Recently Purchased Diamonds

If you're not sure what size and grades of diamond to choose, get a feel for what others chose after learning about the four Cs. This is a list of diamonds recently purchased by Blue Nile customers.

Shape Carats Colour Clarity Cut Polish/
Report Price  
Pear 0.50 E VVS2 Very Good VG/VG GIA EUR 835 Find Similar
Round 0.70 G VVS2 Good EX/VG GIA EUR 2,186 Find Similar
Round 0.50 H IF Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 1,460 Find Similar
Round 1.75 E VS1 Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 19,592 Find Similar
Emerald 0.48 E VS2 Good G/G GIA EUR 570 Find Similar
Round 1.01 H SI2 Good EX/EX GIA EUR 3,338 Find Similar
Round 0.23 F SI2 Very Good VG/VG GIA EUR 170 Find Similar
Round 1.61 I VS2 Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 8,484 Find Similar
Round 1.61 D VS2 Signature Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 17,465 Find Similar
Cushion 1.03 J VS2 Very Good EX/VG GIA EUR 2,212 Find Similar
Princess 0.91 G VS2 Very Good VG/VG GIA EUR 2,642 Find Similar
Round 0.50 F VS2 Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 1,312 Find Similar
Round 0.96 J VS2 Very Good VG/VG GIA EUR 2,656 Find Similar
Cushion 0.51 G VS1 Very Good VG/G GIA EUR 763 Find Similar
Princess 0.30 E VVS2 Good G/G GIA EUR 287 Find Similar
Cushion 2.06 H VS2 Very Good EX/EX GIA EUR 11,274 Find Similar
Pear 0.50 G SI2 Very Good VG/G GIA EUR 538 Find Similar
Round 0.70 D SI2 Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 1,730 Find Similar
Round 0.82 F SI1 Ideal EX/EX GIA EUR 2,894 Find Similar
Round 3.01 I SI2 Very Good VG/VG GIA EUR 20,884 Find Similar

For a larger selection of diamonds to choose from, try our diamond search, or for help in finding a diamond, call 00800 2583 6453 from Austria, 0800 206 1160 from the United Kingdom, or 00353 1 899 1351 for all other EU countries.