior to what I could find at my local jeweler's or from Hearts on Fire online. If I had purchased from Whiteflash I would have had to go custom which would have taken much longer and I would have run the risk of not being happy with the final result. Even though I was a little worried that the diamonds might not live up to my expectations there was no risk buying from Blue Nile because of the great return policy. I needn't have worried though. The ring is everything that I hoped for and more. The diamonds are every bit as sparkly and gorgeous as my other ideal cut stones and the setting is substantial and well made. The delivery was prompt and efficient. I also received excellent customer service on the phone from Lindsey W who answered all of my questions pleasantly and professionally. You have won over another satisfied customer and I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Nile to others. Thank you for making my wedding anniversary special.
Paula, null null – July 2011

I will never shop anywhere else for diamonds!
After several weeks of shopping locally and researching online for diamond earrings, I decided to go with the build your own. I absolutely love my earrings- I chose princess cut and they are beautiful. They exceeded my expectations and I will no longer buy jewelry from any local retail store. Why would you shop anywhere else that may have 50 loose diamonds when BN has thousands to choose from?
Anonymous – July 2011

The ring is perfect!
The ring is perfect. No blemishes whatsoever. Process was painless and trouble-free. The tools on the website for filtering are cutting-edge. Thank you for the awesome experience!
Patrick, Raleigh NC – July 2011

Better than Tiffany's
Truly beautiful. I wanted the pave design. I looked at Tiffany's and Cartier. I could get double the size at Blue Nile for about $2,000 less. I am very happy I ordered my wedding band here. It is great.
Nora, Chicago IL – July 2011

The brilliance of the Signature Round Diamond had her speechless!
The Signature Round Diamond exceeded my expectations! There is no comparison between this diamond and what I saw at the major luxury retailers. Blue Nile, you have a customer for life!
Aaron, KALAMAZOO MI – July 2011

Best chance ever taken
I was very nervous about making such a significant and costly purchase without actually witnessing the ring that I was giving to the love of my life. It was wasted fear. The engagement ring was everything that I hoped for and Blue Nile said it would be. The ring is exceptional and the customer service was the best I have experienced in any retail environment, even sending the ring back for resizing was painless and quick. I am glad I took the chance will recommend Blue Nile to anyone I know in need of jewelry.
Sean, Bloomfield NY – July 2011

Blue Nile is second to none - great overall experience!
The whole process with Blue Nile couldn't have been better. I had a good idea of what I was looking for but wanted to talk to someone to confirm my decision. I had a couple conversations with Blue Nile's diamond consultants and they helped me choose the absolute perfect center stone and ring. Blue Nile brings diamond shopping to whole new level by offering advice and expertise all while not being pushy or trying to upsell. I looked at other high-end jewelers and none of them could compete with Blue Nile on price, selection and knowledge.
Craig, ENGLEWOOD CO – July 2011

Need bigger rocks to get answer YES...lol
Customer service was exellent! specially lady name Cory who was very helpful and kind. Beacuse this well knowledgeable customer associates I will continous to do business with blue nile.Once again thanks Cory and blue nile.
James, Houston TX – July 2011

Her perfect engagement ring...
My fiance is extremely happy with hre engagement ring, which means I'm happy too. The diamond is absolutely brilliant, and the setting is flawless. Thank you so much for the prompt service and the perfect ring!
Benjamin, Saint Charles IL – June 2011

She has not seen the ring but she will faint once she sees it ;)
Blue Nile consultants were fantastic, I called them more than 10 times to make sure I am making the right decision. I was looking to buy a big diamond for six months and I am very happy with my decision taken into account the price and quality. I do not think you can find anywhere else that offers the expertise and the low price all at once. I have no link to Blue Nile but this company made me feel comfortable in speding alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I just can not wait till I put this 2 carat dimond on her ring. She will love it. :)
Sean, ROCKVILLE MD – June 2011

This is positively the best experience I've ever had purchasing jewelry online!
This is positively the best experience I've ever had purchasing jewelry online! The website was incredibly easy to navigate, the product was exactly as specified, and it arrived in about 17 hrs from the time I ordered it. Need I say more?
Jesse J, Pottstown PA – June 2011

She could not stop staring at this ring!
To Bluenile.

You folks are amazing. I received my Fiancee's engagement ring on 6/7 and the ring was beautiful! I proposed last Friday (this was a surprise) and she loved it! I had to do my best to estimare her ring size, and regretfully, the ring size was a bit big. I am sending the ring back to be re-sized and she can not wait to get it back! You all have been excellent every step of the way. You have a customer for life!
Raymundo L, ISSAQUAH WA – June 2011

Everything I Expected
Just got my order today and it was everything I expected to be and more. Great service and on time delivery. Will recommend this company to all my friends and family. Thank you.
Anonymous – June 2011

The Entire Ring Was Perfect
I recieved the ring yesterday. It was better than I had expected. The size and cut and clarity of the center stone was wonderful. The entire ring was perfect. And of course, she said yes. Im glad I went through Bue Nile.
Anonymous – June 2011

Absolutely Thrilled
I am absolutely thrilled with my experience with Blue Nile. Most importantly, my fiancee loves her ring. I also love that I paid almost 40% less for a similar ring that I saw in a retail store. The customer service rep that I spoke with was extremely professional. Blue Nile has exceeded my ring purchase expectations in every way. I will definitely recommend BN to my family and friends.
Josh, null null – June 2011

The earrings were absolutely STUNNING! They were much better and brighter than I hoped and were the perfect size for my girlfriend. She absolutely adores them!
Anonymous – June 2011

The talk of all her friends.
She holds her ring up next to her friend's ring and it's like the lights are off on the diamond.

We picked the ring together, which made it all the more meaningful, and the customer service experience from start to finish was exceptional. The presentation case was very attractive.

Every aspect of this purchase, from the quality of the materials, workmanship, and customer service has made me a customer for life.

I highly recommend purchasing from Blue Nile.
Anonymous – June 2011

Wow, just wow!
Of course. Who wouldn't be a little skeptical about purchasing an engagement ring (or any piece of jewelry online) My fiancAc and I decided to order online and I picked out my ring from the setting to the diamond that I stalked for almost two weeks before we pulled the trigger and went to the check out. Having the option to pick the perfect diamond made this whole experience exciting-I thought I was going to be more anxious waiting for it to arrive, but there was no need to since I received it the next morning after it shipped the evening the day before. I seem to hypnotize people with my rock's sparkle. So many compliments. Very helpful staff. Great value for your dollar!
Amy, Edmonton AB – June 2011

Beyond outstanding.
Immediately after I proposed, she took pictures of the ring to send to her friends. We were on vacation. She took more pictures of her ring then of me. Everyone told me to go to Blue Nile. After 6 months of research and searching, I always came back to your website. Within 72 hours of her getting the ring, I have received 3-4 requests to go engagement ring shopping with her friends boyfriends.
Darcy, Calgary AB – June 2011

Wow this is really, really nice
Ring was bought for our 25th anniversary. When my wife saw it she said "Wow this is really, really nice". She really liked the trellis setting. I liked being able to browse through all the diamonds and make a personalized selection. I tried shopping locally but was constantly showed substandard diamonds for more money. I also liked getting the GIA reports for the stones, something you don't normally get from most jewlers. I would do it again in a hearbeat.
Michael, Rochester MN – June 2011

Sasha is very happy with the earrings.
My diamond "consumer knowledge" is pretty good. With that I found it very easy to use the site to comparison shop and home in on exactly what I wanted in both overall quality and price. When it turned out that one of the diamonds in the pair I originally ordered I was contacted by Blue Diamond and the advisor there found me a perfect replacement. Whenever I buy diamonds in the future it will always be with Blue Nile.
David, HOUSTON TX – June 2011

For those of you looking to buy anything here on Blue Nile. You will be so surprised, as the price could be in your limit. And as I received my martini 3 prong white gold earring, I was happy to see that all was up, to top standards ei craftmanship. And as far as Blue Niles, customer service goes. I would not shop at any other jewellery store, but Blue Nile.

Thanks Guys ;)
Anonymous – May 2011

I LOVE MY DIAMOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comparing quality, prices, and customer service is what my husband and I do best. We are retired, so we have the time to do this thoroughly. Blue Nile is the best in all of these. I Love my diamond and I love Blue Nile. Thanks Blue Nile for great customer service, also, the shipping and packing.
Christopher, Dawsonville GA – May 2011

The perfect engagement ring
This was the first time I was buying an expensive item like this for my engagement. The staff was exceptionally helpful and it was the perfect ring for her. She absolutely LOVED it. I couldn't have gotten something so great if it wasn't for Blue Nile.
Joshua J, BAYVILLE NJ – May 2011

A manly and elegant ring!
Bought the ring to replace one I've lost. Looked around a few websites and stopped by a few stores to get the feel for the width (7 MM) and thinkness and look of it on my ring finger. At first, I was reluctant to purchase due to the width being a 7 MM but I've decided to take a chance. Glad that I took the chance. I could not have been happier with the ring. The previous ring I had was a 5 MM and this 7 MM looks manly and yet elegant and stylish. It is just shiny enough around the edges and slightly muted in the middle resulting in gentle contrast of colors and depth. Love the ring very much and what's more important is that my wife likes it just as much as I do. The customer service reps Tyler was great. All I can say is that BN has won over my reason to shop with them.
Hong, CENTREVILLE VA – May 2011

Great Job Blue Nile !
My wife loves the pearls and as usual, your prompt attention and delivery was on time and flawless. Keep up the great work - I love the quality of your products and the thoughtful consideration.

Ron Kenyon
Ron, Syracuse NY – May 2011

After doing a lot of research, I found what I was looking for - an extremely beautiful ring from BlueNile. My fiancee loves this ring and can't take her eyes away.. As for the BlueNile customer service, I may have spoken to atleast 7-8 different people at BlueNiles and everyone was extremely helpful and provided me with an exceptional service. For my future diamond jewelery needs, I dont have to go anywhere else now.
Kanwal, UPPER SADDLE RIVER NJ – May 2011

You're a winner--and so am I!
I had never purchased jewelry on line before. My daughter and son in law recommended your site. With some misgivings, I purchased the pearl necklace. It arrived in two days, beautifully packaged, but the the greatest pleasure was in the quality of the pearls themselves and the reaction when I gave them to my wife. Gotta tell you, that was worth ten times the price. Thanks for providing a quality product and excellent service. You're a winner and today, so lam I!
PHIL, Fountain Valley CA – May 2011

Beautiful ring, great customer service
I was very very happy with the engagement ring that I bought for my girlfriend. I did research in several jewelries and found out that BLue Nile gave me the best value for my purchase.

I was impressed by the effectiveness, willingness to help, empathy and kindness of the customer service people. They even helped me made the decision for which diamond to buy. And their arguments were not the tipical sales person arguments (buy the most expensive), they talk to me more as a friend/advisor.

I proposed already, she loves the ring and I am very happy with my purchase.
Daniel, DALLAS TX – May 2011

Took her breath away
Its always so nice -- when a company works to perfection, and Blue Nile does just that .. I could not have been more pleased with the exceptional customer service -- Mike was great .. The diamond was so exceptional .. setting was perfect .. she was thrilled beyond belief ..Blue Nle .. you guys are simply the best ... keep up the good work ... !!
Joe, NEW MILFORD CT – May 2011

I am not that knowledgeable about jewelry.But let me take this opportunity to address another issue. I had to return the necklace days before my wife's birthday , because I notice she had the identical piece. I ordered the matching earrings instead.. This involved about 4 phone call to your customer service department. Each time I called someone speaking perfect English answered within 3 rings. No computerized menus.I received knowledgeable information each time without being transferred to another person Each representative was helpful and empowered to answer questions and take action autonomously. Most other companies should try to follow your lead in telephone customer service. Thank You..
Anonymous – April 2011

Blue Nile's customer service is exceptional
Exactly waht I ordered. Blue Nile's customer service is exceptional. I had to buy the ring from Mexico on friday and go to pick it up that weekend in San Antonio because I wasnt going to have another chance pick it up before our anniversary. Blue NileA's customer services made everything to be able to accept a foreing credit card on friday to ship it right away and deliver on saturday. I am very thankfull for that.
Mendoza, Monterrey Nuevo Leon – April 2011

The ring is look great and detailed to my specifications. No problems or issues at all. In addition, the ring did arrive in a timely manner due to the fact I'm overseas. Thank you very much and I will defnitely be using your company in the future if I decide to purchase any more jewelry.
Dawud A., APO AE – April 2011

Blue Nile, your excellence and extreme commitment to service in this field is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

A repeat customer who will do business with you again.
Anonymous – April 2011

excellent selection and able to customize the perfect ring at the price we wanted. Delivery on a custom item overnight for free in a lovely presentation jewel box was outstanding. The web site to compare stones was wonderful!
Anonymous – April 2011

Simply Fabulous
I have been a Blue Nile customer for years and NEVER had an issue. When it came time to go engagement ring shopping I was a bit overwhelmed but once I made the choice I knew in an instant. This ring is fabulous!!! I was nervous when shopping because not being able to see what I was buying and not being able to try it on was very overwhelming. The pictures on the website of this ring are true to what you are getting for your money. The setting itself is a high quality platinum setting. Once paired with your diamonds the ring is stunning. My fiance and I are both amazed at the quality of the diamonds and the ring. Dealing with Blue Nile you know you are getting TOP NOTCH service. We had to send the ring back to be re-sized with no hassle or issues at all!!! I love my ring, it's gorgeous and I'm glad we made the decision to choose this setting and the princess cut stones with it. You will not be sorry!! Once again Blue Nile...terriffic!!!
Anonymous – March 2011

Thanks a lot for the beutiful ring I got. You kept your promises. My future wife loved it and so did I. Great job!! Soon, I will be getting the wedding rings too. Keep up with your excellent service too. The person that talked to me was very polite and walked me through getting the best ring for my budget. Very impressed.
Wilfred, Coram NY – March 2011

wonderful service.
My fiance worked with you guys in ordering my rings and so I wanted to order his from you guys as well. You guys are amazing. We had to ship back all of our rings (min and his) bc we were off on sizing. You guys are exceptional in service and the turn around time was wonderful. Thank you for making the process painless and VERY enjoyable!!!
Anonymous – March 2011

Absolutely loved the ring!
I was a little reluctant ordering a significant piece of jewelry from an online vendor....however, I am so glad that I did. After conducting extensive research based on quality vs. cost no other jeweler can match blue nile. The ring was a huge hit, not only to my fiancee but to her friends and family as well, and I saved thousands of dollars in the process.

Quality, price, size - Whatever your preference, Blue Nile will more than meet your needs!
For the first time buyer, it does require what I would call a leap of faith to purchase a diamond online. However, thanks to diamond grading, you can make a logical decision and get a quality stone.

If you are shopping for a diamond, go to the local jewelry store and see how the diamonds are graded. You will discover most are not very good quality. Window shop at your local jewelry store... and then purchase an exceptional quality stone at Blue Nile.
Anonymous – March 2011

Wonderful selection, helpful website and staff
Wonderful selection, helpful website and staff. I've never purchased a diamond before, your staff and website helped educate and inform me so that I felt confident and comfortable making a purchase. You did better than several local jewelry stores in this process. You earned my business in every sense of the word.
Stephen F.H., Plain City OH – March 2011

Awesome engagement ring
After searching far and wide on the internet I came to the conclusion that Blue Nile seemed to be the most user-friendly, thoroughly informative and cost effective choice for an online jeweler. I was happy with the picture of my ring but I was far more impressed when I saw it in person. The picture doesn't really show how sparkly the ring is. I was blown away by it. My fiancA Ace's reaction far exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with the results of this purchase. The free FedEx shipping along with the very short lead time just made this a very painless and rewarding process. Good job.
Randall, HUNTINGTON BEACH CA – March 2011

Beautiful ring. Easy to order exactly what you want
This was a 20 year anniversary gift. I've never bought anything like this online nor did I know much about BlueNile other than very brief, positive comments from the web. Easy to use website, and they deliver exactly what you order. PS my wife loves the ring. Fits well. Simply beautiful. If you're a guy and order last second, this is the site. They delivered on time, when they said. And no annoying, either arrogant or sycophantic or uninformed, salesmen with ulterior motives.
Anonymous – March 2011

Blue Nile:

My wife likes the earrings - If I had it to do over again, I would have spent an extra 1,000 to have the diamonds be a little larger.
Patrick, Charlottesville VA – February 2011

Save yourself the hassle of looking elsewhere!!
After searching locally, it became very clear that Blue Nile was definitely the best option for me. There wasn't a jeweler in town that could touch the price I got here. The ring is beautiful! Better than I expected. Width of the band is perfect. The GIA certified diamond looks great! Customer service and shipping were nothing short of amazing. The ring shipped out on Friday from Seattle and was in my hands at 10:00 Saturday morning in Lubbock, Texas in time for my Valentines Day proposal. A friend recommended Blue Nile, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to someone else. She absolutely loves the ring. Great compliments everywhere we go. She can't stop staring at it! Buy from here!! You won't regret it!
Anonymous – February 2011

Blue Nile Reps, AMAZING.
This was my first time purchasing any kind of jewelry online as I usually go into local stores here. The diamond specialists at Blue Nile were with me EVERY step of the way!

I told them my budget, the diamond style I wanted, when I wanted it by and several other preferences and within minutes they were able to show me a list of rings that fit my criteria. I purchased the ring and it arrived safe and sound to my door. It was absolutely beautiful. I will make future purchases, including the wedding band from Blue Nile.

Thank you Blue Nile, she said yes!
Alejandro, North Richland Hills TX – February 2011

Very Satisfied
I bought this bracelet for my wife for Valentines Day. The shipping was lightening fast and the customer service was exceptionally informative to answer my questions about the item. When I received it I took it to my local florist and had them place it in with the flowers to be delivered. Needless to say, my wife was thrilled with it and it was very popular with all her co-workers. Thanks Blue Nile for making me look good on Valentines Day and I didn't have to break the bank to do it. I will be a return shopper for future occassions!
Bruce, STEELVILLE MO – February 2011

She (and I) love the pendant
In my experience, there are very few companies which just "do things right". For me, Blue Nile is one of them. You have a nice selection of elegant, tasteful items, the website is easy to navigate and usable, the items are a good value for the price, and I've never had a problem with your service. I will definitely be shopping at Blue Nile again.
Anonymous – February 2011

You Have Found the Best
When you want to ask a woman to marry you, you have enough to worry about without a huge hassle figuring out what diamond to buy and whether she's going to like it.

I found Blue Nile via a website that rated it as a top online diamond merchant and was absolutely floored at how easy it was to pick the diamond that was right for her. It was almost like playing an easy video game with the sliders and descriptions to tell you just what you were getting.

As for whether she loved it - after getting over the shock of the proposal (a yes of course), she took pictures of it on her phone and sent it to every girlfriend of hers in her phonebook.

Great Success.
Richard, Dallas TX – February 2011

Exceptional service.
I bought this for my wife for Valentine's. They arrived on time but the chain was kinked. My wife called to see if the chain could be replaced. You went beyond that & sent her another locket & chain. She was extremely pleased by your response & ease of doing business with you.
Michael, Elk Grove CA – February 2011

Excellent Blue Nile Experience!
My Wife Kimberly and I are extremely satisfied and impressed with our "Blue Nile Experience". We knew what we wanted and did not want to pay a retail Jewelers rent with their mark-ups and fancy speeches about quality and etc. We have referred several friends and family to the Blue Nile Experience!
Blaise, Del Mar CA – February 2011

She adores her wedding bands, now she just has to wait until the special day to wear them.
You guys are the BEST! I ordered my engagement ring from Blue Nile back in March of 2010. I ordered the matching wedding bands about a month ago and everything from your Customer service to knowledge of diamonds and rings has been OUTSTANDING. My fiance also custom ordered my wedding band from your great company, once again OUTSTANDING service and I will definitely be doing business with your company again and again. Thank you for everything!!!
Dale, OMAHA NE – February 2011

Great price and quick shipment.
I had the worst time trying to buy a simple platinum wedding band. Jewelers were unhelpful, the rings were very expensive and would take weeks to arrive. With Blue Nile, I got a great ring at a great price that arrived at my doorstep in less than 48 hours. Now my fiance wishes that he bought the engagement ring there as well. Definitely buy from here again.
Anonymous – February 2011

Best place for an engagement ring.
Had way too much anxiety in picking out the "perfect" engagement ring. Was getting the run around at local wholesale jewelers. Glad friends told me about here. Easiest process ever, and didn't have the hassle of having a salesperson pitching you on things you didn't want.
Paul, North Hollywood CA – January 2011

I cannot fault Blue Nile - highly recommended
I took the plunge having researched Blue Nile as a company thoroughly and having used the educational area of their web site. I have to say that Blue Nile is one of the most professional and helpful companies that I have ever had dealings with. When I placed my order, the site asked me to call their freephone number. Their staff were very friendly and helpful and my order was despatched and received in the UK within 48 hours. I cannot recommend Blue Nile highly enough. The web site is the best I've seen for a retailer of this type. The tracking facility once the order was placed kept me up to date as to exactly where my little rock was on it's journey. When it arrived, the packaging was excellent and so any tampering would have clearly been evident. The certificates were all in order. Best of all, my fiance absolutely loves the ring! Thank you for giving me a first class shopping experience.
David, West Yorkshore England – January 2011

She can't stop staring at it!
Excellent Search Engine, Excellent Service, Excellent Buying Guides! Was going to only buy the diamond from Blue Nile, but for the piece of mind decided to have it set. Turns out the platinum setting is far nicer than the one viewed in a Jewellers. Far better quality diamond for the same type and weight bought in a Jewellers! No wonder Blue Nile are the number 1!
Richard, Horfield Bristol – January 2011

She absolutly Loves It!
Perfect! I didn't pick the necklace it picked me. I bought the necklace for my girl friend. We had dated 29 years ago but lost touch until just recently. We had been searching for each other all that time. So when we finally got back intouch and started to see each other again, I had to get her something special. I saw the Infinity necklace in a Blue Nile add on the internet and had to to get it. I just knew that was it. Much to my surprise when I received it, It was perfect! I wasn't sure if the chain was long enpough or the if the size was to small. But when i placed it around her neck It was two of the most beautiful things Ive ever seen. My girl friend and the Infinity Hearts necklace.
Kurt, San Antonio TX – January 2011

A+ Ring; A++ Customer Service.
Unbelievable value and customer service with Blue Nile. Due to an issue NOT caused by Blue Nile, my order required them to go out of their way and literally work several hours late so that I could get my order in time to get on a plane with my girlfriend. I was able to propose as planned on vacation. Can't say enough about these guys.
Lee, Herndon VA – January 2011

Beautiful Engagement Ring!
We shopped for rings in local stores and could not find anything that just screamed PERFECT. Then I created this on Blue Nile. It was so beautiful online we were worried it would not be when we received it. To the contrary...it is even more magnificent! I get a TON of compliments, and with the micropave diamonds on the top and sides of the band, it is very unique! We have a 1.25 ct diamond with it, and it is PERFECT. When the light hits it, it looks on fire. Needless to say, my fiance and myself are super happy we were able to get this ring, and super happy with all of the help from Blue Nile. We also just purchased his wedding band as well because of the great pricing, shipping, and customer service. We will shop here again, and we now tell all of our friends....Blue Nile!
Jennifer, Shreveport LA – December 2010

She loved it! Took her breath away - If only someone would have told me about Blue Nile earlier!
Absolutely delighted with the ring - I used the online helper late at night who gave me great advice ! The ring arrived in time (as they said it would) and the quality exceeded my expectations! The box it came in was beautiful - the only thing I had to do was pop the question!
Gary, Maghull Liverpool – December 2010

High Quality Product Shipped Fast
I was very impressed by the quality of the signature diamond I picked out. Not only did it sparkle and glitter more than any other diamond I have seen in a ring, it was shipped to Canada within 24 hours. All the appropriate documentation was put together completing the package.

Blue Nile has high quality jewellery with very competitive pricing. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone and will be making further jewellery/diamond purchases in the future.
Anonymous – November 2010

Amazing product and service
Thank you Blue Nile! I have received exceptional advice, support and service throughout the entire purchase of my engagement ring. I'm also thankful to say that the product was even better than the service....it's absolutely stunning and far superior to anything in the same price bracket on the High Street. I was also very impressed with the associated documentation and it's presentation. The whole process has been a pleasure and I would recomend Blue Nile to anyone looking for quality service and a quality product.

Tom, Oxfordshire null – November 2010

A superb diamond for an engagement ring
This is an exceptional product from a Company with fantastic customer service.

Following a 30-minute conversation with one of the Blue Nile diamond consultants (during which, there was absolutely no pressure placed on me to buy), I decided to buy a 0.53ct Blue Nile Signature diamond in the Petite Trellis ring setting. The ring arrived within a week and I have to say that the diamond has more sparkle than any other diamonds I (or my finacee!) have seen on the high street. It is truly superb and this is all the more incredible given the very competitive price. Several other people have commented on what a high-quality diamond this obviously is.

The excellent Customer Service also deserves recognition, both before and after purchase (I required the ring to be resized and the support offered by Blue Nile in achieving this was of the highest standard). I cannot recommend Blue Nile highly enough!
Bryn, Leamington Spa Warwickshire – November 2010

Here I was 6 days to my good half's birthday and no present. I knew she wanted something shiny but was clueless as to what to buy... until I came upon Blue Nile's web site. What can I say, it had all the answers for a newbie like me. After reading up a little to figure out what to look for, it took me an hour to complete the purchase. Until then I liked my experience with bluenile.ca, but that's not what flabergasted me about my purchase. I ordered the necklace on a Monday at noon and it arrived, in Montreal, at 11AM the next day. That`s less than 24 hours from order to delivery on a custom necklace internationally shipped. Now I rarely post feedback on my purchases, but blue nile deserves the high praise it gets from me and its clients.
Philippe, St-Basile-Le-Grand QC – November 2010

Best diamond buying experience...ever!
The best online company I've ever dealt with. The website was very well designed and allowed me to get educated on diamonds. Blue Nile offers diamonds for any budget. The customer service was exceptional. They were able to answer all my questions and provided useful insight on diamond selection. Delivery was phenomenal. I received the diamond in less than 20 hours after having purchased it, and that included clearing customs, and delivery to my front step. The diamond was exactly what was advertised. The laser inscription on the diamond also ensured that I received the diamond I purchased. Blue Nile definitely proved that buying diamonds online does not have to be stressful. I have already recommended them to many of my friends who are considering buying a diamond. Oh, and did I forget to mention that buying diamonds through Blue Nile saved me approximately 50% over buying diamonds at retail.
Alain, kanata ON – October 2010

Wow - so worth it!
We have waited a long time to replace my original engagement ring and wedding ring. (Times were tight when we married over 10 years ago!) My rings are gorgeous. My solitaire sparkles even in the shade!! We were a little anxious about buying such an expensive ring sight unseen, and having it shipped to Canada, but Blue Nile stand head and shoulders above many other retailers we visited. They came through on every promise and they are so fast! Wow. Even returning the rings for resizing was easy. This is one of the most meaningful purchases for us. Thank you!!
Anonymous – October 2010

Someone call security?
The ring is so exquisite that there is no comparison to the picture on the website or any jewelry stores in the mall. She cried & cried when I gave her the ring. It was unbelievably gorgeous under natural light. The delivery was fast at 8:30 in the morning. A ring of this quality, a person needs to hire a full time security guard!
Anonymous – August 2010

Blue Nile is way better than any local jeweler!
The band matches perfectly! A little shinier due to novelty of the band compared to the wear on the engagement ring.. otherwise, it's a perfect fit! I am DEFINITELY recommending Blue Nile to friends, coworkers and colleagues! You guys are excveptional; the best prices, values and guarantees from any jeweler I have found. Thanks so much again!
Trey, Suffolk VA – August 2010

The 101 on engagement rings...
I went from knowing nothing at all, to being very confidant I was purchasing the exact ring I wanted to find. I learned everything I needed to learn from poking around your site. It was an extremely big purchase for me and I had to get it all right. The way you walk people through the process from loose diamond to the setting was exactly what I needed. During our ceremony, in the bridesmaid's speech she mentioned how I "got the perfect ring" and I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks.
Anonymous – July 2010

For all those reading this.......once you get to this site, you don't need to shop anywhere else. You get excellent service by knowledgeable consultants and the price is right. Should you go to other stores, educate yourself on diamonds by reading the information offered on this site first. Trust me when i say you won't regret it and you won't believe what other stores try to sell you. Take your time on this site, call them and ask any question and you will become one more satisfied customer. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Anastasios, Montreal QC – July 2010

Great experience will recommend to friends and family
Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful, and time consuming. I have little tolerance for pushy misleading salespeople, especially those who are unable to provide basic information on the products they are trying to sell. Having done a bit of research on diamond characteristics prior to shopping I found most salespeople ill-equipped to handle questions regarding the stones and settings they were attempting to sell. Shopping at bluenile was easy, relaxing and allowed me to pick out the exact diamond, and setting I wanted based on the comprehensive information available online. The ring was delivered in a few days (on time), and was absolutely beautiful. I loved it, and so did my fiancA Ac. The cost of the stone was 63% less than quoted in local jewellery stores for an equivalent diamond. The savings were significant, and there was no salesperson trying to push an immediate sale using shaddy tactics like lowering the price of a low grade, overpriced diamond.
Daniel, Burlington ON – June 2010

She made my dream a reality.
The photo doesn't do this ring justice! The craftsmanship that went into my ring is stunning, especially considering the high standards the fine jewelry industry has. Blue Nile helped me every step of the way with all my questions I had, and when the time came to make my dream come true, they really stepped up the the plate. The diamond quality far exceeded my expectations and when I asked for custom sizing (4.25) they didn't even hesitate to make it a reality. I will, without a doubt, be buying my wedding bands from here! The shipping quote I received was perfectly timed, and arrival was even a day early. The more you look around, the better Blue Nile looks. Thanks again guys... She said yes!
Mitchel, Calgary AB – June 2010

Exceptional Individual customer service
A first class service from Blue Nile ensured a special day was complete with the perfect engagement ring. When I ordered online the delivery date was the day after my now fiance's 30th birthday, I gave Blue Nile a call and the operator ( Mandy )told me that she would do everything she could to get the ring to me before then. Blue Nile delivered 2 days earlier allowing me to propose on the day of her Birthday. Thank-you Blue Nile.
kevin, aberdeen null – April 2010

Last Minute - Just in Time & Perfect
The ring looks absolutely fantastic. My fiancee was extremely impressed with this platinum band. I have already started recommending Blue Nile to my friends and would strongly recommend people to the site based on the value. I ordered it and it arrived a few days later, just in time for our trip. We needed it resized (our mistake) and our consultant Mandy was so terrific in helping us. We got the ring back within the week even though we live in the South of Europe. Excellent service and product.
Derrick, LONE BUTTE BC – April 2010

She loved the engagement ring.
So much information available on your site. I was able to really learn a lot about diamonds before making a purchase. Also, I called your customer service line a couple of times before purchasing, and the staff was very helpful. I discovered your site after going to almost every jeweler in town and dealing with high-pressure sales in every single one. Being able to compare so many diamonds and really make an informed decision at my own pace was such a relief. The price was a nice bonus as well! So glad I found Blue Nile.
Robert K, Regina SK – April 2010

Have had so many good comments!
Being cautious buying online, I ended up buying rings from three different online stores. The first store had to cancel the order after messing me around, the second store delivered the ring but it took a while, Blue Nile delivered immediately, had very friendly staff on the phone and I decided to keep the ring and send the other one back. The value, quality and customer service of Blue Nile are second to none, I did a lot of research so you don't have to, just go with Blue Nile. You won't regret it.
Simon, Pakfield Street Lowestoft – April 2010

She Can't Take Her Eyes Off of It
The service @ Bluenile was impeciable and the quality of the diamond and the setting exceeded my expectations. I was a little hesitant about buying a diamond online, but after this experience not only with I use Blue Nile again, I will recommend it to everyone I know. Thank You Blue Nile
Murray, Canmore AB – March 2010

It's perfect. I just can't stop staring at it.
I read about Blue Nile in an article on WSJ.com. At first, I was very hesitant about making such a big ticket item purchase online, but after reading all of the glowing reviews, I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. My fiancee and I were able to shop in the wee hours of the night in the privacy of our apartment. The Blue Nile diamond education and guidance was extremely helpful. The ring arrived on time, exceeded my expectations, and fit perfectly. She loved it and exclaimed, "It's perfect. I just can't stop staring at it!" I am extremely satisfied with the final product and extremely satisfied with my first time experience shopping at Blue Nile. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous – March 2010

Best experience ever!!!
Buying at BlueNile.ca I had the best shopping experience ever. Even better than buying in person. All information I needed was available in the Education section. Customer service very helpful and professional. Ring is stunning. I got the diamond inspected by a local gemologist and all was fine. I recommended BlueNile to all my friends. Maybe BlueNile should offer free shipping to Canadian customers similar to what they offer for US customers.
Ghareb, Montreal QC – March 2010

She loved the engagement ring
Forget about Tiffany. I purchased a Square brilliant diamond set in the Trellis. It out shines those seen at Tiffany, Zales, and the local places to. It was an F with excellant sym. and polish. I only wish that I did not spend so much time going form retail store to store. Everything you need is on the Blue Nile web site. You pick what you want instead of getting what someone else wants to sell you. The diamond looks like the ones shown on the web page ...enough said. Also Beth at Blue nile was a pleasure to deal with. She was very helpful and kept in touch and made sure everything was correct. Great company great people great diamonds you cant ask for more.
Anonymous – March 2010

The Ring is Perfect!!
We purchased this ring in the incorrect size initially, and we only had 2 days until the wedding to get the correct size. The ladies in customer service were INCREDIBLY helpful, ensuring that we received the ring prior to our wedding day. The engagement ring is platinum as well, so the two go together perfectly; simple and elegant. We LOVE it!! Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous – March 2010

Great Value/Safe Internet Purchase
I had been shopping extensively for diamonds for about four months prior to choosing Blue Nile and had done my homework. I was apprhensive about spending $20,000+ over the intenet but I checked out the company and was comforted by its Nasdaq listing and favorable business reviews. A savvy co-worker told me she got earrings from here and that it was legit so I took the plunge.

The diamond was shipped under a false title for security and was fully insured. When I opened it, it was beautiful and looked just as good as the Tiffany ring for half the price. The box was beautiful. The internal appraisal was for $10K more than the purchase price--although frankly I don't put a lot of stock in that and still need to get an independant appraisal. Still, I am extremely satisfied with the quality, service, and (especially) value with Blue Nile and will check here first going forward .
Aaron, MERIDIAN TX – March 2010

Hesitant to get a ring online, but BlueNile proved worth it!
I was a little leery about buying an engagement ring online, sight unseen. But with the 30 days of free returns, the high customer feedback, and the ease of shopping BlueNile provided, I decided to go ahead and do it. When I saw the quality ring--and, more importantly, when my girlfriend saw and loved the ring--I knew that my choice was well worth it! Ring was exactly what we both hoped for and looks even better in person.
Phil, Harrisburg PA – March 2010

Great product and service
From the very beginning, the friendly staff answered all my questions / concerns right until the end when I received it. You call their support number and 10 seconds later someone answers - very rare these days. The ring and diamond are exceptional and I will definitely recommend blue nile to my friends and family.
Anonymous – March 2010

This diamond took her breath away!!!
Blue Nile is THE most simple and reliable way to buy a quality diamond. Education is abundant, from the staffers to the website. I compared national and local jewelers for value and customer approach. I ran in to rude, uninformed sales consultants, whose feedback conflicted with each other, IN THE SAME STORE. They were evasive when asked direct questions. Pricing was 35% premium to Blue Nile. A used car feel to the process of buying $30,000 stone. I got straight answers and a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring at Blue Nile. People asked me how I could a diamond on line; After spending 3 months doing the research, I would never do it any other way, than with this company.
Peter, HENDERSON NV – March 2010

Best online shopping experience I've ever had!
The ring was amazing. with all of the information BN gives you i was able to find out every little detail about diamonds. walked into some near by jewelry stores and asked them about the specs to their comparable diamonds (color, clarity, cut, shape, griddle etc) and nothing they had came close to what i was able to get from BN for the price. Saved money and not to mention she loved the ring. the over night shipping that is free helps ease your mind about ordering off line too. simply great.
Eric, Wells Bridge NY – March 2010

Exceptional experience w/ Blue Nile & my engagement!
Let me assure you, coming from the worst of critics, your custom diamond ring will look 100 times BETTER when you receive it. Do not by deceived by anyone telling you, "It's not good to never see a diamond before purchasing it!" - Blue Nile has done the work for you, and only carries the best stuff on the market. Granted, learn your 4 C's.. but you will NOT be disappointed in your purchase! Not to mention the AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE Department! They even helped me get it a day earlier when it HAD to be here! Thank you SO MUCH, Blue Nile! You guys are simply amazing!
Trey, Lexington SC – March 2010

She was "blown away"
I am so glad that I took the time to research diamonds before I made a purchase. Once I was able to make an informed decision based on quality, Blue Diamond offered the best deal. I was leery ordering online, but once her ring arrived, I couldn't have been happier. Customer Service went above and beyond, and we have already received many compliments. I will definitely use Blue Nile for any future diamond purchases. Thank you!
William, Rochester NY – March 2010

Great diamonds, great service, great results.
For those who are skeptical about the quality of Blue Nile's engagement rings and diamonds, use this testimonial as a huge vote of confidence. First and foremost, this website makes the whole process of finding a quality ring so easy; hassle free, great selection, and great quality diamond. The signature ideal cut was amazing. My fiance' loves her ring, her friends love her ring, and I can't stop staring at it each time it's around me. The customer service was exceptional; from receiving updates via e-mail to working with the consultants over the phone; blue nile is very professional. I will recommend this company to all my friends and family.

Thanks for such an easy and enjoyable experience.
Eric D, THOUSAND OAKS CA – March 2010

The Maximum
I ignored subjects like diamonds till I informed myself at blue nile. First I found all the necessary know how on their site. Then I compared it intense with other online stores and returned. Especially the GCAL Certificate gives me the trust that Signature Diamond is not something to fool uninformed customers. I am the one that doesn't easily spent money. But when I do I try to get the maximum for it. I am sure I got it at blue nile. I fell in love with this site and with its diamonds. When I look through the windows of the Jewellery's of my town I have a big smile in my face. In the last weeks I recogniced that I still explore the blue nile site...seems I am addicted. No wonder the diamond I got is unbelievable and for sure more then you can imagine.
andreas, Graz null – March 2010

Top Class Customer Service
I had very unusual payment circumstances and Blue Nile's customer support were quick, friendly and very helpful with all my questions. The telephone and email support I received was better than any other company. She absolutely loved the ring and I have recommended Blue Nile to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring.
Daniel, Hampton Wick null – March 2010

Jewellry shopping the way it should be.
Excellent service, a quality product, value for money, and above all, a peace of mind purchase. I recommend Blue Nile to anyone. If you are unsure about going through BN, i spent hours searching the web and BN was easily the best!
Peter, Regina SK – March 2010

Great price, huge selection.
You know that person your friend knows who deals in jewllery who can give you a great deal? Guess what, blue nile beats their prices by a mile and the selection cannot be matched by a normal jewllery store or other websites.
Jack, Kitchener ON – March 2010

Phenomenally useful and informative site, great service, outstanding product.
The functionality of your site, in particular the way that the educational information (i.e. cuts, clarity, colour, etc) is built into the search engine to select stones, is a remarkable service. I was and am amazed at the quality of information, including different dimensions and views, pictoral representions and even certificate image, that is available. The support service when you actually buy is equally excellent.
Peter, Edmonton AB – March 2010

I'm very pleased with the ring. I'm no diamond expert but the stone and platinum setting combination is stunning. Kudos also to your exceptional customer service who went above and beyond in answering my numerous questions and ensuring it was shipped via the correct means to my overseas military location. Thanks for supporting the armed forces.
Gregory, APO AP – February 2010

Everthing was exceptional and she loved it!!
The entire experience was exceptional. Blue Nile was very fast in responding to my questions and very helpful in helping me select the perfect diamond. They made great recommendatoins based on what I initial thought I wanted and explained to me what was most important to consider when selecting a diamond. The ring arrived on time as promised and was absolutely beautiful. It was a great overal experience.
Scott H, PRESCOTT ON – February 2010

Customer service second to none!!!! My wife preferred her pendant mounted differently. One question, to one person and this was completed with no delay in the order or hassle!!!!
David, Medway MA – February 2010

She said it was more than what she hoped for
I was very hesitant to purchase an engagement ring online, but after countless hours of research and visiting jewelers who could not even come close to what I wanted for my budget I bought from Blue Nile. I decided to go with Blue Nile because of their great reputation in online reviews, magazine publications, BBB rating (which was an A+) and pricing. In fact my decision was between one particular jeweler who boasted about only selling GIA certified, because that rating was the best, and Blue Nile. He sold me on using Blue Nile and didn t even know it. There was a very significant in prices for a stone with the same GIA rating and combined with before mentioned research, Blue Nile was my choice. I am very satisfied not only with the ring, but the whole process. My fiance even said it was more than what she hoped for.
Anonymous – February 2010

I went from not knowing anything about diamonds to being a diamond dork in a few days with the blue Nile diamond selection tutorial. I will never buy a diamond in a store again, where they will surely rip you off. At blue Nile you pick exactly what you want
anthony, northport NY – February 2010

"Beautiful ring"
This ring is beautiful, I can't tell you how many compliments I get on it. The diamond is so sparkly and the setting is delicate and unique. Blue Nile has the BEST customer service and high quality diamonds and jewelry. I tell everyone I know about Blue Nile. Shop around and you will know that you cannot get such high quality diamonds in chain stores for Blue Nile prices.
Sonya, BRADLEY ME – February 2010

As a military member overseas, this was the absolute best opportunity for me to shop for exeactly what i wanted. The selections is astounding, superior quality backed by complete certification paperwork on diamonds, and quick turn around on custom orders. I wont shop anywhere else.
Todd, Guthrie OK – February 2010

The entire process was PAINLESS. I educated myself on diamond quality here at Blue Nile; and from that point on, it was incredibly easy to pick out.

I personally went for quality over quantity; I picked the diamonds that had the best qualities and then adjusted the size according to my budget...The diamond isn't huge, but it sure does the job...This diamond catches and reflects light like you wouldn't believe...

A single solitaire, round, on a gold band, classic and elegant. My fiancee is constantly complimented on it.

Great experience at Blue Nile--Thanks!
stanley, hamilton NY – February 2010

She cannot believe how "perfect" the ring is for her....She loves it!
The ability to navigate on the site is unlike any other. I cannot stress enough the ease and comfort of the blue nile website and staff. There were many that were weary of me buying an engagement ring online but I can say now that I wouldn't have done it any other way.
Brandon, Brockton MA – February 2010

She got more than she ever expected.
I was extremely skeptical of making this purchase online without seeing the ring in person, or even a picture! I spent months researching diamonds and looking at diamonds in stores and nothing can compare with the value Blue Nile offers. Based on what I had learned I knew the diamond I purchased would be very nice, but it was outstanding. I couldn't have asked for anything more and I stayed within my budget!! She couldn't believe how nice, and big, her ring was and wouldn't want anything else. I never spoke on the phone with anyone because I knew what I wanted but others say they are great. We will be purchasing our wedding bands from Blue Nile. If you want to get the most from your money do your research and then buy from Blue Nile.
Brandon, Madison WI – February 2010

She loves it!!!
The Diamond was more than what I had expected. I have used blue nile in the past for diamond stud earrings, and I was so impressed with the quality of the earrings, I was confident in Blue nile for something as big as an engagement ring. Blue nile allows you to have a tremendous selection process, a great feature that you can't get at "the jewelry store", I love the "I get to chose what I want without being rushed/bothered".
Anonymous – February 2010

Better than all local stores
I shopped all over to try and find an engagement ring locally. After going to EVERY store around, there was nothing that I liked. I found one on Blue Nile that was excellent, and a great price. I ended up with over 1.25 carat (total weight) for about the same I would have gotten a lower quality .7 carat locally. My fiance absolutely loves the ring and was impressed by the quality of it.
John, COMSTOCK PARK MI – February 2010

Excellent Choice!!!
With no experience whatsoever in engagement rings, I set to look for the best ring I could afford. I searched many, many, many stores, I also talked to several jewelers about what they could offer. My third option was Blue Nile. After reviewing all my options, I realized that the best quality:price:size ratio was offered by Blue Nile. I am more than satisfied with the ring I purchased and I encourage anyone who is in the same situation as me to take BN as their first option!!!!
Manuel, Mexico City Mexico – February 2010

Customer service and product quality beyond my expectations.
I've never experienced customer service like this in any retail transaction. Blue Nile experts made the most difficult purchase in my life a very informed, enjoyable and successful experience; resulting in a wedding set that when presented created a WOW factor beyond expectations. The engagement ring is of exceptional beauty and quality. The matching wedding ban not only compliments the ring but also completes the brilliant look, making the round 1.5 C center diamond "pop". Blue Nile .you ve simply blown me away! You can expect my business in the future. You ve earned it!
George, HIGHLAND MI – February 2010

She said yes.
I got what I was looking for -- the best engagement ring I could afford. As an engineer, I really appreciated having all the data available to me, and Blue Nile's educational material was a great help in making an informed decision about diamonds. Most importantly, she liked it too!
Anonymous – February 2010

She was floored by the beauty of the Ring
My wife and I were looking for a replacment ring becasue she lost hers awhile ago. I don't blame her because we have three little kids and they may have had something to do with the missing ring. Anyway, we had been looking for awhile and I saw Blue Nile on the Today Show or one like it. WIth my wifes Birthday coming up and I got deployed overseas for her birthday, I thought it was the prefect time. Blue Nile was the least expensive of all the retailors we looked at. While overseas I went on line and found an affordable diamond with the setting my wife liked and ordered it. It was the simlpest and easiest transaction I have ever made. When my wife received it she was floored. She was shaking and cried because it was so beautiful. She is constantly getting compliments. Thank you Blue Nile for making me look like a hero.
Harold, Stafford VA – February 2010

No gimmicks, no strings, just very straight forward business approach! Diamond was accurately appraised and was more beautiful than I had hoped.
Jeffrey, Bloomington IN – January 2010

Skeptical buying online, but very happy I did!
Overall my experience with blue nile was very positive. I started off with a local jeweler and was unhappy with the selection and quality of the diamonds I was being shown. Felt a bit pressured, so using blue nile was very easy for me using the sliders and I could really take my time and learn about the makeup of a decent diamond. I was extremely leary of using an online diamond jeweler, but I actually felt like I'd get hosed at the local jeweler before I did at blue nile. The 30 day return policy made me take the chance and I am happy with my choice of the round brilliant diamond with the 2.5mm platinum band. My fiance was ecstatic with how nice the ring looked. I would definitely recommend using blue nile. The ring was as described and showed up when blue nile said it would.
Anonymous – January 2010

Well, at first I was not sure about buying a diamond online especially at such a large cost, over 10K. I was worried it would get lost, stolen, or not show up in time. Truth is everything went great, you have someone answer the phone every time I called and the diamond got to my house exactly when you said it would. Thanks again, you made my wife extremely happy. Luckily she didn't know what blue nile was so when she saw the purchase on my credit card I said someone must have stolen my info and made a purchase and I would call the bank to take care of it. I was able to stall just enough time to allow the diamond to show up for our aniversary. Thanks again, John
john, Vacaville CA – January 2010

She love the pendant
After visiting multiple retail stores I realized that many of the sales representatives were just looking to make a sale and didn't know much about diamonds, their value, cut, clarity, etc. I found the customer service at Blue Nile exceptional (as good as the service at Tiffany, but reasonably priced). I understand that the Blue Nile representatives are not on commission, which made a huge difference, because it was clear that they were just looking to help whether or not you made a final purchase. In any event, I was nervous that I couldn't see the pendant before I purchased it, but I must say I am extremely satisfied with my purchase - most importantly she wears it everyday. I believe I got a great value and will certainly use Blue Nile in the future.
Anonymous – January 2010

Great Service!
After visiting local retailers, none instilled the same level of confidence and expertise that the people at Blue Nile did. They were very good at steering me into something that fit my needs.
Anonymous – January 2010

She was blown away!!!!
This was an engagement ring and I was nervous about buying something I did not see. I went and set par levels at retail stores and brought that to Blue Nile. This company offers exceptional value for a great price. My new fiance gets to flaunt a beautiful piece of jewelry from Blue Nile....Thank You so much. I tell all my friends.
Jason, Leander TX – January 2010

Engagement ring heroes
This was the second engagement i purchased. The first i got from another well known internet company that will remain nameless and i had nothing but problems.

I returned the other ring and immediately discovered Blue Nile from their amazing reviews. Well i built my fiances dream ring and even saved some money.

I am very happy with everything.
James, Los Angeles CA – January 2010

Definitely a positive experience with Blue Nile from researching to ordering and getting the ring shipped priority overnight and arriving on time. Blue Nile should be proud of their extraordinary website, the quality and value of their products, and the excellent customer service they provide.
Nicholas, Sutton MA – January 2010

I've never seen her eyes so big!:-)
When I saw this setting and the pictures, I knew it was the one I wanted to get for my girlfriend. The day before it was shipped out, Blue Nile called and said there was a chip in the center diamond, and they were going to replace it right away, pending my approval. They had already selected another diamond to replace it, and had the ring shipped the next day. WOW! It was great when I saw it! I knew it was going to be hard to wait a few weeks to give it to her. But when I did, again, WOW! She was pretty speechless, finally found the words, and hasn't stopped looking at it. We've been engaged three days, and she has called me, texted me, written me, everything, saying just how beautiful the ring is, that it's exactly what she wanted, and it's beautiful beyond what she thought... So, Blue Nile, thank you VERY much!
Nathan, CHICAGO IL – January 2010

She said YES!
Everyone made chosing a diamond sound so difficult. This site layed out all the information I needed to make an informed decision and there was no pressure to buy something I didn't want or "upgrade". She loves the ring and it's pretty cool when she tells people that I designed it!
Ryan, CHICAGO IL – January 2010

She loves her ring
Having all the information regarding the customization process a mouse click away was extremely helpful. I wasn't that knowledgeable about diamonds before, but the whole experience with Blue Nile has made me quite comfortable in making another purchasing decision. In fact, we've also decided to purchase our wedding bands from Blue Nile. Thanks so much!!
Tyler, St. John's NF – January 2010

Absolutely beautiful. When we starting looking for rings, we knew nothing about them and Blue Nile provided alot of education to make us feel like we knew what we were looking for and helped us to achieve exactly what we wanted.
P Kevin, Annapolis MD – January 2010

Excellent all around
Service was excellent. I ordered the wrong size and they were extremely helpful in getting a new one extremely fast. Every interaction with customer service was great. Thank you blue Nile.
Michael, Manorville NY – January 2010

She totally adores the ring!
Blue Nile is the perfect portal for a diamond newbie such as me. The layout of the site and the navigation screens are extremely simple and user-intuitive, the explanations are insighful and really helped me to make the right choice for my fiancee. The ordering process was simple, cust service kept me informed and the ring was delivered on time as promised. She absolutely loved the ring and I'm pleased with the purchase. Highly recommended.
Sandeep, CHERRY HILL NJ – January 2010

Blue nile is the best way to shop for engagement ring
I shopped and researched for 3 years for my girlfriends diamond engagement ring. I would suggest going into many jewelers to get educated on what to look for in price and quality. You will find that you get a better quality diamond at Blue Nile for hundreds or thousands of dollars less.
Anonymous – January 2010

Excellent as always
The product is excellent, Blue Nile is excellent and their customer service is beyond amazing. I've bought from them over 6 times and will continue to do so. Big or small the items are always the best and whether you spend $30 or $3000 they always treat you like a valued customer.
Marc, Carmel NY – January 2010

Great stone--brillance and fire
I worked for a bench jeweler in OK for a number of years and sold diamonds and precious stones. I loved your web site with the GIA reports and the detail that was given about the loose stones and especially being able to set guidelines for what I wanted in a diamond and having only those featured. That made it easy to get what I really wanted. It is exactly as billed. The whole thing was easy and really interesting for me. It is a quality stone with a lovely finish and fire. I will shop with you again and recommend you to my friends here in Kingwood.
Vivian, Kingwood TX – January 2010

She could not say no!
I am glad that I came to this site to find the ring for my fiance. I did a lot of shopping around at different places that were in the mall or independent stores and had a very had time with a few things.

First - The price for what I was getting. They wanted top dollar for poor quality diamonds.

Second - Customer service was horrible. Let alone getting someone that could tell you more about the diamonds than what was written on there little tag.

After going through all that nonsense I decided to take a look at blue nile. I must say that I was absolutely stunned with the selection of diamonds available.

It was amazing being able to choose the diamond that *I* wanted and for the price *I* was looking to spend.

Do some research at some retail outlets to get an idea of what is out there - and then look at a similar ring on Blue Nile. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Unbelievable quality for what you pay.

I recommend these guys to anyone.
Matthew, Lepthbridge AB – January 2010

Thankyou for making my wife's Christmas perfect, and therefore mine!!
When I first saw the setting on the internet I was immediately struck by the simple elegance of the design. I have looked for something for my locally, but could not find anything I thought she would like. I was not disappointed when we received the rings. My wife absolutely loved it. Thankyou for the great sevice and the perfect gift for my wife. I will be recommending you to all of my friends and on my facebook page.
Rodney, Dawson Creek BC – January 2010

Wow, what a ring. Blue Nile has terrific customer service and delivered an exceptional product. They also appraised the ring for me and gave me guidance on where to get jewelers insurance. I couldn't have had a better experience.
Anonymous – January 2010

Our daughters loved the pendants.
We were exceptionally pleased with both the quality of the diamond pendants and the customer service. The pendants themselves were beautiful, and we couldn't have been more pleased. The supporting documentation was also most impressive. But what also stood out was the customer service; it was simply extraordinary. All your customer service representatives are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable--first class professionals. Would we come back to Blue Nile for a future purchase? Absolutely -- no question about it!!!
Anonymous – January 2010

"She talks about it everyday and absolutely loves it"
It was the most beautiful thing I have Ever seen( apart from my Fiancee). When I opened the box...ooh my God!...this thing was georgeous! I went shopping everywhere for it...before I Ordered it from Blue Nile. It is one of the best decession I have ever made. It was appraised for a lot more Vale than I paid for it. My fiancee loves it. I plan to buy my Wedding band from Blue Nile too! I would like to thank the Blue Nile team for making it happen. last but not the least the Blue Nile Has the most Advanced and easy to use data...which helps you find exately what you want and also educates the customer about what they are buying. I did not even that kinda indepth explanation at the Jewelery store! Thank you once again!
PRASHANT, Westbrook CT – January 2010

First time buying a diamond
The ring and diamond were better than I expected. This was the first time I have ever made a purchase like this so I was a little nervous but after researching on my own Blue Nile looked like the best bet. I am sure I made the right choice and everyone is impressed with the ring, including her!
Robert, Ferndale MI – January 2010

She couldn't believe the sparkle!
I am an amateur when it comes to purchasing rings. After researching the 4 C's on the site, I made my own hierarchy of C's and made my purchase. My fiance' couldn't have been more pleased. She can't believe how much it sparkled and how beautiful it was. If I had to do it all over again, there is no place else I'd go than Blue Nile.
Anonymous – January 2010

I won't shop for jewelry anywhere else
Exceptional quality and fantastic customer service. They were very knowledgeable and helped me find the perfect diamond. I would definitely use this site again in the future and would highly recommend it.
Anonymous – January 2010

had doubt about buying diamonds online. But Blue Nile is a shop that you must stop because it can deliver what you want beyond expectations.
Anonymous – January 2010

Greatest decision of my life......
This ring was literally breathtaking! My girlfriend's jaw dropped, tears rolled, and she thought it was a dream. I couldn't even believe it when I saw it for the first time in person. Usually nothing in life ever looks like the picture you see, this time the picture did no justice to the actual ring.......WOW, I recommend this site to anyone if you can't tell!!
Blakely, Hilton Head Island SC – January 2010

perfect engagment ring
I had previously no experience in buying diamonds however comparing the diamond to ones high-street shops I must say that it seems to be of excellent value. It would appear that a similar stone and setting would probably have cost me 30-40% more in a high-street jewellers. This stone is very well cut, clear and very sparkly, everyone has commented on this. To the naked eye it appears perfect. The ring it's set in also appears well-made and the smaller gems on the ring appear clear and well cut. All in all very good value. The ring actually looked even better in real-life than in the websites photos. Highly recommended.

Anonymous – January 2010

Two Months Salary....YIKES!!!
There's a saying about buying a ring worth two months salary. Well I did, and when I purchased a diamond engagement ring from blue nile I waited for the discomfort to kick in. What really happened felt good. I WAS IN CONTROL in every step of the way. I picked the appropriate loose diamond first, chose the cut and clarity, in my price range. Selected the ring, All the while the information was there to help me with my final one of a kind masterpiece. Long story short, it's a beautiful ring. When I opened the box before I showed it to my fiancee I took a deep breath and had a large smile on my face : ) See loved it too, and has been showing it to all of her friends an co-workers. Thanks for the perfect ring Blue Nile!
James, Flowermound TX – January 2010

I built & requested it, Blue Nile delivered it !!
I was most pleased when opening the box and finding an exquisite pendant! Possibly it was because I had a part in designing this piece, which I feel gives a mild taste of empowerment each time I wear it, but for sure because it was truly as beautiful as what I was told it was going to be. I would highly recommend 'every woman' should have an opportunity to make her own design in jewelry with Blue Nile! The knowledge gained by using their 'c's guide' was well worth the time spent reading and re-reading until I knew exactly what I wanted. Blue Nile delivered !!
Anonymous – January 2010

The website is very user-friendly and represents the real product well. Blue Nile had far more options for the diamond and setting than my local jewelry stores, and Blue Nile's price was unbeatable. Blue Nile promised to have the ring delivered by a certain date and they did not let me down. Hopefully I won't need to purchase another engagement ring in my lifetime, but I would definitely return to Blue Nile in that event.
Anonymous – January 2010

I'm a believer!!!!
When I started shopping on Blue Nile's I was not at all OK with the idea of making such an important decision online. I figured with 2 months to shop I can find a better deal locally. After visiting over 30 jewelers locally from the big name to the small mom and pop stores i was so frustrated i thought i would never find the perfect engagement ring for me to give my wife to be- all this without breaking my budget and in todays economy even more so. With only 15 days left until the big surprise I hesitantly turned back to the web; would buying such an important piece of my future sight unseen be the smart thing to do??? 2 days later I made my decision. And in 7 days i had my ring. Not only was it exactly what they described, but it was also better than what i could have ever imagined. Thanks to Blue Nile- I have a Fiance who loves showing off her new diamond engagement ring to everyone!
Ivan, Coral Gables FL – January 2010

Best value and shopping experience out there.
I did a ton of homework and a lot of research online and at retail jewelry stores before deciding on where to purchase an engagement ring. My conclusion was that for the price, convenience, and all the time I needed to customize a ring, Blue Nile was the way to go. Retail jewelers wanted a LOT more $ for the same stones I was looking at. In the end, she loved the ring, and so does everybody who sees it. She actually can't stop staring at it on her hand. Thanks Blue Nile!
Adam, Chicago IL – January 2010

She loved the proposal and ring.
I loved everything about my Blue Nile experience. I bought an engagement ring for my fiance from them (went with a platinum solitaire setting and a 0.9 carat diamond). The choices for both the settings as well as the shear number of diamonds available will allow you to create the perfect ring, no matter what your budget is. I would definitely order from Blue Nile again.
Anonymous – January 2010

Awesome shopping experience with a happily ever after
I was very hesitant to make such a large and significant purchase online, but the reputation and industry recognition that Blue Nile has helped me make the plunge. The fact that I was able to look for the exact diamond that I wanted and put it in the setting of my choice was a huge factor in choosing Blue Nile. The satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that the diamonds are conflict-free coupled with an understanding return policy (how else could you buy a diamond you've never seen?) was the icing on the cake. I received the ring in time, surprised her, and am now happily engaged.
Anonymous – January 2010

Best Christmas present ever
I don't usually write reviews but... Blue Nile exceeded my expectations. Another jeweler in town offered to match their price but after seeing the quality of the ring, he could only say, "You got a really good deal." I was shy about making such a big purchase online but it was the right move.
Vergil, Gresham OR – January 2010

Buying from Blue Nile is a
You will not make a fool of yourself when shopping at Blue Nile. I was hesitant about buying a ring online without seeing it first. If I didn t like the ring, I would ve made use of the liberal return policy of Blue Nile. However, when I opened the box from FedEx, I was shocked of how nice the ring was. There was no way I was going to return it. The ring far exceeded my expectations. I get just as many compliments on the ring as my fiance does because the ring is truly amazing. I can t say enough good things about Blue Nile and I will forever recommend them for good value, amazing service, and the best rings. Do your research, figure out your budget, and visit a few shops to figure out what you want (setting, type of stone), but when it comes time to buy, definitely use Blue Nile, you won t regret it. I really appreciate that the ring comes with a certified GIA report and that it was super easy to insure.
Scott, Hoboken NJ – January 2010

she loved the ring
perfect ring, perfect service, fast shipping
Anonymous – January 2010

After being disappointed with another jewelry company to upgrade my wedding set , I decided to try Blue Nile. The research in finding my wedding set was painless and actually informative. When I received my ring, I could not believe the sparkle and quality of the rings. Thank you, Blue Nile. I will definitely purchase from this company in the future. Keep up the good work.
Monique, Corona CA – January 2010

Value delivered as requested.
The bottom line is I could get a bigger better diamond for half the cost of what others were quoting. She wanted a cushion cut diamond and others made a big deal and tried to discourage me, bluenile.ca made it easy. I also got it weeks before I would have if I went with the other guys.
David J, Brampton ON – January 2010

Exactly what she wanted
My now fiance's exact words were "Oh my God, it's exactly what I wanted." I couldn't believe how beautiful this ring was. My expectations were far surpassed. The customer service was great, and the prices even better. I had way too much fun with the diamond selection process on Blue Nile, loading my shopping basket with several different stone combinations before picking the final one. I now recommend Blue Nile to anyone even thinking about a big jewelry purchase.
Robert, charlottesville VA – January 2010

"She wakes up at night to look at her ring with a flashlight"
When she first received the ring on Christmas eve night she was excited and emotional. She later expressed to me that, "I didnt think we could afford anything 1/2 as nice as this ring". She is so excited and in love with her ring that for the first few nights she would wake up and look at her ring in the dark with a flash light. Thank you Blue Nile you definetly have a customer here that will utilize your services in the future. Happy New Year
Joshua, ocala FL – January 2010

Exceeded Expectations
The ring was exactly what we hoped it would be! The Tapered Cathedral setting was a great choice if you are looking for a classic solitaire ring. I was hesitant at first to buy online, but as I moved through the buying process I never was given any reason to worry. Everything happened as advertised, from the helpful customer service, to the ring arriving on schedule. To top it all off I had the ring independently appraised by a local jeweler, not only was it exactly what the GIA Certificate stated, his value appraisal was significantly higher than the one that came with the ring! Thanks Blue Nile. -Robin Baltimore, MD
Robin, Baltimore MD – December 2009

Blue Nile is amazing
Blue Nile was amazing. The ring is beautiful and the diamond is perfect. This place has changed the diamond industry forever. No more ripoff jewelry stores with crappy diamonds for more money. Go with Blue Nile, you won't be disappointed. Oh, and the customer service is amazing.
Jeff, Austin TX – December 2009

Bought 4 rings from your site. You have an amazing web application to search for what you are looking for. The add on suggestions were great to compliment and inform which matching wedding ring goes with the purchased engangement ring. Customer Service was on the ball when I needed to exchange an engagement ring when I purchased a ring size too large, and you have the best prices, can't ask for anything more.. you have a good thing going here, I have recommended your site to others who are shopping around for a ring.
Anonymous – December 2009

Ring was exactly as shown on Blue Nile
I was totally satisfied with my Blue Nile purchase.. My girlfriend (and soon to be wife!) loved the ring, and we were both impressed by how much the pictures on-line helped us pick the correct ring and the correct diamond. I was a bit nervous about making such a large purchase on-line, but it turned out to be a very positive, trouble-free experience, and I recommend Blue Nile 100%. Thank you.
Anonymous – December 2009

Great experience
I was nervous about ordering a diamond and ring I could not see, but it exceeded my expectations. The diamond my fiance now wears on her hand is absolutely beautiful, it even sparkles in the faintest light. And she is thrilled. I looked at many diamonds of lesser quality at retail stores. It really makes a difference to go for top quality. And the price for a top-quality diamond at Blue Nile was less than for lower-quality diamonds at retailers. Great, great experience. Thanks.
Anonymous – December 2009

Blue Nile has made me a diamond expert
Before i decided to buy an engagement ring i was completly ignorant to what is a "good" diamomd. After visiting the Blue Nile website i would like to think i am somewhat of an expert. I visited a major chain and started asking the clerks about specifics on a diamond. The 2 clerks who didn't know what i was talking about eventually brought the manager over. I realized very quickly that this is not where i wanted to do my buisness. I came back to Blue Nile and was able to pick from 100's of diamonds not just a couple in the stores. I picked the most beautiful and greatest quality that "MY" money could buy. She(and all our friends and family) loved it too!!!
ROBERT, SCRANTON PA – December 2009

She loves it.
This is the first time I shop online for an expensive jewelry. However, Blue Nile has no doubt that make my shopping experience as easy as possibble. Also, my fiancee loves the ring. I am highly recommended for people to try Blue Nile.

She loved this ring!
My fiancee loved the ring! The Blue Nile Signature Diamond is terrific and the light play is beyond expectations. I asked her to marry me by the Alexandria City Christas tree, with snow falling and the tree lights reflecting in the diamond. Thank you, Blue Nile!
Alexander, Alexandria VA – December 2009

The ring was exceptional!
Blue Nile made it extremely easy to purchase an engagement ring especially given the very specific type of ring I was looking to have made. None of the other brand name stores (Tiffany s, Turgeon Raine, Harry Winston, etc.) even came close and I did check with all of them as well. I would recommend Blue Nile without any trepidation to anyone looking for that special purchase!
Alok, Seattle WA – December 2009

Pleasantly Astounded!
I can't speak highly enough of my Blue Nile experience. I hit the send button on my order for an engagement ring at 1.00 pm EST on a Thursday and the ring was in my hands at 10.50 am EST the next morning. The ring was higher carat size, and better cut, colour and clarity than anything I could have bought retail. And, an independent appraiser valued the ring at more than double what I paid. I can see the reluctance of some people to shell out for for such a big purchase online. But, Blue Nile couldn't have left me--and my fiancee!--more satisfied.
Joshua, Ottawa ON – December 2009

Exceptionally high quality Diamond and its ring settings
When I have shown the Diamond ring to a professional craftsman in Japan, his comment was also exceptional and full of admiration of the beauty of the Diamond and ring settings. He appreciated not only the quality of the diamond itself, but the finishment of the settings. He even confessed that he had never seen the Diamond rings originated in the US whose settings quality seemed to be considered rather poor and inferior generally, while I did not disclose the name of the shop, nor the price.
Nozomi, Tama-city Tokyo – December 2009

Holy mackeral. If you're looking at diamonds through 'friends or familly' or if you think you're 'getting a deal' STOP RIGHT THERE. Blue Nile will beat everyone. Period. And the quality and timing of delivery is exceptional.

Blue Nile takes the yuck out of buying an engagement ring. No more worries about being 'taken' or getting that funny feeling in your stomach when you're speaking with a local jeweler who claims he's giving you a 'special price, just for you.' Stop wasting your time, and join all of us who have had the good fortune of buying directly from Blue Nile.
Craig, Scottsdale AZ – December 2009

The Best Jewelry Purchase Ever!
Top quality diamond exactly as described in GIA report, and exceptional value. Shipping could not have been any faster, and customer service was excellent. My purchase far exceeded my expectations. A great online shopping experience. Would highly recommend Blue Nile to anyone wanting to make a diamond or jewelry purchase.
Ronald, Tyler TX – December 2009

Real life experience...
Excellent!!! I had my doubts about ordering such expensive jewelry online but Blue Nile delivered an absolutely beyond expectations ring. Delivery was secure and very quick, customer service was clear, easy, and exact. Everything was as shown and stated and the quality was far better than the local 4 jewelry stores I visited, from ring weight to diamond quality. I will be ordering most, if not all, the rest of my jewelry needs from Blue Nile.
Arthur, CHANDLER AZ – December 2009

My Best Purchase of 2009
Buying an engagement rings is a big step and I approached it that way: with alot of research. In doing so BlueNile had so much information I wasn't sure they actually sold anything. Still hesitant to purchase something this expensive without having actually seeing it first I did alot of checking around different fine jewelery stores and retailers. No one could match the quality BlueNile was offering for the price they were asking. So, considering I had 30 days to return the purchase if unsatisfied I ordered. Every female that has seen the rings loves it. I took it for an independent appraisal and it was for $4300 dollars than what I paid (which was 3K less than retailers were asking). I'm very happy with my purchase and will continue to recommend and shop BlueNile.
Marko, Lanham MD – December 2009

She can't stop staring at it!
Perfect Experience! I heard about blue nile and the quality of diamonds, but that was just the half of it. The customer service was extremely helpful and polite. The ring is exactly as shown. Thank you!
Stephane, St. Bruno QC – December 2009

Flawless experience!
I'm so thankful that I found Blue Nile. No pressure and it was everything I could ask for from an online purchase, seamless and worthwhile.

The selection is as good as any and I'm totally thrilled with my choice. No comprimising cost for quality. Superior price and shipment and three days? What a deal!

Oh did I mention she loved it too?
Gustav, Toronto ON – December 2009

My wife will never stop loving and staring her ring.
It's stunning, it's gorgeous, it's brilliance, her eternal gratitude are just a few of her remarks after receiving her engagement ring. Thank you blue nile for your expertise, pricing and guarantees. I shopped for 45 days to find the perfect diamond and setting for my bride to be. Even after she had accepted my proposal, she can't stop staring at the stunning ring that I chose. The value of your diamonds with your pricing, guarantee and customer service is second to none and priceless. Thanks again. Ken
kenneth, SUNNYVALE CA – December 2009

A beginer creating a masterpiece like a professional! Fantastic.
One of the nicest things about building your own ring is that it becomes so very personalised due to your own input. Having educated myself on diamonds on your sight - It was lovely to choose the very best I could afford for my ring. I made an informed decision on what I wanted in my ring. The result is so very beautiful. Thankyou!
Deborah, Wagga Wagga NSW – December 2009

Her friends and co-workers keep visiting to see her ring!
Gorgeous ring and great value. Customer service was exceptional. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone purchasing a diamond. Because I knew nothing about diamonds I wound up ordering a ring that was not exactly what I was looking for. Customer service was extremely helpful. They helped me clarify what I was looking for and select the perfect ring. There were no extra fees and my new ring exceeded my expectations.
Margaret, Lincroft NJ – December 2009

Great value and even the jeweler couldnt believe it.
I was amazed at how beautiful it was and how fast it was here. My girlfriend loved it she couldnt believe I got her a ring because of the amount of money I have now but Blue nile allowed me to get the ring I wanted for the price I needed. Also the lady at the jewelry store that cheked it for me made sure to find out who I ordered from and I am sure is looking at your site now for her own jewelry.
Brenda, Cresson TX – December 2009

The Diamond Clearly Outshines the Competition
Prior to Blue Nile, I had met with dealers across the NYC Diamond District and had a good idea of what a nice diamond "should" look like. When I got my diamond from BlueNile, it exceeded all my expectations, making all the diamonds I had seen before look dull and cheap. Better yet, the BlueNile price was far less than dealers were asking for comparatively sub-par stones!
Jeffrey, CHAPPAQUA NY – December 2009

Exceeded Expectations
The ring beat expectations. I was very hesitant to order the ring online, most specifically because I was skeptical about making such a large purchase when I had not seen it with my own eyes.

For those individuals shopping for an engagment ring who generally know what they are looking for in terms of the '4 C's," Blue Nile is the way to go. I found the exact ring I was looking for in the exact price range.

I cannot help but sneak peaks at it when she is around, and, most importantly, she cannot stop telling me how much she loves it.

The only downside is that we feel a bit gaudy showing it off. When members of our friends and familiy ask to take a look at it, I am almost embarassed because it looks so much more expensive than I paid for it. It is hard not to think that my friends who paid retail just didn't get the most for their money.
Anonymous – December 2009

The ring of her dreams!
This is for the products stock # -9917 -9719 This ring is amazing! I bought it for my fiancee. I give it to her and she hasn t looked at me since! All she does is look at there ring sparkle. She asked me to drive the other day so she could just look down at her hand. In any light it shines like the sun and sparkles like the stars! It s perfect for the love of my life. The thin band is perfect for any lady that likes the more slender and petite look. I was afraid that it would be too petite but it s the perfect thickness. I also bought the matching band! Together they look like a million bucks! Thanks!
Anonymous – December 2009

A painless process towards a perfect proposal.
From the initial search to seeing a sparkling diamond in the open blue nile box, the process was very smooth, straightforward, and, dare I say, enjoyable! The only one happier than me about the results of my experience with blue nile is my new fiance.
Anonymous – December 2009

Exceptional Diamonds at Eceptional Prices
I am glad I built and purchased an engagement ring from Blue Nile. I had an idea of what she wanted and Blue Nile made it easy. The experience of buying a diamond through this website was very pleasant and at no point did I feel like the experience wasn't worth it. I felt like I was doing the right thing especially with the knowledge of being able to return something if the ring didn't turn out right. Exceptional diamonds at exceptional prices and beautiful settings made my life that much easier.
Donald, Baton Rouge LA – December 2009

She hasn't stop staring at her ring for days now
Bluenile.com just might be that rare jewel when it comes to shopping for jewelry whether it s online or at a brick and mortar store. The quality of the diamond I purchased for my girlfriend (now my fiancee) was amazing. And the value..... I printed of a spec sheet of the diamond I wanted to purchase from Bluenile.com and visited over 10 different (private and nationally known) jewelry stores and ALL of them were anywhere from 75% to 150% more expensive for a diamond with similar specifications. Don't let the "purchase online" scare you, my transaction went safe and sound without a single hiccup along the way. VERY VERY satisfied customer here and Bluenile.com will definitely be my 1st and only stop for my future needs for fine jewelry.
Usman, Weymouth MA – December 2009

She adores the ring!
The diamond and setting were stunning. My fiance fell in love with the ring instantly, and everyone has been commenting on how beautiful it is. Compared with what I could buy on the high street for the same money, this was streets ahead. I also really appreciated the GIA certification and appraisal. I could not be more satisfied with Blue Nile. Fantastic!
TIMOTHY, LONDON null – December 2009

She cried and couldn't stop staring at the ring
The ring and setting looked much more beautiful than the picture image. I learned quite about diamonds and settings on this site - extremely informative... Sales consultants were very informative and easy to deal with. No sales pressure either. Returned ring to be re-sized, again, no hassles and returned promptly. Blue Nile rocks!
Doug, EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP NJ – December 2009

Nice Ring! Quick Shipping
I loved the selection and ability to oversee a large selection of rings. Stores typically don't give details on each diamond like Blue Nile does. The Live Chat option is amazing! Customer service was great.
Josh, Joplin MO – November 2009

Wonderful ring, incredible value.
My experience buying at bluenile was thoroughly enjoyabe and very positive. Contact with customer care was excellent, it was no problem to adjust the size of the ring two days after ordering and the setting was perfectly done. If you don't mind the salesperson's babble, I highly recommend to pay a visit to a highstreet jeweller, not only to have your girlfriends finger-size measured (self-measuring is quite inaccurate), but also to appreciate the incredibly good value you'll get by ordering at bluenile - we were shown rings with inferior diamonds at double the price!
Richard, Wien null – November 2009

Customer service is exemplary!
i am an Airman deployed in the USAF. I bought this ring without seeing it even after arrival. Her mother explained to me it is absolutely phenominal! I had some questions and the staff emailed me back faster than I can get answers from my superiors over here. If you shop anywhere else, you are doing a dis-service to yourself. Blue Nile is the only jeweler that will every have my business from now on!
Mathew, Highspire PA – November 2009

From start to finish Blue Nile never disappointed
After going to various brick and mortar jewlery store, I always kept coming back to Blue Nile for the value of the Ring I was looking at. It was probably 30% cheaper than if I were to get it at a store. I had my doubts about such a large purchase online, but I may say that every facet of the transaction was seemless. The customer service, shipping, and when the ring finally arrived, WOW! Super impressed as is everyone who has seen it so far. My fiancee wont stop showing it off, starting to get a little embarrasing.
Joab, East Stroudsburg PA – November 2009

To whom ever would like to make a purchase through Blue Nile. Do not hesitate! I always leave these things to the last second... I bought my wife her birthday present and it was delivered the next day in perfect shape. She was pleased and so was I. I have already told the fellas on my hockey team about this place! Thanks guys Dave
David L, Aidrie AB – November 2009

Best place to buy an engagement ring
Excellent service. All questions I had were answered either by the informative website or the customer service reps. I never felt like I was being slimed by sleezy jewelry vendors.
Patrick, Chicago Il 60647 IL – November 2009

Couldn't have worked out better
This could NOT have been easier. I searched all over for what was right and found that nothing was quite what I wanted. Found Blue Nile and chose the EXACT things I was looking for in about 25 mins. She loves it and so does everyone who sees it. THANK YOU
Patrick, Libby MT – November 2009

She loved the ring.
I was really pleased with the ring. I have so much more confidence shopping with Blue Nile than I do with a local jeweler. I know that I'm getting exactly what you say I'm getting...a quality product at a fair price.
Anonymous – November 2009

The Wow Factor
The Wow Factor. This is what I was looking for in a diamond. Blue Nile made it easy for me to purchase and deliver to my girlfriend, now fiance, the WOW factor. Her facial expression was priceless. She continues to receive complements on the diamond from co-workers, family and friends. Her boss even sent me an email expressing his excitment for us. That is right. I was the knight in shining armor that day at her job.
Claude, WARREN MI – November 2009

Awesome ring. Awesome service. Priceless reaction!
When I got the ring, i was impressed, It looked just as nice as the rings at the jewelry stores that cost twice as much. That rock has all the sparkle i could dream of, and i catch her looking at it and smiling pretty often. It's sparkle is a bit of distraction to her, but alt least that means she's thinking about me :-) I got a great deal on it, and the customer service was ridiculously great. Two thumbs way up for Blue Nile! I have already recommended to two of my buddies, and will keep on doing so!
Joel, Saint Cloud MN – November 2009

Exceptional value and service...brilliant diamond
I purchased a .38 carat signature ideal VVS2 diamond for my wife to be as a wedding ring. The price to quality value which I got at Blue Nile was exceptional. I visited several stores a websites before making the purchase and found it difficult to get a VVS2 quality diamond at this price. I checked the diamond under 50X magnification and it is as it was stated. Brilliant and no visible inclusions. The customer service and the free resizing offer for life just makes Blue Nile awesome. Diamond report was included and shipping was really fast and free above all. Overall the best online shopping experience I have had.
Archan, Athens OH – November 2009

She loved her ring
I helped my son with the purchase of his engagement ring because I have more time and knowledge with jewelery. My son and his fiancee were very happy with the ring, I on the other hand was extremely pleased with the customer service and the whole purchasing experience. Also having the flexibility of the 30 days money back guaranty made the online purchase of a big ticket item more reassuring for all of us.
Anonymous – November 2009

Couldn't Say No To A Ring Like That!
Not being 100% sure what I wanted and there being so much choice I decided to speak to somebody at Blue Nile and they were extreamly helpfull. It's always a risk buying jewellery, just wondering what the quality is like, and considering how much profit those jewelers are making from you. The exceptional value for money and customer service from Blue Nile will ensure I revisit whenever I want something else.
Margaret, Lichfield Staffordshire – November 2009

It exceeded my expectations when I received the ring and my girl loved it!
Knowing what type of engagement ring my girlfriend had in mind, the custom build ring tool was so great in helping me pick the right setting and diamond. I would highly recommend that someone use this tool to get an idea of pricing. I've become a more educated ring and diamond person through the help features on Blue Nile.
tri, Jersey City NJ – November 2009

I was quite pleased with the beautiful stone, band and setting, easy online ordering, elegant box (with cleaning cloth and appraisal) and quick delivery. The web site was laden with helpful information about diamond standards (which I verified from other sources) and was quite easy to use. If you're a practical guy looking for a quality engagement ring without all the pomp, circumstance and markups, take a minute and check out Blue Nile...
Anonymous – November 2009

I had no idea how to buy/search for a diamond ring. BN taught me the 4 c's and was very easy to use. I researched on other sites but not only was BN the most affordable but it was the most informative as well. Everything was perfect.
jonas, fort walton beach FL – November 2009

Exceeded Already-High Expectations
Things couldn't have gone any more smoothly from start to finish. I was somewhat nervous ordering a diamond ring online without seeing it in person, but to my surprise it looked even better than expected when I opened the box. I love the process of narrowing down the diamond and setting to maximize the desired qualities. The shipping was free and they had to create the ring from scratch but it only took a couple of days to receive after placing the order. I feel like I got a great value and love seeing people's surprise as if to say, "I can't believe you purchased such a nice engagement ring!"
Robert, Round Lake Beach IL – November 2009

Simply stunning...
The quality of the diamond was stunning, and really exceeded my expectations. My (now fiance) was overjoyed and overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. It was great to be able to spend the time to sort through thousands of diamonds and find the perfect one, and when we valued the ring it was worth 1/3 greater than the price paid - we got so much more for our money by using Blue Nile. Thoroughly recommended!
Anonymous – November 2009

I can t say how impressed we were with the engagement ring. At first I was a little reluctant to make such a purchase via online venues. Ironically a friend recommended Blue Nile about the same time I was just surfing BN s website for a feel on quality -vs- cost. Initially I was skeptical. However I took the plunge The ring was one of the most beautiful things I ve ever seen. Ultimately I wound up going a little smaller in size with higher quality stones I m glad I did. The ring is just beyond words. Needless to say she was surprised - also speechless about the quality of the ring. Unfortunately, I missed her size and went a little large. Blue Nile also came through there with re-sizing the ring at no charge. I shopped many retailers for this ring but just could not find the design or quality I was looking for. Blue Nile let me build what I wanted at a very competitive price. Thanks Blue Nile, from the both of us!
Clifton, Littleton CO – November 2009

Jewelry store? What's that?
She loves it! Beautiful stone, excellent setting, great price. Got so much more for the money than a jewelry store can offer...platinum for only how much?
Anonymous – November 2009

Fantastic Diamond Engagement Ring!
At first I was slightly hesitant about using the internet to purchase an expensive and important item without seeing it in person. I needn't have worried at all, as Blue Nile is absolutely fantastic. The item descriptions and images couldn't have been any clearer, or accurate, and the whole experience was easy and straight forward throughout! The item was delivered on time and very securely, and I could track the progress easily online. To top it all, I have just had the ring valued & it has been valued at almost twice the price which I paid, a real bargain! I will definitely be recomending Blue Nile to friends, and will probably be buying my wedding rings, and other items, from them in the not too distant future!
Michael, Stoke on Trent Staffordshire – October 2009

She loved the Ring!!!
My experience purchasing a diamond engagement ring for a 30th wedding anniversary gift for my wife with Blue Nile was wonderful! There is no pressure sales person urging you to make a purchase. The customer service people are excellent. I know for a fact, that buying this ring from Blue Nile has saved me $5,000.00 for the same quality that I would have gotten at Birks,Peoples etc. Blue Niles website is so easy to use. They have information to educate yourself on the 4C's of a diamond,as well as the customer service. My wife just fell in love with the ring ,and rarely takes it off.....as a matter of fact ,while she was at the bank just this week , the teller remarked on her ring saying " What a stunning ring". She replied "Well thank-you!, my husband gave it to me for our anniversary". I will surely recommend Blue Nile for any jewellery purchases . And by the way.....we live in Canada, and there was absolutely no hidden costs. The price quoted to me was the total fee....no extra's.
Eric, Carleton Place ON – October 2009

She loves the sparkle!
My fiance loves this ring! This ring sparkles like no other. I asked her to marry me on the beach during a full moon and this ring was glimmering in the light of the moon. In the right light, you will be amazed at how it sparkles and will be sure to get comments from everyone. I often catch her staring at her ring, she loves it! In the months before and after purchasing this ring from Blue Nile, I have yet to find a ring that competes. Blue Nile offers beautiful unique ring selection that even quality jewelers can not compete with at prices you can not find at any store.
Darryl, Mason OH – October 2009

The Blue Nile Experience
Thanks Blue NIle she loves the ring!! I am not really a jewelry person so Blue Nile was perfect for my situation. This company has created a very informative and user friendly website that is second to none for this market. Even the ladies I spoke to over the phone were quite pleasant. If you need some jewelry I highly recommend Blue Nile as an overall experience.
Johnny, Tucson AZ – October 2009

No other worods but....PURFECT
Diamonds are expensive and the reasons we buy them extremley important. This makes value for money, reliability and quality of service what really matters. I don't normally complete these surveys but I have to say; having done months of reseach, you won't get better value, you won't get better service and you won't get better satisfaction!!
Peter, Richmond Hill ON – October 2009

A Beautiful Diamond and an Exceptional Shopping Experience
The bluenile.com site and staff were great to work with. Starting with thousands of diamonds, I narrowed my selection as I played with the various parameters, aided by the wonderful educational information. There were even GIA reports for all of the diamonds I was considering. I selected a round 1.08 carat diamond with a 3mm yellow gold "comfort" setting. The brilliance of the diamond is startling, to say the least. My wife loves it, and I love that I could purchase a quality diamond at a good price. In fact, a diamond-dealer friend wrote me that the price I paid was an "excellent price for this diamond." And he wrote that the "18K and platinum 4 prong setting is THE perfect elegant support for the diamond," which was just what I wanted to hear!

We sent the ring back once to have the setting changed from 2 mm gold to 3 mm gold, the size reduced, and the diamond mounted lower in the setting. The changes were cheerfully, quickly, and accurately processed. I'm a customer for life!
Ross, West Newton MA – October 2009

I couldn't be happier with the engagement ring!
I wasn't sure that ordering a diamond engagement ring sight unseen from a website was the best alternative to in-store shopping, but after my experience with Blue Nile I do! As long as you do your research into the 4 c's and know what they entail, get a baseline for the size of the ring, and understand the dimensions of the stone, you should order from Blue Nile! The savings, customer service, and delivery were perfect. I will be buying the bands from Blue Nile. Thanks!
Bryan, Chicago IL – October 2009

I haven't dropped on one knee yet... I'm still in the middle east.
For a soldier in the middle east this made a great way to get the ring my future wife deserves. You don't have many jewlery shopping outlets on a foward operating base. Thanks. Your customer service was exceptional.
ADAM, Fort Lewis WA – October 2009

Her ring is the envy of all her friends.
When her eyes saw the beautiful diamond ring, her eyes sparkled!! Blue Nile did an exceptional workmanship on her ring. My fiancee keeps staring at the diamond all day long and sometimes at night because any light that hits the diamond lights up the room. The price was exceptional compared to other jewelry stores. We both love the setting and how the diamonds are arranged. The salesman was professional and gave great advice on the phone. I would recommend Blue Nile to every one I know. If I had to buy another ring, I know I would choose Blue Nile every time. Thank you so much for crafting a magical ring that she will wear forever. Exceptional Job! Regan Stoehr
Regan, JACKSONVILLE FL – October 2009

wow, she said and everyone else loves the ring.
she said "yes!" been 2 months since i popped the question and almost everyday she receives complimens on her ring, she and everyone else loves it. this was the 1st time i made a big purchase like this over the internet, and like everyone else, i was quiet skeptical since i couldn't see the merchandise with my own eyes. the value for the item i purchased was exceptional. like most guys on here i went to many different jewerly stores and few high ends retailers to learn and compare. i am glad i made the right choice and went with BN for the price, the quality of the ring, the shopping experience. my fiance is extremely happy with her ring which makes me a very happy man. we will continue to come back to BN for our jewery needs and tell all our friends and family about this website. thank you bluenile Brian N. (Baltimore, MD)
brian, owings mills MD – October 2009

Fantastic Ring!
Overall, a fantastic experience! Obviously I was a tad skeptical when making a purchase of this magnitude online. After choosing my diamond and setting, I chose to browse some 'offline' stores to see what was being offered. I was shocked to realize that diamonds of much poorer quality were being sold for much higher prices. Upon shipment, I was able to track the ring the during the whole process, and was amazed and how quick it arrived! I proposed that day, and my fiancee was extremely surprised and very happy with her ring. We are definitely purchasing our wedding bands in a few months from Blue Nile!
Adam, Stittsville ON – October 2009

Stunned the girlfriend, and the appraiser!
THe diamond was fantastic. The appraiser was floored when she saw th e cut! She kept saying it was one of the nicest cuts/polish/sym she has seen in a long time, and was stunned at the good price Blue Nile had.

It just sparkles like crazy.

The future wife, got many compliments on the stone. I would recommend picking your stone.. picking your setting.. and getting what you want from Blue Nile. FANTASTIC JOB GUYS!
Andrew R, Belle River ON – October 2009

She loved the ring.
I live in Alaska, and went so far as strolling through the Diamond District in NYC while looking for an engagement ring. I'm convinced that Blue Nile is tops for value and customer service.
David, JUNEAU AK – October 2009

She said "YES".
The shopping experience that I had with Blue Nile was about the easiest thing I have ever done. The diamond education portion of their website taught me a lot and their customer service agents were top notch. When I finally placed my order, the ring was built and sent to me in the amount of time quoted and all I have to say is that I was breathless.
Anonymous – October 2009

Shes loved it!
I did a lot of research before buying the ring and I can easily say that in blue nile you can find the best quality/price ratio on the market. My soon to be wife loved the ring. More than a month have gone by and she stills loke at the ring all the time and tell me how much she loves it.
Ezequiel, PRINCETON NJ – October 2009

The sparkle lit up the room and her eyes
It's everythging i expcected. Hearing about Blue Nile made my experience easy and quick. I certainly shopped other jewelers and found no one else compared. So, kudos to you Blue Nile. Keep up the good work and much success.
John, WHITEHALL PA – October 2009

My Wife Loves Her New Diamond Ring!
After window shopping in several popular jewelry stores for an upgraded diamond for my wife of 10 years, we decided to shop online. We came upon Blue Nile and after looking through quite a few of your diamonds and settings, we chose a Princess Cut, 1.04 Carat Diamond with a 24 Carat Yellow Gold Setting. When we received the diamond we were both blown away with the 4Cs of the diamond. The quality and price are exceptional and you've exceeded our expectations. The ring is very beautiful and we receive many compliments. My wife says she feels like a Princess! Thank you for all of your help. We have recommended you to several of our closest friends.
Joel, North Liberty IA – October 2009

<3 Blue Nile <3 My Exquisite Diamond Ring !!
My engagement ring is a 1.21 carat F color ring, and it is the most beautiful ring ... ever! The price I paid for my diamond is the same price the cheapest local store wanted to sell me a 1.01 F diamond for .. after hard negotiating. I have continued to look at Costco and local jewelry stores but I have not found -one- that could even come close to the beauty and price of Blue Nile. My band is a platinum band that compliments my diamond perfectly, and every time I look at my ring I feel a flutter in my stomach. I had my ring resized at a local resize who semi-botched the job and Blue Nile fixed it for me for free - they were so patient and understanding with me even though I altered my return about five times (no joke :(). For those people looking to purchase a diamond, pay attention to the dimensions of the diamond shown in the GIA report - they do matter ! Blue Nile is highly recommended by me and I've already referred them to friends who have made a purchase.
Emily, SANTA CLARA CA – October 2009

Blue Nile Made My Engagement PERFECT...
My purchase of the engagement ring for my girlfriend (now fiance) of four years was one of the best purchasing experiences I've ever had. The selection, quality, and professionalism of Blue Nile made what could have been a very difficult process a very easy, comfortable, and pleasurable one. Hats off to Blue Nile - JOB WELL DONE!
Ryan, Aurora IL – October 2009

Very impressed.
This is a replacement engagement ring after many years of being married! We knew what we were looking for and found just the right stone at an amazing price. I am thrilled with it and cannot stop looking at it. The price in the high street would have been so much more and without the help and advice available so readily. I also had a problem with being in for delivery and with one phone call this was sorted for me.
HAZEL, wootton bassett wiltshire – October 2009

She questioned my ability to pick a ring, but Blue Nile made it easy!
My girlfriend told me all the time that she wanted to pick out her engagement ring. I refused to let that happen because that would just ruin any element of surprise for the proposal. So I kept putting it off and she just kept thinking I wasn't ready for marriage. Secretly, I was scouring the pages of Blue Nile and browsing the selections at local stores. Not only did I learn everything I needed to know about diamonds, but Blue Nile also was thousands of dollars cheaper than jewelery stores. Because of the savings, I was able to buy a three-stone platinum ring with top-quality diamonds versus sub-par diamonds for the same price in the stores. Needless to say, she absolutely loved the ring and has since stopped questioning my ability to pick out nice things. Now I just need to convince her to buy me a watch worth that much!
David, Redondo Beach CA – October 2009

I have looked and researched for months... visited boutiques to high-end jewelers... none have come close to the quality and price of Blue Nile. If I had to do it all over again, I would not have spent my time with all the other places I visited, and would have purchased with Blue Nile without hesitation.
Hanson, Vancouver BC – October 2009

Don't waste your time anywhere else.
Fantastic, the picture does not do it justice. Any doubts I had about buying a ring online disappeared the moment I opened the box. I went for an ideal cut diamond and cannot believe how bright it looks in this setting. None of the rings I saw in stores came anywhere close.
Gordon, Vancouver BC – October 2009

I just can't say enough good things...
By far and away the best shopping experience I could have ever wished for. The selection was absolutely amazing. The best part for me was that there was no pressure from a salesman forcing me into something that I didn't really want. The education section of the website was so helpful that I began to realize that I knew much more about diamonds than even some of the people trying to sell them too me! I will never buy another piece of diamond jewelry from anywhere besides Blue Nile.
Jonathan, BETHLEHEM PA – October 2009

This isn't the buyer, but rather his WIFE'S COMMENTS.
My husband is James Harris but I feel like I must speak on behalf of all the ladies, this ring was soooo gorgeous. If your' like me, where you want a ring to sparkle and eye catching then this is the one to get! I am an advid Starbucks customer and everytime I go into one I get commented on my ring, also when I did all my bridal shopping they all said "man I wish my husband got me that ring." It's definetly a show stopper and my favorite thing about the ring is that when he proposed and we took a TON of photos on his Iphone, everyone of then showed up clearly and it was outside on a cloudy day. Therefore through the rain, shine or even midnight this ring is cut so well that it sparkles and I get compliments everywhere I go. GO with Blue NIle because the cut & clarity are amazing and trust me we hunted everywhere for one. The second thing I reccommend is having your fiance custom design a ring. BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL!
James, Haymarket VA – October 2009

Rediculous savings, impressive ring.
Went to Jewler's Row in Philadelphia. Found the cost was about 40% greater for a lesser quality, smaller diamond and $50 greater for a 14k white gold solitaire ring than the 18k white gold solitaire ring and diamond at Blue Nile. It was at my door in 3 days, no jewler I have ever heard of could do it in less than 3 weeks. My fiancee and I are extremely impressed. She can't stop staring at it and other's can't either. What more could you possibly want? If your getting a ring you will save significant money and time with Blue Nile.
Gregory S., Philadelphia PA – October 2009

More than could have been hoped for.
I rarely rate companies as exceptional, but Blue Nile was one of the best companies I have dealt with. I bought earrings for my wife to celebrate the impending birth of our child. After shopping in several local jewelry stores and being disappointed I tried Blue Nile at the recommendation of a friend. I was completely satisfied and the product was everything that I hoped. Thank you so much for being a part of such a special time in our lives.
Scott, AURORA CO – October 2009

She was FLOORED !!!!!!!
I just want to say that I have already recommended Blue Nile to three of my friends. Total professionalism, superior knowledge, and brisk service. I WILL BE SHOPPING HERE AGAIN !

Thank you so much,

Anonymous – October 2009

She loves her engagement ring
SHE LOVES IT! I was quite nervous making such a big purchase without actually seeing what I was buying, but having the GIA reports available really helped. I read quite a few online reviews that added to my concern but there is no telling who writes those so to ease my mind I went to the Better Business Bureau to get their opinion and Blue Nile is rated very high and the BBB is a reliable source. Finally once I got the ring I took it to a local jeweler and he confirmed I got more than what I paid for. Also, the speed they got the ring to me blew me away. I would definitely recommend Blue Nile to others
Paul, Navarre FL – October 2009

Beautiful diamond, stylish setting, exceptional price
My fiance and I decided to try Blue Nile since we had heard good things from a couple different friends. We ended up looking at cushion cut diamonds because I wanted something classic but a little out of the ordinary. While many typical stores don't even carry cushion cut stones, Blue Nile had an extensive selection. Since neither of us makes a lot of money (thanks grad school!), I was worried that we'd only be able to afford a diamond that you'd need a microscope to see. Much to my surprise, we were able to find something of substantial size and incredible quality (so sparkly!) that fit our relatively modest budget. Furthermore, the Blue Nile customer service rep that I spoke with was able to answer my questions about shipping times and was friendly to boot! While my mom still thinks it's a little strange that we bought a ring online, now that I've had the pleasure of ordering from Blue Nile, I would never do it any other way.
Anna, Arlington VA – October 2009

Very positive experience
I was skeptical at first, but at the end of the day I would have never gotten a better deal anywhere else. The diamond was a beauty, so much better than I expected. I did not have to spend much money to get a beautiful engagement ring for my fiance. She was also skeptical at first when I told her I got it online, but she now loves the ring and she wears it everyday. TOP NOTCH QUALITY There is no way you will regret your purchase at blue nile, too bad so many people still buy extremely overpriced rings at malls and retail stores.
ANDREY, Vancouver BC – October 2009

Another happy customer
I've purchased a lot of jewelry for my wife from Blue Nile, and am always impressed with the quality vs price. In addition thier customer service is top notch. I highly recommend them for your jewelry needs!!!!
Barry, Dover DE – October 2009

Stunning Custom Diamond Ring!!
The Custom Build Diamond Ring that was created by Blue Nile is simply stunning! My bride-to-be has had numerous compliments from complete strangers in passing to her best friends. It has been three weeks since that nerve-racking proposal and she is still smiling and looking at her sparkling hand. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone. The fear of purchasing such an expensive item, essentially sight unseen, was eased by the friendly and competent diamond advisors provided by Blue Nile. This quality service along with the user friendly website made my purchase and engagement experience unforgettable.
Daniel, Taylors SC – October 2009

The diamond was exceptional!
Everything was perfect! The web site was user-friendly, the purchase process was smooth and the diamond arrived when promised. The packaging was great! When we took the diamond to the jewelry store to have it set, the sales person wanted to keep the ring box!
Anonymous – October 2009

She said YES!
I would highly recommend Blue Nile, they are super fast, delivered exactly what I wanted and at a price that no local jeweler could match.
Noah, Victoria BC – October 2009

Unbelieveable value!
The diamond was fantastic. After my purchase, I shopped around at higher end brick and mortar stores, and they couldn't find a diamond of the same quality in their entire national online vault! The price they estimated I should have to pay was more than 30% than the Blue Nile price. Needless to say, my now fiancee was taken aback and said yes.
Thomas, Wellsburg WV – October 2009

She said "Yes!"
BlueNile is great! They were always helpful when I called repeatedly to ask questions about my order. The website is very easy to find what you're looking for (diamond criteria, ring style, etc.). I really appreciated being able to see the GIA report on any diamond I was considering. That helped me feel more at ease because I was making a large financial decision on something I had not physically seen. They can be trusted. I am among the growing list of couples I know who have used BlueNile.
Michael, LONGVIEW TX – October 2009

Helped take some anxiety out of a huge decision
Blue Nile has an excellent guide for all you need to know when diamond shopping. I didn't want to go locally to look for diamonds because I wasn't in the mood to put up with pushy clerks or having them try to sell me something that was inferior.

Shopping on Blue Nile made it easier for me to pick out exactly what I wanted with no pressure. By using their guide I was able to pick out the exact engagement ring I was thinking about and know exactly what I would be getting. The prices and quality of diamonds available were better than any other competitor online.

I received the ring exactly on time as was stated and it was beyond what I had expected. I also paid no tax or shipping to have it shipped to my home. I am extremely pleased with this purchase, and suggest any guy out there looking to buy an engagement ring for their loved one to relieve some anxiety by shopping with Blue Nile.
Anonymous – October 2009

Without a doubt the best retail experience of my life. Your website is a fantastic resource. It provides people with both the knowledge and the means to find their perfect diamond, in their own time. My fiance is enthralled with her engagement ring. The diamond and the setting are truly beautiful. The ring was valued, for insurance purposes, at nearly twice what I had paid for it. Thank you Blue Nile.
Paul, Seaforth NSW – October 2009

Do research, and buy without hesitation....
I took some time to research my purchase (which is provided on bluenile), and bought her engagement ring without hesitation because I had been told by my father about the quality of bluenile's products. I was very happy with my purchase, and my fiancee has thanked me countless times for "doing a good job" in regard to choosing a ring. Her friends are jealous!
Max, Orange CA – September 2009

Blue Nile is Real
Blue Nile is real! If I knew it was this easy, and the ring would have been this great, I would have bought months ago. She gets stopped in the grocery store by strangers, what an ego boost. I did research for over a year, diamond district, all the local places - stop it. Blue Nile saved me $3-4k and the quality is better too. Three stone 1.0ct, G color, Si1, VG, EX sym/polish
Anonymous – September 2009

Exceptional Service
The entire experience, from online research to talking with a customer advisor, exceeded my expectations. I had every intention on purchasing from a local jewelry shop, however, soon changed my mind after researching your company. My wife absolutely loves the diamond necklace. Your company was instrumental in making our 25th anniversary memorable. Thank you so much!
Michael S, ONALASKA WI – September 2009

Exceptional Quality
Far surpassed my expectations. I looked around at chain stores and their better quality stones looked worst than anything on Blue Nile. And the chain store prices were way higher for the inferior merchandise.
William, Ubly MI – September 2009

"We are more than pleased"
i just wanted to thank you all for all the wonderful things you do! you have made my engagement ring into the most beautiful thing i have ever seen! your service was fast, efficient and very very pleasant! i will be sure to pass the word on about bluenile to my friends and family! this ring is more than i imagined it to be, and so much better in person than what you see on the site. everyone needs to know how great all of you are in making the customer feel appreciated and important. all my expiriences with this company have been great! thank you so much for making this special time in my life so much more special! keep up the great work!
melissa, dryden ON – September 2009

She has gotten more compliments on her ring than even I expected! She loves it!!
Very easy to compare like diamonds and chose the perfect one for what I was looking to spend while getting the best I could afford. I could not have gotten an equally brilliant diamond ring anywhere locally for the price.
Thomas, Lexington SC – September 2009

I was under a tight deadline and Blue Nile went above and beyond my expectations. I received the ring a day earlier than it was originally expected. I would recommend Blue Nile not only to people looking for fine jewelery but also to other businesses so they can learn what great service should be.
Rik, CARPENTERSVILLE IL – September 2009

Bought in confidence
when i got engaged i had a lot of fear with now having to begin the research and buying of a diamond ring. i knew nothing except what i read on the internet and surely that wasn't going to protect me from the circling sharks in the diamond industry. i went to many stores apprehensive at every turn until a friend emailed me about Blue Nile. the site is informative. the staff was very product knowledgeable and provided me with honest input w/o any pressure sales. i got a great ring at a great price. and the 100% money satisfaction guarantee is a good thing to.
John R., STATEN ISLAND NY – September 2009

Extremely easy website to use, will be recommending to friends. Delivery quicker than was promised. Cuts out the issues with buying from a normal jewellers, allows you to tailor your ring quickly and easily. Perfect!
Evin, Lucan Dublin – September 2009

I never take it off
absolutely stunning! I was in a jewelry store and the clerk kept looking at my diamond necklace.I told her what it was, an IF/D diamond and how much i paid she became very rude and said it was impossible. The best they sell is an SI G-H, most average I2 with I-J. Well, from now on the diamonds I buy will always be from Bluenile.ca They are just stunning!!!!! and the price is REALLY GREAT.
melissa, hamilton ON – September 2009

An awesome experience!
I was skeptical about shopping for a ring online however, the process had an outstanding outcome. I am in the military and geographically separated from my wife. We shopped around before landing on bluenile.com. We custom built our rings with one another to eleviate the guess and test method. She didn't know when I was going to propose but when I did, she was rendered speechless to see her dream ring in on her ring finger. She purchased my ring at Blue Nile as well. Both of us have received infinite compliments. I have already and I will continue to recommend Blue Nile to my family, friends, and ring admirers.
Requan, Fayetteville NC – September 2009

It Put a Permanent Smile on Her Face
At first my wife and I were very skeptical about 'blindingly' purchasing expensive diamonds or jewelry in general online. However, Blue Nile's wonderful customer service and information that they provide to us put us at ease and we purchased a brilliant wedding set that my wife absolutely loves. She receives compliments from everyone and we haven't seen a ring like hers around base. Being a military family we will definitely order with Blue Nile again, as they ship high quality jewelry everywhere we could possibly be, at a very competitive price.
Angel, APO AP – September 2009

Simply Wonderful Experience
The ring is simply beautiful!!! Pictures don't do it justice. I couldn't be more pleased! Blue Nile was so much more than just the ring....the ability to research, learn, search, and select a diamond all in one place was fantastic. In addition, I recommend that you call Blue Nile if you have any other questions or doubts. The people I spoke to were immensely helpful and really personable. They made me really comfortable with the whole process and now that it's done, I couldn't be happier.
Ryan, Auburn AL – September 2009

From the first experience on the website and on the phone with customer service to the quality of the ring, WOW is all I can say!! Blue Nile couldn't have helped me any more than they did. I knew nothing about diamonds before their site but after spending some time on it I feel like I can give the biggest diamond 'retail store' a run for their money, and have, how embarassing for them!! (not that I'll ever shop retail again!). My fiance was and is still impressed with the ring (and thinks I spent way more than I did based on what rings sell for in the stores, hahaha, good for me!). Blue Nile was recommended by my brother-in-law and I have been doing the same to everyone I know, even some I don't know who have commented on how beautiful the ring is! Well done, thanks for everything and to everybody at Blue Nile!! Kevin Newmarket, Ontario
Kevin, Newmarket ON – September 2009

She Was Amazed!!
Diamond cut, value and quality quite outstanding. Could not be matched even by local home town jeweler who consistently offered much lower quality and flawed pieces not matching blue nile specifications, nor mine, at same prices. Ease of finding selected quality parameters, customer service assistance and suggested delivery options turned a potentially missed deadline into a very memorable, once in a lifetime, delightful, fun and somewhat mischievous presentation. She was truly in awe!!
Louis, Warner Robins GA – September 2009

Excellent quality, excellent price. Ring arrived sooner than I expected. It was everything I hoped for.

The no-pressure environment at Blue Nile, combined with the education and wide selection, made the buying process very pleasant.

Note that box does not show shipper but the shipping manifest on the outside of the box does list contents and shipper. Suggest shipping to work address.
Christopher, Edmonton AB – September 2009

There's only one jewelry store for me...Blue Nile!
Blue Nile has done it again - another very high quality ring for my soon to be wife. Both the engagement ring and wedding band were of the highest quality, and superior to any of the rings we looked at in the nice jewelry stores. She constantly gets comments and is very happy with the ring's look and quality. If you are weary about ordering over the internet - DON'T be with Blue Nile - they will take care of you.
Cameron, Laguna Hills CA – September 2009

Blue Nile has been TOP NOTCH! This engagement ring is BEAUTIFUL and my girlfriend (now fiancee) cannot stop remarking about its beauty and brilliance. I just proposed to her three days ago! I used Blue Nile's "Custom Built Diamond Ring" to create a gorgeous platinum engagement ring, E color, VS-1 clarity, 1.16k round-diamond with 16 total side diamonds in a Nouveau setting. It looks great! It is worthwhile to note that Blue Nile has been much more competitive than New York's Diamond District ( of which I frequented multiple times), Tiffany's, Kay, Zales, and any other diamond retailer. In addition, every Blue Nile rep with whom I spoke on the phone was extremely helpful and friendly and always available quickly with little or no hold time. Shipping was excellent and well-communicated. My experience with Blue Nile has been outstanding! Thanks! RM NYC
Ranon, New York NY – September 2009

She couldn't believe the ring...
After researching countless places to buy an engagement ring, I hit a grand slam with Blue Nile. Not only did they have the most user-friendly website, but their selection of diamonds was unbelievable. I wanted to buy an engagement ring that would blow my fiancee away. However, I didn't want to deal with annoying salespeople that had their own special interests. Blue Nile met the match and provided a great combination of quality and value.
Anonymous – September 2009

The beauty of the ring is second only to the woman who wears it.
After shopping with my (now) fiance to find out her preference for style both in person at local shops and online at various vendors, I settled on Blue Nile because of the ease-of-use and their reputation both with personal friends and the media. When it arrived, the ring was more stunning than I could have possibly imagined from looking at the pictures. I would take it out and stare at it whenever she wasn't around. I proposed to her within a week of receiving the ring and she accepted right away. She tells me every day how much she loves the ring (after she tells me how much she loves me), and how beautiful it is. Her friends can't keep their eyes off it either. What an amazing way to start this new chapter of our lives together!
Jeremy, Calgary AB – September 2009

Unbeatable customer service
Great customer service all the way around. We even had to send the ring back for a different size and the process was smooth and painless. My customer service representative was extremely helpful, unbeatable customer service!
Vangie, North Richland Hills TX – September 2009

Beyond Exceptional Service
The engagement ring exceeded my expectations and the customer service was beyond exceptional. Besides the great service I got from various people in discussing my purchase, I got beyond exceptional service from the Blue Nile rep who, with minutes to spare got me through by giving me turn-by-turn navaigation to the Fed-Ex Center in a City I have never been to before.
Paul, Calgary AB – September 2009

The best site for rings, period.
Blue Nile is an excellent site: simple to use, affordable, and allows you to do exactly what you want in choosing the perfect ring.
Andrew W, BROOKLYN NY – September 2009

The diamond was stunning...
I thought I would extend my appreciation to your company and Fedex for that matter for displaying the utmost professionalism and quality service that seems to have disappeared. Your company and Fedex have raised the bar. I ordered my engagement ring and within a week it turned up to my door in Australia. Absolutely no hassles and the sometimes difficult customs matters was handled in less than 5 minutes by Fedex. The next day the ring was on my doorstep. An absolute stunning ring and quality. Thanks for your assistance and the proposal can go ahead as usual this Saturday. Will be going nowhere else now for any jewellery in the future. For any future overseas buyers. Do not worry one bit. Thanks again. Kurt Krebs Gold Coast
Kurt, Gold Coast Australia – September 2009

Gorgeous Engagement Ring!
Blue Nile has been TOP NOTCH! This engagement ring is BEAUTIFUL and my girlfriend (now fiance) cannot stop remarking about its beauty and brilliance. I just proposed to her three days ago!

I used Blue Nile's "Custom Built Diamond Ring" to create a gorgeous platinum engagement ring, E color, VS-1 clarity, 1.16k round-diamond with 16 total side diamonds in a Nouveau setting. It looks great! It is worthwhile to note that Blue Nile has been much more competitive than Tiffany's and the Diamond District, of which I frequented multiple times. In addition, every Blue Nile rep with whom I spoke on the phone was extremely helpful and friendly and always available quickly with little or no hold time. Shipping was excellent and well-communicated. My experience with Blue Nile has been outstanding!

Thanks! RM NYC
Ranon, New York NY – September 2009

I found that the big international brands offer exception quality but at astronomical prices. The general high street retailers offer lower grade diamonds at fairly steep prices relative to the quality of the diamond. However, with Blue Nile I was able to purchase exceptional quality diamonds in amazing trilogy setting at prices less than the high street jewelers were charging for inferior diamonds. Blue Nile is the obvious choice, unless you are happy to pay the massive premium that the big international brands charge or a prepared to pay the same for lower grade diamonds at high street jewelers. London's famous jewelers district offer high quality products but at a significant premium, albeit at not such an extent as the big international brands. Blue Nile were terrific, delivered on time, and more importantly the ring was simply stunning and the diamonds sparkle is simply amazing - quality need not cost the earth!

Blue Nile Rocks!
I stumbled onto your site by searching for online jewellers and had some fun with customizing a ring, never having the intention of purchasing from Blue Nile. At the time I wasn t at all confident in purchasing such a valuable item in any online fashion. Once I had a ring a liked and priced, I used this as a comparison to other comparable rings at big named jewellers. That s when I started to feel very disappointed in those jewellers. None of them could match the setting, quality and size of the diamond I customized at Blue Nile, not by a long shot. Even after I showed them the quote, they refused to believe it was possible. So after reading review after review about Blue Nile, I took the chance and ordered an engagement ring from Blue Nile. It was one of my best decisions ever. My new Fiance seems to agree with me :). Everything from service to packaging was excellent. You guys ROCK! No pun intended. Most Sincerely Cedric De Sousa A Very Satisfied Customer
Cedric, Paris ON – August 2009

I was very surprised at how fast my rings arrived.They are a simple design yet beautiful.I am fully satisfied with my Blue Nile purcase.
Bradley, Edmonton AB – August 2009

Amazing! I spent quite a bit of time searching local jewelry stores and the big chain stores for an engagement ring. I decided on Blue Nile, but was still very apprehensive about making such an important purchase online on a ring I hadn't seen in person. All my worries were gone once I received it. The ring was perfect and even better than I expected. More importantly, she absolutely loves it. You can't compare the quality and price Blue Nile has with any other store. Blue Nile wins hands down. We're coming back to purchase our wedding bands here soon. Excellent!
Gregory, Montgomery AL – August 2009

She loved the ring!!!...Fantastic quality!
She loved the ring and so did all her friends. I was very pleased with the quality of the diamond and ring. Exceeded my expectations!!! I did my homework before I started looking, and shopped at a few local jewelry shops and they all had a lot of overpriced, poor quality diamonds....Stay away from the chain stores!!! I figured I would give Blue Nile a try after reading other reviews and since they had 30 day full money back return policy, I figured I had nothing to loose...Sure glad I did, could not be happier with the quality, and price!! Highly recommended!!!
Carlos, Naples FL – August 2009

Great product, Excellent Customer Service
At first I was nervous buying a ring online. I wasn't thrilled about buying an engagement ring sight unseen. After searching many sites, and looking in many stores, I found that Blue Nile was incredibly reasonable price wise, and very customer friendly. At first I ordered the wrong size, but Blue Nile took it back, resized it, and shipped the correct size back to me all in less than two weeks. I am extremely happy with the product, price, and service, and would recommend Blue Nile to anyone.
Ryan, Nantucket MA – August 2009

We both came away happy!
I was blown away with how professional my Blue Nile experience was. Everything was delivered exactly as advertised. I loved how after I put my custom ring together, it gave me a picture of it so that I could see how the stone looked in the setting. The picture turned out to be accurate. The documentation provided was fantastic, and I really appreciated the laminated GIA report. The ring itself if stunning - very classic setting, and the diamond certainly has that "fire" I was looking for. She loves it as well ;)
Jordan, Toronto ON – August 2009

She was blown away!
I loved the process of comparing the vast selection based on my criteria. I loved being able to then change the criteria on a whim. My inner geek is a hard core comparison shopper so the set up here really is everything I could want. Exacting definitions and descriptions with the click of a mouse. I confidently believe I found the best diamond for my money and she has the most "wow" on her finger. AND I got a resounding "Yes!" when she could finally talk.
Douglas, Kalamazoo MI – August 2009

Superior quality for a good price.
This is my second major purchase through Blue Nile. I have never had a problem with service or communication. I was trying to make sure my recent purchase got to my home in time for the weekend, and customer service was there every step of the way to make sure I was updated. As far as the ring itself, I recommend that you do your research on the "look" of the ring locally and then make your purchase through Blue Nile. This way you can tell how the ring is going to look. There is no way that you will beat the quality of the Blue Nile Diamonds for the price. Many of my fiance's friends are recently engaged and constantly comment on the quality of her ring. Great job Blue Nile, and thanks for making the start of our lives together special.
Daniel, Lawrence MA – August 2009

She loves it.
I had a great experience using Blue Nile.com. The site is educational and efficient. The prices are great as well. My fiance loves the ring and I love the fact that it makes her happy. Thanks for a wonderful experience.
Christopher, New York NY – August 2009

Blown away with beauty
This process significantly increases the ability to focus on 1. picking the right diamond and 2 picking the right ring. Cindy saw a picture of the ring(not romantic) Knew when the date the ring was coming (no surprises)When she opened the box, she was so amazed with the diamond's beauty she turned beet red and we cuddle face to face (very romantic)
Dane, Parkersburg WV – August 2009

I was a bit hesitant to order my diamond from a website. I had deeply researched Blue Nile and have NEVER been happier with my decision to purchase a custom built diamond ring. The ring is absolutely stunning and flawless, and platinum is the way to go. Every step of picking out my diamond was incredibly easy, and the site is extremely informative. I will be visiting Blue Nile in the future!
Anonymous – August 2009

Couldn't be more pleased
I have nothing but positive feedback from my experience with Blue Nile. The ring is perfect and exactly what I wanted and expected. Neither the style or the price of the ring I got from Blue Nile could be matched by any of the numerous jewelry stores I went to. I cannot recommend Blue Nile highly enough. Don't let the fear of internet buying cause you to miss out on an exceptional Blue Nile experience.
J. David, Yorktown VA – August 2009

She was speechless when she saw her engagement ring!
Blue Nile is THE best! From the information on the website, to the interactive ring builder, to the customer support (they talked me out of a more expensive ring actually) - truly A++. The diamond was spectacular - she was absolutely dazzled by the fire and sparkle of this true "gem"! :) Thanks Blue Nile!
Anonymous – August 2009

Never had better customer service or been more satisfied with a purchase.
The diamond is extraordinary. We had hessitations doing business on the internet with something so important. I read many of the reviews and felt it was worth a try. We're so glad we did. The pictures didn't do the ring or the diamond justice. The customer service went above and beyond to ensure I was getting the best deal and that I understood the differences. I recommend using all the educational features of the site to bring yourself up to speed.. then shop around. I know you'll end up at this site to make your final purchase. There's no question that I'll return for all my jewelry needs. Thanks again for all your help! ..oh.. i should also mention that she said "YES!" and hasn't stopped ogling the ring :)
Romeo J, FORT PIERCE FL – August 2009

She loved the ring!!
Great ring - very helpful and friendly staff, answered all of my questions to make sure I was making an informed decision.
Michael, Regina SK – August 2009

Exceptional Service
Before I began the search for my ring with the Blue Nile company I knew absolutely nothing about diamonds and settings. By the time i was finished making my selection i felt like i was an expert in diamonds! My fiance LOVED her ring and shows it off every chance she gets. Blue Nile's customer service is extremley friendly and helpful and will ensure that you make the right choice despite your budget. When they ship your package it will get to the right place at the right time. Thank you BLUE NILE!!!!!
Kimani, Seattle WA – August 2009

I shopped around both online and in local Jewelery store before settleing on a Blue Nile Diamond engagement ring. When it arrived five days after ordering I was blown away by the beauty of the stone and setting. Comparable diamonds at my local jewerly store were in the nine to ten thousand range. I paid a little over six.
Chris, LOUISVILLE KY – August 2009

We Love, Love, Love our new rings.
This was an incredible experience for my husband and I who have been married for 23 years, we had been searching for the perfect set of rings to replace our old ones, Thank- You Blue Nile. Excellent quality, and value & great customer service we will be back soon for the diamond. Joe & Sandy
Sandra, OLYMPIA WA – August 2009

The perfect ring!!
I was a bit skeptical buying a ring online.

I wasn't too sure how it would actually look in person.

When i received it and opened the box i was astonished. It was exactly what i ordered and the diamonds were brilliant.

To make this even better, she said yes and fell in love with the ring instantly!

I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone, as i followed the recommendation of two friends!
Marc, Brossard QC – August 2009

"Easy Process!"
Two words to describe my experience with Blue Nile... EASY PROCESS! I researched Blue Nile found the ring and diamond I wanted. The people I talked with were awesome and very helpful. I had my engagement ring and wedding band delivered within a week with no problems. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone trying to purchase an engagement ring.
Kara, Fort Worth TX – August 2009

She was amazed
The customer service was excellent and there was nothing close to the quality of diamond i received for the money in the traditional stores. The ring had to be resized but the service was done quickly and we had the ring back ten days later. Overall i would recommend blue nile to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring. The service and quality cannot be matched.
Michael, DE PERE WI – August 2009

She Stares at the Ring Constantly
After shopping several jewelers (local and national) I decided to buy from Blue Nile because I was able to get the diamond and setting I wanted for much less than everywhere I looked. The ring looks as good or better than the best examples I was showed by jewelery stores locally. The ring is amazingly sparkly and my fiance gets frequent complements. Will be back for the matching diamond eternity wedding band.
Daniel, Dallas TX – August 2009

Simply Amazing
I looked at numerous brick and mortar stores, and I could not find a value that could compare to BN. I was leery about buying online. The jewelry store owners made me hesitant by saying it's unreliable. That's not the case at all. My fiancee loves her new diamond, and the delivery was incredibly quick as well.
Tyler, Fort Branch IN – August 2009

The Perfect Engagement Ring
We love it. It's a beautiful diamond in a very flattering setting. We were even pleasantly surprised when we got it appraised and the appraiser was SHOCKED at how little we paid for such a great diamond. The process was simple and customer service picked up immediately every time I called, and was very polite (even though I was a pain when it came to the shipping). You don't get put on hold and you don't have to talk to any automated system. A real person picks up every time. Thanks Blue Nile.
Anonymous – August 2009

"the perfect ring"
I was somewhat hesitant about purchasing an engagement ring online, but Bluenile made the experience comfortable and easy. I wanted a "heart" shaped diamond and was looking for a particuliar color and clarity. I found the perfect stone and setting.

I was on a deadline being that I wanted to propose on our dating anniversary, so Bluenile worked with me and expedited the ring.

It was perfect and even more beautiful than pictured. I was very pleased and evern more important my soon to be wife could not believe that I had found and designed "the perfect ring".

Thanks Bluenile, and I strongly suggest that anyone serching for a ring try here.
Anthony, Unicoi TN – August 2009

Great website and large selection range.
The online tools were very helpful in determining the value of stone I would be purchasing. All the appropriate detail was included and I could narrow down to exactly what I was looking for. The online glossary and education pages were also instrumental in helping me choose the perfect stone. My girlfriend and I were both very pleased with the item when it arrived.
Anonymous – August 2009

She said "It looks so good it looks fake"
I was worried because online sometimes it's very difficult to visualize what you're purchasing. So, I took my education I attained from this site and applied it in various jewelers around town. Nothing could compare to the quality and cost of the stones and ring I had picked out here. Talking with representatives on the phone with my questions and worries made me feel comfortable and happy to know I was in good care. When the ring arrived I knew instantly that I had made the right choice. It's a shame I won't be getting engaged again, because it would be a pleasure to do this all over again with Blue Nile.
Anonymous – August 2009

Blue Nile made it easy!
I found the entire experience with Blue Nile to be simple for such a complicated item. Their customer service department was amazing and helped me to ensure that I was getting what I wanted. Their site design is great for being able to find what you want and the speed of delivery was exception (ordered on a Tuesday, arrived Friday morning).
Craig, Toronto ON – August 2009

Ring fitted perfectly and arrived on time!!!
I order an engagement ring for my girlfriend at the last minute to arrive before her Birthday. The representative was extremely helpful and made some subtle changes to my initial order which ensured I had a better colour and sparkle on the diamond. She also suggested a slightly different ring size, which fitted perfectly first time!!

Anyway the ring arrived in time and my Girlfriend is now my fiancee and loves the ring!!! Thankyou Bluenile!
Justin, Cardiff null – August 2009

She was Thrilled
Well i got my fiance her ring at Blue Nile, because her family swears by them and even people like at Zales who tried to sell her rings of not so high quality, realized her's was exceptional when they saw it. She was impressed with the ring i got her and i still had dollar left over for that plasma screen i wanted.
LEONARD, TACOMA WA – August 2009

Exceptional service for an unforgettable engagement!
I customized a cushion-cut diamond with a Nouveau platinum setting and I was super happy with how the ring came out. My fiance loves it. She gets tons of compliments from people who love the design. Blue Nile's customer service was excellent during the entire process and they were even able to set and ship the ring out within 3 days, despite it being customized. I got the ring on the morning I was about to leave for Italy and just in time for me to propose to my fiance at the Colloseum. Thanks Blue Nile!
Eric, JERSEY CITY NJ – August 2009

She loved the ring!
Customer service was first class. A variety of diamonds to choose from. A huge range of ring settings.

Choosing the ring was a memorable event but made easy with its first class customer service.

Was a little disappointed with the delivery,as Fedex sent the ring a day later then the expected time.

Overall its really pleasing experience from choosing the diamond to the ring setting. Commendable for its extremely helpful customer service. :)
Gary, Brisbane Queensland – August 2009

Total surprise with the sparkle of the ring matched by the sparkle in her eyes.
From start to finish, the web site allows you to design the three stone diamond ring in many configurations with many different grades of diamonds, and then it is up to you to decide. The final result was very beautiful with a brilliant sparkle. Fully met all my expectations. Thank You!
Herman, Stewartstown PA – August 2009

My ring was stunning!
When my fiance and I became engaged, I went to a local jeweler to have my ring made, but couldn't get very much for the budget we had: for a 3-stone setting, I'd get about .25 carat center diamond with SI clarity and H-J color, and it would take 3 weeks. After a month, I still had no ring. My daughter mentioned her friends had been pleased with their rings at Blue Nile, so we checked them out. The site didn't show many 3-stone mounts, but after I called customer service, that all changed! The respresentative was wonderful, and she found a mount I really liked. We went through the diamonds based on our budget, and found a center stone that was .40 carat, VS-2 clarity, and F color. I cancelled the original order with my jeweler, and ordered the ring on a Friday from Blue Nile, and had it by Monday, and it is stunning!
Jean, FRONT ROYAL VA – August 2009

Gorgeous ring! She loves it!
The ring was absolutely beautiful! My fiancee was speechless when I proposed and she saw the ring. The money I saved from buying the ring on Blue Nile as opposed a chain jewelry store enabled me to buy a 2.1 c, VS1, I color princess-cut solitaire with excellent symmetry and polish. I cannot say enough about the selection, price and customer service at Blue Nile. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an engagement ring. We plan on buying our wedding bands from Blue Nile in the upcoming months. Outstanding experience all around.
Thomas, Valley Stream NY – August 2009

The ring was perfect. I was a little nervous at first about ordering a ring online, but after talking with a customer service rep I felt confident about making the purchase. The diamond and setting was perfect and she loved it! It looked better than I could ever imagine. I was extremely happy with blue nile and saved myself about $1,700 compared with the same ring at my local jewelary store.
Matthew, STAATSBURG NY – August 2009

A resounding yes!
I have to say, I was a little skeptical at the start, thinking of buying a diamond from a website. A little research at local jewelers showed that there is indeed a substantial difference in the price - for my budget, I could go up 0.25 in carat size! The ring is simply amazing, for those of you who can afford it, do get the signature cut. You will not be disappointed.
Anonymous – August 2009

Everyone Loves this Ring and Diamond!
Very easy to choose the right ring and she loved it! Painless process and the fact that Blue Nile will guarantee your satisfaction takes the pressure off. Just know you will get a top quality diamond and people will say "you did good" when showing off that diamond. Hers sparkles magnificently and being a person who isn't into jewelry and diamonds I can't stop staring at it myself! Im glad I chose Blue Nile and with so many options out there know you can't go wrog with Blue Nile but you can with many other vendors. Trust yourself, know what you or her wants in a ring/diamond and buy from BN. Don't be pressured or fooled by salespeople. Just know you'll get quality!
David, Dallas TX – August 2009

My wife to be absolutely loves her diamond ring!
The detailed information provided for each diamond helped me compare diamonds from traditional "brick and mortar" stores. The diamond I chose was absolutely of better quality and value compared to the diamonds I looked at in "the mall". I was on a tight budget but the diamond I chose far surpassed my expectations.
Anonymous – August 2009

Blue Nile exceed all my expectations!
I had a lot of reservations about making the third most expensive purchase I've ever made (after my house and my car!) online, sight unseen. But the information on the website helped me determine exactly what I wanted, Blue Nile's customer service representative walked me through every step of my purchase, and the engagement ring I received was staggeringly beautiful. I've been engaged for six months now, and I still catch my fiancee staring at her ring with wonder at least once per week! Thanks Blue Nile!
David, Toronto ON – August 2009

Great buying experience.
I could not be happier with my entire (engagement ring) buying experience. The many criteria by which to choose the diamond and setting were astounding and incredibly accurate. All of my stress was gone and I was able to enjoy choosing and purchasing my future wife's ring. I felt that I was in control the whole time. Both the quality and price of the ring made me extremely happy. She was ecstatic as well. I highly recommend Blue Nile.
James, CENTEREACH NY – August 2009

I stumbled on this site when searching for wedding rings. My brother wanted a promise ring for his girlfriend. I explained the hassle of going into a high end jewelry shops and the sales pressure you feel. My brother picked the pear shaped diamond and a classic simple band. We received the ring in a beautiful box and all the proper paperwork. Unfortunately, my brother gave the the wrong ring size. He started calling local jewelers to get the ring resized. I called Blue Nile and without hesitation they provided a new order and the least expensive shipping method. Wonderful customer service!!! The ring is brilliant, she loved it!!!
Judy, Balch Springs TX – July 2009

Finally, we found the perfect ring....
After extremely poor service from Zales on the first engagement ring purchased, my fiance did not want another ring. But when looking for a wedding band on Blue Nile, I convinced her to look for a ring. She was hesitant, but proceeded to choose a ring. I'm very happy that she did. She's very happy with her diamond ring. We took it to an appraiser and he valued it a bit higher than Blue Nile did. Thank you for the wonderful service and great quality.
Alex J, Ridgewood NY – July 2009

She loves her engagement ring!
I decided to let Blue Nile build my engagement ring after researching different companies whom either falsely advertised prices are sites were just too confusing to properly navigate through. At Blue Nile the site was exceptionally laid out and very easy to work with. The ring arrived on time and it looked great. Thank you Blue Nile for helping me see that smile again that I have grown to love from my fiance.
Lee Eric, Kenner LA – July 2009

I could not find a diamond with the quality I wanted and a price in my budget so I ordered it through Blue Nile. I was a little worried to order it online at first but felt assured because it was GIA certified. When the ring arrived I spent some time analyzing it and realized it was better than any diamond I had seen at the stores. My expectations were exceeded.
Anonymous – July 2009

She loved it!
Everything about the ring exceeded my expectations. We couldn't be happier with the ring, and I couldn't be happier with the entire Blue Nile process. It allowed me to move at my own pace, build exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone!
Toby, Deposit NY – July 2009

Just what I wanted
I Choose my own ring as my Fiance thought it was the best idea..and he was right. I loved theexperience of finding out about the diamonds, cut, clarity etc and eventually choosing my own ring. When the ring came it was perfect and my fiance could breathe a sigh of relief that it was exactly what I wanted. Easy to use site, great fun and fabulous customer service. Thanks
Rebecca, Newport Gwent – July 2009

service, style, fast, great quality...
The rings where order in the wrong size and the wrong quantity (my bad) I was able to return the extra ring and get others ring with the right size in no time without any issues. That's the kind of customer service you would dream to have with every online merchant. They did it :) Keep up blue nile, you Rock!
Anonymous – July 2009

The most amazing ring I ever bought
I had heard about how great Blue Nile was. The website is unbelievably flexible, and let me pick the exact components I wanted in an engagement ring. The quality choices were unbelievable - better than the "oops we're sorry the diamond is worth squat" experience I have had for years at the mall jewelry stores. I will never buy diamonds anywhere else ever again.
Judd, Littlestown PA – July 2009

...and she said yes!
I can't compliment Blue Nile enough. I was hesitant to order online, and must've called BN at least 6 times the day I decided to order. Customer service was excellent and the ring looks amazing. You've earned a customer for life.
Christopher, Maineville OH – July 2009

Beautiful ring. Great service.
The ring is beautiful, and she loves it. There was a huge selection of stones, yet the process of selecting one was easy. Independent certification of the stone was very important in choosing online. The settings were well described and illustrated.

I ordered on Wednesday, and the ring arrived on Saturday. In that time, I received several emails describing where we were in the process.
John, Madison WI – July 2009

She loved the ring.
I knew that I couldn't afford to spend a ton on a ring, but I also figured quality was far more important than size. I also knew that my girlfriend didn't want a huge rock, so it worked out. The quality is really high and I feel like I got great value on the ring. Thanks Blue Nile.
Anonymous – July 2009

She loved her ring.
Exceptional Diamonds and Exceptional Customer service. I'm very delighted with it, I strongly recommend Blue Nile, if anyone have doubts about buying from them, don't hesitate you won't be disappointed.
Marco, Monterrey Nuevo Leon – July 2009

Exceptional service, a classic ring and a 'Yes'.
I couldn t decide between two engagement rings that I had custom built, so I called costumer service for opinion - I actually called four times I was so nervous with my final choice. Each time, I got a different service rep, and each one was incredibly knowledgeable and open with their personal preference with supported reasoning. Navigating the Blue Nile site was very user friendly, so the excellent customer service was the icing on the cake or I should say the diamond on the ring ! She said 'yes' to the me and the ring.
Stephen, Milton ON – July 2009

Happy I decided to go with Blue Nile
The ability to narrow down the selection of diamonds was very useful. I found 10 or so diamonds that matched my criteria, but was having trouble making a decision. I decided to call support and received very helpful advice. I placed my order, and received it exactly when promised.

I was quoted a couple of thousand more for the same quality diamond by the local "wholesale" diamond jewellers, so I was pretty happy with the price as well.

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and would definitely recommend Blue Nile. again
Gavin, Toronto ON – July 2009

Once u are close call the phone experts
I thought it would not help but the phone experts were great with helping me decide between small details once I had an idea, many thanks to them
Alexander G, SAN FRANCISCO CA – July 2009

Beautiful ring!! Stress free purchase.
Wow!! The ring exceeded all of my expectations. It was easy to choose the setting and diamonds online and your money back guarantee meant I didn't have to worry about whether my wife would like the ring or not. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for a wedding ring or special anniversay gift(and already have).

Thank you for making jewelry shopping easier!!
Brent, Calgary AB – July 2009

Test passed, quality proven.
Outstanding value and top notch service. I purchased some earrings as a test run, due to personal skepticism with online diamond purchasing. The test passed with flying colors and I followed with the purchase of an engagement ring. She absolutely loves it. The only draw back is that my fiance will not let me hold her left hand because she will not stop gazing at her ring.
Scott, Kailua HI – July 2009

She loves the engagement ring
Great service and support in making the right hoice. I was nervous at first paying thousands of pounds for a ring over the internet, but no need to be. The value is the best part as these guys do not have to pay staff and shop costs etc.
Chris, Edinburgh Scotland – July 2009

Fantastic Product, Exceptional Service
The good folks at Blue Nile made my engagement ring purchase a simple, easy process, and they were extraordinarily helpful in assisting me when some issues came up regarding the delivery of my ring. I wanted to propose to my girlfriend (now fiance) while on vacation, but unfortunately couldn't get the ring before our departure date because I purchased it only two business days before we left. The folks at Blue Nile were courteous and helped to deliver the ring to my vacation address discreetly, which made the proposal all the more surprising to my fiance. The ring itself was also gorgeous, and the buying process was infinitely more customized than having to deal with some of the snooty diamond sellers I met at jewelry counters while browsing for the right ring. I highly recommend Blue Nile. They saved me money, time, and worry, and made it all happen with perfect timing. Thank you Blue Nile! I'll be shopping with you again for my wedding band and future anniversaries!
Anonymous – July 2009

Good Value, Great service
I don't enjoy spending money and I enjoy the shopping experience even less. I can honestly say I've never been happier doing both than through Blue Nile. The quality of the ring purchased, the helpful advice while choosing the stone, the ease of the transaction, and the post sales experience (resizing)were truly outstanding. I asked a great deal of you guys and you came through. She loves the ring, and I have no regrets.
Anonymous – July 2009

Took her breath away!
I am genuinely impressed with the entire experience blue nile offers. Every facet of the process, from the huge selection of diamonds to outstanding value provided, is exceptional. I recommend blue nile to everyone, you will not be disappointed!
Jason, Clinton IL – July 2009

Superior Selection
I couldn't even find an IF rated diamond at a local chain jeweler (at ANY price). Blue Nile's selection is superior!
Kristin, Folsom CA – July 2009

mike, brampton ON – July 2009

Saved thousands on an engagement ring
Blue Nile did an excellant job educating me about the selecting the perfect diamond for my budget. The ability to see the diamond in the ring seelction process was also very helpful. In the end I bought the perfect engagement ring from Blue Nile for over $1,000 less than I would have been able to in a traditional jewelry store. Blue Niles 30 day money back policy gave me the confidence to make my purchase online.
Mark, Bear DE – July 2009

I am no diamond expert, but I spent a good six months researching diamond quality and in the end became quite fascinated with the subject. The ring I bought from Blue Nile was maybe 50% cheaper than most retail outlets I compared with and half of the price of a comparable ring at Tiffany's. It truly is a beautiful ring and of a quality and size that I didn't think I could afford.
Jeffrey R, NEW YORK NY – July 2009

Will never buy from a retailer again
My fiancee loves her ring. I shopped at many jewelers looking for the right engagement ring. Some of the stores do not carry diamonds that are high quality. In other stores, the sales people would not listen to what I wanted and wanted to sell me something else. At the end of the day I was able to select the ideal specs for the diamond I wanted and it cost significantly less than the retailers. I'll never buy another piece of jewelry from a retailer again.
Tom, ARLINGTON VA – July 2009

It sparkles!
Blue Nile's diamond education section helped me make the right choice for my budget, allowing me to pick which aspects were the most important when selecting my diamond. It sparkles more than I thought it would!
Anonymous – July 2009

Beautiful Ring, Great Service!
Let me start by saying that I am VERY leary of buying anything off the internet, let alone something this important/expensive. However, after reading many positive reviews, I figured I'd at least test the waters. I built a customized ring, printed off the specs, and took it to a local jeweler. The best price they could give me for a ring and stone of similar (but slightly less) quality was 40% higher than the Blue Nile price! So I ordered from Blue Nile, and she absolutely LOVES the ring. Even now, 2 weeks later, she can not stop looking at it and smiling! I would highly HIGHLY recomend this site to anybody! With the high mark ups at the local stores, why pad their wallets when you can get better jewelry here at a fraction of the cost! Thanks Blue Nile!!!!
Jacob, West Olive MI – July 2009

Exceptional quality and price!
The ring was of exceptional quality. The band was significant and not the usual waifer thin band found at retail jewellers. I researched diamond quality and price compared extensively, Blue Nile came head and shoulders above the rest in both quality and price.For the discerning consumer Blue Nile is, without a doubt, the jeweler of choice.
Peter, Thunder Bay ON – July 2009

She loves and smiles everytime that she looks at her ring!!
The experience was wonderful.. Blue Nile really takes this process to the highest level in customer service..
Anonymous – July 2009

she adores her new ring
made looking for a diamond quite easy... website is very helpful... everything is right there at your finger tips... outstanding customer service... FIVE STARS!
Anonymous – July 2009

I can only describe it as wow!!
I used your engagement ring guide on the web site, which has helped me understand some of the detailes and options available. This on its own had been an excellent source of information. Following this I used the online "Build Your Own Ring" tool which I found to be excellent and easy to use. The ring I order arrived on time, in a package package that I can only describe it as wow!! and the ring was much more beautiful than what I had imagined. My fiancee loves the ring! Thank you Blue Nile.
Fesseha, London London – July 2009

This is my 5TH Blue Nile purchase and once again I am impressed with their fine quality jewelry, top-notch service and bargain prices! Most websites and stores sell 10K or 14K gold Men s wedding bands, but not Blue Nile who sells only 18K gold at prices nobody can match! Stop searching the malls or no-name websites, browse Blue Nile and make the best decision in fine jewelry hands down!
ANTHONY, Springfield NJ – July 2009

She was speachless.
It is one thing to go to a store and find the ring that you think she would like best. Blue Nile is on a whole different level, letting you choose EXACTLY what you know she'll love. You will get the perfect ring, because Blue Nile lets you create the perfect ring. I can't imagine shopping anywhere else.
James, Centerville OH – July 2009

Amazing experience!
I had a wonderful experience with Blue Nile. Everyone was so helpful and my ring turned out even better than I had expected!
Anonymous – July 2009

Best Investment of my Life!!!
I have to admit that I was quite skeptical about making such an expensive, important purchase online, but I have never made a more prudent move. After months of studying diamonds and visiting several retail stores, I took the plunge on a gorgeous princess cut platinum setting solitare diamond engagement ring from Blue Nile. No exageration, when I say I saved thousands of dollars by buying a Blue Nile diamond ring instead of an overpriced retail store ring. The diamond ring was more amazing than I could have ever imagined and the appraisal value was 3x what I paid for the ring!!! I have told dozens of friends about Blue Nile and I will be a repeat customer for years to come. By the way, she said "yes", and my fiancee's patients continue to comment on the beauty of her perfect diamond ring on a daily basis.
Richard, ORLANDO FL – July 2009

Best bang for your hard earned bucks!!!
No one could come close to the price at Blue Nile (comparing like diamonds) and in fact most of the big names in the biz didn't even offer much beyond S2 or S3 stones and wouldn't provide details on cut... I was able to go with much larger and better stones with Blue Nile at the $$$ amount I was shopping in. The best part was her reaction when she opened the box--"OH MY GOD"

Don't even bother with the guys in the mall or the local jewler and their crazy inflated prices. Get it from Blue Nile.
James, Woodlawn TN – July 2009

When I recieved the mail, and open up the box, all I could think is "WOW" I mean just the ring case itself was beautiful!!! And the diamond was very very very sparkly! Great ring! We will have to get it resized but I mean from the website, customer service, and product, it was great!!!!
Anonymous – July 2009

She adores her diamond and settings
The ring set is beautiful and my new wife adores it. The help I received from your customer service representative was amazing. I returned the first engagement set because I did not like the shape of stone I purchased with the setting, and Blue Nile's rep spent over an hour with me on the phone schooling me on how to get a good value on an exceptional setting and diamond that better suited my needs. My credit card was credited for the original purchase and they helped me get the new set in time for my flight to my wedding. I am a Blue Nile customer for life.
Paul, SAN MARCOS TX – July 2009

She absolutely loved the ring!!
Buying a Diamond Engagement ring was an absolute breeze. I was a little concerned about buying such an expensive item online at first but Bluenile totally lived up to their reputation. The whole process was quick and simple, and customer service were able to answer my queries straight away. Thank You very much Blue nile!!!! She said Yes!!!
Andrew, Glasgow null – July 2009

Blue Nile Sets A High Bar
The ring was amazing, the website was thorough and customer service was second-to-none. Excellent experience from selection to purchase! Thank you, Blue Nile.
Thomas, Astoria NY – July 2009

Best Experience Ever.....She loved the Ring!
First and foremost, I would like to say I had a wonderful Blue Nile experience. I purchased the Pave-Set Diamond Ring in Platinum along with a 1 carat diamond. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing online. The customer service was FANTASTIC. After about a month of researching Blue Nile, I finally decided to make my purchase. When I called in to place my order, the customer service actually found me a better diamond for a lower price. I ended up saving about $600 and purchased a better quality diamond. Everyone including my fiance love the ring. We always catch people staring. The other day we were at a baseball game and we caught a lady staring!!! I would recommend Blue Nile to everyone.
Carlos A., SAN BERNARDINO CA – June 2009

She loves the engagement ring we bulit online!
We were EXTREMELY surprised by the quality & look; more than we could have imagined from the site. The design is elegant & the diamond shines brilliantly. We constantly get comments about how gorgeous it is. We were skeptical at first ordering online, but took a chance & glad we did. Write-ups from Fortune, Forbes & New York Times helped in the decision, as well as AAA-NY. We also received discounts from signing up at Blue Nile to buy. A reputable jeweler appraised it at more than twice the amount of what we paid for the ring. The jeweler kept saying how beautiful & exceptional the quality was & could not believe a diamond like this was purchased online. The jeweler's appraisal for the quality, cut, color, & polish was almost exactly that of the GIA certificate we received. The website was easy to navigate, informative about how to select diamonds, & easy to order from. The customer service was excellent & it shipped on time as promised. We will definitely order from Blue Nile again!
Jason, Bronx NY – June 2009

Wonderful Experience
The ring is beautiful. The diamond exceeded expectations. Blue Nile was very kind and helpful when I decided to get the ring resized. The education provided on this web site in regards to diamonds was invaluable. Picking a diamond on line or any where for that matter went from stressful to exciting.
Anonymous – June 2009

My fiance and I are tough customers and originally very leary about spending such a large amount of money over the internet. But we did a lot of research about Blue Nile, talked to the consultants on the phone, and gained the confidence we needed. The consultants advice as we compared loose diamonds was extremely helpful and we chose the one they recommended (1.65 carats, VS2, H), and we were also impressed that it was not the most expensive diamond among those we were comparing. When the loose diamond arrived right on time it was more beautiful than we could have imagined--spectacularly sparkly and totally "eye clean. Then we shopped around locally for settings and ended up back at Blue Nile--nobody came close to your prices and quality of side stones. I also requested Blue Nile s ring-sizer. My completed ring is absolutely stunning and fits perfectly!!! (My fiance also bought the matching wedding band, which is gorgeous). We will be customers for life!
Allison, ARLINGTON VA – June 2009

Making such a large purchase online can be very intimidating. Initially, I was hesitant to purchase an engagement ring online; but when it comes down to it, a diamond is good as its rating and platinum is platinum, regardless of where you buy it. After reading about Blue Nile in multiple respected sources I decided the competitive price was worth dealing with the hesitation I had from making such a large purchase online. When the ring arrived I was more than happy with the quality. Most importantly, I feel BlueNile s customer service team went over and above my expectations. It was a great experience and I would recommend BlueNile to anyone. Thanks -Jeff
Jeffrey W., SEATTLE WA – June 2009

She loved the diamond!
Excellent customer service, I called numerous times and was always met with a friendly diamond consultant who were more then willing to provide assistance. The quality of the diamond that I ordered was phenomenal for the price, thank you Blue Nile for making this purchase as seamless as it was!
Calvin, Calgery AB – June 2009

She loved the diamond ring!
The ring was gorgeous! I was skeptical about making this kind of purchase online and without seeing anything in person beforehand. Once I saw the ring all the doubt went away as it looked better than the rings I had been looking at in jewelry stores like Ben Bridge and Zales and for much less. Blue Nile staff was extremely helpful and courteous. The purchase was super easy and overnight shipping was free. It was really nice to be able to browse such a wide selection of diamonds at my own convenience. With the quality, price, customer service, and guarantees, purchasing from Blue Nile was a no-brainer .
Kasey, Poulsbo WA – June 2009

Excellent Service & Exceptional Quality!
I was a bit hesitant to make the purchase online, but the international wire transfer and product delivery went through without a glitch. I would highly recommend Blue Nile and will likely be a returning customer.
Anonymous – June 2009

Superb quality engagement ring
Blue Nile had all the needs that I required. As a greenhorn, I was able to learn about all the aspects of choosing a diamond. Then, it was a simple click and drag to get the product I needed. Blue Nile's customer service was superb as well. I have only great things to say about this site. The ring was a winner for my girlfriend.
Anonymous – June 2009

Everything was perfect
The ring looked better than I thought it would. I had reservations about using on online retailer, but Blue Nile has eliminated all those doubts. I will continue to buy from Blue Nile, and recommend them to every person I can.
Adam, West Columbia SC – June 2009

The best online buying experieince! Stunning!
Amazing! The whole process was great. Everything came just as promised even when there was a backordered part they needed to complete they got the part in time to ship exactly when I was told.

My fiance loved the ring. I brought it to a local jeweler and they were amazed at the quality! I could not say enough good things about blue Nile
Michael, SUMMERFIELD NC – June 2009

Best decision ever!
The quality of service and product beat my expectations. My now fiance was floored by the ring and already started asking what else this site has to offer! The buying process was both educational and enjoyable, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to tie the knot!
David, Calgary AB – June 2009

She loved the ring!!
Simple, straight foward, a great experience for someone shopping for a diamond ring. When I put the ring on her finger and saw the size was too big, we had to return it. The return process was just as easy as the purchase. A great company!!
Alex, Monroe Township NJ – June 2009

I'm glad i went with blue nile!
I was a bit hesitant at first about buying an engagement ring on-line but i have to say the guys at blue nile have done a fantastic job their site is extremely easy to use and very informative. The 'build your own ring' section lets you decide the setting and diamond you want. I spent a long time choosing but the results were outstanding and it arrived exactly on time. The best part? Popping the question on a beach in the carribean and my girlfriend saying yes. She adores the ring it fits beautifully. i went for a comfort fit platinum setting, with a half carat diamond and it is picture perfect. A big Thank you Blue Nile keep up the good work it is making the world a happier place! :-)

The whole experience was great: all the way from navigating your site, to placing the order, interacting with customer service, sending the rings back for re-sizing, and the actual cut and clarity of the diamonds, and build and quality of the rings. Exceptional. Both my fiancee and I loved the rings. Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous – June 2009

She's happily engaged, too.
I initially only intended to use the site as a price comparison with the local jewelers but found Blue Nile 40% lower than the next best price on what I wanted. The education and guidance that Blue Nile offers and the array of search and sort options helped me find absolutely the best piece for my money. I couldn't be happier with the quality or the service unless they were giving diamonds away.
chris, Jefferson OH – June 2009

Exceptional quality, price and service
I was directed to your site by a friend who had also purchased an engagement ring from you. I was quite impressed by what they bought and also very surprised at the price they paid. After a lot more research, I discovered that this is the best place to buy diamonds.

My wife chose her wedding band and I chose her engagement ring. She loves both of them! The beautiful matching engagement ring and wedding band are the envy of all her friends some of whom had to settle for tiny, low grade and mediocre quality diamonds or paid ridiculous fees for high grade diamonds.

The exceptional service and speediness of delivery led me to recommend this site to many of our friends. They will definitely be buying rings from bluenile.com
Roy, Kobe Hyogo – June 2009

Simply amazing.
Why any guy would shop at a brick and mortar store when Blue Nile is available is beyond me. The ease of narrowing down exactly what I wanted was great. I was able to find a beautiful diamond and setting with ease, avoiding the continual sales pitch you find in a b&m store. If only the wedding planning was as easy...
Robert, Honolulu HI – June 2009

For those guys out there...
Alright bros, if you are looking at this ring and reading this, you are probably wondering whether it is worth the money. Let me tell you that this ring is absolutely exceptional. I bought this setting with a princess-cut diamond as an engagement ring for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved the ring (along with going crazy over it for hours). You will not regret this buy once you see the ring in hand. If your woman is into the simplistic yet elegant style, this ring is perfect. Combined with the exceptional customer service, amazing construction, and fast delivery of the ring, you will be extremely satisfied you invested in the right ring.
Bhuvanesh, Rockville MD – June 2009

My fiancee loves the ring so much that I catch her starring at it all the time.
I purchased a Signature Round Diamond and I was able to see some of the details on the web, but I did not know what to expect. When I received the ring it was amazing how it sparkled. I when to all the local stores and they wanted to charge me two thirds or more for a lesser quality diamond. The diamond came with all the paper work and was appraised at much more that what was paid. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone who wants great prices with exceptional quality.
Jason, Round Rock TX – June 2009

I bought my engagement ring from Blue Nile and the experience was faultless, my fiance choose the cut and setting and we had it delivered exactly as requested and on time. All questions were answered immediately by very competent customer care staff A++
Paul, Cork Cork – June 2009

Excellent earings.
I continue to be please with all my purchases from Blue Nile. This company is EXCELLENT. Not only was the price and quality of the item I purchased fantastic, but the customer service was above and beyond what most of us experience with many on-line companies.
Ganna, Gilroy CA – June 2009

So easy a caveman can do it!
One of the best decisions I made in my life. This took away all the stress of buying a ring. The only thing I have to do is ask that certain question :) Thank you Blue Nile!!

Anonymous – June 2009

The ideal place for an engagement ring
Searching for the perfect diamond was simple yet thorough. I had all the information that was necessary for me to feel comfortable and confident with the purchase.

The customer service was excellent and prompt.

The prices are very reasonable and with the large number of diamonds to choose from I'm sure everyone can find an ideal diamond to suit their needs.

Most importantly, the diamond ring was perfect. My experience with Blue Nile was positive far beyond my expectations.
Anonymous – June 2009

She said yes to the wonderful ring. Love the shopping experience with Bluenile.
Exceptional experience with Bluenile. First, the website was very comprehensive and easy to use. I love the detailed filtering for Flourescent, depth, table. Other websites do not filter to this detail. Second, I took my time to make decision and the customer service (via phone, both in UK & US) were very useful. I always received honest opinions as they worked on a non-commission basis. Third, payment process was very fast. So was the delivery. I ordered the ring exactly 1 week before my D-day and put a call in to request an early delivery due to time constraint. I thought it was going to be difficult but totally unexpected, my ring arrived 3 days in advanced. So it's a big plus for me. Fourth, the ring and diamond quality was topnotch. Fifth, I brought the ring to an independent appraiser (Goldsmith-London), and the valuation I received was more than what I paid for. I didn't expect that at all. Hence, all in all, one happy customer.
Hai, London null – June 2009

Why deal with hassle and sales pressure when you can have it delivered by Blue Nile!
my cousin recently got married and we had heard they ordered their engagement ring as well as their wedding bands from Blue Nile. they were really happy with the service. one of the rings was too big and they sent it in and Blue Nile resized it free of charge. the samething happened with us. I didn't measure my wife's ring finger correctly and ended up with a set of rings for her that were too big. I called blue nile and they immediately issued an RMA code and instructions for return. We got the rings resized by half size and they are perfect. to make a long story short. we're very happy we went with Blue Nile. Just be patient with the diamond selection page. Otherwise, the website is easy to use.
Michael, OAKLAND GARDENS NY – June 2009

She said "THANK YOU!!!"
The diamond that I got offered great value with exceptional appearance. I've made comparisons with many other jewellry stores and I was not able to replicate a similar stone with the price offered by Bluenile

The 18K white gold ring is also nice. However, is a little bit thicker than I originally thought, but still an excellent ring.

Will consider buying again.
Christopher, Markham ON – June 2009

At the Top of the Rock in NYC, she said YES.
She loved her diamond engagement ring, and I was thrilled with Blue Nile. The quality of the website, the customer service, the value, and the absolutely gorgeous diamond engagement ring. The Signature diamond is very fiery! Without reservations I recommend Blue Nile.
Alex, Missouri City TX – June 2009

She hasn't gotten it yet, but...
I am thoroughly impressed. I spent weeks researching (I'm a scientist, I can't help it), debating, and discussing with friends, family, and salespeople, and I'm incredibly enthusiastic about my decision.
Anonymous – June 2009

A month later and she is still staring at her beautiful ring!
I ordered a beautiful marquis diamond from Blue Nile for my recent engagement. The selection process was very user-friendly and the on-line representations of the diamond more than met expectations upon my receiving the diamond. It was more spectacular than I could have imagined. The diamond ring arrived on the promised date and the website and process gave me great comfort regarding the security of my purchase. Will definitely use Blue Nile again.
Kris, Newport Beach CA – June 2009

Succinctly: She will soon be my wife
Honestly, you have to be skeptical a bit beforehand... But the fact of the matter is that a gemologist rates the rings, a bit subjective like any jewel would be, but this was exactly what I was looking for. The ring is perfect, great size, great price and she LOVES IT! It has been close to three weeks since I asked her to marry me and she still makes it sparkle by rotating her finger in the light... thank you BlueNile for helping the little man out..
Christopher, Duluth GA – June 2009

She Cried!!!!
You can't go wrong with Blue Nile. If at any point your unsure about something there is someone to talk to or even chat with online. I know nothing about jewelry. By the time i ordered i knew more than i really ever cared to know. Blue Nile made it that easy. Thanks BN
Daniel, Kempner TX – June 2009

Bought both the engagement and the wedding ring from your site and couldn't speak more fondly of your service, selection and prices. I recommend you to everyone I know and get the same curious looks that I bought online. But once they do their research I feel they will never go anywhere else for fine jewelry.
David, Lakewood OH – June 2009

Beautiful Ring, Excellent Value
Exceptional product, outstanding service, and a great value. No sales tax was an added bonus. I loved the robust data offered by the site relavant to all important indices one should consider when choosing a diamond. Very user-friendly, and supportive of the "data-hungry" shopper, which is me. Thanks Blue Nile, your company is top notch.
John D, MILILANI HI – June 2009

The perfect ring
I was very pleased with both the ring and the service. At first I was a bit weary of buying a ring online. I spoke with my brother who had recently bought a simmilar ring from Blue Nile, and decided to go for it. I was not dissapointed. My fiance and all her friends were absolutely stunned by the ring. This is quite special considering the fact that I am by no means a man known to have great taste. I suppose I fooled everyone. At any rate, I owe my success choosing the right diamond ring to the customer service department at Blue Nile. They walked me through the process, answering questions like: what clarity and color and inclusions mean. Even the process of sending the ring back (after I messed up my fiance's finger size) was smooth, painless, and quick. Thanks Blue Nile.
Jack, WASILLA AK – June 2009

"The perfect ring"
The custome built ring was the way to go! I was able to get 3 G color diamonds, 2 ideal cuts, 1 exceptional cut, SI1 clarity diamonds, (this combinationg turned out to be perfect) and the setiing in platinum for just over $4,000! That is about $2,000 dollars cheaper than anywhere else. I went to a few local jewlers before I bought the ring on BN and looked at rings and stones to actually see the size and quality of the stones which allowed me to make a better choice. The stones and the setting are absolutely beautiful and I thouroughly impressed my fiance and everyone who saw the ring. I love this company and hope everyone has as great an experience buying their diamonds as I did.
Bret, Wall NJ – June 2009

Perfect Diamond for a perfect price.
this will be my second marriage. I have 3 kids she has one. As you can imagine, finding a good value is a must. I seached many stores and many online sites. I took a chance on Blue nile. I opened the box expecting to be somewhat disapointed because how could a price this good be true from an online company. It was so much more beautiful then I could have hoped for. It was every bit the stone they said it was and for a similar diamond from zales was $700 more. I took it to the local jeweler for appraisal and he confirmed everything I said above. Take the chance with this company, you wont be disapointed. Thank you Blue nile for giving me the best diamond I could have afforded for the best price.
William, Aston PA – June 2009

Exactly as advertised
I, like others, did a lot of research before purchasing an item as expensive as a diamond ring. I first visited brick and mortar jewelers but never felt I could adequately asses the diamond or compare it with diamonds of different qualities. I heard very good things about Blue Nile and they all turned out to be true: excellent customer service, timely, and exceptional quality. I really liked the concept of a 30-day return policy and luckily didn't need it. Overall, I had a great experience.
Anonymous – June 2009

The customer service was outstanding she helped me pick the perfect ring while saving a ton of money as well. My Fiance absolutely loves her engagement ring, THANK YOU!
Anthony, HALIFAX PA – June 2009

Best Value and Exceptional Quality
Initially I used the website to educate myself in the purchase of an engagement ring within my budget of $14k. After which I shopped at the local well known jewelry stores in the Chicago area with the knowledge obtained from the Bluenile website. I then went to 6 different stores in a two week period and every jeweler offered an inferior product at a similar or greater price. At times the diamond either had inclusions, yellow tint, clarity issues, or a CT size less then 1.1ct. And on one occasion I do remember being shown a 1.3ct YELLOW diamond (not fancy yellow) that was listed at $56k, but on sale for $14k (or 75% off)??? Why buy from Blue Nile? 1) Honest price for exceptional quality product. 2) Large selection of stones and ring settings to choose from. 3) The Build your Own Ring website was KEY for my purchase as it was easy to mix and match Stones with Settings to obtain the perfect Ring within my budget.
Douglas, Plano IL – June 2009

Picture does no justice to how nice it is in person!
I proposed while on vacation in Central Park. She thought it was fake because it was so sparkly! I love the quality of this setting and price of the center stone, it was just right for her she really likes the style of the setting. Highly recommend Blue Nile, the service reps were always extremely helpful and friendly, probably the best service I've had online. Thanks again Blue Nile!
Anthony, PASO ROBLES CA – June 2009

Great experience...
I first found out about Blue Nile by doing a case study on them in a college management class. When I decided it was time to ask the question, I knew I would try them out. My experience from searching for the ring to receiving the ring was exceptional. The ring looked exactly how I imagined. The custom built ring feature helped me design a ring that met my (and her) requirements exactly.
Matthew, Dothan AL – June 2009

The ring was outstanding!
Blue Nile provided me with the knowlegde, assistance and confidence to select the best diamond and ring to meet my criteria. The diamond selector program was in an easy to use format that made selecting exact specifiactions very simple. I would reccomend Blue Nile to anyone looking to make a educated purchase and receive outstanding value. My wife to be was extatic with the ring. Thanks Blue Nile.
Daniel, North Vancouver BC – June 2009

She is gleaming in pride with the new 3 carat solitaire ring.
Blue Nile was a great source to get a great diamond ring the way I wanted for a fair price. I appreciated their service, great website and delivery of the ring. It made my decision, purchase and experience great.
Anonymous – June 2009

What an amazing first experience!
At first I was a little hesitant on purchasing an engagement ring online even thought I do a ton of online shopping. But after weeks of looking around locally and comparing prices. I was set on going with Blue Nile based on their prices, options, selection and reviews. The ring is stunning and the diamond is perfect which exceeded my expectations. I am traveling to Rome in a few weeks to propose to my girlfriend and this ring will floor her. Everyone I have shown it to is absolutely stunned. I also loved the documents that come with the ring as I am a stickler for details. I recommend all my friends to Blue Nile now! Thank you so much!
Joseph, Rochester NY – June 2009

She froze when she saw the ring
We went to the same place we FIRST met to propose and when i gave her the ring she said:"This is not happening.It is perfect.I am so proud of you.It's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen." I wish bluenile had a place in their website where i can post the video that i took when giving her the ring. the ring is an exact replica of what they picture showed.Customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. I never had to punch 100 numbers to get to a real person when dealing with them. that's a plus. They picked up the phone right away and they solved every single question I had. We had to return the ring for resizing and the transaction was smooth, fast, secure, and painless.Next piece of jewelery will also be purchased through blueNile. BIG THANKS
jesus, brandon MS – June 2009

Getting to YES
This was the most expensive item I ever bought online and the experience went beautifully. The engagement ring was exceptional, service was perfect and she said YES! Thanks Blue Nile for all your help.
Jeffrey, Redmond WA – June 2009

Excellent User Interface for selecting Diamond & Ring
I asked a friend who's been in the jewelry business for 20 years what I needed to do to get an engagement ring. I expected a long detailed answer, he simple said, bluenile.com.

The ability to quickly, easily and clearly define the desired characteristics of the diamond coupled with an excellent explanation of the relative importance of given diamond characteristics made the process about as easy as it could be. The explanation of diamond characteristics and which diamond traits could be traded off against others helped me to find a diamond that fit my budget and is beautiful.

The ability to put constraints on diamond & ring helped me quickly narrow down the choices to what I wanted. No other site I looked at came close to the ease and convenience. Coupled with the fact I could resume previous searches before finally pulling the trigger helped me feel comfortable with my choice.

Overnight shipping got it to me in time.
Edward, Wolfeboro NH – May 2009

The answer for shopping phobia
I checked out several retail and on-line sites. Blue Nile has been the single best shopping experience in my life. My fiancee was truly astounded by the beautiful, elegant and inspired design of the ring I chose. Blue Nile made a difficult decision very simple -- even fun -- with its quality education, straight forward menus, variety of choices, and purchase plans. This praise comes from a dude who really dislikes shopping...
David, Sedona AZ – May 2009

Unbeatable Quality & Cost
Blue Nile vs. Local Jewelers:

I met with several local jewelers before settling on my purchase with blue nile. EVERY single stone I was shown by my local jewelers was similar in price, but much LOWER quality when compared to the stone and setting I had picked at blue nile.

Blue Nile Service:

Local jewelers will try to play up the fact that you can just "stop-by" and have them fix or polish the ring. Don't fall for it, blue nile service is second to none. Just try calling them for advice or service, I bet you won't even hear the phone ring before they pickup.

Her Reaction:

She was absolutely stunned by the brilliance. Every one of her friends comment on it. She has even had people on the bus stop her to comment on the ring.
Anonymous – April 2009

Over came fear of buying online
My friend and I searched for a month visiting 10 other jewelers. I wasn't too sure about buying a ring online. Anyhow, I custom built my engagement ring for my fiance. It came in this huge box 4 days later, and when I opened it, the ring was perfect. Absolutely perfect.
Anonymous – April 2009

The sparkle in her eyes matched the ring .
I surprised myself @ age 70 shopping a ring on the internet !

Sight unseen ...committing 2X the price of my first new car to an unknown company ?

Alas, her words on receiving and viewing helped prove you are a winning organization.

( Not to mention the value ++++ the tax savings )

Thanks !!! [ Please note your postings on Kiplinger, Forbes, etc aided me ]
Anonymous – April 2009

Customer service went above and beyond my expectations. I had been working on a very limited timeframe, under odd circumstances, and from the effort given by customer service was able to make my situation a reality. I must have emailed a thousand questions with prompt and informative answers, and that was even before I had ever put down a dime! It was unbelievable how helpful each person that dealt with me was. When the ring reached its' destination, I opened the package right away to check it out...I was blown away by how nice it was..honestly. I wish I could explain the whole story and why everything worked out so perfectly and how I never could have done it without Blue Nile, but that would take days to read...All I can say is everything was beyond perfect and I can't thank/praise Blue Nile enough. We'll be back again to shop for wedding bands in the near future!
Travis, london ON – April 2009

100% Recommended
The educational information posted on Blue Nile's website was very useful, and I received exceptional advice and assistance from Blue Nile's gem specialists, who helped me decide the exact parameters I wanted for my diamond. I used the diamond search utility to locate my "perfect" diamond, and had it set in one of Blue Nile's engagement bands. I received it on the day promised and was really quite shocked when I saw it for the first time, it was much more beautiful than I imagined it would be. Needless to say my girlfriend (now fiancee) was surprised and very happy. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone, especially if it's your first time purchasing valuable jewelry--the quality of assistance you will receive is outstanding.
Nicholas, Gainesville FL – April 2009

Exceptional customer service
We've only had the ring a few weeks. It's dazzling. But your customer service is what really shines. The ring was to be delivered in the middle of a blizzard! Of course that wa a problem but I made ONE call to Blue Nile and everything, and I mean everything was taken care of. This is my second purchase with BN It won't be my last.
Anonymous – April 2009

I'm very impressed by the quality
It's amazing! There's no way I could have gotten a platinum ring with the quality/size/color/cut diamond I purchased from Blue Nile, from anywhere else for this price.

Even the packaging was wonderful, especially when compared to Macy's who puts their jewelry in a plastic bag, in a clump, with a cheap cardboard box stuffed with cotton balls. Instead, I got a HUGE box that securely held the box for my ring. The ring came in a quality, lined, wooden box with a decorative Blue Nile cardboard box to keep it protected.

This is just a perfect example of how customer service and quality can still be found today if you look hard enough. The website remembered my choices I had checked off, no matter how many times I went back and forth. Literally, the most intuitive site I've ever been on, and it was a joy to shop here. It's also a perfect example of how much profit brick and mortar places make off of us. This was a real eye opener.

Once again... VERY impressed.
Anonymous – April 2009

The ring looked like it was made by gods.
It was easy for me to learn about diamonds and rings. The details given were precise and made it possible to know what i was getting without seeing it. I loved how easy it was to work with the website. Everyone keeps asking me were i got the engagement ring, and i tell them i got it at Blue Nile. They look at my like they never heard of it. Then they are shocked at the price. I can't wait till i need something else.
Cyrus, Colorado Springs CO – April 2009

Gorgeous...just like her
The ring/diamond was absolutely amazing, not to mention at a great price. Similar diamonds in stores were around 50% more. The customer service was the best I have ever experienced. They were extremely helpful and friendly both with the purchase and questions that I had after. There is nothing out there like Blue Nile. I will never buy jewelry from another place.
Anonymous – April 2009

I love the charm bracelet and the charms. The only complaint is that the charms scratches easily.

Sparkly Satisfaction
My fiancee had one request with her engagement ring. She wanted the diamond to be "sparkly". Such was the guidance I had in purchasing a high quality diamond from BlueNile. In terms of clarity and cut, no retailer offers a better value than BN. Low and behold, in the first twenty-four hours of her showing the piece to family and friends, the compliment which arose the most was exactly her wish. "It's so sparkly!" exclaimed her admirers. Trusting that these onlookers were genuine, my love's face lit up each time in half smile, half surprise, and all satisfaction.
Raymond, Wellington FL – March 2009

The ring left her breathless
I did a lot of research so that I could make an informed decision. I decided on Blue Nile because I could not find a comparable ring in any store or on any other website for the same price. The customer service representative to whom I spoke was very helpful and assisted me in my final diamond selection. The platinum trellis setting is beautiful and very classy. The center diamond (1 C round) is absolutely exquisite. I have never seen a diamond that sparkles more or reflects as much light. My fiance was overwhelmed at the beauty of the ring. She says it is more beautiful than anything she could have hoped for. Although the size of the diamond is not what we are judging the ring upon ultimately, I must admit that it feels good when she tells me how her friends rave over the diamond and are a little jealous. Ordering and delivery were a breeze. There was not one single problem. Thank you Blue Nile.
Gary, Jacksonville FL – March 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you
I have to admit, my husband and I were a little skeptical about making such a large purchase online. Buying diamonds can be scary even at a brick and mortar store. I have to say that we were both very pleased with the quality, value and timeliness of Blue Nile. We compared the prices of both the diamond and the setting with our local jeweler, and while he was able to come down on the price of the loose diamond to be comparable to Blue Nile's price, he wasn't able to come close on the setting and matching band (not to mention he would have to charge us 9% sales tax). Plus, it was going to take him a week longer to order the setting and set the diamond than the time Blue Nile said my ring would arrive (and Blue Nile and FedEx delivered at exactly the time stated - for free). We are very pleased, and will use Blue Nile again. If not for Blue Nile, I would have had to "downsize" my dream diamond ring. Thank you Blue Nile.
Jennifer, Dothan AL – March 2009

Blue Nile made an intimidating process actually enjoyable
Your website/process made it so easy to get a quality product. I also had the engagement ring appraised and received an extremely high valuation from an independent appraiser. I have recommended your business to just about everyone and will certainly use it again (though hopefully not for another engagement ring).
Anonymous – March 2009

Wow! What a diamond ring!!!
Dealing with Blue Nile was as pleasant a shopping experience as I have ever had. Using the tools on their website I was able to educate myself regarding the "4 C's" and build a diamond ring for my fiance. In placing my order I ran into a snag with my payment method and had to call customer service. The assistance that I received from each representative was unparalleled. I have never felt so 'taken care of' by a customer service center. They graciously guided me along and resolved my issues immediately. The diamond arrived in first-class packaging and the ring was amazing. My girlfriend burst into tears as I got down on one knee and proposed. I WILL be back to shop again at Blue Nile. Thank you SO much Blue Nile
Patrick T., WORCESTER MA – February 2009

Best Shopping Experience Ever!
Within 15 minutes at the first jewelery store (national chain), I realized that buying a an engagement ring is like buying a car and the seller's mark up the prices and then negotiate using all the annoying tactics used by car salesmen.

Blue Nile was such a breath of fresh air. Their prices and diamond selection were unbelievable. When I would call with questions, I always got a live person who was polite, professional and informative.

After all was said and done, I bought my diamond, setting and wedding band from Blue Nile. The diamond was two levels higher in color and clarity than anything I had seen in the stores and out the door, I paid about $6,000 less than what I would have paid at the stores for just the diamond.

When the ring came, I was blown away. My fiancee loves it and everyone she has shown it to (including several jewelers) marvel at it.

In short, I am very happy that I found Blue Nile and recommend the site to everyone.
Sean, Beverly Hills CA – February 2009

"Blue Nile was the smartest place for me to buy an engagement ring from."
I consider myself to be an advanced consumer, meaning I have the knowledge and where with all to recognize good deals when I find them. Blue Nile is hands down a great place to buy engagement rings and diamonds. I had a great shopping experience from self education, to delivery, to engagement. She absolutely LOVED the ring. It looked much better in real life than in the picture. Mission accomplished Blue Nile. Thanks my Bride to be is extremelly pleased.
Daniel, Eagle CO – February 2009

The engagement ring took her breath away.
I purchased the "Channel-Set Diamond and Sapphire Ring and Band in 18k White Gold" from the color collection set with a 1/2ct diamond. The rings were exquisite. Blue Nile did an exceptional job crafting them. When I called Customer Support with questions about selecting a diamond the support person was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and ultimately made my selection easier. A note to guys learning about diamonds: call and talk to them. I agonized over cut, color, clarity, carat, L/W ratio's and all of it for a long time before calling. Ultimately he assured me I was overly worried about a few things. In the end what I selected turned out to be more beautiful than I imagined. Just call! Thank you Blue Nile. When I opened the box she was breathless. She can't stop looking at it and keeps saying "It is more than I deserve". I say it is not enough!
Josh, El Cajon CA – February 2009

I think she loves her ring as much as she loves me!
I shopped for a very long time for the perfect ring. Having audited several high-end jewelry stores throughout my career, I have been very well educated about diamonds. I was looking for the perfect diamond, and I'm not just talking about the 4 c's. Blue Nile offers an exceptional set of selection criteria, and it helped me find the perfect diamond!

When I received the ring, the diamond was very well set. The setting looked awesome, and complimented the emerald cut perfectly.

Would I buy another diamond ring from Blue Nile? Yes, but hopefully I never have to. She said "yes", and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

Thanks for your help Blue Nile!
Christopher, Wake Forest NC – February 2009

You will not be dissapointed......
If you are looking for quality diamonds and a huge choice of setting then Blue Nile is the place to shop. I tried to support "bricks and mortar" jewelry stroes in my community but the couldn't hold a candle to the quality and value of a Blue Nile ring. You can buy with total confidence and know that your expectations will be exceeded. Thanks Blue Nile!
DON, Longmont CO – February 2009

Happy Girl, Happy Guy, and a Great Ring!
The best service I have ever had! Representatives were very helpful and friendly. The engagement ring was just as I imagined it and then some! Great place to get a high quality piece of jewelery at a great price. I will absolutely be back in the future. Thanks Blue Nile!

PS she said yes! ;)
Anonymous – February 2009

My ring was even more beautiful than I anticipated. I was fortunate enough to chose my own ring, and it was easy to do with Blue Nile. I really appreciated the in depth education on how to chose the right diamond. It was nice to track the shipping, too. Thanks for a great experience! I didn't miss the pushy sales people at all!
Elaina, Burleson TX – February 2009

Blue Nile is the bomb :-)
I've perused Blue Nile's website for years, so when I finally met the right gal I thought of no other place I'd rather do my shopping. The selection is huge. The website is very educational and intuitive. Also, with the ring-builder, you know what you're buying so there are no surprises. The hardest part was covertly obtaining my fiancee's ring size! I will definitely do business with Blue Nile again. Just because it's a website, don't let that fool you. There are actually PEOPLE on the other end to help you through the process. Oh, by the way, the ring I built... it was the bomb!

Mark M, Murrieta CA – February 2009

You allowed me to custom make our ring, and, when I called for advise, you made me feel great by not talking down to me, but, rather, as a friend and valued customer
James W, APOPKA FL – February 2009

Shopping at Blue Nile was one of the most pleasurable shopping experiences I've had in a long time. When I called, I was able to talk to someone right away, and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. The ring was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined, and I was able to buy a much better ring than is offered at any jewelery store I looked at for a much better price.
Andy, MILWAUKEE WI – February 2009

She loved the engagement ring I got her.
As soon as I got the delivery, I was excited to open the box, and as soon as I opened it, I was glad I chose blue nile. The delivery was fast and the ring along w/ the wedding band truly met my expectations. My girl friend said she felt like she was dreaming when I proposed to her. Thank you blue nile for helping me make the right decision and my experience truly memorable.
Anonymous – February 2009

Impressive service and even more impressive ring!
"I just wanted to tell you how impressed we are with the service we received with the purchase of the 5 stone diamond ring in platinum. We had to replace my wedding band and decided after much research that your rings were the best value for the quality and money. We were NOT disappointed when we received the ring. It's beautiful and looks great with my 3 stone diamond engagement ring! Not only was ordering the ring easy but the way it was packed and secured was also very impressive. We were also surprised and pleased to receive the insurance appraisal with the package You saved us both time and money What a bonus! Thank you! I will be recommending Blue Nile to all my friends! "
Susi H, LAFAYETTE CO – January 2009

I did lots of research on diamonds and a lot of shopping around, Blue Nile was fun! I actually enjoyed picking out the 4C's to create my perfect ring. I love the diamond I picked, setting is simple but elegant, price and quality diamond was better than I found at any mall store, shipping time was accurate. I'm very pleased with my Blue Nile experience.
Amy, Barnstable MA – January 2009

She loved the ring.
The Diamond ring is lovely and the turnaround time was exceptional. I'd definately recommend Blue Nile to those seeking to get their money's worth.
Eric, Toronto ON – January 2009

This Is How To Do It
My fiancee and I are extremely pleased with the Blue Nile diamond ring I bought. It was helpful to get some ideas of cut and diamond sizing shopping jewelery stores. When you are ready to buy, Blue Nile is the only place to buy if you are looking for quality and value. I will never buy another diamond anywhere else. Thanks Blue Nile.
Todd, Lakeland FL – January 2009

Absolutely First Class Blue Nile is the best! Went from knowing nothing to an EXTREMELY knowledgeable consumer in a couple days on your web site. The engagement ring pictures (especially how they d look on a finger) were very helpful. Calls to customer service to refine my knowledge and choice were handled with friendliness and a high degree of expertise. Ended up with a stunning 4 side stone ring, with a beautiful ideal cut 1.4c center stone, perfectly balanced to the side stones and her finger, and with a fire, brilliance and sparkle that makes the ring stand out anywhere - and at a remarkable discount to jewelry store prices. Only thing a store is useful for is actually seeing what various carat sizes look like so you can picture the size of what you're buying. The ring, when I got it and opened the package, was virtually exactly what I expected - and I expected a lot. She was floored, and remains endlessly delighted by her beautiful ring. THANK YOU, Blue Nile!
Doug, Reno NV – January 2009

Unbelievable quality, unbelievable price!
Wow! What a ring! What a diamond! Blue Nile you rock! The lady is extremely pleased with here engagement ring - Thank You! As for the shopping process, so many great things could be said. Firstly, the quality of the diamond and ring are extraordinary, much better than what I looked at in a lot of top of the line stores. To anyone who feels reluctant to buying from an online dealer, have no fear Blue Nile will take good care of you! I recommend store shopping first to get a look at the diamonds, but then to Blue Nile to save lots of $$$, but also to get the one thing you cannot get in the stores, schematic drawings of the size and shape of the diamond. I am so glad I took my friend's advice, and bought the ring from you. She is a diamond broker who has worked with you guys for a number of years, and continued to emphasize how great a company you are! Again, thanks for everything, I am so happy! :-)
charles, san jose CA – January 2009

She couldn't stop looking at the ring
I shopped around at a few brick and mortar jewelery shops, and at the large online retailer named for a river in Brazil, before trying Blue Nile. My only regret with my Blue Nile experience is that I didn't try it sooner.

At the brick and mortar places, the prices were a lot higher. A setting I was considering was twice the price I paid here.

Prices were comparable at the major online retailer, but I ordered two diamonds there: one couldn't be located, and the other turned out to be different than it was described. Maybe I just had bad luck, but I know I had two problems out of two tries.

My fiance loved the Blue Nile ring I got her. She thought it was the "designer" ring we looked at in the brick and mortar shop, and couldn't stop looking at it. She got a lot of great (and some jealous!) comments from her friends and coworkers.

Thanks Blue Nile!
Edward, Raleigh NC – January 2009

She Loves the SHINE
Its a Stunning "Triple X" She Just Loves - (1)Excellent (Ideal) Cut, (2)Excellent Symettery, and what i think is most Important (3)Excellent POLISH. Customer Service till 2am(est)WOW, On time FedEX Delivary and most of all Credibility on the Web. Will be buying the Wedding bands from Blue Nile Very Soon.
Julian, Toronto ON – January 2009

Fantastic customer experience
I cannot speak highly enough of my customer experience. The price was unbeatable, the inventory had enough options that I could really buy the exact diamond I wanted, the delivery of the ring was fast even during the holidays, the customer support on the phone was superb, and the process for resizing the ring was painless. Oh, and the ring was beautiful.
Anonymous – January 2009

Excellent website
I got educated to jewelry. I never had interest. Excellent website!!! My fiancee was very impressed by my new-found knowledge of diamonds. I am confident in selecting and purchasing jewelry now.Thanks Blue Nile!
Cedrick J, DAYTON OH – January 2009

Exccelent quality and service
Everything I read about Blue Nile before I decided to by my fiance her ring was absolutely true. Their website is easy to use and very informative. Returned and resized the ring with no problem.

The ring was also beautiful and appraises almost 2 times as what I paid for it.

Highly recommend them.
Anonymous – January 2009

She loved the engagement ring!
Blue Nile was awesome. I now recommend them to all my friends! My now fiancee' absolutely loves her ring. The customization feature was exactly what I was looking for. After I selected the ring, there was no problems placing the order. In fact, Blue Nile called several days prior to the expected ship date and offered to have it shipped earlier than expected if I wanted. Amazing service!
Royce, Fairfield CA – January 2009


Perfect ring, which she loved, with an easily customized experience for me
Buying a diamond ring online should be the ONLY way it is done, forever into the future. With Blue Nile, I was able to learn about the different characteristics to grade diamonds, and then customize the diamond and band to the exact specs/budget to fit my needs. Having more choice, better quality (with a GIA document to back it up), no sales person hassling me, and no inflated pricing to cover some retail storefront - all of this was right up my alley.
James, Moncton NB – January 2009

Bluenile is the only way to go.
Excellent quality. Exceeded my expectations. Tons of info provided to educate and help me make my decision. Did not even need to use what I have heard is great customer service. Would definitly use bluenile again and have already recommended to others.
Ryan, San Diego CA – January 2009

She loved the ring!!!!
I bought a diamond engagement ring through the Blue Nile web site. I thought that it was great I was able to pick the setting I wanted and the diamond that she would love for years to come. Everything about the ring was great and most importantly she loved it and is always catching herself looking at it.
Anonymous – January 2009

Even better looking in person!
The ring was so much better in person, the experience was un-intimidating and easy. As almost everyone is a first time buyer when it comes to engagement rings, it feels good to know we're not being taken advantage of. Thank you.
Anonymous – January 2009

Great value, and the website rocks (pun intended)!
For getting exactly what you want, at an incredible value, Blue Nile is the way to go. The website is very informative and intuitive to work with. I have the sense that I got the very most for my investment by going with Blue Nile.
Paul, Nashville TN – January 2009

The ring is exactly what I expected it to be
The ring is great! It's exactly what I expected it to be. I was shopping for a high-quality diamond, which didn't allow me to go for size, but the brilliance is stunning. The whole ordering process went smoothly, and we were even able to work out a different delivery date than was originally set. I called a couple of times about this, and each representative from Blue Nile was helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant to speak with. If you're annoyed by the lack of selection in and the sales pressure from walk-in jewelry stores like me, and want great selection and customer service, use Blue Nile.
Dan, RICHMOND VA – January 2009

Engagement Ring left her Speechless!
The setting was absolutely AMAZING. I couldn't have been happier with the finish and quality. My, now fiancee, was completely blown away by the setting and the princess cut diamond--I have never seen her smile so big! I was definitely timid about making such a large purchase online, sight unseen, but after combing through all of Blue Nile's positive reviews and dealing with their customer service (who were amazing!) I am so glad I went with my instincts on this one. This is a trustworthy, reputable company who goes completely out of their way (especially during the crazy holiday season of all things!) to make your purchase a pleasurable one. It is VERY rare this day and age to find a company who's customer service actually treats you like a human being. You can't beat the quality, the price and the service here at Blue Nile. I will definitely be coming back to you guys in the near future! All the Best!!
Joseph, Tracy CA – January 2009

Great ring to bad half quarter size would take 5 weeks to get though.
Charlie, Plano TX – January 2009

Thanks for the Help & Education!!
The ring was perfect!!! The only problem was my fault, in that I did not realize .30 carat was so small. HOWEVER!! Your team has been the greatest in assisting me in returning this ring and finding a larger diamond that I will be BOTH A. Satisfied with, and B. Can Afford!! You will see me for future purchases!! R. Foster
Richard, Butner NC – January 2009

After stressing over the engagement ring...she actually loved it!
The ring that I custom built was a success. She was so thrilled about the ring. I was actually shocked by her reaction, because I thought the ring could of been a little more extravagant. But she said it was a hit! Even all of her family, friends, and co-workers said I had "great taste"....go figure. I was so hesitant to purchase such a huge investment online, but I have no regrets at all. The overall quality was superb, yet the price was reasonable. I would definetly recommend Blue Nile to anyone.
Anonymous – January 2009

She sparkles like her new ring!
During my engagement ring research, Blue Nile responded to my e-mail barrage by answering all questions to satisfaction. Eventually, I learned Blue Nile just couldn't be beat. So using their Web site, I found a loose stone, added it to a setting, tracked the build and shipment online, and a few days later it arrived as promised. The ring is now looking spectacular on her finger. Nice work Blue Nile -- she loves it, comments on its sparkle daily, and said yes.
Anonymous – January 2009

Best experience, start to finish!
Blue Nile experts answered all my questions about pricing differences between diamonds of the same quality and diamond settings in an honest and straightforward manner. Over the buying process I spoke with 4 difference experts - all were pleasant, enthusiastic, gave me the impression they wanted to help - not just there doing a job. Their site search instrument is head and shoulders above any competition, provided you know what you're looking for: you're able to select from a great array of parameters to limit your diamond search and are provided all GIA and AGSL certs for your online perusal. From the time I purchased my wife's diamond, I was able to track progress of the purchase from the day of buy, through it's setting on the jewelers bench, to shipping and arrival at my front door. The ring was beautiful, my wife loved it, and the accompanying paperwork including appraisal and certificates all in order.
john, Advance NC – January 2009

My daughter recieved pink pearl earrings, bracelet and necklace and loved them so much.
Every piece that I have ordered from Blue Nile has exceeded my expectations. The engraving was beautiful. I never had heard of Blue Nile but somehow stumbled across the site and thank goodness. They have jewelry gifts for all price ranges and everything is high quality. I have been extremely please with everything I have purchased from Blue Nile and won't use another jewelry site for my gifts. They do an exceptonal job at pleasing the customer. I would recommend that anyone wanting really high end quality jewelry shop at Blue Nile. The service was exceptional as well. Don't bother to shop anywhere else. Try Blue Nile first.
Marcia, Littleton NH – January 2009

Just REALLY pleased!
Would have never imagined I'd buy something this "important" without first seeing it in person, but after a lot of research and self-education in diamonds, I was able to choose a stone on bluenile.com that I really liked. I appreciate having been able to get SO much info on each stone, and that there were myriad stones to choose from and narrow down to, and was very happy to find a setting I also liked. And when the ring arrived, I was impressed with the packaging including the beautiful wood presentation box, and especially impressed with the ring itself. I am SO GLAD I went through bluenile.com. I had met with local jewelers first and was sick of having "crap" pushed on me. They didn't like that I knew what I was talking about! So learn about more than just the 4 C's and then go to bluenile.com!
Stephen, Plano TX – January 2009

Beautiful Engagement Ring...Thanks to Blue Nile!
I was so fed up with Mall jewelers and I just HAD to find a quality place to buy my fiance's engagement ring. I came across Blue Nile and was immediately attracted to the website and options for building a custom diamond ring. Choosing a diamond was exceptionally easy after educating myself on the 4 C's. Once I found the perfect setting and slipped the ring on her finger, I knew I had made the right choice! She loved the ring! The quality of the diamond and how well it was built just really stands out! I was leery ordering off a website, but I will never be that way again when ordering from Blue Nile!
Raymond, Taylor MI – January 2009

Success #3 - She loved the matching bracelet
I have purchased an engagement ring and a pearl necklace through Blue Nile for my wife (she loved both), and decided to give her a matching pearl bracelet for Xmas this year. I got her the Akoya pearl bracelet with 18 karat gold clasp. When she unwrapped the paper and saw the distinctive Blue Nile box she smiled with anticipation. When she opened the box her face absolutely lit up! Mission accomplished!

This was my third purchase I've made for my wife through Blue Nile (first was the engagement ring, second was the necklace). So far very satisfied with the quality and speed of shipping, pricing seems pretty reasonable. Will definitely consider returning for future purchases.
Christopher, Aiken SC – January 2009

Will never buy jewellery from a regular store again
I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to purchase the ring online, mostly with concerns about the ring not being what I ordered or some type of hidden charge. I am very pleased to say that the ring was EXACTLY what I ordered. There was no way I could have afforded the same ring in a brick and mortar store, the cost savings was unbelievable. I was charged exactly what the final price was on checkout and the most surprising, there were no additional fees to pay upon receiving the package, and that includes going through Canadian Customs. I ve already recommended the site to everyone I know and I will definitely be back for the wedding bands.
Jonathan, Edmonton AB – January 2009

Truly stunning
My lovely bride, ever the perfectionist, was 'happy' with her first band I got from BN but...it was too big and she also seemed to hedge her comments (heard a lot of 'but', etc.). I made arrangements to exchange and finally got her to tell me what she really wanted (naturally more expensive). Anyone claiming they have good customer service must use BN as a yardstick - they flat out are the best I've ever experienced. New wedding band arrived, her jaw hit the floor and she hasn't taken it off since. Truly stunning, significantly better diamonds than retail pieces in similar price ranges and it complements her engagement ring perfectly. Plus they got the new one here in time for our Xmas Eve wedding!
David, Ellicott City MD – January 2009

Best part of the engagement
Your web-based business was just what I need to find a ring while deployed in the military. Your education section gave me the knowledge to intelligently begin my search. Your wish list and comparison functions accomodated the lengthy process of building a custom ring. Your advisors helped me narrow down my choices. After comparison with numerous other vendors (both in person and online), I came full circle to Blue Nile, and couldn't be more satisfied.
William, Omaha NE – January 2009

This was a great purchase that we couldn't be happier with! The ring/diamond were exactly as pictured/described on-line, even exceeding my expectations. I was originally hesitant to purchase such an expensive item on-line, but after looking around and doing extensive research, I simply could not pass up the great deal offered by Blue Nile. Our diamond is stunning and the setting is perfect. I am extremely happy with that decision and HIGHLY RECOMMEND Blue Nile to anyone considering making such an important purchase. The customer service is exceptional, the shipping is fast, and most importantly the product is second-to-none. Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous – January 2009

Bluenile is the best. I will recommend it to everyone I know. Their customer service is the best. They answered all my questions (I had a lot) and helped my find the best ring for my fiance!
Jin, Vista CA – January 2009

I customized my own ring.....
I was most impressed with the ability I had to customize my ring according to my specifications. All of the stones and metals are of the highest quality, and come GIA certified. I felt confident knowing that my fiance was receiving nothing but the best. The shipping was actually faster than the expected ship date the system generated. Also, having different payment options available allowed me to buy a little more ring than I had originally anticipated. I would definitely recommend Blue Nile to someone looking to take that next step with an outstanding customer service oriented company.
Justin, Bristow VA – January 2009

You can't beat Blue Nile.
Like many others, I was a little hesitant to make such a large purchase online. But Blue Nile made this experience unbelievable pleasant.

The Blue Nile website taught me everything I needed to know about buying a diamond, and I took that information into about 7 local retailers. I was trying to find a reason to buy local and avoid buying online...but with the exception of 2 local stores, I was underwhelmed by the lack of selection, the low quality stones, and the prices...and these are the big retailers we all hear about. But they seem to all sell low quality at high price!

So, in the end, I bought the ring from Blue Nile. It was exactly what I had wanted, and anything comparable in the local outlets cost about 40% more.

The service online and on the phone is excellent and friendly, and the product was stunning and sparkles more in my kitchen than anything I saw in store under their fancy lights.

I am extremely pleased with my experience with Blue Nile.
Shane, Regina SK – January 2009

Diamond quality and price were exceptional. Customer service was great, it sure is nice to call a customer service line and have the phone answered by a human being. The rep I had was extremely helpful.
Thomas, Barrington RI – January 2009

Loved the ability to choose!
Many retail Jewelry stores have very low quality diamonds. I was very happy with the ability to search, and choose, a diamond that I felt was exceptional. Blue Nile exceeds in this. Diamonds here were great quality and affordable. Customer Service was super nice to deal with. I felt comfortable buying over the phone with them. Never felt like they were going to "push" for a sale on something I didn't want. A+ service in that area.

Am doing business again with Blue Nile!
Anonymous – January 2009

She loves her stunningly sparkly engagement ring !
I want to say thank you to all the employees of Blue Nile I have been in touch with in the past few weeks. They have all been professional, helpful and extremely knowledgeable every step of the way. I don't think the phone had ever rang more than once whenever I called the customer service line with a question. The inventory of stones to choose from was vast but with the guidance of your jewelry consultants, we were able to pick the perfect stone to pair it with the noveau setting. My girlfriend, (now fiancee) loves her ring. The only downside is that I ordered the ring one size too large and had to send it back this week for the resizing. My friends (who are mostly married) still can't believe I ordered the ring online from Blue Nile but I think they kind of wish they had done the same too. Price was unbeatable too ! Thank you again for making my lady a very happy bride-to-be !
Philip A., BROOKLYN NY – January 2009

Thanks for a little miracle!!!
You were able to speed things up and get her diamond ring in time for the renewal of our vows (we almost divorced last year after 13 years of marriage...this was a critical event for us!)...You were also able to find us a diamond that was better than the flawless one we had spotted at Tiffany's!!!
Philippe, Bethlehem PA – January 2009

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes filled with tears!
I could not be happier with the ring and I have no doubt I made the best choice. She absolutely loves it. I went with a 1.35 ct Round-Brilliant Cut and it is the perfect size. All of her friends are in love with it. Note: When choosing your diamond... go with "ideal" cut. This cut alone will make her diamond the brightest, most colorful diamond and surpass her expectations.

I have already recommended Blue Nile to everyone I know. Their helpful advice and outstanding prices will keep me from ever buying diamonds from a retail store.
Joseph, GREENVILLE SC – January 2009

Blue Nile made my dream come true
The guidance is very helpful on how to choose diamond. If you know nothing about jewelry, do not worry, you will definitely know how to pick a right one after you go though the guidance. The ring comes perfect with the diamond on it. The shipping is really fast. Overall, it is very happy experience to shop Blue Nile.
Zituo, Jersey City NJ – January 2009

The perfect engagement ring!!
I went to dozens and dozens of "Wholesale Jewelers" before deciding on going with Blue Nile. The diamond I got from Blue Nile was much cheaper and of a MUCH higher quality. I cannot say enough great things about this company! The ladies I spoke with on the phone were all terrific and made the whole process much easier and pleasant. When I received the ring, I was blown away by the quality. The diamond was so white and sparkled like a star! My fiance LOVED IT!!!!!! I am so happy with Blue Nile! Thanks!!!!!
Matt, sunny isles beach FL – January 2009

Great Overall Experience!
Like several comments I read online, I was worried that the 1/3 ct. tw. would not be big enough. However, my girlfriend loved the earrings and she looks amazing in them! She has received many compliments from family and friends. Several people questioned buying diamonds online. Buying online, I did not have to deal with the Christmas time shopping mall madness. Like most, I waited until December 21st to ship so I had the earrings shipped over night. Blue Nile's site was informative, easy to use, safe and provided an exceptional product. I called for additional information and the customer service rep was very helpful. He took my name and number and even called the next day to follow up. I have already recommended Blue Nile to several friends. I will buy again from Blue Nile!
Kevin, Lake Geneva WI – January 2009

She's very happy with her ring.
Blue nile is the perfect place to find great jewelry while saving money compared to retail brick and mortar stores.
Rolando, San Antonio TX – January 2009

Beutiful bracelet/great service
Two things: First, the bracelet is beutiful, understated and very elegant. This is the fourth time I've purchased from these guys (engagement ring, earrings, diamond necklace and this) and I've never been disapointed.

Second: their customer service is fantastic. I was traveling during the time I ordered this and had to change the shipping address and date twice and they came through with flying colors, even calling me up to verify the status.

I will be back!
Peter, Easton PA – January 2009

Absolutely Perfect
Like many other people, I was wary about ordering from an online company. I couldn't believe that I was able to build an engagement ring in platinum with a stone of higher quality and size and A LOT less than the comparable Tiffany's ring. My fiancee and I could not believe how amazing the ring looked - I catch her staring at it constantly!
Thomas, Rockbridge OH – January 2009

She loves it and she did say YES!
The ring is AMAZING and my fiance loves it! I would also like to stress that I think the level of service received when making the purchase was exceptional and beyond expectation. Thanks very much for getting me our ring in 4 business days!
Jeremy, Cochrane AB – January 2009

The ring was beautiful! I'm so glad I went with Blue Nile!
When I was looking for a ring I wanted something that was stunning and better than average. Blue Nile had the quality I wanted for far better pricing than in store possibilities. The ring arrived on time, and came with all documentation and looked GREAT! I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Blue Nile!
Scott, Pascoag RI – January 2009

I've never seen her that suprised!
I am utterly amazed at the quality of the diamond and the ring I purchased from Blue Nile. I have always bought my jewelry from an expensive local jeweler because of the high (tiffany like) quality, but Blue Nile has delivered the same quality at a lower price. My finance absolutely loved the ring. Everyone stares at the ring in awe. I contacted them the day of delivery because Fed-Ex had some delays because of snowy weather and Blue Nile called Fed-Ex to make sure my ring was delivered as promised. Thank you Blue Nile for making this experience so memorable.

Kevin, Grosse Pointe Shores MI – January 2009

I picked out 3 diamonds that interested me along with a setting for an engagement ring. I called Blue Nile and talked with a representative about the merchandise. They answered all my questions and gave me a number to another diamond for me to look at. That diamond was a better quality, and only a few dollars more, I went with theirs. The diamond radiates with fire and the setting was perfect.
David A, LAND O LAKES FL – January 2009

It was beautiful
I called twice, before making the purchase and the customer service personnel were willing to spend as much time as necessary with you so that you could come to a decesion you were comfortable with.
Anonymous – January 2009

She loved the necklace & earrings....
I would like to thank you for your service. I appreciate the quality of the necklace & earrings I bought for my wifes birthday. She loved them very much & was surprised at the beauty of them. I will do more shopping with this company in the future as I have done in the past.I am currently working in Afghanistan & will get to see the necklace when I get back in January. Again Thank you very much. Regards , Charles P.
Charles, The Woodlands TX – December 2008

I tried to buy from local jewelers but decided to go with Blue Nile after weeks of frustration and broken promises. There was no comparison in the knowledge of the two sources; all of the BN reps were extremely helpful. No matter what the local business may tell you their diamond inventory is not even close. I immediately trusted the BN reps and was very comfortable with my provided education. Sizing and shipping was flawless, it was actually a very pleasant purchase. I wish you guys sold cars, computers, appliances, etc. As far as I am concerned they are the only competitive source for engagement rings. Oh and buy the way, she loved it!
James, CINCINNATI OH – December 2008

You can buy with confidence.
This is a very trustworthy, professional company. All GIA reports and other relevant information is available for comparing stones. The diamond selection is large. I called Blue Nile and asked if a gemologist could compare two comparable stones and give a personal opinion. They did and provided the feedback quickly. This is the only site I would recommend for making a major diamond purchase.
Tom, DELMAR MD – December 2008

These earrings are great
Hi, I was actually very pleased with the hoop earrings, but I forgot that I ordered the same product the year before and had to return this purchase. I was extremely pleased with the ease of returning a product to you and the excellent customer service. I will continue to order from Blue Nile again in the future.
Gary, Westport CT – December 2008

Turned out beautifully!
My brother asked me to help him find an engagement ring so that he could propose to his girlfriend on Christmas. I took his ideas and budget and looked at a number of jewelers before checking Blue Nile. I was able to get my brother a much nicer diamond and finished ring within his budget than I could anywhere else. When he got the ring he loved it and so did she.
Margaret, ROSELLE IL – December 2008

Quality and Convenience
The ring arrived in a timely manner and was everything I expected and more. The diamond was of an exceptional quality and the setting was beautiful. Also included was a diamond certification, diamond care instructions, and information on insurance. Very professionally done!
Aaron, Baltimore MD – December 2008

Still cant stop admiring her ring!
Had Blue Nile custom build my FI's engagement ring and she (and I) have not been able to stop looking at it. It is an exceptional stone that came at a great unmatched price. I would highly recommend buying one of Blue Nile's ideal cut diamonds for your engagement ring.
Anonymous – December 2008

Blue Nile is simply the best!
My Custom Diamond Ring was everything I hoped for. The diamonds were amazing, I thought the platinum band was a tad thin, but she loved it. I learned so much from Blue Nile and it was very easy to pick and choose what I wanted.The customer service reps are OUTSTANDING. I ordered the ring a week prior to Christmas and I received it by Dec 23. It was perfect.After Christmas Eve dinner, I popped the ring into a Crumbs cupcake and she eventually found it, and said YES. I had no clue Blue Nile was a globally famous diamond brand; whenever her girlfriends ask her where the ring is from, and she replies, "Blue Nile", they all seem awed.. and then you know its worth it! Thanks once again to the customer service reps.
Anonymous – December 2008

Helpful Advice for first time buyers
I was initially concerned, because a blue nile rep sent me a diamond that was supposedly eye clean. When it arrived it was not at all eye clean. Blue nile accepted my return with no problems. I purchased a second diamond (same price and details) but the gia report appeared much cleaner. This one is UNBELIEVABLE. Its a total jawdropper. Everyone just says "Oh my God." My only complaint is that the exchange process takes over 2 weeks, and to meet my planned date, I had to purchase a second diamond before my first return was actually accepted. I would also advise buyers to look at the GIA report and avoid crystals which appear larger than a speck. That is, if you can see white inside the circle, stay away, if its just a pen dot, you're good. I have yet to see a whisp, feather, or cloud with the naked eye, so don't worry about small to medium ones. The Brick and mortar stores just can't compete on price. Stay the heck away from the mall unless you want to get RIPPED off.
Daniel, CHATTANOOGA TN – December 2008

No stress! All guys should shop Blue Nile.
Using the Blue Nile website was fantastic. I loved the Search aspect, and the ability to customize every detail. The service reps that I spoke to when purchasing were very helpful and friendly. The ring turned out great... and I got a great deal! Blue Nile takes all the stress out of buying an engagement ring.
Aaron D, Calgary AB – December 2008

this is by far the best purchase i've ever done online and cant imagine putting a price on the education i've gotten on diamonds. My fiancee is soooo in love with her ring and get a lot of compliments wherever she goes thanks a bunch

One word...BEAUTIFUL.
I ordered my fiance's ring while I was deployed in Iraq and returned in time to give it to her on Christmas Eve. She loved it the second she saw it and put it on. Blue Nile was recommended by a friend and I'm very pleased with the results. I'm going to definetely recommend Blue Nile to my friends when it comes to engagements and weddings. Thank You for your outstanding service.
Anonymous – December 2008

She said YES!
Being my first real diamond puchase I needed info to pick out an engagment ring. Lucky for me your site is full of usefull info and a search and compare format that led me to the puchase of a beautiful ring and the end of my life as a bachelor. (She said YES) Thanks
Bryan K., ARLINGTON WA – December 2008

She Loves Her Ring
I was skeptical about purchasing both an engagement and wedding ring online from someone I could not see and had never heard of. However, after I did a lot of research and read the good and bad consumer reviews, I took a chance on making a major purchase online. I was very pleased with the detailed information on the website about diamonds, gold and platinum jewelery. Upon receiving the package, i was also impressed with the certification paperwork that accompanied the rings. Im not sure if I would recommend purchasing all jewelery from Blue Nile to someone else because im not sure what to expect from their lower priced inventory. However, my fiance absolutely loves her rings and she gets loads of attention when other women see it.

TJ Houston, TX
Anonymous – December 2008

Very Pleasant Surprise
Me and My wife saw the pictures on the site and got a feel of how our diamond ring would be. We were amazed when we saw the very beautiful ring in reality, She was very happy and kept smiling that day. Its a wonderful diamond ring and thanks very much for such delightful experience of diamond shopping online fulfilling our trust.

God bless, Sandeep.
Sandeep, Richmond VA – December 2008

Blue Nile Best in Industry
The Blue Nile experience was exceptional. From selection, to education, to customer assistance and service, Blue Nile out performs all competitors. The ring is stunning, and the quality of diamond for the price is unmatched anywhere.
Daniel, Apopka FL – December 2008

She cannot stop wearing it and it fit the frist time!
When I built the ring I had very low knowledge about this. Bluenile website was very helpfull in giving me the right knowledge on what to look for in a dimond and other very important facts about building my own ring. I even use online feature when I was stuck on ring size. The experts online gave me a very accurate sizing information. So accurate that the riing fit the frist time! The ring itself is brliant and was everything I hope full. Bluenile even got the ring deliver to me within days. Even throught I have to use the APO system the ring still came in a timly matter. This allow me to present the ring to my fincae on CHrismas eve. I would higly recommand Bluenile to anyone.
Anonymous – December 2008

Fiancee loved the engagement ring.
I had some reservations about purchasing an engagement and wedding ring online, since I couldn't see the actual diamond or rings. However, Blue Nile always delivered to my expectations and this time was no different. My fiancee and I were very pleased with the rings and will continue to be customers for a long time.
Anonymous – December 2008

She was stunned by the beautiful diamond
I was very skeptical at first to make a purchase like this over the internet but when I received the ring in the mail you made me a believer. Your website is first rate and allowed me to narrow my search with ease considering the number of diamonds you had available in your inventory. When I had any questions or issues your personnel and the on-line chat service where fantastic and very knowledgeable. The ring was delivered very fast and more importantly on-time before our trip to Paris where I proposed and she said yes but how could she say no after the beautiful diamond your experts built. You have made me a believer and I will purchase all my future jewelry from Blue Nile. Thanks again for the great service and the beautiful diamond.
Jeffrey, APO AE – December 2008

She said "Yes!"
The ring that was delivered to me was of the finest quality, an absolutly gorgeous piece. Best of all, when I proposed to her, she said "Yes!" Then it took about twenty minutes for her to stop staring at the beautiful ring.

Thank you so much for a job well done. Please thank Stephanie from customer service and the jewlers who were responsible for our ring.
Jack, Wilmington DE – December 2008

I know that she will LOVE it!!!
I was a bit weary at first but when I recieved the diamond in the mail, it was beyond my expectations. I went to price a few rings at some other consumers and found the Blue Nile rings to be much higher quality at a cheaper price. I guess it is true when they say you pay for the Jewellers lovely stores. Thank you.
Brett, Freelton ON – December 2008

There was never a doubt she would say YES once she saw the ring!!!
She was mesmerized! I am extremely satisfied with the engagement ring I purchased from Blue Nile for my (now) fiance. I spent a lot of my time searching various shops and websites for the perfect diamond, and I have to say that Blue Nile was the best shopping experience by far! The ability to custom build an engagement ring for my girl, made the event even more special. I feel that I received the best possible pricing from Blue Nile, and the quality of their workmanship is outstanding. The customer service staff went out of their way to ensure that I received the ring on the day that I wanted it. There was never a doubt that my girl would say "YES" once she saw the ring!!! Thanks Blue Nile. Karl, Minneapolis, MN - November 2008
Karl, Coon Rapids MN – December 2008

Beautiful ring and excellent value.
She loved the ring and it was great value. My advice to all you fellas: Take her shopping at the retail stores and let her try stuff on and see what she likes and then buy something similar (or exactly the same) here at Blue Nile to save big.

I will say that when I got the ring it was a tiny tiny bit different than the picture. The stones on the band (little pave set stones) seemed a little smaller in person, and they stopped a tiny bit shorter of the center than it looked in the picture. The fact remains though, that she loved it, and it was a great deal, and those things are what matter most.
Daniel, Arlington VA – December 2008

She loved the ring!
It may feel a little skeptical buying such an expensive and personal item online. I know I did. But the feedback I got from friends that used Blue Nile reassured me. Blue Nile has thousands of diamonds to pick from. It is so easy to get the exact details of each diamond. No worries of getting half the story from some jeweler. I actually had more control of what I was buying from the comfort of my own home. I would highly recommend Blue Nile because of the savings they offer, quality and choice.
Anonymous – December 2008

When I read the testimonials left by previous customers the synic in me questioned, as I have done previously when reading other 'customer comments' whether they are in fact left by genuine customers! I have to say that I cannot fault the service or the beautiful engagement ring that I recieved from Blue Nile. A totally professional company from start to finsh, thank you! Will be back for our wedding rings soon!
Dave, Southampton Hampshire – December 2008

I never planned on buying a ring online. I used your website to educate myself and then I went to some jewelry stores to find the perfect ring. Once I got out and saw what jewelry stores had to offer I knew that Blue Nile was the obvious choice. I was able to get a larger daimond and save over a thousand dollars in the process! Thank you Blue Nile!
Anonymous – December 2008

Beautiful, and larger than expected
I was reluctant at first to buy jewelry online especially since I don't know much about jewelry. I saw that Blue Nile had an awesome selection, and a no-hassle retun policy. I figured I couldn't go wrong with that. Check it out, if you're not happy, just return it. Well, I've been a customer for a few years now, and let me tell you that I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else. I just purchased these earrings for my Wife's birthday, and she really liked them and wore them for quite a while. They were bigger than I thought they would be, but she said they were "perfect". Blue Nile rocks.
John, Bloomfield NJ – December 2008

She cried when she saw the ring in the champange glass.
From start to finish Blue Nile made buying the most important gift in my life a easy and smooth process. I was especially impressed with their customer service assistance when I needed to change the size at the last minute.

They were understanding, knowledgeable and friendly.

My next jewelry purchase I will definitely go to Blue Nile first before I check anywhere else.

Michael Hoctor
Michael, Tokyo-to Tokyo – December 2008

Ruben, Madera CA – December 2008

Tears of joy and amazment at how beautiful the ring was.
Thank you very much for all the advice and patience during my picky selection process. I have been in contact with few local jewelers as well as your competitor in NYC. But I'm very glad I have purchased from BlueNile. Your staff has been exceptional, especially during long chats. The ring came out to be gorgeous and she was thrilled:) Thank you once again.
Igor, Lincoln Park NJ – November 2008

The perfect ring
Like many, I was a little hesistant at first to buy an engagement ring online, but Blue Nile made the process very reassuring. With certified stones, I knew exactly what I was getting (in most cases better than the qualty of retail stores) and there were so many options I was sure to get the perfect stone for my price range. Not only that, the customer service was great; everyone was very polite and helpful. My experience couldn't have gone any better!
Daniel, Richmond VA – November 2008

I couldn't be more satisfied with the ring I purchased for my soon to be wife! After doing some comparitive shopping Blue Nile is definetly the way to go! I had her check out some local stores to see if she would preffer anything over what I got her and she decided to stick with my choice. The price and quality couldn't be match going through a local store. The customer service line was fast and quite helpfull, not your typical customer service line. Thanks Blue Nile!
Aaron, Vancouver WA – November 2008

Can't beat the price!
Buying anything sight-unseen is very difficult, but I was very nervous with an expensive ring. I spent a lot of time in private rooms with one-on-one sales consultants when shopping for my fiance's ring, but the difference in price between the brick & mortar stores and Blue Nile is staggering. Fortunately, the ring couldn't have been any better! The zero-pressure searching was great and extremely easy with Blue Nile's search parameters. If anyone is on the fence about buying a diamond online, take some time to learn about diamonds, study the certificate inclusion plots and have confidence in receiving a quality stone from Blue Nile.
Steven, McLean VA – November 2008

very quick shipping
i was very impressed with how fast the pearls arrived at my house and also at the level of information that was available to use when selecting a pearl. I had no idea what i was doing in the begining and the Blue Nile site really helped.
michael, upton MA – November 2008

She love's her ring very much.
Blue Nile is a first class company.I thank you very much for the top notch service.Blue Nile is the only diamond company to do bizz with.You have a customer for life.Once again i thank you.
Mark, Rohnert Park CA – November 2008

She loved the simple elegance...
I'm glad I chose this design as it fits my girl great. It's sleek and sophisticated and the diamond is absolultely brilliant. She loves it and her mother who is very picky and knowlegeable about diamonds also thought it was very nice. Before giving it to her, I had 2 weeks to think about it and I looked at that ring everyday and I was always impressed. Way better Quality than the big name stores at the mall that I looked at and I probably saved at least 500 bills buying from Blue Nile... Customer service was great and the ring arrived fast and secure... I was a little worried, but they have a great return policy as well. So No Worry Beef Curry... hahaha...
Brent, Ewa Beach HI – November 2008

Great value and quality
We went to look for rings at one point, and everything looked so expensive.I was really glad that I waited to buy a ring when I came onto blue nile and saw the range of options and affordability. I was able to get a larger and higher quality diamond than what most large retailers use for about the same price I would pay for a lesser ring from one of those stores. She loves it too!
Anonymous – November 2008

My purchase of the 2.55+ caret pear shape diamond and Pave setting was beyond my wives expectation. We were replacing her stolen pear shaped diamond ring. She was convinced we would not find another as nice as her original engagement ring after shopping everywhere until I found Blue Nile.The entire process from choosing a diamond, building it with a setting, making the order and delivery of the product was exceptional and truely one of the best buying experiences on a big ticket item that I have had.We were recently in a upscale Jewlery Store getting a watch repaired and the Jewler made a comment that my wives ring was really unique and wanted to know who designed it. I am planning now to make my next purchase of a charm bracelet for my wife.I was told by her to only buy it at Blue Nile. Robert L.Haire Cooksville Md.
Robert, Cooksville MD – November 2008

She can't stop looking at the ring!!!
If you're not sure of your girlfriend's finger size, even after using the printable size chart, purchace the ring a few weeks before you plan to propose. Blue Nile will resize the ring free of charge within 45 days of the purchace. I though my girlfriend was a size 7, nope... size 5! (opps!) Blue Nile took care of my resize!!! Thanks!!!
Timothy, Beesley's Point NJ – November 2008

Great value and excellent service
Service was great. Every time I called in I spoke with an intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable salesperson who was not trying to 'hard sell' me on anything in particular. That stands in stark contrast to my retail experience.

My only complaint is that if you need to ship your ring back to get it resized or put the diamond in a different setting, it takes a long time because you have to use registered mail. God forbid you need to send it back twice - your fiancee will be ringless for almost a month!

But otherwise I highly recommend Blue Nile. Really a wonderful company.
Clay, San Fransisco CA – November 2008

She loved the engagement ring.
After a horrendous experience at a national jewelry store. I didn't want to deal with another aggressive sales person again. I decided to take a gamble at purchasing a ring that I haven't seen. Fortunately, the graphics that you provided and the detail deion of my ring eased my anxiety. The ring looks better than I expected! She loved it and all her friends gave me a thumbs up! I will recommend buying an engagement ring to all my friends from Blue Nile.
Hale, HOPKINS MN – November 2008

Anniversary Ring
Thank you for the up dates you e-mail out. I wanted to get my wife a copy of her wedding band, but forgot the name and specifics of the ring. Luckily you sent out a "these items would go great with a previous purchase." And reminded me the name and specifics of the original ring. My wife was completely surprised when I "remembered" exactly which ring to buy! Thanks!
aaron, Allen TX – November 2008

The ring arrived as scheduled. The certificate, jewelry box, the platinum setting and the diamond were all flawless.

I am now ecstatic to be engaged to the love of my life.

Thank you Blue Nile for exceptional customer service and delivering EXACTLY what I expected, at a fantastic price. - Edward Alexei

Edward, SAN BRUNO CA – November 2008

Words cannot even begin to describe the service and the quality of diamonds that Blue Nile offers. I am still in awe of my engagement ring....I was absolutely shocked when my boyfriend opened the box. Thank you so much. Now I know where to get my fine jewelry.
Anonymous – November 2008

One Very Happy Couple
Like many other people, I was very worried about buying an item as important as an engagement ring over the internet. My neighbor had used this site before and suggested it to me. I did my research and when I couldn't beat the price, I took the risk. I was expecting a very nice ring with the paper work that accompanies it, but what I got was an outstanding ring with exceptional documentation. Blue Nile went way above and beyond my expectations. I was very happy with how secure this experience was, through the internet and the mail. I will never buy a diamond any other place without shopping at Blue Nile first. I recommend everyone I know to do the same.
Joseph, Crainville IL – November 2008

Very Happy
I cana t begin to tell you how satisfied I am with my Blue Nile experience. The selection was great the process was easy and the customer service was very helpful and friendly. The quality of the engagement ring I purchased was excellent; I could not believe the selection of diamonds I had to choose from and the fantastic prices. My fiancAc loved the ring. I recommended Blue Nile 100%.
Paul, Topeka KS – November 2008

Beautiful Ring
The ring was awesome, she loved it and said yes, i carved "will you marry me" in a pumpkin, cause it was around halloween and she wanted a pumpkin carving contest, and when it was time to judge the pumpkins, i turned it around and dropped to one knee...she loved it, her family was there, they think i won.
Anonymous – November 2008

Wonderful, first-time experience
For reasons unrelated to Blue Nile, I had to cancel my order and then quickly reorder the same ring. I called customer service and the staff was very helpful and sharp. I thought explaining my reason for cancellation and immediate reorder would be confusing to the staff. However the first Blue Nile's customer service person I spoke with quickly understood my problem and remedied it just as fast. I consider BlueNile.com to be to jewelry shopping what NewEgg.com is to computer parts.
Christopher, Austin TX – November 2008

I was hesitant at first, but when it arrived it was more than what I expected. I could not find quality diamonds in the retail stores, I am glad I stubled across your website. Blue Nile carries such a wide range of high quality diamonds to choose from at a fraction of the retail cost. Thanks for everything!
Ryan, MANISTEE MI – November 2008

Supremely cut sparkly sensation!
All I can say is that we took a few hours to pick out the band we wanted and then I took a lot more hours hunting for the best diamond that I could afford. Very few people have a band like my fiancAcs and she has been the talk of her group of friends for weeks now! They all think I spent twice what I did. Which is how it should be when you've just shopped at Blue Nile. I've been aware of Blue Nile since 1999 as I work in the net since then. But, having tried a few hybrid and pure online jewellers here in Ireland and internationally, I settled on Blue Nile. For all of their reasons of quality, value, pricepoint etc but also because, as the fulfillment centre is based in Ireland, I'm actually supporting Irish jewellers but not getting cleaned out by their daft prices!! Blue Nile rock n rolls.
Anonymous – November 2008

Blue Nile is the epitome of substantiated claims,,,
An absolutely beautiful ring arrived in only a couple days. It has yielded zero dissapointments for two reasons: (1) Blue Nile sells quality diamonds only (if you inspect closely, you'll notice that their scroll bar for the slection of diamond features only includes ratings under perfect and near perfect brackets -- color, for example, is selectable only through "J..." other online jewlers provide you with the whole alphabet of color quality, but won't show you the actual diamond because it probably looks like rock salt.) And (2,) Blue Nile encourages the consumer to educate themselves prior to purchase. What's more, they provide the information for you in a comprehensive interface -- making it virtually impossible for people to purchase anything but what PERFECTLY suits their desire.
Chris, Townsend MA – November 2008

I'm sure she'll love it.
I did a great deal of comparison shopping before choosing Blue Nile. I was extremely happy with the customer service, product, and value. I'm giving the engagement ring to her on Thanksgiving Day with her entire family present. Hope she says, "Yes"!
Chet, Arden Hills MN – November 2008

Wonderful custom engagement ring
I got an engagement ring which we both love (she can't stop staring)! The color & reflection off the diamonds are stunning, better than expected. The ideal setting makes the main diamond and side diamonds look even BIGGER than they are. The complete ring is flawless and amazing quality.

Building it was simple and it saved in my cart for me to come back and buy later. If a diamond I chose was no longer available, it was easy to pick a new one. It didn't take them long to confirm my order and shipping was exactly as they stated. I wired the payment which went through just fine and the return policy is great. I like the appraisal and certification reports they provided for ease of mind and it adds a lot.

One tiny glitch was we had a little problem with the sizing since it ran 1/2 bigger than her other ring, they told me how to return it for a free adjustmt within 45 days. Now she can't wait to get it back and wear her perfect ring!
Anonymous – November 2008

You can't beat the price for a tag bracelet
If you are comparing to Tiffany or looking to pass it off as Tiffany's, this is slightly different. It's a little lighter and the tag is just so slightly thinner (tag is stamped Blue Nile too). The links are oval compared to Tiffany being round. That being said I would take this version over Tiffany anyday. You can't beat the price. I have Tiffany pieces, but I just don't want to pay for thier inflated prices anymore. Plus, I like that this is plated. Tiffany silver tarnish's so quick being non-plated. I did get mine engraved and was very happy with how it came out. I do wish along with other's that there was an option for engraving on both sides. I have to have my hubby take mine in to get Princess added to the other side now. That's my only beef is engraving only 1 side. I still give it 5 starts though. It really is a nice piece for the price. Buy it , you won't regret it.

PS Superman fast shipping. I ordered in the afternoon, shipped out that night and I recieved the next day.
Melissa, Syracuse NY – November 2008

Excellent follow-up to the matching earrings!
I bought the earrings for my wife last year and she loved them. This bracelet's been on my short list to get for her since I got the earrings, but being a bit more than we could readily afford, I had to wait until just recently. She was interested in getting some bracelet jewelry so I ordered her a bracelet from JC Penney, thinking it would be nice - but it was so chinzy and cheap that she returned it. You get what you pay for. Blue Nile's quality hasn't let me down yet!
James, Waterloo IL – November 2008

The perfect ring!
Blue Nile was very helpful in making my engagement ring purchase. Not only was the website very informative, but the live chat feature to get information was both very functional and the customer service representatives were very responsive. The ring and diamond really sparkle.

Thanks Blue Nile.
Anonymous – November 2008

So much more than what she was expecting!
I couldn't beleive the price of the looks diamond I was looking at online, so I called their customer service. The representative was extremely helpful and patient, and just had a warm and friendly feel to her. She helped answer my questions professionally and I was able to make my purchase. The ring arrived as scheduled and I couldn't believe how great it looked. My now fiance is in complete shock and thinks ring is perfect!
Nicholas, Plano TX – November 2008

First experience with Blue Nile
The website is amazing, extremely detailed information as far as diamond quality, and very easy to understand. If you are familiar with the Bay Area, you've probably heard of the Gift Center and Jewelry Mart, and the Jewelry Center in San Francisco (They are concidered whole sale jewelry stores). I was able to get into both of these places, and the sales people were amazed with the amount of information I knew about diamonds. In addition to that, when they finally were able to show me a stone I did like, their prices were still about $1200 - $1500 more than that of Blue Nile. When the ring arrived, it completely met all of my expectations. I even brought the ring in to a well know jewelry store, and they were extremely impressed with the quality of the stone. Bottom line, great quality, and great prices. My girlfriend hasn't seen it yet, but I'm sure she'll love it.
Anonymous – October 2008

Best purchase I have ever made!
I purchased this ring with a .6 Carat, G Color, VS1 clarity, very good cut diamond and I could not be happier! My Fiance constantly tells me how glad she is that I picked the ring instead of her, because she would not have chosen something so nice as she thought it was out of her price range. All of her friends absolutely love it, and they said she will have to go along with them when they are looking for a ring, because they want one similar to hers. Best purchase I have ever made, highly recommended.
Luke, Waynesboro PA – October 2008

She's happier than I've ever seen her
My experience with Blue Nile was amazing. They were way better than the other 3 jewelers I tried. Truely a GREAT experience!
Anonymous – October 2008

Couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Obviously there is skepticism with making such a big purchase from an online vendor, without the ability to see your merchandise. But after talking with friends who has used Blue Nile, working with the customer service representative who was very knowledgeable and friendly, and reviewing the well laid out and fully-functional website (which says alot in itself), not to mention the prices that you can't beat, I was willing to take the chance. As a result, I'm more than pleased with the result and the new Fiance' is as well!
Patrick, Pflugerville TX – October 2008

Diamond Ice!
SHE LOVED it!... even though we've been married over 13 years, I always promised her a 'big' diamond...The diamond is awesome looking, blinding in direct sunlight and the ring itself is a great compliment to the diamond and the additional band (which she had already). She loves wearing it and likes to show it off! I went to a local 'high end' jeweler and a very like diamond, ring set (in fact lower quality diamond at that)...was almost $4K more! I've been doing business with BlueNile for nearly 4 years now and just LOVE the outstanding product choices, outstanding quality and superior efficiency and service, you just can' t beat it and keep up the great work bluenile. It's those things that will continue to keep bluenile successful. My wife loves her diamond and ring, she couldn't be happier and if she's happy, I'm happy!
Justina, New Braunfels TX – October 2008

She cleans it daily to keep it sparkling
The ring was perfect! She loved it, and she has received a number of compliments from friends and family, especially her mom. Customer service was exceptional. I called with a few questions about the setting. My fiance is a trainer so I wanted a sturdy setting. She pointed me to the one I chose, even though it was actually less expensive then the ones I had originally chosen and asked the customer service rep about. The same experience is a certain angagement ring store was far different. I told them my budget, and they tried to push me higher. I went higher on this ring anyway, but it was by choice, not sales pressure tactics. The entire experience was perfect. Thanks!
Michael, Frisco TX – October 2008

Perfect ring!
This is the best customer service I've ever had. Everything was perfect. The engagement ring is beautiful. My fiance loved it. It appraised for nearly twice what I paid for it and when we took it to a jeweler to inquire about getting it engraved, the jeweler said he hadn't seen a ring with that much sparkle in years. Thank you for everything.
Anonymous – October 2008

Delicate yet dramatic--I love it!
I love this ring! I had ordered and returned several plain bands from other online stores, because they were low-quality and actually detracted from my engagement ring (which has some diamonds in the band) and I wasn't happy with the service either. My brother had purchased a 5-diamond ring for my sister-in-law from Blue Nile and her ring is gorgeous, and he spoke highly of the company, so I decided to try them. My ring was shipped overnight for free as promised (unlike my experience with other stores), which allowed me to get it the day before we left for our wedding, and it's just beautiful. It is very slim, as other reviewers noted, but that's what I wanted, as it doesn't overwhelm my engagement ring. Compared to stores in my city it was a very good deal, and it mattered to me that the diamonds are certified conflict-free. I have to say, you get a load of sparkle from that very slim band--it's delicate yet dramatic.
Anonymous – October 2008

A Brilliant Diamond Ring
I checked on BizRate.com and found that Blue Nile was rated very highly and the ability to shop for a specific diamond greatly influenced my decision to use them for the ring. I was very impressed with the array of diamonds I could choose from and selected one that I thought was perfect for the ring I wanted to buy.

I received the ring on the expected day of delivery and was very happy to see the packaging and the very nice ring box. The ring was spectacular and great quality.
David, Gardner MA – October 2008

I love Blue Nile!
This was our fourth purchase from Blue Nile - my engagement ring and wedding band and my husband's wedding band and his replacement band when he lost the first one! Seamless customer service and exceptional products!
Anonymous – October 2008

The ONLY place to even consider buying your ring from.
Outstanding. There is no other word to express the sheer quality of this company's faultless products, and - considering the fact that most people will be currently hunting for engagement rings; a potentially nerve-wracking experience regardless of how many years you and your partner have been together - unsurpassed customer service. You may be tempted by cheaper prices elsewhere on the Internet, but beware: questionable diamonds (unlike the certified ones here), and dull and lifeless stones and metals are indicators of why they may be so cheap. I will be back here to purchase my wedding bands - that is for sure!
David, Craig Y Don Conwy – October 2008

Beautiful Earrings, and exceptional customer service
We've been Blue Nile customers for over 7 years, and have purchased most of our jewelry here including the engagment ring, wedding bands. Every item so far has been of high quality, and good value. These earrings are no exception, beautiful color, round, uniform. I had some questions when I first received them, customer service consultant Ningyel went out of her way to find out the answers and proactively followed up to make sure that I was satisfied. Keep up the great work Blue Nile, and I'm looking forward to more new and exciting designs.
Anonymous – October 2008

she was so pleased she cried
I am an active duty Marine and I ordered the ring so that it would arrive while we were home on leave after my most recent deployment to Iraq. The ring arrived in time and was able to give it to her before we returned home. When I presented it to her, she was so happy, she broke down and cried. Before I deployed, we had discussed buying a ring and with your website, I was abl;e to research and find the perfect ring for her before I returned. Thank you very much.
Daniel J, Kailua HI – October 2008

My fiance has loved the ring since I put it on her finger.
I had initially been hesitant to purchase an engagement ring over the web without actually seeing it, but the amount of information Blue Nile provides on diamond selection and the particular characteristics of each stone helped me select an amazingly beautiful diamond at a great value compared to any of the local jewelers I visited.

Since I needed a 1/4 ring size I had to call your customer service line. Gina told me everything I needed to know, including when I would receive the ring, how it would be packaged and what to do if it did not fit (although it was a perfect fit).

The ability to select the perfect diamond at a great price, receive it within a few days and get great customer service separates Blue Nile from any other jeweler. Most importantly, my fiance has loved the ring from the moment I put it on her finger.
William, SAN JOSE CA – October 2008

Diamond Engagment Ring
After going to Tiffany's, I decided to peruse your website. The educational information you provided was very useful and I liked the fact that if I was not satisfied with my purchase I could return it within thirty days. Of course, I did not need to do that. Also, the rave reviews from major newspapers that you posted, along with the fact that I could get an exceptional ring for 30-40% less than the storefront locations sealed the deal. My girlfriend (now fiancee) loves the ring! Truly, it is even prettier than I expected. It also seems to shine more brilliantly than the other rings worn by other women I've seen. Personally, it was much easier for me to purchase through you as opposed to going to a store, where, at times, the process can feel intimidating.
Anonymous – October 2008

She could not stop lookign at it!
I was a bit skeptic about buying such an important item online however it turned out to be a great experience. I took her to Thailand for two weeks for a little vacation. The day before I had her taken to a spa. She had her nails done, facial.. The works. The days before that I made her feel real special. We went to this Italian restaurant and order exactly the same as our first date. She was just so happy that I remembered what we had ...specially the Tiramisu. The next day we booked an elephant trekking trip for the whole day. I asked her the big question during a beautiful setting on the elephant. I had the elephant guide take a picture when I asked her. She was crying for like five minutes and said yes!! Of course I will marry you. We headed out for a nature canoe ride for 45 minutes. The last thing was a nice romantic sunset dinner on a floating restaurant. She could not stop looking at the ring and telling me baby this ring is so beautiful!!
Hector R., OAK HARBOR WA – October 2008

Both my fiancee and I have already received numerous compliments on the ring I bought her from Blue Nile. The first two times we went out to dinner after getting engaged our waitresses just had to see her ring. This may get old after awhile but right now it just confirms that I made the right choice by purchasing from Blue Nile. At Blue Nile I was able to find the type of ring I was looking for without breaking my budget. I had a picture of what I wanted but at storefront jeweler s my selection was either lacking or in most cases nonexistent. The knowledge that I gain about diamonds and how they are graded was invaluable to me. At a jeweler s I had no idea why one ring was priced so much more than another similar looking ring. This transparency on the quality of each stone was very beneficial to this rookie diamond buyer. I would recommend to any male in the market for a diamond engagement ring for his future wife to at least give Blue Nile a look.
Dirk, Aurora IL – October 2008

Bling, bling and More bling!!!
After studying the 4 c's and doing my homework, I finally decided to go with a ring from Blue Nile. The transaction was easy and they even delayed the deliver a couple of days per my request.

Upon arrival, I was amazed at the "bling" of the ring and my sweetie was ecstatic!!!! Needless to say, she said yes!! She gets compliments all the time on the ring and loves to show it off!!

Thanks Blue Nile, you provided a superior product at more than half the cost of local retailers. I will definitely shop here again in the future!!
James, Wilmington NC – October 2008

What I thought it would be in my dreams!
We research everything before we buy something and my engagement/wedding ring was no exception. We heard nothing but good things from friends about Blue Nile and found great honest feedback on their site. I have had "the ring" in mind forever and was pleased to find just what I wanted. I had some questions and the phone representative was great at giving me guidance to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted. Fortunately, the ring came with in 2 days which was just in time as we decided to elope! We will add our recommendation to the many that this was a great experience and the rings are beautiful!
Kathleen, San Francisco CA – October 2008

The service and quality of the products is among the best out there! They take the stress, anxiety, and "salesyness" out of the entire process so that you can focus on selecting the highest quality and perfect diamond for your occassion. My expectations were exceeded!
Anonymous – October 2008

The perfect ring that took 2 years to find!
I contacted Blue Nile many months ago and I used the online "Talk to a Diamond Expert" button and spoke to a fantastic person who talked me through the setting and more importantly the technical side of selecting the stone.

My experience has been unbelievable. When my credit card company made mistake after mistake with fraud prevention, Blue Nile staff always kept me informed and helped me through this while never making me think it was my fault.

If I had a hat I woudl take it off. I have never experienced service like it and no doubt I never will. I can't wait to make another purchase!
Paul, Limavady Londonderry – October 2008

She loved the engagement ring
The ring looked amazing! I was a little leery of ordering something as important on this, but after doing my homework, Blue Nile appeared to be the best option, hands down. After seeing the ring, and thinking about the other rings and diamonds I looked at in my price range at the shopping mall jewelry stores, they didn't even compare. Plus, getting a certified diamond made it that much more reassuring ordering from Blue Nile. To get a certified diamond at most stores, you had to pay extra!
Christopher, Manchester CT – October 2008

Pride and Envy
Dear Blue Nile, You have provided me with the best experience ever by going through you guys to purchase the ring. I went to Robbins Bros and other places but their quality cannot even compare to what you provide. My fiancee's ring gleans and sparkles like crazy. You have made me proud of my purchase and my fiancee the envy of every woman out there! Thank you so much!

~Allen Fan
Allen, Escondido CA – October 2008

Absolutely Perfect
My experience with Blue Nile was fantastic. Obviously, an engagement ring is an important purchase. I came into this having an idea of what I was looking for but not knowing much about diamonds. The BN rep helped to educate me on the "C's" and helped me find the perfect diamond. I was a little skeptical buying online at first, however, I asked around and no one had seemed to have heard anything except positive feedback on the company, plus I have a friend who used to work there and swears by them. So I bought the diamond and ring and it was delivered in 3-4 business days. When I opened it, it was amazing. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. It was better than any diamond I had ever seen. She loves it and has never been happier. We will be purchasing our wedding bands through BN and will always recommend them to anyone in the market. I should also add that the service doesn't stop after the purchase, they are always happy to help if you have questions afterwards.
Kevin, BOTHELL WA – October 2008

Exceeded my already high expectations.
Not really sure what to expect from an online retailer, especially for something so expensive, but I did my homework and felt fairly confident in my purchase. The ring more than exceeded expectations, absolutely perfect. Customer service, as well, was top notch...it's nice to know that there are still companies out there that recognize the value of quality customer service; people remember that and will come back because of it. I had an extremely tight timeline and they met it perfectly. I've been spreading the good word to everyone I know about Blue Nile because when you come across a company that's doing things the right way you want them to continue to be successful. Thank you for making my engagement a special one.
Nathan Mark, WALTHAM MA – October 2008

I LOVED, LOVED, my ring.
The entire experience with Blue Nile has been wonderful. The customer service is exceptional and the best I have ever seen. More companies should take a lesson from you. The ring we selected is exquisite and exactly what I have always hoped to receive. Thank you for a great experience & education in diamonds. We learned a lot and enjoyed every minute. We will be back.
Debra, SACRAMENTO CA – October 2008

Simple yet stunning.
With all of the information, that the Blue Nile site provided me, I went to some of the best retail stores in my area of Canada. No one could compete with your prices and selection. Still, I was apprehensive to spend such a large amount online. But, the process was seamless. I chose the ring, material and stone online. However, when I placed the order I called a Blue Nile representative. They answered all my questions in a very professional manner. Blue Nile always informed me at what stage my order was at. It arrived in 3 days from the time I orderd it. The ring is beautiful - just what I expected - actually nicer. I love the simplicity of this setting and it looks even better in person than it does on your site. And, the best part is it looks incerdible on her hand. If anybody has doubts about the level of service and satisfaction that Blue Nile offers, they shouldn't. I would absolutuely reccomend Blue Nile.
Gregg O., West Vancouver BC – September 2008

Just as promised.
The ring was just as promised and right on time. She loved it. The best part of Blue Nile is their customer service. I have spoke to at least 4 people now on the phone and EVERY single one was EXTREMELY freindly and helpful.

I was very hesitant and visited a few well known retailers to try and get the diamond I found on Blue Nile even if the price was higher just to make me feel more comfortable. After all the research I did I knew exactly what I wanted. The retailers acted like I was crazy for even asking for the specific details of the diamond. They didn't want to have to search for it. Blue Nile had several diamonds that fell into my requirements so I was able to compare many options.

It's only been a few weeks, but to this point Blue Nile has been one of the best purchasing experiences I have had in a long time.
Kevin, AURORA OH – September 2008

An incredible engagement ring from an incredible company!
I found the entire buying experience from Blue Nile to be exceptional. The web site is very user friendly, and I especially appreciate the diamond search capability and the numerous customization options you offer. I was also able to learn quite a bit about diamonds in your library, which helped me to make an informed purchase. I had narrowed my choice down to two diamonds, and sent an email requesting to have them visually inspected. Darren Vickers reserved those two diamonds for me while I made my decision, and when I called to place my order, it was Darren who picked up and provided outstanding and friendly service.

I proposed on a secluded beach. It was a perfect moment, and I finally got a "yes" out of her after she finished jumping up and down and catching her breath! The ring is stunning not only to us, but to everyone who has seen it.

Joshua E., Lynchburg VA – September 2008

Best Online Shopping Experience
The custom built engagement ring exceeded my expectation, high quality diamond and beautiful ring. Most importantly, I'm engaged now and my fiancee loves the ring. Blue Nile offers top-notch customer service, well-designed website, great online diamond education, wide selection of diamonds and best value for the money. Traditional jewelry stores can't beat Blue Nile in price and selection. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and will recommend Blue Nile to my family and friends.
Anonymous – September 2008

Rep helped make me look good!!!
The pendant was exactly as my representative stated. My girlfriend was shocked and ecstatic at my choice. The rep was of the utmost help to this meathead in ordering jewelry. Rep even recommended me going from the Akoya alone pendant to the Freshwater with the diamond. With the price difference, I was able to get a matching bracelet. When the bracelet arrived it had some flaws, but the rep went out of her way to next day a replacement for my girlfriends birthday. Although there was a flaw, it got corrected and fast. Some of the best customer service ever. Thanks Britney!
Christian M, Hermosa Beach CA – September 2008

Signature Ideal, Blown Away, Excellent Service
This has to be the best shopping experience I have had. It was fast and easy and the staff were so helpful in pointing me in the right direction to purchasing the exact ring I wanted. I highly recommend shopping at Blue Nile for all your Jewelry needs.

I also highly recommend the Signature Ideal Cut. It is beautiful. The way it catches the light will blow you and your partner away.
James, Granger IN – September 2008

Fantastic engagement ring
I bought my girlfriends engagement ring from Blue Nile and she absolutely loved it. She was amazed that such a beautiful ring, of such a high quality could be purchased on the internet. She has already told me she wants he wedding ring to come from Blue Nile as well!!!

The service provided by Blue Nile was fantastic and helped to make a very difficult decision very easy.

Thank you.
wesley, coleraine londonderry – September 2008

I love Blue Nile almost as much as she loves her engagement ring!
I was seriously impressed with every aspect of my dealings with Blue Nile - starting from the informative and friendly website, and moving through helpful and patient customer services, on-time hassle-free delivery, and excellent after-sales. It was almost as if Blue Nile and I were jointly proposing to my now fiancee. She said yes, and she's delighted with her ring, so there's definitely something to be said for the partnership!
David, London null – September 2008

Amazing service, exceptional quality ring & she said YES!!!!!!!!!
Top quality service. I needed the item I bought a couple of days before it was due to be delivered. I contacted the Blue Nile customer service team and could not fault them. The lady who I spoke to couldnt have done enough to help me. She managed to get my item to me in time for the weekend I needed it for. Amazing service. Excellent quality ring and diamond. From service to quality, everything was so much better than any of the jewellers I had visited. Couldn?t be happier! Thank you Blue Nile!
Ben, Doncaster South Yorkshire – September 2008

"Wow what a ring"
"Wow" what a purchase........... After sevaral weeks of high street shopping I could not find a suitable ring that would my girlfreind away. After only 30 minutes on the Blue Nile website i found the perfect ring. The transaction was very easy, I found the stone and the setting and within 15 minutes my order was being processed. So the scene was set, a perfect gleaming Diamond ring in my pocket I whisked my girlfreind to Paris and asked her to marry me. It worked the ring won her over she said yes, for the next two days all she just looked at the ring in amazement, she questionned the price I kept that to myself although all our family and freinds have tried to estimate a price (all double of what i paid lol)... So I would like to say thank you all at Blue Nile for my life changing purchase.
Anthony, Middlesbrough Cleveland – September 2008

Perfect ring on the perfect place!
I bumped to Blue Nile during my proposal ring searching and couldn't be more lucky! The variety and service was exceptional and the ring was just what i wanted for the occassion. I Decided to propose on the Greek Island Santorini and the ring should be as beautiful as the scenery around. The customer care staff was the best help and made the impossible as the ring arrived on my hands just in time before Greek 15th of Aug holidays. This is what i call "everything for the customer". She burst into tears when she saw me on knees with the wooden box open and YES was her only choice. I will definitelly choose Blue Nile again and force others to do so too. A pair of earings to match the ring is my next choice on the basket.
Panos, Aegaleo/Athens Greece – September 2008

Perfect Engagement Ring
I was a little dubious about ordering online. The feedback eased my mind and hopefully this will do likewise for someone.

I knew what I wanted, I knew how much I had to spend. It was great to view, then view again and finally make a decision without any pushy sales person.

The ring was fist class, delivery was fast and I could not have purchased anything even close to the price range on the high street.

Most of all my, now fiancee was blown away.

In addition, her best friend had planned to get engaged around the same time. Haven't heard anything since....maybe they have to save for a bigger ring now!
Aidan, belfast antrim – September 2008

Great service and products
This is the third purchase we have made from BN. Also purchased an engagement ring and this same band as a wedding band 6 and 5 years ago respectively. Customer service at that time impressed me greatly. This time we also had to send the ring back for a resize and the whole process was easy, painless, and fast. I mailed back the ring last Friday and received the resized one today. I do not hesistate to recommend BN or think twice about shopping here first.
Kevin, ROWLETT TX – September 2008

You'll never regret a purchase with Blue Nile!
We are very pleased with the Low-Dome comfort-Fit Wedding ring in 18-K yellow gold which we received from Blue Nile. The width of 6mm was just right for Glenn's long fingers. Reasonably priced. We have always been pleased with everything we have purchased from Blue Nile. Courteous service days, weeks, and months after purchases, i.e.: when Glenn first purchased my engagement ring I can't tell you how many phone calls he made. Everyone was always courteous, helpful, accomodating. He was quite impressed. Enough so to keep purchasing the wedding rings over a year later. We have no complaints, only complements.
Anonymous – August 2008

great on-line experience!
Shopping for an engagement ring is quite an intimidating thing. Through Blue Nile, I learned about what to look for in a diamond. Then I shopped around at local jewelers and other on-line stores. I discovered that no one comes close to Blue Nile in price. I was skeptical about making a large purchase on-line, but with the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives, I decided to give it a shot. I received the ring promptly (although I had some problems on the FedEx end). When I proposed to my fiancee, she was blown away! She couldn't stop looking at it. So this was a win-win situation: My fiancee loves the beauty of the diamond. I love the fact that I got a great deal. I will shop at Blue Nile again.
Anonymous – August 2008

Posts too large and uncomfortable
I phoned today because, although I ordered them on July 18, they were sent to my boyfriend's home in Reno (to save sales tax in Washington). As a result I wasn't able to wear them till this past Monday (August 4). I called because the posts are very uncomfortable because they are so large, and I was advised to put Neosporin on them and see if it helped. I'll do this when I get home. I really like the earrings, but not if they continue to make my ears bleed and be so uncomfortable. I still have a short time to wear them and see what happens. I really like them and bought them to go with a necklace that my boyfriend gave me. I was also told the holes in my ears may be small because of wearing earrings on wires (I don't have any like that -- only posts)
Anonymous – August 2008

I know what I'm talking about...
I have worked in high-end retail for over ten years and know what exceptional service is when I receive it and the service at BlueNile rivals the best jewery houses. Furthermore, their selection is unbelievable and their prices are better than 95% of their competition. In the past I would usually go to the Los Angeles Diamond District but after shopping with BlueNile I find it hard to go there when it's so much more convenient to shop online. And it's not just me, my colleague, who manages a DeBeers, just told me he bought a pair of earrings from BN, and he even gets a discount at DeBeers.
Scott, HONOLULU HI – August 2008

The Best Selection
I found the Bile nile website to be very educational, which ultimately helped me ranked the four C's to my preference. Although, I was hesitate about not being able to see the ring before purchasing, after receiving the ring, it has far exceeded all expectations. Each diamond has laser cut serial number in the girdle. This serial number can also be found on the GIA report. This ensured that what I bought is what I got. Just to make sure everything was legitimate, I tooked the ring to my family jeweler. Everything was fine. Buy all means do not feel that buying over the internet is a scam. Blue Nile be far has the biggest selection, which allows for more creativity. Bar none, Blue nile had the the best value when compared to other traditional retailers.
John F., Newark DE – July 2008

Far Better than Expected!
I was recommended to this site by an American collegue who I work within Australia. I had been looking for an engagement ring at jewellery shops for quite some time but could not find the ring I wanted within my price range. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the quality and price of the ring I designed on Blue Nile was far greater than what was offered within local stores. Due to this price difference I was sceptical on what would be delivered. This all changed when I received the ring and it turned out far better than what I expected. I would not hesitate to use Blue Nile again and will be looking to purchase our wedding bands from this site in the coming months. As an Australian buyer I highly recommend purchasing through Blue Nile to avoid overpriced, poor quality products that Australian jewellery stores offer.
Luke, Melbourne Victoria – July 2008

We've been completely satisified with Bluenile time and time again!
They were beautiful and they arrived just in time for us to fly out to Las Vegas and get married. They were the final touch to her dress and her rings (both of which we purchased from Blue Nile). She loves opening up the mail and seeing the little blue boxes. I highly recommend Blue Nile to my childhood friends and to my co workers.
Alberto, Dumfries VA – July 2008

Elegant and simple with a big 'Wow' factor.
I wanted to ensure there would be no order problems with this last-minute purchase so I opted for the 1-800 # as opposed to completing the sale online. My customer service rep was outstanding and he appreciated the situation I was in (thanks in part to a bad retail experience I had earlier that week). Blue Nile came to the rescue with this better bracelet for me to consider. FedEx delivered the next day as promised and in time for my wife's birthday. Most important, the bracelet made me a hero... it is stunning, simply-stated and quite elegant. She wears this birthstone bracelet every day and continues to get rave reviews. Which is exactly what this gift giver wanted for her!
Marc W., Brookline NH – July 2008

I have my dream ring!!
The ring is amazing and way more than we expected for the price. The quality is superior over any other local jewler we shopped at. Thanks to blue nile we could afford to buy my dream ring that would have cost us double elsewhere for the exact same quality diamond.
Lori, Gresham OR – July 2008

The perfect engagement ring!
I loved the interactive diamond search. It made looking for the perfect diamond so simple and figuring out the price difference for various quality levels seem almost like cheating. No retail shop could ever match the level of choice Blue Nile offers nor could any of my local stores match the cost even with lower quality stones and settings. And there was no reason to worry about how the ring would look in person because it surpassed all my expectations when it arrived. I couldn't be happier with the buying experience and my fiance won't stop raving about how much she loves the ring. Thank you Blue Nile for finally making this process so convienent for us guys.
Anonymous – July 2008

The perfect experience in buying jewelry!
I have now purchased three different rings (engagement ring, man's wedding band, woman's wedding band) from Blue Nile. I can say with all sincerity that the rings are perfect, and Blue Nile is very professional. I know, it's scary to purchase valuable jewelry off the internet, but this was the perfect experience!
Michael, Stillwater OK – July 2008

Great fit! Higher quality, at a better price, than any jewelry stores in town. Blue Nile was also great about exchanging it for a smaller size.
Anonymous – June 2008

Great customer service
Nice workmanship compared to other similar products I looked at elsewhere. It arrived on time.

The appraisal which came with the necklace showed one color grade lower on the diamonds (I) than what was advertised on the web (H). Customer service gave me an immediate 10% price reduction for the discrepancy.

In the end my wife didn't care for the look, so I returned it. The return was very easy and straightforward. We'll continue to use Blue Nile.
David, Boulder CO – June 2008

Buy one; You'll be glad you did!!
I was very pleased with the ring I hav put together for my wife. She was absolutely speechless and unaware of anything of this nature because it is still over two months till our aniversary. For over thirty years we have joked about a three carot ring. She did not get one, she got a 2.87c. ring of the most beautiful and almost flawless diamonds that no jeweler in this area can touch in price. Yes, I am very happy with my purchase, and I love seeing this ring on my wife's hand.
William R, HATTIESBURG MS – June 2008

Her eyes fell out of her pretty little head
When I received the ring I could not believe how beautiful it was. It was way clearer in person that online, which I expected, but geez DID IT SPARKLE!! Don't get ripped at a retail store. If you don't think Blue Nile is awesome, go to a retailer and pick out a ring, then note the diamond size/quality, then go home look up the same type diamond of blue nile. You'll be thankful you did your research. Highest quality. All of her friends love it, my friends think I'm rich, and everybody knows that she's taken! It was fun customizing her ring (that was a big hit with her too. She was really impressed that I had such good taste and actually built the ring myself.)
Anonymous – June 2008

The diamond was spectacular!!!!
The diamond was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Having the ability to choose a diamond based on the criteria that is important to me made the selection process easy. I loved the experience. The website is so user-friendly. The price was exceptional. I will make all of my diamond purchases from Blue Nile in the future. It has been a wonderful experience!
Anonymous – June 2008

The stone size looks very small for a pendant. I wouldn't offer to sell one that wasn't at least half again bigger (8mm). Can I swap mine in?
Victor, Oldsmar FL – June 2008

I was very satisfied with the ring Blue Nile provided! Also, the shipping was really fast and smooth. My girl had the biggest smile on her face when she saw the ring box...and it just got wider when I showed her the ring! Thanks for your quality work Also, the website makes shopping for a huge purchase (engagement ring) really easy. I could visualize the product before deciding on it.
Anonymous – June 2008

Do not hesitate!
I shopped around for three months before deciding on a Blue Nile Signature diamond because I was skeptical about spending so much money on something that I couldn't see before buying. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. My new fiancAce and I were blown away by the quality of the diamond! The brilliance and dispersion are exceptional -- all her friends have been telling her it's the most "sparkly" diamond they've ever seen. The quality is far better than the diamonds I saw at local jewelers. I even shopped rings at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store in New York City, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that the diamond I got from Blue Nile rivals their best! Plus, the value just can't be beat -- you will not find lower prices for diamonds of this quality at any brick-and-mortar jeweler. If you're still hesitating, here's what I'd recommend. Buy from Blue Nile today, and use the time you would have spent shopping for the stone to plan your proposal instead. :]
Austin, Marina del Rey CA – June 2008

She hasn't said yes yet, but I know she will.
I purchased this ring as an engagement ring for my girlfriend. We looked at some local stores together to find out the basis of what she liked and disliked and she dropped a few hints here and there. It was more of trying to figure out what she doesn't care for. I had looked at some wholesalers in NYC ("the so-called diamond district") and they couldn't beat the price I got on this diamond. I think you can always buy a bigger diamond for less, but if you want quality -- that will be tough to find. Blue nile has it and their price was the best. I knew it was going to be great - but I showed my best friends over lunch and they were amazed. I think we stared at the diamond and ring the whole hour without saying very much. Thanks and I'm sure she will say Yes when I ask her in a couple of weeks, if this thing doesn't burn a whole in my pocket first.
Anonymous – June 2008

Her jaw dropped and cried a lot. She loved it.
This ring sparkled so much. It was the most beautiful ring I have seen. Shopped around and never saw a custom ring as beautiful as this. My fiance loves it. She gave me all the credit but I have to give it up to bluenile to have an exceptional product. The one thing I have a slight issue with was that the center diamond was soooooo beautiful that it made the side stones not sparkle as much, but that may have been me picking a great center stone.
Marc, Antioch CA – June 2008

Unbelievable experience!
I shopped everywhere from major department stores to flea markets for the perfect diamond and setting. When I looked on your site to help me know what to look for in a diamond, I put in all the characteristics and price that I was looking for, and there it was-the EXACT diamond I wanted. It couldnt be easier to create the perfect engagement ring. When I called Erin in sales,she was so helpful in answering all the questions that I had and made it so easy to make the purchase. I couldnt believe how easy and fast it was to get the perfect engagement ring. You guys are the best in the business and I will definetly be using you again in the future. She was absolutely floored with the ring and so was I. It was exactly as described and looked like it was on fire. I cant thank you enough for the awesome experience. Thank you so much, Steve
Anonymous – May 2008

Couldn't be happier!!
She loved the ring!! I have to say I was incredibly skeptical about ordering such an expensive item from the internet, however my skepticism has been put to rest. The diamond was incredible, just as described! When I placed the order everyone I spoke to was very nice and helpful! Thanks Blue Nile, I highly recommend anyone thinking of ordering from somewhere else check out Blue Nile! The quality and price can't be beat!
Stephen, JACKSONVILLE FL – May 2008

She loved the ring & more importantly, she said YES!
Absolutely a fast and easy process! My girlfriend wears a ring sized to a quarter size and the web site directed me to place my order by phone. I thought it was going to take awhile and I only had a short window of time to get the ring ordered over the phone before my girlfriend got home. The process was so easy and the customer service agent totally helped me build the ring just how I wanted it including the diamond and setting I had picked out online. Blue Nile turned what I thought would be a frightening ordeal into a very pleasant experience.
Matt, ANTELOPE CA – May 2008

Blue Nile for the Proposal
Blue Nile has an incredible inventory of diamonds. I was able to choose all the specifications that I desired and compare against thousands of other diamonds. I ended up with the perfect diamond and no second thoughts. There is never any pressure to buy and the representatives have great advice and insight to assist you with your decision if desired. GIA documentation backs up these diamonds with is nice. I have nothing but great things to say about Blue Nile and my engagement ring purchase!
Justin, ROLLING MEADOWS IL – May 2008

lets just say that she rewarded me that night :)
Thank you very much for the great service provided. I understand the difficulty sending packages overseas. The package arrived when said and that is a first for me. Usually it takes atleast a week or two from any other stores. I am in the Marine Corps and there are many people that enjoy jewlery. I'm on a small base a word travels fast. I will put in a good word around here and hopefully they take advantage of your great service. Thanks agian and im sure you will recieve an order from me agian. Esteban
esteban, fpo AA – May 2008

Bada bling!
Although this is under my Fiancee's name I actually picked out everything from start to finish. But of course she provided the beautiful hand on which to put the rings. I also purchased a 1.22 carat princess cut diamond and the matching Pave Set diamond ring. All together she LOVES them. Of course she tried the wedding ring on and she actually refused to take it off. The customer service has been absolutely exceptional, they kept me from buying a diamond with ALMOST the same characteristics except the one characteristic that this diamond has which apparently makes it shine/twinkle/blind better. I saved thousands of dollars when compared to jewelery stores in the area. We had to send it back a couple times to get the rings resized but in the end we are incredibly happy with the outcome. I will...without a doubt shop at Blue Nile again. Now she says she needs some earrings. Thanks Alot Blue Nile! Now that she knows about you my wallet is done for.
Megan, DUMFRIES VA – May 2008

Great Customer Service, Amazing Ring
The ring was absolutely gorgeous, but the thing that impressed me most about Blue Nile was there customer service. I called several times for advice throughout the entire process, all the way from learning about diamonds, to matching a band and diamond, to finally making the purchase. Each and every time the people I talked to were extremely friendly, helpful, and informative. It is by far the best customer service I have EVER witnessed. It was truly a pleasure to do business with them.

And, just as important, like I said before, the ring was simply perfect, and was even more beautiful in person than I imagined. It was exactly what I was looking for and, most importantly, she loved it!
Aaron, Fairfax VA – May 2008

I love, love my diamond stud earrings!!!!!!!! and can't wait to purchase more jewelry:):)
I loved the earrings i chose and bought. They are perfect for a second hole. They have so much sparkle and brilliance and get compliments on them:) I tell everyone to shop at Blue Nile they will be very satisfied. I will always shop at Blue Nile for diamonds,also other jewelry because they are all beautiful and unique. I will never shop anywhere else again for jewelry except Blue Nile. The customer service that you receive when purchasing jewelry is very good. They make you feel very comfortable and not pushy like some places do. They go above and beyond to help you with what you want and it's such a pleasure. I am a Blue Nile customer for life and tell everyone to shop at Blue Nile, they will not be sorry. Thankyou Blue Nile for giving me the chance to share my story. Always a fan. Betty V.
Betty Sue, Little Falls NJ – May 2008

She said it was her dream engagement ring.
I was very nervous about buying an engagement ring on the internet - very nervous. When the package arrived, the ring was even more beautiful than I had imagined it. The information available on the website, and the selection options in the buying process - selecting the ring, selecting the diamond by its various qualities, selecting the setting - was completely different than anything I experienced in a jewelery shop: completely relaxed and non-pressure.
Anonymous – May 2008

I loved the engravement on the cufflinks
I got them for my boyfriend on his birthday. He loved them and the work on the engravement is beautiful. It think when you have them engraved, it makes the present a lot more personable. I have to say that they look a lot bigger and better than online. I got them only two days after I put the order with the exception that they had some problems. A rep would be in touch with me via e_mail and let me know the next step until received. Great customer service... Yet, I has them resent and they redid them at no cost. The price is a little high relatively to other stores but I was happy with my order and It was for a very special person in my life. Definitely go for it.
Anonymous – May 2008

She can?t believe this is really her ring
I started the process of buying an engagement ring very uneducated about diamonds. I spent several hours on Blue Niles web site and quickly learned the things I needed to know to make an informed decision. The process was great, from ordering, customer service to the timely receipt of the ring. The ring itself was unbelievable and exceeded all my expectations. She now has the ring and is blown away every time she looks at her hand. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She took it to a very nice jewelry store here in New Orleans and the ring appraised for over $ 10,000.00 more then I paid. Thank you Blue Nile and we have already picked out our wedding bands on your site.
Timothy, New Orleans LA – May 2008

Classic... Modern...PERFECT
My soon to be husband and I were looking for a ring with a low dome profile in platinum. We decided to take a chance with Blue Nile since the price in the jewelry store where my engagement ring came from was more than twice the price for the same ring from Blue Nile. We are both VERY glad we took the chance. The ring is perfect. He says it is comfortable and it looks great on his slender hands. The ring has a very low dome and is an exceptionally classic ring, with modern appeal. Since the dome is low, the ring appears ever so slightly square at the edges, which gives it a very nice modern feel without loosing it's classic charm. The finish is wonderful, the packaging was nicer than expected, and the customer service was EXCELLENT. The rings arrived the day after we ordered, and fit perfectly (we used Blue Nile's free ring sizer for size, after trying on some rings in stores for a general starting point for width and size). I wish we had known about Blue Nile before now!
Anonymous – May 2008

The way Blue Nile does business is excellent. The education, service and stellar products will go unmatched by any other brick and mortar fine jewelry dealer. The custom ring I purchased came to me quickly and with all the documentation youd expect. The example photos you see online give an accurate depiction of the final product. It fit perfectly, is absolutely gorgeous and she loved it! Thanks Blue Nile!
Jason, Fayetteville NC – May 2008

She loves her rings!
Dear Blue Nile, I want to thank you for such quality and beauty. From the engagement ring I bought my wife last year to the first Anniversary ring I just purchased, we couldn't be any happier. My wife's Blue Nile rings have gotten nothing but compliments since she has had them on her finger. Thank you for making me look so good in my wife's eyes.
Donald, Enterprise AL – May 2008

Happily Spent my Inheritance
I had inherited some money from my grandparents estate. My grandfather was a coal miner and they must have had to do without many things to have saved the amount of money that they did. So, I thought what better testimony to my grandparents than to buy a beautiful diamond with my inheritance. It reflects my grandfather's profession (diamonds come from coal) and the beauty of a diamond reflects their 66 years of marriage and the wonderful many faceted family that they left behind. I did my research and found that Blue Nile offered me the best price and the easiest, user friendly website around. I decided on a 1.05 carat VG princess cut. I carefully selected the size and cut parameters and was rewarded with an absolutely brilliant stone. Thank you Blue Nile for going beyond my expectations. I will be back for more!
Sheri, Graham NC – May 2008

She loved the 25th wedding anniversary diamond!!!!!
I was concerned about buying a diamond over the internet. The article in the Economist magazine really helped your credibility. Then when I mentioned to a local jeweler that his competition was Blue Nile he responded they were hard to compete with- which gave you credibility. He also said he bought a set of tires off of the internet and had a local dealer install them on his car- so he got the value of buying over the internet.
Jim, Canton OH – May 2008

"Best Ring I Have Ever Seen"
Purchased a 1.53 top of the line (Cut Ideal, Color f, C 1.53) ring just 3 weeks ago In the contour platinum setting at a great price, Blue Nile was the best choice I could've made (I tried Abazias but they were just playing with me, it felt as if they were out to cheat me, they would show a diamond on their site and whenever I requested the report they would send me the incorrect one) needless to say that I will be using Blue Nile in the future as my sole fine diamond supplier. Thank You Blue Nile!
Juan Alberto, OXNARD CA – April 2008

Great way to build a diamond ring
The Blue Nile build a diamond ring utility was the best I saw on the market and made selecting a diamond ring very easy. The choice of diamonds was extensive and the utility's options for narrowing down the choice made it easy to choose from a handful of options. Customer service was quick and the ring arrived very quickly. Many thanks.
Henry, Glenview IL – April 2008

Great! She loved it!
Your search engine really let me sort through my choices and go beyond the 4 C's which I thought was great. I feel we got a superior diamond at a very good price. It was a bit of a leap of faith to order a diamond over an internet site, but the results were just great.
Anonymous – April 2008

The diamond sparkles more brilliant than the sun...
I have ordered from Blue Nile before and have always been completely satisfied with my purchases. Again, I was not let down. The diamond was exceptional! She absolutely loves it and continuously gets comments about it all the time. And I don't mean the usual "nice ring" comments, but ones where you can see the look on the person's face and know they are in fact impressed with the beauty of it. She even gets glances from strangers walking by, it's that good!
Robin, Wappingers Falls NY – April 2008

Great experience overall; ring perfect
I've been using this site as my main research tool, from the diamond education, and the ring-size guide. It worked out perfectly, and the price was very reasonable. My fiance loved the ring, it is a perfect band for petite girls (and stylish girls that don't like large gaudy affairs). In my case, I'm actually getting a custom ring created as the main ring, but wanted to have something to present for the proposal--and since we planned a last-minute trip to Maui, it occurred before the ring was finished. The perfect, no-pressure solution for those of us accustomed to researching and performing major purchases on our own.
Nathan, Cambridge MA – April 2008

She was crying she was so happy.
I was turned onto the Blue Nile site from a college friend of mine who bought an engagement ring from you all and he highly recommend it. I decided to give it a shot and now I would definitely recommend it to all of my friends who are looking for jewelry.
Richard, Oviedo FL – April 2008

She said YES!!!!!!
The ring is beautiful!! Your customer service personnel are super knowledgeable and helpful and helped me craft the perfect ring for my true love. Your website is great and easy to use and I enjoyed the opportunity to view recently purchased rings as well as other engagement stories. Thanks for making this such an awesome, easy, and memorable experience. I have and will continue to recommend you to my friends.
Michael A, APO AE – April 2008

Gorgeous ring, pears could be a bit higher quality
The platinum band with two pear diamonds is an incredible engagement ring. The pear diamonds are estimated to have a color of at least H and clarity of at least SI1. I did feel the pears were a little cloudy next to the 1.13 carat center diamond I chose (VS2, J, Ideal cut, Excellent polish). 1.00 carat would be just about the right size for this ring; the 1.13 carat is a tad large in comparison to the pears. All-in-all, I do highly recommend this ring; she gets frequent comments on how incredible the ring is. Oh, and did I mention, she said yes?!
Christopher, Portland OR – April 2008

Another outstanding Blue Nile experience
have bought an engagement ring and now a wedding band from blue nile, could not be happier with either. from the jewelry itself (absolutely gorgeous diamonds and rings, unparalleled value) to the customer service (when you call blue nile, an actual person answers the phone), bluenile is unbeatable. will never shop anywhere else, recommend that you don't either....
Robert, Charlottesville VA – April 2008

I am very pleased with the diamond and setting I chose and received. The quality is outstanding and the service and quality of information at Blue Nile made the choice very easy. The value is excellent as I was working with a very modest budget. I thought buying an engagement ring would be more stressful but Blue Nile made the whole process very smooth. I highly recommend them. The best part, my fiancee loves it and she had no input whatsoever. I don't know if I could've gotten something as nice at such a good value anywhere else.
Patrick, Bethesda MD – April 2008

She absolutely loved the engagement ring!
I put together the ring, built according to my specifications, which was fun. Later I had the ring appraised at nearly twice the value that I paid for it! In fact, the appraiser said it was one of the best quality diamonds she's seen in quite some time!
Graciela, Galveston TX – April 2008

Exceptional value
I have been looking for an engagement ring for a few months, reviewing many websites and visiting many stores - The value seemed unbeatable at BlueNile but I was a little worried about purchasing a ring online - I went for it nonetheless. The ring is of exceptional quality and my fiance loved it - We had to resize the ring and BlueNile took care of it in under a week and paid for the shipping - The customer service representative was very good. I usually do not leave feedback online but I felt compelled to do this around as Blue Nile is truly a top-notch store. Recommended.
Nicolas, Hackensack NJ – April 2008

Storybook proposal
I was nervous about ordering an engagement ring from a website sight unseen, but immediately felt comfortable as I started to browse the Blue Nile site. The comparison features and the closeup views of the setting + stone really made me feel good about what I was purchasing. It was a relief not having to deal with pushy salespeople in a brick and mortar jewelry store, too. She ended up loving the ring and everyone she shows it to can't believe I picked it out on my own. Thanks Blue Nile for making me look so good!
Eric, Mechanicsville VA – April 2008

The ring even managed to out-glitter her smile!
Having no idea about diamonds let alone engagement rings BN was the perfect option. I found all the answers I needed even for questions I didn't expect to have. I have told all of my single friends that this is the place to buy from when the time is right.
jolyon, New York NY – April 2008

The Perfect Ring For Her!
My son's bride to be was speechless when he proposed and presented her with the ring. After researching and visiting countless Jewelry stores for an engagement ring, he was very happy to custom build his own diamond ring at Blue Nile with a price he could afford. He was amazed and delighted at how informative and helpful Blue Nile was in helping him choose the perfect diamond for his birde to be. And he was equally delighted with the quality and security of Blue Nile's shipping method. Oh by the way, she cried and said yes to his proposal, and glows with so much love and pride when she shows off her diamond engagement ring to others.
Anonymous – April 2008

Best Customer Service I've Ever Seen
The customer service left me amazed. Blue Nile helped me in so many ways - they were flexible with my payment options, they shipped faster than I expected, they answered the phone almost immediately every time, and each person I talked to seemed like they had just gotten out of a Blue Nile meeting on "How can we best serve Stephen (me)." I HIGHLY reccomend Blue Nile. Their prices are unbeatable, you know what you're getting, and the customer service is the best I've ever seen. And don't let me forget the quality of the ring! It was simply gorgeous - better than the picture. All of her friends were envious of the ring and asked where I bought it so they could tell their boyfriends where to shop. Many girls said, "That's exactly what I want on my finger when I'm engaged." Blue Nile - you rock. Thank you.
Stephen, Hamilton MA – April 2008

Her breath was taken away....
My Fiancee (now wife) absolutley loved them - the photographer took a great picture of her opening them on our wedding day www.caseyjaybenson.com/kapkaa. The engagement ring was also purchased from Bluenile
Michael, fort worth TX – April 2008

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package. The pearls are absolutely beautiful, and the price was unbelievable considering the quality. I bought the matching earrings, and can't wait to wear them for my wedding. It will be difficult to wait that long, but they're definitely something I will be able to wear again and again. Very classic looking, but with a little bit of an edge, since they're not spherical. I love them.
Alyson, Waltham MA – April 2008

Definitely said yes!
This was the largest online purchase I've ever made. I was a wreck waiting for that ring to arrive. Well guys I was blown away when it did come! I took it outside and stood in the sun and couldn't believe the fire and clarity the stone gave off. It was exactly what I had planned for! Well, she had a full-on melt down after I dropped on a knee and slid it on her hand. She absolutely loves it, and gets compliments from strangers daily. We're both stunned at the appraisals we've received for the ring. It really pays to work with Blue Nile than to walk into a jewelry store and get nailed! Even my family's "local jeweler" had no way to match or even compete with what I found on here. Second best decision I've ever made. Thanks!
Scott, Venice CA – April 2008

The ring is very special, just as I'd hoped.
The stone is simply magnificent. The build your own ring feature allows you to choose exactly what you want. After talking to customer service, I chose a smaller stone with a very high quality of color and cut. That made a huge difference-the ring outsparkles others I see around.
Anonymous – April 2008

My fiance loves his ring!
This ring is an exceptional value. Blue Nile beat our local stores' prices by at least 50% (and we shopped around quite a bit for this ring!). The customer service was outstanding. Every time I called, I always got right through to a sales rep who was both friendly and knowledgeable.

My fiance loves this ring. It was a perfect fit. I was afraid it would feel light or flimsy, since i was buying one of the less expensive platinum bands Blue Nile offers. That was not the case at all. This ring has a substantial weight to it, and is very sturdy and solid feeling. It looks great on his hand, with a high polish shine, yet is not flashy looking. Its just a great, classic ring.

This is our second purchase from Blue Nile (my engagement ring is also from Blue Nile), and we will definitely shop here first from now on when purchasing fine jewelry. You cannot beat their prices, and the quality is every bit as good as what you will fine in any fine jewelry store.
Lori, Peabody MA – April 2008

Going with the "signature" cut diamond was the right choice. Sure, I could have purchased a much larger diamond for the same price, but the way this thing sparkles is amazing. Its the first thing people say, "wow, that really shines!"

On another note, my entire experience with Blue Nile was perfect. When you call customer service you go straight to a real person. The site is so easy to navigate and the selection blows the brick and mortar stores out of the water.
Anonymous – April 2008

proposal over the pacific
My fiance and I chose the ring together but only after I had educated myself using Blue Nile's extensive diamond education material. The process was simple and straightforward and the search tools were incredibly easy. When the diamond arrived I could hardly wait to show her and still I find myself staring at it on her hand. Needless to say she was extremely happy. Then I found out a week later that my roomate had also purchased a ring from Blue Nile for his "now" fiance. Neither one of us knew of each others plans but both chose to purchase from the same dealer. Blue Nile = Consumer Confidence
Wesley, San Mateo CA – April 2008

Blue Nile was a clear choice after much research.
The six-prong ring I ordered was classic, simple, and elegant. Blue Nile did excellent work when setting the diamond into the ring. And being able to chose from such a wide range of GIA certified diamonds allowed me to get exactly what I wanted -- at a very good price. Also, the customer service I received was most professional and highly informed and helpful.
Robert, Riverside CA – April 2008

She loved the engagement ring!
I ordered the ring on Monday and after calling my bank to allow the purchase to go through, I had it in my hand by Friday. Proposed on Sunday and she loved it. The choices and options were incredible. Great service and even better quality. Thanks so much for your help. We will probably both be ordering our wedding rings from Blue Nile as well.
Ross, Rahway NJ – April 2008

Blue Nile offers much more than quality diamonds
Blue Nile offers a very educational experience when purchasing diamonds. The Education & guidance is a must-read for first-time buyers like myself, especially when considering the importance of such a purchase. The brilliance, beauty, and value of the Signature Round Diamond that my research led me to was exceptional. Blue Nile's system for finding a unique diamond allows you to prioritize important characteristics such as Carat, Color, Cut, & Clarity. I was very pleased with the diamond, but most importantly, she was too!
Geoffrey A, Avon CT – March 2008

I love my ring!
I went to every store in town and was very discouraged that no one had what I was looking for. My fiance found Blue Nile and asked me to take a look. I found this ring, but wasn't sold until I saw it. It is beautiful! The diamond is stunning. I love the amount of information that is given about each diamond - you don't get that anywhere else. I ordered the wrong size and had to return it for sizing. I was very impressed with the customer service agents. They were extremely friendly, professional, and very helpful. I want to tell everyone I know about Blue Nile! I don't think I could have found a better ring or had a better experience anywhere else.
Anonymous – March 2008

Instantly pleased and wowed!
I looked for an upgrade engagement ring for may months for my Wife of 17 years. I saw many diamonds at many retail stores but I always came back to Blue Nile for comparisons. Each time I compared the same specs from another store to Blue Nile, Blue Nile always came out on top with price. This was my first order from Blue Nile. When I opened the beautiful Engagement ring box I was instantly pleased and wowed by the brilliance of this diamond and it only got better as I checked over the diamond and the whole ring. My Wife was very surprised and loved it very much. She said this stone has the WOW factor. Blue Nile Customer Service was very, very helpful and the shipping was very fast. I received it on the date promised. Needless to say, I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for very high quality jewelry for a great price. The fast shipping is such a great bonus! Thank You Blue Nile!
James, Bolingbrook IL – March 2008

The services sparkles like the diamonds.
With personal experience as a trainer for Williams Sonoma and Nordstrom, I must remark that the Customer Service was phenomenal. If an existing ring is unavailable the associates are very accommodating and can source excellent alternatives. They also efficiently and politely handled all of my ordering, shipping, and tracking requests. And of course the diamond exceeded my wildest expectations...
Adam, Raleigh NC – March 2008

She said the ring was as perfect as me :)
Blue Nile was my one stop shop. I enjoyed browsing through the engagement ring choices without the pressure of a sales person looking over you. Their website is very well laid out -- in aesthetic design, ease of use, and education on the various aspects of buying a diamond. When I did have a specific question on a particular diamond, the customer service team did a fantastic job of answering the question -- one individual even helped me find a diamond of superior quality at a cheaper price!!!

The Ring exceeded her expectations!
It was our first online purchase of any jewlery, much less a future family heirloom. I scanned the website for weeks and called customer service twice, lol. Because it was hard to beleive I could find a Diamond Wedding Ring I loved, without seeing and touching it. But I learned so much from ready your websit and talking to your rep's. I also went into the retail shops and used the information I gained from Blue Nile to investigate how Diamonds are sold to the public. It was an eye opening experience. All shops in my area didn't even offer Diamonds as nice as Blue Nile. Low Quality and high prices, that's retail! My Ring and the central diamond are simply brilliant! Every bit as expected from the reports provided.I have already told so many people about Blue Nile. I am a life customer. Thank You In Soon Whang
In Soon, Springfield MO – March 2008

Great Price, Service, Quality, and Quick!!
I was very impressed with the selection, price, and service I received from Blue Nile. I was about to purchase an engagement ring for my girlfriend through a local jeweler, but at the last minute, I went to Bluenile.com and their price was better, the diamond was better, and their customer service was knowledgeable, helpful, and very nice. I received the ring within 4 days, just in time for my proposal! My fiance loves her ring and will definitely buy both of our wedding bands with you!
Warren, FORT LAUDERDALE FL – March 2008

I learned how to pick the perfect the diamond
One of the biggest advantages Blue Nile provided to me was helping to educate me on diamonds so that I could understand exactly what I wanted. It's also great that Blue Nile's price/value can't be matched by standing jewelry stores. I was as clueless as they come when I first visited the Blue Nile site, but it was incredibly easy for me to do research, understand the differences in gem quality, and to ultimately make a decision. Thank you Blue Nile for helping me to pick such a wonderful diamond. My fiancee absolutely love's it.
Eugene L, HOBOKEN NJ – March 2008

Her happiness made easy
I was extremely pleased with my purchase and my fiance was awe struck by the engagement ring. Her response to the ring could not have been more perfect. I looked around at numerous retail stores before making a purchase and did not find any that matched Blue Nile for quality vs. cost. The buyer information that Blue Nile provides is also extremely helpfull in making a decision. In all, I can only say that when I make another large jewelry purchase it will be through Blue Nile.
tim, Crest Hill IL – March 2008

She adores the necklace.
Dear Blue Nile, The quality and workmanship of the necklace far exceeded my expectations based on the price of the piece.My girl loved it and it goes with a great variety of her onsombles.The biggest thanks goes to your customer care people,they went totally out of their way to make sure the gift got there in time for Valentines' Day dinner so I could surprise her.Who says romance is dead;cause Blue Nile makes it affordable to be romantic again. Thanks Again, Tim Greenwell
Timothy, Indian Head MD – March 2008

"Tears of joy flowed as she saw this ring!"
Blue Nile has a site that is full of resources to help you make an educated purchase. The inventory is expansive and covers all price ranges. The customer support was remarkable. They answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease with such an important purchase. The quality of the engagement ring I purchased rivals the likes of Tiffany & Co. It came complete with a GIA certification and best of all, she loves it!
Michael, Redwood City CA – March 2008

The ring is stunning!!! Top of the range!
magnificent ring, i never expected it can be so beautiful! Diamond is perfect! Shining so much that people around look at my hand all the time and ask where I bought it! Extremely happy with purchase and customer service and everything! Well done Blue Nile
Olga, Katy TX – March 2008

I finally did what I could not afford many years ago
After shopping around for nearly three months in big name retail stores, I was somewhat confused and sceptical about thier value for money. With Blue Nile it took me less than a week to build my own customizd ring at a price that that is very competitive.
Raj G, BOONTON NJ – March 2008

Happy Valentine's Day
I wanted to give my girlfriend something special for Valentine's day this year without spending a fortune. I knew she had a small pair of fake diamond earrings that she wore a lot and decided to replace them with real ones. After shopping around online for quite some time, I found Blue Nile site. I found the customer reviews extremely helpful and the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction won me over. The purchase was easy, I received the earrings quicker than was promised and they were beautiful. Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely use Blue Nile again.
William, Venice CA – March 2008

Better than what I expected since I was buying something online
If your an average guy like me, and know nothing about buying diamonds rings, then I highly recommend Blue Nile. Their website really helped me learn alot about purchasing a diamond engagement ring. I had no idea about all the different types of diamonds, and I didnt know what I was in for. They really helped me choose a diamond of my choice, for the price I wanted to pay. I was able to take my time and learned alot from their them on how to choose a diamond that was perfect for the price I wanted to pay. Trust me, my budget was tight. Still looking at pictures from their website, I still wasnt too sure about buying online for something of this caliber, but when I received it, it was awesome, and the diamond was shining. My now fiance' loved it. I was very thrilled that I was able to buy this ring without headaches from a sales person at a Jewelry Store, and feel that I really made a good choice by going with Blue Nile. This was a great experience.

fantastic experience, a breath of fresh air
It doesn't get any better! Shop for a diamond, then mate it with the ring you want. Educate yourself, shop, purchase and all without salespeople and traffic? Who knew?
Harry, Norristown PA – March 2008

Better than a brick-and-mortar!
Take advantage of all of the information available on bluenile.com! Prior to reading the various information sections on the company's website, I was clueless about all of the nuances that went into designing and purchasing a ring. A couple hours of research coupled with bluenile's exceptional interface made purchasing an engagement ring extraordinary. I learned more and had more fun on bluenile.com than I had in several jewelry stores! Thanks Bluenile.com.
Corey, Newport News VA – March 2008

"much better quality for the same price"
We were eyeing a similar ring from a "club membership store"...for the same price Blue Nile offered a much better quality diamond. I also loved how your site is so easy to use and very informative. Last but not least kudos to your customer service they were very friendly and attentive. You guys are awesome...I would definitely buy here again.

She can't stop staring at the ring.
My father was a jeweler, so I had serious reservations about buying something like a diamond on the Internet. All my fears were unfounded, however; the stone was gorgeous, as was the setting. And it was an incredible value. I would not hesitate to purchase from Blue Nile again- in fact, we are going to get our wedding bands from Blue Nile also! The story behind Blue Nile, as told in Forbes magazine, is a true American success story! Thank you, Blue Nile!
Frederick, Hendersonville NC – March 2008

She loved these earrings!
The Harry and David truffles were a nice touch as are the e-mails suggesting other things that can go with these earrings.

Although I ended up buying my engagement ring locally, I used your site extensively last year to research the purchase and I recommend it to everyone I know.
Anonymous – March 2008

amazed and no longer skeptical
I am pretty darn picky, so I was skeptical ordering from Blue Nile. However some co-workers insisted on the quality of the selection and mentioned the 30-day return policy. I spent a lot of time researching and studying the scanned certifications for GIA. When I found my diamond, I decided on the 6-prong platinum setting too. It arrived via certified mail. It looked pretty good under the map light, but when I was able to see it under "real" light, I was amazed and no longer skeptical. I knew she would be floored. She was, and still is. Thanks Blue Nile!
K Dennis, Centreville VA – March 2008

Close all the jewelery stores
There is absolutely no reason to go to a jeweler unless you like to pay more and wait for them to locate a quality diamond from "some guy" they know or another jeweler. That's even if your jeweler can get the diamond you even want at all. I saved at least $5,000 with BlueNile and, even after going to about 10 jewelers over the course of 8 months, BlueNile was the only company that had the quality diamond I was looking for. Saving money was just a bonus. The ring came with no issues and everything was as expected. BlueNile's jewelers did a perfect job setting the stone. I repeat - there is no reason to buy a loose diamond from a jeweler unless you enjoy paying for the jeweler's storefront and you like feeling uncomfortable while they search for something close to your specs.
Chris, Plainview NY – March 2008

Best Product, Best Price, Best Service
Given the excellent prices and service, you'd be crazy not to purchase your jewelry on Blue Nile. Get over your skepticism about purchasing over the internet; Blue Nile gives you every assurance (and even INSURANCE on the FREE over-night shipping) that you are taking no more risk than you would be in a jewelry store. Plus - you know EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GETTING because your purchase is independently appraised and certified. I bought an beautiful, absolutely colorless diamond engagement ring that I would have never been able to afford anywhere else. Enough said.
David, Augusta GA – February 2008

Blue Nile: Trusted source for high-quality diamonds at a superb price
The ring I purchased was to be a surprise for my wife. Since I rarely do errands except to home improvement centers on a Saturday, I knew I had to purchase this online. I was very skeptical about buying diamonds online, but after doing extensive online research, the flood of positive reviews gave me the confidence I needed to buy online, and to buy from Blue Nile. Not only does Blue Nile sell high-quality diamonds, they also provide superb education and make sure you make an educated decision. The functionality of the website helped me quickly narrow down the diamond I wanted based upon budget, clarity, color, etc. And best of all, I could buy a better and larger diamond within my budget than I could at a retail jewelry store. Blue Nile exceeded my expectations and without a doubt will buy through Blue Nile in a heartbeat.
Christopher, Wheaton IL – February 2008

Best diamond buying experience!
This was my second diamond purchase so I was already familiar with the "4Cs". I had spent hours at the jewelers building in Boston Ma. the first time, and while it was educational it was also intimidating and not much fun. I absolutely loved my experience with Blue Nile! The ring is gorgeous and the process was SO easy and without stress! No sales person hunkering over you telling you that everything you look at "would be perfect". I knew what I wanted, found it and received it promptly and without hassle. I would recommend that if anyone is interested in buying a diamond, that you educate yourself first, then buy from Blue Nile! I couldn't be happier... (and neither could she!!!)
David, Springfield NH – February 2008

Excellent. I'll be buying jewlery online from now on.
The buying experience was just what I wanted from an online retailer. I know I'm not a gemologist and showroom glitz, salesman hype, and marketing lingo won't help me buy good jewelry. Lots of specifications, information, pictures, and explanations for new buyers were key. Good vendor policies and guarantees were a must for something so expensive. She loves it, although she still can't believe I bought it online.
John, Reading MA – February 2008

"The ring was absolutely gorgeous"
I was skeptic about getting my engagement ring online but I read a lot of the customer feedbacks and there was a 30 day return policy so I felt pretty safe to buy it. I really liked how the website had a lot of detailed information about the diamond besides the standard 4 C's. What I didn't know (ex: Girdle, Fluorescence,Culet, Polish) I could just click on the word and it would explain what it was. I really recommend buying from Blue Nile.
Myrna J, San Bruno CA – February 2008

First, we shopped all the malls and diamond outlet stores. I learned more about diamonds then I ever wanted to know. The fancier upscale locations, with the highest overhead, had the most aggressive sales people. It was a totally exhausting and unpleasant experience.

I turned to the Internet and searched for the best rated custom diamond site. That turned out to be Blue Nile. Your Web site is the most enjoyable way to get the exact setting and diamond at the price we could afford.

My wife's diamond ring arrived on time and exceeded all of our expectations. We thank you. I would recommend Blue Nile to any friend or relative.

William, U.S.M.C. Inactive
William, Rio Rancho NM – February 2008

Perfect Buy
When you order things online, you take the risk of getting something completely different than what's pictured, it may not even be what is pictured, but I was so thrilled to see that my gift was better than I thought, and came on the exact shipping day estimated. The Money Clip had beautiful detail on it and the engraving was perfect! My fiance thought it was a great valentine's day gift and our baby loves catching his reflection in it when we hold it up! All-in-all it was a perfect buy and we couldn't be more satisfied!
Danielle, Austin TX – February 2008

Great purchase. Will definitely buy from Blue Nile again.
We were very pleased with our wedding bands. We also went ahead and ordered a few trinkets for Valentines Day.Excellent advice on every purchase. Blue Nile seems intent on having you come back and shop with confidence the next time. I enthusiastically recommend them.
ivan, Huntington NY – February 2008

you can trust the marines
i am a marine currently deployed overseas to the big sandbox for my 5th tour. for me scheduling, planning and relying on others is a major concern when it comes to my affairs back home. so when i researched blue nile, obviously i was skeptical. even fellow marines thought i was crazy for buying a wedding ring online! being in the military, money is tight for everything and i work hard at making sure i can pay and plan my bills accordingly. after careful consideration i bought a ring and had it shipped to my dad back home for safekeeping. he took it to a friend who happens to be a jeweler, who said i got an extremely good deal...especially for what i paid for it! of course i haven't seen it yet but according to my family (lucky them)it is beautifully presented and everything is more than i bargained for. the delivery to the house was prompt and discrete. i can't wait to get home!!! thank you, blue nile!!!!!!
MATTHEW, Vista CA – February 2008

She was dazzled by her ring!
Am very comfortable w/ buying online, but never envisioned spending over $10k w/o every speaking to a live voice - but everything couldn't have gone more smoothly. I've never like the jewelry store experience anyway, and Blue Nile's excellent search and presentation tools to let me evaluate the diamond by exactly the criteria that was important to me was unbelievable. I'll never step into a bricks & mortar store again!
Pete, Southlake TX – February 2008

Gorgeous Diamond, Stunning setting. It's a keeper!
My husband bought this incredible ring as a 20th anniversary present for me, but I picked it out. The diamond was most important to me so I did a huge amount of the research on diamonds, and knew what would be pleasing to my eye. The diamond itself is absolutely breathtaking, and an excellent value. I think it has appreciated in the one month since I purchased it- a better investment than stocks right now! I love the setting I selected- a platinum three-sided cathedral diamond pave setting. It is as close to a "custom" and "new" look as you can get and there was no wait or hassle. The stones in the setting are really bright and sparkly. A special thanks to the Blue Nile diamond specialists with whom I worked- they helped me decide upon the best diamond ring for my hand, personal taste and budget.
Anonymous – February 2008

Watch Your Back, Tiffany & Co.
Watch out Tiffany & Co., Blue Nile is knocking on the back door and wants to join the party. I rarely buy things online, and was even more skeptical about purchasing jewelry online. However, they exceeded all of my expectations, and then some. Gorgeous ring, perfect diamond, wonderful service, and of course, the best price around. The real-time diamond inventory, complete with scanned copies of the gemologist's report, make jewelry shopping easy, fast, fun, and most importantly, free of surprises. I'll be back.
Cameron, Laguna Hills CA – February 2008

Oh my God! Yes!!!!
We both absolutely love the ring! I paired it with a 1 carat oval shape diamond. The setting is very well crafted overall. The ridges add a bit of a modern feel to a classic design but are not overpowering. Instead they draw the eye's attention towards the center stone and add a bit of sparkle. Blue Nile's customer service was second to none. Their prompt responses to emails and friendly service over the phone made me feel truly valued. The ring came on the exact day expected and was even better than I imagined. I was so inspired that I wrote a story about my experience shopping for the ring on the website and had it bound and gave it as a complement to the ring (she loved that too!) I will definitely shop with Blue Nile again.
Taison D, NEW YORK NY – February 2008

Excellent site, selection, quality and delivery
The website was quite well designed, and any information about diamond characteristics/statistics was easily accessable. The build-a-ring engine is the smoothest of every site I checked.

I'm very pleased with the final quality of the ring I ordered. Delivery was quick and arrived on time. The packaging of the ring was excellent and the included materials (GIA/AGSL rating sheets for the diamonds, ect) were all things I was quite pleased to receive with my purchase.

All in all, I will shop at Blue Nile next time I want to purchase jewelry.
Ethan, New Haven CT – January 2008

Truly flawless!
Overall, an incredible experience. From the start, BlueNile gave me many resources to learn about diamond quality. Customer Service helped me with some recommendations, and I found the perfect ring at an amazing price. It was delivered overnight, and she LOVED it. Thanks BN!
Jeremy, Boston MA – January 2008

The diamond surpassed her expectations
The fact that Blue Nile is a publicly traded company and has been covered in the news by publications such as Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal gave me comfort that this jewelry company meant business. Wait time to speak with someone in customer service was less than fifteen seconds and the one-on-one conversation with a jewelry consultant was very personable as they focused on my questions. The engagement ring was superb. The measurements of the excellent cut were within the Class 1 category according to GIA standards. Even though the diamond I chose is slightly smaller than the engagement rings we?ve seen from other people, it had more fire, brilliance, and scintillation. We will not look anywhere else for future jewelry purchases and would definitely recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for their perfect diamond along with the best customer service for an online company. They have set the bar even higher for online and brick-and-mortar jewelry companies to follow.
Dennis, Tucker GA – January 2008

She jsut loved the ring so much.
This was the gift of lifetime to her and for me the moment she saw it, she was spellbound. More so, the way Bluenile expidited my order was just extra ordinary level of customer service. I work for a similar ecommerce companies dealing with CRM initiatives and Bluenile's service just gave a taste of what is called as "Going great lengths to satisfy customers". I cannot ask for more. Thank you so very much.
Sunil, Philadelphia PA – January 2008

She loved her Christmas Gift this year
The diamond engagement ring and wedding band selected turned out beautiful. The BN site offered an opportunity to look at all the available diamonds with various options and then allowed us to narrow the selection based on our specific needs. We feel we got a great value and the price was well below retail. We also feel like we had all the facts before the purchase of the diamonds. A much better feeling than what you get at your local jeweler. Also all diamonds are certified and appraised for added assurance of what has been purchased. Definitely one of the best buying experiences I have had on the net.
Anonymous – January 2008

Excellent Service
I spoke to an agent on the phone who was very kind and knowledgable. I asked for advice regarding the purchase of an engagement ring and explained my choices. She reviewed them and gave me honest feedback ad gave her direct number if I needed anything further. Everything went exactly as she said and when I recieved the ring it was beautiful!! I knew I had made the right decision. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone that asked for advice!
Toby, INDIANOLA IA – January 2008

Gorgeous ring!
I am currently in Iraq, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and your services made the stress of getting an egagement ring unbelievably low. I'll be proposing to my girlfriend when we both go on leave from Iraq in March. Knowing I already have a beautiful ring for her makes things so much easier on me. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and beatiful product.
Chad, Fulton NY – January 2008

Gift was very appreciated - volunteers often get overlooked
Money clip was purchased as a personal gift for a 4H leader. It arrived overnight, needed no additional wrapping as the presentation package was very nice and the clip was classier than I expected. I feel it was an exceptional deal for the price and I plan to order additional clips for the buyers of livestock. Everything I have ever ordered from Blue Nile has been high in quality. I have been pleased all the way around, from customer service, shipping and delivery. You can't go wrong with Blue Nile.
Debora, Tucson AZ – January 2008

She said "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
I was a little leary about ordering a diamond ring online, but I had bought necklaces from blue nile before and they were of good quality. After looking and pricing locally, blue nile seemed to be a better choice as far as quality and price. It was easy ordering the ring step by step very informative. When I got the ring I was floored at how it looked and all the documentation that came with it. When I asked my wife to be to marry me she too was floored about how it looked and loved it!!! She asked me where I got it, and I told her at Blue Nile, she couldn't believe that the ring was ordered over the internet!!! Now I tell everyone about my Blue Nile experience.
rojelio, new haven IL – January 2008

Perfect Gift at the Perfect Price
I had been searching for the perfect gift for a friend at the right price and quality without much luck until I found Blue Nile! The Round-Tag bracelet was just what I was looking for and at the right price! I was so impressed with not only the quality of the bracelet (it looked and felt just like the name brand one) but on how fast it was delivered! I ordered it one day and even with engraving I had it the next! And the fact that you offered free overnight delivery on top of it was icing on the cake! You've earned a client for life!
Shannon, Bakersfield CA – January 2008

Perfect Gift at the Perfect Price
I had been searching for the perfect gift for a friend at the right price and quality without much luck until I found Blue Nile! The Round-Tag bracelet was just what I was looking for and at the right price! I was so impressed with not only the quality of the bracelet (it looked and felt just like the name brand one) but on how fast it was delivered! I ordered it one day and even with engraving I had it the next! And the fact that you offered free overnight delivery on top of it was icing on the cake! You've earned a client for life!
Shannon, Bakersfield CA – January 2008

Of Course, She Said Yes...Thanks Blue Nile!
My Custom Built Diamond Ring from Blue Nile was exceptional - in beauty, quality and value! You cannot go wrong with Blue Nile; the same ring if purchased locally would have cost me almost twice as much! Blue Nile has the absolute best selection of certified diamonds, a large selection of engagement rings, and exceptional customer service. Blue Nile makes building your custom engagement ring so easy, anyone can do it!
Christopher, Shreveport LA – January 2008

Absolutely love my gorgeous engagement ring - BN rocks!
I am absolutely *thrilled* with my gorgeous engagement ring!! We looked at blue nile once we had gone to all the retail stores. We were extremely extremely nervous about ordering online and having it shipped (he waited downstairs in our building for the fedex package to arrive). we laugh at our anxiety now. blue nile is *the* best ever. BN offers exceptional quality and customer service. I took it to an appraiser who was so incredibly complimentary about the ring and BN. I will never ever shop anywhere else for diamonds, we are now life-long customers of BN. We loved we could specify exactly what cut, clarity grade, etc we were looking for. I encourage anyone who is considering BN but unsure to give customer service a ring and chat with someone live. You'll feel more comfortable. Every day I catch myself smiling at my gorgeous ring. Thank you so much BN for making this such an enjoyable experience.
Anonymous – January 2008

I can't recommend blue nile enough
The diamond ring I bought my fiance was well above my expectations. It was delivered in a matter of a day or two. The ring came in a really nice looking polished wooden box. The ring itself was much nicer than any of the pictures made it look. The diamond was beautiful. I'm not that into jewelry, but I found myself staring at the ring a lot. Plus I found that the price was about half what it was at other jewelry stores or even online. I can't recommend blue nile enough. I was really nervous about buying jewelry online, but I'll be completely confident with my next purchase.
corazon, albany CA – January 2008

I was very happy about my diamond ring.
I got an independent appraisal for the diamond I bought at Blue Nile. The estimated value they gave me was a lot higher than the price I paid. Besides, both the diamond and the ring were very satisfying and they were exactly how they were described on the website. Fast and secure delivery. More options to choose from. Nice price most of all. I know I will shop more at Blue Nile.
Anonymous – January 2008

Great selection, value, customer service
Never would have considered buying diamond jewelry on the net without Blue Nile's excellent tools for understanding the different variables involved, their selection, customer service and value. Their approach to this marketplace is spot-on -- very professional; educational (if you want it or like me, need it), and elegant.
Kevin, Darien CT – January 2008

She was amazed and thrilled
I struggled at first with buying something like diamond earrings, especially quality ones, online without seeing them first. However, after visiting several jewelry stores and researching online it became clear the savings more than offset the risk and in the end there was no risk. The diamonds were amazing, the service was great and my wife absolutely loves them. I was able to get better quality and a larger size than if I had purchased at a store.
Anonymous – January 2008

It was stunning and unique!!
I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone who is interested in quality and value. I was able to get a .74 carat diamond, D color, VS1, 2 sapphires and a platinum band for $5,000. I am certain that a ring of similar quality and beauty would have cost well over $8,000 elsewhere. I understand that some are weary of spending so much over the Internet, but that fear factor is the only thing the competition has going for it. Blue Nile has a 30 day return policy and I am certain that if you do your research, you will find Blue Nile to be a superior value. One last note for the men reading this; Walking into many jewelry stores is about as comfortable as asking for help buying feminine products. At Blue Nile, you get the luxury of learning about diamonds and viewing your ring with no pressure from the comfort of your own home. I called and spoke to someone at Blue Nile twice before making my purchase and not once was I asked to buy. Thank you!!
Andrew, Gilbert AZ – January 2008

How to guide for buying diamonds online!
This was my first diamond ring purchase ever, online or otherwise. After shopping brick & mortar stores to learn my 4C preferences, a friend referred me to Blue Nile. I was able to search hundreds of diamonds to narrow the selection on best price and quality. I then inputted those diamond specs into the online Holloway Cut Adviser to evaluate my final purchase. Fiancee is ecstatic about her brilliant round in Tiffany style 6 prong platinum setting. Highly recommend using this method to purchase round diamond engagement rings online. Tremendous savings and satisfaction over standard B&M store experience alone.
Anonymous – January 2008

She was elated!
I ordered the bracelet on the 23rd of Dec. and received it on the 24th. I presented it to my wife on Christmas day. She was elated. We have been married over 40 years so keeping the price to myself was not possible. Besides, she has total access to out credit card charges on-line anyway. I told her not to wear it for a couple of days while we compared our purchase with what was available in the large town near where we live. We went to one of the best jewelry stores in that town and after spending an hour with the sales person and the owner looking at their stock (diamonds and emeralds) and looking at pictures of what they could order in the way of a bracelet to mount those diamonds and emeralds. We left high fiving each other all the way to the car. They had nothing ready made that comparable. We had gotten the best possible deal from Blue Nile. Nest purchase will be a 2.75 ct emerald cut diamond ring. I'm betting on Blue Nile for this purchase. Hank from Texas
Henry, GRANBURY TX – January 2008

When quality counts!
This was my first time ordering diamonds online and I was a little aprehensive. In the end I was not let down by the promise of high quality when ordering my diamond pendant. After receiving the pendant, I took back a pair of diamond earings I bought as a gift to the local retailer and ordered a higher quality set from Blue Nile. You should only have to buy diamonds once for yourself or your loved one and if you do it right, there is no looking further than Blue Nile in my opinion.
David, Mechanicsburg PA – January 2008

If any doubt, please read...
I got an apology email the night before my ring was supposed to ship. It said my ring did not pass the final inspection before shipping. The diamond had been damaged. I was pretty angry...but then I realized what Blue Nile will do for a customer. First, they inspect the final product before it ships and they are not afraid to admit to a mistake. Secondly, they set aside three other similar diamonds for me to choose from. These diamonds were held for me, no one else could purchase them until I decided on which one I wanted. I actually chose a slightly more expensive diamond (same cut, color, etc.). Lastly, Blue Nile honored the original price and made sure my order was put first in line the next day. I got the ring in early Christmas Eve morning and it was absolutely perfect. I know the trepidation of ordering a ring online but DO NOT have any hesitation ordering from Blue Nile. The service is exceptional and you can't beat the price.

Oh...she said yes.
Lance, Leander TX – January 2008

My wife loves these earrings!
My wife loves diamonds. My wife loves earrings. My wife fell in love with these.

The earrings are moderately-priced, and made from 18k White Gold. The Diamonds are Bezel set; my favorite for earrings as hair cannot get caught in a prong. They are also screw backs, which is very handy to prevent accidental loss.

I could go on, but it isn't needed; try them yourself and see the reason that my wife and I continue to come back to 'blue nile' for our internet diamond purchases.
William, Seminole FL – January 2008

Perfectly Perfect
To all potential customers of Blue Nile, I travel extensively and as such, do a lot of on line shopping including several transactions with Blue Nile. In all those transactions, I have never been dissapointed with any part of the relationship. The quality has always been perfect, the service perfect, and the customer support perfect. I have taken their advice on several items and find I can trust their judgment on quailty of stones to the point that now, I could tell them I want a gift for my wife, tell them my spend limit and sit back and enjoy the thrill when she opens the box. No reason to shop anywhere else for the items they sell
Anonymous – January 2008

Thanks Blue Nile - She Loves It!
She absolutely loves the tapered cathedral platinum ring and the diamond I selected. She is constantly looking at it and we both can't believe how radiant and sparkly it is. I can't say enough about the ease of the whole transaction. The web site is great and I learned more there than I ever have talking to a retail jeweler. I wanted the highest quality cut, color and clarity I could afford. Carat weight wasn't so important, but for the money I got a much larger stone than I could have ever gotten at a brick and mortar store. The build-a-ring feature is fantastic. You can play around with a nearly unlimited number of combinations until you find what you want. We'll be back for the wedding bands. I love her, she loves me, and we both love Blue Nile!
Gary, Melrose MA – January 2008

Absolutely gorgeous and unique! Everydody loved it not just HER!
The setting, the stone, the WHOLE ring IT is extremely BEAUTIFUL! She loved it, I loved it, everybody loved it! The overall experience of learning and buying at Blue Nile it is definitely worth it. It tremendously exceeded my expectations! Right after I saw the ring, I got this feeling of getting more for what I paid. But that ends in second place because my now fiance loved it and thats what really matters to me! So trust me, NO ONE needs to go somewhere else. I wouldn't think twice I would buy it here again (and I am not getting paid for this, I am just saving a lot gentlemen time and money!) I am very glad that I end up buying my engagement ring at Blue Nile! So congratulations for the quality, price and service. All those three factors are perfectly blended! Thanks again!
Esteban, Willcox AZ – January 2008

She was floored, All her friends are so envious.
I thought the whole experience was a lot easier than I expected. From designing my fiancee's engagement ring, and the on time shipping, to the beautiful craftsmenship of the jeweling - everthing went perfectly. I was little nervous about making such a large purchase over the internet for a product I never held in my hand, but I am extremely pleased with the results and I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone.
John A., Merrillville IN – January 2008

Exceptional beauty, quality and price!
I searched many, many sites on the internet, and visited several jewelry stores before selecting the diamond stud earrings I purchased from Blue Nile for my wife at Christmas. I loved being able to select the exact pair of diamonds used in the earrings, and that they came with a GIA grading report that I could view before making the purchase. The diamonds were almost a perfect match in dimensions, and were graded "F" in color, and "SI2" for clarity. They arrived on the exact day Blue Nile said they would, and the color and clarity are exceptional. We have several pieces of diamond jewelry to compare to, and these diamonds are the absolute best in the bunch. They have an incredible sparkle, even in indirect lighting. Along with all that was a price that was unbeatable anywhere else for diamond earrings of such great quality. I would highly recommend you consider Blue Nile the next time you're looking for jewelry.
Anonymous – January 2008

Do your homework and she will appreciate it!
Blue Nile has made the best effort in the marketplace to alleviate the minor inconveniences associated with online jewelry shopping. Promp and secure arrival, the customer service line, and one of the most compact and efficient web interfaces set Blue Nile far apart from the rest. Not to mention with sometimes less than 20% mark up (loose diamonds) and no tax, with the same budget, you can surprise her with a little something extra.
Michael, Houston TX – January 2008

It was a great experience!
It was a great experience. I shopped Tiffany first and found them to be overprice with poorer quality. They carry many H and I color diamonds. Many people assume that Tiffany would carry better quality. I even shopped the 47th street Diamond Distict. I'm not just talking about the retailers on the ground but also the wholesalers upstairs. Your price and value can not be beat. I have since recomended Blue Nile to all my friends.
jay, kings point NY – January 2008

She absolutely adores it....
The ring is stunning and even exceeded my expectations. I was very skeptical about making such a big and important purchase online. However, after visiting several jewelry stores, I realized that Bluenile offered much more variety. Even the box it came in is exquisite. More importanly, she said "yes" and absolutely adores the ring. The proposal went almost completely as planned, except for me forgetting one line in the proposal poem I wrote for her. I had rehearsed the poem for 2 or 3 weeks before the date and knew it like the back of my hand. However when the time came, the nervous energy made me draw a blank midway thru the poem. Strangely enough, this helped me to relax, I regrouped and started again from the top and ended with "Will you marry me" while pulling out the ring and getting down on bended knee. She was completely stunned and was speechless for what seemed like an eternity at the time, but then to my delight, she made me the happiest man alive by saying "yes"..
Anonymous – January 2008

She can't stop looking at it.
After reading the educational aspects of buying a diamond (the four c's), I found the website was very easy to find exactly the right kind of diamond I was looking for to wow my fiancee. I must have been taught well by Blue Nile, my fiancee can't stop looking at it and she receives compliments on the diamond & ring all the time. Finding the perfect ring was absolutely important to me and Blue Nile helped me deliver on that!
Anonymous – January 2008

With Blue Nile you know exactly what you are buying, Quality.
Look like fire in the light...Very satisfied with quality and price of the diamonds. Looked around and found that most of the larger Jewlery stores may have had better pricing but the diamonds were always subpar. In many cases you couldn't even tell what you were getting (Color, Clarity) are nowhere to be found. With Blue Nile you know exactly what you are buying, Quality.
Kevin, Lake Mary FL – January 2008

My wife was dazzled.
Your website was exceptional. I was shown diamonds in different price ranges and what makes a diamond exceptional. I first chose the chain and had options available. I then chose a diamond.When I received my order I opened the box to look at my purchase and was amazed. The stone was dazzling, the setting complimented the diamond. I then examined the report that accompanied my order and thought to myself this is the perfect gift. When my wife opened her gift she was taken aback by the beauty of her gift. Blue Nile,thanks for making Christmas so special . You can be sure I will be a repeat customer.

Sincerely James Limberakis
Anonymous – January 2008

wonderful gift!
This is really nice necklace. Nicely polished and fairly heavy, it looks beautiful on. The engraving was well done also. The only reason that I didn't rate it at exceptional, is that I have a similar necklace from Tiffany's and expected the links and weight to be the same, but this one is a bit less. It actually looks more dainty and feminine as well, so this may be a good thing for some folks.
Anonymous – January 2008

Great customer service
Fantastic sales support - I called to find out where my earrings were and the representative said he would call me back and he did. It might sound simple, but very few companies actually follow through - and even fewer follow through with graciousness, as the person with whom I spoke did.
Anonymous – January 2008

Perfect ring for my perfect girl.
The diamond was amazing and far exceeded my expectations...had her whole family in tears of joy! The ring arrived on the exact date it was promised and fit perfectly! None of the local jewelers could come close to the same quality for the price(one even admitted it!). Gina was more than helpful in making my final decision, she really made the difference!
Anthony, LIVERPOOL NY – January 2008

Wonderful Engagement Ring
I can not express how pleased I am with the diamond that I bought from Blue Nile. I was very nervous about getting something like my future wife's engagement ring over the internet, sight unseen but I am SO glad I did. The diamond is incredible! It just bursts with sparkle and fire and she absolutely loves it. I couldn't be more pleased because it's exactly what she wanted and she said "Yes", of course. Thank you so much, Blue Nile, your service the times I called and the end product (with two certifications) is exceptional AND you got it to me just it time. I will deal with Blue Nile again, very happily so. Thanks again!
Anonymous – January 2008

She loves it, such a good experience...
I had the ring built and shipped to a different location and the customer service was very very accommodating the entire time. I'm sure I was actually one of the more paranoid customers, but everything went perfectly smoothly. And most importantly, she was extremely happy. It was a great experience dealing with BN, but hopefully I will never have to buy a ring like this again, hahaha.
Anonymous – January 2008

I'm very happy with it and it looks great. I shopped around the jewelry stores for 2 weeks before deciding what I wanted and was sketchy to buy it online, but it arrived super fast, it looks great and was way less than I would have paid around town. The chain isn't anything precious, but it works. Overall quite satisfied.
marc, redmond WA – January 2008

A stunning realization of perfection and incredible value
The ring was every bit as perfect as the website would have me believe. The stone is incredible and never fails to leave a wake of turned heads and open jaws. The only complaint is the number of jealous husbands and soon-to-be engaged you will certainly have glaring at you.

The stone is completely eye-clean and mounted to perfection. A pefectly measured quarter-size was ordered over the phone with the most polite and courteous personnel anyone could hope to deal with.

The photos on the site are completely accurate, and I must recommend platinum as the metal of choice for your settings.

I cannot recommend Blue Nile enough. The value and savings combined with the ease of ordering and the accuracy in the descriptions has ensured that Blue Nile is absolutely the best possible way to purchase your jewelry, engagement ring or otherwise.
Anonymous – January 2008

Grandma cried when she opened it!
This was part of a larger purchase of a charm bracelet, along with 5 charms with grandchildren names & birthdates. Grandma cried when she opened the first of the charms, so I think it was a "winner"!

The only downside is that "Christopher" didn't fit, so we had to shorten the engraving to "Chris".
Laura, Freeport ME – January 2008

I wish I had done this years ago!
I bought the earrings (1.06 tcw) for Christmas for my wife of +36 years - I had wanted to get her some for many years, but every time I thought I was ready, the prices in the stores scared me away and I didn't trust the qyality. This year, I thought of Blue Nile and our satisfaction with previous purchases. I first looked at the regular quality diamonds, but went up to the Signature Ideal at the end. I started online, but after I had decided, I spoke with a young woman on the phone who was very helpful. Most important, my wife LOVES the earrings, as does everyone who has seen them. Thank you very much for making this purchase such a positive experience.
Lee P, Dallas TX – January 2008

The whole experience , from placing the order on BN's user friendly interface, the confirmation acknowledgement, and timley delivery via FedEx. The sparkle in my daughter's eyes when she opened her diamond earrings. She has not taken them off since she received them Christmas morning. This is my 7th purchase from BLue Nile, and cetainly not the last. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience and delivering what you promise
Anonymous – January 2008

Awesome Engagement Ring!
The whole expereience on Blue Nile was awesome--very easy to shop for my fiancee's engagement ring despite my lack of knowledge about anything jewelry related! Blue Nile made my ring-shopping experience so much easier with all of the detailed explanations regarding clarity, cut, etc. Thanks so much Blue Nile for making a usually stressful decision painless!
Todd, Kennesaw GA – January 2008

She was ecstatic at receiving the ring
It was a great purchase. I am only nineteen so finding a ring that is within my price range, but not cheap looking was not an easy task, but Blue Nile made it simple. There were so many diamonds to choose from and a multitude of settings as well. They made everything very easy and it was a great experience. And my girlfriend was so excited when she saw it; one of the only times I've known her to be speechless.
Anonymous – January 2008

She was in tears upon seeing the diamond engagement ring. Needless to say, she completely love it!

I just want to say that prior to making that important decision to purchase the engagement ring for my now fiancee from Blue Nile, I called your Customer Service twice just to ask a few questions pertaining to the ring and the diamond that I was interested in purchasing. And, I was definitely satisfied with your knowledgeable and courteous staff. They are definitely worthy of the title, "Award Winning!"

And, I really did my share of spending to learn as much as I could for this big occasion, but sometimes you just can't put a price on receiving expert knowledge and professional advice from someone that will be used towards a purchase that will last a lifetime!
Anonymous – January 2008

Could not be happier that I chose Blue Nile
I am so happy that I chose Blue Nile. The customer service was exceptional, and I appreciated being able to talk to a person instead of a voice menu. The diamond and ring were MUCH nicer that what I would have been able to buy for the same amount of money at a retail store (based on shopping in several retail stores). The shipping was on-time, and the process was as described on the website. Overall, it was a very positive experience, and I will recommend Blue Nile to friends. Thanks!
David, Buffalo Grove IL – January 2008

Gorgeous ring. It was a smaller diamond, but the cut and the grade of the diamond was exceptional. It was an IF diamond, but I was worried that it wouldn't appear big enough at .70 carats. It was just fine. The diamond is the most brilliant I have seen, and that fact, combined with the quality of the setting made the diamond look much bigger than it really is. I spent a lot of hours researching, and I feel like I got a good value on my purchase. I utilized the customer service asking very detailed questions about the diamond and got an immediate response from the CSR team via e-mail. And someone really took the time to understand my questions and concerns. Shipping was fine, GIA specs were laminated and in their own plastic casing. The box was nice. Overall, a very positive experience and I would highly recommend using Blue Nile to anyone.
Ben, New York NY – January 2008

Thanks Blue Nile. Like many others on your feedback page, I was hesitant about ordering such an important thing as an engagement ring online but the website is so well designed and the educational sections so informative, not to mention that many people I know had recommended you, that I was sure that there would be no problems, and there weren't. I got prompt replies from experts to questions that I asked about cut vs color, color vs clarity etc (I opted for a princess cut, D, VVS1, very good cut, and it was simply stunning!)and I felt I made an informed decision without the pressure you can get from a retail environment. The ring was beautiful, everything I hoped for, my girlfriend loved it and most importantly she said yes! Thanks again and we'll be back soon for the matching wedding bands :)
Andrew, Pleasanton CA – January 2008

Great Customer Service
While my wife did not like the necklace and I wound up returning it, the problem was one of her taste not the necklace itself. I would like to comment on the excellent customer service I received. My initial customer service rep was very courtesy and the responses from the customer service dept acknowledging receipt of the returned necklace and updating me on the process was exceptional. I will definitely look to Blue Nile for any future jewelry purchases
Tim, Ooltewah TN – January 2008

If you love her, she'll love these!
My wife loved the earings. When you compare pricing and quality, Blue Nile always comes out on top. Wife loves the packaging. She wants to "collect the blue boxes." Quality is exceptional - so the price is fair. I've shopped everywhere and now I only shop Blue Nile - no more malls. Other online retailers quality has been sketchy. Blue Nile is always first class. My 4th purchase from Blue Nile in as many years. I'm not wealthy but they always make me feel like I am. (no, I don't work here - I just appreciate good customer service, a great product that shows up as described and on time, and a happy spouse!)
David, Greeneville TN – January 2008

Engagement ring was perfect & easy to select.
I was a little worried about purchasing a diamond and ring on the internet. My main concern was not being able to directly view and inspect the product before purchase. The Blue Nile website was very easy to use. There were several views of the setting, including how the ring would look on a finger. The stones were very easy to select from. During the diamond search, I could narrow my search by setting ranges for nearly every characteristic of the diamond (clarity, carat, color, cost, etc.). Overall, I was very pleased with the ease of the selection process and the final product.
Anonymous – January 2008

Another Winning Blue Nile Experience!
My fiance' loved them. I wanted her to have a special set of pearls to wear on our wedding day and she was thrilled with my choice. Blue Nile has supplied the engagement ring and we are both thrilled with it. We went to Tiffany's the other night to test wedding bands and saw the Lucida setting that the Trellis setting from Blue Nile mimics. I am amazed at the value. Who needs the little blue box? After all, with Blue Nile, you get a dark blue box along with value, quality and service!
Stephen, Kihei HI – January 2008

With tears in her eyes...she loved the engagement ring!
The engagement ring was exactly as described. The very informative web site made selecting the right diamond / setting very easy. After my order was placed, I was very stressed that the ring would not arrive before my trip to London due to an ice storm. However, your customer service personnel assured me that the ring would arrive before I left and contacted the shipping company for me to check on the status. This type of quality service is rare these days. I will definitely do business with your company in the future.
Richard, Boone NC – January 2008

Glowing face with a smile that never stoped
I thought that the whole experience was made easier by the professionals at Blue Nile. They assisted me through the whole process from begining to end. When I finaly poped the question her face lit up like a christmas tree. Thanks Blue Nile
Shawn, Perryville MD – January 2008

Everyone was impressed!
I am so proud of my purchase and my wife to be loves it. I was clueless when I began searching for a ring but the site guided me through it. I was able to put together a beautiful ring that everyone compliments me by saying I have great taste.The best part of my experience was talking to the custmer service folks who treated me with patience and friendly professionalism.Thanks
Anonymous – December 2007

She loves the ring!!!
I was not really sure at first about buying from an online jeweler. But after looking at the selection and reading people's comments I decided to do it. The whole process was super easy and I found a diamond and band in my price range. It came fast and I still cannot believe the quality. This was the best experience I ever had and we still cannot believe how beautiful the ring came out!!! Definitely check this website out!!
Peter, Phoenixville PA – December 2007

she loves her ring
I don't know much about jewelry, but the website is designed in a way that anyone can select the kind of ring they desire. The customer service operator was extremely helpful and friendly and the ring arrived the exact date we were told, nearly to the minute! My fiance loves her ring and we are both elated and will recommend Bluenile to our friends and family!
Judson T., Bentonville AR – December 2007

Blue Nile is the best.
This is the second item that I have purchased through Blue Nile. The first was an engagement ring. I could not believe how beautiful it was. The second time was the pendant necklace. I knew what to expect, but I was still pleasently surprised. I love the site because there is not pressure from sale-people. I will continue to use Blue Nile until my fiance has everything she wants. She showed me the pendant necklace from a cataloge from another jeweler. I got the exact same style, with a bigger diamond of higher quality for about the same cost.
Donald, Arlington TX – December 2007

Second to none!!!
In a word "WOW". Thats all we could say when we open up that rosewood blue nile box. The diamond sparkled like none other that I have ever seen. The packaging, and all documentation were presented in the highest standards. Your diamond and jewelry consultansts are second to none. You could give lessons on what customer service is all about. You have earned a trust in me, as such that I will always purchase my diamonds from blue nile.
Anthony, Cranston RI – December 2007

Everyone loved the ring and especially the diamond!
The entire experience was great. Very informative website. Went with a 1.10 carat G color Signature Diamond. Signature Diamond is the way to go - unbelievable fire and brilliance. Excellent paperwork. Was even able to request a particular arrival date to match my schedule.

Tried local stores and just felt like they were not being honest with me and that I was not getting what I was paying for. They were skeptical about showing all of the information on the diamond such as the cut and polish - focusing only on color and clarity and appearance. Not the case at Blue Nile - full disclosure lets you know exactly what you are getting and what you are paying for.

Overall the experience and information available was excellent. Would highly recommend.

Joseph, Palos Hills IL – December 2007

She absolutely loved the ring and the fire from the diamonds.
Your site is wonderful in providing valuable education about dimaonds, the ability to choose your stone from a total range of options, and your customer service people very knowledgeable and helpful made buying a ring a fun as well as learning experience. And, on top of that, the price is less than any others I have found. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone.
Royce, Lake Jackson TX – December 2007

The ring exceeded all expectations!!
With a purchase of this importance I was hesitant to make a decision online. But after going to several jewelery stores and getting the car salesman routine over and over, I decided to come back to Blue Nile and see how they compared. Well, there was NO comparison! After recieving the ring I was blown away by how beautiful the diamond and setting were! She was awestruck and said yes and I will definitely be back for our wedding bands and any other jewelry purchases that need to be made throughout the years! Thank you, Blue Nile!
Anonymous – December 2007

The best jewelry buying experience!
Don't be afraid to buy online! They are as beautiful as they look onscreen. I went into another jewelry store immediately after we purchased my diamond, and underneath the showroom lights my ring was more gorgeous than any other there. I also got much more ring for my money even after all of the discounts and "sales". The customer service is also amazing. Real time tracking gives you peace of mind and free sizing is also wonderful if the fit is not quite right. You just pay return postage, which is still much cheaper than having a local jeweler doing it. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am!
Callye, Seminole TX – December 2007

perfect choice
I couldn't be happier with my purchase of an engagement ring on Blue Nile. I did a ton of research and comparison before buying, and am now convinced that buying online from a reputable site is the future of jewelry purchases. I feel sorry for unsuspecting guys who overpay at traditional stores! I was able to pick out the perfect diamond, and customer service was enormously helpful in walking me through the actual purchase. They inspected the diamond ahead of time to confirm that there were no visible flaws, and sent it out perfectly set, safely and promptly. The final result exceeded my expectations, and looks far better in real life than in the site's pictures. My now-fiancee is completely thrilled with the ring, and can't stop staring at it. It is a ring within my budget that we are both proud to show to family and friends.
Tom, Boston MA – December 2007

The Diamond Necklace took her breath away
My wife was brought to tears when I gave it to her as a graduation present this past week. I enjoyed the flexibility that I got from the website. I had more choices to choose from then any other internet site that I looked at. There were multiple choices for the type of metal and also for the setting. Most of the othe websites gave you at best only one option for setting and type of metal. This allowed me to customize it to exactly what I know my wife would like. For the price, quality and style, Blue Nile can't be beat.
Paul, Oviedo FL – December 2007

10th Anniversary Diamonds! Blue Nile didn't disappoint!
My same-sex domestic partner and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this year. He has always wanted a "large" diamond stud earring, but I don't think he ever expected to have one, so I decided to buy him one for our anniversary. He said he'd only accept it if I let him buy me one too! I discovered Blue Nile and knew I'd found the right place to buy our diamonds. I like the fact that Blue Nile let me choose the exact diamonds I wanted plus the fact that I was able to study ALL the details of the diamonds I'd selected BEFORE I purchased them! And I was able to buy larger, higher-quality diamonds for less than I would have paid for smaller, inferior stones at a retail store! My partner and I were both extremely pleased with the diamonds I had selected, and the .33 carat stones were just perfect for us! Our 10th anniversary was a very memorable one, and the purchase of our diamonds from Blue Nile was a very pleasant experience!
Lance, Oswego IL – December 2007

The right ring, and perfect service
The website had all the tools to make me comfortable making an important purchase without 'seeing the goods'. Information, great selection, and clear policies are important. I comparison shopped with valuable knowledge.

Nothing, however, sealed the deal more than your phone representative, Gina, who gave invaluable advice in helping me choose the right stone and setting.

My wife and I are still amazed at the beauty and brillance of the stone...and how it is flattered by the setting.

Our friends and relatives find it hard to believe that I bought it online, but the differences between the Blue Nile stone and other rings is well...as clear as the ring on her finger. Thanks
William H., WEST ORANGE NJ – December 2007

Building the Perfect Ring
A symbol of one's admiration and affection should be proudly displayed. I was quite pleased to find first, the right diamond, then to find the perfect setting. At Blue Nile you can find the perfect stone and then have it set or choose to purchase the diamond separately. I was very pleased to find a large selection of exactly what I was looking for, a physical manifestation of my eternal love and devotion. The site is extremely educational and easy to use to help you find/build the perfect engagement ring or cherished gift.
Ernie, Mesa AZ – December 2007

This diamond is amazing, she cried,
Not one mall jewelry store had anything this brilliant or beautiful for this value. There was no comparison, Blue Nile had the best prices AND the best selection with better customer service over any of the jewelry stores. Her Blue Nile Signature Round Diamond ring is stunning, it is far and away the most beautiful diamond ring I've seen. None of the "better faceted" and much more expensive stones I saw at the mall compares to the Blue Nile signature round diamond that I chose for her. Thank you Blue Nile! You have a life long customer! Any guy out there planning on buying a ring and being nervous about it should choose Blue Nile. Get a Signature Cut diamond, she will not be disappointed! My fiancee gets great compliments on her ring every day. She also loves the fact that I got to build the ring for her. She cried yes under the waterfall when she saw this amazing diamond ring. My fiancee's signature cut diamond and even the stunning box it comes in is flawless. Blue Nile Rocks!
Vernon, Glendale AZ – December 2007

I believe the value, quality, and service from Blue Nile is unsurpassed by any other retailer of diamonds. My fiance absolutely loves the Signature Ideal emerald cut solitaire that I purchased for her.
Anonymous – December 2007

A Crying Kodak Moment
I wanted to get a Christmas gift for my mother that would make her mouth drop open and her eyes widen...and I did with the pearls. We had a crying mother and daughter moment and we caught it on film. Thank you for letting me have that moment with her. We live 1500 miles apart and we both appreciated it. I would TRUELY recommend this company for any jewelery. I ordered it on a Friday afternoon and received it Monday morning. So when I got it I had to show it off to all my co-workers, they all felt the same way I did about it!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING!!!!!
Gwendolyn, Cincinnati OH – December 2007

True Customer Service
I first looked to Blue Nile subsequent to a friend's raving reviews of the company's efficiency and pricing. Unfortunately, a Blue Nile representative that took my order had inadervtantly inputted the incorrect information, causing a potential delay in the order. However, upon learning of the situation, Blue Nile senior management lept to action and fulfilled my order in record time. I was very impressed, to say the least, of the service that Blue Nile offered and would reccomend purchasing from the company to any of my friends. My fiance is extremely pleased with the quality of the ring, which has now made it onto national TV in Japan!
Anonymous – December 2007

High quality, easy purchase, low price tag!
We had loads of trouble finding something that we like at the high end stores. Many scoffed at us when we told them how much we were looking to spend. No problems at Blue Nile, and we got to pick exactly the diamond with their easy to use selection system. I got so much more education through their website about diamonds than with supposed "experts" in stores, that it should be embarrassing to those retailers (Tiffany's and MJ Chritiensen). Overall, I am completely satisfied with Blue Nile and with the engagement ring. I am blown away that we could get a diamond that is so far better quality than that of retailers for about 40% of the price. We bought the diamond, engagement ring, and wedding band (matching set) for less than a loose diamond (of much lower quality) at the retailers that we looked at. We even had some questions prior to purchasing, and we got ahold of an actual person, not a computer recording, on a saturday in about thirty seconds.
Anonymous – December 2007

Good shopping experience, from start to finish
The overall work flow and user interface I experienced on the website was very good.

The selection of, the search for, and the prices are all very good.

I sincerely recommend others to purchase a Custom-built ring through Blue-Nile.

Side note: Their customer services are one of the best I've interacted with in America (as weird as it sounds, one of the other companies that has the best customer service is the Insurance company Blue Nile promoted through a after-sale letter) While I'd give a 4 star on the overall experience, I'd give 5 star for their customer support.

Regards, Alex
Hao Hui, Silver Spring MD – December 2007

My Soulmate is on cloud 9 !!!!!
Dec 2 was my 29th anniversary and my wife wanted a new set for our 30th, but I surprised her early. I researched diamond wedding sets on the internet and at retail jewelers, educated myself on diamond grading, and also checked out Blue Nile. My reason for purchasing from Blue Nile was reputation, but frankly most of all because I could purchase a larger, higher quality diamond and setting for much less than from the retailers. I customized the whole ring without any input from my wife. It was all worth it,because she was blown away. She has shown the set to everyone she knows. They ask me if I "Did you go to Jared?" I tell them,"No, I did better than that." Thank You Blue Nile
Mason, Houston TX – December 2007

I shopped around quite a bit before I found the right Diamond. The thing that stands out to me most about Blue Nile is the selection. Other stores that I looked at gave me 10-20 Diamonds to look at. However, at Blue Nile I was able to see hundreds that fit what I was looking for. This was especially helpful, because I knew what qualities of the Diamond were most important to me, and I was able to find a Diamond that was very strong on the attributes I was looking for, at a great value. My advice - do your homework, find out what is most important to you when selecting a Diamond, and odds are - you will find exactly what you're looking for at Blue Nile
Anonymous – December 2007

A Perfect Ring
I did a bunch of looking around at both local jewelers and at Blue Nile. In the end, there was no question about where I was going to purchase the engagement ring. The quality of diamond I was able to purchase at Blue Nile versus a local jeweler for the same amount of money was astonishing. While it takes a good bit of trust to spend that amount online without physically seeing the ring, the diamond and setting looked perfect when the ring arrived. I was under a time crunch to get the ring before heading off on the engagement trip, but Blue Nile worked overtime to come up with a solution so that I could get the ring before heading to the airport. Clearly she absolutely loved the ring. Top quality, top service. You won't find any better, and you certainly won't be disappointed.
Patrick, Toomsuba MS – December 2007

Since my ring arrived all I have heard is:"Oh, what a beautiful ring!" "It's so very elegant!" "Where did you buy those magnificent stones?" With the help of a Blue Nile specialist, I designed a simply elegant 3-stone diamond ring. The diamonds, superbly balanced in size and shape, are set perfectly on a graceful platinum Trellis shank. The stones sparkle in any light and angle. Prior to working with Blue Nile, I visited six different jewelers to discover what I liked and to obtain purchase price information. The Blue Nile ring is far better than any I saw; it is unique; and its price was roughly 70% of what I would have paid at a high end jewelry store. I doubt that I would ever purchase another diamond ring at a local store. Blue Nile is the way to go. I'm a very happy customer.
Carol W, St Petersburg FL – December 2007

Everything you want, nothing you don't
Shopping with Blue Nile was a great experince. After a couple of hours on the website there was nothing I could learn from the "helpful" people at the conventional stores. This was the biggest direct out of pocket purchase I have ever made and it went very smoothly. Once I decided on my budget and learning about the diamonds from the Blue Nile website I decided to give a chance to the downtown store, the good citizen I am. The store person told me that for that money I can get a very nice stone with a color grade that "most people will not notice" and inclusions that "is really hard to see". At Blue Nile I got a larger much clearer stone with much less color and top cut and polish.
Alexandre, Lawrence KS – December 2007

Like Cinderella's glass slipper it was a perfect fit.
Blue Nile has a wonderful repertoire of fine jewelry and diamonds, but there are still vital steps in selecting a diamond ring: Study the 4 Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carats. Plan Ahead - Having enough time to select a ring before an intended date and being prepared financially can avoid future headaches. Investigate - Do your homework! Pay close attention to the jewelry worn and sneak a peek at the ring size (it’s not a good idea to "wing it" when dealing with sizes). Never Be Afraid to Ask For Advice - Consult family or friends they might think of something you might have overlooked. Shop – An online ring builder is set for customers to try different looks from diamond shapes to ring styles. Remember this is a new venture so enjoy the search.
Anonymous – December 2007

This was a replacement ring for my wife so this wasn't my first diamond. After going to several local jewelers and getting all kinds of incorrect information, I decided to try Blue Nile on a friends advice. Could not have been easier. The upfront grading reports and pricing put the locals to shame and take the worry out of the online transaction. I was able to create a duplicate of the lost ring, but with a guaranteed better stone. The ring is absolutely stunning. I had to have the setting adjusted but Blue Nile did the work quickly, and had the ring back in my hands within days. I'll never buy a diamond from a local jewler again.
Anonymous – December 2007

This was my first diamond purchase via the internet. My approach was with trepidation knowing I needed to do this right for my 30th anniversary. I researched and studied extensively for months with my final decision on Blue Nile. The work paid off. In every way this company does it right. They are up front and honest. The ring was beautiful. The wife is happy. My sincerely thanks to Blue Nile and the employees of this top notch company.
Donald B, Charleston SC – December 2007

It was Exactly what she wanted
The resources on the website were great for researching the basics of diamonds and the different ring styles, but when it came time to make the purchase i just wasn't comfortable ordering online. I called instead and the woman on the other end was great: nice, knowledgable, and helped me with everything from the size to my crazy shipping situation. Oh, and she said Yes! Thanks blue nile...
Adam, Denver CO – December 2007

Great Pendant Gift
This was a great piece. Bought this for my wife as a wedding gift. It worked out great. Daimonds look great in their setting. I will say that the chain is a bit on the thin side as the other comments have said, however what you're buying is the pendant. If you want something different pick up a different chain at a later point. In our case its good that she gets to "try" it with this chain because she now realizes she would like a slightly shorter chain. Now we know what length to look for if we do upgrade the chain. I am thankful we got the 1 ct tw pendant because the size is just right and it did receive several positive comments.
James, Tucson AZ – November 2007

Only one moment only one jeweler, Blue Nile!
It was everything I hoped for and more, the service was excellent. I never felt rushed or pressured and it was very comforting knowing how important this special moment was. If she has to have it for a lifetime then you need the best and Blue Nile is it. I recommend them to everyone and you will not be disappointed and amazed at what a amazing product you can get for your money. Once you take out the high overhead, and commission sales that a regular jeweler may have. Thank you for everything Blue Nile she loves the ring and so do I.
Jeremy R., Rochester NY – November 2007

Everything you want without the cost
I looked everywhere and could find no jeweler that has the selection as Blue Nile. Customer service gave me all the information I needed and even talked me out of a more expensive diamond for one that fit my needs. I was very impressed with the overall service and recommend them whenever the topic comes up. Thanks my fiance loves it!
David, Seatac WA – November 2007

The perfect shopping experience
While the decision whether or not to buy your loved one a diamond ring may be easy, the choices one faces when making the actual purchases are intimidating to say the least. The Blue Nile website's guide to diamond grading helped make me into a diamond expert in little time. I was also able to shop around in actual stores in my neighborhood to compare prices and cuts. I leaned that my Blue Nile education was right on, and the prices Blue Nile offered were far and away the best that could be found. I would recommend shopping at Blue Nile to anyone, without reservation!
Matthew, Brooklyn NY – November 2007

Wow! What an exquisite diamond!
We can't say enough about how pleased we are with the diamond and setting, not to mention the overall experience with Blue Nile. The diamond is everything we hoped for and more. We looked at other diamonds that weren't nearly the quality of this stone for considerably more money. We will definitely be making additional purchases through Blue Nile. We were a little leary about buying the diamond and setting, sight unseen, but we loved the fact that you stand behind yur products with your 30-day return policy. policy. Outstanding experience! Larry and Pamela Cantieri, Novato, CA
Pamela, Novato CA – November 2007

Great gift for my sister
It is a beautiful bracelet and made a great gift for a special birthday for my sister.
Anonymous – November 2007

She was shocked at how beautiful it was!
I did an extensive amount of research (both online & in retail stores), and found that Blue Nile offered the most information and best pricing vs. anything I saw in person. Once I was comfortable with the 4Cs. as well as the Polish & Symmetry of the diamonds, I easily navigated their website and found the perfect diamond. It was beautiful in every way imagineable! BlueNile's consultants were also very helpful, and suggested that I buy a 1/4 size smaller because of the fit and style of the ring. It proved to be a wonderful suggestion as it fit my fiance's finger perfectly. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone currently shopping for any Diamond Jewelry!! Thanks Blue Nile!
Gregory, Minneapolis MN – November 2007

Blue Nile!! You've done it again!!!
Earlier this year I had ordered a solitare engagement ring, and after being so impressed with both service and merchandise quality, Blue Nile was the first (and only) place I ventured to when looking for a Sweetest Day gift. I happened upon a 2ct Diamond "V" Necklace in white gold, and absolutely fell in love with it. I had ordered it late in the week, but it still came in plenty of time to include in my Sweetest Day package. Needless to say, it went over v-e-r-y BIG, and now I just can't wait for Christmas :)
Jeffrey, Broadview Heights OH – November 2007

This purchase will make anyone say YES.
Blue Nile offers the best experience in an investment such as this one. I felt that I had made the most educated purchase I could have in the span of a few days (and could always refer to the site 24/7) instead of doing the legwork of physically visiting jewelry stores. The fact that each product comes with a GIA certificate makes you feel even more comfortable with the diamond you are purchasing. I will strongly recommend this to my friends and anyone looking to get engaged.
Jose B, New York NY – November 2007

Excellent products and service.
The parameters Blue Nile gives to pick a diamond are easy to understand yet don't compromise the complexity of the interrelated characteristics of diamonds. So, one is quickly indoctrinated into the diamond world and is able to confidently choose a diamond with realistic expectations of what one is buying. I am completely satisfied with my diamond purchase. In addition, all my dealings with the customer care were absolutely fantastic - finally, a customer service department that treats you like a customer.
Graham, Toronto ON – October 2007

Amazed & Speechless!!
As a returning Blue Nile customer, I was used to quality product. In researching an engagement ring, I found the resources to be very exceptional. Any questions I had in my research were right there on the website. Very good. I was kept aware of the entire process, and I knew exactly when I would receive my purchase. The included paperwork was an added touch, to help insure the investment. The result, was a ring that my girlfriend absolutely loved. She said it was better than she expected. I would gladly recommend Blue Nile to anyone, and I will certainly be a returning customer in the future. Thank you.
Anonymous – October 2007

great service
My wife chose the ring from the website, and was delighted with it. It was just as she had hoped. I was impressed with the speed of the delivery, and especially the service. EVERYONE at Blue NIle was polite and prompt, both online and over the phone. A live person answered when I called. My email was returned within an hour. When I had to return the ring to have it re-sized, the turnaround was only a few days. I will buy again from Blue Nile.
michael, Windham NH – October 2007

Globally competitive selection & pricing
I invested time looking around the world for a ring - including places like Singapore and India. It was tricky to find the right combination of choice and pricing. I found Blue Nile's vast selection incomparable - I was able to hone in on the exact diamond I thought she would like. And the net total price was truly competitive with jewelry shops anywhere. To top it off, customer service was brilliant - they had it specially delivered early, on time for the proposal. (And - most importantly - she LOVED the ring!)
Anonymous – October 2007

Quality, Value, Clarity, Honesty, Excellent!
What I appreciated most was the consultative help with regard to my decision on a diamond. I know very little about diamonds, nor do I want to be a diamond expert, so it was very helpful to have your customer service rep explain what to consider when making my selection. Also, your consultant knew what was important to both my fiancee and I, which is quality, clarity, value, and service. Excellent job, Blue Nile! I will definitely recommend Blue Nile to others (and also consider Blue Nile again for future purchases).
Jason, Peoria IL – October 2007

She loved the Ring
I spent several days, many hours and much gasoline looking around at local jewelers but couldn't make up my mind. Nothing seemed quite right. I found some pieces that met most of the criteria but none were perfect and I would have to wait, sometimes weeks for modifications to be completed if I decided to settle. I was frustrated and running out of options, I would have to expand my search area. This led me to go world wide and I found Blue Nile. In ten minutes I ordered exactly what I wanted and at terrific savings! I was amazed that the ring was completed and at my door in less than a week!
Peter, Erie PA – October 2007

Awesome quality and Customer Service
I recently bought myself a pair of Blue Nile Signature diamond earrings. During the process I needed to speak with customer service a few times. Every single person I spoke with was above and beyond what you would expect from customer service these days. They were knowledgeable, friendly, and amazingly conscientious. They called, left messages, and made sure that everything was right. I loved being able to pick my own diamonds, see the grading report, and make an educated decision with no pressure. The earrings were spectacular and stunned a jeweler who appraised them for me. Shop with confidence at Blue Nile!

Sarah, Hebron CT – October 2007

Exceptional service; Gorgeous pendant!
I was overwhelmed with the service and product provided by Blue Nile! I ordered a custom built solitaire diamond pendant to present to our daughter on her wedding day. Unfortunately, with all the planning of the wedding, I ordered the pendant just one week before the wedding. When I found the delivery date would be after the wedding, I called Blue Nile who rushed the order through. I wish you could have seen the bride's face when her father and I presented the necklace to her just a few hours before the ceremony! It still brings tears to a mom's eye! THANK YOU!
Lynda, Ojai CA – October 2007

What a great first experience!
After looking in the conventional 'brick 'n' mortar stores, we researched a possible on-line purchase and found Blue Nile highly regarded. Your prices and overall quality cannot be touched by a conventional jewelry store. Your website is highly user friendly and a great tool in designing the perfect ring for our needs. The entire process from selection to delivery was perfect with everything as promised. Your follow-up after the purchase has been great also. Great customer service! Oh, by the way, my fiance loves the ring!
Mark, Eugene OR – October 2007

The Diamonds Aren't All That's Flawless
Not only were the diamonds and setting perfect, but both the on-line information and the follow up phone call I had to make were flawless. I got the information I needed, placed the order, completed a wire transfer, and received the ring in under 48 hours!
Anonymous – October 2007

What I always hoped for!
Through the use of the highly helpful website, my fiance and I were able to choose the ring that I had always hoped for. We were both unfamiliar with the specifics of high quality diamonds, but the information given by Blue Nile left us feeling completely confident with our choice. It was so special to actually choose my diamond and the unusual cut is exactly what I wanted. The diamond is exactly what the website led me to expect and the ring itself is gorgeous. The setting is flawless and displays the diamond beautifully. I'm so proud of this ring and we both feel that we couldn't have chosen a better company.
Chelsey, Reynoldsville PA – October 2007

She was ecstatic over the engagement ring!
I visited countless websites when searching for the right diamond. All sites seriously lacked the information I was searching of with the exception of Blue Nile. Blue Nile's website is comprehensive and easy to navigate. Want to making an well infomred decision on a diamond but feel you lack the knowledge? Try their numerous links on diamond cuts, shapes, color, etc, under the "Education" link, which also includes other educational links to prescious gems, stones, and metals. "Build Your Own Ring" was absolutely the best build your own ring experience I had when choosing The Signature Princess-Cut Diamond for my fiancee. It was also one the deciding factors in selecting Blue Nile when I finally made my purchase. The first factor was their ability in enabling me to education myself in making an educated decision. And no, I was not paid to say this, but simply asked to give feed-back on my experience. Checkout out their competetion's websites, then checkout Bile Nile's.
Brannon, Apatche Junct. AZ – October 2007

Blue Nile is a gift to all men that want to get it right!
This "website" is a gift to all the men out there that want to get it right. After dealing with salespeople in traditional shops, Blue Nile provides a forum for stress free comparisons and the ability for the buyer to choose the exact quality and style they want. I will always go to BN 1st for all future jewelry purchases!
Chris, Austin TX – October 2007

You have surpassed all our expectations!
So extremely pleased- I have already called customer service Saturday and advised them-you have surpassed all our expectations!!!Customer service is exceptional- smart,delivered every single thing they said they would- Cannot say enough about your site- we will never purchase jewelry any other way!!!!!!!!
Anonymous – October 2007

Blue Nile takes the guesswork out of diamond shopping.
Blue Nile has taken the guesswork out of diamond shopping. My ring is stunning, thanks to the education I received through the Web site and my sales consultant. Selection also played a key role in finding the diamond of my dreams. Blue Nile was the only retailer that could provide me with several options for the calibre of diamond I wanted. The selection, quality and value is unparalled. Convenience is an added bonus.
Anonymous – October 2007

Thanks for helping with a huge deposit in the love bank!
I must tell you that I found you through a Google search and had all the expected apprehensions of making a purchase like this online, especially from an entity unknown to me. Ultimately, there was no reason for concern, and I was very, very pleasantly surprised with the overall transaction and experience. The interactive web site is phenomenal. This may have been the best internet shopping experience I have ever had. I will definitely be back next time, but of course, not for another engagement ring!!
Donald, Chino Valley AZ – October 2007

Best Quality Anywhere
I am very very very very very very happy! I have not seen such quality in any store! I tried jewelry stores that tried to sell me poor quality stones for a high price. Their settings were garbage. We planned and researched for months before deciding on Blue Nile. Thanks to their research guides and their slider bars that let you pick out what you are looking for we were able to find the perfect stone and perfect setting! I am so happy with it! My friends and mother are so jealous of my gorgeous new ring! I hope to buy my wedding bands and diamond earrings from Blue Nile also. This ring is a thousand times better quality and price than what you will find in any store. You will not be disappointed. My fiance proposed to me the same night the ring arrived. He is very happy with the ring also. We are a very happy couple with a beautiful ring to cement the engagement! Thank you Blue Nile! I am soooooo very happy!!!
Anonymous – October 2007

she loved the pendant
My sister loved receiving this as a birthday gift. Thanks for great service
Rebecca, valrico FL – October 2007

I just love this rock!
Good quantity of diamonds to choose from. Many good quality ones. Good Price. Informative website. Good customer service? very prompt in replying my several emails. We bought a 1.65C, VS1, I, GIA Triple-Exclt, laser inscribed diamond to be set in platinum. My fiance and I shopped for this ring together. Prior to the purchase, we were full of suspicion. Customers widely accept to buy homogeneous products such as computers & digital cameras online. But is it reliable to buy diamonds & custom jewelry, such heterogeneous (& subjective) products online? Are we buying what we are supposed to? That?s why we asked BN to make sure our diamond is set in a way that the laser inscription is visible between 2 prongs of our ring. The clouds in our heads cleared once we received the ring as it arrived as expected. As promised, the inscription can be seen clearly w/ a 20X loupe (took me 2 days to learn how!) It is one very beautiful ring! Many compliments received. BN, thank u very much!
Ka Yi, San Jose CA – September 2007

Simply the best
At first I was skeptical about buying the most important piece of jewelry I will ever buy site un-seen and from an on-line company no less, thinking to use this as a price comparison for when I go to a Shopping mall box store like Zales, Beldens, Debeers. But after looking through hundreds of diamonds at the shopping mall stores, I could not find the quality of stone in the size and budget that I wanted. So I returned to blue-nile, still skeptical. After talking with a very knowledgable sales associate, I was convinced and bought the ring on the spot. After it arrived, I was thrilled to find that my worries were all for nothing, the ring is simply beautiful. I could go on about my total and complete satisfaction with your staff and the product that you put out. But to sum up, thank you, and I look forward to doing business with you again.
nicholas, wichita KS – September 2007

Great quality at a GREAT value
Went and shopped around many places in town, this was definitely not my first diamond purchase so I knew what to look for. Went to the same place I bought my engagement stone as well as some other 'discount' jewelers. The discount jewelers were a joke, the stones looked so bad I could not even consider, but the service person still tried 'to find me a good one' haha. I took a chance, read the reviews at Blue Nile and decided to order. The quality of stones were excellent and at a great price, you just can't beat these guys, highly recommend.
Justin, Columbus OH – September 2007

When my Wife to be saw her ring she was Speechless...
From the beginning of the shopping experience until we received the ring, all of our dealings with Blue Nile were hassle free. Our order was handled professionally, and expeditiously. The service we received was above and beyond any service we have ever experienced. The Blue Nile web page layout, the ordering process, and the quality of our custom built wedding ring were all top notch. Thank you for making the process that much easier.
Anonymous – September 2007

OVER EXCEEDED expectations!
I looked into Blue Nile because a friend recommended and I am glad I listened. They had a setting that was identical to the Tiffany Lucidia, which was what my fiance wanted. When I went to Blue Nile I found that I got much more for my money with them than at Tiffany's, with the same grade, quality and color.

When I went to make my purchase the customer service rep found me an ever better stone for a better price! He was concerned about me spending the most money, but rather that I got the best quality for what I was spending. The financing was quick and easy and the ring got their very fast. And the 30 day no questions asked guarantee definitely left me at ease for making such a large purchase without seeing it in person.

The ring was BEAUTIFUL and my fiance loved it...she didn't miss the little blue box at all. I recommend ANYONE check out Blue Nile before making this big purchase. Best value for your dollar!
Falone J, Ontario CA – September 2007

My wife of 10 years designed her new ring and I bought it for her. When it arrived, I opened the Fed-Ex box so that I could present it to her ceremoniously, and I could not belive my eyes when I saw the ring. It was so impressive, I could hardly wait for her to get home from the office so that I could put it on her finger! The Customer Service Representative who worked with me was outstanding. She did everything she could to get the wedding band to us before a family reunion, and the band arrived with time to spare.
Rob, Minneapolis MN – August 2007

My wife loved the ring and took the time to pick her diamonds!
I am a GIA grad and made this purchse for my wife's 50th birthday. Your assistant we all very professional and knowledgeable and had just the right attitude over the phone. It was pleasure to hand pick my selection and far superior in some ways to being only able to pick from a few in a store. Your prices were reasonable and even though I could not see the stones I felt I knew them to some degree quite intimately by being able to select depth percentage and table diameter etc. beyond color and clarity. What a perfectly sensible way to save and choose from the comfort and privacy of ones home!
David J., Fresno CA – August 2007

My wife said it was too big for her hand
Must read the GIA report in detail.
Anonymous – August 2007

I made her cry.
Before purchasing the 14k White Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant, I had never purchased jewelry for anyone. I was a bit frightened, as I really wanted my girlfriend to like the gift that I bought for her. She's a young woman and I didn't want to get her something that would age her, so I went with the single pearl. I always tell her that she's my pearl, my diamond. I'm so glad that I found a gift to reflect our relationship. When I gave her the necklace, she teared up and told me that it was the best thing anyone had bought for her on her birthday. I'm so pleased with Blue Nile and I know for sure that I will be coming back to make more purchases. The delivery time was exactly right, the customer service representative was friendly, and it was just an all around great buying experience for my first time buying jewelry. Thank you Blue Nile.
Philip, Houston TX – July 2007

Everyone is amazed by the ring
Blue Nile honestly is the best option out there to buy the ring. After spending months of researching and reading reviews, Blue Nile appeared to have it all. So I figured I would give it a shot. The website itself is amazing, tells you everything you need to know. The customer service was fantastic (everytime I called) and the speed of delivery was great. I even sent it back to be re-sized and it only took ONE week total. My fiance loves the ring and has gotten compliments by everyone. The ring and diamond are beautiful. I was worried about not seeing it in person, but when it arrived I couldn't take my eyes off it, and I still can't. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience! I will be buying the wedding bands here as well. Shawn, Philadelphia, PA
Shawn, Philadelphia PA – July 2007

My sister was thrilled with her wedding gift
At a glance of her custom-made diamond solitaire necklace wedding gift, my little sister was speechless. Its beauty simply carried her away. She was shocked to receive such a beautiful wedding gift. Blue Nile's custom-made diamond jewelry are always of outstanding quality and value. Blue Nile is my trusted site to build gifts for myself and my family. I love Blue Nile's enormous inventory and flexibility to let customer make their dream jewelry come true. The craftmanship of every piece of custom-made jewelry I purchased was perfect, I could tell because I used my 20x loop to scrutinize every single piece once I received them. These pieces of diamond jewelry will last for generations to come. Thanks a million!
Anonymous – July 2007

Recommended by a Tiffanys Saleswoman....
I loved everything about the Blue Nile experience - from the service to the online diamond search engine to the quality of the diamond. My fiance was surprised, impressed & most importantly 'very happy'. Ironically, it was a Tiffany's saleswoman that told me about Blue Nile. I picked out a $17,000 1.3-carat diamond from Tiffanys & we were discussing the perils of shopping online for diamonds. She had mentioned Blue Nile after I expressed similar concerns about online shopping. Well, I told her I was going to come in the next day w/ a Certified Check - but when I went home I immediately surfed to bluenile.com.I was so impressed I ordered a diamond immediately. I left the Tiffany's saleswoman a 'polite' message saying I will not be buying from Tiffany but instead will be purchasing from Blue Nile. Of course, no one ever called from Tiffanys and I have not looked back.

Thankyou Mark Vadon (& thanks to the Tiffanys salesperson back in 1998 that contributed to your frustrating visit)
Alfonso, Denville NJ – July 2007

She loves the earings, great service
I am in the Marines Corps and deployed over seas in the Middle East. I wanted to surprise my wife and send her something extra special. I found out about Blue Nile from some friends who had used them before, and they were extremely pleased with Blue Niles service and quality. So , I went online and checked them out. I ended buying my beautiful wife wife a georgeous pair of custom built diamond earings. It was so easy and convienent. My wife was suprised and extatic when she recieved them. The quality was superb. The diamonds were gorious and she wears them every where. Thank you for your great service and wonderful product.
Anonymous – July 2007

Perfect Engagement Ring Purchase
Outstanding ring...It looks beautiful. Great customer service, I received my order within 2 days and it was custom! Amazing!
Chris, Surprise AZ – July 2007

Exceeded every expectation!!
The diamond engagement ring I recently purchased from bluenile.com exceeded every expectation. My fiancee and I are thrilled!! The ring's indescribable beauty is the perfect symbol of my love for her, and we both look forward to gazing upon its mesmerizing sparkle every day for the rest of our lives! I'd also like to mention that BN Customer Service is top-notch. I spoke with three individuals, each of whom were exceedingly friendly and helpful. They shared their time and knowledge in a way that I rarely experience in this day and age of "outsourced" customer service. Finally, the value of the ring is exceptional...it's far more beautiful than anything I saw in "brick and mortar" stores, and for a significantly lower cost. I still spent quite a bit, but given how absolutely perfect the ring is, I feel like I got the bargain of a lifetime. I intend to use BN for all of my future jewelry needs, and I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone reading this do the same...you won't regret it!
Gregory, Summerville SC – July 2007

Beautiful ring! She loves it!
I was a bit skeptic about purchasing an engagement ring online. Luckily, I came across Blue Nile. I read through numerous customers' comments and found them quite helpful. Rave reviews from everyone. I took the chance and purchased the ring from Blue Nile. The ring arrived exactly on the date that I was quoted. The ring is simply BEAUTIFUL! I did extensive research and found stones of lesser quality selling for twice as much as what I paid through Blue Nile. Presented the ring to my fiance and she was stunned!

I would highly recommend Blue Nile to anyone. Buy with confidence, you will not be disappointed! Thanks.
Anonymous – July 2007

A skeptic now convinced...
The idea of buying a diamond ring online, sight unseen made ne very apprehensive. Since I have completed the process, I can say that this was by far the best decision as far as buying a diamond engagement ring. The prices and selection on Blue Nile are above and beyond any other jeweler I visited. The helpful staff on the phones worked with me to find the best diamond to fit my needs without being pushy. Once I received the ring I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. My fiance tells me on a regular basis that she really loves the ring. To anyone concerned about the quality, service, price of diamond ring buying online, I say that my experience will definitely bring me back here for future diamond purchases.
Anonymous – June 2007

Great selection & prices with no sales people involved :-)
I spent some time shopping in offline stores and was not happy with the limited selection and people trying to shoehorn me into something that "almost" fit what I wanted. Blue Nile has a great selection and I was able to spend as much time as I wanted finding what I was looking for.

The discounts availble at BlueNile (compared to other "discount" stores that one might hear advertised on the radio) allowed me to get a lot more diamond that I would have been able to otherwise.

Additionally, as a newb of a diamond shopper, they have some really good educational material that helped to make a decision that I felt very confident with.

My girlfriend, er fiance, was blown away by the ring and had to stop looking at it and remember that she was supposed to give me an answer, which was "yes".

Thanks BlueNile!
Daniel, Mountain View CA – June 2007

engagment ring
well to begin, my budget was $5,000 us dollars. after visiting 10-12 local jewelry stores in state, I began to worry that quality, size and price was not like a typical math equation. I had no choice to but to trust the internet for my purchase. Blue Nile was the only company that gained my trust and I can say it was the best decision I could have made. Not only did the size on my "feature" diamond increase, I was able to add extra bling around the stone. The help support was one of the best phone conversations in customer service history. Thank you. After all was said and done I saved $900 dollars and hand twice the ring to show for it. The best part is she loves it and that means everything.

many, many thanks

converted doubter of the internet diamond.
Anonymous – June 2007

she loved the charm and braclet.
the piece is very nice. the only problem is the ring that holds it to the clasp has come apart twice and the charm has fallen off. other than that it is very nice.

Best Service. Excellent Value. Very Happy Fiance.
I shopped at various local brick-and-mortar as well as other e-commerce sites trying to find just the right ring, the right selections, and of course the right price. I stumbled on your site in my search and it was the best thing that could have happened. Your site was very intuitive, the most useful by far. The prices were excellent and customer service was superb, especially in handling an issue that came up. The final result? My fiance loves the ring - and for me the experience was a pleasant one.
Thomas, Bumpass VA – June 2007

I Love the Diamond Ring and Earrings!
I recently upgraded my diamond solitaire engagement ring and diamond stud earrings for quality on my 35th birthday. At an unbelievable price, the quality of my new diamonds cannot compare to the mall diamonds. I could never find diamonds as beautiful as these at the mall. They are absolutely stunning!!! Blue Nile's customer service is excellent. Everything went perfect from designing my diamond ring and earrings, to sizing and shipping them. There were no conflicts at all. I also love how informitive and easy to navigate their website is. I urge you; please don't buy diamonds from those mall stores. I have learned from experience that they cannot provide good quality diamonds and will rip you off for the lower quality ones they do have. Give Blue Nile a try; you will be satisfied!!!
Sandra M., Riverside RI – June 2007

This is the place !! #1
Blue nile is #1 by far, I've been to 20+ local jewelry stores prior to buying from blue nile and most of them only had low qrade diamonds such as I1 and I2 clarity with little fire and yellow tint, and no grading report. Other jewelers had very nice item's but way out of my price range. I purchased the ring for $3,920 and blue nile appraised it at $6,600 so I took the ring to 3 jewelers to have it appraised $8,900-$9,100 and $9,300. One of these jewelers want to buy it on the spot for $7,500. I challenge anybody to find a better deal at there local jeweler or on the web. Blue nile can't be beat and don't worry they only sell higher grade diamonds and no junk! and for some odd reason your not happy just send it back, but i bet blue nile has had little or no return's. I can't express how happy I am with this purchase and she is as well! you can't go wrong with blue nile!!!! THE BEST!!!!! don't waste 2 years looking and shopping like me! this is the place!!

brad, schaghticoke NY – May 2007

Amazing setting, amazing stones, amazing customer service, for one amazing woman?
Amazing setting, amazing stones, amazing customer service, for one amazing woman? All in all, Blue Nile took what could have been an extremely stressful situation and totally knocked it out of the park! I am in customer service myself, so I understand and appreciate the value of a company?s first class commitment to clients. Blue Nile reps were knowledgeable, extremely helpful, patient and completely professional during every step of this process. Not only would I buy from Blue Nile again, I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal on some fantastic fine jewelry?
Douglas E, San Francisco CA – May 2007

Better selection, better quality, better everything
The diamond and setting are exceptional in every way. I chose a 1.1 carat princess to go with the 0.5 carat princess channel setting in platinum, and it is a very good match. I think I get just as many compliments as she does! I didn't even get to put it on her finger - as soon as I opened the box, she snatched it up and put it on. I shopped around to the "mall stores" and could not believe the crappy diamonds they were trying to sell me (for a lot more money too). I think my channel stones are better quality than their center stones. Customer service was easy to deal with when I called them, and the ring arrived at 8:30 am on the day they said it would. Buying through Blue Nile saved me a ton of money and I got exactly what I was looking for without any of the chain store hassle.
Anonymous – April 2007

Much Better Ring for the Money!!
I couldn't be more pleased with my Blue Nile experience. I originally started my engagement ring search in a brick and mortar engagement ring store. The high-pressure sales tactics were not fun. Blue Nile treated me like an equal and my sales representative was so much more knowledgable and helpful! Even when the b&m store offered to take almost $2,000 off the price, I was still getting more for my money with Blue Nile. The process was great and she absolutely loved the ring! The appraisal was 66% higher than what I paid! I am recommending Blue Nile to all of my friends.
Josh, Santa Monica CA – April 2007

She loved the ring!
When I was looking for a ring to give to the love of my life, I had found Blue Nile. I contacted them and the service was better than anything i had seen in any store before. They took the time to help me find a ring in the price range that i was looking for, but did not substitute the price for quality. They found me the perfect ring size and it was a great quality diamond too. She loves the ring, as does everyone else, and is excited to get married. I recommend anyone who is shopping for a diamond to go through this sight. I was VERY pleased with the service and will go through them again to buy another diamond.
Kristopher, Ft. Lewis WA – April 2007

"She loved the diamond necklace."
I heard about Blue Nile when the CEO appeared on CNBC with Sue Herera. Normally I would have been skeptical about purchasing fine jewelry over the internet, but the aforementioned exposure gave the company instant credibility with me. I bought a diamond solitaire necklace for my wife as a fifteen wedding anniversary present, and she loves it! The entire experience with Blue Nile was very gratifying. The website is educational and intuitive, and the communication and customer service from the time of order through delivery were exemplary. Finally, the necklace came via Fed Ex at no extra cost to me, packaged in a beautiful box, and with a certificate from a gemology organization and an appraisal (for nearly twice what I paid). Blue Nile is highly recommended, and I will definitely shop them again - excellent value and outstanding product!
kyle, pine knoll shores NC – April 2007

My fiance loves her diamond engagement ring!!!
I was very impressed with my experience with Blue Nile and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase diamond jewelry. The selection is unbeatable, and the website made it very easy to compare different stones, settings, and prices to determine the best value for the money. All of the Blue Nile customer service representatives I dealt with were very knowledgeable, friendly, and were glad to answer all of the questions I had. Easily the best customer service I've dealt with in a long time. I personally would not buy diamonds from anywhere else before checking with Blue Nile.
Jonathan, Cincinnati OH – April 2007

Perfect Ring/ Perfect Buy
Blown Away! Blue Nile set the perfect engagement ring. Ring shopping isn't easy but Blue Nile made it easy. From NYC through NJ to Philly I got alot of haggling, run around talk and hiden fees issues with plenty of sleezy salesman. My ring was simple; round solitaire with a plain band. Research through news articles and word of mouth found that BN has a bigger, better and affordable selection of dimonds than most jewelers. A Philly jeweler said he couldn't compete with BN's prices. Since the BN website has great diamond detail, I was able to get the diamond I wanted. The 30-day no questions ask return policy took the purchasing fear out of me. Fast on-time delivery was great. The Diamond's sparkle and glow was breath taking. My girlfriend dropped to her knees when she saw the ring. Thank you Blue Nile for making one of my life's most memorable moments.
Anonymous – April 2007

More than I could possibly imagine
At first I was a little worried about ordering an expensive piece of jewlery online but after everything was all said and done I was very impressed at how flexible and profesional they are at Blue Nile. They worked with me on the shipping and timing so I could keep everything a secret. And the ring was absolutely perfect. Being able to hand pick the diamond and setting from a huge selection was great. Me and my new fiance couldn't be happier.
Brian, Elkridge MD – April 2007

All present at the engagement noticed how much the ring sparkled
Your customer service agent Amanda is the reason I bought from bluenile. She answered all of my questions, on multiple days, via telephone and by email. She faxed me a GIA certification that wasn't yet on your website, and she really did make the experience enjoyable. She was so nice I wish I could just call her up and chat some more :) Not only did Bluenile have the best price for the loose diamond I was looking for, the customer service was the best I've ever experienced, for any purchase. The money I saved on the loose diamond by purchasing at Bluenile was spent on a beautiful platinum setting. The custom diamond system at Bluenile enabled me to give my now fiancee the most beautiful ring! All my fears about buying a diamond online from Blunile are now gone; what an enjoyable process, free from the high-pressure sales tactics I endured from the local diamond places.
James, Gulfport FL – April 2007

True customer service still exists!
I was truly impressed with the assistance that I received. I have never spoken with a customer service person that was so patient, knowledgeable and helpful as the person that I spoke with at Blue Nile. They explained everything to me from beginning to end. It's nice to see that true customer service still exists somewhere in this digital, menu oriented world. Thank you for helping me find the perfect ring for the perfect woman.
Scott, Hull MA – April 2007

Blue Nile is the only way to go.
I'll never buy anywhere else. Both the best selection and best price anywhere.
Joshua, Orlando FL – April 2007

My fiancee has the most beautiful cushion cut diamond ring!!
Just like the other Blue Nile customers, I was also skeptical of buying a diamond ring online, especially because I knew exactly what my fiancee' wanted and her choice was a cushion cut diamond, which are difficult to perfect. I visited a tons of stores around SF bay area and also in Portland, OR but did not find anything pleasing. All the stores had good collection of settings but most didn't have cushion cuts in stock or they were way too expensive. I called BN a few times and was extremely pleased with their customer service. "Sam" was very helpful in helping me make right choice. I read their return policy and thought I should give it a shot and guess what? - I got the most beautiful, brilliant and fiery sparkly cushion cut diamond ring (under $2K!) from BN and my fiancee loves it. She has hard time keeping her eyes off her fingers now!! The ring is valued at 60% more than what I paid too! Thank you, blue nile, I highly recommend BN.
Kinjalkumar, Burlingame CA – April 2007

I'll admit that I was a little nervous about ordering something as important and expensive as an engagement ring on-line, but I could not be happier with the purchase. In addition to providing the ring and setting, Blue Nile educated me on all the aspects of selecting a diamond, without the sales pressure of sitting in a jewelry store. I was able to examine numerous stones and select the best combination of quality, size and shape. My fiancee absolutely loves the ring and receives unsolicated comments about how beautiful it is everyday. I would highly recommend Blue Nile to anyone looking for Jewelry, particularly an engagement ring. The diamond certifications, along with the 30 day guarantee gave me the confidence to make this purchase, and I'm happy I did.
scott, davie FL – April 2007

Amazed by Blue Nile's Quality and Incredible Customer Service!!
Honestly, I'm speechless on how great of an experience getting my fiancee's ring from Blue Nile was. I was going to the diamond district in LA to buy, but a close friend came over and called his friend, who is a custom ring maker. She said to check out Blue Nile. I'm a big online buy guy, but a ring is risky. BUT the price was nice and his friend said it was a great deal. Anyway, got the ring and it took everyone's breath away, including my fiancee's, but was 1 size too big. My fault, but my fiancee loved it so much she wouldn't send it back. Went to another place and they messed it up! SO I called BN and they said they would take care of it. BUT we needed it back for our engagemnt party in NY. Not only did they get it back quickly as promised, they barely charged me for my mistake and their customer service was impeccable. I was extremely happy with Blue Nile and would recommend it a 1,000 times over. Gorgeous quality, great price and pretty amazing cust. service. Can't beat that.
Zan, Valley Village CA – April 2007

She loves it so much she cried
Working with an "on-line" jeweler was very scary at first because I was unable to see the exact diamond that I chose for the setting. Going through the process was painless except for being able to choose the perfect diamond for my wife because of the many choices that Blue Nile offered!

Customer service went well beyond any that I have worked with yet. They called back the same day, worked with a couple of problems that I had and were very helpful and very understanding! Hats off to them!

Shipping was QUICK and seeing then seeing the rings for the first time exceeded all my expectations!

This experience has made me a Blue Nile customer for life!

Thanks again
Anonymous – March 2007

The Perfect Ring
The service was outstanding. Every issue or question I had was met with punctual, knowledgeable staff. My soon to be wife had seen a photo of the ring in an ad over three years ago, and had her heart set on it. Not only was the style unique, but I had reservations about the quality of the diamond she wanted. Blue Nile not only had the style, but met each and every expectation I had about the four C's. I was able to get size she wanted, and surprise her with a very high quality color and cut. She now knows the difference between high qualiy, especially compared to her friends rings. I shopped Zales, Macy's and several other "diamond stores", and their quality didn't even compare. Not only could I not find what I wanted at others, the ability to hand pick everything in the "Create your own ring" made all the difference. I would recommend Blue Nile over and over.
Jeff, Breckenridge CO – March 2007

We are officially done with jewelry stores!
As a true lover of diamonds, it was important to me to be able to choose exactly what I wanted in a three stone ring, and that's just what I was able to do with your custom built option.

Your website is a joy to explore and utilize, and your diamonds are to die for! I designed a ring with quality diamonds at a very reasonable price and was so pleased with the workmanship as well.

Your customer service is in a class by itself, as was the packaging and speed of delivery.

My husband and I are truly impressed with the entire Blue Nile experience. You've earned our trust, and we will be buying diamonds only from you in the future.
Therese, N. Grosvenordale CT – March 2007

You will be happy with Blue Nile!
I am an exceedingly difficult consumer to please. I am terrified of not getting the best deal and usually am unhappy with the service I receive. Honestly, I simply could not be happier with my experience buying a diamond engagement ring from Blue Nile. I did my research for months and could not find a simpler, no hassle way to get exactly the diamond for the best price. Instead of a jeweler punching endless calculations into a pocket calculator only to end up with " I can give it to you for $6000 even" , I was able to do the research and build the diamond that had the right qualities for the price I wanted. I do not believe I could have gotten a better deal. Great customer service and prompt shipping guarantee my business in the future.
Robert, Miami FL – March 2007

Tears of joy.
Her tears of joy said it all to me. She could not believe the beauty of the diamond. It was well worth the wait she said, since I gave her the diamond and ring for our 15th year wedding anniversary.

I will probably never buy another diamond except through Blue Nile. The transparency of the purchasing process is unmatched.

Your staff was also exceptional in their services since the logistics of the purchase were complicated. I was back in the US for a limited time since I live abroad at the moment so the diamond had to be rush-delivered, and your staff made sure I could get it from the nearest FedEx location since I was staying in a hotel. All in all, your customer service allowed me to put the biggest smile in my wife's face when I gave her the diamond.
Anonymous – March 2007

Thank you Bluenile, we're engaged!!
I have nothing but great things to say about bluenile! The customer suport was unmatched. Living in LA I spent two months walking in and out of jewlers in malls and in the diamond district, talking with over 15 people. The quality of diamonds and the price are unmatched. All my questions were answered promtly through the phone and email. My fiance loves her ring, it's beautiful!!! The day after we got ingaged we went to see her folks. Her father broke out a 10x magnifying glass, examand the stone, looked up and said "Don't show this to your mother! Her's doesn't sparkle like this!!" She has gotten many comments since and every day loves having it on her finger. Go with Bluenile, you won't regret it!!! Better than any store!!!
Jonathan, Reseda CA – March 2007

Excellent All Around Experience
I was at first a little hesitant purchasing such an important item over the internet, but after doing more research and comparing the level of service and selection that Blue Nile offers to more than a handful of local jewelery stores, I was confident that I was making the right choice. Once the ring arrived, it was more beautiful than I could have imagined. She absolutely loved everything about it down to the handsome box that it came in. Not once did I ever feel I was settling for second-best by purchasing on-line from Blue Nile. Together we have now decided to purchase our wedding rings from Blue Nile as well. Awesome concept, thanks for everything!!
Marco, Charlotte NC – February 2007

Great all around experience
Blue Nile has managed to demistify the purchase of the dimond ring for my fiance'. The GIA-certified diamonds could be easily compared on a variety of criteria...more than ever shared by the saleman at the jewelry store.

Once i made my diamond selection, i was able to talk to an on-line expert who, i felt, offered great advice.

The diamond i received was better than i anticipated. A month after i proposed to my new fiance', she still can't stop staring at that ring and smile.

I didn't think I'd ever say this to a jewelry store...thank you for a great all around experience.
arcangelo, Dallas TX – February 2007

WOW! The ring could not be anymore perfect...
As you have read in other reviews, I too was hesitant to make such a big purchase online. When the ring arrived, I realized that I have made the perfect decision. I was initially inclided to purchase the Tiffany's ring which would be three times the price that I paid at Blue Nile but that feeling changed when I saw the ring in my hands. The ring and the diamond were beautiful and I recommed Blue Nile to eveyone. My fiance loved the ring and so does everyone else. I am a very satisfied Blue Nile customer and I will recommend them to all my friends. BTW, all my friends who previously purchased an engagement ring from the local jeweller felt so ripped off when I told them the price for the quality I got at Blue Nile.
Alexandru, Amherst NY – February 2007

I do not work for bluenile.com or am paid to endorse their products, I'm just a guy who decided to buy a ring from bluenile.com and I cannot express how AMAZING the ring I purchased is. When it arrived I was floored at how absolutely breathtaking the stone was - shiny, sparkly, incredibly brilliant. After shopping for 3 months in jewelry stores (Tiffany's, etc.) The ring I bought is way better than the diamonds I looked at. If you're hesitant about buying your engagement ring online, don't be. You will be amazed at the price and how awesome the stone is.
Drew, Chicago IL – February 2007

Only way to buy an engagement ring!
After doing extensive research on buying an engagement ring, talking with others who had purchased from retail jewelery stores, or through private dealers, and having checked both of those options out myself. I knew the exact type of ring and the characteristics I wanted. After I checked into Blue Niles credibility, I was throroughly convinced they had a top-notch reputation with Wallstreet and the BBB. Then I found a couple diamonds out of a huge selection that really were what I wanted at an amazing price. Even after that I was still surprised at the excellent level of quality service and the high quality of the finished product. It couldn't have been a better experience!
Eric, St Louis Park MN – February 2007

It pays to trust your friends...
Two of my friends recommended Blue Nile, since they bought their engagement rings here. While the obvious problem with the site is the inability to browse in person, that can be remedied with side trips to jewelry stores. The major advantage of Blue Nile, besides pricing, is being able to select from countless stones to find one whose specs match your own (and her own) preferences. In my case, for example, every jeweler I visited tried to steer me clear of seeking a "Flawless" or "Internally Flawless" diamond, instead pushing me to up the size. But for me, the sound and the idea of "flawlessness" were worth the tradeoffs, in dollars and in karats. Finally, the customer service was flawless: sound advice in a calm voice helped me make the right game-time decision, and patience in listening to everything I was thinking out loud at the time was exactly what I needed. My fiancee Lori absolutely loved the comfort-fit band and everyone who has seen the stone loves it as much as she does.
James, Jersey City NJ – February 2007

Look no more, Blue Nile is the answer!
Truly exceptional!! This was one of the most rewarding large purchases of my life, and I have a home, and several cars on my resume to compare against. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this purchase. I looked at several local stores and many online sites looking for the right ring. Blue Nile was by far the best; from the look and feel of the site, to the online and live customer support. And of course the quality of available product and price were exceptional. They also got me my ring before my New Years's proposal plans on short notice during the holiday rush! I have 2 friends that had used Blue Nile before me and raved about the experience and product. My fiance was floored! My mother and my sister were amazed as well. Have no fear using Blue Nile gentleman, they won't disappoint!! Oh, my local appraisal was 60% higher than what I paid.
Robert, Hilliard OH – February 2007

'A classy piece of jewelry for a classy woman.'
I was drawn to explore your website by the dignified layout I encountered when I ran across it. I knew that I wanted an engagement ring that was classy, simple, dignified and elegant; so I will forever remember the moment when I opened that impressive wooden box and gazed upon my chosen diamond, perfectly set in white gold. Standing there all alone, I said, "Yes, this is what I wanted for her." She was, and continues to be, completely enthralled by her engagement ring and so am I, to my great surprise, because I've never considered myself to be particularly sentimental. However, our Blue Nile engagement ring is the perfect symbol for our relationship and I am confident that we will feel the same many years from now. You guys delivered. You guys are good!
Larry, Philadelphia PA – January 2007

a wonderful discovery
I gave them as a graduation gift and she loved them. I was impressed by the service and quality. Although I had heard of Blue Nile, this was the first time I'd gone to the website, and I was propted by an appearance on CNBC by a man who I think was your founder. I will use you again and have already raved to others about you. Certainly beats having to trek to a crummy mall.
Anonymous – January 2007

the loose stone was awesome.
Nikolas, Houston TX – January 2007

She loves it!
We are extremely pleased with the quality and brilliance of the eternity band. We have found it to be comparable in quality, if not better, than the eternity bands of similar design that we viewed at well established brick and mortar jewelers. The eternity band complements beautifully her engagement ring (1.5 ct in Milgrain Cathedral stetting) that we had previously obtained through Blue Nile. Despite some initial anxiety about purchasing with an online vendor, I am extremely glad we purchased both the engagement diamond and subsequently the engagement ring setting at Blue Nile. The wealth of selection and information was unmatched by any brick and mortar jeweler. She loves both rings and she continues to receive admiring compliments from her friends, strangers, and jewelers alike.
Anonymous – January 2007

They call it a 'Rock'!
Very Happy with the whole experience! good advice over the phone and a simple way to buy a great ring in the comfort of your own home. No commission based shop assistants telling you what you ahould be buying and how much you should spend. Fast delivery was the icing on the cake.
Jon, Orlando FL – January 2007

Thank you, Blue Nile
My situation is rather unique. I purchased the diamond engagement ring on behalf of my best friend, who has terminal cancer. He wanted to give his longtime companion a diamond for Christmas but could not go out shopping because of his condition. Blue Nile was the answer to his prayer. He was able to choose exactly what he wanted and I arranged to have the ring sent to me so it was kept a complete surprise. After he gave her the ring (She said Yes!), Blue Nile CSRs helped me transfer all the paperwork into his name. They couldn't have been more helpful. He said the ring was nicer than he'd ever imagined and she said it was exactly what she would have chosen. Thank you, Blue Nile, for your help and understanding. You made three people very happy.
Nancy, Harrisburg PA – January 2007

Future Return Customer
I was very nervous about purchasing an engagement ring online. The fact that a majority of the diamonds sold on your website are GIA graded gave me the comfort of knowing that they would be held to the highest standard. When I recieved the ring I was exceptionally pleased from "C to C" with the quality. I will recommend Blue Nile to all of my friends when they are ready to enter married life and I will without a doubt use Blue Nile again myself, much to my fiancee's delight.
Kevin, Mount Laurel NJ – January 2007

She loved the Bracelet
I've purchased from Blue Nile on several occasions and have always found the products to be exactly what I expected. Service and delivery was the very best. Thanks
Ken, Cameron Park CA – January 2007

She was shocked when she saw the ring
She was shocked when she saw the ring. She loves the stone, the setting, and the matching band. Everyone who has seen it is very imressed with the quality and beauty of the ring. I have received many compliments on the ring and all of her friends and family have asked me who designed the ring. No one can belive that I designed and bought the ring online. We took the rings to a ASA Jewelry appraiser and he was very impressed with the ring and set it value above the Blue Nile appraisal. We are both very happy with the rings and I was very satified with the online purchasing experience. We will have no hesitations in purchasing jewelry from Blue Nile in the future.
Terry, Elmhurst IL – January 2007

You'd be mad not to
I love Blue Nile. I bought both the diamond for my wife's engagement ring and the custom-made diamond earrings I gave her as a wedding present from the site. The site is easy to use and has every feature I want, the diamonds are all top quality, GIA documented and are at practically dealer exchange prices (my own jeweller, who crafted my wife's engagement ring could not belive the price I had paid for it). Even the mountings on the custom earrings I bought are well made, and reasonably priced for platinum. I am constantly shocked by the prices my friends have paid for lesser diamonds at retail jewellers. I recommend this site to everyone.
Jack, New York NY – January 2007

When I came to Blue Nile I had never bought diamond jewlery before. I felt that their web site was very informative as well as very easy to use. It seems as though Blue Nile really wants you to understand everything there is to know about the jewlery you are going to purchase. In my case it was an engagement ring. Since it was my first time buying a diamond I really wanted to talk to somebody before I made the purchase. I decided to call their customer service expecting to hear a pushy sales person. After waiting less than a minute I was talking to someone that didn't push me at all. They answered all of my "rookie" questions and gave me plenty of advice on what to do. I will definitely buy from them again because of their quality and craftmanship of their product along with the great web-site and excellent customer service.
Donald, Panama City Beach FL – January 2007

the ruby is smaller than what i had expected
First, the ring looks beautiful with great colors for both ruby and diamonds. However, the ruby looks small comparing to what it appears in the picture and relative to the size of two diamonds. It also measures smaller than Appraised size. I was given the option for an exchange, but didn't want to pay shipping cost myself and wait up to 3 weeks for an exchange, especially not knowing what i will get back (ie if it will be better than the first one). Customer service is good, very responsive. Overall, comparing to in-store shopping, i have to say the drawback of purchasing through Blue Nile is the risk of having to inccur additional cost to return it if it is less than perfect.
Annie, Austin TX – January 2007

The only way to buy a diamond ring!!!
Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL diamond engagement ring. She loves it and shows it off to everyone. (She said Yes!) When I bought a diamond before it was at the local jeweler's and I hated the experience. They knew much more than I did. I bought in a rush and didn't know what I was doing. I felt like I was getting taken. With Blue Nile I was able to do research and take my time. I selected the stone I wanted. I checked equivalent stones at other sites and saw Blue Niles' prices are fine. At the end I did call and receive reassurance from the rep. He had good advice on the setting. All in all a great experience! The only way to buy a diamond ring!!!
Anonymous – January 2007

She sparkled almost as much as the diamond.
Shopping at Blue Nile was great. I knew nothing about diamond, and after using the "build your own" program, I now feel like I made an informed and proper selection of the perfect diamond ring for my wife and me. She loves the ring, and I'm delighted that I learned enough from the site to pick out the best ring for us. I'll definately use Blue Nile again should I ever want to purchase another diamond. Be assured that I will reccommend Ble Nile to anyone who asks.
Alan, Charlottesville VA – January 2007

Every man should use this website when buying an engagement ring. It tells you everything you need to know and everything those mall stores just won't tell you.

And when I say she gets complements daily, I mean she literally gets complements daily! From friends and family to cashiers at the grocery store...EVERYONE LOVES HER RING!!!

The ring sparkles more in bad lighting than any ring from the mall does under the best lighting. The ring is so original that it makes all of those mall rings look so generic. The ring is literally perfect!

Need more reason to buy here...give a sales rep a call. My rep went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable with every detail of my purchase. She certainly didn't have to do that. It just shows how much they CARE about their customers.

I will never shop for fine jewelery any where else. The price is unbeatable, the quality speaks for itself, and the above and beyond service by the Blue Nile sales staff is the icing on the cake!
Timothy, Dayton OH – January 2007

Unequivocal endorsement!
I want to share my unequivocal endorsement of Blue Nile. From the beginning (choosing a stone and setting) to the end (making one of the largest purchases of your life), Blue Nile was attentive and supportive. Thanks for bringing much needed transparecy to this incredibly important and often hopelessly muddled life decision!
Jose, New York NY – December 2006

She was amazed at the quality and sparkle of the diamond
Every aspect of my dealings with Blue Nile was amazing. I was going to surprise my girlfriend with the ring but it hadn't arrived yet. I called a customer service rep and he called Fed-Ex to see where it was. He quickly returned and said it was on route. He sounded concerned because there of the very small window of opportunity for the proposal and he asked if there was anything on his end that he could do to help? WOW! I have never heard of a customer service rep actually caring about the customer. I was so impressed at the quality and most of all the price that I later went to another diamond store to compare. While I was there, I overheard a man negotiating about a solitaire for his future wife. I waited for him out in the parking lot and handed him a slip of paper with the website on it and told him to check it out before he did anything else. I love Blue Nile!!! Thank you!!
Clay, Fort Worth TX – December 2006

Beutifull sparkling diamond and full of fire
I was slightly nervous at first ordering a $14k diamond ring without setting eyes on it first, but the ring when it arrived was beautifull. Full of fire and appeared larger than expected. The sparkle of this baby is out of this world. Shopping at Blue Nile is not only cheaper, it takes away all the hassle of buying from a Jewellry store where prices are never transparent like they are at Blue Nile and where they are continually trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I will definitely reccomend Blue Nile to all my friends. Awsome web site too, I love the way you can compare diamonds and completely customize where you want to put your buck to work.
Proteus, New York NY – December 2006

Do your homework and you'll come to BN
Looking around town and being disappointed with what I could afford I decided to check out BN. The ring I bought would have easily cost me 3 grand more in town. I was worried the fire and brilliance would not be what I wanted because I could not check it out first hand but after much research I felt comfortable making the purchase online. All I read kept pressing the importance of cut over everything else. The least important of the three Cs is clarity unless you have super vision. This is going to be a ring that my now fiancee is going to have for the rest of her life and is likely to be passed on and I wanted the best quality I could afford. The fire and brilliance is better than I could have hoped for. The setting really adds to the overall character of the ring. Everyone loves the classic styling of it. Some friends got engaged before us and he got a "good deal" on her ring but it shows when compared to my fiancee?s. Shop around first. Don't get pressured until you check out BN.
Jason, Woodstock GA – December 2006

Sparkles Like Crazy
The ring looked even more beautiful on her finger than on the website. I shopped around a little and didn't find many places that had a stone this nice, much less at this good of a price. This thing just sparkles like crazy and she gets tons of compliments. I got the size wrong, but cannot get her to take it off long enough to send it back for resizing. We'll do it locally.

I spoke with a customer service rep to actually make the purchase. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She helped me to choose a less expensive stone that could not be discerned from the more expensive one to the naked eye and enabled me to buy this nicer setting with sidestones at the same overall price. My fiance was blown away.

I told my father about the good deal I got, so he bought an 18k bracelet for Mom at Blue Nile. He said he paid less for the 18k bracelet at Blue Nile than several local jewelers were charging for a similar 14k bracelet.

Mark, San Antonio TX – December 2006

Special touch to baptism
I bought these earrings for my wife to commemorate the birth of our son. We've been so worn out by our parenting duties that I thought she needed something bold to remind her that she was a beauty. Well, the earrings were delivered right on time, Saturday morning, and made such a great statement of classy elegance on the day of our son's baptism (that Sunday) that she received several compliments about her "darling" earrings and "Ooh, let me see those." Although far second to the joys of the baptism itself and visits of family members, the extra delight that twinkled from her eyes at being noticed for something more than her pregnancy bump and uncomfortable maternity clothes made the purchase worth every penny.
Anonymous – December 2006

The Perfect Engagement Ring
My fiancee and I couldn't be happier with Blue Nile. The ring exceeded all of our expectations. The selection of quality diamonds was larger than any other online diamond retailer, which allowed me to choose the best diamond for my budget without sacrificing on any aspect. She had always wanted a Tiffany engagement ring (Lucidia shape diamond with their patented setting). Knowing that I couldn't afford this, I purchased a more than comparable ring from Blue Nile (princess shape diamond in a platinum contour setting) for almost half the price of the Tiffany ring. On seeing the ring, several of her friends actually asked if it was from Tiffany. One friend on seeing the ring gasped, "Oh my god, it's perfect!" The sparkle, fire, and brilliance of the ring is amazing. I constantly catch my fiancee holding her hand out in front of her admiring the ring. Her permanent smile lets me know I truly did get the perfect engagement ring.
Christopher, Rockville MD – December 2006

Revolutionary Jewelry Website
A revolutionary site. The quality of the interface and the ease of understanding jewelry purchases were exactly what I needed. I knew nothing about buying diamonds before I went to Blue Nile, but had an idea what I wanted and found it within minutes. The sort features and pop ups were extremely helpful. Easily the most satisfying online shopping experience I've ever had.
Mat, oakland CA – December 2006

We love our engagement ring!!
I never thought I could've purchased such a major item "sight unseen." Blue Nile was extrememly educational, you can learn much more about each specific diamond than the jewelry stores will even tell you about. There's more than just the 4 C's! I know I got a much higher quality diamond than I would at the same cost I was willing to pay in the walk-in stores. My fiancee and I absolutely love her ring...No question I made the best choice! Hundreds of people have told me "I did well." I have strongly recommended Blue Nile to several friends, even if used for education alone. Their customer service was very helpful as well, I panicked late one night halfway through my order processing and the customer rep assured me I had made a great purchase and the ring would be beautiful! He was 100% right.
Fred, Memphis TN – November 2006

An Engagement to Remember...
I heard about Blue Nile and decided to check out all the wonderful and informative 'user friendly' reading that was contained in their pages. As a result of this, I learned the diamond 'lingo' pretty fast, and decided to build an engagement ring myself (on the Blue Nile Website). I was totally blown away by the ring when I received it. I am at an APO AE address, so the ring took a while to get to me, but when it did arrive, I was in total awe. It sparkled and shined with ABSOLUTE brilliance from every possible angle that I could hold it up to in the light. In me, Blue Nile has found a customer for life; and I've been singing Blue Nile's praises to all that would listen. Thanks for making my engagement super special.
Jean-Claude, APO AE – November 2006

My engagement ring is perfect!
My fiance and I picked out my ring together and since we live abroad shopping online was most convenient. I had concerns not having seen the ring especially if my .53 diamond would be too small for the setting. I called customer service and they were so helpful! I felt very reassured after the representative answered kindly all of my questions. Blue Nile has the best customer service I have ever experienced! The diamond and setting are so beautiful and I could not be more satisfied. The ring shipped to the hour (which was important for us as we were only in the country for 4 days!) and everything was perfect! I have never seen such a beautiful ring and I shopped! So for those guys buying for their girlfriends... this ring is so elegant and at the same time great for active women because it doesn't get caught on clothing etc. The setting also sets the diamond beautifully! Blue Nile is also a great value. I would recommend them to anyone!
Katie Ann, Hibbing MN – November 2006

Blue Nile delivers again & again...
Absolutely gorgeous! The design is definitely unique & rather striking compared to other jewelers' selections (including that famous New York jeweler.) :-) My husband and I have purchased everything from my engagement solitaire, our wedding bands, diamond stud earrings, a three stone ring, anniversary band, watches & bracelet to this necklace and as always, Blue Nile has never failed to deliver exceptional quality, value and craftsmanship. All of my beloved B/N pieces consistently receive admiration from friends & strangers, and I recommend B/N to everyone. Thank you Blue Nile!
Brandi, Cascade MD – October 2006

Great Prices/Better Customer Service
I received my ring very quickly. I am currently serving in the U.S. Military, and had to have my ring just 6 days after I placed the order so I could give it to my fiance while I was home. The folks at Blue Nile went above and beyond what is expected to ensure that both the wedding and engagement bands arrived, as promised, on the day I got home (6 days after ordering) and both rings turned out to be quite beautiful. I would recommend them to ANYONE considering buying any type of jewlery and would like the best prices. Their exceptional work is topped only by their exceptional customer service - I felt like I was their most important customer if only for 20 minutes. Thank you very much, and you can count on my business in the future.
Shawn, Columbus MS – September 2006

Thanks Blue Nile for making my job so easy and sheloves thering!
Blue Nile is the best place to buy you diamond ring. Period!! I've been to Gem shows and Wholesalers, but ended up buying my diamond and ring at Blue Nile. Blue Nile offers really good customer service with sales advisor being very knowledgeable and helpful. Great product within the Diamonds, settings, watches and more.

Also the Diamond search engine to specially find your exact diamond is the best, bar none. No other company on the internet can even compete with Blue Niles incredible web site.

And at the end the lady was very happy and in turn that me a satisifed customer with Blue Nile.

Thanks Blue Nile for making me look up in choosing the right diamond and ring.

I highly recommend Blue Nile

Thank You again, Jimmy Lee
Jimmy, San Francisco CA – September 2006

Top quality custom earrings without sacrifice!
The selection process was as easy as you could expect. There was some concern about not being able to see the actual diamonds I was purchasing, but 30 day return policy was enough of a comforting factor for me to make my first purchase. Upon receipt, the earrings exceeded my expectations. My wife is very happy with her anniversary present and I was very happy to have saved a bunch without sacrificing quality. :-)
Steve, Carlsbad CA – September 2006

The earrings are spectacular, she loves them!
After spending some time on your website (which I though was excellent and enjoyed comparing diamonds) I finally called customer service to help me decide between 3-4 pairs of diamonds. The customer service was excellent. It appeared to me that they were more focused on me purchasing the right diamonds for the earrings than just selling me on the most expensive diamonds. Thanks for the help.
Anonymous – September 2006

"The 4 C's of Blue Nile Diamond"
Blue Nile Diamond has its own 4 C's Cutting Edge technology, a Customer First mentality, a Cornucopia of quality diamonds to choose from, and Cut rate prices.

My wife hasn't taken off her earrings since our anniversary.

Thank you very much.
Anonymous – September 2006

She cried when I told her I customized the diamond and setting.
I really enjoyed using your website, I tried other websites that allowed me to customize my fiance's engagement ring, but none of them came close to Blue NIle. Your website really made me feel in control of the diamond, and ring I was buying.
Truman, Little Rock AR – August 2006

Great experience and outstanding product!!!
The ring and center stone blew her away, and her friends were very impressed as well. It looked even better in person than on the site. The pictures on the site do not do it justice. From the ease of use of the site to the exceptional customer service to the large variety of stones and settings to the value and quality offered, Blue Nile has all its bases covered. The only hesitation to purchasing online is the fact that you cannot actually see the diamond or ring in person. But the 30 day money back guarantee knocks out that risk, and the GIA cert that is scanned in online takes care of 99% of what you need to know about the diamond. I shopped around to several local jewelers and none could match BN. Great business model, publicly traded company, very well respected by Forbes, Motley Fool, etc. No tax charged outside of Washington, an additional discount if paid through bank wire, and no haggling. No downside to purchasing through BN. I highly recommend...
Todd, Irving TX – August 2006

Great Service Combined with a Quality Product
I especially recommend taking advantage of the customer service reps. over the phone they are very knowledgable and can help you find what your looking for faster then you probably can on your own.
Anonymous – August 2006

A Perfect Experience
Shopping with Blue Nile has to be one of the most pleasant online shopping experiences that I've ever encountered. Not only do you sell incredible products, but you also take the effort to educate your customers and make sure that they make informed decisions about the products that they are purchasing. I could go on and on, experience speaks for itself, and this is but the 4th of many products that I'm sure I will buy with Blue Nile. Happy Shopping!
Anonymous – August 2006

She said YES!
I was a little scared to make such a large/important purchase online (engagement ring). First time I had every spend this amount by far online, but the experience was a pleasurable one. The ring is beautiful, I've already taken it to a jeweler and they were too very impressed. I would highly recommend Blue Nile.
Philip, Frederick MD – August 2006

Exceptional customer service!
The pendant is beautiful! Although the platinum chain is a bit thicker than I wanted, it's well worth it for the price. Overall the best part of my experience was with the exceptional customer service I received. Although I must have been quite a bother to deal with, the customer service agent who helped me had endless patience and really made my purchase a perfect one! He went above and beyond to make sure I had the perfect diamond for my budget. Now I know why I hear such great things about Blue Nile!
Carrie, Hawthorne CA – August 2006

The ultimate diamond experience!
The ring we picked out was gorgeous. The information on blue nile helped us make the right decision as far as the cut,clarity, and carot size we choose. Using the custom build abilities on the Blue Nile site made it easy to narrow down our choices and pick the ultimate diamond. It was a great experience and everyone loves the ring!
Gerard, New York NY – August 2006

More beautiful than I could have imagined
What a ring! After being dissapointed in the selection at numerous local jewels and dealing with annoying sales people, I decided tha Blue Nile was the best choice. I was hesitant at first to make a large purchase online; but the thought of designing the perfect ring appealed to me. The ring I designed turned out absolutely perfect and my fiance could not be more happy about it. Plus, it has a special touch since I designed it. Blue Nile's selection, great website, and customer service made it the best choice. I would recommend it to anyone looking for the perfect ring
Luke A, Peoria IL – July 2006

The woman that is now my wife to be, loved the engagement ring that I got her. We dated 17-18yrs ago in high school. Now, with both of us having a marriage behind us, we reconnected through the internet. I live on the west coast and she on the east coast. It took me only one trip to see her to remember what I once had. The sparks were still there. We are planning on the marriage to be in the first quarter of 2007. Thank you for making such a beautiful ring that we will both enjoy for many years to come. I look forward to making the wedding set purchase from Blue Nile in the near future.
scot, Vallejo CA – July 2006

I felt like I really knew what I was getting...
The Diamond and Setting I purchased is fantastic! The experience online was perfect! And most importantly she loves the ring! The best thing is her friends and coworkers are amazed at the quality of the Diamond :-)... Make certain to take the time to educate yourself before purchasing your Diamond. The Blue Nile education section is so easy and clear. This really made the experience worth it. I think that the fact I was able to learn about what I was purchasing made me actually spend a little more than I budgeted for the Diamond. I felt like I really knew what I was getting and was happy to spend a little more in order for the Diamond to really sparkle. The experience at Blue Nile was so great that I will never buy Jewelry from a brick and morter store.
Anonymous – July 2006

Great engagement ring!
My brother, sister, and a good friend of mine all got their engagement rings from Blue Nile. All were very happy with their respective rings. I figured with that track record it would be hard to go wrong. I did a lot of research and kept coming back to Blue Nile. I received the ring at work (to keep it under wraps). Apparently I was very excited about asking my girlfriend to marry me as I couldn't wait more than about 15 minutes after I got home to ask her to marry me! She did say yes for the record. And we both agree, the ring is very sparkly :)
Akira, Norwalk CT – July 2006

Perfect balance of quality and size for the price
The ring I received was a perfect blend of quality and size for the price that I paid. I searched many online sites before making my final selection. Blue Nile definitely offered the best product for this very important purchase. The online ordering tools made the selection process especially easy and fun. I tried the "chosen" diamond in numerous settings before deciding on the winning design. To my satisfaction, my order arrived exactly on the day promised. In the end, I received a beautiful diamond ring that I am very proud to present to the woman of my dreams.
Anonymous – June 2006

Unmatched quality and service!
The diamond I chose, with the expert help of the Blue Nile website and one of their diamond consultants, was perfect and the setting and band are beautiful. My fiance absolutely loves it and we both still marvel at the quality of the ring and the sparkle and clarity of the diamond. I shopped around and this was not only the best value, but the most superior ring and diamond for the money by far. I spent SO much less money than if I decided to use a traditional jewelry store in the mall, where they all charge significantly more money for diamonds and settings that couldn't hold a candle to these rings any day of the week. I couldn't have asked for a better ring buying experience...thank you!
Daniel, Shelton CT – June 2006

More than my expectations.
To be honest I was skeptical about buying such an important item online. However, the quality of the ring I bought at Blue Nile wasn't available in any mall stores, nor others such as Robins Brothers, Jareds, Kay's Jewelers, ect. Several offered to order the diamond but at a huge price increase. One place that offered to order the diamond emphasized that it came with a GIA certification, which they stated was much stronger than their usual IGI certified diamonds. At that point I was confident in Blue Nile. Blue Nile?s diamond was everything I expected. The experience was much easier and less of a headache than store shopping. I have since recommended Blue Nile to other people. My girlfriend constantly gets comments on the sparkle of her diamond. In fact shortly after buying the ring we took a cross-country flight and the window?s light caught the ring, producing a kaleidoscope of color on the ceiling much to everyone's entertainment. I felt extremely proud.
Brian, Barstow CA – June 2006

Beautiful and Perfect Fit
I gave my fiance a 2.5 comfort fit solitare ring as well. The two bands fit perfectly together and we both love them. We took the ring to a friend of mine who has owned a jewelry shop for nearly 15 years and he says our appraisal according to him was right on the money. He was shocked when we told him what we paid for the rings and stated we could have paid at least 1/3 more at a retail store and still come away with a good deal. I would recommend the Blue Nile website to anyone without a great deal of experience in diamonds, for their website helped me in teaching me the basics about diamonds and how to make the right choice the first time. Even when comparison shopping I found myself going back to the Blue Nile website for references and additional knowledge. When shopping for high quality Jewelry at a reasonable price, I would recommend Blue Nile every time.
John, Saint Louis MO – May 2006

No Surprises!
I was very skeptical about buying jewelry online without seeing it with my own 2 eyes, but Blue Nile has done a great job representing their products on the web. The engagement band I chose looks much better in person than on the web and the diamond is exactly what I picked out, no surprises. The craftsmanship is very professional! The best part of my experience was dealing with customer service. They were very helpful and worked out a way for me to get the ring on a specific date. Sure enough, at 10 am, the ring was at the door on that day. If you have any doubts, just try Blue Nile. You can't go wrong.
Dave, Perkasie PA – May 2006

perfect, perfect, perfect....
Being an accountant by trade...I have a tendency to research large $ purchases quite thoroughly. When the time came to purchase an engagement ring, I can honestly say I did more than my fair share of homework. I quickly learned, that while (Cut, Color and Clarity) are important, there's more to a diamond's brilliance & shine. When I saw my first "top quality diamond", at a local high-end jeweler, I knew THAT'S what I wanted for the girl I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. An exceptional diamond truly does stand out from the rest, there's just no comparison. I found myself coming back to the Blue Nile website time and time again, their selection of "Signature Grade" diamonds is amazing. And though I was leery of purchasing such an item online, after much research about BN, I felt comfortable making the purchase. One month later, I'm a completely satisfied BN customer...the ring is perfect...my overall experience w/BN was perfect...and my fiance' loves it!!!

We marry in June!
After a disastrous experience trying to buy a ring online, I was more than a little hesitant to try again. Well, Blue Nile made a believer out of me. I ordered a solitaire round diamond engagement ring and it is beautiful. It catches and reflects light as if it were on fire. The diamond was everything Blue Nile said it would be, their customer service was very courteous, the ring arrived on time in an elegant presentation box, and my fiancee loves it. I will be back soon for her wedding ring. Thanks.
John, Eureka CA – April 2006

terrific website
I (we) are very pleased with the loose stone I purchased. I bought it as a suprise, and since I didn't know my fiance-to-be's ring size, we had it set after it arrived. The jeweler was impressed with the quality of the diamond and said I must "really know my stuff." In fact, everything I learned was from your website. Thanks for making it appear as if I know what I'm doing!
Anonymous – March 2006

Repeat Performance
This is my second diamond purchase from Blue Nile and I have found the quality to be exquisite, especially compared to retail jewelry stores. I received all of the paperwork necessary to secure my investment and insure it with my insurance company. The staff was very knowledgeable and able to match this diamond quality with my previous purchase since the diamonds will be next to each other in my new setting. People cannot get over the sparkle!
Angela, Kenosha WI – March 2006

Lucky me!
I was the lucky recipient of this incredibly beautiful stone in the Platinum Channel-Set Trellis Setting for Princess-Cut Diamonds. The stone is so brilliant it seems alive (Very Good cut), and it radiates whiteness! The setting is elegant and feminine, and it sets the stone off perfectly. The pictures online don't do the setting justice. I get compliments on my ring just about daily. Even though it's been a few months, I can't stop staring at it! We also purchased the matching wedding band (Platinum Princess-Cut Diamond Band), and it goes very well with the engagement ring even though it's not offered as a set. Lots of sparkle! We are delighted with the quality of the rings! My fiance did an amazing job of picking the perfect stone and setting!
Anonymous – March 2006

Whole Experience Was Perfect
I was a little hesitant at first to make this important of a purchase without seeing the diamond in person, however I could not have been more pleased. I bought a 1 carat round diamond engagement ring in a six prong white gold setting for my fiance and it is stunning. It far exceeds anything else I looked at in jewelry stores in the same price range. Exceptional value. She and I both could not have been more pleased. She has had many compliments and good natured "envious" comments and I have recieved many compliments on my "good taste". The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful, from the vast wealth of information on the sight, the help of the advisor, right down to the purchase and delivery. Everything was as promised and then some. You can't do any better than Blue Nile for this kind of purchase and believe me, I did a LOT of research.
David, Etowah NC – March 2006

A terrific engagement ring
I ended up purchasing a Signature Ideal round brilliant diamond in a platinum six-prong setting and couldn't be happier with the results. After shopping around at the local jewelry stores and researching online options, I settled on Blue Nile. I was able to get a great quality diamond and beat the price from any of the brick and mortar stores. Making such an important purchase online was a bit scary...but your reputation, great web site, helpful customer service people, and delivery on your promises made the whole experience a pleasure. Finally, the ring itself is beautiful and my fiance is thrilled. the Signature Ideal cut was a great way to go...it has amazing sparkle and really stands out on her finger. She can't stop looking at it!
John, San Francisco CA – March 2006

She said, "I couldn't have picked out a prettier ring myself!"
The diamond is incredible and so is the setting (ring). She said, "I couldn't have picked out a prettier ring myself!" Your website was probably the most informative, your selection was superb, and your pricing was competitive. Even after weeks of shopping and research, I kept coming back to Blue Nile. Great Job!
Anonymous – March 2006

She could not believe her eyes!
At first I was skeptical about ordering an engagement ring online without seeing the ring in person. However when I received the ring I was really impressed with the quality of my purchase. I loved the idea of being able to design a ring that would be individualized for my future fiance. Besides the beautiful diamond, I loved the Trellis setting in platinum. I was not able to find a ring of this quality and price at any local jewelry store. The quality and cost of this ring exceeded my expectations, as well as hers. Overall, I felt the website and the company itself were very professional. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking for that special ring. Thank you Blue Nile for making this special moment happen! Tony, New Bedford, Massachusetts
Antonio, New Bedford MA – March 2006

Beautiful Ring, Pricless Reaction!
I purchased an ideal cut and coupled it with a smaller matching pair for a 3 stone platinum ring. All I can say is EXTRAORDINARY! The diamonds explode with light, sparkles like the sun. I have compared it to other diamond rings from engaged friends, and they can't hold a candle to the diamonds I got from Blue Nile. They even sparkle in candle light, absolutely brilliant. Customer service and shipping were exceptional and very accomadating. Blue Nile has taken the time to figure out how to do things right and it shows! Needless to say my high-school sweetheart said yes, and we are off to the Bahamas to get married next year. Can't say enough about the pleasure it was to shop with Blue Nile, and I will certainly bring return business and tell all my friends too!
Benjamin, Menands NY – March 2006

perfect Valentine's gift
I'm very happy with the bookmark. I had it engraved with the initials of my girlfriend and myself, plus the date for Valentine's Day. She loved it!
John, San Rafael CA – March 2006

I'm Referring All My Friend to Bluenile
Walking into a jewelry store, selections are limited and prices are through the roof. Logging onto Bluenile was a no-brainer; even with strict criteria Bluenile was able to offer me over 100 diamonds to choose from. More importantly, I was able to get her the best possible diamond my money could buy and she LOVES it.
Zachary C, Boston MA – March 2006

Blue Nile continues to impress
This ring is very beautiful and the quality is exceptional. The design is elegant and unique and would be best at a 5 mm width compared to the 4 mm size to better enhance its one of kind design. Blue Nile is now the only place I will purchase high quality jewelry. The quality and overall professionalism of the the customer service staff continue to impress me, while most importantly satisfying my wife's palate for exquisite jewelry.
Jack W, Fuquay-Varina NC – February 2006

Loved the ring!
The ring was absolutely beautiful! I was impressed with Blue Nile's customer service and the quality of the merchandise. I was also impressed by the value of the ring as I had done some comparison shopping with some local retailers. Blue Nile's ring gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of quality for a great price.

I would definitely recommend Blue Nile if someone is looking to purchase fine jewelry!

A Happy Customer!

Anonymous – February 2006

After searching for just the right earrings at many local jewelry stores and not having much luck, I decided to take a chance and buy online. Within a few minutes I was able to find the exact earrings I was looking for at a great price. When the earrings arrived the next day, the diamonds looked better then any I had seen at any of the jewelry stores
Bryan, Costa Mesa CA – February 2006

It was the perfect replacement!.
After losing my original wedding band, I was somewhat hesitant to utilize an online jeweler. However, I am satisfied with the quality and comfort of the product.
Jonathan, Los Angeles CA – February 2006

She's Happy... I'm Happy!
The 1/2 ct. platimum diamond stud earrings are beautiful and my fiancee has already enjoyed wearing them several times. She was very pleased! I have enjoyed both transactions with Blue Nile. The website is informative and easy to navigate making shopping and selection a breeze. Most importantly, the product is accurately represented and the value is good.
Klarc, Cleveland OH – February 2006

Amazing rings, great value, fast shipping!!!+++++
I ordered both my engagement and wedding rings from Blue Nile. The delivery was fast and the rings were amazing. I spent many months searching for the best quality for the money and Blue Nile beat everyone by far in quality. When I ordered the wrong size, it only took a two minute phone call and everything was straightened out. Getting engaged can be stressful and Blue Nile made the ring buying process very easy. I'm very satisfied with the entire process and plan to buy all of my jewelry in the future from Blue Nile.
Jeremy L, Austin TX – January 2006

Great Quality and Customer Service
After having a problem with inaccurate sizing of my husband's wedding band at another jewelry store, I turned to Blue Nile at the last minute for help. They offered me great customer service, which is sometimes hard to come by these days and overnighted me the ring with one week to spare before the wedding. The white gold wedding band is perfect for him and fits just like it is supposed to. Between the quality and customer service I will be sure to use Blue Nile again and recommend to anyone who values true customer service.
Kristen, Jacksonville FL – January 2006

The locket was everything I hoped for.
It was December 23rd. What a shock to read that I could get the locket, engraved and shipped within 24 hours--in time for Christmas. I had given up hope of finding one a week before, but decided to do a Google search on a whim. Was I ever pleased. Everything was as promised and very professional! When I gave it to my wife on our silver anniversary and saw her response, it made me glad I had found Blue Nile. Thanks so much! And the price allowed me to give a token gift while still saving for the trip we really want for our 25th.

I've already recommended Blue Nile to others.
Mark, Gibraltar MI – January 2006

My husband loved it
Very prety and elegant, with style, a wonderful present! The engraving completed the item so i recomend it. Very good quality of item and of packaging, fast shipping, just in time for the occasion.
Anemaria, Farmington Hills MI – January 2006

She loved the color and look of the earrings.
It was her first set of pearl earrings, and she loved the color of them. She has enjoyed wearing them so far. I found BlueNile a few years ago when I was shopping for an engagement ring, and I'm glad I did. You guys make gift finding very easy and stress free. I always know the quality will be exceptional and the customer service will be top-notch. I can always count on you folks to help me find the perfect gift. Thanks again!

Brandon Foshee Tuscaloosa, AL
Brandon, Tuscaloosa AL – January 2006

A Very Pleasant Surprise
For all parties involved. From the incredibly user-freindly website platform, to prompt delivery of my selection with a ready made appraisal enclosed, Blue Nile proved to be an refreshing and exciting find. Although I was somewhat apprehensive to purchase diamonds over the internet, the experience turned out to be alot more enjoyable than going from merchant to merchant in my city looking for a good deal. I feel that I saved both time and money buying from Blue Nile. The gift was and remains to be a big hit as well. The only reason I didnt rate my experience as exceptional is that I dont know much about diamonds and cannot personally judge the value/quality of the diamonds I bought. Blue Nile did help educate me toward that end though.
Stephen, Ponte Vedra FL – January 2006

She loves her earrings.
I shopped everywhere, local jewelers, websites, etc., looking for a great pair of diamond studs at a good price for my wife's Christmas present. Finally late on the evening of Dec. 21st I submitted my order online after talking to a Blue Nile customer service rep. My order arrived at my office on Dec. 23rd, just in time for Christmas! My wife was totally surprised on Christmas morning with her earrings! She put them on right away and hasn't taken them off since. She loves her earrings.
Anonymous – January 2006

Beautiful, perfectly matched earrings.
The high quality & value of my wife's Blue Nile engagement ring brought me back for a pair of diamond studs as a Christmas suprise. I've shopped around and found that there's no better place to buy jewelry.
Christopher, Ramsey NJ – January 2006

My sister loved this necklace!
Dear Blue Nile, I ordered the Sterling Silver Hearts Lariat Necklace for my sister as a Christmas gift. She really loves it and she said she really cherishes it and wears it often. Having her Initials engraved on it made it even more personal and special. Thanks Blue Nile for making my Holiday shopping easy. In the future I can shop with confidence knowing I'm buying jewlery products that have high quality, and offer a nice variety. There are many different types of jewelery that start low to high, depending on what you want. Again thanks Blue Nile! Jeannie
Laura, Downey CA – January 2006

My wife could not be more pleased with her ring.
For this purchase, I spent endless hours researching not only what to look for in quality diamonds, but, also what I thought was a fair deal for the money I wanted to spend. Ultimately, I even visited several retail outlets that friends said they got good deals from. I found cheaper merchandise, but not the quality of stones I wanted. I found that Blue Nile was the best of both worlds,quality and price. I have made numerous purchases on the internet, but found none easier and more responsive than Blue Nile. Could not want for more, and will do business with them again.
Eddie, Pearland TX – January 2006

the wisdom of shopping @ Blue Nile
as a man, i find shopping for jewelry akin to having your wisdom teeth extracted. then i discovered Blue Nile. i have made numerous purchases from Blue Nile, the jewelry is top quality, the prices are competitive and the online selection/viewing process is the best i've experienced, truely painless! My wife is ecstatic with her new gold neckless and so am I !
donald, turin NY – January 2006

she cried when I gave them to her for Christmas
I wanted to give my daughter a pair for Christmas and after doing a lot of research and going to many stores looking at their selections and of course with the discount that I had - I took a chance and decided to go with Blue Nile - sight unseen. I was hoping it would be as good as my engagement ring. Hands down - the ear rings were a winner (they were beautiful)and I intend on buying another pair for my daughter next year for Christmas, which of course will be a little bigger diamond (only if she takes of the ones that I just got for her. I am so pleased and they sparkle so nicely. Well Done Blue Nile. I have been giving their web site out to all my friends and family.
Winnie, Severn MD – January 2006

Girlfriend loved this bracelet.
My girlfriend loved this bracelet and it was a decent price for a college student with low money.
Anonymous – January 2006

It has been a long time since i purchased jewelry and i am glad i bought from Blue Nile. It was the easiest on-line purchhase i have ever made. The site made it easy to look at the detail of the bracelet. I saw a similar bracelet in a very well respected jewerly store that a few of my friends purchase from, and the Blue Nile product was more spectacular! The luster of the pearls complimented her tan skin in a way that made both look more beautiful. I will never buy jewelry again without first checking this website.
francis, new paltz NY – January 2006

Great Experience
I had never purchased diamond jewelry before. The information on your webpage made me feel confident in my purchase, and has given me enough knowledge to feel comfortable purchasing more in the future...I'm sure my girlfriend would thank you also.
Anonymous – January 2006

This is the second time that I have ordered from Blue Nile and I have to say that your service and quality is next to none. I have had nothing but compliments from recipients of the gifts that I have purchased. I like that you have quality jewelry at prices that anyone can afford. I do appreciate the great web site and the follow up that you have with your customers. Thanks for being a valuable resource. It is hard to find online companies with as great report as you hold. I do appreciate your professionalism and you can rest assured that you will have more business from me in the future.
Natalie, Phoenix AZ – December 2005

She loved these earrings.
She loved these earrings.
Forrest E, Canton MS – December 2005

Dear Blue Nile, I bought my engagement ring first from you, it was a 1 carat signature cut asscher cut diamond in a platinum trellis setting. It is absolutely perfect. I'm still looking at it whenever I get a chance. Of course I had to get a asscher cut wedding band to match...and it did. It even makes the engagement ring look more stunning. Also, my fiance got my wedding band from you as well..the platinum milgrain band. We are both very happy with the quality from blue nile. I hope this help other people understand that it's o.k. to buy these items over the internet.
bryan, white sulphur springs WV – December 2005

Excellent value!!!
We shopped around for several weeks checking out the local malls with Zales, Gordens, Jared etc., we even went to a gold and silver exchange place and the prices we were quoted were WAY over priced for what you can pay here at Blue Nile. Blue Nile blows 'em all outta the water for price and value! I'll buy here again. And just a quick note DO sign up for their e-mail list and ask for a free ring sizer to be mailed to your house, it comes with a code for "xx" amount of dollars off when you buy!!
Joseph, Arlington TX – November 2005

LOVE, LOVE Blue Nile!
I love Blue Nile, my engagement ring and my wedding band are both from Blue Nile and it was obvious where I was going to purchase my earrings. I am VERY happy with all my diamonds from Blue Nile and any chance I get I tell people about how great you are I do.
Adrienne, Wauconda IL – September 2005

Nice links!
I've ordered 2 pairs of these cuffs -- one for my Dad and one for my fiance and had both engraved. They are both a nice weight and they are a good size. They pick up fingerprintes easily and my Dad's monogram was slightly off-set on one of the cuffs. I would have liked to have been able to engrave a single initial, like "S", but I wasn't sure, based on the "view your engraving" if it would turn out well.

Overall, I'm pleased with links and would order them for other gifts. I would skip the engraving, though.
SUSAN, San Diego CA – September 2005

He loves his ring!
My husband has never been a fan of wearing ANY jewlery (with the exception of a watch). I was really nervious when it came to purchasing his wedding band. I was really uneasy about the fact if he would even wear it. He purchased my engagement set from blue nile & it was breath taking. We both were really impressed with the quality, beauty, and value of my set! My set was valued more than what he purchased it for. I figured we were both happy with my set that I would buy his from the same company. He really does not mind wearing it at all & doesn't even know it's there because of the comfort fit! Thank you for adding to our perfect fit!!!! We Love your company!
Brian, Saint Paul MN – August 2005

I was very pleased with Blue Nile
From start to finish, it was an easy experience. I utilized the phone and the web site. The person helping via phone was exceptional. I've already purchased from Blue Nile again. I highly recommend anyone else take advantage of their superior buying experience.
Norman, Newtown PA – August 2005

They were exactly what I wanted!
I was looking for just the right bridesmaid gift. The hearts resembled our invitations and other decorations for our wedding. I tried several other sites and stores until I found Blue Nile. Not only was the web site easy to use, the price was great, free shipping and customer service was very helpful in getting me three cards to be enclosed with my gifts. I am a true "Blue Nile" shopper from now on. The girls loved the earrings and had many comments all weekend.
Lynne, West Grove PA – July 2005

This was my second purchase from Blue Nile. We received our wedding band and they are both perfect. The diamonds in the Five-Stone band are beautiful. It looks terrific with the cathedral engagement ring, which was also purchased on Blue Nile. The quality of the diamonds is exceptional.

We even had a mix up with the shipping. My fiace was going to have it shipped to her mother's home. But when mom changed the plans and decided to go away, Blue Nile was very helpful with having the rings shipped to alternate destination.
Anonymous – July 2005

Simply Stated Elegance for a Wedding!
I bought these gorgeous bracelets for my bridesmaids. They thought they were perfect for the June wedding. The bracelets were simple though elegant enough for a wedding. I am very pleased with Blue Nile. My husband has purchased jewelry from here and it always arrives promptly and in beautiful packaging to match the jewelry. Thanks for adding the special touch to our special day!
Julie, Phoenixville PA – July 2005

the best out there
not only did i order a platinum wedding ring i also ordered a titanium wedding ring for myself. the coup de grace of my order was the engagement ring that i designed and had the unbelievably efficient and customer oriented mindset that guaranteed a flawless and tearful engagement/wedding ceremony. i have nothing but the highest regards for the people at blue nile. i am an army infantryman who was deployed to afghanisan to battle insurgents, and while i was there i was able to not only design but ensure the expediency of my rings delivery. the people at blue nile are top notch and will do everything in their power to make you happy and meet demanding timelines, no matter where the stones may be they will get them and fashion the exact ring you want, at a great price. no words can describe the look on my fiance's face when she saw her engagement ring. blue nile is above and beyond anyone in the jewelry business. SSG LARSON
michael, mililani HI – June 2005

We were both stunned!
This was the first time I ever ordered from Blue Nile though the site came highly recommended from my female boss who shops exclusively through the site. The research tools that the site offers were invaluable and there was no pressure to buy any one specific item so armed with my newfound knowledge I was free ti browse at my leisure. This led to me buying a stunning 1/2 ct diamond earrings. My girlfriend was speechless when I gave them to her and when I saw them on her it made me a Blue Nile customer for life. Great, earrings with exceptional clarity diamonds set in platinum; the way these rocks play off the light is unlike anything you'd ever seen before. What can I say? Stunning.
Paul, Staten Island NY – June 2005

She absolutely loved her engagement ring!
The ring I bought for my girlfriend is beautiful! Like many online buyers, I was hesitant about making such a large purchase. However, my experience with Blue Nile was excellent. While I prefered to make my purchase over the phone, I did contact Blue Nile a few times via e-mail as I was continuing to decide what diamond was the best one for the most important person in my life. My advice for any shopper is to get to know the 4C's. Blue Nile's website is designed to be helpful for anyone, but to take the most advantage of their search features, you should understand the "fine print" details of each diamond.
Brian, Pennsville NJ – June 2005

Just-in-time diamond earings
Blue Nile's customer service, buying experience, and beautiful diamonds exceeded my already high expectations. These diamonds were beautiful, and they arrived right on time for Mother's day. This experience was simpler and more relaxing than when I bought my wife's engagment ring from an independant diamond wholesaler.
Anonymous – June 2005

They will Love their Gifts.
I am using these bracelets as bridesmaids gifts for my wedding this summer. The color and quality of this braclet amazes me. I will have purchased 5 of them total for my party and am more satisfied with each one I see. The clasp is very sturdy and eye catching. Again, the quality of this bracelet is magnificent. My engagment ring was purcahsed from Blue Nile as well. We are also purchasing our wedding bands from Blue Nile as we have expirienced the best of service from them.
Anonymous – April 2005

Blue Nile is a Class Act
This ring was an anniversary gift for my wife. The elegant, sculpted cathedral setting complemented perfectly her long and slender fingers. Further, the matching band suggested on the website during the selection process was an exquisite accompaniment to the ring setting. We could not be happier with the look, feel, and quality of the setting, matching band, and stone. You provided a great product, which met all my expectations, at a good price, and with outstanding customer service. I will definitely shop Blue Nile again, and will not hesitate to recommend you to friends.
Benjamin, Knoxville TN – April 2005

My wife was thrilled with her 25th anniversary diamond pendant.
My wife loved the diamond pendant, and I think I got excellent value. Blue Nile did everything exactly as promised, including delivery on the exact day promised, full documentation, and an exceptionally brilliant diamond. I still think the best feature is the diamond search engine on the Blue Nile website; fun and informative.
Phil, Willoughby OH – March 2005

Excellent Service & Outstanding Quality!
Most local jewelers that I visited tried to convince me not to buy a diamond from an online jeweler because they claimed that they would not offer the kind of customer service that is necessary when making such a significant purchase. Most of these same jewelers I visited didn't have a single diamond that met Blue Nile's Signature requirements and by the time I realized that the "customer service" that they were offering me was nowhere near as helpful as Blue Nile's, the choice was easy to make. The Blue Nile Signature diamond was more beautiful than anything I saw in a jewelry store and the price was much more attractive as well. I will highly recommend a Blue Nile Signature diamond to all of my friends!
Chris, Wayzata MN – March 2005

The perfect engagement ring
We had looked at every brick and mortar jewlery store in our local mall and found nothing close to what my fiancee wanted. She frustrated and close to tears from sales people trying to convince her that they knew better about what she really wanted.

We found Blue Nile and within 10 minutes she has picked out exactly what she wanted, the ring of her dreams. She loved the ring and I loved the price. The look in her eyes was woth it all.
Scott, Springfield VA – March 2005

What a fabulous engagement ring!
An absolute stunner! The Signature Round Diamond sparkles as much as (if not more than) any signature line diamond from anybody I've seen - including Tiffany & Co. The web site is very comprehensive and easy to navigate. I found the customer service personnel to be very friendly, very knowledgeable, and very honest. The company's policies are at least as good as its competitors'. The prices are completely fair for the high level of quality and service you get. Blue Nile is truly an exceptional, first class, online merchant. It is the standard by which others should be based. I give Blue Nile my highest recommendation.
Anonymous – March 2005

You've won a customer for life!
We shopped for a diamond while on vacation in the Carribean but before we made a purchase, we compared the ring we had in mind with what was available on Blue Nile's web-site. After comparing quality, value and price, Blue Nile won hands down - again. This wasn't our first purchase from Blue Nile and it won't be our last. My wife has received many compliments on the Cathedral setting but in addition to that, people have told her how beautiful the diamond is - the color, the sparkle, everything about it. We highly recommend your web-site and service to all of our friends. You've won a customer for life!
Jeffrey, Weare NH – February 2005

Highly Satisfied 10 year anniversary gift
I have to say that making a purchase of this magnitude over the internet is a little difficult. However, my Blue Nile experience was extraordinary. I probably spent 4 months researching everything I possibly could. I never intended to purchase over the internet, but I just kept coming back to these Signature Round diamonds as a reference for quality. I referenced BN's website the whole way through. Eventually, I decided that no one was going to offer this deal with certification and all the stone qualities I wanted. I have to say that going with Blue Nile proved extremely valuable. I have a gleaming wife who's sporting a 1.31 carat diamond after wearing a shoddy attempt at a wedding ring for the last 10 years. Even the jeweler where I purchased the ring itself commented on what a phenomenal job I did finding a stone of this quality. His words, exactly..."This stone is amazing. How much?...You did the right thing."
Peter, Renton WA – February 2005

Engagement ring shopping made easy
As someone who knew nothing about jewelry, I was afraid I had a long, daunting task ahead of me when I had to pick out an engagement ring for my girlfriend. Not only was I lacking in diamond knowledge, my girlfriend is a borderline expert. But then I came to Blue Nile and spent hours educating myself on what to look for when picking out a ring. Then, when I was ready, I started building the perfect ring for her. She loved it and I was able to bring her the ring I loved because of Blue Nile's commitment to education and wonderful customer service. Every question I had was answered and then some. I have already recommended Blue Nile to several friends who are pondering engagement.
Aaron, Norton MA – February 2005

She loves the ring. Everyone loves the ring.
The ring was even better than I expected. The website did an excellent job of giving the buyer options to configure the ring. I tried many different combinations until I decided on the one I liked. From the moment I placed the order until I received the ring, BlueNile made it so easy. I highly recommend this site for ease of use, price and flexibility.
Richard, Jamaica NY – February 2005

She's still staring at it 3 months later!
The solitaire greatly surpassed my expectations. It is stunning and I've seen complete strangers ask my fiancee if they can look at it just because they have noticed it sparkling. Everyone is always very complimentary. My fiancee and I are both very proud and satisfied with it. I also feel that the quality to price relationship I received from Blue Nile is unsurpassed. My whole experience with Blue Nile was one of those rare instances where my expectations were exceeded (to the level of delight) in every aspect.
Bruce, Grand Rapids MI – January 2005

From "worried" to "WOW!"
I have to admit to being a little dubious purchasing such an expensive piece of jewellery "sight unseen" as it were. However, having studied all the information and "trying out" various combinations, I finally made the decision to purchase. To say that I was delighted is a mild understatement. The whole package, the diamond, the setting, even the box it came in, were above my expectations.

I had to sneak a look at it everyday before giving it to my Fiancee.

The best part, of course, was the look on her face and the tears in her eyes when I presented it to her. She was amazed at the beauty of the whole package, as is EVERYONE that she has shown it to.

Initially,I was a little worried about the "on-line" experience. In reality, the process was straight-forward with the quality and value of the diamond and platinum setting, exceptional.

Dominic, Palmyra VA – January 2005

My wife was delighted with her Christmas gift. Without Blue Nile I would not have purchased the gift. Your website is preferable to shopping at a Bloomingdale's at the Mall and sifting through a confusing assortment of alternatives. Thank you for making the purchase accessible and at a great value.
Alan, Boca Raton FL – January 2005

She loves her ring!
I had an outstanding experience with Blue Nile from start to finish. She loves the ring and we both can't keep our eyes off it. I was a bit apprehensive at first about purchasing on-line but the webiste was flawless and gave me an excellent (and accurate) preview. The excellent rating from Forbes din't hurt either. I spent several weeks searching for the right ring at jewlery shops and never could find what I wanted. I found the perfect ring at Blue Nile in about an hour.
Rohit, Oakland CA – January 2005

My fiance was speechless!!
I have to admit was very skeptical about purchasing an expensive item like this over the internet, especially a diamond ring. However, when I received the ring I couldn't have been happier. The quality of the diamond was amazing, it surpassed my best expectations. My fiance was blown away by it as well as her family and friends. She even went as far as to take it to a trusted jeweler, to satisfy her own doubts, and he even commented on how good the quality of the diamond was. And when he heard that it was from Blue Nile he had nothing but positive things to say about you guys. I can honestly say that Blue Nile has won my business for any future diamond purchases that I will make. The quality was outstanding and the quick service was exceptional. Blue Nile, thank you again for providing a great diamond ring, I cannot adequately express how thrilled I am that I made my purchase through you. I am a devoted customer from here on out!
Keith, Westminster CO – January 2005

She blown over with her engagement ring.
I called 6 times to learn everything about engagement rings and diamonds. Everytime that I called the representative was knowledgeable, patient, and gracious. I felt like I was interacting with a high-end jewelry store -- on the phone even!

What impressed me the most is that they didn't try to "up sell" me and helped me choose a diamond well below my price threshold!
Anonymous – January 2005

Absolutley Wonderful
I was first told about Blue Nile by my soon to be Brother In Law who purchased his wife's engagement ring here. I was astounded by the quality of what I recieved and the price was amazing. After spending many months looking for a proper engagement ring I was so full of joy to do business with Blue Nile. Not only have you made this soon to be engaged man very happy, but I know without a doubt that my fiance will be equally satisfied.
Ryan, Highland UT – January 2005

Hope the marriage is as great as the diamond!
Buying this diamond from Blue Nile was THE best decision we've ever made (well, other than deciding to get married in the first place).

It was so easy to find exactly what we wanted -- without all the mumbo-jumbo and runaround that we experienced in brick-and-mortar stores. The diamond (1.25-carat princess cut, H, VS1, exc polish/v.good symmetry) arrived the next day and the rave reviews started pouring in. Girls want to claw my eyes out, guys are wondering how my husband afforded it. :)
Amy, Akron OH – December 2004

The best purchase I ever made!
I know that asking someone to marry you will always be a special event, but this ring made the event beyond compare. I have never receive more compliments on any purchase ever! This ring so far exceeded my expectations that all I could do for the first day I had it was stare in disbelief. I still don't think that I have fully grapsed that I purchased something so bueatiful. Thank you Blue Nile!
Mathew, Reston VA – December 2004

She was blown away!
I had the ring delivered to my office on a Monday. I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful the ring looked! I locked it away in my file cabinet not intending to pop the question until Christmas time. But I was so excited about the ring that, spur of the moment that Friday, I cooked my fiancee a gourmet meal and proposed that night. I have never been so happy! Thanks Blue Nile for making this such a memorable day!
Stephen, Marietta GA – December 2004

"She loved the ring!"
The ring was beautiful, she loved it! It looked even better than I thought it would from the web pics. She gets so many comments on how great the ring looks. It was great being able to do my own research and purchase the ring with no pressure from a sales person. I will diffently recommend Blue Nile to others. Thanks!
Jeffrey, Smyrna GA – November 2004

The whole process was fast and informative. Using the site, I was able to tailor a ring to my girlfriend's taste and when it arrived it was precisely what I had hoped. She was delighted.
Anonymous – November 2004

We love the ring. More than we expected.
We are very pleased with the purchase experience and the quality/value of the ring. We had the ring independently appraised after receiving it and the appraised value was $3800 more than the purchase price. I called Blue Nile before making the purchase online and they were very helpful in answering my questions and explaining which qualities of a diamond are most important to consider. We love the ring.
John A., Newark DE – November 2004

Excellence in all aspects of jewlery.
Before purchasing from Blue Nile I comparison shopped in my area. I knew the specs of the diamond I wanted and wrote to over 10 stores. Only 3 of the stores responded back and averaged $3,000 more than what Blue Nile was charging. One store, if you can believe it, actually sent me a copy of the same GIA Certificate I had on "hold" in my Blue Nile Basket. Only they wanted $3500 more dollars for it. Blue Nile stands by their product in every way shape and form. Customer Service is handled professionally and pleasantly, and shipping was overnighted free of charge. As a first time diamond buyer I would not hesitate to recommend Blue Nile to friends or family, and I am looking forward to doing business with Blue Nile in the future.
Glen, Dalhart TX – November 2004

She said the ring was perfect.
I didn't know much about diamonds before I started looking for the right engagement ring, and after perusing several places on the web, the Blue Nile site was by far the most user friendly and had all the information right there in front of my eyes that answered all of the important things I needed to know in order to make the right selection. I know I did good too, because I took my time and made sure I had learned what made a good choice. I will definitely be back Blue Nile.
Anonymous – November 2004

I have a really happy fiancee!
The engagement ring was absolutely beautiful. I was able to easily find exactly the type of stone and setting that my fiancee had been dreaming of, and in the process I received the best customer service imaginable. Thanks for making this a pleasant experience!
Steve, Monterey CA – November 2004

Yes you can buy diamonds over the internet
I decided to purchase from Blue Nile because they had an impecable reputation as an on-line retailer. Everything from the box for the ring, and the packaging lived up to the impression of very high standards. All in all, I am happy with my purchase.
Anonymous – November 2004

I can't say enough about Blue Nile!!
I just received my stunning 1.52 carat Asscher in the platinum four-prong solitaire setting and I am absolutely speechless!! This ring is truly the most beautiful ring I have ever seen?EVER!!! My experience with Blue Nile has been nothing but great. You have definitely exceeded my expectations in every way and your customer service was top notch. You even accommodated a change for me at the very last hour without hesitation and it still arrived on schedule! I will definitely be coming back!! Thanks again! -Shari, East Lansing MI - September 2004
Shari, Lansing MI – November 2004

She was very happy with the engagement ring!!
At first, I was a little worried about ordering an engagement ring over the internet. But, after I ordered the ring, I experienced first hand the professionalism of the staff Blue Nile. The diamond was impeccable. My fiance loved it!
Anonymous – October 2004

She about died!!! She love the RING!!!
It was perfect!! The online pictures don't do it justice. Service, ring, delivery, all perfect! The ease of the process, the great selection, the outcome, were all awesome. I did everything from my office without even looking at another store. I was a bit worried about doing everything online but it came out perfect. You can put your trust in Blue Nile!!!!
Dixie, Lakin KS – October 2004

Classroom proposal a success!
The diamond and stunning platinum setting exceeded all of my expectations. Your easy-to-use website, great value, and excellent customer service made it an easy purchase. The proposal will be something she and her 2nd grade students will remember for a long time. Thank you.
Kyle, Everett WA – October 2004

tasteful, informal diamond jewelry
Tasteful pendant, diamonds appear just large enough to have a quality appearance. Clasp seems sturdy. My wife loves the styling. While recoverring from an injury I was unable to get out, but luckily found Blue Nile's excellent web site. My wife is fairly selective with her jewelry, and she loves the Pendant. (She will however be upgrading the gauge of the gold chain - Really a testament to her enjoyment of the pendant and its quality - she wants to "not" lose it).
Rick, Phoenix AZ – October 2004

An unforgettable band for an unforgettable day.
My wife truly loves her Blue Nile wedding and engagement band set. Using Blue Nile's helpful interface, I was able to find the perfect diamond and educate myself in diamond purchasing all at the same time! The end result was a perfectly matched engagement and wedding band that is the envy of my wife's friends and family. And, I accomplished all of this from the comfort of my home. Because of Blue Nile, I am a Super Hero. Thank you, Blue Nile! I WILL RETURN FOR MORE!
Dan, Mesa AZ – October 2004

The Perfect Gift
My wife was overwhelmed and surprised when she opened the jewelry box to find the matching bracelet to the necklace that I purchased just a few short months ago. She was once again overjoyed with my selection and kindness. It s the quality, craftsmanship, and pure beauty of Blue Niles jewelry that keeps me coming back. Thanks once again Blue Nile - for helping me find that perfect gift.
Donald, Quinnesec MI – September 2004

Lets put it this way that ring is not being returned
The ring was absolutley beyond my expectation. I was initally worried that as I was buying such an expensive ring over the internet that anything could happen. I did a bit of research about this company and found that it was a reputable(Nasdaq 100). The issue then became that traditionally finding a ring was done in a jewellers also as they provide service extras. However that became irrelavant when I realised I could buy a better QUALITY of diamond with blue nile than at the jewellers for approx same price I was intending to spend . To be quite honest if you insure your ring the extra services that standard jewellers provide are negligible. In any case my fiance loved the ring and I would definetly shop with Blue Nile again but not for another engagement ring :).
Sanjeev, Oklahoma City OK – September 2004

I was floored...She became breathless and started to cry.
At first I was very skeptical about making such an important and major purchase on-line. Your user friendly web-site and exceptional customer service reps changed my thinking. What I really liked most were your various options and great visuals. I knew the ring was beautifual when I saw your visual on-line; however, when it was shipped and I saw it live - I was floored. When I proposed and she saw it she became breathless and started to cry. It was a moment I will always cherish. It is truly a beautiful ring. Thank you Blue Nile - I could not have made a better choice.
Evaristo, Brooklyn NY – September 2004

Blue Nile: The Only Place for Diamond Rings
I really wanted to get the best value for my money, and I got an exceptional deal with Blue Nile. The platinum ring was about half of the price I would have paid in local retail stores, and was a nicer ring in any event. The diamond's color, cut etc were all one or two grades better, for the money I paid, then I would have gotten at retail. The best part of Blue Nile though is the ability to customize the ring to my own specifications, as opposed to having to buy "as is" rings and diamonds in mall stores, for example.
Gregory, Plymouth MN – September 2004

I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone.
After months of research, I finally chose to go with Blue Nile for my fiance's engagement ring. I couldn't have made a better choice. I believe that they have the best balance of quality, reputation, service and value. Both times I called customer service, I was talking to a live person within seconds. The service was second to none and was very flexible to suit my needs. Everything was seamless -- from the ordering process, status updates, overnight delivery and packaging. The Signature Diamond I purchased was so beautiful and brilliant and my fiance absolutely loves it. I have already recommended Blue Nile and will continue to do so to anyone. Thank you so much for your great service.
Ernest A., Rochester NY – September 2004

We've had so many compliments
After buying the ring I took it to an independent appraiser and he appraised it at a higher value than I spent at Blue Nile, he also commented on how it was a very nice stone within a very nice setting and mentioned that I had done a very good job finding a great ring. Little did I know his would be the first in a long list of compliments we have received since she started wearing it. Thanks Blue Nile
Anonymous – September 2004

Everyone was impressed with the diamond
"In the end, you can shop around, visit all the 'direct from the mine' jewelers, and so on. I did that to exhaustion, and did not find ANYTHING that made me buy. A few other online stores were close, but none give the guarantee and the honest, unbiased service. I was actually encouraged to look at a diamond $3,500 less than my initial choice. I was told it would look equally stunning, be a little larger, and no one could tell the difference. That was the diamond I bought, and I must say, 'Thank you.'"
Mark, Silver Spring MD – August 2004

Beautiful ring at an excellant price.
Blue Nile is first rate and offers excellant quality and price compared to local jewelers. The education section was extremely helpful in getting me "knowledgeable" concerning the 4 C's. I purchased a Princess cut Diamond Engagement Ring set in Platinum from their "Signature Series" and the ring is gorgeous. She was totally stunned by the ring's beauty, and I saved thousands of dollars - thanks Blue Nile!
Anonymous – July 2004

I did a lot of research. I purchased a Diamond Buying Guide Book. Spent hours in local diamond stores. I took the advice of a friend at work and went with Blue Nile. Their customer service/sales staff was outstanding. You will get a lot more value not only on the diamiond but on the settings as well. My fiance is still receiving compliments on her ring. Simply Outstanding.
Anonymous – June 2004

A thrilling investment.
My goal was to buy a high quality diamond engagement ring of one karat for $5,000. To me, this is much money so I first carefully shopped and compared quality and prices at a few retail jewlers from the local mall to Beverly Hills. Although I spent more than I had originally intended and bought only a .93 karat stone, that Blue Nile purchase has been appraised (and is insured for) nearly double the sale's price. The diamond's sparkle is breathtaking, mysterious. It was by far a superior value compared to anything I considered at local jewelers. More importantly, the Blue Nile experts I discussed this purchase with (and I talked at various times to three of them)were knowledgable, ethical professionals. One predicted that the ring I bought placed on a small hand (my fiancee's) would be thrilling. And she was right. To anyone interested in purchasing jewerly of superior value from an ethical firm with expert, sensitive guidance I recommend Blue Nile without reservation.
Robert, Westlake Village CA – June 2004

Amazing Diamond!
Blue Nile exceeded my expectations beyond my fiance and my wildest expectations. I am now recommending all my single friend to go to Blue Nile for exceptional diamonds, service and selection. Customer service was not pushy like most store salespeople and were very helpful. Have no doubts with Blue Nile.
Santosh, Marina Del Rey CA – May 2004

I stare at them frequently throughout the day.
My husband and I decided to buy new rings for each other to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We shopped at many retail stores ans could not find the qaulity and value we were looking for. I later read an article in the Washington Post Newspaper that had recommended Blue Nile as a reputable website for buying wedding rings. We were reluctant at first but after carefully reviewing and choosing various settings I finally narrowed my choice to exactly what I wanted. I called customer service and was assisted with the perfect stone for my new rings. I cried when I saw how beautiful they were. It far exceeded our expectation! Thank you for helping to make our special anniversary that much more special!
Ellie, Beltsville MD – May 2004

Just as I had hoped
I have never been happier with an online purchase. To be more exact, I have never been more please with any purchase I have ever made, period. Your customer service department was outstanding. When assistance was requested after I had narrowed my choice to a select few diamonds, your staff was incredible. The value was exceptional. The day the ring arrived and I opened the box, I could not of been more pleased. It is just as I had hoped it would be. Thank you for an exceptional buying experience.
Steve, Richmond TX – April 2004

Couldn't have found a better ring!!
My fiance is well beyond happy with her engagement ring! I catch her staring at it all the time. She works in a bridal shop and get compliments on it daily from customers and co-workers alike. I had the diamond itself appraised by 3 different jewelers once I received it, and all of them appraised it at no less than several hundred dollars more than what I paid through Blue Nile, and some appraised it for much more. All the jewelers were VERY impressed with the clarity and quality of the stone. You WILL NOT regret a purchase from Blue Nile.
Shawn, Festus MO – March 2004

The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
I cannot describe how excited my fiance was when she saw her engagement ring. It was exactly what she was hoping for. When I started the process of buying an engagement ring, I had no previous knowledge of diamond rings. But between all of the information on the Blue Nile website and my phone conversations with Blue Nile Diamond Consultants, I was able to choose the perfect diamond with the perfect setting. I highly recommend utilizing all of Blue Nile's resources to learn about diamond engagement rings and I cannot say enough about the oustanding value that I received by purchasing the ring at Blue Nile.
Mark B, Pompano Beach FL – March 2004

I smile when I look at my diamond.
I shopped many jewelry stores looking for the best ring in my price range. I was educated about diamonds on the Blue Nile web site. I definitely found the best diamond I could in my price range. I know that I have a quality diamond and it looks beautiful. To me, clarity, color and cut are very important. Every time I look at my diamond I feel proud. I am a very happy customer.
Debra L., Annandale VA – March 2004

The perfect engagement ring...Online!
We looked locally for her engagement ring and did not have a very good experience. Every salesperson was too pushy or gave us too many options instead of listening to what she wanted and accommodating. Since we met on the Internet, I suggested that we try finding her ring on the Internet. She wanted a high-quality diamond in a simple, elegant setting and that was exactly what Blue Nile delivered. Thank you your quality jewelry helped me please my most precious jewel.
Justin, Missoula MT – March 2004

She found each gift to be outstanding
Along with the earrings I also purchased a pearl bracelet as well as necklace sterling silver.
John, Ambler PA – March 2004

She was amazed by this ring
The diamonds displayed fire unlike any diamonds I was shown while shopping at our local jewelry stores. She keeps telling me that I did extremely well in picking out such beautiful stones. She claims that she is constantly distracted by her ring. She can't quit looking at it, even at work. Thank-you Blue Nile for everything. We our customers for life.
Ted, Lawrenceville GA – March 2004

A special Christmas Day
First, thanks to the Blue Nile folks for getting my shipment to me by Xmas eve, when I ordered on the 23rd!

I got my wife some lovely CZ earrings that she said would just have to do until she got the real thing. She sported them all Christmas Day long. Then, that evening, while we were alone, I told her I was tired of her wearing those old things, and of course she was offended, until I pulled out the real thing! She was totally speechless! She definitely recognized the superb quality and all the emotion that goes along with it!
Brian, Tampa FL – February 2004

My fiance will love me and Blue Nile forever!
I have to say, I was a little hesitant about ordering an engagement ring by mail, so when I received my order it was beyond my expectations. The diamond was so clear and perfect. I had looked at several diamonds in local jewelry stores, and the quality and prices could not compare to Blue Nile. We are so pleased! People cannot keep their eyes off of the ring. We will highly recommend you to everyone we know who is considering purchasing jewelry. Thank you so much.
Mark, Indiana PA – February 2004

I an stationed overseas and choose Blue Nile after talking with a work colleague that used to work in the jewelry business. Due to the weak dollar it is too expensive to buy platinem on the local economy and the quality here is not as good unless you are willing to pay a high price. Blue Nile offered all the answears to my questions that I was able to read and research everything online to assure I made the right choice in dimonds. After receiving the rings they were the wrong size (my fault, had to convert from european to US sizing), but when I called Blue Nile the staff assureed it would be no problem and within three weeks (military postal system) I received them back with the correct size. I, we, are truly happy with the prompt professional service we have received and look forward to doing even more business with Blue Nile. I would definitely recommend them, especially those who have limited sources for quality jewelry. Now we just have to set a date.
Anonymous – February 2004

Ring buying for guys who hate to shop.
Let me start by saying I hate salespeople. I hate jewelry shops. That is why I loved buying from Blue Nile. I could browse at my pace, compare other web sites, and buy exactly what I wanted. The ring appraised for a lot more then I paid. Not to mention the most important part... she loved it!
Jeremy, Berkley MI – February 2004

Excellent Customer Service
Despite the fact that even though I misjudged the size of my fiances ring size greatly, the customer service folks were of great help in getting me to where I "needed to be".Thereturn instructions were very simple and got to see where the ring was during the entire resizing process from the bench to the delivery truck. The ring itself is highly exceptional and my fiance was thrilled beyond words. After doing my homework, I would highly recommed anyone thinking of buying a ring or other jewelery from Blue Nile.
Brett T., Ocala FL – February 2004

She said "Yes" before I even opened the box!
The information that Blue Nile provided on their web site helped me review stones at jewelers in town. I had been looking through the inventory that Blue Nile had and making mental notes. No jeweler in town had the selection or quality of stones that were available at Blue Nile. I became quite proficient in identifying clarity and color, thanks to the educational materials at Blue Nile. When it comes to buying a diamond, quality is more important than size. When my fiance's diamond shimmers in only candlelight, I know that I got a the best diamond for her. I get compliments on not only the stone but the ring, too. She loves it so much that she isn't interested in my offer to get a bigger stone for our 5 year anniversary. She wants the one I gave her. To make it even better, the Cherry box the ring comes in adds even more class to the ring. I will buy all my jewelry from Blue Nile. You can't go wrong.
W.J., Rockford MI – February 2004

My fiance gets dozens of compliments a week
I have never been more happy with a purhase. Blue Nile is the perfect place to by extremely high quality jewelry at a very competitive price. Not only is the jewelry wonderful but the staff is very informative and will go to any length to make sure you are purchasing just what she wants. My fiance tells me she gets compliments on her ring every day at work. People keep asking me where I got it. This is a great company.
Darren, Roseville CA – February 2004

She is overwhelmed by her new engagement ring
My wife was floored by the stunning new engagement ring I presented to her after twenty years of marriage. She couldn't have been more pleased. Blienile talked me through the critical tradeoffs in making my selection. I will, and have, highly recommended Bluenile to others as a quality and thoroughly helpful diamond supplier. Chris,
Christopher J., Springfield VA – January 2004

More than diamond research...
I was initially referred to Blue Nile as a great web site for diamond research. I was so impressed by their informative approach, selection, and prices, I decided to give them my business. I told my fiancee it was the second smartest decision I made!
Eric, Lancaster PA – January 2004

Best value with the desired results
I looked through many jewelry stores in various malls and none of them had the type of stone I was looking for (Asscher Cut). Blue Nile not only has Asscher cut stones, they have them in all price ranges. I was able to purchase a larger stone with better cut, color and clarity, then any where else. She is very pleased with the stone and the setting. Thank you Blue Nile. This was not my first purchase from you and it will not be the last.
Michael, Sumner WA – January 2004

Classic Quality at an Unbeatable Price
Classic quality is never a mistake; buy a simple ring with the best diamond you can afford and she will be impressed. I shopped around a lot and Blue Nile not only helped educate me before and during my shopping, but when it came time to buy they were an unbeatable resource; they have far more diamonds at far better prices than any jewelry store I went to, and they provide you with everything a good jewlry store should (i.e. a GIA certificate) at a price that you just don't beat.
Andrew, Willoughby OH – January 2004

She Can't Stop Staring!
There is no way to describe my surprise and relief at how well the engagement ring turned out. At first, I was nervous using the Internet to purchase such an important item, but my fears were put to rest after talking with the consultants at Blue Nile. I found the perfect diamond and ring and when I proposed, my fiance couldn't stop looking at it. She gets compliments on her ring everywhere she goes. I tried going to regular jewlery stores, but with Blue Nile, I was able to compare diamonds at my own leisure without the sales pressure. I have since recommended this site to many of my friends. I would buy from Blue Nile again and I plan on doing so when it comes time to purchase a wedding band. Thank you Blue Nile for being a major part of this experience!
Nathan, Sun Prairie WI – January 2004

Her friends are SO jealous--Noone else's ring comes close!
The diamond and platinum cathedral setting are second-to-none. Blue Nile's staff was professional, knowlegeable, but most importantly very friendly. I felt like I was working with a family member each time I called. In addition, your site is delightfully easy to use. Your diamond sorter is the best! Finally, my fiance couldn't be happier! She absolutely adores the ring. It is extremely beautiful and perfectly elegant. All our family and friends are simply blown away. I'm recommending you to anyone who is thinking of buying an engagement ring or diamond jewelry. Thank you! :)
Christopher, Camden-Wyoming DE – November 2003

The Perfect Ring: A Sailor's Story
As a Navy Medic stationed Overseas in Okinawa. My fiancee in California had mentioned what she wanted. I got online and was able to request the exact dual pear-shaped sapphire setting she desired. I went on leave and the ring arrived. I just sat there and looked at it, speechless. When I handed it to her, I watched as her eyes filled with tears. The sapphires were a clear blue like the ocean that had kept us apart for 2 years but the platinum setting was as strong as the bond between us. Blue Nile did their job...the look on her face made it clear....Blue Nile saved me a lifetime of doubt.
Jose R., New York NY – November 2003

Thank you Blue Nile for making the very daunting process of purchasing an engagement ring easy. The web site is superb. The diamond tutorial contained all the information you would ever need to learn about diamonds. In addition, the information provided about each diamond erased any apprehensions about purchasing a diamond online. My fiance absolutely loved the ring and she has received more compliments than she can recall. Even an independent jeweler commented on the exceptional quality of the diamond. Thank you so much!!
Bode, Matawan NJ – October 2003

Breath Taking
I used to be a retail jewelry salesman... combining that experience with the extensive shopping I did... NO ONE beat the price, amenity for amenity that Blue Nile provided; however, the customer service was an unexpected bonus: OUTSTANDING top to bottom.
Christopher, Cameron Park CA – October 2003

My fiancee loves the ring and admires it constantly!
To begin with, the education that is offered when you call Blue Nile is exceptional, with pressure free advice and patience needed for such a serious purchase. The telephone reps helped me consider many more aspects of the setting and diamond when compared to most stores. The overall presentation and quality of the ring can be very realistically compared to Tiffany's and the like. In the opinion of my fiancee, and her friends, this ring is everything that a woman could ever want to confidently announce to the world that she is engaged to be married. Lets face it, we are living in a very material world. Thankfully Blue Nile is fully prepared with advice and top quality diamonds and settings to help us.
Gopal, Catonsville MD – October 2003

The ideal engagement ring
Because my wife is extremely picky about jewelry and quite knowledgeable about diamonds in particular, I spent a couple of years reading about and looking at diamonds, comparing them and learning as much as I could. The best source of information I found was Blue Nile, whose low-key, almost chatty customer service representatives walked me though every aspect of the selection. I confirmed their suggestions wtih my own research-backed conclusions, and I consistently felt that Blue Nile wasn't selling me a diamond so much as consulting with me on my selection.

The price, moreover, was at least 30% lower than anything else I could find, online or in stores, for comparable stones or settings.

The final selling point was the return policy. Well aware that my wife might not like my choice, I was comfortable buying from Blue Nile knowing that she could return the stone, the setting or both.

In fact, the diamond, the setting and the package were truly stunning and she was ecstatic.
Kevin, Menlo Park CA – September 2003

Why Pay More? You Know What You're Getting.
I went to the local diamond district and they were asking for an astronomical amount of money and my head was spinning from all of the salesmanship. I went to Blue Nile and was shocked at the prices. I did a search for what I was looking for, found several sizes and prices and I made the purchase. It was simple and painless. People say, "I wouldn't buy something I hadn't seen". Why not? Diamonds are measued with exact specifications (carat, cut, clarity, etc). You know exactly what you're getting before you buy. My only question is, why would you even consider paying more in a store?
Aaron, Newton MA – September 2003

A great experience
The ring my fiancee received is beautiful and my experience selecting and purchasing it from Blue Nile far exceeded my expectations. Blue Nile was able to accomodate a rushed delivery request (less than 1 week) and everything turned out great. I can't imagine getting a more beautiful ring for a better price that conveniently anywhere else.
David, Pasadena CA – September 2003

Loved the experience
It met all my expectations and upon an independent assessment it worked out to be as per specification. The buying process was quite easy and very convenient - although it feels odd to buy something this expensive online without meeting someone :-)
Sudheer, Redmond WA – September 2003

Engagement ring that far exceeded our expectations.
After looking at several mall jewelry stores, I decided to look online. Your settings and diamond selection is outstanding and unique. My selection came when promised and far exceeded my expectations. My fiance absolutely loves her ring and receives compliments about it constantly. We are totally satisfied and would recommend your business to anyone who is looking for quality jewelry at a better price.
Gregory, Killeen TX – September 2003

I'll never set foot in another jewelry store!
I was somewhat apprehensive about buying an engagement ring on-line, but the setting I choose met all of my expectations and the service was exceptional! If you want hassle-free shopping, fantastic customer service, and the most for your dollar then you owe it to yourself to buy from Blue Nile.
Dan, Dodgeville WI – August 2003

She loved the ring!
The customer service was outstanding and the representative was courteous and helpful, answering all my questions. It was my first time purchasing jewelry via the internet and I would definitely purchase from Blue Nile again.
Kenneth Leon, San Angelo TX – August 2003

Don't go anywhere else to buy !
I am very pleased with Blue Nile. The customer service, and the merchandise is excellent!!!!!
steve, minocqua WI – July 2003

Outstanding customer service
With so many different options to choose from when I was selecting my jeweler, customer service was the biggest difference. Blue Nile was able to fill my order in a short period of time, something my local jeweler couldn't do. Their customer rep. was polite, freindly and helpful.
Michael, Corpus Chrisri TX – July 2003

My wife loves her new diamond!
I am very pleased with my shopping experience at Blue Nile. I was a little nervous about buying a diamond on the Internet. Especially, since I can't see the merchandise with my own eyes. Your web site was very informative and easy to navigate. The search and compare features were very helpful in finding the perfect diamond. Your 30-day return policy is among the best on the Web. My wife loves her new Signature Princess-Cut diamond. The quality, beauty, and value of this Signature Princess-cut diamond far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely purchase from Blue Nile in the future.
Michael, Omaha NE – July 2003

Exceptional Customer Service
I have not worn the ring yet, I am getting married on August 30, 2003. I have tried it on and it fits very well and is very comfortable. So far the most impressive thing about Blue Nile was the Customer Service!
Anonymous – July 2003

Great service and an outstanding product.
Anonymous – July 2003

Mom Loved them!!
It was Thursday before Mother's Day and I had not even thought about a gift for Mom. One of my colleagues came back to the office with a gift for their mother and I thought, "Oh my gosh, what am I going to do, there is no time to pick something up and send it..it won't make it in time." At that moment of panic an email from Blue Nile showed up in my inbox, highlighting ideas for Mother's Day. The Coin Cultured Pearl Pendant was on the homepage and immediately caught my eye. This is so different, so beautiful, Mom would love it. I didn't think twice. I purchased and in one day Mom was calling crying telling me how much she loved the pendant. I was so pleased knowing my gift got there in time for Mother's Day and that it made her day. Thanks Blue Nile..now if I can only get the boyfriend to buy me diamond earrings, I'd be all set!
Jennifer, Ventura CA – July 2003

I bought the bracelet for my niece's graduation from Elementary School. She loved it and so did her friends
Anonymous – June 2003

Took her breath away.
The timing could not have been better. I found the ring, the setting and the price that I wanted. Working with Blue Nile has been an awarding experience. My fiancee loves the ring, her family loves the ring, her friends love the ring, and I was made to look like a superstar. I can't wait to purchase other merchandise from Blue Nile.
Amy, Springfield OR – June 2003

She was speechles
I bought an engagement ring that may have just been too good. It left my now fiance speechless when I proposed and about gave me a heart attack waiting for her answer. She claims she said yes right away. She still stares at the ring.
Ted, Dublin CA – June 2003

It's really that good
Blue Nile has exceeded my expectations. The ring was beautiful and the process was low-stress and low-pressure. The ring arrived when I was told it would, looking magnificant. I was even more pleased after a visit to the local appraiser: the ring was independantly valued at 150 percent the purchase price. Thanks Blue Nile for being a wonderful alternative. Too bad you don't sell autos. :)
Anonymous – May 2003

"She can't stop looking at the ring."
Going with Blue Nile was the best decision I could have made. I shopped everywhere and couldn't match Blue Niles' price and quality. Anyone who is looking to get engaged should look no further.
Craig, Houston TX – May 2003

The signature princess cut stone in the platinum trellis setting is georgous! It commands attention everywhere. The setting is simple, but that is what makes it unique. Like a beautiful work of art; not too much, and not too little. This setting mirrors what I happened to see in Tiffany's. Comparable quality, without the sticker shock. Service was second to none. Highly recommended.

Anonymous – May 2003

Nothing but compliments from everyone!
I searched for the "right" ring for a few months. I compared many rings from many places. I wanted to get the best ring that I could on my limited budget. Blue Nile stood out from the rest. When I received the ring, I knew that I had made the right decision! I was more than impressed! So was she......and everyone else that has seen the ring. I've had many people ask where I bought the ring and many commment on "how much it must have cost me". I have recommended Blue Nile to many and will continue to do so! Thanks Blue Nile!!!!!!
Calvin, Sumter SC – May 2003

Unbelievable quality and value!
My Dad & I went in together on the ring as a suprise retirement gift for my mother. I've never seen her happier than when she opened that box! She said it was the ring she'd always dreamed of, and she's 65!
Sandra, Grand Rapids MI – May 2003

For quality, service and price, Blue Nile cannot be beat!
After much online and local merchant research I realized very quickly that Blue Nile couldn t be beat when considering quality, price and service. The selection, information, and functionality of Blue Nile s web are heads above their online competition. The quality and price of diamonds they offer at local merchants is truly embarrassing when compared to Blue Nile. Blue Nile has become my "one-stop-shop" for all of my future diamond jewelry purchases.
Joseph, BROKEN ARROW OK – April 2003

The ring was exactly what she wanted.
The proposal went beautifully. She loved the band and the diamond. I was also quite happy with the value of diamond I got for the price. Although a diamond isn't forever (they will turn into graphite over a few billion years), our love is and I think that the ring I purchased from Blue Nile is a fine symbol of it.
Jeffrey, Magnolia OH – April 2003

She was very pleased with the ring.
Blue Nile consistently had the best selection, price and service when compared to the more 'traditional' stores I visited in person. When I wanted to speak to a representative prior to the actual purchase, I called the 1-800 number an got through quickly to a friendly, responsive real person. I would absolutely recommend Blue Nile.
Derek, Seattle WA – April 2003

Our diamond ring was beautiful
The 2+ ct diamond ring I chose was beautiful with brillant fire. The setting was a big hit with my fiance. She loved the ring and hasn't taken it off since I gave it to her in February. When we are in public, I frequently notice how it shines with so much fire. I had another equally graded diamond chosen at our local jewelry store but chose to go with Blue Nile because of the quality promised and good service. Plus I got two whole grades higher for my money than what I would have paid at the local jewelry store. I was not disatisfied. Thanks Blue Nile. Larry D.
Larry, Rockwall TX – April 2003

My entire experience with Blue Nile was very positive. I enjoyed using their website to learn about diamonds and design my fiancee her own ring. When I called to make the order the customer service representative was exceedingly helpful. The ring was just what I hoped it would be, and my fiancee said "yes!" I have already recommended Blue Nile to a friend who is getting engaged.
Anonymous – April 2003

Unbelievable buying experience
First off, I'm 27 years old and have never in my life written a customer feedback but I had to take the time to write this one. I bought a gorgeous engagement ring from Blue Nile in February 2003, the entire experience was one of the best I have ever had. They made everything entirely to easy, from the selection of the stone to the setting and down the line through financing and shipping. I had the ring in four days from the day I placed the order, amazing! I looked all over for a stone and setting I thought was just right but nothing came anywhere near what Blue Nile offered, best of all my fiance absolutely loves the ring. Seriously, thanks Blue Nile, when I'm in the need for more jewlery you'll be the first place I go!
Brent, Hudson WI – April 2003

She loves the ring...
and I found your service made it easy to get her more of the ring she wanted. The diamond quality was excellent and the setting beautiful. I have and will continue to recomended Blue Nile to my friends and family.
Paul, Saint Paul MN – April 2003

The Blue Nile representative helped me select a diamond for my fiance that was within my budget but far beyond my expectations. I knew I would get good quality and value from Blue Nile, but this diamond makes me look like an expert and absolutely thrilled my fiance! She is constantly getting rave comments from friends, co-workers and perfect strangers on the beauty of her diamond. I have never seen a diamond sparkle so brilliantly! It catches the least amount of light and shoots it back into a room that you cannot help but notice the ring. Some of my fiance's friends have taken to cleaning and polishing their rings, but they will never get the same beauty and sparkle until they get their own diamond from Blue Nile. Purchasing from Blue Nile was one of the best decisions I've ever made. :-)
Gerald, Derby NY – April 2003

satisfied blue nile shopper
This was my first time shopping for jewlery on-line and I can say this transaction was pleasurable and I will continue to do buisness with blue nile. thanks for the smooth transaction.
emmanuel, National city CA – March 2003

Converted and never going back.
My fiancee and I are extremely happy with Blue Nile. I initially was considering buying an engagement ring at several popular jewelry chains. However, I was unimpressed with their salespeople and interactions, and also felt I wasn't getting the best deal for my money. I initially was reluctant to shop for a purchase as large as a diamond online. However, when I read about Blue Niles' certification process and money back guarantee, I figured I couldn't go wrong. I ordered online, the ring came within a few days, and my fiancee and I have been extremely happy with both the diamond as well as the 18K Gold Six Prong setting. I was also very happy with the customer service. If I was to buy an engagement ring again, I definitely would choose Blue Nile.
Kenneth, New York NY – March 2003

Enjoyed the service
After shopping around at various jewellers I believe my ring (Platinum Four-Prong Solitaire Setting) was/is exceptional for the following reasons: 1. It is exactly, I mean exactly what my fiance wanted. 2. I took it to a well-known jeweller to have it fitted, and as a courtesy the jeweller took it upon herself to view the ring closer (under scope) and she very admittingly complemented my ring, even though I didn't purchase it from her. 3. I thoroughly enjoyed the educational value of the Blue Nile website. It allowed me the opportunity to learn more intimately about diamonds. 4. Blue Nile is the only place (in my mind) that allows me to build my own ring the way I want to and the customer service (Sarah and Jennifer) was very, very, very much appreciated.

Customer for life.
Clifford, Ft. Worth TX – March 2003

Exceeded my expectations
Great customer service and a beautiful ring. Even the jeweler commented on what a nice stone it is. I would recommend Blue Nile to all of my friends, and I will definitely look there for my next purchase.
Anonymous – March 2003

My ring is even prettier then I imagined it would be.
My Fiance and I did not want to go to the mall or the local jeweler, shopping for a diamond, where we might run into someone we knew and they would figure out we where getting engaged before we found a ring. It was so exciting watching the tracking of my ring, from the workbench to the signing for the package when it was delivered. I can't believe all the compliments I get on my ring. I have highly recommended Blue Nile to my friends.
Tracy, Dodge WI – March 2003

Unforgettable experience
This was my first experience with Blue Nile. The informative online diamond selection and information process was absolutely great. When you add that with a staff that was knowledgeable and very willing to help and give advice, it was an experience that was nothing short of amazing. My first experience with Blue Nile will definitely not be my last. Thanks for everything.
Joey, Lexington TN – March 2003

She was speechless
Blue Nile provided excellent value! The ring appraised for almost double of what I paid for it. Theircustomer service is great, they made me feel very comfortable making such a large purchase without actually seeing the diamond/ring...and no high pressure sales people to deal with!!!
Anonymous – March 2003

Everything was perfect.
It is a perfect, subtle, elegant gift for the most important women in your life.
Jonathan, Knoxville TN – March 2003

It was so much more than I could have ever expected
When you order the ring, you don't get to see the actual picture of it. You have all the numbers in front of you that tell you about it, but not a representation that gives you a true idea of what it will really look like. I had a thought in my mind that was far shy of the product. The ring was so much more than I ever could have expected. Also I had some extra circumstances on where it was going to be delivered since I was traveling at the time, and Sam, the representative that I worked with, was incredible. He was the most helpful, with ideas in getting the ring to me the best way, and the most kind the entire way. He alone made this purchase worth it, and the ring was the icing on the cake. Thank you so much Sam, and Blue Nile
Travis, Galveston TX – February 2003

Beautful diamond that will last a lifetime.
I entered the Blue Nile site knowing nothing about diamonds and came out with an absolutely gorgeous engagement ring for my fiance. I would recommend this service over any other process.
Anonymous – February 2003

She thought the engagement ring was great
I was nervous about spending so much money on something I hadn't seen, but when the ring came I was surprised at how nice it was. Blue nile is a perfect mix of customer service and value.
Benjamin, Chapel Hill NC – February 2003

Perfect engagement ring
I wondered about buying an engagement ring on the internet. Was it a good idea or not? After it was all over I can say I have no qualms about buying from Blue Nile. The ring was a beautiful color and the fire and sparkle were great. The ring arrived on time and I could track it all the way with Fed Ex. I couldn't believe all the paper work from the gem society. Plus it appraised for a lot more then I paid.
TERRI, BRENTWOOD AL – February 2003

Great honest price for exactly what I asked
Really the easiest way to shop...your feet won't get tired, and you'll get a better deal for a better diamond than you can find in town. Besides, the customer can tailor the diamond search to get exactly what you want. And delivery was only a few days...I am VERY happy.
Anonymous – February 2003

"Blue Nile will revolutionize the jewelry industry"
I can't say enough good things about Blue Nile. The ring is fabulous, the staff is extremely informative, and at the end of the process I now feel like I know more about diamonds than most jewelers.
Phil, Pleasant Hill CA – February 2003

Top Shelf - Fast - Easy
I have ordered from Blue Nile many times over several years, and I have never been dissapointed or kept waiting. Highly recommended!
Douglas, Sturbridge MA – February 2003

I even impressed myself.
The Blue Nile website was a phenomenal tool for choosing the perfect diamond. In addition, I was a little concerned about making such a big purchase on the internet, so I called the Blue Nile helpline ... twice. On both occassions, the customer service person explained how the purchase process is easy and harmless should I choose to return the diamond. After calming my fears, I completed my purchase and surprised my fiancee with a ring that impressed everyone (including me!).

Due to my great experience, I recommended the website to a friend, and he had the same wonderful experience.
Michael T., Minneapolis MN – February 2003

The ring was perfect!
I was fed up with listening to all of the "mall stores" sales pitches. And to top it off, they usually had only one or two diamonds to choose from. Blue Nile allowed me to shop at home, and pick out exactly what I was looking for. And it was perfect!
Jon, Roselle IL – February 2003

Value Plus Service
Blue Nile's web site has to be one of the best sites around (and I work for a major retailer). Their search tool helps you narrow your choice down to what you are looking for. The on-line guide is very informative that added to the shopping experience. My Signature diamond appraised for 50% high than what I paid. And to top it off, I called Customer Service (Cathy M.) who was wonderful. Since my purchase of a Blue Nile Signature Princess Cut diamond, I have called Cathy many times to thank her. In the future I will purchase my diamonds at Blue Nile.
Joe, Bloomingdale IL – February 2003

This ring was perfect
This ring was perfect. I received it within three days of ordering. Blue Nile's customer service worked with me to split the payment between my bank debit card and my credit card since my bank wouldn't work with me. I bought a 3/4 carat marquise diamond to set between the sapphires and the look is spectacular. My wife (now) loves her engagement ring and the platinum wedding band. Every woman who has seen it remarked that they didn't know diamonds could look that beautiful. I'll be happy to purchase from Blue Nile in the future and already recommend it to others looking for engagement rings or other jewelry. Thanks!
Benjamin F., FPO AP OH – February 2003

The best price for exceptional value
Bluenile has exceptional selection and value that surpassed by any other. The ring was a perfect ending to a great Christmas vacation. People ask where did you get such an beautiful diamond, I tell them to go to Bluenile. They know what they qre doing. Bluenile gets an A+ in my recommendation. I will shop from them again and again.
Alan, Collegedale TN – February 2003

Great Information/Selection/Value
I found a link to the Blue Nile site from performing a search on diamond engagement rings. I looked at other sites, but Blue Nile provided best combination of quality and selection along with information that made it easy to build a ring of exceptional quality. I ended up paying substantially less than I would have paid at the stores I took the ring to for third party appraisal. The gemologists at those stores called it an exquisite ring. When they asked where I got it and how much I paid they either grumbled about not being able to compete with that or said that I had got a great deal.

The site was user friendly and the phone staff answered any questions that I could not get on-line. My fiancee absolutely loves the ring, which at the end of the day, is what it is all about.
Jeffrey, Wheaton IL – February 2003

Utterly Satisfied!!!
Best diamond shopping experience ever. Web site is very functional and educational. I just found my favorite jewelry store. Prices are very affordable.
Beata, Skokie IL – January 2003

Wow! What a ring!
The service was great! Your company made it easy in regards to selection, payment and delivery. I was a little concerned about making a purchase in this manner for this amount of money but I am not now. I tell everyone that asks about the ring and so does my wife. I look forward to a long relationship with your company.
Carl, Fort Worth TX – January 2003

What a fine piece of jewelry!
When shopping online for an engagement ring, I knew that I had to be careful with some of the "not so reputable" dealers. I read lot's of feedback about Blue Nile, and there was no doubt in my mind that this was the type of buisness that I would enjoy dealing with.
Michael, Seabrook NH – January 2003

The princess cut went over huge!
I purchased a 1ct. princess cut diamond set on a four-prong patinum band. The diamond is exceptional sparkles like no others that I've see. Blue Nile customer service was great and I'll be sure to order ou weding bands from Blue Nile as well!
David, North Attleboro MA – January 2003

Quality and Service
Beautiful stones, fair prices and attentive customer service make Blue Nile my diamond retailer of choice.
Matt, Chino CA – January 2003

Complete experience with Blue Nile was Wonderful
The wooden box was beautiful, such a great way to present the contents, and very unique. Everything from the ordering process to the accompanying paper work was very professional. We were very happy with the quality, price, and overall presentation of the engagement ring. Thank you!
Anonymous – January 2003

My princess was more than pleased!!!
I consider myself a tough customer in search of the greatest quality for the best price, most especially on such an expensive and special purchase as an engagement ring. I was impressed with the quality of the website, education, selection and service. The hardest thing was not viewing the ring before purchase, but a human voice, online GIA report and 30-day return policy eased my fears. The ring is amazingly beautiful ... a sparkling diamond set low and snug within v-prong corners atop a classically sculpted mirror-finished ring. It was delivered on time with sleeved documents in a very cool wooden and leather-lined box. Needless to say, my princess was more than pleased!!!
Mike, Peachtree City GA – December 2002

The website's very detailed and well thought-out ordering process allowed me to find EXACTLY the diamond that I wanted. No brick and mortar jewelry store could do that! I needed my ring in a hurry, and the phone operators helped me very much in that respect. Every step of the way, I felt like a valued customer. I may never buy jewelry anywhere else again!
Michael, Austin TX – November 2002

"Exceeded my expectations"
The quality of Blue Nile is far better than i expected. Their ideal cut diamonds can be compared to fine jewelery stores such as Bailey Banks and Biddle, and Tiffanys, for an expectional price. I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone who is shopping for a superior quality diamond at a great value. Customer service is also very friendly and helpful.
Micah, Cleveland TN – November 2002

I just love your way of doing business.
Duc, Santa Clara CA – November 2002

Go for a signature collection stone. You (and she) will be thoroughly satisfied.
Alvin, Elko NV – October 2002

The Perfect Ring
I purchased the ring a few months ago and recently proposed to my girlfriend. She was amazed at how beautiful the ring. She stood there staring at it for about 30 seconds until I had to remind her that I asked a question. She said yes, of course. She said if she could picture a perfect ring, it would be exactly like the one I bought her. I was a little tentative buying the ring online, but had heard so many good things about Blue Nile. I even went comparison shopping in the diamond district in NYC and could that bet the price for the ring I selected. Customer service was fantastic handling my frequent, sometimes panicked, phone calls. Overall, I could not have been happier with the experience. I recommend Blue Nile to everyone I speak to. I will definitely use you in the future. Thanks for everything
Derek, Hoboken NJ – September 2002

I love all my jewelry from Blue Nile!
I've purchased a couple of items from Blue Nile. I have been very very satisfied. I'm in the process of ordering the Sterling Silver Wheat Necklace which matches my bracelet. I can't wait to receive it!! I would recommend Blue Nile to anyone. Several of my friends have looked into their website for personal items of their own. You get great products for a little bit of money. What a deal!!!
Karen, Alexandria VA – August 2002

My Fiance loves her engagement ring
The ring was even more beautiful than expected. Customer service was helpful, friendly, and I didn't feel pressured at all. The diamond is of the best quality.
Drew, Pana IL – August 2002

Another satisfied customer
I was very impressed with the service that I received from Blue Nile from my first phone call up until after I received the product. I would definitely order from Blue Nile again, actually I am planning on ordering my wife a necklace to match the bracelet I bought for her.

Thanks again, Brian
Brian, Indianapolis IN – August 2002

It was very easy to shop online at Blue Nile. There were so many choices and they had exactly what I was looking for. They took the hassle out of the engagement ring process for me. All of my questions were answered right on the website. When I did call them they were friendly and helpful.
Benjamin, Hibbing MN – July 2002

I am very happy about my decision to purchase from Blue Nile. I was skeptical about buying a engagement ring over the net but I received so much help from Leonard that I knew that I couldn't go wrong. I'm glad your company was there to help me. I didn't know a thing about diamonds until I found your site. My fiancee is very pleased with me. I am rewarded almost daily for making such a great decision. If you're like me and don't have much knowledge about diamonds, you're at the right site. If you have a good knowledge of diamonds then you know that Blue Nile has great material at excellent prices. One of my favorite things to do is price compare my ring against the department stores in my area. I like that feeling that I get when I know that I saved a ton of money. Thanks Leonard and thank you Blue Nile. I am very pleased.
Derick, Trenton NJ – July 2002

Excellent Diamond, Excellent Price
I did thorough research on diamonds for a diamond engagement ring, but every jewelery store I went to was over-priced and the diamonds were of low quality. Although I had made internet purchases before, I was very skeptical about buying an engagement ring online. However, after reading the online AGS certification, and I blindly trusting the Blue Nile representative, I purchased the stone. I receieved the diamond 3 days later and immediately knew it was the ring I had been searching. The service was excellent, the ring was excepetional, and I would most definitly purchase another ring from Blue Nile again(but hopefully it won't be another engagement ring.)
William, Oro Valley AZ – July 2002

Very satisfied customer
The pendant was a qift for my mom on mother's day, and she loved it. I was happy that Nile was here and no shiiping and handling charge was also nice. I have found that Nile has excellent quality and they deliver when they say. I will always be a customer of Nile. I also ordered for my mom the pendant bracelet. Thanks Nile for being so reaonably priced
Verette, Florissant MO – July 2002

100% Satisfied Customer
i had purchased A valentine gift for my new girlfriend through Blue Nile- it was my first purchase experience through the internet-it will not be my last with Blue Nile, it was a thouroughly enjoyable experience
George, Perry Hall MD – March 2002

There were three main reasons why I chose to order from Blue Nile rather than a Mall Jewelry Store. First, was quality. Having ordered my engagement diamond from Blue Nile and after having it appraised, I knew I can rely on Blue Nile to have the highest quality and standards. Second, Customer Service - although I was ordering an inexpensive piece of jewelry, your associate worked with me and answered my questions for almost 10 minutes! and third was price. Quite simply, after looking around at other jewelers, Blue Nile's prices were the best.
David, Devon PA – March 2002

What a easy purchase
What an excellent web sight. I easily navigated through the build your won ring process - got educated on the 4 c's. Picked a few different stones - then talked to customer support - they pointed out the good and bad of each stone. I made a decision and purchased. No driving - no jewelers - no erroneous fees. No pressure! I highly recommend.
Gregory, Richmond VA – March 2002

A Diamond in the Ruff!
I was new to the diamond buying experience. I didn t understand the terms clarity, color, etc. A friend of ours recommended your web site so I gave it a try. Your site let me select the exact ring with the qualities I could afford. After educating myself with information from your web site I really felt I got my money's worth. The slider bars that you use for ring selection are awesome! My finance is totally satisfied with the ring and that was no easy feat. We even had the ring reviewed by a local jewelry and everything was as expected. I have one more comment. I had initially made my purchase in a local jewelry store in the mall. Their selection was limited and the ratio of diamond to money was very low. Going with Blue Nile was a great decision. I have been and will continue to recommend Blue Nile to all my friends. If my wedding goes as well as my diamond purchase I am off to a great start!
Daniel, Tierra Verde FL – March 2002

I was skeptical about ordering a diamond over the internet. However, when I spoke with the salesperson, he was so patient with all my questions. I called him several times within the hour before sending my wire to purchase the 1/2 carat oval that was F in color. I had shopped around at several stores, and there was no way that I could find a diamond of this quality to come close to the price that I was quoted. I received the ring in a timely fashion and was kept abreast of each phase of the purchase and shipping through emails. It was a wonderful experience, and I plan on making many more purchases from Blue Nile. Don't hesitate to order your item, you will not be disappointed.

Judi Luray, Va.
Judith, Luray VA – March 2002

Absolutely the best...
I bought my engagement ring from Blue Nile and now I find that I keep coming back for more. Blue Nile only offers the best and, while there number of selections may not as wide as some other jewelers, they have consistantly exceeded my expectations with astounding quality and customer service. Bravo!
Jonathan, Crofton MD – March 2002

The Real Deal
It was, as always, presented in great style and prompt in delivery. I've dealt with Blue Nile twice now (once for that little occasion known as the engagement) and have not been disappointed nor have I felt cheated as I'm wary of when dealing with other companies that have not passed the test. (I have in fact taken Blue Nile items and had them unbiasedly appraised and they are in fact genuine in quality)
Anonymous – February 2002

worth the wait
The earrings were a college graduation gift for the daughter of our best friends. I had told her I was getting her a Michael Dawkins bracelet in June 2001 when she graduated from Stanford. Dianmond earrings were on her Christmas wish list and so we purchased the earrings through Blue Nile. Paige was thrilled and read every bit of the information that came with the gift. Her remark over the big smile was "they were worth the wait!" Thank you Blue Nile; the entire purchase process was great.
Cristina, Carmel CA – February 2002

Blue Nile is a business with quality merchandise and razor focus on exceptional customer service.
Anonymous – February 2002

Simply stunning
I was overwhelmed during the process of selecting a ring for my girlfriend (now fiance). I went to all the local jewelery stores and was confronted by a bunch of sleazy salespeople who confused me. Blue Nile has a very organized selection system and their service is beyon exceptional. The rep. I spoke to was helpful and kept me informed about the status of my order. When the ring arrived, it came in a beautiful gift box and the quality was far superior to anything I had seen in the local stores. Blue Nile has a customer in me for life!
Anonymous – February 2002

I was very satisfied with both bracelets and the service was exceptional. My wife was very pleased and surprised. I have recommended Blue Nile to several of my freinds
Paul, Lancaster NH – February 2002

Jewelry Buying was never this easy
Buying jewelry for my wife has always been a time consuming and frustrating process. You always walk away thinking, "did I just get hosed?". Blue Nile makes it easy to evaluate their pricing, provides all the information you need to compare and also gives you a soft sell on-line solution to find that perfect item for your wife. I've visited twice and will return again. Hmmm, what will happen to all those high priced jewelry stores downtown?
Martin, West Hartford CT – February 2002

Repeat Customer
Blue Nile, Thank you for your excellent service and advice. I really appreciate the depth of knowledge that your representatives have and their patience in answering questions. Dealing with you is a first class experience. Keep it up!
null, null null – February 2002

This is about the people at Blue Nile, not the products. The company is only as good as its people...and your people have been phenomenal. I needed something shipped to another location and they went out of their way to make the shipment happen. Thanks!

Best regards, Bill
Anonymous – January 2002

Customer service representative very attentive and cordial made the purchasing experience smooth and enjoyable. This comming from a person who hates shopping. Thank you Blue Nile!
Hector, Garnerville NY – January 2002

I have made two purchases in the past year and the quality has been excellent and the customer service has been outstanding.
Anonymous – January 2002

A Million Thanks
I was extremely pleased with the service & quality I received at Blue Nile. The customer service representatives are so down to earth it easy to ask any question. In my opinion it is vital to be educated thoroughly when making any large purchase, the reps at Blue Nile assure every questions is answered completely. The diamond I purchased has received praise from virtually every individual who has seen it, most importantly my fiance!!
Nick, Defiance OH – January 2002

Blue Nile made my engagement ring shopping easy!
Blue Nile is astounding. Every thing you need to know is here... especially if you haven't bought diamonds before. The site walks you through the specifics, educates the buyer and delivers promptly. The payment plans are also a huge plus! You made a special day go perfectly!
Ken, North Hollywood CA – January 2002

Highly Recommended!
The quality, beauty, and value of the 4-prong solitaire met and exceeded all my expectations. I still go by local jewelers once in a while just to compare and never have I seen anything close to the quality of the diamond I received from Blue Nile. And when I think of what I paid for the diamond, my sense of satisfaction with Blue Nile only increases. Thanks.
Troy, Seattle WA – January 2002

Completely Satisfied
The experience of shopping on Blue Nile and working with the support staff, combined with the quality of the merchandise I received, convinced me this is the only way anyone should ever purchase an engagement ring. Every store I visited prior to trying Blue Nile left me feeling neglected, pressured or somehow lacking in knowledge. The Blue Nile experience represents a dramatic shift away from the past and towards a brighter future.
Christopher P., Quincy MA – January 2002

The diamond is beautiful. My finance gets random comments on it all the time. Its not a gargantuan ring only .89 carats, but it has great fire and clear as it could be. It catches peoples eyes. Compared with other diamond retailers that I found locally , I couldn t have gotten a better deal. And if you look around on the web, other diamond web sites look and feel a little sketchy. On Blue Nile I easily saved over $1,500. Easily. And I never felt better about an online purchase.
Mark, Alexandria VA – January 2002

1 ct. solitaire engagement ring
I did a lot of research and found Blue Nile's prices to be outstanding. Plus a GIA certification is one of the most reputable certificates around. If you’re worried about buying online, like I was, just take advantage of their 30-day money back guarantee by having an independent appraiser appraise your ring. For an additional $100 you get the extra satisfaction that your ring is actually what it claims to be. I would buy from Blue Nile vs. Tiffany's any day. You just get more for your money. Just remember your paying for the ring not the box.
Anonymous – January 2002

cutomerservicewasoutstanding.i needed to have the ring shipped to an alternate address and i was given prompt servicewith a map to the nearestfedex pickup.
Alan, Minneapolis MN – January 2002

Exceptional Quality and Service
Everything was just as ordered and as stated on the website. My fiance just told me that she is causing a stir at work because all the other women are comparing their diamonds to her D color diamond and they are finally realizing that their husbands did not get them a very good quality stone from the jewelry store at the mall. Needless to say that is making her feel "very loved" as she put it. The customer service representatives were very knowledgeable about diamonds and helped me a great deal to make my final decision. I did alot of research and visited numerous websites and found Blue Nile to be the best.
Robert, South Lake Tahoe CA – January 2002

After extended research and numerous visits to local chain store jewelery stores, Blue Nile was the clear choice. No aggressive chain store salesperson trying to sell me what they wanted me to buy..as per their "commission's" opinion. The sale from Blue Nile was exactly as advertised and guaranteed. It arrived exactly during the specified time.
Charles Keener, Folsom CA – January 2002

Happy customer
I was somewhat apprehesive about purchasing a valuable and personal item over the internet. One,usually wants not only to view but "touch" it physically. Moreover, this was my first experiance to learn about Diamonds and settings. Blue Niles, web site not only educates one about the product,but permits you to build your own ring. Outstanding!!!! I would be remiss if I did not comment on the staff's assistance and courteous manner in providing answers to any inquery's.
Daniel, Jupiter FL – January 2002

Exceptional Value and Quality
I work right off of Jewelers Row in Chicago and went to about every dealer. I wanted to make sure I was getting the best value for my money. Well after weeks of work and examining hundreds of diamonds with trained gemologists I still didn't feel I had learned as much as I did from the blue nile website. In fact most of them couldn't tell me things about their diamonds that Blue Nile posts about every one of theirs. Blue Nile was extremely comparable in price and I felt more comfortable with the people from Blue Nile. Even though I couldn't see the diamond first hand I knew what I was getting and it well exceeded my expectations. The diamond has also appraised for more than they said it would. Blue Nile thank you. I wish I wouldn't have wasted so much time at those other jewelers.
Anonymous – January 2002

Blue Nile definately keeps their word. The quality and service of this company is uncanny!The diamond I purchased made my girlfriend's eyes dance. Thanks so much for helping make this time in our lives extra special! We'll definately shop Blue Nile in the future.
Derek, Clendenin WV – January 2002

The best jewelry website.
In my opinion, Blue Nile is the very best jewelry website anywhere. Their site is very informative. This eduational value will make anyone more comfortable about shopping for a diamond. The selection of diamonds also greater than any other store online. The prices are outstanding. The ring that I bought through Blue Nile appraised at 40% more than I paid. Blue Nile did a great job of making me feel comfortable during my first diamond purchase
John, Arroyo Grande CA – January 2002

The diamond is exquisite! My fiancee receives many compliments on the excellent quality of the diamond, even from other jewelry stores! The color and clarity of the diamond are like no other. I thouroughly enjoyed working with Blue Nile customer service who were wonderful and extremely helpful in my selection. Thank you Blue Nile! I will definitely shop with you again.
Clint, Morhead KY – January 2002

Without a doubt, the best products, prices, and service on the planet. Well done, Blue Nile!
Paul, Frisco TX – January 2002

Perfect - Everything
After having searched over twenty diamond sites, downloading specs and prices into a custom made database, selecting the optimum cuts, the Blue Nile diamond surpassed all of them, and when it arrived, I was so exceptionally correct. The stone is simply stunning. I will let you know if my fiance accepts it, as I am not presenting it until Feb 20th... If she says no, at least I'll have an unbelievably beautiful ring. (I am going to miss it, really)
Terry, Bedford NH – January 2002

Excellent Service
Your customer service area was very knowledgeable about the products I purchased and the friendliness over the phone was exceptional. I will buy again from your site.
Anonymous – January 2002

Best site
Blue Nile is for people who enjoy the finer things in life but don't want to go broke doing it.
Anonymous – January 2002

I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of products at Blue Nile. I've recommended them to friends and family. I now use them exclusively.
Anonymous – January 2002

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